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Are You having Dreams about Sharks too Often? Here’s what it means [52 Types]

Are You having Dreams about Sharks too Often? Here’s what it means [52 Types]

Updated on Nov 28, 2022 | Published on Jun 10, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about sharks – 52 Types & its Interpretations

Dreams about Sharks are often extremely alarming. You will hardly come across a person who isn’t afraid of sharks. These robust creatures can disturb your tranquil sleep just by a moment’s appearance in your dream.

To interpret shark dreams, you must observe underlying conditions such as the state and type of water, the level of aggression in the shark, and any disturbing recent past incident of your life.

Dream about sharks – 52 Types & its Interpretations
Dream about sharks – 52 Types & its Interpretations

Shark Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Unlike popular belief, dreams about sharks are not always negative. They can just be symbolic of your emotional state, fear, or humiliation you have faced in the past.

To begin with, a positive interpretation let me tell you, that ‘tooth of a shark’ symbolizes good luck and fortune coming your way. If you dream of killing a shark, you are about to overcome a threatening danger or you have already done it.

On the other hand, if you dream of a shark making a whirl around you and circling you, it warns you of some grave danger. If you see a shark eating you, some abrupt, unexpected, and unpredicted incidents are about to approach you. Calm down, that just might be a sudden switch of the profession.

Remember, you cannot solve a problem by creating panic and anxiety. All you need to do is be patient and avoid making any impulsive decisions or actions. Before we dig into the types, here are some general interpretations of these terrifying dreams.

1. It is symbolic of your emotional state

Dreaming of a Shark often symbolizes aggressiveness, frustration, and disbalance of emotions. If you see yourself escaping from a shark underwater, it might be an alarm against your enemies or a difficult situation that you are yet to face. 

If the state of water in your dream is violent, it means you are dealing with an imbalanced emotional period.

2. A enemy is on its way to you

No matter what type of person you are, there is always a chance of having an aggressive enemy.  

If you dream of a shark, it suggests that an enemy is on its way to block your path with obstacles and danger. However if the Shark did not eat you, you will safely be out of danger pretty soon.

3. You must be careful with your actions

Humans are keen enough to point out flaws in others more than checking one’s own actions and attitude towards real life.

If you wake up from your sleep, haunted by a dream of a shark, it means you need to pay genuine attention to your actions and attitude in regard to your environment and people around you.

4. It might also imply success

If you see a Shark approaching (and not chasing) you in clear water, you are soon to receive successful encouragement in your career.

Well, that is an incomplete interpretation of the dream. The dream also asks you to be careful of some envious people who might come in between you and your success.

5. A guide to the right decision

Angels do not just appear in the sky above; they might even be present around us. 

Dreaming of a dead shark implies that a known or unknown angel is going to guide you to defeat an enemy or a dreadful situation without harming yourself. For instance, it can be a close friend or a family member.

6. You are afraid

Dreaming of a great white shark signifies a sense of fear and nervousness in your emotions with respect to a challenging situation. 

You must not panic though, the fear need not be a typical fear of death, it can also be a fear of failing in an exam.

7. It represents a part of you

It must be interesting for you to know that dreaming of sea creatures often represents your own identity.

Dreaming of a shark, for example, might reflect some of your hidden emotions and inner consciousness as an individual person. “Sharks” are not all about negatives. Rarely, they represent you as a brave and powerful personality.

8. Sharks also symbolize shadow

We do not hesitate even for a second before forming facts such as: “I am never jealous”, “I never lie” and so on.

But it is hard for your inner consciousness to approve these fake affirmations. Hence, a Shark in your dream might also symbolize a part of your personality that you don’t want to accept in waking life.

9. There’s a negative person in your life

We make a quick statement about ourselves stating that “I keep myself away from negative vibes and negative people”. Well, what if you haven’t identified that negative person yet?

If you had a dream of a shark last night, it symbolizes that there is already a negative person in your life or is soon to make its appearance. These people do not consider your opinion and feelings before hurting your emotions.

10. You are anxious

If a person or a threatening situation in real life haunts you as much as a shark, it is natural for you to dream of a shark. Sharks can represent the current anxiety and emotional disturbances that you are dealing with.

