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Did You Wake Up to A Dream of Fish Tank? Find Out What It Means

Did You Wake Up to A Dream of Fish Tank? Find Out What It Means

Updated on Jul 26, 2022 | Published on Dec 06, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Fish Tank - 40 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Did you see a dream about a fish tank yesterday or maybe recently and have been wondering about it? Well, if you believe in the power of dreams, you already know that dreams have a very strong connection with reality.

So, if you are dreaming about fish tanks and want to know what it means, do not worry. I am here to help you out.

Let’s first begin with a few…

Dream of Fish Tank - 40 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream of Fish Tank – 40 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Fish Tank Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreams of a fish tank can mean a lot of things – right from suppressed desires to worrisome feelings to even wealth and fortune.

Fish tank dreams or aquarium dreams can have several meanings depending on the other circumstances in your dreams.

However, before we dive deep into the details, let’s first draw an outline with the help of a few general meanings.

1. You have suppressed desires

Dreams and desires are a significant part of a normal human life. We all have desires, out of which, some of them never get fulfilled. But if you are someone who is very sociable, the dream of a fish tank can mean you have suppressed desires.

You care a lot about what people think about you and the actions you take. You fear that you are going to make fun of yourself if you take certain steps in your life.

Further, you don’t want to face responsibility for your actions because of your inbound fear of criticism.

In these cases, dreams of a fish tank imply that you desperately want to come out of that zone and finally be in charge of your life… and you should do that.

You should do whatever you want to do, without giving any second thought to what people might perceive of you.

You have one life, break from your chains, and live free.

2. You need a break from your daily routine

If you have a daily routine to get by with daily activities in your life, you are doing amazing.

But if you are waking, and restricting your life to hours of the day, then seeing an aquarium in a dream might mean something different for you.

It is possible that you have been feeling burnt out by following the same tasks over and over again. You may also feel like you are living the same day, on repeat.

A fish tank dream can symbolize that it’s time you break yourself from the tank, that is your daily schedule and take a break. Have fun, create new memories and do something that you wanted to do for a long time.

3. It represents your own emotions

If you saw a lot of water in your dream of a fish tank, it might be a reflection of your own emotions.

How you perceive yourself and others in real life can be reflected in your dreams by your subconscious.

However, if you saw or felt yourself in clean water, it means you are in a good mental state.

You are positive towards life and carry a good attitude. But, if you feel the water is dirty or smelly, it may not be good.

It means that you are struggling to fit in and do not think yourself worthy of anything. You always seem to question yourself, no matter the situation.

4. Wealth and Fortune are knocking at your door

In some cultures, fish is considered a sign of wealth and good luck.

So, if in your dream you saw yourself in a fish tank, with crystal clear water and lots of fish swirling around – congratulations, you are going to receive good news.

You are going to be very prosperous and content in the times to come… get ready to claim it.

5. You need to search for a purpose in life

A fish tank in your dream may also represent a lack of a purpose in your life. You have no direction or aim in your life. The confusion is making you unproductive and lazy.

A dream like this is a signal for you to break free from the confinement of the tank, and find something that adds meaning to your life.

It might be painting or music or absolutely anything you are passionate about. You can also use this hobby to find purpose in your life.

If you pay close attention, it will become the turning point in your life.

6. You feel judged by others

If you, as a person, are image-conscious, then dreaming about a fish tank might imply different things for you.

It may be harsh but you lack the authority to decide what you want and instead focus on how people want to see you.

This dream is asking you to break free from these emotions because you have been struggling to put up with them lately.

You need to take care of yourself and not let people decide how you should be.

7. You lack emotional involvement with those around you

Dream of a fish tank might also mean your indifference towards other people’s emotions. You don’t want to deal with others’ emotions and the complexities that follow.

Your personal life involving friends and family has gone through some significant changes and you are unwilling to engage in the drama around you.

Thus, you are emotionally available or incapable to confront these situations. You always keep your guard up just like a tank.

8. You need to get rid of negative thoughts

The dream can also mean that there is a lot of negativity surrounding you.

There are people at your work or school that are not treating you the way you should be.

