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Dreaming of Clowns: 101 Interesting Plots

Dreaming of Clowns: 101 Interesting Plots

Updated on Oct 20, 2022 | Published on Apr 04, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming about Clowns - 101 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Have you ever had a dreaming about a clown? In a bad way, clown dream meaning represents silliness and embarrassment.

Within clown-related dreams, pay attention to the context and your own feelings. They’ll help you figure out what clowns might mean in real life. To assist you, here are some more clown dream interpretations.

If you have a clown dream, it means you are influenced by others. This dream also foreshadows hasty decisions that you will come to regret. It’s possible that every detail of your sleep with a clown is crucial.

Dreaming of Clowns - 101 Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreaming of Clowns – 101 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Clown Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a clown foreshadows unscrupulous people who will hurt your feelings and cause you significant harm. Clowns, likewise, represent levity and a juvenile demeanor in dreams.

If you have a clown dream, it means you need to speak up about something. Something needs to be written down or remembered. You are being excessively indulgent. This dream foreshadows the necessity for you to heal. 

A fresh initiative or idea is taking shape. Comfort, peace, or satisfaction are expressed in clown dreams. You should pay closer attention to that person or object. You are attempting to claim credit for the efforts of someone else. 

A clown making you laugh and taunting you is said to be a sign that your dreams will come true once you find the appropriate money.

You will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve it, but you will end up with the money you need and valuable experience for your future. 

A circumstance or a person in your dream may not be worth your time. Maybe you are being a little too cold. This suggests you have made new buddies who will try to deceive you.

If you ignore your conscience, you will go bankrupt and possibly attract the notice of the police. 

Another interpretation of the clown dream is that you may opt to disregard your moral principles and engage in a love affair that will bring shame to your name. You will feel bad about your lack of self-control.

Dreaming about Clowns – 101 Scenarios & Their Meanings

The meaning of these dreams is a combination of the suggestions made by films and stories, as well as the worries that develop from them, perhaps as a result of a sharp contrast between the clown’s good-natured character and the killer’s evil. 

They are diametrically opposed energies that reflect the dreamer’s equally conflicted emotions.

An evil clown in your dream suggests a fear of something that has happened to you or others around you. It’s crucial to note whether the clown was frightening and unattractive or amusing and attractive.

1. Dream about evil clown 

A dream about an evil clown is a warning about a problem or concern that has been bothering you. You are unwilling to give up something for which you have put so much work. 

To broaden your understanding and knowledge, you must step outside of your comfort zone. It’s a warning for someone who’s acting strangely. There’s a part of yourself that you are trying desperately to get rid of.

2. Jealous clown dream meaning

A nightmare about a jealous clown foreshadows grief and tragedy. You are not accepting responsibility for your own choices and actions. In some situations or relationships, you must approach with care. 

This dream represents a lack of ambition and drive on your part. There is some ambiguity in the circumstance you are in.

3. Dream about an ugly clown

It indicates that a close relative is a hypocrite and a coward. They are about to do something bad, and you will be unhappy since they have betrayed your confidence.

4. Dream of an evil clown in the bedroom

The clown in your bedroom dream vision signifies a front or mask worn to hide feelings, whilst the bed represents seclusion and closeness.

When these two symbols are paired, they could be implying suppressed feelings or long-hidden truths.

Your outwardly happy and well-adjusted personality may be crumbling before your eyes, isolating and depressing you even more.

This vision could be a subliminal message reminding you that being true to yourself leads to happiness.

5. Female clown dream meaning

In a dream vision, seeing a spooky, female clown foreshadows being wounded or disappointed by someone you believed you could trust.

You used to be able to confide in this family member, friend, or companion about your troubles and concerns. 

However, their behavior or behaviors toward you now indicate that they have lost faith in their friendship and kindness.

6. Dream about giant clown 

Dreaming about a giant clown represents regrets, previous injuries, or what-if scenarios.

You can’t see the sources of your troubles or the implications of your choices. You have some unspoken bitterness or anger that has to be addressed. 

This dream foreshadows a comical or perplexing event. Something you are doing isn’t quite right.

7. Dream of an untrained clown

The dream about an untrained clown is about your instincts and desires. You could be setting yourself up for disappointment. You must approach your issues one segment at a time. 

Unfortunately, it’s a warning about a lack of success in some activity. Perhaps you feel overburdened by life’s circumstances and that you have too many responsibilities to carry.

