Dreams of wings implies you will get your long-awaited wish. There’s a chance you’ll finally get the confidence to devote your time to something that has piqued your curiosity since childhood. 

Even if others in your environment criticize your decision, you will not allow them to dissuade you from living your life the way you see fit.

Dreams of Wings - 77 Plots & Their Interpretations
Dreams of Wings – 77 Plots & Their Interpretations

Wings Dream Meaning

Dreams of wings are a sign of prosperity, affluence, natural healing, illumination, and spirituality. In a new situation, you feel alienated or alone. Something appears to be in order. The dream represents the ability to express feelings without restraint. 

You’re also thinking about the decisions you’ve made and what you’ve done thus far. The dream of wings is an omen for your life ambitions and outlook.

In full force, you’re confronting and investigating portions of your subconscious. 

You have access to certain confidential information. It’s a sign of fertility, spiritual growth, possibility, and expansion. You’re doubting your femininity’s strength.

Dreams of Wings – 77 Plots & Their Interpretations

The dream is a sign of the qualities and things you cherish and appreciate. It’s possible that your desire will consume you. Before making a conclusion about a situation, you should get all of the facts of the dream. 

1. Airplane wing dream meaning

In a dream, seeing an airplane wing indicates that you will soon solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time. You’ll quit whining about your fate and focus on fixing anything that you can. 

For those who are in unhappy marriages or relationships, this dream means that you will finally get the guts to end your current misery.

2. To break someone’s wings in dream

This dream suggests that you should be more considerate to the people you care about. Even if you disagree with their decisions, make sure to show your support. 

3. Dream of pepper wings

You should understand that everyone is in charge of their own lives, and your responsibility is to be there for them when they need you.

Understanding is the foundation of any excellent and quality connection, therefore don’t be afraid to demonstrate it.

4. Dream about red wings 

Dreaming of crimson wings is a sign of strength and protection. In some part of your life, you must apply an ideology.

Others may take advantage of your trustworthiness. This dream is about your present crush on someone you used to like. 

It’s possible that you’re dealing with issues of passivity/aggression and authority/dependence.

5. Dream about bat wings 

Dreaming about bat wings is a sign that you have a father figure in your life. You will be surrounded by bereavement and disaster. 

You must maintain your positive attitude. Your successes are highlighted in the dream. You have a sense of being cut off from society.

6. Dream about bird wings 

Bird wings in a dream represent your concerns about your skills and performance. You’ve neglected a critical issue or scenario. 

You’re looking for validation of your own self-identity. It alludes to your never-ending stream of thoughts. You’re feeling helpless in the face of events beyond your control.

7. Dream about blue wings 

Dreaming of blue wings is a sign of insecurity and exposes your difficulties in dealing with a scenario.

You should pay greater attention to your maternal instincts. You must be more easygoing and spontaneous in your actions. 

8. Dreams of having wings 

Having wings as a dream represents worth, warmth, wealth, or elegance. It’s time to confront someone about a certain topic. 

9. Dream of crispy wings

The relationship between work and pleasure is unbalanced. This dream foreshadows independence, strength, death, and renewal, as well as resurrection.

You’ve hit the nail on the head, or you’re on the correct track.

10. Dreaming of chicken wings 

Unfortunately, a dream about chicken wings represents your bottled-up rage and concealed violence. You place far too much faith in fate rather than accepting responsibility for your own actions and decisions. 

11. Dream of flying without wings

It’s possible that there’s some unfinished business that has to be resolved. It expresses your concerns and fears that he or she will not like you back. Your life has taken a turn for the worse.

12. To flutter your wings in dream

If you have a dream about fluttering your wings, it means you are making wise selections. There’s a chance that the modifications you’ve chosen will be beneficial to you. 

You might find a career that makes you happy and satisfied, extending the period of serenity in your life.

13. To dream about others fluttering their wings

A dream in which you see someone else fluttering their wings denotes that you will be gladdened by someone else’s happiness.