You are further demeaning your own worth by keeping yourself around these people. Go where you are celebrated.

This is a clear sign that you need to get rid of the negativity and the people who bring it in your life. 

9. It represents worrisome feelings

If you are a person who worries over trivial issues, this dream is symbolic of your over-thinking nature.

There may be things in your personal or professional life that are negatively impacting your mental health negatively and it’s time to get rid of them.

You worry too much and this is reflected in your dreams in the form of a fish tank.

If these things disturb your mental health, learn to control your thoughts and take charge of your life.

10. There’s a positive change waiting for you

If you have started something new or you have been working hard continuously, then this dream bears good news for you. You might witness a positive change in your life soon.

This dream is a signal for you to keep working hard. If you keep up with perseverance, success will knock at your doorstep in the future.

So, now you know a few general interpretations… still not being able to interpret your own?

Don’t worry. I’ve enlisted some common dream types below… So now all you have to do is, spot your own type and relate it to your real-life situation.

Dream of Fish Tank – 40 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Most times, dreams aren’t as simple for you to interpret with the help of general interpretations. They contain several elements under different scenarios, each pointing towards a specific interpretation.

So here are some common dream scenarios about fish tanks. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Dream of fish tank lively and full of fishes

If you saw a dream of fish swimming in the tank, then it means you are a very calm person.

It may also imply that you always remain curious to know about your surroundings. You are extremely observational so you tend to notice all body language signs and surroundings, up close.

This dream may also be symbolic of your passion for knowledge and your will to know everything even if it doesn’t relate directly to you. You want to be a well-educated, disciplined person that people look up to. 

Due to your observational nature, you are quite mature and handle things more calmly than most people around you.

2. Dream of fish tank with water but no fishes

A dream of a fish tank with no fish in it is definitely not a good sign. It is a sign of betrayal and being left out.

You will witness betrayal from a person you trusted a lot. It’s going to shock you to the core because you were stabbed in the back by someone you would never expect.

This incident will have an impact on your future relationships too. So, you need to observe and look out for who you give access to in your life.

3. Dream of seeing yourself in a fish tank

If you were dreaming of swimming in a fish tank, this is a bad sign. It implies that you may be going through a lot of damages especially in your financial life.

Further, it is also possible that debt or theft may lead to a significant loss of cash or valuable items.

You have a worrying nature and that is going to put you into a lot of trouble in this situation. This is a sign that you need to re-evaluate your finances so that you don’t have to suffer big losses.

You must also take the necessary steps towards securing your future from any such losses.

4. Dream of a new fish tank in your house

Dreaming of buying a new aquarium into your house is a bad sign. It indicates that you have done something terrible to someone recently.

You might have betrayed someone who trusted you a lot and now you are making efforts to solve things and be on good terms again.

This dream is a sign that you should rethink your attitude and the actions that caused you this much trouble.

This betrayal can also impact your future relationships and you might not be able to come out of the guilt easily.

5. Dream of a large fish tank with a variety of fishes

A dream of large fish tanks where a variety of fishes are swirling around is a sign that something good is about to happen.

Prosperity and wealth are soon going to knock at your door. You have been working hard consistently and now is the time to get rewarded.

You are going to be blessed with a lot of richness and wealth that are going to open a lot of opportunities for you in the future.

But don’t stop working hard, stay focused and keep doing what you do and you will be rewarded unexpectedly.

6. Dream of yourself swimming in fish tank

Dreaming of yourself swimming in the fish tank is giving you signals of losses. You are going to experience financial loss which is going to make things very difficult for you to thrive.

It may be because you are not managing your finances properly or a certain unexpected turn of events.

In this case, you should always be careful of unnecessary expenses or have a backup plan ready in case the situation gets out of hand.  

7. Dream of tropical fish in fish tank

If your eye caught a tropical fish swimming in an aquarium while you were dreaming, then it can imply two things in your life.

You will be faced with a short decline in business activities or you will go through a period of peace in your life. This peace can be in your professional or personal life.

But it definitely is going to be there. You will finally have time to reflect on your personal life and do what you’ve been longing to do for a long time.

