If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering what it means to dream about spiders attacking you.

Dream interpreters believe that this dream often brings along good fortune. But to know more, you’ll have to dive in a little deeper! So come on, let’s start!

What does it mean to dream about spiders attacking you? General Interpretations

Dreaming of spiders attacking you can indicate that you feel threatened or unsafe by someone in your life or that you might suddenly feel a spark of creative energy.

It is widely believed that people who are optimistic or ready to take challenges often see spiders in their dreams.

That is why in many cultures, spiders are seen as an omen of good luck after hard times. Now let’s see the general interpretations to understand further.

1. You feel threatened or unsafe

Most people find spiders gross and scary and if you’re one of these people, then dreaming of spiders attacking you indicates that you feel scared by someone in your life. Maybe it is a physical, emotional, or spiritual sort of presence that makes you feel uneasy.

2. You will feel a spark of creative energy

Spiders in your dreams can also symbolize creativity and passion. Just imagine how beautifully they create spiderwebs! Probably your dreams indicate your current creative projects in your waking life.

3. There is a strong female presence in your life

Other than creativity, spiders are also representatives of a strong female aura. Is there a female presence in your life that you deeply respect but are also scared of? It can be your mother, sister, girlfriend, or even your boss.

4. Someone is deceiving you

Dreaming about spiders attacking you can also indicate that someone close to you is tricking you. You might trust this person with your whole heart, but they are secretly thinking of ways to bring you down.

5. You need to think of strategies

Did you know that spiders are also considered to be very good strategists? So if one attacks you in your dreams, it might be your mind’s way of telling you that you have to improve your critical thinking skills to succeed.

Dreaming about Spiders Attacking You – 30 Types and Interpretations

Dream interpreters believe that dreaming of a huge spider attacking you symbolizes the arrival of a large project, while dreaming of a black spider attacking you indicates that a close family member will deceive you. Still confused?

Well, the various dreams listed below will help you gain more clarity!

1. Dream about a black spider attacking you

This dream symbolizes your pride. It can either be that you are letting your pride hurt everyone around you or that you keep others away because you feel that they will hurt you.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to put your guard down and not let your pride takeover. If you open yourself up, great things can happen.

2. Dream about a white spider attacking you

This dream denotes that someone close to you is trying to deceive you. You trust this person with all your heart, but unfortunately, they do not reciprocate your feelings and wish to bring you down.

In fact, they might even be conspiring with your enemies to see your downfall. This dream is a sign of not trusting people easily.

3. Dream about a spider attacking and biting you

If a spider attacks and then bites you in your dream, it indicates that a family member or relative of yours will try to tarnish your reputation by spreading false rumors or gossiping.

Their actions will deeply hurt you, but you probably knew all along that this person did not have good intentions.

4. Dream about a spider attacking your leg

If a spider starts to attack your leg in your dreams, be cautious. This is because our legs form the foundation of our body and provide the support on which we stand.

Therefore, something attacking your leg can indicate that a threatening presence is ready to turn your life upside down to your very foundation.

5. Dream about a spider attacking your body

A spider attacking your body is a symbol that you will have an inevitable confrontation with a dominant female presence in your life.

This power is a maternal one, which most probably indicates a clash of interests with your mother, but it can also point toward your sister or even your female partner.

6. Dream about a spider attacking your finger

This is a really important dream as it is a sign from your spiritual guide to never trust anyone blindly. Anyone close to you can backstab you and cause you to feel pain.

You are blindly trusting your circle and telling them your biggest secrets. It’s time to stop oversharing and start fighting alone.

7. Dream about a spider attacking your arm

A spider attacking your arm is a metaphor for your current romantic relationship status. Probably you are facing issues that you’re not even aware of, such as your partner cheating on you.

Or maybe your partner is trying to end the relationship because they feel that you don’t give them enough time.

8. Dream about a spider attacking your face

In the dream world, your face represents how you perceive yourself in front of others. So if a spider is attacking or biting it, it means that you feel insecure that your reputation is being threatened.

