Dreaming of blood is unsettling and can induce a lot of insecurity and fear when seen without knowing the exact reason.

Usually the dreams symbolize a life force that is energetic and overwhelming. A gush of blood represents deep seated emotions such as love, passion, and belongingness. It signifies an element of life that defines your existence on this planet.

Dreaming of Blood – 50 Common Scenarios & their Interpretations
Dreaming of Blood – Common Scenarios & their Interpretations

Dreaming of Blood – What Does It Symbolize?

When you dream of blood, it means a pervading life energy, deep seated devotion and passion empowering you in reality.

In dream symbolism, blood represents a vital energy or force; a symbol of rejuvenation and revival. It is a lifesaving fluid that symbolizes strength, agility, abundance, resilience, and persistence. Blood symbolizes longevity and immortality as well.

As it keeps you alive, seeing it in dreams is often considered as a symbol of deep bonding and passion. Thus, if you are having recurring dreams about losing blood; it means losing your force and vitality. 

It can mean the following:

  • Losing your inner vitality, strength, and power – The dream denotes loss of power and thus feeling helpless in a situation. 
  • Sense of sacrifice – When you dream about blood loss, it could mean a personal sacrifice as well..
  • Color and hues of life – The dream symbols indicate the red color of the blood as a sign of vitality, vigor, power, and courage. 
  • Emotional pain – It symbolizes that you are disturbed, restless, and emotionally overwhelmed in waking life. 
  • Guilt feelings – Sometimes dreaming of blood indicates guilt and remorse. 
  • Symbol of being helpless and frustrated – It represents that the dreamer is feeling helpless and frustrated because of the ongoing issues of waking life 
  • Blood as a symbol of love and passion – Blood in dreams represents passion, deeper feelings of love.
  • Symbol of adaptation – The dreams about blood symbolize change. 

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Blood in dreams?

Dreaming about blood symbolizes intense emotions and agonies of waking life. It indicates your deepest fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities as well. The bleeding represents the deeper wounds and cuts that remained hidden and never confronted in reality.

To see blood as nightmares signify sanctity and purity. It is the essence of life that sustains it. Spiritually, blood represents those vital energies and inner strength that makes you strong and resilient. 

Biblical Interpretation

This dream theme means impermanence, divine life, deeper emotions, passion, and virtue. It also signifies loss, curse, sickness, and disease. Being a sign of bad luck, blood symbolizes disappointments, rejection, frustration, hatred as well. In dreams, blood means – 

  • Life force or prana
  • Depletion or loss of vitality
  • Passion, love, and lust
  • Anger, rage, anguish, and disappointments
  • Renewal and rebirth

Types of Dream Scenarios with Blood as the Central Theme 

To see blood in dreams symbolizes your energy and vitality to keep moving in adverse times. You are reminded of your inner strength; of that life changing magic that lies in you and can create a real world of new opportunities for you to thrive. 

In this section, we will be discussing some common dreams about blood and their symbolic illustrations in waking life.

Bleeding as dream symbols

This dream represents fear and insecurities related to some ongoing issues of waking life. It means an empty and void feeling that you might be having in real life.

Bleeding in a dream symbolizes pain and agonies. It could be related to failure in career growth or disruption in family life, or lack of happiness in relationships.

When you dream of bleeding heavily, it indicates your worst fears and deepest insecurities from waking life. The dream signifies an upcoming danger coming soon in reality.

Dream of period blood or menstruation

This dream is an indicator of feminine power, increased psychic abilities, strength and divinity. Dreaming of this blood symbolizes inner strength and vitality. 

It also denotes an inner change or cyclic change of events that is pleasurable and welcoming. Usually this dream is a good sign of a new beginning and unexpected occurrences in waking life.

Coughing up blood

If you dream of coughing blood, it means that you have successfully dealt with the problematic issue in waking life. Maybe you have been trying to ignore, avoid, or hide it from reality but now it’s the time to take action and get rid of the problem as early as possible. 

The dream suggests successful completion of projects and accomplishing life goals without much hassle. Sometimes the dream also means that you are wasting your time on something that is not worthy. 