8. Dream of fishing out fish from the tank

If you are dreaming of a fish that was out of the water, then this is definitely not a good sign. You have a lot of trouble keeping control of your behavior and attitude. You often hurt people you love and sit back in regret.

Even though they try to forgive you, remember there’s a threshold level to everyone’s tolerance.

If you don’t do something significant to change your behavior, people will get tired of you, and eventually, they will leave.

This is going to get you into a lot of trouble because they may never return back. So be careful how you behave with people.

9. Dream of dismantling fish tank

Dismantling something can never lead to any good. If you saw a dream where you were dismantling a fish tank, it means you are frustrated. 

You have caged yourself and you are not being able to deal with your problems. This is making you anxious and you just don’t want to face the situation.

The problems may be about anything, from mismanagement of your routine to dealing with time constraints.

This is a sign that you need to organize yourself in a calm manner so you don’t feel panicked.

10. Dream of fish tank broken in pieces

A broken aquarium in a dream or in real life isn’t a sign of fortune. If you saw pieces of broken glasses in the fish tank dream that means you have trouble with controlling your emotions.

You tend to panic and get angry a lot and blurt it out on your relationships.

This practice will only lead to damage in your relationships. You have trouble communicating properly with people. 

So instead, you always quarrel with them. You need to develop the habit of understanding or listening to others as well if you don’t want to be lonely.

11. Dream of buying small spherical fish tank

Dreaming of buying a small spherical fish tank might be different than what you imagine. This can probably mean that there is going to be a small delay in the projects that you were looking forward to.

This delay doesn’t mean that your professional or personal life is at stake. This just means that the present time is not right for the next big step you are going to take.

You have analyzed the steps required for this project and you want no problems accomplishing your next big goal.

Dream of a small aquarium is a cautious sign rather than a bad sign. However, it may turn into the former if you don’t be careful.

12. Dream of buying large fish tank

If you saw a dream of yourself where you are buying an aquarium but it was a big one instead of a small tank, it can imply different things and definitely not a good one.

If you have trouble managing money in your real life then this dream is a clear warning for you to stop doing that.

This also means that you have a bad habit of spending your money inappropriately that is wasting your hard-earned money on things that you don’t even want.

You have an impulsive shopping style but now is the time to stop doing it. But if you don’t, there will be times when you will really need something but wouldn’t have sufficient money to buy it.

13. Dream of someone’s face through fish tank

It’s unusual that you may see a person’s face on a fish in your dreams but it is a possibility.

If you are seeing a known face in the face of the fish in front of you, it typically means they like you. They want to leave a good impression on you.

This can happen in both – your work life and your personal life. It’s likely that the other person wants to gain something from you in the future that is why they want to get closer to you.

Although, their efforts might go in vain because according to this dream, you will not be very pleased by their efforts.

14. Dream of cleaning fish tank

The dream of cleaning a fish tank symbolizes that you have an acquaintance.  But this acquaintance does not have a very good influence on you.

They don’t bring out the best of you instead, they try to pull you down with them. They have a very negative influence on your life and this dream is making you aware of that.

The dream is a clear message from your subconscious mind to you that it’s time that you find your way out of this toxicity and wipe out the negativity in your life. 

Surround yourself with happiness and positivity that can help you develop mentally and spiritually.

You should get rid of the negativity and toxicity in your life and rise beyond it. It will help you achieve a better version of yourself and life.

15. Dream of feeding fish in tank

If you are going to be a part of a big project soon and this dream appears to you, things may not turn out the way you are expecting.  The outcome of the project may not be as desired.

You will find yourself performing tasks that you don’t find interesting. You may not like it but you have to do it anyway. It will teach you the patience you need to complete a project.

So, you will definitely be faced with a lot of hurdles but in the end, you will learn something.

16. Dream of empty fish tank

If you dreamt of an empty aquarium, it’s time that you should take care of yourself now. This dream is indicative of the fact that you are not doing well emotionally.

You are staying a lot by yourself. The reason is you are growing less and less fond of your relatives and acquaintances because when you needed them the most, none of them came forward with good intent.

This is the reason now you feel alone and on your own, because you have lost every expectation from the ones you did.