8. Dream of angry clown

Self-indulgent conduct or unwelcome attention are both signs of an angry clown dream. Something in your perception is incorrect. Some characteristics of your personality are harmful to your health and even dangerous. 

It denotes either a lack of dedication or a lack of support and warmth. You have the impression that you are unable to properly express yourself.

9. Dream of a dumb clown

A dream in which you see a dumb clown indicates that you are too cut off from others because you are afraid of getting harmed. 

There’s a chance you have been through some tragedies in the past, or that someone has disappointed or offended you, and you are frightened it’ll happen again. 

However, it is your defense system that prevents you from allowing others to make you happy, which means you are unable to make others happy as well.

10. Dream of escaping a building through a clown mouth

Being in a tight space in a building with a large group of people gives you a claustrophobic sense. You may feel as if you don’t fit in with your present circle of friends and colleagues, so you keep traveling about looking for something new. 

It may, however, become too hard for you to continually compare yourself to others and comply. As a result, the clown’s mouth pointing to your freedom serves as a reminder to not take things too seriously.

11. Dreaming of an annoying clown 

It is a hint that you don’t trust your relatives and don’t want their support, even when you really need it. Because they want what’s best for you, individuals you love may be offended by your skepticism.

12. Befriending clown dream meaning

The image of befriending a clown, whether as a real person or a representation of one, illuminates some of your existing circle of companions’ fears and concerns. 

Friends and family members may be concerned about whether they can trust you to do something or act in a specific manner, and this lack of trust may cause you to react in precisely the way they do not want. 

Due to the negative feelings swirling around you at this time, you may also feel depressed, upset, or hurt.

13. Dream about a white clown 

A dream involving a white clown could be a sign of a communication problem you are having. You have the impression that you are losing a significant part of your identity. You are not sure what you are feeling. 

This dream represents your negative attitude toward life. You don’t articulate yourself well enough.

14. Thin clown dream meaning

The thin clown dream represents buried disappointments that have built up through time. You are gradually warming up to a concept, a person, or a scenario. Emotionally or physically, you or someone you know is suffering. 

This describes a poorly thought-out effort or plan. Inside, you are feeling lifeless and emotionless.

15. Dream about creepy clown 

Dreaming about a creepy clown indicates that you have been unable to fill a hole in your life. It doesn’t matter how you seem on the outside; it doesn’t change who you are on the inside. In some ways, you are not being totally honest. 

This dream indicates that someone is bothering you or is a thorn in your side. Within your family, there is a lack of communication that can no longer be overlooked.

16. Scary clown dream meaning

Repetition is represented by a nightmare about a scary clown. You wished you could spend a bit longer with them.

It’s possible that you will need to tone down your personality a little. The dream foreshadows an impending danger. You have a sense of being out of control.

17. Sleeping clown dream meaning

A sleeping clown dream represents your want to be acknowledged and to be the center of attention. You need to make a change in some part of your life, whether it’s your conduct, attitude, or lifestyle. You must pay attention to your gut instincts. 

The dream is about current events or something that is currently happening in your life. You must protect others from your zeal and ambition.

18. Dream about a sad clown 

A dream about a sad clown foreshadows hazards or troubles that you are unaware of. Your life may be lacking in enthusiasm to the point where it has become rather mechanical.

You have no need to be afraid of confronting the circumstance that is killing you. 

This dream represents your capacity to prepare ahead and organize your actions. Something has blown out of proportion in your reaction.

19. Dream of a dying clown

A dying clown dream is a sign that you are having trouble confronting or accepting a circumstance. You have a lot of rage stored up inside of you. You have been informed that you have never been loved. 

This dream represents repressed desires and emotions on the approach of exploding or bursting if not addressed quickly. You are too obsessed with how you appear on the outside.

20. Killer clown dream meaning

A dream about a killer clown foreshadows your high emotional condition in relation to a problem or scenario.

You must remodel and transform a part of yourself. You are either censoring or withholding information. 

Your dream is to be able to alter and adapt. You need to unwind and let go every now and then.

21. Happy clown dream meaning

A dream about a happy clown is a sign that you need to learn more about yourself. You must go against the grain and the accepted standard. You are still clinging to the past. It’s a sign of how things are going in your life. 

you are putting your inner feelings, beliefs, or anxieties to the test.

22. Dream about a demon clown 

Dreaming about a demon clown indicates that you have feminine aspects within yourself that you need to activate or recognise. You are feeling regret or guilt for what you have done in the past. 

You must encounter a distressing or offensive situation. Your dream indicates a lack of maturity or ability. You have a preconceived notion about a situation.

