Dreams of wings doesn’t mean that you are going to fly off from your problems. In fact, it is a sign of prosperity, affluence, natural healing, illumination, and spirituality.

Also, the dream represents the ability to express feelings without restraint. Even if others in your environment criticize your decision, you will not allow them to dissuade you from living your life the way you see fit.

Dreams of Wings - Do They Mean Fly High Or Abrupt Failure?
Dreams of Wings – Do They Mean Fly High Or Abrupt Failure?

What Does It Mean to Dreams of Wings

You’re thinking about the decisions you’ve made and what you’ve done thus far. The dream of wings is an omen for your life ambitions and outlook because you’re confronting and investigating portions of your subconscious in full force. 

Additionally, you have access to certain confidential information. Moreover, it’s a sign of fertility, spiritual growth, possibility, and expansion but you’re doubting your femininity’s strength.

Dreams of Wings – Various Plots & Their Interpretations

Before making a conclusion about a situation, you should get all of the facts of the dream. 

Dream about angel wings 

Angel wings in a dream are a sign of your hidden desires. You must confront your suppressed emotions and thoughts. 

Dream about bird wings 

Bird wings in a dream represent your concerns about your skills and performance because you’ve neglected a critical issue or scenario.

Also, you’re looking for validation of your own self-identity and it alludes to your never-ending stream of thoughts. You’re feeling helpless in the face of events beyond your control.

Having wings 

The dream represents worth, warmth, wealth, or elegance. It’s time to confront someone about a certain topic. 

Broken wings 

The dream symbolizes turmoil or chaos in your life. You are stubborn in your thoughts and convictions, which may stymie your efforts to achieve your objectives. 

To flutter your wings

It means you are making wise selections. There’s a chance that the modifications you’ve chosen will be beneficial to you. Also, you might find a career that makes you happy and satisfied, extending the period of serenity in your life.

Besides, if you dream about others fluttering their wings, it denotes that you will be gladdened by someone else’s happiness. You’ll almost certainly learn that someone you love and respect has realised their dream. 

Wings and flying 

You have a better chance of completing a project or activity, so you must begin to take things more seriously. Also, this refers to your feminine feelings and attitudes. It’s okay to take life a little less seriously and have a little more fun now and then.

Wings falling off

The dream foreshadows that you may soon either disappoint or surprise yourself. You’ll probably do something you’ve never considered before. 

To break someone’s wings

This dream suggests that you should be more considerate to the people you care about. Even if you disagree with their decisions, make sure to show your support. 

Flying without wings

It’s possible that there’s some unfinished business that has to be resolved. It expresses your concerns and fears that he or she will not like you back. Your life has taken a turn for the worse.

Wings injured 

The dream emphasizes your comfort zone and understanding your limitations. You need to be more forthright and honest about your emotions. Also, you have a strong desire to attend to everyone’s requirements.

Various types of wings

Growing wings 

It is a metaphor of strength and bravery. New concepts will be implemented. You’re in desperate need of some excitement. 

Besides, if you happen to see a dream about growing wings and flying, it is a sign of rebirth, preservation, and safeguarding something essential.

You’re feeling out of control and overwhelmed and believe you’ll need to be a superhero to handle everything. 

Airplane wing

In a dream, seeing an airplane wing indicates that you will soon solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time. You’ll quit whining about your fate and focus on fixing anything that you can. 

For those who are in unhappy marriages or relationships, this dream means that you will finally get the guts to end your current misery.

Flapping wings 

The dream foreshadows a fresh start or a melancholy conclusion. You’re on the lookout for a fresh start and must take a different approach to things. 

Additionally, this dream represents a foreshadowing of your passive aggressive personality. You’re attempting to comprehend your own emotions and categorize your viewpoints.

Roasted wings

It could be a desire to prove yourself, to make someone like you, or simply to step outside of your comfort zone.

Fallen angel wings 

You must conquer an obstacle, no matter how frightening the circumstance or person appears to be.

This dream represents hard work and the value of collaboration. It’s possible that your own concerns and uncertainties are holding you back.

Electric wings

Perhaps life had taken you in a route you hadn’t anticipated or planned. This is a dream about masculine violence. Your subconscious is attempting to draw your attention to a problem or issue.

Fairy wings 

The dream represents hope, rejuvenation, and spiritual understanding. You can see right through a person’s motivations and your self-perception is adaptable. Your dream is a manifestation of creation and creative forces. 

Wings of various animals

Bat wings 

Dreaming about bat wings is a sign that you have a father figure in your life. Additionally, you will be surrounded by bereavement and disaster.

So, you must maintain your positive attitude. Your successes are highlighted in the dream. You have a sense of being cut off from society.

Chicken wings 

Unfortunately, a dream about chicken wings represents your bottled-up rage and concealed violence. You place far too much faith in fate rather than accepting responsibility for your own actions and decisions. 

Horse with wings 

The dream is a metaphor for your caution. You’re going through a lot of emotional upheaval that needs to be addressed and handled. Besides, you’re not taking a direct approach to your objectives. 

Your dream foreshadows feelings of envy, lust, or temptation and nature of being oblivious to what is going on around you.

Additionally, if you dream about white horse with wings, it is unfortunately a warning for your raging emotions that have been suppressed for a long time. You must redirect your efforts and resources in a different direction.

Ants with wings 

The dream foreshadows spiritual growth. There is a misalignment between your physical and mental health. You’re on your way to a deeper level of inner development. 

Butterfly wings 

It is a sign of the weight and pressure you’re carrying. It’s time to go on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and introspection.


Wings in dreams represent your attitude toward your triumphs and failures, as well as your competence and incompetence. However, on the other hand, it also foreshadows a sense of home comfort and warmth.