But you have to come out of that zone and find people that you can really count on, that’s how you will be able to trust again.

17. Dream of fish tank breaking

Dreaming of a fish tank breaking doesn’t bring any good news. It means that you are quite aggressive, prone to jealousy, and have problems controlling your words.

There are things on your mind that you are trying hard to bring to the surface. Since these things are directly related to your beliefs, you cannot carry the burden of keeping them hidden in your heart.

You want to stay true to yourself and get rid of anything that is bothering you.

But now you need to take charge of the situation otherwise it may become a severe problem for you in the near future.

18. Dream of being in a fish tank

If you are dreaming of being in a fish tank, then you are probably dealing with image issues. You want people to perceive you in a certain manner which they are not.  

You are not able to open up about yourself and are constantly being neglected.

You wish to be seen, heard, and appreciated and all these emotions are communicated by your dreams in the form of the fish tank. You want to break free of the guarded walls and be free,

19. Dream of big fish tank

A dream about a big fish tank means your inability to approach your problems in the correct way. You are not able to identify the way that leads to the answer to your problems.

Remember things are always different than what we see on the surface. Take a different approach and find what is blocking your progress. Let yourself grow and show people the best version of yourself.

20. Dream of snakes in a fish tank

Even if you don’t know anything about dreams, you still may know that snakes do not bring any good news.

If you saw a snake in your dream of the fish tank, it is an indication that you are facing a lack of independence in a certain aspect of your life.

It might be your professional life or your personal life. You try to run away from confronting others about your problems or issues. You are also facing trouble establishing your self-image.

If you want to turn things in your favor, you need to make significant efforts and face the situations with courage. Have faith in yourself and be at it, you are sure to emerge victoriously!

21. Dream of seeing fish tank

Dreams of seeing a fish tank represent your fears and insecurity about your masculinity. You feel threatened by someone or something that can hamper you.

Self-image is very important to you and so this fear is overpowering your mental peace.

You feel that time is running out of your hands and you are taking steps that don’t even make sense. This is repeatedly making you question your identity and self-worth.

22. Dream of dead fish in tank

If you saw a dead fish in your dreams by any chance, this means that you and your thoughts are too outdated.

You are too uptight and don’t adapt to changing times or situations. This inflexibility often leads to below-average results.

You need to loosen yourself a bit and take things more lightly or you are going to invite unnecessary problems for yourself.

23. Dream of leaking fish tank

Dreams of a leaking fish tank mean you are going through an emotional rollercoaster. This means your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to take care of yourself in a better manner, probably use therapy if needed.

It also means conflicting interests and ideas. Your guard is breaking down slowly.

If there are some unresolved issues or problems you must take care of them to save yourself from the guilt and turmoil you are carrying within.

24. Dream of putting fish in the fish tank

If you have seen the dream where you were putting the fish in the tank, it implies that you are ready to embrace the new chapter of your life.

Maybe you are going to be a parent, or buying a new house, shifting to a new job, or even owning a dog. You are ready to enjoy the responsibilities but at the same time, you are afraid of being lonely.

Don’t pressurize yourself with unnecessary concerns and enjoy the process.

25. Dream about poisoning a fish tank

Poisoning a fish tank means you are sabotaging yourself with a great future that lies ahead of you.

You are uncertain about what you are going to do and so you have started worrying. You have fear of procrastination which is also causing hurdles in your progress.

This is not a good sign because you may lose out on many opportunities clouded by this fear and they will never come back.

So, find a way out of this “poison” and dismiss fear to take control over your life.

26. Dream of setting up a fish tank

If you were dreaming of setting up a new fish tank, you are willing to commit yourself to growth. You may have developed a new habit and you are choosing to continue that.

This is a good thing for you as you are cultivating a new habit that is going to benefit you in the long term.

27. Dream of owning a fish tank

This dream of owning a big aquarium may also mean you are trying to grow something within yourself. You are becoming more mature. You now want to take care of all your responsibilities with due caution.

You want to be an observer rather than a participant in conversations. You are trying to be more independent and in charge of your own life.

