Dreams of abandonment usually come with negative interpretations. They highlight your pain, desire to be accepted, imperfect childhood, or difficulty moving on from your past. Positively, it indicates a spiritual journey.

General Dream Interpretations of Abandonment

In reality, abandonment issues can ruin adulthood relationships and attract toxic dynamics in your life. In the dream world, however, there’s much more to know. So, let’s find out!

  • It symbolizes pain and grief
  • It asks you to move on
  • You are on a spiritual journey
  • It indicates you didn’t have a perfect childhood
  • You want others to accept you

Dreams of Abandonment – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Dreams of being abandoned by your spouse show your anxiety is trouble for your marriage. But dreaming of you abandoning your spouse means you’ll lose your valuable possessions.

Since such basic differences can change your dream interpretations so significantly, let’s quickly find out what yours mean…

Dream of you abandoning someone

The dream of you abandoning someone indicates that you are ready to move on. You can now let go of the past baggage that you carried for so long.

It says that you are finally ready to change for the better and eliminate the emotional trauma and sentiments that drag you down. You are prepared for a fresh start with a positive attitude.

Dream of being abandoned by boyfriend/girlfriend

If in the dream, you are being abandoned by your boyfriend/girlfriend, it indicates the fact that you crave freedom in your real life.

An alternate interpretation of this dream is that you are insecure in your relationship and fear your loved one leaving your hands.

Being abandoned by your boss

The dream of being abandoned by your boss at the workplace suggests you have a bad connection with the logical parts of your soul.

This dream tells you to look into yourself and unleash the potential, with which you lost connections.

Abandoning your family

If in the dream, you found yourself abandoning your family, it is not a positive indication and suggests that you will face a tough time soon in the coming days.

Be very conscious of your current decisions.

Abandoning your house

It shows your decision to let go of the protective shelter and reveal yourself to the cruel world outside.

This dream suggests that you are fragile to the several issues knocking on your door, and you need to be alert.

Yourself abandoned in a deserted place.

It indicates that you face some major problem in real life, and have no solution for it.

You are around people who aren’t quite fond of you. So, you feel isolated and alone. Finding yourself alone in a deserted area in the dream also reflects your loneliness in real life.

Being abandoned by the baby

A dream of being abandoned by your baby reflects your dread about having children in your life, or it may have a more metaphorical meaning.

It may be related to your desire to let go of the restrictions you faced while growing up and connect to your inner child.

An abandoned house or car

A dream about an abandoned home or car suggests that you are concerned about a potential opportunity that will alter your way of life.

Being abandoned by friends

If you have dreamt about being abandoned by friends, it implies that you are worried about a circumstance that might change your lifestyle.

Alternatively, dreams about your friends abandoning you are connected to a previous event or your desire to conform to social norms.

Dream of abandoning a job

Dreaming about abandoning your job signifies that things will improve due to your positive outlook. The idea is to keep the same attitude and positively approach your life’s situations.

In a dream, abandoning a job represents your desire to accomplish more in life.

Abandoning a mistress

If you are a man and dream of abandoning a mistress, it gives you a positive signal. This dream states you’ll soon experience a financial benefit.

Additionally, your dream advises you to make constant efforts as they will not be wasted, and you will get the results soon.

An abandoned dog

Dream of an abandoned dog reflects your instincts and suppressed sentiments. You are on the way to self-harm. Think more transparently and express yourself with enough confidence.

An abandoned cat

The interpretation of a dream of an abandoned cat is that you refuse the truth of a situation. Your conscious and subconscious are at emotional odds with one another.

An abandoned ship

The dream about an abandoned ship signals self-doubt in your thinking. It asks you to calm down. Your hard work will be recognized and praised.

An abandoned school

Seeing an abandoned school in dreams indicates a long life and good health. You will have a fresh attitude towards life and attain an extreme consciousness level.

An abandoned church

Dream of an abandoned church signals your appreciation towards life. It says that you must be aware of some matter.

This dream also suggests that you must address some psychological issues.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Such dreams are common if you have had an unstable childhood or spent less time with your near ones. In that case, a mental health professional can help you the best.

However, abandonment dreams might not be as simple and sometimes you must delve deeper to know the inner messages. Strive hard to lead a happier life.

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