23. Tall clown dream meaning

Unfortunately, a tall clown dream is something that is lacking or missing in your life. You can end up in a precarious scenario.

You are not putting yourself in a position to succeed. Deception, lying, and deceitfulness are all symbols in your dream. Your goals are too lofty.

24. Dream about killing a clown 

Sharing and friendship are expressed in a dream about killing a clown. Something in your own Self that has died and is no longer functional. Something in your life does not appear to be as it appears. 

This is a sign that you have lost touch with old acquaintances or past flames over the years. You must discover a way to break free from your rut.

25. Dream of laughing with a clown

A dream about laughing with clowns indicates a foreshadowing of advice you recently gave and should consider in your life. You are on the defensive. You are burying a prior relationship and putting the past behind you. 

This dream foreshadows your own unique abilities, which you have yet to realize or completely develop. Your current decisions and choices could be construed as disloyalty.

26. Dream of carrying a clown

Carrying a clown in a dream foreshadows a major disturbance or serious trouble in your life. You may find yourself revisiting the same issue/situation repeatedly without reaching a conclusion. 

It is possible that you are attempting to juggle far too many aspects of your life. You don’t want to start a fight or spark a squabble.

27. Dream about being chased by a clown 

Dreaming about being chased by a clown represents a lack of ability to express yourself. You have the impression that your mother or another mother figure in your life is unresponsive to your needs. 

Something is going on in your life that you aren’t aware of or hasn’t come to light yet. This dream is associated with feelings of guilt. It’s possible that you are being overly optimistic.

28. Dream of chasing a clown

The dream of chasing clowns suggests a difficult situation or the necessity to stand up for yourself and your values. You are attempting to contain your rage, but it’s simply too much to bear. 

You might be overwhelmed or exhausted in some way, or you might find yourself needing to help others.

This dream calls your attention to a person, situation, or connection from which you desire to go away. Someone you know might not be who they seem.

29. Dream of drawing on a clown’s smile

A powerful portent to behold is drawing a smile like a clown or putting on face paint in an attempt to look like one.

It foreshadows a period of temptation and moral ambiguity ahead, in which you will struggle to make the right decision. 

This perplexity is most likely the result of influence from rivals or foes who would love nothing more than to watch you make a mistake. 

Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to carefully explore all of your options and perhaps seek advice from someone you trust.

30. Hugging clown dream meaning

Depending on the symbols you see with a clown hugging you, the connotation can range from mental uncertainty to profound sadness and misery as a result of moral failings. 

This interpretation implies that you recently backstabbed someone or attempted to make someone else the scapegoat when you were the real culprit. 

Your lack of ethical activity and two-faced behavior may cause the harmed party to lose friendship with you, or you may be rejected by individuals you formerly considered friends.

31. Dream about becoming a clown 

Dreaming of becoming a clown foreshadows your perseverance, persistence, and ability to bargain hard. You want to make everyone around you happy. You are shutting down your inner child. 

The dream alludes to someone or something significant in your life. Perhaps you believe that others can see straight through you and your motives.

32. Dream of eating with a clown

Wisdom, frugality, and practicality are required if you dream of eating with a clown. You need to be more at ease in your own skin. Over a long length of time, you will experience some grief. 

It refers to anything or someone in your life who keeps everything or everyone together. You could be celebrating a victory, success, or achievement.

33. Dream about being followed by a clown 

Being followed by a clown in a dream represents a relationship or business undertaking that is too huge to handle.

You have chosen to remain in the dark about a circumstance. You are impeding someone’s progress or refusing to accept them for who they are. 

This is a sign that you are having problems with your self-esteem. You are suffering from a lack of self-sufficiency.

34.Dancing clown dream meaning

Sadly, your underlying strengths that you have not yet recognised are represented by dancing clowns in your dream.

Your friendship with one of your friends has come to an end. When you need to put your pride aside and ask for aid, you must know when to do so. 

This dream serves as a warning or cautionary indicator. Someone or some external forces are controlling your forward progress.

35. Dream about clowns attacking

At some conflict or turning point in your dream, you are attacked by clowns. You aren’t taking care of your emotional requirements. It’s possible that you are storing a lot of rage that’s about to explode. 

Unfortunately, this dream is a warning for your flirtatious tendencies. You have a strong will and stick to your decisions.

36. Singing clown dream meaning

Dreaming about a clown singing represents ambiguity, dualities, or opposites. You don’t spend enough time alone in your life. You are dissatisfied in one or more areas of your life. 