You’ll almost certainly learn that someone you love and respect has realised their dream. 

14. Dream about wings injured 

The dream about wounded wings emphasizes your comfort zone and understanding your limitations. You need to be more forthright and honest about your emotions. You’re trying to break a bad habit or deprive yourself of something. 

It is a forerunner of impatience or rashness. You have a strong desire to attend to everyone’s requirements.

15. Dream about eagle wings 

Dreaming of eagle wings indicates that you require food and relaxation. Before your ambitions become a reality, you’ll need to put in a little more effort. You’re just going through the motions. 

16. Dream about white wings 

White wings in a dream represent worldwide communication and how we are all interdependent. You’re attempting to conform to someone else’s vision of who you should be. You’re up against a slew of difficult difficulties. 

This dream represents your honesty and forthrightness. You need to be more athletic.

17. Dream about angel wings 

Angel wings in a dream are a sign of your hidden desires. You must confront your suppressed emotions and thoughts. 

18. Dream of duck wings

Perhaps you’re trying to fit in by pretending to be someone you’re not. This is the result of repressed memories or ideas.

Certain secrets will be disclosed or revealed shortly, or you will be acting rashly in your emotional behavior.

19. Dream about paper wings 

Your fear of sharing something about yourself is symbolized by a dream about paper wings. You need to pay more attention to a problem in your life. 

20. Dream about your wings falling off

A dream in which your wings are coming off foreshadows that you may soon disappoint or surprise yourself. You’ll probably do something you’ve never considered before. 

21. Dream of roasted wings

It could be a desire to prove yourself, to make someone like you, or simply to step outside of your comfort zone.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, though. If there is a mistake that can be corrected, make sure to do so.

22. Black wings dream meaning

Dreaming about black wings represents a lack of power and control in your life. Someone is lying to you or being treacherous to you.

You are overcoming your limitations and overcoming challenges. Your bad feelings are symbolized in the dream. 

23. Dream about flying wings 

Your dread of anything you heard is reflected in your dream about flying wings. In other situations, you’ll need to display greater restraint and poise.

You should allow your family some breathing room. It represents your feminine aspect or femininity. 

24. Dream about turkey wings 

Regrettably, a dream involving turkey wings brings disappointments, misery, and poor luck. You’re feeling helpless in the face of troubles. You must clean up the messes you’ve made as a result of your immaturity. 

25. Dream about dragon wings 

Dreaming about dragon wings conjures up images of enormous strength, ferocity, and power. There’s something you’ve overlooked in your life. You are smoothly navigating your life’s challenges. 

This dream suggests that you value or treasure something or someone. It’s time for you to break free from the confines of a group and travel out on your own.

26. Dream about golden wings 

Dreaming of golden wings denotes the beginning of a new period in your life. Perhaps it’s time to make a job change.

You’ve developed a new level of awareness and consciousness. The dream represents wealth and success. You’ve entered uncharted emotional ground.

27. Dream about broken wings 

Broken wings in a dream symbolizes turmoil or chaos in your life. You are stubborn in your thoughts and convictions, which may stymie your efforts to achieve your objectives. 

28. Dream of fallen angel wings 

You must conquer an obstacle, no matter how frightening the circumstance or person appears to be.

This dream represents hard work and the value of collaboration. It’s possible that your own concerns and uncertainties are holding you back.

29. Dream about growing wings 

Growing wings in a dream is a metaphor of strength and bravery. New concepts will be implemented. You’re in desperate need of some excitement. 

30. Dream about dog with wings 

The image of a dog with wings conjures up images of grace, speed, and the soul. It’s time for you to take a stand. You’re well on your way to accomplishing your objectives. 

This ambition is based on materialism and the desire to keep up with the latest trends, fads, and technologies. You yearn for some independence and freedom.

31. Dream about cat with wings 

The influence, power, and control you have over others is symbolized by a dream about a cat with wings.

