Dreams about unicorns can be a symbol of purity and power. It can also represent gentleness and meekness. 

It can represent hope one has about a situation, insight into some important matter, high ideals, fantasy, something unattainable, and lots more. 

Dreams about Unicorns - 55 Interesting Scenarios & Interpretations
Dreams about Unicorns – Various Interesting Scenarios & Interpretations

General Dream Meaning and Interpretation of Unicorns

Dreaming about unicorns is a sign of the power you possess. It means you are fantasizing and not realistic. It also means good times are ahead and there is hope. 

The power that you possess – Unicorns in your dreams are a sign that you have undeniable strength and power. You have the ability to deal with problems as they arise.

Fantasizing about something that cannot happen – It signify your faith in unlikely events, such as the hope that the world will be a better place in a day. 

Good times are ahead – This dream indicates that you will have a good and unforgettable experience in the near future, even if you are having challenges and issues in your relationship. 

Hope – It implies that you will become who you want to be if you trust and believe in yourself.

Dream of Unicorn – Various Scenarions and Interpretations

Dream of Seeing a Unicorn

It is a symbol of your personality. It represents how you see yourself. This dream indicates you are a nice and strong person. You are powerful as well as amazing. 

Dream of Riding a Unicorn

It is a symbol of adventures and positive experiences. 

This dream is a sign that you will be very lucky in the future and you will live your life just as you have always imagined living it. 

Dream of a Flying Unicorn

Seeing a flying unicorn being further away from you, but you were astonished by its look, it means that you have big hopes and dreams. 

This dream is a sign of everything you want in life and it is an indication that those things are close to you.

Dreaming of a Dead Unicorn

It is a sign that some of your plans will fall apart and will be disappointed in yourself. 

You might make wrong choices because your actions could lead to a big loss. You might make a mistake at your work. 

Dream of a Unicorn Toy

A unicorn toy is a childhood icon that connects us to our inner kid. Everyone has a child within them, and everyone has been a child.

The child in us has been through good and bad things and it can appear in our minds sometimes. Some of us had beautiful childhoods and some of us had terrible pens. 

The child within us recalls everything we do and saves memories in the form of feelings.

Dream about Unicorn Attacking You

This dream is an indication that you will experience some misfortune and trouble in the near future. When you have such dreams, you should try to prevent them ahead of your time. 

Additionally, this dream is a warning that problems are headed your way. You will encounter problems from fake individuals who have appeared to be harmless and innocent. 

Dream about a Lost Unicorn 

It is an indication that some things are going to come to an end in your life and you will be able to start something new. 

This dream is a sign that something new and interesting is about to happen in your life. 

Dream about Unicorn Kicking you

It is a sign of rejection. You will be rejected by someone very close to you. 

It can also be that something unfortunate is about to happen to you so you should be prepared for the worst.

Killing a Unicorn

This dream of killing means that you will be selfish. This will put a dent in your friendship. 

It is a sign that your overall inconsiderate behavior and your selfishness are driving people you care about away. 

Baby Unicorn

You need to be aware of the opportunities that come your way. Be mindful of the slight ideas and observations, or you might miss out on something important. 

This could relate to taking good care of your children or those who are dependent on you. This dream is a sign to take good care to preserve their innocence.  

Fighting a Unicorn

It means something unusual is happening in your life. You might be bossed around even if you are the ones giving orders.

This dream is letting you know you must examine your inner being to find out whatever areas you should change or adjust to. 

A Talking Unicorn 

It is even more magical to dream about a talking unicorn. This dream is a good omen.

It means that fresh ideas and concepts will come to you soon, and you must tale those to fruition before somebody else does

An Aggressive Unicorn

It means the dreamer will search for relations with someone else besides their partner. They will also regret this later in the future.  

Unicorn Running Away From You

It could mean losing your innocence. It could also mean doing something contrary to your nature. This dream could also mean losing your childish spirit of youthfulness. 

Grooming a Unicorn

Dreaming of grooming unicorns is a good sign. Such a dream indicates being successful in your endeavors. 

This dream is a sign of prosperity. You will be able to provide a comfortable life for yourself due to your hard work and your efforts. 

Feeding a Unicorn

If the unicorn is eating from your hands, then this dream is a good sign. It is symbolic of a period of happiness, calmness, and satisfaction. 

A Unicorn Chasing You

Dreaming about a unicorn chasing you is a warning sign in a dream. You might find yourself taking some risks which could jeopardize your well-being.  

You should consider this dream a sign to be careful and not provoke your destiny. 

Dreams About Unicorns Based on Colors

A White Unicorn – This dream of a white unicorn is a symbol of purity and innocence. You may have met a really good person and they made you wonder how someone can be so good. 

A Black Unicorn – Such a dream means that you have lost a part of your innocence and you will never be able to get it back. Maybe, you did something you regret and now there’s no turning back. 

A Blue Unicorn – Dreaming about a blue unicorn is a sign that your partner will be faithful. This will result in prosperity and enjoyment of your life. 

Pink Unicorn – If you were not able to catch it, then there’s another interpretation. This is a sign of misplaced priorities. While pursuing something small or impractical, the biggest share of resources is lost. 

A Golden or a rainbow Unicorn – A rainbow or golden unicorn is a sign of success. You can expect great returns from your business endeavors. 

Golden Unicorn – It indicates changing your life for the better and adopting some healthy habits which will improve your life completely. 

Purple Unicorn – They are associated with having the best things in life particularly, in the dating world or the business world. It means positivity is headed your way.

Concluding Thoughts

You possess unquestionable strength and power. You fantasize and need to be a real being. Dreaming about unicorns is a sign that good times are ahead. It also means there is hope. 

Dreaming about unicorns has multiple scenarios. Therefore, it is important to remember your drama accurately. This can be done by maintaining a dream journal. 

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