It’s a sign of your adaptability in certain situations. You lack authority and influence, especially when confronted by others.

37. Dream about running away from a clown 

Running away from a clown in a dream is unfortunately a sign of loneliness. You must improve your organizational skills.

You don’t have much sympathy in your life. It alludes to a part of yourself that you have neglected or abandoned. 

you are reaching out to loved ones and rekindling old friendships.

38. Marrying a clown dream meaning

Marrying a clown dream unfortunately highlights war, violence, and masculine authority. Your efforts will yield little in the way of rewards or gains. It’s possible that you don’t get along with a coworker or a family member. 

Your dream indicates a foreshadowing of an issue you are having trouble facing or embracing. Some of your conservative beliefs clash with your wild and liberal side.

39. Clown face dream meaning

Dreaming about a clown face represents your upbeat, energetic outlook. You have an optimistic attitude toward life. In your romantic life, you need to be more passionate. It’s an indication that you are in the mood for love, pleasure, and leisure. 

In some manner, your parents or mother has wronged you.

40. Dream of a baby clown

Dreaming about a baby clown foreshadows a rise in rank and money. Affair of the heart will also turn out well for you.

You are suppressing your feelings. The dream represents the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of another. You are feeling isolated and alienated.

41. Dream about clown fish 

Your mother expresses herself in a dream about clown fish. You are in desperate need of a reality check. It’s possible that you have been sworn to secrecy.

This emphasizes the significance of your beliefs and viewpoints. Your irresponsibility has put you in danger.

The dream of a clown fish foreshadows a shift in perspective or a change in attitude.

Someone’s lines of communication need to be improved. You are acting in a shallow manner. Your dream is about heartfelt issues. You are conflicted about something.

42. Clown mask dream meaning

Dreaming about a clown mask sends you a clue about your out-of-date surroundings and mindset. You feel as if you don’t have a say or a choice in a circumstance. You are in the middle of a heated argument. 

Unfortunately, this dream represents a circumstance in your life in which you are either on the offensive or defensive. You are being led astray.

43. Old clown dream meaning

Dreaming about an old clown is an omen for an embarrassing circumstance you are trying to avoid or ignore. You must learn to let go of the past and cease reliving it. False pals will spread malicious rumors about you. 

This is about characteristics of your own personality that you are currently learning about. When it comes to shaping and molding a relationship, patience and care are required.

44. Dream about clown makeup 

If you have a dream involving clown makeup, it is a sign for you and your subconscious mind. You might be looking for some direction in your actions. You must begin to accept the ramifications of your conduct. 

This is a representation of the underworld. You are starting to remove your inhibitions or shed your exterior wall.

45. Dream of clown tricks

Clown tricks dreams are proof of your ability to extend your reach. You are bidding someone farewell. You are a possessive person. This sends a message to your subconscious and persona. Perhaps you have something to confess.

46. Dream of clowns partying

The dream of a clown partying is a sign that you will pay a price for your decisions and activities. You are not making full use of all of your resources in order to reach your objectives. 

you are unsure how to move forward with your life. This is your attempt to alter some aspect of your personality. With your harsh words and bad attitude, you are attempting to harm people.

47. Dream about clown staring at you

Dreaming of a clown staring at you is a sign of poor luck and difficult, vulnerable times ahead. Your energy and time are being drained by a tiny inconvenience or problem. You are attempting to persuade that individual to open up to you. 

The dream represents a foreshadowing of codependency troubles. You must stop hiding your latent potential and start releasing it.

48. Drunk clown dream meaning

A drunk clown dream represents a humiliating predicament. There is a sense of unease or unease within that needs to be addressed and rectified as soon as possible. You believe you have been victimized or exploited. 

The dream foreshadows interior confusion and conflict, whilst an ordered drawer represents calmness. You are feeling powerless to act, or you are lacking the motivation and desire to carry out your goals.

49. Dream about clown in house 

Your frivolous activities are represented by clowns in the house in your dreams. Perhaps you have been given authority over something but are unable to exercise it. You may be unsure about how to end a relationship or a situation. 

It denotes the desire to let go of previous memories. You have the impression that your voice has been muffled.

50. Dream of clown smirking

The dream of a clown smirking portends haste, metamorphosis, or self-sacrifice. You are looking for comfort, or you need someone to soothe you. You must cleanse your emotions and let go of all the negativity in your life. 

Your spiritual or childlike consciousness is symbolized in this dream. To overcome adversity, you must rely on your own inner strength and resolve.

