Have you ever imagined what dreaming of clowns could be? In a bad way, the clown dream represents silliness and embarrassment.

These types of dream scenarios can mean that others influence you. This dream also foreshadows hasty decisions that you will come to regret.

Dreaming of Clowns- Are They A Sign of Happy Times or Bad Fate?
Dreaming of Clowns- Are They A Sign of Happy Times or Bad Fate?

Clown Dream Meaning – What Does It Signify?

The dream means you need to speak up about something because you are being excessively indulgent. This dream foreshadows the necessity for you to heal. 

Apart from this, a fresh initiative or idea is taking shape because comfort, peace, or satisfaction are expressed in clown dreams. 

Furthermore, a clown making you laugh and taunting you is said to be a sign that your dreams will come true once you find the appropriate money.

You will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve it, but you will end up with the money you need and valuable experience for your future. 

Psychological interpretation of clown dream

If you have a dream about clowns, it means you are overly trusting of strangers and only perceive their positive qualities.

People who have an excessive amount of faith in you will try to deceive you and take your money.

This dream also serves as a warning to be aware of conniving men, as having a connection with them will harm your reputation.

Dreaming about Clowns – Common Scenarios & Their Meanings

The meaning of these dreams is a combination of the suggestions made by films and stories, as well as the worries that develop from them, perhaps as a result of a sharp contrast between the clown’s good-natured character and the killer’s evil. 

Evil clown 

It is a warning about a problem or concern that has been bothering you. You are unwilling to give up something for which you have put so much work. 

To broaden your understanding and knowledge, you must step outside of your comfort zone. 

Also, it’s a warning for someone who’s acting strangely. There’s a part of yourself that you are trying desperately to get rid of.

Ugly clown

It indicates that a close relative is a hypocrite and a coward. They are about to do something bad, and you will be unhappy since they have betrayed your confidence.

Evil clown in the bedroom

The clown in your bedroom dream vision signifies a front or mask worn to hide feelings, whilst the bed represents seclusion and closeness.

When these two symbols are paired, they could be implying suppressed feelings or long-hidden truths.

Your outwardly happy and well-adjusted personality may be crumbling before your eyes, isolating and depressing you even more.

Female clown 

In a dream vision, seeing a spooky, female clown foreshadows being wounded or disappointed by someone you believed you could trust. 

However, their behavior toward you now indicates that they have lost faith in their friendship and kindness.

Angry clown

Self-indulgent conduct or unwelcome attention are both signs of an angry clown dream. Something in your perception is incorrect because some characteristics of your personality are harmful to your health and even dangerous. 

Alternatively, the dream denotes either a lack of dedication or a lack of support and warmth. You have the impression that you are unable to properly express yourself.

Sad clown 

It foreshadows hazards or troubles that you are unaware of. Your life may be lacking in enthusiasm to the point where it has become rather mechanical.

Also, this dream represents your capacity to prepare ahead and organize your actions. Something has blown out of proportion in your reaction.

Dying clown

This is a sign that you are having trouble confronting or accepting a circumstance. You have a lot of rage stored up inside of you because you have been informed that you have never been loved. 

This dream represents repressed desires and emotions on the approach of exploding or bursting if not addressed quickly. 

Killer clown 

It foreshadows your high emotional condition in relation to a problem or scenario. You must remodel and transform a part of yourself because you are either censoring or withholding information. 

Happy clown 

This is a sign that you need to learn more about yourself. You must go against the grain and the accepted standard. However, you are still clinging to the past and therefore, it’s a sign of how things are going in your life. 

Killing a clown 

Sharing and friendship are expressed in this dream. Something in your own self has died and is no longer functional. 

Furthermore, this is a sign that you have lost touch with old acquaintances or past flames over the years. You must discover a way to break free from your rut.

Being chased by a clown 

This dream represents a lack of ability to express yourself. You have the impression that your mother or another mother figure in your life is unresponsive to your needs. 

Besides, something is going on in your life that you aren’t aware of or hasn’t come to light yet. Alternatively, this dream is associated with feelings of guilt.

Chasing a clown

This suggests a difficult situation or the necessity to stand up for yourself and your values. You are attempting to contain your rage, but it’s simply too much to bear. 

Alternatively, you might be overwhelmed or exhausted in some way, or you might find yourself needing to help others.

Becoming a clown 

It foreshadows your perseverance, persistence, and ability to bargain hard. You want to make everyone around you happy. However, you are shutting down your inner child. 

The dream alludes to someone or something significant in your life. Perhaps you believe that others can see straight through you and your motives.

Running away from a clown 

This is unfortunately a sign of loneliness and you don’t have much sympathy in your life. It alludes to a part of yourself that you have neglected or abandoned. 

Clown killing me 

This is a sign that you are avoiding dealing with unsolved concerns and some irritations may go unnoticed until it’s too late. 

Additionally, this dream is a warning sign of deteriorating health and job loss. You are attempting to get through a challenging period.

Clown in the circus

It’s a sign that you will be mocked in real life. People around you might try to persuade you to think something that isn’t real, which could lead to a rift between you and someone who genuinely cares about you. 

Talk to a clown 

A dream about talking to a clown suggests that it’s likely that persuading your partner to listen to you will be a near-impossible task because they are unwilling to cooperate and break old behaviors. 

Seeing yourself as a clown

In the domain of dreams, imagining yourself as a clown or dressed as a pierrot is frequently taken as a bad indication. It foreshadows impending adversity and tragedy, with you as the central figure. 

Your personal involvement in such a sad and challenging moment may have a significant impact on your overall happiness and life satisfaction. 

Good clown

If you have a cheerful dream about a good clown, this implies that you will receive counsel and instruction from various individuals. In case you don’t want to mess up your life, you must pay attention to this warning.


Due to the amusing characters that might make you laugh, this dream contains both pleasant and terrible connotations.

Clowns, on the other hand, might come in nightmares and induce anxiety, particularly in children who are scared of clowns.

If you want to obtain a true dream meaning, you must consider the context as well as the materials offered in the dream. These meanings will vary depending on how they appear and how detailed they are.