11. It’s a warning

A shark in your dream can also be an alarming guide where it asks you to keep yourself at a distance from a conflicting environment and unsafe surroundings. 

Instead of putting yourself under unnecessary pressure and anxiety, you can simply stay away from envious people and unreliable conditions.

12. You discussed a sensitive subject

Did you spend your evening talking about a real sensitive subject that was not supposed to be mentioned or discussed by you? 

Then it is possible for the incident to deeply penetrate the bottom layers of your subconscious mind. In that case, it is obvious for you to dream of sharks.

13. You have become cold-hearted

There are some impulsive moments to which we react in a very cold-hearted and careless manner. It is only after that upsetting reaction, we realize that it was a mistake.

If you had similar experiences in the recent past, you might end up dreaming of a shark. This is because sharks are ruthless and cold-hearted killers.

14. It’s a danger bell

The appearance of a shark in a dream is in itself a warning in several ways. If you have been experiencing a lot of it lately, it might be due to some aggressive grievances that you hold.

Either you might attack or you might be attacked by someone, and only you can predict whether you could be a danger or a victim.

15. They are a representative of humiliation

Have you been humiliated especially by a person whom you did not expect to turn into an evil face? Human behavior is just so unpredictable!

Such an emotional trauma can also lead to dreaming of a shark. However, if you did not have such an experience in the recent past, you still need to be careful about the future.

Dream about Sharks – 52 Types & its Interpretations

You must not panic if you had a dream about sharks recently.  Yes, most of the dreams related to Sharks are fierce and alarming but that never means that there’s no good at all. The beauty of nature lies in the fact that it has always maintained a balance between the positive and the negative. 

Curiosity has always been the basis of learning. If you want to know what your dream about a shark has to say, keep reading as I discuss several types of shark dreams along with their interpretations.  

1. Dream of seeing a shark

If you have seen a shark in your dream, you are soon to witness fierceness and anguish in your waking life. Seeing a shark in a dream symbolizes brutal behavior in general because Sharks are cruel predators.

2. Dream about shark attacking someone

If your sleep has been recently disrupted by a dream where you have experienced a shark attacking you, the future might bring struggles for you.

Such dreams also indicate health related concerns such as an accident. Staying alarmed and careful is all that you can do; besides, never lose faith in the almighty and his positive healing powers.

3. Dream about sharks circling

Dreaming of a shark making circles around you is considered to be a negative sign. Such a dream is interpreted to warn you of some hopeless situations that are going to arise at your workplace. You might feel stressed and weak.

It might be difficult for you to submit your assignments and tasks on time, or you may be an envious colleague. In that case, you might choose to be careful or take a break from your work. This will help you get back on track with full force and dedication.

4. Dream about sharks swimming fast towards you

If you are already stuck in a complicated situation in life, dreaming of a shark swimming fast towards you might convey a worse message.

Probably, it is going to be difficult for you to overcome the challenges and the negativity of the surrounding conditions. Coming out from such a difficult period that includes bad luck and misfortune is going to be tough.

5. Dreams about losing a leg in shark attack

In life, we all make some wrong choices and later regret them. Worse, we even become stubborn while accepting our fault in making such wrong choices.

If you had a dream about losing a leg in a shark attack, you must rethink the choices you make in your life. It implies your misjudgment of the situation and hence giving a second thought is wise as every decision will have a great influence on your future.

6. Dream about losing a hand or arm in shark attack

If you dream about losing a hand or an arm in a shark attack, it symbolizes a grave deception. You might be attacked by a coworker who holds hostile feelings towards you. Be careful because you may also lose your job.

Taking small measures such as not investing your trust blindly in colleagues, maintaining a safe distance, and refraining from indulging in gossip and secret talks should help you.

7. Dream of a huge shark eating your body

If you had a dream of a huge Shark eating your body, probably it’s time for you to keep a check on your waking life. Such a dream might indicate that you are going to feel powerless and lost in the current atmosphere of difficulties and dilemmas.

Instead of losing all your energy and willpower, you must involve the best possible creativity and wisdom to overcome the situation. Do not let circumstances have a deep mental effect on you.

8. Dream of fighting with a shark

If you had a dream of fighting with a shark, it’s time for you to start taking action in your real life as well. Face the problems, take a stand, fight and have full confidence in your victory.