51. Dream about clown killing me 

Dreaming about a clown killing you is a sign that you are avoiding dealing with unsolved concerns. Some irritations may go unnoticed until it’s too late. You have become far too conceited for your own good. 

This dream is a warning sign of deteriorating health and job loss. You are attempting to get through a challenging period.

52. Dream about a short clown

Dreaming of short clowns indicates that you do not regard your social circle as reliable and trustworthy. Only you can rely on yourself. You are alone responsible for your own joy and happiness. 

You don’t trust anyone in your life to provide you joy. Others are taking advantage of you, for example, by basing their happiness on you.

53. Dream about a clown at a birthday party

A birthday party clown dream indicates that there is a lot of disarray or confusion in your life. In your life, there is a lot of chaos. There is someone or something in your life that you need to get rid of. 

Sadly, it’s a warning for a scenario that necessitates immediate action and choice. You use a methodical and deliberate approach to achieving your objectives.

54. Dream of a clown standing still

The dream of a clown standing still foreshadows the struggle between love and hate. In the long term, your hard work and dedication will pay off. You are not ready to commit to a situation or a relationship at this time. 

Your dream is a warning that your life is not heading in the right direction. A loved one was snatched from you far too soon.

55. Dream about evil clown hunting me 

A dream about an evil clown hunting you is unfortunately a sign of despair and a need to be cheered up. You need to protect yourself from a painful circumstance or insulting statements by cushioning or separating yourself from them. 

Many elements are at work in your life that are beyond your control and may even be damaging.

The dream represents some minor issues and annoyances that you are always dealing with. You are not being credited for your efforts or contributions.

56. Dream of clown in a movie

Dreaming about a clown in a movie indicates whether you have or don’t have basic control over your life. You are on a predetermined route and can’t deviate from it. You are being far too self-absorbed. 

This dream represents a foreshadowing of how you are navigating an issue in your life. You get the impression that your identity and feeling of self are being questioned or ignored.

57. Dream about a clown liking you

Dreaming about a clown liking you is a sign of egotism or deception. You have the impression that you are being overshadowed and that people are underestimating your ability.

An issue in your life has made you feel suffocated or smothered. 

It represents filth, demons, and annoyances. You require a break from the stresses of everyday life.

58. Dream of a wet clown

A wet clown in your dream represents slight setbacks in your life. Someone wants to assist you in resolving your issues. Your subconscious is attempting to keep you from directly feeling them. 

It relates to your ability to adapt and persevere in a variety of situations. You are not receiving the emotional assistance that you require.

59. Dream of a clown with a knife

Dreaming about a clown with a knife is a sign of your lack of ambition and drive. You are attempting to maintain a safe distance in order to avoid injury.

Your efforts will yield little in the way of rewards or gains. It demonstrates a one-sided relationship. 

Perhaps you aren’t who you think you are, and you don’t quite fit in.

60. Dream of a clown in the circus

If you see a clown at the circus, it’s a sign that you will be mocked in real life. They might try to persuade you to think something that isn’t real, which could lead to a rift between you and someone who genuinely cares about you. 

You will be perplexed because you are not used to dealing with deception, and you won’t know who is telling the truth and who sees you as a means to an end. 

Because you don’t want to stomp on anyone’s toes, there’s a danger you will realize too late that you should have had more forceful opinions.

61. Dream about clown trying to eat you

If you have a dream about a clown trying to eat you, it means you have repressed desires and emotions that are likely to explode or burst if you don’t deal with them soon. You might be too proud to ask for assistance. 

you are rushing into things and approaching them in a sloppy or rushed manner. This is a sign of defensiveness or a closed mind. You will receive some unfavorable or offensive information.

62. Dream of a clown hitting you

Clowns hitting you in dreams indicates that you will avoid taking responsibility for something. It’s easier for you to portray yourself as a helpless victim who can’t make key life decisions. 

You are frightened of making a mistake, so you abandon everything or entrust everything to someone you can trust. 

Despite the fact that many people think highly of you and believe you have a lot of potential to do great things in life, you frequently underestimate yourself and believe you are incapable of anything. 

63. Talk to a clown in dream

If you have a dream about talking to a clown, it suggests you have tried but failed. It’s likely that persuading your partner to listen to you will be a near-impossible task because they are unwilling to cooperate and break old behaviors. 

It is up to you to decide if you will accept such an attitude or explain your criteria, after which you will be able to determine whether it is worthwhile to stay in a relationship with someone who refuses to make any compromises or adjust to you.