Blood coming out of mouth

This dream has a negative connotation in the dream books and refers to real danger, accident, or injury in waking life. 

It also means problems and obstacles coming your way that would be hard to deal with. Sometimes this dream represents speaking about something bad in waking life. 

Dream of vomiting blood

It means health issues, physical weakness, and fragility in waking life. This dream symbol shows illness and is a warning sign for you to take care of your health. Sometimes, vomiting blood also means a weakened and fragile ‘self’. 

Spitting blood

Dreams about spitting blood is not a good sign. The dream symbolizes a hard time where you need to be patient and resilient to overcome adversity.

Spitting blood represents financial troubles and health issues also. The dream tells you to remain aware of your waking life issues and resolve those that can become a cause of concern in the future.

Blood on the floor

When you dream of blood on the floor, it carries both positive and negative meanings. If the dreamer sees drops of blood on the floor and feels happy after seeing such a scenario, it means good luck, financial gains, winning a lottery etc. 

A dream about peeing blood 

This dream of peeing blood means loss of control and imbalance in waking life. Certain circumstances of waking life are posing a serious threat to your mental well-being.

Blood stained clothes

If the blood stain is on your dress, pants, shirts, and skirts, it may mean that you are not happy and confident about yourself. Your self-image is poor, signifying lack of self-love and respect that you deserve. 

Dream of blood on hands

In most cases, seeing blood on your hands represents guilt and remorse. The dream theme symbolizes that you have done something wrong in your waking life and you are feeling extremely bad about it. 

Someone bleeding profusely

When you dream of others bleeding, it signifies emotional pain and suffering and a cry for assistance and support from family, friends, or well-wishers. It signifies the mental agonies and loss of power and control over the stressful situations of waking life.

Dreams about blood transfusion

A dream where you are donating blood to an ailing person means that you are feeling mentally exhausted. Your inner vitality and mental strength has suffered a setback and is pressing you badly. 

Blood from a wound

If you dream of blood oozing out of a deep cut or wound, it means you are hurt and grief stricken. The dream symbolizes lack of emotional support from family and friends. 

This dream is a bad omen and signifies a big loss of wealth, property, or life in general. Bleeding to death is a dream symbol that tells you that there is something in your waking life that will be highly costly and you will have to pay a price for it.

Seeing lots of blood

This dream is a scary one because it means you are surrounded by malicious people in your waking life. Such a dream indicates bad luck and misfortune. The dream tells you to remain cautious in real life about the intentions of others around you. 

Blood in the eyes

This means that you are not comfortable with yourself. It is related to your weak and vulnerable inner ‘self’. 

Moreover it also means bad news coming in the family such as death of a loved one or an upcoming financial trouble. Such a dream always carries a negative meaning.

Blood on the walls

It means betrayal and conflict in the workplace. There are traitors around you who are trying to harm you in some way or the other. 

You are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and see yourself falling in a hole with troubles surrounding you in reality.

A house filled with blood

Just like the previous dream, a house filled with blood means positive things happening in the household. You and your family members are doing fine and there is growth and prosperity all around you.

Bleeding legs

Bleeding legs in dreams symbolize lack of confidence and self-worth. It means you are not comfortable about your abilities, losing trust in yourself. Your attitude towards life is negative and thus any big life change can make you feel overwhelmed. 

Blood clots

If you are dreaming of blood clots or coagulation it means you are in a different state in real life from where escape seems hard and quite impossible. It signifies loss of energy and life force.

Blood on a white dress

The red blood spots on a white dress means loss of social image and dignity. Certain waking life issues have degraded your worth and respect in front of others. The dream means that you will suffer a lot in your waking life.

Drawing one’s own blood

If you see someone inserting a needle and drawing your blood, it means you will lose something important in waking life. Such a dream denotes loss, fatigue, pain, and sufferings also.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

It’s quite evident that blood dream symbolism is not that great for most of the dreamers. In most of the scenarios, it indicates depletion of one’s energy resources; a mere manifestation of emotional agonies and sufferings.

But to end on a positive note, it is vital to understand that dreaming of the red fluid also symbolizes a new phase of life after a great fall. You can embark on a new journey of life, full of hope and new beginnings.