But you should also realize that life is not always about physical appearances or social reputation.

9. Dream about a spider hanging over you and attacking

In your dream, if the spider is hanging overhead and it suddenly starts to attack you, it indicates that someone in your waking life is constantly causing you emotional and mental anguish.

This person’s presence is like a bad omen looming overhead, and you don’t know how to get rid of them.

10. Dream about multiple spiders attacking you

If multiple spiders are attacking you in your dreams, it shows that you are exerting yourself too much. It’s a good thing to work hard, but you also need to know when to rest.

Your mind and body are tired so you need to take some time off and give yourself a break. This will rejuvenate you in the long run.

11. Dream about a small spider attacking you

If a small spider attacks you in your dreams, you have nothing to worry about because it simply indicates that you are worrying too much about a minor issue in life.

The situation can actually be handled easily, but because you are overthinking, things seem very complicated. Just take a deep breath and think rationally.

12. Dream about killing a spider attacking you

If you kill a spider that has been attacking you in your dreams, then it is not a good omen. It symbolizes that you tend to jump in too quickly without making proper decisions.

This later causes you trouble, but you believe in acting at the very moment. It’s better to slow down and think things through sometimes.

13. Dream about spiders everywhere attacking you

This can be a terrifying dream indeed! If spiders are everywhere in your dreams and they start jumping on you, it means that the encounter with some sort of female energy in your life is not going well.

Since spiders represent female energy, this dream asks you to be more cautious and practical.

14. Dream about flying spiders attacking you

Even though spiders can’t fly in the waking world, anything is possible in the dream realm. This dream indicates a good mood and success.

All your hard work is going to be rewarded soon because your boss will notice your sincerity. A flying spider stands for growth, progress, and fortune.

15. Dream about a redback spider attacking you

If a redback spider attacks you in your dreams, it can be perceived as either a positive dream or a negative one. Basically, this dream means that you have to give up your old ways of thinking or doing something. It’s time to look at things with a fresh perspective and figure out new things.

16. Dream about spiders crawling and attacking you

If the spiders in your dreams are first crawling toward you and then attacking you, it signifies your shadow self.

There is a dark aspect of your personality that many people aren’t aware of but you secretly wish to get rid of this. But don’t feel bad about yourself, everyone has some secrets or other.

17. Dream about spiders chasing and attacking you

On the other hand, if a spider chases you with all its might and then attacks you, it means that you’re not able to let go of your childlike self.

You are still stuck in a world where you feel that being a child is the best. You have to face problems like an adult now and handle things tactfully.

18. Dream about a spider attacking you and running away

After attacking you, if a spider scurries away in your dreams, it symbolizes that you also tend to run away from a nasty situation that needs your concern.

Instead of solving problems head-on, you try to figure out ways to avoid them. You also like to run away from people or commitments due to your fear.

19. Dream about a pet spider attacking you

Keeping a spider as your pet is a sign of your bravery. So even if it attacks you in your dreams, don’t be scared.

This dream is simply your mind’s way of saying that you are walking on the right path. There may be hurdles in front of you, but you know how to overcome all of them and achieve success.

20. Dream about a jumping spider attacking you

A jumping spider attacking you in your dreams signifies entrapment. Maybe you’re trapped in a fake relationship that is filled with lies and deceit.

Your partner is causing problems in your relationship, but you’re not being able to see it because you believe that they are amazing. It’s time to see the reality now.

21. Dream about a poisonous spider attacking you

A poisonous spider is a sign from your spiritual guide to being cautious. If it starts to attack you in your dreams, it means that your negative emotions are about to get out of control again.

Don’t let these toxic emotions get the better of you; talk to someone trustworthy and share your thoughts with them.

22. Dream about spiders attacking you in your bed

For all of us, our bed is a symbol of comfort and privacy. But if something starts to attack you when you’re lying down or sleeping, it is a metaphor for someone stealing your privacy in waking life.

Alternatively, this dream can also mean that someone will let out your secrets and humiliate you.