64. To dream of a clown hating you

If you have a dream about a clown hating you, it implies you are trying to hide something or run away from the truth.

You are undoubtedly ashamed of anything from your past, to the point where you have decided to bury it and never bring it up again. 

If a clown doesn’t like you and seems menacing, you should be on the lookout for hypocrites.

There’s a risk that someone appears to be a trustworthy and nice buddy while, in reality, they’re ready to take advantage of your trust at any time.

65. Dream of a clown trying to make you laugh

This dream is a metaphor for being unable to deal with something or someone. You may have to endure humiliation in school, job, or even from a family member.

Another option is that you are unable to overcome negative emotions such as rage or envy.

66. Dream of a clown puppet

When you have a dream about a clown puppet, it implies you are a happy, slightly childish person who is popular among your friends.

You can make anyone laugh or cheer up, even the saddest of individuals, which comes in handy when you make a mistake. 

All you have to do is smile, and they’ll forgive you for anything.

67. Dream about buying a clown puppet

If you have a dream about buying a clown puppet for someone, it implies you wish to assist someone who is having difficulties. Your loved one is undoubtedly worried about a lot of things, but you are not sure how to help them. 

Your attention, love, and compassion, on the other hand, demonstrate that you care about them and are there for them.

68. Bad dreams about clowns 

A bad dream about clowns represents your capacity to persuade others to agree with your thoughts or convictions. You are dealing with some difficult situations that you are unwilling to address. 

Someone has tampered with you. The dream represents a facet of yourself that you are attempting to communicate. You are squandering your capabilities.

69. Dream about wearing a clown mask

Wearing a clown mask on your face in a dream indicates that you are not totally honest with a loved one. You may be afraid to admit your actual feelings because you believe the truth would hurt them. 

You should deal with it as quickly as possible because remaining silent is harming both them and you.

70. Escaping a clown dream meaning

An interpretation of this dream is that your aggressive behavior has scared someone. In a tense scenario, you most likely snapped and revealed your dark side.

Those who saw you in that edition after that have drastically changed their minds about you. 

It’s critical to take away a vital lesson from this: if you don’t want the entire world to despise you, you must exercise self-control.

71. A clown performing in dream

Watching a clown perform in a dream reveals an innate desire to do something fun, thrilling, or out of the ordinary.

However, this could backfire if your actions or conduct while doing these things cause people to be disappointed, wounded, or humiliated. 

A significant other or love partner, for example, may become aware of your behavior and abandon you, causing great loss and heartache for both of you.

72. Dream of a clown with circus animals

Seeing a clown perform or interact with other circus animals, such as a seal, horse, lion, or elephant, can foreshadow disillusionment, disappointment, or dissatisfaction in real life. 

You might quickly take a close look around and discover that things aren’t quite how you would like them to be.

This unhappiness would force you to withdraw from others and into yourself, feeding your apathy and indifference to the world around you.

73. Dream of putting on clown hair

If you have a dream about wearing clown hair on your head, it implies you are attempting to keep your true feelings hidden from others. 

you are smiling all the time to hide your grief or anxiety, but you can’t wait to get home and take off the mask you have put on because of others. 

It’s critical to understand that you shouldn’t hide your emotions and that you need to locate someone you can trust enough to disclose your entire tale to.

74. Dream of hanging out with a clown

When you have a dream about hanging out with a clown, it implies you are deliberately acting incompetent or incapable of completing some duties.

You have a lot of potential, but you are shy because you don’t want people to take advantage of you. 

As a result, you would rather pretend you can’t do something than show that you can and have additional work assigned to you based on that.

In some ways, your strategy is sound, yet operating like that will not lead to huge corporate success.

75. Dream about clown costume

In a dream, wearing a clown suit means that you are performing or behaving incompetently on purpose.

Perhaps you are holding yourself back from reaching your full potential. You are allowing and emphasizing some aspects of your life that make you feel embarrassed. 

Keep an eye out for labels or prejudices that may be harmful to your identity. Consider removing your clothing and living to your utmost potential.

76. Make love to a clown in dream

you are too concerned about what other people may say. You will become a stronger person if you ignore other people’s negative opinions.

Dream interpretations might be straightforward. If you have recently seen a clown, he or she has left an indelible impact on you.

77. Dream about a young clown 

In dreams, a young clown represents your feelings of attempting to avoid certain shameful aspects of oneself. 

