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Possession Dream Meaning – 60 Types and Their Interpretations

Possession Dream Meaning – 60 Types and Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Jul 06, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Possession (evil powers) Dream Meaning – 40 Types and Interpretations

Dreams about possession or being possessed are usually too scary to handle. You probably felt wary of your surroundings or wanted to run out of your house.

But, this think-piece will show that such dreams are hardly about any evil spirits or powers, so don’t confine yourself in your bed.

Let’s bust your dreams and recapture your courage here…

Possession Dream Meaning – 60 Types and Their Interpretations
Possession Dream Meaning – 60 Types and Their Interpretations

Dream about Possession – General Interpretations

Dreams about possessions may refer to your addictions, spiritual dilemmas, emotional outbursts, burdensome feelings, or your coping skills with social expectations.

Being possessed in your dreams always makes you feel that you might experience them in reality. You feel scared of living freely because of the possible evil spirits around you.

However, such dreams hardly imply the presence of evil spirits. So, let’s find out the real mystery here…

1. It signifies your addictions

Your dreams about possession might symbolize the addictions you suffer from. Dreams are a subconscious message to focus on your habits and get help to overcome the problems. Reach out to a support system to remind yourself that total recovery is possible.

Only you can make a difference in your life, so don’t wait for the right moment or a person to help you out.

2. It’s symbolic of emotional outbursts

If you’re emotionally unstable, dreams about possessions are quite common. It asks you to be mindful of your behavior and overflowing emotions and the causes behind them.

The demon in your dream refers to the close ones that angered you. Try to be more communicative in your relationships to resolve any issue before you hurt anyone with your words or actions.

3. You can’t deal with social expectations

Such dreams are common if you prioritize society and its norms more than your desires. Possibly, you’re struggling because your values differ from society.

You try to compromise and please social expectations but it hurts your morals and views.

This is a message to not restrict yourself from society. Let others follow what they believe in and allow yourself to freely follow your morals.

4. You’re in a spiritual dilemma

Your dreams may also be symbolic of your feelings about your capabilities. You doubt your decisions and whether you’ll reach your goals properly… or whether your goals are suitable for you.

It’s a message to reach spiritual enlightenment to keep your fluctuating thoughts and emotions in check. The dream realm wants you to be confident in yourself and strive hard to reach your goals.

5. You feel claustrophobic with expectations

If you feel everyone controls or uses you as they wish, you might dream of evil possessions. You hardly live a day for yourself and always tend to everyone else.

Whether it’s your workplace or family, your responsibilities overwhelm you, so take a break from this tiresome routine.

If you can’t deal with certain expectations, refuse them politely because you have a limit to everything.

Possession (evil powers) Dream Meaning – 40 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming about your current partner being possessed by demons symbolizes the growing distance in your relationship. Contrarily, your ex-fiancé’s satanic possession shows how they mistreat you after the breakup.

The person in your life, the place, the actions… everything impacts your detailed dream interpretations. So, let’s know what your dream actually means here…

1. Dreams about my friends or family member being possessed

Dreaming of your beloved friends and family getting possessed by the devil symbolizes their behavior change. You disapprove of their change as they only approach their ruins that way.

You believe that someone manipulates them and that their thoughts are much more important to your loved one than yours.

2. Child possession dream meaning

To see a child being possessed in your dreams might hint at your inner child. That child is trapped inside you due to traumatic childhood experiences. The dream warns you against ignoring your past pains.

Revisit your past and fix the wrongdoings. Seek a therapist if you can’t figure it out on your own. If you ignore this message, the dreams may not stop.

3. Dreams about doll possession

You might have dreams of possessed dolls if you saw one in horror movies. If not, this dream leads you back to your childhood.

Examine the health of your inner child… is it scared or worried? Does it want to break free? Only you can understand this situation and work through it.

4. Dreams about exorcism after possession

In this dream, if you see a priest, it’s not a bad omen. You have already begun assessing your inner self. You’re aware of your inner demons and pondered on dealing with them for a long time.

The dream nudges you to act on it right away. This is the best time to end the negativities and begin on a fresh page.

5. Dream about being possessed

Dreams about getting possessed show your lack of control over your emotions. You probably feel claustrophobic in waking life and might abruptly lose control over your emotions.

You might hurt your loved ones with this sudden outburst and will regret it later.

It might also imply that others control your life decisions and you feel like a prisoner. You face hardships because of it but fail to deal with them.

6. Dream of being possessed by an evil shadow

Your dream shows that you desire to cover up your dark personality and ignore it. You might think it’s wrong to change your individuality or that you can balance both parts simultaneously.

However, if you can’t, your dark personality might dominate the other parts. Think very carefully about it as it all depends on how you deal with it.