Remember, irrespective of the situation, giving up is definitely not a solution. No problem is bigger than your life.

9. Dream of surviving a shark attack

Did you dream of surviving a shark attack? Well, there’s a challenging situation on your way. Just stay calm and work harder.

Such a dream also indicates that you are about to overcome your obstacles in life and hence you must keep working in the direction to fulfill the conviction.

10. Dream of shark chasing you

Often the worst imagination of failures chases me to perform better in real life. Similarly, if you had a dream of a shark chasing you, it is a message that you need to buckle up now.

There are chances that you have been putting in less efforts that need improvement. You must not entertain procrastination, laziness, and unnecessary excuses.

11. Dream about being a shark

If you had a dream where you were a shark, your moral behavior needs a deep analysis. Dreaming about a shark is still better than dreaming where you yourself turned into a shark.

It means you have certain traits of a shark. It can be because you are being revengeful, a cruel attacker, insensitive, or maybe because you have been taking advantage of other people in life.

Here, you are not the victim but the culprit. Do not hesitate from accepting this part of you. Only then will you be able to improve. Try to be more sensitive, understanding, and loving as a person.

12. Dream of seeing a shark in swimming pool or aquarium

Have you met someone who is physically tempting or alluring? Dreaming of a shark seen in a swimming pool or aquarium is a manifestation of your lust in the subconscious mind.

You are high on your sexual desire as sharks are very aggressive when it comes to being physical.

13. Dream about catching a shark

If you dreamt of catching a shark, you are going to soon identify and cure a difficult problem as well. You are about to overcome your obstacles in reality.

However, it will not be wise to sit back and wait for your obstacles to run away themselves. Rather, keep moving forward to defeat the problems and celebrate your victory.

14. Dream about killing a shark

What can be better if you are capable of controlling and killing a shark in real life. This dream indicates that you need to take charge of life and make your own personal and professional decisions.

For instance, if a relationship is not working then it is probably time to end it.  Similarly, do not let others influence your decisions at the workplace, be the master of your own life where you control and end the evils.

16. Dreams about motionless sharks on land

If you had a dream of a motionless shark on land, this is a very good sign again. It means you have already overcome your problems without having much to do.

These are situations that remind you of your good deeds and as a result, you did not have to suffer through the bitter experience. Enjoy the comfort and keep working for a better life without compromising your morals.

15. Dreams about dead sharks

Dreaming about a dead Shark has a very auspicious omen. It means you are going to defeat your enemies soon. It can be an unknown face or your own family member. Some interpreters say that you will soon experience financial benefits and a good fortune is soon to knock on your doors.

17. Dreams of eating a shark

A dream where you are eating the shark usually implies that you are showing some traits of a shark in your natural behavior.

However, the aggressive traits will not have a longer effect on you and you will soon get rid of them. Keep putting mindful efforts to make all the personality advancements necessary.

18. Dream about a shark fin

If you had a dream about a shark fin and not the entire body of a shark, then you must buckle up for some difficulties approaching you.

You have enough time to prepare and prevent the underlying dangers, do not lose your patience and steadiness, keep calm and prepare your mind well so that you can face and overcome the problems.

19. Dream of huge black shark

Among all the dreams this is one of those scary dreams that might disturb your mental state. However, it would be better to have control of your emotions and deal with the situation in a more mature way.

Such dreams indicate death and some serious health issues. Again, it is very important to think positively and take optimistic measures. Take care of yourself and your family members; especially if a close person is sick.

20. Dreams about great white sharks

If you had a dream about Great White Sharks that are a very rare breed of sharks, you need to be careful while dealing with some disloyal friends.

These friends are pretending to be honest but indeed they are going to show their true colors in the near future. Stay alert, make mindful decisions, and do not reveal personal secrets in front of doubtful people.

21. Dream of baby sharks

Do people around you tend to observe you as an aggressive or a short-tempered person? This judgment might agitate you and trigger the bad side of you. Dream of baby Shark is here to show you the mirror of bitter truth.

It means it is very easy to disturb your mental peace and see you behaving aggressively. If not dealt with maturity, this imbalanced state of mind and aggressiveness can lead to problematic conditions. Hence try to meditate and get rid of such behaviors.