Perhaps you are attempting to conceal past activities, such as having an affair or cheating. Or perhaps you are self-conscious about your looks, such as hair loss.

78. Playing with a clown dream meaning

If the clown playing with you is a bad one, it means someone close to you is a hypocrite and a coward.

Outside of view, he or she could be embarrassing you. These betrayals, on the other hand, will come back to haunt you in the future. 

People will take advantage of your trust in order to deceive you and make you feel dissatisfied and embarrassed.

79. Dream about clown being mean

Dreaming about a mean clown attempting to damage you represents your inability to control your emotions or people dragging you into embarrassment. The dream suggests that you are being bullied at work or school. 

People are putting pressure on you to be humiliated. People will make you the laughingstock of the town. To avoid being a target of unfriendly people, you may need to take serious measures.

80. Dream about clown’s props

Dreaming about a clown’s props is a sign of careless or insincere behavior. You may have made inadvertent comments or jokes about other people. For their own fear of embarrassment, people may dread or loathe you. 

Consider being more cautious about how other people react to your activities.

81. Boring clown dream meaning

Dreams about a boring clown indicate that you are putting up a temporary front or smiling at others. 

These circumstances are very unpleasant for you. You are attempting to persuade them that everything is fine and that you are having a good time. However, you may be melancholy and sad on the inside.

82. Dream about clown doll

In dreams, the clown doll reflects your character’s lightheartedness and childish spirit. The location of the clown doll and how well it is kept show how well you perceive this aspect of yourself.

A dream of opposites. Dreaming of a humorous clown’s antics represents how some of your friends perceive you. Determine whether this is due to affection or disdain by looking at other symbols in the dream.

83. A clown teasing in dream

In a dream, seeing a clown tease or mock you is a rather positive symbol to interpret, as it foreshadows positive career developments. 

It emphasizes, in example, that a new or current job may present challenges that, while irritating at first, offer you with the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to truly excel in your chosen field. 

you would be able to earn a good living while still finding fulfillment in your profession.

84. Yourself as a clown in dream

In the domain of dreams, imagining yourself as a clown or dressed as a pierrot is frequently taken as a bad indication. It foreshadows impending adversity and tragedy, with you as the central figure. 

Your personal involvement in such a sad and challenging moment may have a significant impact on your overall happiness and life satisfaction. 

While this sign does not reveal the reason for your pain, it does imply that someone you trust will fail you or damage you in some way.

85. A smart clown in dream

The image of a smart clown in a dream is frequently interpreted as a symptom of stage fright or a dread of public speaking in general. 

This sign may come in your dreams if you are apprehensive about an upcoming speech or presentation.

This could also be a subliminal hint to practise more so you feel more secure and less nervous about your upcoming public speaking engagement.

86. A clown missing you in dream

In the realm of dreams, seeing a clown missing you could foreshadow an impending embarrassment or sticky issue in real life. 

This vision suggests you may be the victim of something awkward or shameful, similar to how a clown would sneak up on you to play a trick. Making impulsive decisions or failing to stay focused on what actually matters in a scenario are the root of your problems. 

As a result, it might be a good idea to think twice before acting.

87. Dream of a clown pretending to die

In a dream vision, the image of a clown pretending to die or be killed represents your personal desire to build and hang on to a fantasy version of reality. 

Even when you are awake in reality, you have a tendency to make up stories or believe in things that are not true about the world.

This self-deception could be generating problems for those around you, as well as preventing you from better yourself and your situation.

88. Dream about kissing a clown 

Kissing a clown in a dream is a sign of wickedness and devastation. You believe you have run out of ideas or have nothing to contribute. You have the impression that you are losing your sense of self-identity or personal space. 

Your dream is a message about some part of your sibling connection, such as sibling rivalry, nurturing, or protectiveness. Someone else is attempting to take advantage of your good fortune.

89. Dream of a clown pretending to cry

Seeing a clown pretend to cry indicates your subconscious realization that the public image you are now creating isn’t actually you. 

Perhaps you project a confident demeanor when you are genuinely terrified, or you pretend to keep a spotless home when you are actually extremely messy. 

Whatever you are claiming to be, you will likely become more aware of the deceptive persona you are cultivating for the sake of others and yourself.

90. Dream of a clown without spectators

Imagining a clown who is devoid of spectators or an audience could indicate that you are having difficulty explaining your true needs in life.

Others may wish to assist you in some way, but you are unable to communicate what you truly desire or require. 