7. Dreaming of a demon possessing you and fighting them

In such dreamscapes, if you defeat the demon in the end, you’ll soon overcome your real-life obstacles. It might also depict fighting your fears, addictions, or trauma from abuse.

Pay attention to the surrounding details and other circumstances to pinpoint the actual symbolism.

8. Dreams about demon threatening to possess you

Dreams about demon is a harbinger of your temptations in the waking world. You just can’t resist certain things in your life, even when they’re detrimental to you like addictions.

Realize your flaws and try to deal with them. Though the experience will be tough, you must have faith in your capabilities. Only you can bring your life back on track.

9. Dreams about my partner being possessed

Dreaming about your partner getting possessed is indicative of the emotional distance between you two. Your relationship isn’t the same as before and you feel anxious about your future.

It’s a message to try your best to connect with each other. Leave no page unturned to return to the old dynamics of your relationship.

10. Dreams about being possessed by a demon and Christ saves

Dreaming of demonic possession and then Christ or other religious entity saving the possessed symbolizes financial gains.

You’ll dramatically earn lots of money and it’ll help you secure your future with business or further studies.

11. Dreams about being possessed by an animal

This animal in your dreams might be your totem animal, so pay attention to the creature in real life. The animal’s characteristics or behaviors might symbolically share wisdom soon.

So, try to connect with the creature mentally.

12. Dreams about being possessed by the devil

If the devil possesses you in dreams, it’s a warning against your addictions. Your addictions lead you to wrong decisions with irreversible harmful results in your life.

You might lose your loved ones, decline your health, and attract financial instability. It’s a subconscious message to let go of your addictions with professional help.

13. Dreams about possessed evil unicorn chasing me

Such dreams are suggestive of fears of getting pregnant due to sex. Possibly, everyone warned you about unprotected sex. You’re unable to control your situation and feel shocked.

You regret not waiting until being in a serious relationship or marriage.

14. Dreams about ex-fiancé’s Satanic possession

Dreaming of your ex-fiancé’s satanic possession denotes you feel they’re no less than Satan himself.

They became mean and hurtful after breaking up and even went out of their way to make you uncomfortable. You only desire peace and calm and to never see them again.

15. Dreams about being possessed by evil spirits

This dream shows you feel emotionally overwhelmed about your past memories. You’re losing control over your mood as the memories resurface and spoil every moment of your life. Possibly, you were abused in your childhood home.

16. Dreams about fighting my child from being possessed

In dreams, if you fight your or any child from getting possessed, it signals your worries about getting pregnant in reality.

You possibly had unprotected sexual contact recently but you’re not ready to become a parent yet. Your dreams show your battle with the possible outcomes in life.

17. Recurring dreams of me or a loved one being possessed

Your dreams show you’re extremely anxious or afraid of something in your real life. It might also be that you’re angry about something but can’t express it. Your rebellious emotions overflow subconsciously.

You tried to change something about your life for a long time but failed. This also shows your disappointment in yourself.

18. Dreams about being possessed by a demon or devil

If you’re unsure whether you get possessed by a demon or devil or you see both in dreams, most misinterpret it as being haunted or a real-life possession.

However, it only shows you’re in an extremely toxic environment with a bad relationship, jealous friends, and even opportunist family members. It’s a sign to push away negativity from your life.

19. Dreams about exorcism demonic possession from children

Dreaming of a child being possessed by demons and exorcism is indicative of your childhood pains. You’re not over the old trauma and the dream asks you to heal yourself.

You have had many negative emotions since then, so work on it. Clear the negativity from the core so you can lead a healthier life and don’t walk on the incorrect path.

However, it might also ask you to act responsibly as an adult and stop being childish.

20. Dreams about demonic possession at home and cast them out

In dreams, whether you cast out demons from your childhood home or a current one, it signifies the burdensome responsibilities of your family. It advises you to fix or control an issue.

However, if the place looks like your workplace or has office furniture, you might soon face toxicity in the office. It’s better to keep your distance from such situations.

21. Dreams about someone casting out a demonic possession

If you’re possessed and others cast out demons in dreams, it warns you about a person that may harm you. You desire to help them but they have evil intentions toward you.

Possibly, you don’t want to leave a hazardous situation in your waking hours. The dream asks you to get away from your situation anyhow.

22. Dreams about demonic possession and becoming a demon

Your dreams refer to the complex emotions you feel in waking life. You can’t express yourself or believe nobody will understand your feelings.

It might also predict you’ll have health issues if you saw yourself with sharp teeth. But if you become a yellow, white, or blue-colored demon, it predicts monetary gains.

23. Dreams about others’ demonic possession and black eyes

In your dreams, if you saw many people being possessed and with black pupils and retinas, it’s a sign of your anxiety in waking hours.

Usually, such dreams are symbolic of pressure in the professional field. You must figure out a way to deal with it before you get extremely stressed.

