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Dream of Pills – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream of Pills – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Sep 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Pills – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations

Would you rather pick the red pill or the blue pill for your dream about pills? Ahm, well, it’s not gonna be that extreme. So be chill.

Dreams about pills can indicate your need to be thorough with everything you do. Often it can also occur because maybe you are taking some pills in your real, waking life or you were thinking of them during some time of the day.

Or, it can be much more or little. Let’s get into it!

Dream about Pills – General Interpretations

Your dream about pills is the sign of your anxieties, inner thoughts, and confusions. It can be negative feelings of diseases, doubts, and fears. Positively it can be a call for wellbeing, carefulness, good health, and hardwork. 

Dreams about pills are associated with deception and betrayal. It also talks about having some physical as well as psychological difficulties in the immediate future.

Such dreams also suggest that you should start paying attention to advice given by others. People will support you in your good times and help you overcome your fears and difficulties.

Following are some of the general interpretations that explain dreams about pills –

1. You should think about making your decisions independently.

2. It is an indication that your body needs rest and you have to recover from exertion and stress.

3. It explores your fears and refers to your vulnerable side.

4. It is a sign of your hesitation with respect to your privacy. You do not want private matters to be disclosed.

5. It suggests that you need to be independent. You cannot depend on others for a sense of security.

6. Dreams state a sense of sharing and companionship.

7. It also signifies obstacles in your personal or business life.

Dream of Pills – 40 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dreams about pills are associated with sharing, affection and companionship. They also represent some obstacles in the path of success. 

A few dream sequences have been elaborated below. Read on to find out the meaning of your dream about pills!

1. Dream about Popping Pills

Dreams about popping pills are indications of being independent in everything you do. You should make your decisions yourself. Often it says that you should take responsibility for your mistakes and improve yourself.

Besides, it can be a sign of your fears, anxieties, and confusions. You might need to work upon your physical and mental health. Often it’s a sign for you to take your well being seriously. 

2.  Dream about Pills in your Hand

Such a dream plot refers to a sense of companionship and care. You share the feelings and grief of others because you care for them. Often it shows that you worry about them because of which you take responsibility for their experiences.

Often it is a sign that you need to take some action in your life. You are in the middle of making a hard decision and it can be an expression of your confusion. 

3. Dream about Small Pills

Such dream plots of small pills indicate the obstacles in the path of your success. They may be small problems that you have to overcome to achieve your goals.

It also highlights your need for freedom and independence.

4.  Dream about Large Pills

If you are dreaming of large pills, it indicates that you have feelings of aggression towards a person or an experience. You are extremely frustrated and feel that your aggression makes it difficult for you to breathe.

You seek immediate relief from problems that are stressing you.

5. Dream about Capsule Pills

If you have dreams about Capsule pills, it represents that there are ideas in your life that you are expected to swallow and accept. You want to rebel against these ideas.

You are hesitant in accepting new rules imposed by others.

6. Dream about Blue Pills

Such dream plots signify certain unavoidable truths. These truths are revealed by others and you are most likely finding it difficult to accept them.

You are determined to not believe everything that others say.

7. Dream about Swallowing Pills

Dreams about swallowing pills are dream symbols of anxiety in waking life. You are anxious because new changes are taking place in your life. You are scared of the unknown.

8. Dream about Seeing Pills

Seeing images of pills in dreams is a positive omen. It is a symbol that predicts the success in your business life. It is associated with the progress you make in your journey towards the achievement of your goals.

9. Dream about Throwing Pills

It is a sign that you will experience some minor emotional turmoil or discomfort in your future.

You have feelings of jealousy and as a result, you are likely to face emotional difficulty.

10. Dream about Taking Pills

It means that something is lacking in your reality. Maybe it is as often associated with physical deficiency of food or essential minerals and vitamins.

It is a sign that you should regulate your diet and maintain good health.

11. Dream about Buying Pills

Such dreams are associated with hypochondriac nature. It suggests that you pay unnecessary attention to minor symptoms in your body. You worry a lot and remain anxious as a result.  

12. Dream about Giving Pills to Someone

It portends that you will cause some harm to the person in real life. You will be the reason that someone experiences pain in some form

13. Dream about Getting Pills from Someone

Such dreams suggest that you will have to undergo some serious hardships to achieve what you deserve. These hardships will challenge your principles.

They will also shock you and shake your foundation of faith in yourself.

14. Dream about Not Finding Pills

This dream is a sign that you will not find a solution to your problems at your darkest times. There will be some difficulty and you will have a hard time to navigate through them.

15. Dream about Storing Different Kinds of Pills

Such scenario with pills of various shapes and sizes usually represent some minor achievements or success in your personal and professional life.

16. Dream about Holding Different Pills

Such dreams are often associated with finding the silver lining in your dark times.

You will have great sufferings in the future but some person or a situation will become a ray of hope and positivity and be your moral support.

17. Dream about Regularly Taking Pills

Your visions suggests that your body is losing its energy very rapidly.

You are exhausted after your hard work. You feel the need to rest to recuperate and recover.

18. Dream about Taking Anti-Pregnancy Pills

Such dreams are manifestations of some conversation you had related to pregnancy and birthing a child.

