A hickey dream meaning consists of an interesting encounter, your love life, new relations, passion, pleasure, and impulses. Also, this might suggest cheating, betrayal, disappointments, struggles, and desperation.

General Dream Interpretations of Hickey

Seeing a dream with hickeys? Well, it can have both positive and negative interpretations. Its message for you mostly relies upon the emotions you have felt during it along with the details it holds.

So let’s go through these interpretations and find out what fits you the best.

1. It shows a feeling of the blossoming of new feelings for someone new in life.

2. Maybe you are being obsessed with oneself can be the cause of embarrassment.

3. This indicates a feeling of betrayal from someone important.

4. Often it is an indication of bad health or serious sickness in the future.

5. It can be your subconscious way to remind you to start making decisions by yourself.

6. This depicts the entrance of a new love interest in life. 

7. Lastly, it might show disappointment with yourself due to a recent event.

Now, let’s get to the specific scenarios – 

Dreaming about a Hickey – Various Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream including hickeys on any part of the body is a huge sign about the oncoming bouts of personal feelings in life.

Seeing a Hickey in a Dream 

An annotation of getting too much attention in life, seeing a hickey in a dream is your subconscious way of expressing uncomfortable vibes. Due to an embarrassing event, your life is now in an uproar with all the laughs from others.

Though you are trying to represent a strong front of being easy about it, this event is causing you too much embarrassment.

A Dream of a Girl Getting a Hickey

Seeing a dream of a girl getting a hickey is a forewarning of the arrival of a worthy rival. Either in your love life or work life, another individual is going to give you competition to go to your best abilities.

Analyze their key performance levels and prepare a plan to defeat them and prove your worth.

Dreaming of Receiving Hickey from Someone 

Maybe, you have recently met an interesting person to whom you are attracted. Besides, this is the wake-up call and push-up your subconscious mind is giving you via this dream.

Instead of being shy and faking indifference, follow up with your heart and pursue this new romantic relationship.

Dream of Giving Hickey to Someone 

Often this dream comes to those individuals who realize a bit too late of liking something too embarrassing as per societal standards.

Besides, maybe you have become too obsessed with this new habit of yours which has become the reason for embarrassment to yourself and others.

A Friend Getting a Hickey

This dream usually means that you are going to get into a quarrel with a person in your inner circle. And this can happen on either your personal matter or professional grounds.

A Hickey on Lips in a Dream

Seeing hickeys on a specific part of a body also represents different outcomes. Such as dreaming of a hickey on their lips refers to the disappointment people feel in themselves.

Hickey on the Chest

The arrival of this dream is an indication of facing betrayal from close ones. In any case, don’t come to any conclusion without proper communication.

Hickey on the Belly

Maybe you feel awkward seeing a love bite on your belly, but this dream specifically signifies getting replenishment for your family. If a person is sick then they will be healthy soon. 

Hickey on Face

It is an indication of getting injuries in the upcoming future. So, be aware and protect yourself from sudden accidents. Sometimes, it shows the unveiling of a secret very openly. 

A Hickey on Hand in a Dream

Maybe, there is someone in your life with whom you are very envious. Besides, it can be the case with your office life or your personal one.

Hickey on the Body

This dream may seem unusual, but seeing hickeys on different parts of your body is a representation of an upcoming health issue. Besides, this can simply be a symbol of your passions and desires.

A Hickey on the Neck in a Dream

This scenario’s arrival is bringing with it the possibility of a new romantic encounter in your life. Let go of the old flames and prepare yourself to fall in love all over again.

Hickey on the Cheeks

It can be an indication of betrayal from loved ones. Maybe, someone is going to throw a knife at your back so be aware. Besides, it indicates romance, love, pleasant experiences, and warmth in life. 

An Ex Leaving a Hickey

This is a sign of your subconsciousness of arousing interest from your ill-wishers. Besides, it might tell you to keep your distance from all the negative people in life for your well-being.

A Hickey on the Back in Dream

Often it shows intrigue in your waking life. Besides, having such dreams indicates your difficulty in making a connection with people you know.

A Mistress Giving Hickey 

It shows pleasant company. Sometimes, being careful in making decisions is the main indication of seeing hickeys in a dream. 

Spiritual Dream Interpretation of Hickey 

Spiritually, it symbolizes your inner discovery and deep experiences in life.

Biblical Dream Meaning

In terms of biblical belief, a hickey might be a sign to control your unhealthy desires and to be on the path of devotion. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Seeing a hickey in a dream can bring you clarity regarding your personality. It can be a representation of the romantic feelings you have towards someone or it can also denote jealousy.

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