24. Dreams about a huge group of people being possessed

If the people looked like zombies in this dream, it signifies your desire to distance yourself from social gatherings.

But if they followed you in the dream, it might be because you’re the outcast in your environment and desire to be accepted.

25. Dreams about a black demon and possession

Many cultures and faiths, including the Bible, depict Satan as a black demon. In the dream realm, a black demon possessing or trying to is reflective of a spiritual war between your mind and evil spirits.

If you get possessed by such dreams, it shows your weakness and that you’re unable to control difficult situations in your personal, professional, or social life.

26. Dreams about being in bed and possessed

Dreaming of being in bed and feeling you’re possessed or about to be might be connected to sleep paralysis.

Or, it’s a sign of two contradictory thoughts fighting in your mind. The dream asks you to quickly choose one because delaying won’t create any middle ground.

27. Dreams about a pregnant woman being possession

Your dream refers to your relationship or marriage issues and that you’re hiding something from your partner. It predicts much more suffering so think deeply about your plans with the relationship.

28. Dreaming of demon possessing my grandmother

Such dreams envisage you’re sad about your current life difficulties and your inner demons consume your willpower. But it also says you’ll defeat all the obstacles on your way to happiness.

29. Dreams about bowing to a demon in fear of possession

Your dream shows your workplace supervisor(s) will change and negatively impact your employment status. Take every advantage to enter their good books to avoid trouble.

30. Dreams about feeding a demon in fear of possession

This dream predicts you’ll have bad luck and trouble. Be more alert and aware of threats in your surroundings. Make sure you don’t lose opportunities.

31. Dreams about someone’s demonic possessions and demonic whispers

This dream is bad news for your real life. Purify your surroundings of negative energy as demons want to judge your environment and your vulnerability might let them in. Take a salt bath to purify your vitality.

32. Dreams about someone possessed by a demon and falling asleep in your lap

This dream plot warns you about getting duped or taken advantage of in reality by an immoral person around you.  You might also have such dreams when criminals are present in the neighborhood.

33. Dreams about red-colored demonic possession

The color red depicts lots of things like love, sex, life force, anger, and passion. However, as per your dream, it’s mostly about anger. Either someone around you is angry with you or it’s you.

34. Dreams about being possessed by various demons

This dream interpretation asks you to calm yourself immediately and stop others’ negativity from affecting you in reality.

It harms you both psychologically and physically. Read a book that preaches positivity or religious texts.

35. Dreams about being possessed and killing a woman

If a spirit possesses you and makes you kill a woman, it shows someone directs their negative energy and intentions toward you. Your subconscious mind asks you to end fighting with someone.

36. Dreams about possession according to gender

If you’re a man, such dreams warn you about disasters. You can deal with it if you eliminate your wealth.

If you’re a woman, such dreams advise you to be careful of bandits and robbers during journeys.

37. Dreams about Jinn possession

This dream is symbolic of others underestimating your potential due to your age and you succumb to them. Understand that age doesn’t make you any less so strive hard towards your goals.

38. Dreams about evil possession for unemployed

This dream isn’t a good sign about your coming days. You won’t change your financial state anytime soon, i.e., you won’t get a job or succeed in business.

Moreover, don’t waste money getting a job or investing in any businesses.

39. Dreams about dog possession

Your dream forecasts sudden and great changes in your waking life. Something might abruptly end. The answer to its solution lies in your past experience. You might need to focus on your passions.

40. Dreams about attempted possession

As per dream dictionaries, such dreams are symbolic of how you suppress your voice and potential.

It’s a message to freely express, let go of your pride, and help and seek help whenever necessary.

Possessions (things) Dream Meanings – 20 types and Interpretations

Possessions may also imply the things you own, so if you want to know that, I won’t disappoint you.

Seeing your own possessions in dreams signifies stability and stagnancy in reality. Dreaming of another’s possessions shows how much they taught you.

Every detail brings out a new dimension in your interpretations, so let’s clear all doubts here…

41. Dreams about your possessions

The dream of your own possessions foresees a stagnant phase in your life. It might be good if you’re financially stable now. However, if you want to grow in life, this indirectly predicts losses and failures.

42. Dreams about unlimited possessions

Such dreams of unlimited possessions predict you’ll have great luck in both personal and professional life. So, whether you want to woo your crush or take a leap of faith for your dream job, go for it!

43. Dreams about owning luxury possessions

If you’re a businessman or office worker, this dream denotes you’ll earn a good amount of wealth from a trustworthy business alliance, contract, or other business ventures. You’ll succeed in all endeavors.

44. Dreams about being surrounded by your possessions

Being surrounded by your possessions is a fabulous dream if you’re struggling financially in reality.

You’ll gain a good amount of money and wealth and be at peace. It’s a positive symbolism about your unstable finances.

