It is not surprising to note that dreams about transportation are quite common as they play an important role in our day-to-day lives – be it a bus, a train, a taxi, or a plane. 

Such dreams have different interpretations depending on the specific dream details. So, take a seat and scroll down further to find out the message behind your dream.

What Do Dreams About Transportation Mean?

Dreams about transportation can be interpreted as a symbolic manifestation of the problems you are facing in reality. It is also associated with the ups and downs you experience on the path of life. 

The meanings may differ subject to the mode of transportation, journey, settings, environment, and condition.

Besides, these dreams are a revelation of our state of mind or about some events that might happen.

Since it can predict some events, it is natural that it can also tell us about your emotional state and serve as the guidance. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Transportation

In spiritual terms, it is related to your consciousness shifting from one state to another. 

Psychological Meaning

Psychologically, it shows how you are progressing currently. 

Various Scenarios Related to Dreams About Transportation

Some of the most commonly experience transportation dream scenarios are:

Being a passenger in a car

Being a passenger in a car implies you are under the influence of another person or are addicted to something.

Taking a trip on public transportation in a dream

This dream is a clear indicator that you will surely reach your destination, but only if you plan really well.

Dreams About Transportation – Taxi

The following scenarios associated with taxi will help you understand your dream better. 

Driving a taxi

According to the dream, you will be at the center of the attraction soon. Therefore, you must try not to make mistakes and behave decently. 

It could also be a sign for you to get ready as you will be tasked with physical work. From another approach, driving a taxi also shows you have complete control of your life. 

Seeing a taxi but not taking it

It could mean you refrain from letting others help you.  

Catching a taxi

It symbolizes that you will soon make a crucial decision about your future. Regardless, the dream states you should start looking for opportunities that can improve your life.

Being in a taxi

It is a good sign and shows your willingness and preparedness to start making changes for a better future. 

Traveling alone in a taxi

This is a symbol that you are a quiet and reserved person.

Sharing a taxi with someone

This scenario hints at an encounter with an influential person who will play an important role in your life. 

Alternatively, it could stand for someone who would be very kind and empathetic to you and has gone through similar conditions and circumstances as you did. 

Seeing Bus As Mode of Transportation

No two bus dream scenarios carry the same meaning. Take a look at some of the most prominent dream scenarios associated with buses. 

Driving a bus

This dream is a positive sign that you are heading in the right direction. If you are driving a new bus, it foretells a new chapter in your life. 

Getting on the wrong bus or choosing the wrong direction

The dream exhibits your fear of committing mistakes and making wrong choices. It reveals the insecurities and doubts lurking in your mind and heart. 

On the other hand, it is a sign that what you desire is far from what others expect from you. 

Being on a bus 

If you are on a bus, then it is a symbol that you are flexible. You are a person who goes with the flow and maintains character to avoid standing out of the crowd.

Getting off a bus

This is a good sign and can indicate your chances of winning something or receiving a gift going uphill.

Missing a bus

This is an indication of opportunities you missed due to your tendency to procrastinate.

It could also mean you need to take charge of some aspects of your life as they are under someone else’s control. 

Seeing Trains as Medium of Transportation

Check out the following train dream scenarios to help you understand your dream better. 

Driving a train

The dream emphasizes the need to keep your emotions in check.

Being on a train

The dream relates to the journey of life indicating you are on the right path. Surprisingly, it could also mean you feel anxious about things you don’t need to worry about.

Waiting for a train

It points to your willingness and acceptance of new experiences that will come your way. 

Missing a train

It is closely related to a loss of opportunities, probably due to procrastination. 

Also, there is a chance that you have a not-so-polite nature that hampers your relations in your social circle, affecting your professional life negatively. 

Train heading in a different direction

This is a sign that your views and ideals are changing. It could even signal the ending of a long relationship

Means of transport (train) leaving

Chances are, you will soon say goodbye to a loved one. You or that person may leave for a different town, city, or even country.  In the worst cases, it could mean the death of a close one. 

Seeing Airplane As Means of Transportation 

Some of the most commonly occurring airplane dream scenarios include:

Driving a plane

According to the plot, you are not only clear about how you want your future to be but you also have complete control over your life.

If you see passengers onboard, then it is a sign that you have leadership and management skills.

Missing a flight

It is associated with opportunities lost due to circumstances where you felt helpless or cornered by something or someone.

Getting off an airplane

It is a good sign. According to the plot, your family will be supportive of the things you do. 


From good outcomes to not-so-pleasant answers, dreams about transportation have a variety of meanings depending on the context of the dream.

As we always say, it is necessary to pay attention to the details for a clearer answer. Because dreams are the medium through which the subconscious communicates with us in a symbolic way.