You pay close attention to the smallest and most insignificant elements in your life. You’re imagining a bright future or visualizing success. 

32. Dream of chocolate wings

In your own personal relationship, it’s an indication of passion. In a relationship, you may be dealing with fidelity or loyalty concerns.

33. Dream about man with wings 

A dream about a man with wings is a sign that you are in desperate need of closeness and affection. You’re in a state of embarrassment. You’d like to start over. 

It denotes your capacity to retain a sense of equilibrium in your life. You want to be in the spotlight or draw attention to yourself.

34. Dream about pig with wings 

Dreaming about a pig with wings symbolizes emotions of remorse and inadequacy. You’re being too harsh on yourself, particularly if the circumstance was beyond your control. 

35. Dream of butter wings

You have the impression that you are being overshadowed and that people are underestimating your ability.

This denotes the model behavior you’re attempting to replicate. You have the impression that you are stuck in a rut.

36. Dream about flapping wings 

A dream involving fluttering wings foreshadows a fresh start or a melancholy conclusion. You’re on the lookout for a fresh start. You need to take a different approach to things. 

This dream represents a foreshadowing of your passive aggressive personality. You’re attempting to comprehend your own emotions and categorize your viewpoints.

37. Dream about having white wings 

Dreaming of white wings indicates that you need to speak up about something. Perhaps you need a little more adventure or non-conformity in your life. You must allow your mind and body to rest. 

This dream foreshadows a potential conflict of interest between you and a close relative. You must begin setting goals for your future.

38. Dream about seeing angel wings 

Angel wings represent innocence, playfulness, festivity, frivolity, and girliness in dreams. Something unusual and remarkable is happening in your life, and you need to pay attention and become aware of it. 

39. Dream about scorpion with wings 

A dream about a scorpion with wings portends enormous prosperity and fortune. It’s now your turn to make a decision. Work, a relationship, or another emotional burden has suffocated you. 

It’s a foreshadowing of your self-reliant nature. You’re preoccupied with a mental issue that’s giving you a lot of stress.

40. Dream about baby with wings 

Dreaming of a baby with wings is a sign of good luck and love. You’re letting others control your actions. Someone is working against you and exploiting your naivete or stupidity. 

It is proof of something coming to an abrupt or unexpected conclusion. You’re about to make a significant change in your life.

41. Dream about butterfly wings 

Butterfly wings in your dreams are a sign of the weight and pressure you’re carrying. It’s time to go on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and introspection.

You might be attempting to bring your deeper thoughts and feelings to light. 

42. Dream about fish with wings 

Your ability to connect with others in a unique and significant way is symbolized by a dream about fish with wings.

You’ve learned something important about yourself. You might be feeling vulnerable and in need of reassurance. 

43. Dream of rainbow wings

The dream represents strength, flexibility, and power. You have an emotional or physical separation from your lover or girlfriend.

44. Dream about ants with wings 

A dream about ants with wings foreshadows spiritual growth. There is a misalignment between your physical and mental health. You’re on your way to a deeper level of inner development. 

45. Dream about eating hot wings

Emotional troubles and relationship issues are suggested by dreams about eating hot wings. You go after what you want regardless of what others think. It’s possible that you’ll need to tone down your personality a little. 

This expresses sorrow and grief. You’re having second thoughts about yourself.

46. Dream about horse with wings 

Your dream about a horse with wings is a metaphor for your caution and caution. You’re going through a lot of emotional upheaval that needs to be addressed and handled. You’re not taking a direct approach to your objectives. 

Your dream foreshadows feelings of envy, lust, or temptation. You are oblivious to what is going on around you.

47. Dream about snake with wings 

Dreaming about a snake with wings indicates that you have the ability to detect a problem or suspicious activities. You’ve gotten yourself into a rut. Your advancement is proving to be difficult for you. 

This is a sign that you will be rewarded, honored, recognised, and praised for your accomplishments. You don’t have a sense of being grounded.

