Possession Dream Meaning – Types and Their Interpretations
Possession Dream Meaning – Types and Their Interpretations

Dream about Possession – General Interpretations

Being possessed in your dreams always makes you feel that you might experience them in reality. You feel scared of living freely because of the possible evil spirits around you.

However, such dreams hardly imply the presence of evil spirits. So, let’s find out the real mystery here…

  • It signifies your addictions
  • It’s symbolic of emotional outbursts
  • You can’t deal with social expectations
  • You’re in a spiritual dilemma
  • You feel claustrophobic with expectations

Possession (Evil Powers) Dream Meaning – Various Types and Interpretations

Dreaming about your current partner being possessed by demons symbolizes the growing distance in your relationship. Contrarily, your ex-fiancé’s satanic possession shows how they mistreat you after the breakup.

The person in your life, the place, the actions… everything impacts your detailed dream interpretations. So, let’s know what your dream actually means here…

Dreams about my friends or family member being possessed

Dreaming of your beloved friends and family getting possessed by the devil symbolizes their behavior change. You disapprove of their change as they only approach their ruins that way.

You believe that someone manipulates them and that their thoughts are much more important to your loved one than yours.

Child possession dream meaning

It might hint at your inner child. That child is trapped inside you due to traumatic childhood experiences. The dream warns you against ignoring your past pains.

Revisit your past and fix the wrongdoings. Seek a therapist if you can’t figure it out on your own. If you ignore this message, the dreams may not stop.

Dreams about doll possession

You might have dreams of possessed dolls if you saw one in horror movies. If not, this dream leads you back to your childhood.

Examine the health of your inner child… is it scared or worried? Does it want to break free? Only you can understand this situation and work through it.

Exorcism after possession

In this dream, if you see a priest, it’s not a bad omen. You have already begun assessing your inner self. You’re aware of your inner demons and pondered on dealing with them for a long time.

The dream nudges you to act on it right away. This is the best time to end the negativities and begin on a fresh page.

Being possessed

It show your lack of control over your emotions. You probably feel claustrophobic in waking life and might abruptly lose control over your emotions.

It might also imply that others control your life decisions and you feel like a prisoner. You face hardships because of it but fail to deal with them.

Being possessed by an evil shadow

It that you desire to cover up your dark personality and ignore it. You might think it’s wrong to change your individuality or that you can balance both parts simultaneously.

However, if you can’t, your dark personality might dominate the other parts. Think very carefully about it as it all depends on how you deal with it.

A demon possessing you and fighting them

In such dreamscapes, if you defeat the demon in the end, you’ll soon overcome your real-life obstacles. It might also depict fighting your fears, addictions, or trauma from abuse.

Pay attention to the surrounding details and other circumstances to pinpoint the actual symbolism.

Demon threatening to possess you

Dreams about demon is a harbinger of your temptations in the waking world. You just can’t resist certain things in your life, even when they’re detrimental to you like addictions.

Realize your flaws and try to deal with them. Though the experience will be tough, you must have faith in your capabilities. Only you can bring your life back on track.

My partner being possessed

It is indicative of the emotional distance between you two. Your relationship isn’t the same as before and you feel anxious about your future.

It’s a message to try your best to connect with each other. Leave no page unturned to return to the old dynamics of your relationship.

Being possessed by an animal

This animal in your dreams might be your totem animal, so pay attention to the creature in real life. The animal’s characteristics or behaviors might symbolically share wisdom soon.

Being possessed by the devil

If the devil possesses you in dreams, it’s a warning against your addictions. Your addictions lead you to wrong decisions with irreversible harmful results in your life.

You might lose your loved ones, decline your health, and attract financial instability. It’s a subconscious message to let go of your addictions with professional help.

Being possessed by a demon or devil

If you’re unsure whether you get possessed by a demon or devil or you see both in dreams, most misinterpret it as being haunted or a real-life possession.

However, it only shows you’re in an extremely toxic environment with a bad relationship, jealous friends, and even opportunist family members. It’s a sign to push away negativity from your life.

A pregnant woman being possession

Your dream refers to your relationship or marriage issues and that you’re hiding something from your partner. It predicts much more suffering so think deeply about your plans with the relationship.

Psychological Meaning of Evil Possession Dreams

Psychologically, evil possession dreams symbolize that you must deal with the dark side of your personality as it controls you and leads you down wrong paths.

As per Carl Jung, everyone owns a “shadow” and most people repress or ignore those.

Being possessed in your dreams directs your attention towards this dark side of your personality. It shows how those have more power over your life than you do.

A word from ThePleasantDream

If you dreamed of evil possessions, remember that it’s mostly not a sign of evil powers like spirits or ghosts around you. Rather, it signifies how we have demons within us.

So, pay attention to the meanings and deal with the situations properly to stop having such dreams. However, if you feel scared about any lurking evil beings, seek a priest ASAP.

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