So, if you saw this dream, it is a good sign as you are becoming a different (read, better) version of yourself.

28. Dream of cracked fish tank

A broken fish tank in a dream and a cracked fish tank in a dream have entirely different interpretations. It means you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

You are expanding your thoughts and letting them grow inside you. You are manifesting richness and wellness and you will be rewarded for it.

This is a good thing because growth is vital for life. You are in touch with your spiritual aura and you are taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. 

So, keep it up and you will soon be able to see a massive improvement in your life.

29. Dream of saving a fish tank

If in your dream you were saving a fish tank from breaking, it means you want to save something from getting broken or you want to fix something that has been broken.

This feeling comes if you are carrying the guilt for your past actions.  

It can also mean something different like you may be fully content with who you are. Your dream is a clue for structure, authority, power, and control.

You will be exposed to new opportunities soon – keep an eye out!

30. Dream of making a fish tank

If you were making a fish tank in your dream, it means you are the type of person that people look for when they need support.

You are also the type of person that likes to look at life from a different perspective. You are a very inquisitive person and you like to know about everything and everyone.

When you are introduced to a new piece of knowledge, you want to dig into the crux of it. This is the habit of a person who has success waiting for them in the future. 

You are also the type of person that can easily be read because you are very raw with emotions.

31. Dream of a fish tank dying

A dream of a fish tank dying isn’t a good dream. This represents your need to always want more. You are not content with what you have. You always are in want of something else, something better.

This can also be the reason why your family and your close ones aren’t happy with you.

You need to learn to calm down a little, appreciate your surroundings, be thankful to the people you have with yourself, and practice gratitude for what you have.

At the same time, you need to get rid of your bubble aspirations and carefree attitude. You should stop taking everything for granted.

32. Dream of dirty fish tank

A dream of a dirty aquarium says that you have a lot on your plate. You have been extremely disorganized lately and you are letting your emotions take over you.

Whatever goals and ambitions you had, have taken a backseat recently. You don’t feel like doing anything or engaging with anyone.

The lack of interest is symbolic of “dirt” in your dream and the water is symbolic of your overflowing emotions.

33. Dream of dirty water in a fish tank

The aquarium filled with dirty water in this dream is a sign to keep you preparing for the upcoming challenges and adversities in your life.

You have been confined for so long by your culture and society. Now you want to be free. You want to live life on your own terms and not how your culture and society want you to.

You have understood that life is too short to be caring about what people think of you. If you don’t take action, time is going to pass by without any notice.

You are healing, and inclining more towards knowledge and spiritual upliftment.

34. Dream of big fish in a small tank

Dream of a big fish in a small tank means you have a lot more potential than you think. You have big dreams for yourself.

You want to be the main character of your life and for that, you need to channelize your inner creativity and energy.

Further, this dream may also imply that you are in search of making your life worth it. You are already proud of what you are and now are willing to make a greater difference.

You have gone through a major transformation because of which you have finally taken charge of your life. Don’t worry, mate, you are going to bloom everywhere you go!

35. Dream of frog in fish tank

If you are dreaming of a frog in a fish tank, then it suggests that you are dealing with an emotionally challenging situation. You are having trouble expressing your thoughts in a proper way.

Frogs symbolize communication. You have to navigate your way through this and find out ways to communicate properly with people surrounding you.

Frogs also symbolize wisdom which means you are in need of help. It can also mean that you should be aware of your surroundings.

36. Dream of Fish Tank Water

If you saw clean water in your fish tank dream this is a symbol of purification.

You have good people surrounding you and you are going through a period of transformation spiritually, and mentally. You feel free with your thoughts and don’t hesitate to express yourself.

However, if you see smelly and dirty water, you are feeling trapped. You may want to get rid of toxic people around you or you are never going to progress in life.

If you saw muddy water in the fish tank, it means your health is deteriorating. You need to focus on your physical and mental health or it’s going to be very problematic for you.

37. Dream of beautiful fish tank

If your dream is about a beautiful aquarium, well-maintained and filled with water, then you shouldn’t worry much. You have control over your life. You are taking your growth seriously and are caring about your lifestyle.