It is also a sign of some resentment from a friend. You do not want to take anti-pregnancy pills for which you are being scorned.

19. Dream about Pills Traveling Within Body

When you have such dreams, they represent scenarios where you feel you are being taken advantage of.

It is a sign that people are exploiting your patience and kindness.

20.  Dream about Pills Exiting Body

This dream plot suggests that you should try and get rid of people who create obstacles in your path to success.

You should stop acquainting yourself with individuals who prevent you from being true to yourself.

21. Dream about Being Forced to Take Pills

Such dreams are an indication that people are trying to force their ideals upon you. Someone is trying to change your perspective on some topics for personal benefits.

22. Dream about Pills from Cannibals

Such an unusual dream can have an association with a disagreement or conflict in your opinion with others. Someone might not agree with you on something which is causing you emotional turmoil.

23. Dream about Pills Causing Death

You are likely to reveal a side of you that was unknown to people around you. Your partner, friends, family and relatives will be surprised.

This will help you strengthen your bond and relationships. It is a sign of encouragement.

24. Dream about Detoxing with Orange Pills

Dream about detoxing with orange pills point towards the occurrence of some short-term achievement. You will gain success due to the actions of others.

You will be blessed with abundance during this short-term success.

25. Dream about Detoxing with Black Pills

This suggests that you will be in a long phase of utter despair and sadness. You will suffer from frustration.

You will bear loss and misfortune.

26. Dream about Spitting Pills

Spitting of pills is associated with your small or minor rivalry with people you may know. These can cause minor or major difficulties in your life.

It also suggests that your problems will not affect your relationship with your partner.

27. Dream about Pills in Containers

It is a sign that you are working hard to become healthier. You are paying attention to the needs of your body.

28. Dream about Red Pills

It can also be a sign of projection, where you are deceiving yourself. This indicates that you might be victimizing yourself in your dream as well as waking life. 

29. Dream about Sleeping Pills

Dream about sleeping pills shows being ignorant of a situation. It shows that you are not in a situation to actually look at things from a rational perspective. Besides, it can show tiredness, anxiety, and a need for rest. 

30. Dream about Green Pills

It denotes your sharing nature and pleasant companionship. You like to be independent physically and mentally.

It also points towards the importance of taking care of your body. You should work hard and improve your health.

31. Dream about Cyanide Pills

It is mostly a warning sign. Maybe you are getting affected by the negative feelings. You are feeling depressed and unheard. 

In that case, try to work on your healing process. Connect with people who you feel close to. You can make things better. Believe in you. 

32. Dream about Vitamin D Pills

It shows that you are feeling isolated and cold. Maybe you need to get out more and meet more people. 

Often it shows that you are craving for love and warmth. You might feel a need to get out of your loneliness. And that’s good. 

33. Dream about a Pile of Pills 

It shows your exhaustion and tiredness about your current situation. Especially related to health. Maybe it seems like your life only revolves around trying to fix things. You need a rest. 

34. Dream about Swallowing a Mouthful of Pills Together

It shows desperation. Maybe you are in a situation where things are very struggling for you. And this is taking a toll on your mental and physical health. In any way, try to be calm and seek help from your loved ones. 

35. Dream about a Doctor Prescribing You Pills

Often it shows your worry about your health and wellbeing. Maybe you are not doing very well healthwise lately. And it is a sign for you that you need to be more careful about your health. 

36. Dream about a Doctor Prescribing Your Loved Ones Some Pills

Often it shows your worry and care for those you love. You might be feeling anxious about their health. 

Or there might be some kind of problems they are facing in life. And the dream shows your desire to help them. 

37. Dream about Expired Pills

Mostly it is a sign that you are near some kind of threat. And your wrong decisions can harm you a lot. So try to take things in a more positive light and make decisions that matter for you. 

Also don’t take risks. It might look good and safe now but you might regret it later. Listen to your inner voice.

38. Dream about Not Being Able to Swallow a Pill

It shows that you are feeling anxiety and nervousness. Besides, you find yourself in a difficult position where it is hard for you to adapt to the situation. 

At the same time it can be a sign of your inner weakness. Maybe you are someone who finds it hard to see your mistakes. Your ego might need to calm down a bit. Anyway, take it as a chance to work upon yourself.

39. Dream about Someone Putting a Pill in Your Glass 

Often it shows your doubts and a lack of trust in others. It can be a gut feeling especially if you are feeling unsafe in a situation or with some people. It can also be a sign of betrayal and a kind of warning sign that you need to pay heed to. 

40. Dream about Pill Dispenser

Such dreams are indicative of some financial problems and worries in professional lives.

You lack the skills of effective planning and consideration. So maybe you should consider making goals and taking small steps to achieve them.

Psychological Significance of Pills Dream Interpretation

The psychological significance of dreams about pills usually denotes that you are very sensitive and easily influenced. Your nature allows people around you to manipulate you and take advantage of your skills and companionship.

More often it shows that maybe you are anxious about showing your vulnerable side. You hesitate in forming intimate relationships. So take this dream as a sign to work on your fears and grow as a person.

Closing Thoughts

When you are dreaming about pills, it means that you are sensitive. Often it has multiple negative or positive connotations. What depends is how you felt about the dream and how you are going to utilize it in growing as a person. That’s the only pill of positivity you need.