22. Dream of shark bites

Shark bites in your dream are indicators of you being a careless person with confused goals in life. It is time to take clear stands, make clear goals and act towards the progress of your goals.

A shark biting your leg asks you to put in extra hard work to achieve your milestone, and a shark biting your hands asks you to build up your creativity.

23. Dream of shark teeth

If you see a dream where a child is being bitten by shark teeth, it means you need to have a wider concept of thinking towards life. If you see yourself being bitten by shark teeth, it is a good omen and you are going to experience significant motivation to achieve your ambition. 

24. Dream of hammerhead sharks

Hammerhead sharks are a unique breed from the same family of Aquatic life. Dreaming of Hammerhead sharks symbolizes fear from a close person. The person might be a dear family member, a close friend, or even your life partner.

25. Dreams about sharks attacking me

If you had a dream about a shark attacking you, try to recall the underlying conditions. Were you expecting such an attack by a shark?  Is it possible for you to escape and save yourself? In that case, an expected danger is going to attack you, which might be a person or an accident. Taking normal care of yourself and a sound presence of mind might help you.

However, if you are completely clueless about the attack in your dream and it was more of an abrupt attack by a shark, then that means that an unexpected danger is about to hit you. Take standard precautions and do not act hopeless.

26. Dreams of sharks ramming into you

If a shark is running towards you and approaching you speedily in your dream it means a grave danger is soon to approach you. This is an alarm to prepare you for the upcoming challenges and difficulties in life.

27. Dreams of shark swallowing you

If you see a dream where a shark swallows your entire body, then it may imply that a difficult situation is going to leave no passage for you to escape.

It is liable for you to feel helpless and lost in the situation, but that will be the worst mistake. Instead, push your creative limits and live no stone unturned to overcome the problem.

28. Dream of you escaping shark attack

If you recently had a dream where you are escaping a shark, it means that you are going to have a tough time while you try to escape from a problematic condition. Overcoming a difficult situation might be even more challenging.

Do not let the negativity overpower your strength and hardship. It would be even wiser to keep a safe distance from hostile people and environments.

29. Dream of you riding a shark

To ride an animal, you must have proper control over its behavior. Similarly, to overcome challenging situations, you must have control over your anger and aggression. 

If you had a dream where you were riding a shark then you will probably ride all the dangers of your life without experiencing any harm. You are going to smoothly win over an envious person or a negative environment.

30. Dream about sharks attacking others

Dreaming of a shark attacking others suggests that you need to be more sensitive and understanding towards your friends and families.

They are having a tough time with you and your strong-headed aggressive behavior. Try to understand their perspective and have a more polite way of approach towards them.

31. Dream of sharks stalking prey

Dreaming of a shark stalking its prey symbolizes sexual desire. Either you are having sexual Desire towards someone or someone is having a similar affection towards you.

32. Dreaming of multiple sharks

Dreaming of multiple Sharks indicates that a group of enemies is going to make a gang against you to ruin your reputation. Even an inevitable and accidental mistake can ruin your reputation.

I understand it is hard to earn a reputation and it takes just a fraction of a second to lose it. But maturity lies in not attaching yourself to fame and recognition. It is wiser to accept whatever comes your way and move on in life. People who know you, are going to respect you anyway.

33. Dreaming of sharks in the ocean

Dreaming of a shark in the ocean symbolizes fear.  This fear can have more than one reason. It can be fear of commencing a romantic physical or emotional activity, fear of death, fear of failure, fear of making a wrong decision, fear of being harmed by someone or something or maybe just the fear of losing your happiness.

Again, it’s always wise to detach yourself from such materialistic fears and move ahead in life with more positivity and strength.

34. Dreams of shark when you are pregnant

Dreaming of a shark when you are in a state of pregnancy can have several meanings attached to it. First of all, you should not put yourself in a state of anxiety just because you had a dream of a shark. Try to understand the interpretation and act smartly. Dreams of sharks when you are pregnant symbolize anxiety. 

The anxiety might be because of a difficult pregnancy period, believing that you have been impregnated by the wrong person or a genuine concern for your baby’s health and happiness.