You want to be admired for who you are, and you want to create a beautiful lifestyle for yourself on your own.

This is a favorable period of your life because this is going to determine what you are going to be in the future. However, you still have trouble gaining control over your emotions.

38. Dream of reptiles in fish tank

If you saw reptiles in the fish tank, it bears good news. Maybe there is a possibility of something good happening in the future.

In financial terms, you are going to be relieved for a while as you have chosen your expenses carefully. So, financial matters are not going to be your concern for a while.

If you had a big debt on you for a long time, you are going to pay it off soon.

39. Dream of seeing goldfish in an aquarium

If you saw this bright yellow fish in your dreams also called goldfish, this means you have positive news knocking at your doors.

They are symbols of positive and happy changes in your life. From now on, you don’t have to worry about failures or struggles.

There will be productive changes in your life and you will welcome them with open arms. You will nurture a good relationship with your partner and also maintain a healthy work-life balance.

For women, it bears good signs of healthy marriage life. It can also symbolize news of pregnancy and a happy atmosphere in the family.

40. Dream about fish jumping out of tank

Dreaming about seeing a fish out of the tank is a sign for you to get out of the place that you are in because it is draining you completely.

This emotional trauma that you are in, is entirely your fault because you are choosing to ignore it.

Your lack of awareness and not seeing the truth is making you choose toxic people again and again. You are ending your past relationships on trivial issues and this is going to impact your future as well.

It’s a sign that you need to stop being immature and see what’s good for you. You cannot throw people out of your life when they are trying to help you.

Dreaming of Aquarium

Aquarium Dreams symbolize your ability to observe the details and are also symbolic of some significant changes in yourself and others surrounding you.

If we go by biblical reference, fishes symbolize people and their souls. But an aquarium in dreams can directly imply the dreamer’s thought process.

An aquarium represents a safe yet separated space to observe people’s lives and even yours very deeply. 

Your subconscious mind has abilities to observe the intricate details of your everyday life that are usually missed by your conscious self.

These observations are communicated to you when you are alone with your thoughts or when you are most relaxed. That is why most often these thoughts appear in the form of dreams. 

Dreams don’t work as a simple see-and-tell movie, there’s no explanation for why dreams are so connected to real-life yet difficult to understand.

So, when you see an aquarium dream, carefully try to remember the hidden symbols inside that dream. They are manifested by your subconscious mind to express your innate desires. 

You may have been observing significant changes in yourself and the people around you. These dreams are a reflection of those changes.

You might be surrounded by many things that are causing obstacles to your progress. It is necessary to get rid of it and get back on the right path.

Because if you don’t, you will remain stuck in the vicious circle of negativity and toxicity around you.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret aquarium dreams correctly

If the above list didn’t contain what you were looking for or if you failed to spot your exact dream scenario.  

Don’t freak out. Here are some questions that can help you to understand the correct interpretation of what your dream is trying to tell you.

  • Where was the aquarium or fish tank situated? 
  • In your dream were you in your home or somewhere else? 
  • Do you have a specific interest in Ichthyology (branch of zoology covering fishes and everything)?
  • Are you watching too many YouTube videos related to aquariums? 
  • How many fishes were there in your dream?
  • Were the fishes exotic or the ones that you can find in the general store? 
  • Are some of your friends making an influence on you towards buying a fish tank?
  • Did you go on any recent fishing trips? Did something happen there? 
  • Where were you in the dream? Were you watching it or feeling everything? 
  • What was the water like in the fish tank or Aquarium?
  • Are you going through a rough patch emotionally? 

Over to you…

Dreams are one of the most unique and powerful practices of human minds. The power of the subconscious mind has more influence on us than we can imagine.

Although there is no such proof that dreams carry messages for your future, it definitely is a sneak peek into your subconscious thoughts.

They give you signals and warnings on how you can wisely find your way out of any situation that may arise in the future.

Believers and nonbelievers both agree that at least they have both seen several situations appearing in their dreams. So that makes it very important to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you.

So, the next time you have a dream, don’t brush it off. Instead, reflect on it, find out its interpretation, and take corrective measures based on it!

Till then, keep dreaming! 😉