48. Dream about spider with wings 

A spider with wings in your dream represents your readiness and resolve to take action. Perhaps you have an excessive amount of faith in your abilities. You should treat others the way you want to be treated. 

This is a symbol for life, mankind, and science. Suspicion is circling you and your activities.

49. Dream about raw chicken wings 

A dream about uncooked chicken wings is unfortunately a forewarning sign of impending worldly problems. Your issues and troubles will be resolved quickly. You’re concentrating too hard on a person or an object. 

The dream foreshadows a snub. You need to concentrate harder on what you’re doing and what you’re attempting to achieve.

50. Dream about black angel wings 

A dream involving black angel wings is regrettably a wish-fulfillment warning, indicating that you wish for all of your problems to disappear.

You must expel all negative energy from your body. Slow down and pay attention to your instincts or your body. 

51. Dream about monkey with wings 

Dreaming about a monkey with wings represents contentment with yourself and who you are. Manual effort and hard work will eventually get you to where you need to be. Finally, you’re letting go of something. 

The importance of kindness and compassion is symbolized in this dream. You’re worried about a specific event or task in your life.

52. Dream of white angel wings

White angel wings in a dream symbolizes conflicting thoughts and points of view. Only after you have gone through some difficult times will you be able to enjoy a lucrative period.

You’re attempting to contain and suppress the kidnapped person’s characteristics. 

53. Dream about having black wings 

Dreaming about black wings denotes determination, practicality, obstinacy, tenacity, and willpower. In your life, you require more order and organization. 

You should conserve your energy. Your dream represents your reputation or legacy. You are ahead in some situations or need to be ahead in others.

54. Dream about angel wings tattoo 

A dream about angel wings tattoo foreshadows a chain of events over which you have little control.

You might be preparing to divulge and confess something before someone finds out. You’re attempting to tackle a formidable challenge. 

Egoism, deception, or pride are all themes in this dream. You’re starting to lose your clout.

55. Dream about fried chicken wings 

If you have a dream about fried chicken wings, it means you are stuck in a relationship or position. Because tomorrow is not certain, you must take time to cherish those around you. In your life, you are sluggish and sluggish. 

56. Dream of water wings

Your dream represents your ability to defend oneself in a dangerous scenario. You have a lot of obligations, deadlines, and challenges.

57. Dream about eating chicken wings 

Cruelty and torment are symbols in dreams about eating chicken wings. Perhaps you lack a sense of stability and security. Your own life is being molded or shaped by you. 

Your dream foreshadows an event in your life that will devastate your hopes and chances of achievement. It’s possible that you’ve set your sights too high.

58. Dream about owl with broken wing 

Dreaming about an owl with a broken wing transports you to a simpler time or a moment when you felt a particular way.

In your connection, you don’t hold back and tend to put your whole heart and soul into it. In some manner, you’re feeling suffocated or constrained. 

This is how innovation is expressed. You’re insecure and self-conscious about your appearance.

59. Dream about butterfly with broken wing 

Dreaming about a butterfly with a broken wing indicates that you want to work on a certain component of your personality.

You should set aside some time to rest and clear your mind. You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to address a problem or condition. 

60. Dream about hummingbird with broken wing 

A dream about a hummingbird with a broken wing foreshadows your kindness. It’s possible that all of your efforts on a project will be in vain.

Possibly, you’re attempting to connect with unknown portions of your subconscious mind. It’s forgiveness taken to its logical conclusion. Others are paying attention to you.

61. Dream about man with black wings 

Dreaming of a man with black wings denotes a decline in your bodily and psychological well-being. Perhaps you’re on the verge of collapsing. You require motivation and encouragement. 

This dream foreshadows stumbling blocks in your way. You have a tendency to flit from one item to the next.

62. Dream about white horse with wings 

A dream about a white horse with wings is unfortunately a warning for your raging emotions that have been suppressed for a long time.