It can also be a concern about your baby’s behavior as you don’t want it to be aggressive. You think that the baby is going to attack you as an adult. However, a logical message behind the dream might be that your baby requires more protein.

35. Dreams of sharks in the sky

Dreams of sharks in the sky indicate an upgrade in your spiritual life. However, it can also mean negative concerns in life such as being scared with risks related to heights, a challenging emotional period, and embarrassment in relationships.

It can also mean that to relieve your joint problems you should have the cartilage of a shark.

36. Dream of different colored sharks

Dreaming of different colors of sharks indicates different situations. Let us see what they are: blue represents fear, green represents health, yellow represents soul, black represents death, orange symbolizes life and grey symbolizes fear.

The color of the eyeballs of a shark also symbolizes certain conditions. Blue eyeballs represent purity and intelligence, green eyeballs represent wisdom and black eyeballs represent evil.

37. Dream of different kinds of sharks

Wasn’t it fun to learn what different colors of sharks represent? Let us see what different kinds of shark symbolize:

Sand sharks indicate that you are going to have a smart and clever person in your life. Zebra Sharks symbolize diversity in thoughts and Tiger sharks symbolize being aggressive at the workplace.

Further, Hammerhead sharks symbolize being headstrong, Bull sharks symbolize being abusive in behavior, Great white sharks symbolize people who make you feel scared and Nurse sharks symbolize a caring person.

38. Dream of different shark sizes

Even the size of the shark matters if you are to interpret a dream correctly. To be crisp and precise, the size of the shark is directly proportional to the measure of the problems that you are to deal with. The larger the size, the greater will be the problem, and thus smaller the size, the better it is for you.

39. Dream of being injured from the shark attack

If you see yourself being injured by a shark in your dream you need to be careful about the recent happenings in your life. They can have an adverse effect on your life.

The negative effect can be minimized by taking your own decisions and protecting yourself as much as possible by not investing your trust in people easily. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and things will soon be fine.

40. Dreams of shark attacks on the beach

If you had a dream of a shark attacking you on the beach, then you must analyze whether you were expecting it in your dream. If yes, then a currently bothersome and problematic situation might cause you harm in the near future.

But, if you did not expect a shark to attack you on the beach then probably an unexpected danger is on its way. To deal with the danger, do not trust people or situations in general and avoid hostile environments.

41. Dream of sharks in bloody water

Though you might be scared after dreaming of a shark in bloody water but trust me there is nothing to be scared of.

Dreaming of a shark in fresh bloody water means that you need to put in extreme efforts to yield results that are beneficial for your profession and studies. It might be related to your business or any other kind of hardship.

42. Dream of shark eating its prey

If you dream of a shark eating its prey, it implies that you will soon be at the crossroads where you will have to choose only one between your love life and your professional life.

There is nothing to worry about it, though. In life, you will face various situations where you will have such confusing choices. All you need to do is to have a deep insight and analysis of what you want.

43. Dream of shark swimming away from you

Dreaming of a shark running away from you means that your opponents or enemies are going to leave a clear path behind them for you to walk smoothly on it.

This is a good omen which clearly conveys that you are going to resist all your obstacles with minimum effort from your side. However, this will be only temporary.

44. Dream of a gang of small sharks

Dreaming of sharks interprets messages which mostly revolve around the idea of deception. Similarly dreaming of a gang of small sharks indicates that you are surrounded by deceptive people around you.

These people are misguiding you with their innocent faces and you need to take a shield of true relationships to fight this deception.

45. Dream of shark meat

If you had a dream of shark meat then it’s time to start preparing yourself for a long-term relationship that is going to be more of a ‘Happily Ever After’ type of relationship.

You are going to meet someone very special in your life. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about and it’s all roses and no thorns for you.

46. Dream of freshly killed shark

A freshly killed Shark in your dream indicates that the obstacles and enemies of your life have been luckily omitted. You are free to gather your peace of mind and begin your regular chores with doubled energy.

However, if you battled a bad experience recently due to your carelessness or blind faith that did not pay off well, be careful from the next time onwards.