23. Dream about a tarantula attacking you

Tarantulas are one of the most venomous spiders on earth and getting a bite from one ensures certain harm or even death.

If you see a tarantula trying to attack you in your dreams, it symbolizes enemies lurking around in your life. You’re not able to see them clearly but they do exist.

24. Dream about a black widow spider attacking you

A black widow spider is also a very dangerous species but this dream denotes positive things.

Even though the black widow might be biting you in your dreams, it actually shows that you are able to stand up and face difficulties no matter what. People might try to bring you down but they won’t succeed.

25. Dream about spiders attacking your hair

If spiders start to attack your hair, it indicates that you’re afraid of someone who is trying to snatch your mental peace.

This person is constantly bothering you, but you don’t know how to get rid of them. Alternatively, it can also indicate an upcoming illness or health concern that will plague you.

26. Dream about a green spider attacking you

Green in the dream world stands for nature and healing. If a green spider is attacking you, don’t be worried because you will soon be blessed with good health in your waking life.

If you or someone you love has been suffering from a painful illness, all of this will go away soon, and happy times will come.

27. Dream about a blue spider attacking you

Blue is also a positive color in the dream realm, so a blue-colored spider stands for happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

If it attacks you in your dreams, it means that you are content with life and you have all that you need, right from a loving family to a faithful partner and a stable job.

28. Dream about a purple spider attacking you

Purple stands for royalty and luxury and if a purple spider is attacking you, then take it as a good sign because your life is about to change.

You will perform a good deed that will elevate your societal position. People will look up to you with awe and you will experience immense growth and development.

29. Dream about a spider attacking along with another insect

A spider attacking you is scary enough, but if another insect starts doing the same alongside the spider, it can be extremely scary.

But actually, the dream meaning is a good one because it denotes spiritual growth and transformation. You are about to go on a journey that will change your entire life’s perspective.

30. Dream about a snake and a spider attacking you

If a spider and a snake attack you together, it means that some of your friends will turn out to be fake.

They will be jealous of your success and badmouth you. But if the snake attacks the spider that is trying to harm you, then it means that your friends will always have your back and protect you.

Spiritual Meaning of dream about spiders attacking you

In many folklore cultures, spiders are said to be messengers of negative omens because they represent uncertainty and problems.

And to humans, anything unknown or uncertain evokes a sense of fear. So having dreams of spiders attacking you can evoke many negative emotions within you.

Biblical Meaning of dream about spiders attacking you

In the Holy Bible, spiders are regarded as positive signs. They instill a sense of awe and respect.

However, the Bible also mentions spiderwebs as temporary homes which are unstable and dangerous. So, dreaming of spiders might be good, but dreaming of spiderwebs is considered unlucky.

Psychological Meaning of dream about spiders attacking you

Psychologically, seeing spiders attacking you in your dreams can make you feel nervous, frightened, or even grossed out.

Maybe in your waking life, your mind is filled with similar negative emotions, which is why they are being manifested in your dreams. But to lead a healthier life, you must change your perspective.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret Spider Attacking you Dreams Correctly

Dreaming of spiders can evoke a lot of emotions within you. But to make sense of them, you have to interpret your dreams first. If you’re having trouble, ask yourself these questions to understand better.

1. How often do you dream about spiders attacking you?

2. What emotions do you feel when you dream about spiders attacking you?

3. Does a spider attack any specific part of your body in your dreams?

4. How big is the spider attacking you in your dreams?

5. Have you dreamed of multiple spiders attacking you at once?

6. Have you dreamed of the same spider attacking you repeatedly?

7. What color is the spider attacking you in your dreams?

8. What kind of spider species attack you in your dreams?

9. Does a spider run away after attacking you or stay in one place?

10. Have you dreamed of killing a spider after it attacks you?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Even though most people fear spiders, seeing one attacking you in your dreams isn’t always a bad sign. It depends on how you feel during the dream and how you interpret the meaning of these dreams when you wake up.

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