45. Dreams about buying possessions

Your dreamscape of buying possessions is a great symbolism of your capabilities to grow and achieve something in certain areas of your life. It also portrays your satisfaction with life.

46. Dreams about others’ possessions

Others’ possessions dream meaning mainly focuses on the other person and not their possession. You learned a great deal from them and the lessons will help you in the long run.

47. Dreams about receiving or inheriting possessions

Such a type of dream where you receive or inherit possessions is a good sign of getting gifts in reality. However, don’t have high hopes as it’ll be nothing like inheriting something big.

48. Dreams about losing right to possessions

The bad dream of losing your rights to your possessions announces you might face major obstacles on your way to achieving your goals.

It might fail and disappoint you immensely. Prepare to deal with the worst.

49. Dreams about losing possessions

This dream about losing your possessions is a bad premonition of losing in reality. However, it might not be a meager object, but a person or job. Try your best to prevent this loss.

50. Dreams about struggling to return your possessions after being stolen

The dream of struggling to return your possession after being stolen shows how others try to hurt your beliefs and faith and how you protect and defend your faith with an optimistic and stoic attitude.

51. Dreams about someone stealing your possessions

Dreams of someone else stealing your possessions might signify losses, disappointments, or sorrows in your family. Or, someone might try to harm you out of jealousy.

It might even be your fear of getting hurt or being a target of others’ evil intentions.

52. Dreams about someone stealing your possessions at a public gathering

The dream about someone stealing your possessions at a public gathering like a concert is a bad omen about unexpected situations that might hamper your daily life and create further obstacles.

53. Dreams about someone ex stealing your possessions

Dreaming of your ex stealing your possessions might be an actual fear of them stealing something. Or, that you must resolve past issues with them.

54. Dreams about burning your possessions

This dream about burning your possessions yourself warns you about misfortune, so be careful about any decision or action or you might face problems later.

55. Dreams about your house/business possessions on fire

Dreaming of your house/business possessions on fire might be scary but it’s a good sign about succeeding in your current endeavors and making a great fortune.

56. Dreams about saving your possessions from burning

The dream meaning of saving your possession from burning is a warning sign to set your priorities right and focus on your goals to achieve them on time.

57. Dreams about transporting your possessions

In your dreams, if your possessions were transported on a boat, the dream depicts you’ll receive help in testing and succeed. If it was on horseback, you might get replaced in your workplace.

58. Dreams about your possessions in mud

This dream about your possessions in mud is symbolic of your guilt about past mistakes. But if you saw it in muddy water, you feel hopeless in real life.

59. Dreams about discovering valuable family possessions

Your dream about discovering valuable family possessions depicts how you underestimate your family’s capabilities. It reminds you that during the worst moment, your family will stand by and protect you.

60. Dreams about your possessions being outside

Dreaming about your possessions being outside shows something surprising will happen in your waking hours and it’ll catch you off-guard. Prepare yourself as it’s unknown whether it’s good or bad news.

But, if it’s in someone else’s house/ property, you fear showing your vulnerabilities.

Psychological Meaning of Evil Possession Dreams

Psychologically, evil possession dreams symbolize that you must deal with the dark side of your personality as it controls you and leads you down wrong paths.

As per Carl Jung, everyone owns a “shadow” and most people repress or ignore those.

Being possessed in your dreams directs your attention towards this dark side of your personality. It shows how those have more power over your life than you do.

These “shadows” are a combination of your unconscious or repressed urges, trapped emotions, and behaviors about your aggressive nature, fears, shame, immorality, and other negative traits.

The dreams ask you to focus on these sides and prevent them from harming your life.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your possession dreams correctly

Dreams aren’t that easy to retain and express because a lot probably happened and you’re unsure which parts are important to interpret. Answer the questions to know exactly what to consider for a clear picture…

If it was an evil possession dream

1. Who was possessed in your dreams?

2. What were the signs of being possessed?

3. What did you do in the dream?

4. What evil possessed them?

5. Where was the location?

If it was a dream about things or possessions

6. Who owned the possessions?

7. What were the possessions and where were those?

8. What was the condition of the possessions?

9. Were those being carried anywhere?

10. Did the possessions get stolen or burned? Did you do anything about that?

A word from ThePleasantDream

If you dreamed of evil possessions, remember that it’s mostly not a sign of evil powers like spirits or ghosts around you. Rather, it signifies how we have demons within us.

So, pay attention to the meanings and deal with the situations properly to stop having such dreams. However, if you feel scared about any lurking evil beings, seek a priest ASAP.

On the other hand, if it’s about an object you or someone else possesses, focus on the meanings and handle them suitably.

Irrespective of your dreams, remember that you have all the power to change your life for the better.

If you get dreams voodoo dolls then check its meaning here.