This sense of being held back and misunderstood is likely to frustrate you, resulting in disappointment, anxiety, and confrontation in some settings.

91. Dream of clowns on the plane and killing them

This dream vision has two separate features that could be crucial in deciphering its meaning. 

First, your entire family being on an airplane and witnessing someone impersonating passengers as clowns indicates that you may be dealing with some minor concerns, problems, or disagreements that you believe are tearing your family apart. 

The second vision of killing passengers who had been transformed into evil clowns, and more importantly, seeing them fall apart after killing them, could indicate that you and other family members are working on these issues separately and without much communication.

92. Controlled by an evil clown in dream

You may have the impression that something important to this group’s bonds and values is being compromised or threatened.

This could be due to your friends or acquaintances moving away, marrying, or simply growing apart from you. 

The vision of a clown attempting to control and pursue you and others could be symbolic of your efforts to repair these shattered bonds, but without any willingness or enthusiasm from others who used to be part of this social circle.

93. Dream about clown mob

Dreaming about a clown mob means that you are on the defensive in some way. Perhaps you lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem. You are making slow and gradual progress toward your objectives. 

It’s a sign of how you express yourself, as well as your skills and abilities. Some of your ideas or plans did not pan out as planned.

94. Dream of being saved from a clown

Dreaming about an evil clown chasing you and being saved could indicate that you are having conflicts with people in your social circle, possibly as a result of changes in their lives that take them away from you, such as when they move away, marry, or have a child. 

If you had a nightmare involving a clown chasing you, it could imply you are trying to mend these damaged relationships, but you are upset since no one seems to be on your side.

95. A nervous clown in dream

The image of a nervous clown in a dream is frequently interpreted as a symptom of stage fright or a dread of public speaking in general. This sign may come in your dreams if you are apprehensive about an upcoming speech or presentation. 

This could also be a subliminal hint to practise more so you feel more secure and less nervous about your upcoming public speaking engagement.

96. Dream shows you as a clown in the mirror

It implies that some people on your social level will have power over you. They may try to humiliate you in front of others, but maintaining discipline will help you keep them at distance.

97. To wear clown shoes in dreams

If you have a dream about clown shoes, it implies you are taking life too seriously. You have let your worries and problems consume you to the point that you can’t rest even when you don’t have anything to worry about. 

People have observed how rarely you smile and are attempting to cheer you up in any way they can. Stop worrying about the negative aspects of life and strive to appreciate the positive aspects.

98. Dream about clown cracking jokes

Seeing clown crack jokes in dreams signifies that keeping a lighthearted and easygoing attitude may be the best course of action in life.

The clown shoes signify that you should be less serious about things and events. Take it easy and have fun.

99. Dream of a good clown

If you have a cheerful dream about a good clown, this implies that you will receive counsel and instruction from various individuals. In case you don’t want to mess up your life, you must pay attention to this warning.

If you feel uneasy in a dream, on the other hand, this is a terrible indication. This dream may depict actions that may harm your reputation and cause you embarrassment. You must be able to maintain self-control.

100. Dream of clown making balloon animals

Dreaming of a clown making balloon animals could represent the transience of life, as balloon animals, even in the best-case scenario, are often transitory. They have the clown’s breath in them for whatever long they last, just as people have the breath of life.

Accepting life’s absurdity and impermanence may be essential to enjoying it.

101. Dream of a clown juggling

If you have a dream about a clown juggling, it could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by your duties. You may feel as if you’re juggling a lot of tasks and responsibilities.

The clown, on the other hand, adds an element of absurdity to the setting. This dream could represent the fact that, despite your hectic schedule, you are not accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Psychological interpretation of clown dream

Clown dream mocks the folly of our claim. It’s a trickster figure identified by psychologists as a representative of the hero myth’s early and rudimentary stages, when the hero is instinctive, unconstrained, and frequently infantile.

If you have a dream about clowns, it means you are overly trusting of strangers and only perceive their positive qualities. People who have an excessive amount of faith in you will try to deceive you and take your money.

This dream also serves as a warning to be aware of conniving men, as having a connection with them will harm your reputation.

If you have a dream about being a clown in front of a large crowd, it suggests you will have terrible luck in life.


Due to the amusing characters that might make you laugh, this dream contains both pleasant and terrible connotations.

Clowns, on the other hand, might come in nightmares and induce anxiety, particularly in children who are scared of clowns.

If you want to obtain a true dreamlike meaning, you must consider the context as well as the materials offered in the dream. These meanings will vary depending on how they appear and how detailed they are.