47. Dream about swimming with sharks

Birds of a feather flock together. If you had a dream about swimming with sharks then this means you like the relentless and clear stands that sharks take to fulfill their requirements. It also indicates that you have a strong personality and you can survive all the adversities of life.

You can live and thrive amidst deceptive people. Basically, you are fond of powerful, goal-oriented people and you can handle challenges very well.

48. Dream of a shark swallowing your son

We really do not wish anybody to have such a devastating dream. But, dreaming of a shark who is following your son has nothing to do with your son’s life. It is just that you are going to choose one between your son and your career.

In fact, the dream symbolizes that you are going to have a tough time making a single choice between your family and your profession. You might struggle giving time to your family and kids in general.

49. Dream of getting younger and a shark tank

Dream of getting younger simply symbolizes that you are proud of the decisions that you made in the past and you are constantly climbing the stairs of success in life.

But with success comes responsibility, dreaming of a shark tank shows your fear of a tank accident. What if the tank blasts i.e., what if you are not able to meet the expectations of people?

Well, don’t think so much, keep giving your best, work a little harder to satisfy yourself, and most importantly do not attach yourself to the results of your work.

50. Dream of sharks in a tank

If you see a shark in a tank, it means people with rebellious nature and ample strength are not attentive towards you. But once they have their attention on you, they are going to cause you harm for sure. These can be people who are authoritative in your life; for example, an office boss.

51. Dream of a shark with hands

Dreaming of a shark with hands reveals that you have some envious people around you who are trying to control your life in their own way. They are not just going to show their deceptive faces but they are also going to ruin your reputation if you do not take proper care while investing your trust in people.

Such enemies can leave you in a hopeless situation where you do not know what to do. This definitely needs your attention and you must act carefully before trusting a person in general.

52. Dream of sharks being close up

If you dream of a shark that is located very close to you, it means someone very close is trying to influence you. They can be your life partner or even your best friend.

The close person is probably acting more like a rival than a friend. Stay alarmed because that person is trying to manipulate you and influence your decisions.

Spiritual meaning of shark in dream

Since the world has innumerable cultures and traditions, it’s hard to summarize the exact spiritual meaning of sharks. Still, here’s a quick summary of how different faiths around the globe interpret shark dreams.  

Coastal habitats of India believe sharks to be a spirit animal. By ‘spirit’ they mean, these sea creatures can enlighten our spirits with power and independence. However, North Indians believe the dream of water, sea-creatures, and even boats in the water to be of financial benefits.

Ancient druids believe sharks to symbolize intelligence and wisdom. The Pagans believed Sharks to be symbols of death.

However, according to some native Hawaiians, sharks are sacred and their eyeballs can give special visual powers.

Biblical meaning of shark in dreams

Many people think that the Bible gives hints of sharks to be manifestations of ‘Satan’.

However, according to the Bible, every creature has been created by God and so is the Shark.  They might be predators, alarming, scary, and deadly beasts that whirl around their prey before attacking; but God has never created anything unworthy. 

Sharks have their own value in the ecosystem. They are a source of Vitamins and their teeth are sold expensively. They play an important role in the food chain as well.

For some people, sharks can symbolize relationships between two people too. You must be careful before commencing a relationship, keep it steady and strong. You might refer to Proverbs 4:26, saying “Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways”.

Questions to ask to interpret shark dreams correctly

If you want to learn about the messages that your dreams convey, you must have some basics ready. We have modern-day movies based on “dreams interpretations”, and each of them has an underlying purpose attached to them. 

Firstly, to interpret a shark dream, you must note down all the mini-tiny details that you remember. Because even minute details such as ‘the state of water’ matter.

Next, answer these questions honestly and write down the answers on paper.

  1. Where was the shark in your dream?
  2. What was the shark doing to you?
  3. What was the color or size of the shark?
  4. Was the shark trying to harm any of your close people like family members or friends?

Depending on your answers, I am sure you will find your interpretations in this think-piece. 

Over to you…

The dream was meant to convey you something. It might be a positive or a negative message. If it was a positive message, you must start working harder for your progress.

However, if it warns you of a negative person or incident, take deep breaths and relax. Understand the warning was to minimize the effect of the danger on you.

Act steadily, even if there is an underlying reason that needs special care. That’s it! You will overcome the danger and emerge a winner!

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