A poltergeist is tagged as a noisy ghost who loves throwing things, causing disruptions and making screechy noise. So, dreaming about poltergeist also alludes to some disruption in life?

Or is it pointing towards some unresolved past issues? To solve this mystery, let’s explore various dream types along with their explanations to see what they signify about waking life.

Dreaming About Poltergeist - Is Your Life About To Disrupt?
Dreaming About Poltergeist – Is Your Life About To Disrupt?

Dreaming about Poltergeist – What Does It Signify?

Dreaming about poltergeist is about healing and immortality where you made a plan to reach the top. Also, your dream shows knowledge, wisdom and understanding but you express a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities.

The dream is a sign of suppressed aggression and anger where you are trying to reconnect your heart and mind. But there’s more – 

  • You must purify your mind, heart and body because you have more than you can handle. 
  • Your dream represents your unexpressed masculine/feminine energy. 
  • You neglected an urgent matter or situation. 
  • The dream symbolizes your inability to trust anyone. You feel like you are losing an important part of your identity. 

Spiritual dream interpretation of poltergeist

You have been pushed back or bothered by some problem or issue. Therefore, this dream is a message about old beliefs, attitudes and thoughts or feelings. Furthermore, your manifestation can be your way of escaping reality.

Poltergeist in Dreams: Various Types & Their Interpretations

Depending on the dream’s setting, various adventure dream kinds might convey various messages. 

Dream of someone as poltergeist

You give serious thought to an issue or problem. The dream points to the sun, resurrection and immortality.

You may be confused and distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The dream refers to a part of you that is suppressed and hidden. 

Seeing a poltergeist

The dream means the end of some old habit or behavior and the beginning of a new attitude. Also, your dream indicates instability and uncertainty in your current situation. 

Talking poltergeist

The dream is unfortunately a warning of exclusion or not belonging to a group and so you feel lost or abandoned

Your dream indicates deception, incompetence, false impressions, pretense and lies where you can’t let go of the past. 

An angry poltergeist

The dream is a suggestion of being stuck where you need to control more aspects of your life. Also, you may need to work it out without too much emotion. 

Poltergeist attack

You lose temper over things you had a lack of control over. Therefore, the dream is sometimes a tendency to please others and put their needs before your own. 

Becoming a poltergeist 

The dream indicates femininity and glamor. 

Also, it is a sign of freedom to lead your real life and do what you want. Due to this, you have more confidence and believe in yourself. 

Communicating with a poltergeist

Your dream indicates your desire for privacy and so, you block something or exclude yourself. 

Also, the dream represents your mobility and adaptability. 

Poltergeist under your bed

You do not want to reveal your true self and you are not completely honest with the people around you.

Therefore, the dream is a warning of bad luck and harsh, vulnerable times where something you thought was in the past comes back to haunt you. 

Dream that you are the poltergeist

You are undecided between the two choices you have to make. So, the dream represents your conviction about your beliefs and your worries about the future.

Poltergeist helps you move furniture in the apartment

Unfortunately, the dream is a warning of indecision, confusion, getting lost or making a mistake. Due to which, you’ll have to face something upsetting or painful. 

Escaping from poltergeist

Your dream indicates tears and heartache because you make people see things your way. Also, you are going on an emotional journey where you don’t know where it will end. 

You became friends with the poltergeist

This dream is a preview of repressed fear and difficulties in personal relationships. Therefore, you can go out and open yourself up to new interests and activities.

Evil poltergeist

Your dream indicates feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. It is also a sign of your inability to commit to a relationship

A poltergeist killing you

You are completely immersed in a situation, relationship or task wherein your dream is a suggestion of concern about some problem. 

Alternatively, the dream indicates emotional baggage and responsibilities that you carry with you and that weigh you down. 

You were a poltergeist hunter

You release a side of yourself that you suppressed or didn’t express before.

The dream is a symbol of a message or advice that you need to heed. You need to find time to escape from the daily demands of life.  

Being possessed by a poltergeist in dream

The dream is a sign of independence, strength, death and renewal and resurrection. You are easily influenced by others.

Also, the dream indicates that you need  more self-discipline in your life. 

You spent the night in the house with a poltergeist

You need to have more control over your life situations and environment. So, the dream is a suggestion to move on with your life quickly. 

Dream of poltergeist laughing

The dream is a sign of your creative energy flow wherein you will bring new changes in your life because you are happy with where you are in life. 

Wounds on bodies caused by the poltergeist

Material possessions and profits can disturb your spirituality. So, the dream represents a new phase (such as parenthood, a new home, etc.) that you are entering in your life. 

Destroying the poltergeist

By understanding yourself more deeply, you will find common ground and shared experiences with others. The dream signifies your materialistic attitude because this is a time of introspection. 

Psychological dream interpretation of poltergeist

The dream represents your desire to be in a relationship and your image of an ideal partner. You feel strong and confident in your abilities but you also open yourself up to criticism. 

Alternatively, the dream points toward a mysterious person in your life who means that you are in harm’s way. 

Final words

Dreaming about poltergeist may reflect a variety of facets of your life, depending on the experience you envision.

Even while it’s not crucial that all the forecasts come true exactly for you, you shouldn’t overlook the crucial advice that could spare you from a number of challenges in life.

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