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Dream of Purple Unicorn – 20 Types & Their Meanings

Dream of Purple Unicorn – 20 Types & Their Meanings

Updated on Feb 10, 2023 | Published on Feb 09, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Purple Unicorn – 20 Types & Their Meanings

If you dream of purple unicorn whenever you sleep, then be prepared to receive some blessings soon!

Dream interpreters believe that a purple unicorn is a sign of divinity and is associated with cleanliness and magic.

But did you know that it can also symbolize negative things? Well, if you wish to make sense of your dreams, then this think piece is just the right place for you!

Dream of a Purple Unicorn – General Interpretations

Dreaming of a purple unicorn symbolizes that you are very innocent or that you will soon find the love of your life. Alternatively, it can also mean that you need to work harder or that you will be spiritually nourished.

Even though unicorns are mythical creatures, the purple unicorn is the rarest among them. Very often, you might see drawings of lilac-colored unicorns as kids’ toys. Since purple is the color of royalty, these unicorns are said to be messengers of the royal kingdoms.

Other than that, here’s what their dreams mean…

1. You are still innocent

Since unicorns represent childhood fantasies and dreams, seeing a purple one indicates that you are still very innocent for your age.

You haven’t experimented with different things that your friends or peers might have tried out, especially when it comes to sex. You like to stay as simple as possible.

2. You will find your soulmate

Another important dream interpretation of a purple unicorn is that you will soon find your soulmate.

This person will quite literally sweep you off your feet and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. They will make you the happiest, and you will end up in each other’s lives forever.

3. You need to work harder

One negative dream interpretation of a purple unicorn is that you are not working as hard as you should be, especially in your professional life.

You feel that you’re still inexperienced in the office, so you’re learning new things. But you have to work harder and prove yourself capable so that your superiors place their trust in you.

4. You will be spiritually nourished

One positive dream interpretation of a purple unicorn is that you will be spiritually more aware in the next few months.

Your guide will help you to understand yourself better and once that happens, you shall automatically cleanse yourself from within. You will emerge as a wiser and braver person.

5. You will lose something valuable

Another negative interpretation can also be that you will lose someone or something valuable soon.

This might be because when you had it, you didn’t think much of its value. But after that person leaves you or the thing goes away, you will understand the importance of not taking anyone or anything for granted.

Dreaming of a Purple Unicorn – 20 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of riding a purple unicorn is considered to be a good omen of prosperity, whereas dreaming of a purple unicorn attacking you is a symbol of your mental health becoming badly affected.

Now come on, let’s check out the detailed dream interpretations!

1. Dream of riding a purple unicorn

Riding a purple unicorn in your dreams is a very good omen because it indicates prosperity. You will soon achieve everything that you wanted, especially in your career.

Your bosses have noticed how hard you work and your rare qualities, such as dedication, passion, and patience.

And all hard work gets rewarded, so you might soon find yourself being promoted or getting a large bonus.

2. Dream of a purple unicorn attacking you

On the other hand, a purple unicorn attacking you is not an auspicious sign. It indicates that your mental health is under attack.

You have been feeling depressed or anxious for a long time but didn’t pay attention to it until now.

Maybe your subconscious mind needs a break from your job. If you don’t take care of your mental health, your physical health will also start to deteriorate.

3. Dream of a lost purple unicorn

Even though a lost unicorn sounds sad, it actually has a good meaning in the dream dictionaries. A lost purple unicorn symbolizes new beginnings.

There will be some drastic changes in your life, such as moving to a new city or getting a new job.

You may not like these changes initially, but with time, you’ll realize that you have become more mature and wise after experiencing different things in life.

4. Dream of seeing a purple unicorn from afar

If you see a purple unicorn from a distance in your dreams but are unable to go near it for some reason, this means that there is some falseness in your life.

You lead people to believe that you’re perfect, even when you have plenty of flaws.

Perhaps you do it to please others or to gain their appreciation. But you should understand that nobody’s perfect and it’s perfectly fine to let people know about your flaws.

5. Dream of talking to a purple unicorn

Even though we can’t really talk to unicorns in real life, anything is possible in the dream realm. So this dream means that your love life is soon going to change for the better.

If you’re currently single, you will find the perfect person of your dreams and get into a relationship quite soon.

If you’re already dating someone, then your relationship will advance to the next level because your partner will propose to you.

6. Dream of a purple unicorn kicking you

A purple unicorn kicking you is not a favorable sign. It indicates heartbreak and pain in your love life.

You will soon realize that things are not working out well between you and your partner, so be ready for a painful break-up.

Your partner will tell you that they can’t stay with you anymore because the relationship is progressing nowhere. You’ll feel terrible, but with time, you will be able to move on.

7. Dream of catching a purple unicorn

If you’re catching a purple unicorn in your dreams, it foretells that you will soon see great results in your professional life.

For people who have a business of their own, this dream is especially good. Your business proposals will be loved by everyone in the company, and you will see high profits.

In the coming times, your fortune will , and you will become financially secure.

8. Dream of a spotted purple unicorn

A spotted purple unicorn is a sign that you need to work harder in your profession to reach success.

Even though you have the capabilities to become a great leader, you still need to work hard to obtain the resources.

For example, you’ll have to gather teammates and other people to make your projects successful. But once you do start working hard, you will surely gain a lot of fame and popularity.

9. Dream of a pet purple unicorn

Dreaming of a pet unicorn that is purple in color is a message that your partner is very faithful. Even if you sometimes doubt them, you shouldn’t do so because they are loyal and honest.

They would never even think of cheating on you, so don’t let your mind run toward any wrong ideas.

