Dreams of a fish tank can mean a lot of things – right from suppressed desires to worrisome feelings to even wealth and fortune.

Dream of Fish Tank - 40 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream of Fish Tank – Various Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Fish Tank Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Fish tank dreams or aquarium dreams may imply many things like betrayal, good luck or even a worrisome future. Other than that, it may also mean…

  • You have suppressed desires
  • You need a break from your daily routine
  • It is symbolic of good mental state 
  • Wealth and Fortune are knocking at your door
  • You need to search for a purpose in life
  • You feel judged by others
  • You lack emotional involvement with those around you
  • You need to get rid of negative thoughts
  • It represents worrisome feelings
  • There’s a positive change waiting for you

Types of Dream of Fish Tank & Their Interpretations

Here are some common dream scenarios about fish tanks.

Fish tank lively and full of fishes

If you saw a dream of fish swimming in the tank, then it means you are a very calm person.

It may also imply that you always remain curious to know about your surroundings. You are extremely observational so you tend to notice all body language signs and surroundings, up close.

Seeing yourself in a fish tank

If you were dreaming of swimming in a fish tank, this is a bad sign. It implies that you may be going through a lot of damages especially in your financial life.

Further, it is also possible that debt or theft may lead to a significant loss of cash or valuable items.

A new fish tank in your house

Dreaming of buying a new aquarium into your house is a bad sign. It indicates that you have done something terrible to someone recently.

You might have betrayed someone who trusted you a lot and now you are making efforts to solve things and be on good terms again.

Dream of a large fish tank with a variety of fishes

A dream of large fish tanks where a variety of fishes are swirling around is a sign that something good is about to happen.

Prosperity and wealth are soon going to knock at your door. You have been working hard consistently and now is the time to get rewarded.

Dismantling fish tank

Dismantling something can never lead to any good. If you saw a dream where you were dismantling a fish tank, it means you are frustrated. 

Cleaning fish tank

The dream of cleaning a fish tank symbolizes that you have an acquaintance.  But this acquaintance does not have a very good influence on you.

Feeding fish in tank

If you are going to be a part of a big project soon and this dream appears to you, things may not turn out the way you are expecting.  The outcome of the project may not be as desired.

Empty fish tank

If you dreamt of an empty aquarium, it’s time that you should take care of yourself now. This is indicative of the fact that you are not doing well emotionally.

Big fish tank

A dream about a big fish tank means your inability to approach your problems in the correct way. You are not able to identify the way that leads to the answer to your problems.

Leaking fish tank

It mean you are going through an emotional rollercoaster. This means your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to take care of yourself in a better manner, probably use therapy if needed.

Putting fish in the fish tank

This implies that you are ready to embrace the new chapter of your life.

Maybe you are going to be a parent, or buying a new house, shifting to a new job, or even owning a dog.

Poisoning a fish tank

Poisoning a fish tank means you are sabotaging yourself with a great future that lies ahead of you.

Saving a fish tank

If in your dream you were saving a fish tank from breaking, it means you want to save something from getting broken or you want to fix something that has been broken.

Dream of a fish tank dying

This dream says that it isn’t a goIf your dream is about a beautiful aquarium, well-maintained and filled with water, then you shouldn’t worry much.

Dirty fish tank

A dream of a dirty aquarium says that you have a lot on your plate. You have been extremely disorganized lately and you are letting your emotions take over you.

Fish jumping out of tank

It is a sign for you to get out of the place that you are in because it is draining you completely. This emotional trauma that you are in, is entirely your fault because you are choosing to ignore it.

Dreaming of Aquarium

An aquarium represents a safe yet separated space to observe people’s lives and even yours very deeply. 

Your subconscious mind has abilities to observe the intricate details of your everyday life that are usually missed by your conscious self.

It may also mean that you are observing significant changes in yourself and the people around you. You might be surrounded by many things that are causing obstacles to your progress.

Over to you…

Believers and nonbelievers both agree that at least they have both seen several situations appearing in their dreams. So that makes it very important to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you.

So, the next time you have a dream, don’t brush it off. Instead, reflect on it, find out its interpretation, and take corrective measures based on it!

Till then, keep dreaming! 😉