You must redirect your efforts and resources in a different direction. Someone is attempting to contact you. 

This is a clue for something or someone that is difficult to understand. You believe you are being held responsible for someone else’s actions.

63. Dream about angel with black wings 

Dreaming of an angel with black wings is a sign for your own relationship insecurities. You have a defeatist mentality. You have the impression that you are being duped or exploited. 

64. Dream of mud wings

Your development is symbolized by the dream. You’re merely following in the footsteps of everyone else.

65. Dream about having wings and flying 

Dreaming about having wings and flying expresses your apprehension of the unknown. You have a better chance of completing a project or activity. You must begin to take things more seriously. 

This refers to your feminine feelings and attitudes. It’s okay to take life a little less seriously and have a little more fun now and then.

66. Dream about flying with black wings 

Flying with black wings in your dreams is a metaphor for a circumstance in which you don’t want to be engaged but feel compelled to prove yourself. In a certain situation, you lack clarity. You will come to regret the opportunities you have passed up. 

Unfortunately, this is a forewarning about opportunities that you may have passed on. You’re attempting to gain an advantage by deceiving people.

67. Dream about flying with white wings 

The urge to excel or risk being left behind is symbolized by a dream about flying with white wings. Other people’s issues are becoming your own. You are adamant about not letting your guard down. 

68. Dream of fire wings

Your subconscious and bad qualities of yourself are represented in your dream. You must encounter a distressing or disagreeable situation.

Something is impeding your advancement and making it difficult for you to move on in your life.

69. Dream about a black snake with wings 

Dreaming of a black snake with wings indicates a lack of originality and a proclivity to copy other people’s thoughts and views.

Perhaps you are oblivious to the fact that you require any development. You’re not taking a straightforward approach to the issue. 

This dream represents your slacker mentality. You’re also preoccupied with what other people think of you.

70. Dream about growing wings and flying 

Dreaming of developing wings and flying is a sign of rebirth, preservation, and safeguarding something essential. You’re feeling out of control and overwhelmed. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges and believe you’ll need to be a superhero to handle everything. 

71. Dream about a bird flapping its wings 

Dreaming about a bird fluttering its wings foreshadows a renewal of religious faith and dedication. You’re feeling remorseful or unworthy. You need to be more assertive and powerful in your communication. 

The dream represents your ability to think quickly and act quickly. You might be looking for direction from a higher plane.

72. Dream about places where lovers have wings 

Dreaming about places where lovers have wings symbolizes your attempts to achieve your objectives, desires, and material benefits. Instead of relying on others, you should address a topic or issue on your own. 

73. Dream of electric wings

Perhaps life had taken you in a route you hadn’t anticipated or planned. This is a dream about masculine violence. Your subconscious is attempting to draw your attention to a problem or issue.

74. To see a winged lion in dream

The winged lion, often known as the Lion of St. Marcus, is a rare dream symbol. It is more common in religious people’s dreams, and it represents temporary fame or unfulfilled joy.

You’re undoubtedly happy with many parts of your life, yet there’s something missing. 

75. Dream of salt wings

If you do something in the public view, there’s a good possibility your actions may spark controversy, making you the focus of gossip magazines and those who like to meddle in other people’s lives.

76. Dream about bird broken wing 

A dream about a bird with a damaged wing denotes vitality and combativeness. Maybe you’re feeling uneasy about something.

You’re in desperate need of help. The dream foreshadows a dread of intimacy. Someone needs to be apologized to.

77. Dream about fairy wings 

Fairy wings in a dream represent hope, rejuvenation, and spiritual understanding. You can see right through a person’s motivations. Your self-perception is adaptable. Your dream is a manifestation of creation and creative forces. 


Wings in dreams represent your attitude toward your triumphs and failures, as well as your competence and incompetence. You’re being taken advantage of, or you’re receiving the short end of the stick.

This dream also foreshadows a sense of home comfort and warmth. You may be ignoring  your obligations, talents or a problem.