If you have complete faith in your boyfriend or girlfriend, your relationship will be much more beautiful.

10. Dream of killing a purple unicorn

Killing a purple unicorn in your dreams represents your selfishness. In the near future, you will notice your friends and loved ones going away from you because of your tendency to always prioritize yourself.

Even though you feel that it’s necessary to put yourself first, you often ignore the needs of the other person. You should start thinking of others and their feelings from now on.

11. Dream of a baby purple unicorn

A baby unicorn that is purple in color is a symbol of letting go of the past. You’re thinking too much about what happened in your past and this is causing you to lose focus on your future.

You have to let go of things that can’t be changed and instead work toward building a better future.

Once your mind gets unburdened by past events, you will feel much lighter and emotionally free.

12. Dream of trimming a purple unicorn

If you’re trimming or grooming a purple unicorn in your dreams, then it indicates that you are a good financier.

You can accurately predict when and how you will face money problems so that when the situation arrives, you’re able to handle it well.

Even in your profession, people consider you as the best employee in the financial sector because you’re good with calculation and numbers.

13. Dream of seeing many purple unicorns

Seeing lots of purple unicorns together is a sign for you to start storing your wealth. Even though you can manage your finances well, you should still have enough money saved to save yourself from financial problems.

In the near future, someone might fall ill or you might have to repay a large debt. So it’s best to start saving up a little every month to make sure your family doesn’t face troubles.

14. Dream of riding a purple unicorn up a hill

A dream where you’re riding a purple unicorn up a hill and both of you manage to make it to the top is a sign that you will overcome all adversities to become the top employee or member at your company.

Unfortunately, you might meet some enemies who will try to bring you down but you will be able to beat them at their own game. Your hard work will finally pay off.

15. Dream of a beautiful purple unicorn

Even though a beautiful unicorn looks lovely in your dreams, it has a negative interpretation.

This dream indicates that you spend too much time on your looks and materialistic wealth instead of focusing on more important things.

You feel that beauty and fame are the only important things in life. However, after a few years, you will start to realize that these things fade away with time and your personality is what matters the most.

16. Dream of an ugly purple unicorn

On the other hand, seeing an ugly purple unicorn foretells that someone in your family will try to betray you.

You probably knew that they were going to backstab you sooner or later, but even then, your heart decided to give them another chance.

However, after this recent betrayal, you’ll stop trusting them completely and might even break off all contact with them. This will help you to heal emotionally.

17. Dream of tending to a purple unicorn

If a purple unicorn is injured in your dreams, but you manage to nurse it back to health, it means that someone in your professional life is trying to hamper your success. Here, the injured unicorn is a metaphor for your hard work and dedication.

A fellow employee will try their best to sabotage your projects, but your other coworkers will have your back. They will protect you from harm and embarrassment.

18. Dream of riding a purple unicorn down a hill

Riding a purple unicorn downhill shows that even though you’ll put a lot of effort into your current project, you won’t be satisfied with the results.

Maybe you had expected different results or a more fancy outcome, but instead, you will be met with disappointment.

However, you shouldn’t feel hopeless because everyone will understand that you tried your best and gave the best possible results.

19. Dream of someone else riding a purple unicorn

You can interpret this dream in different ways, depending on who was riding the pur[le unicorn in your dreams.

For example, if your family member or spouse was riding it, then it means that you both will work together to solve a major problem.

But if you saw that a friend was riding the unicorn, it indicates that you will soon approach this friend to help you out with an important task.

20. Dream of a purple unicorn with another unicorn

If the purple unicorn was next to a black or a white unicorn, it foretells that you need to see things from a different perspective to achieve success.

If you saw the purple unicorn along with a red one, then it indicates that your love life is going to be filled with passion and burning desires.

But seeing a purple unicorn with a blue or green one is not a good omen because it symbolizes sad news.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of a purple unicorn

In the spiritual sense, a purple unicorn represents royalty and luxury. So, it can mean that you were born to achieve great things, such as fame and success.

In many cultures, a purple unicorn is a great omen because it means that your patience and dedication will finally pay off, and you will lead a good life ahead.

Biblical Interpretation of dreaming of a purple unicorn

According to the Bible, unicorns were not allowed to enter Noah’s Ark because they were too busy paying attention to other things.

So, dreaming of a unicorn, in general, can mean that you often tend to get lost in your own world. You have to start paying attention to the world around you from now on.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of a purple unicorn

Psychologists believe that dreaming of a unicorn is a sign of purity. Since unicorns were believed to be magical creatures that could purify water, dreaming of them indicates your pure and honest nature.

You believe that being kind is a great quality of any human being and that everyone should be kind to each other.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret purple unicorn dreams correctly

No matter how vivid your dreams might seem, you can forget the dream details as soon as you wake up. So here are some questions to help you remember those details!

1. How frequently do you dream of a purple unicorn?

2. Have you dreamt of seeing the same purple unicorn every time?

3. Do you dream of seeing a purple unicorn with a unicorn of another color?

4. What emotions do you feel when dreaming of a purple unicorn?

5. Is the purple unicorn in your dreams ugly or beautiful?

6. Is the purple unicorn in your dreams an adult or a baby?

7. Do you dream of riding a purple unicorn?

8. Have you dreamt of killing a purple unicorn?

9. Have you dreamt of talking to a purple unicorn?

10. What designs does the purple unicorn have on its body in your dreams?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of a purple unicorn, like anything else, will have different meanings. Some might mean positive things, while some can mean negative things. Ultimately, how you interpret your dreams is what matters the most.