When you dream of being homeless, it symbolizes your fear of losing your prized possessions. It also refers to a lack of peace and satisfaction, spiritual discontentment, and no emotional connection with others.

The surrounding environment and your state of mind help reveal various scenarios.

Before discussing them in detail, let us first try to understand the symbolic meaning of this dream.

Dream of Being Homeless - Intriguing Sequences & Interpretations
Dream of Being Homeless – Intriguing Sequences & Interpretations

What Does It Means To Dream Of Being Homeless? 

It usually points towards the sense of being aloof and staying in an isolated manner. They can even refer to the insecurity you have as far as the financial aspects are concerned. 

Following are some of the general interpretations and their meaning –

  • Lead an Unfulfilled Life

There is a lack of satisfaction from the manner in which your current life is unfolding. Despite having financial stability, there is a gap in your life that you cannot fill.

It also signifies that you are not sure of yourself and always have doubts over your abilities. You have uncertainty about what you want to do in the future.

  • Dearth of Sense of Love and Comfort in Life

It also symbolizes a lack of sense with respect to love and security in life. There are feelings of loneliness because you do not have caring people around. 

You require a sense of security and comfort. It comes from being around those who show genuine love and care for you.

  • Apprehensive of Loss

You are leading your life in perpetual apprehension of losing those things that are close to your heart. 

It also represents that you are worried about your circumstances and surroundings.

  • Taking Things for Granted

This particular instance symbolizes that you are not thankful for the circumstances you face in your life. You take things for granted and do not give sufficient consideration and gratitude to things.

It tells you to adopt an appreciative approach.

  • Feeling of Worthlessness

You feel as if you are of no use to anyone in this life. This thought arises after you have encountered a number of failures on a consistent basis in real life. 

You are not able to come out of the depressed state of mind. It is a warning sign that you must get rid of your demeaning and self-criticizing nature.

Spiritual Meaning of a Homeless Dream

When a homeless person asks for food or money in your subconscious mind, it becomes a symbol that he is praying to the Almighty on your behalf.

Due to this reason, you should not ignore or turn down his plea. You should go ahead and help them in whatever way you can.

It would allow you to receive God’s blessings. You can reap rewards for the future, hence making your life blissful.

Do You Dream of Being Homeless? – Scenarios You Can Encounter

This is an indication that you need to gather yourself and start all over again. Let us discuss the different sequences and see what do they mean-

Dream of being made homeless

This scenario means that you will not manage to keep up your promises. It predicts that you could soon get into financial issues.

Your subconscious mind warns you about the forthcoming consequences. Hence, you should make prior arrangements or have a solid backup plan to deal with the crisis.

Homeless with your family

The sequence denotes that you must avoid making untimely and wrong decisions. There can be far more significant damage compared to the benefits expected out of it. 

You must have a calculative approach and put your emphasis on how to make prudent financial decisions. 

Family member being homeless

It reminds you that you should value and cherish the things you have in your life.

Probably, you are taking your whole family for granted. Due to this reason, you are distancing yourself from them by choice. 

Homeless in your own city

The plot signifies that you feel completely lost in your place of stay. It is because you are unable to get a sense of belongingness.

You cannot connect mentally or socially with those people surrounding you. There is a feeling within you to suggest that people around are not giving you the love and support you expect.

Homeless in a different city

You are feeling a lack of purpose in life. There is a lack of direction for yourself as to what you want to become or where you wish to go in your life.

It also signifies that you are making an attempt to get away from your problems. This sequence tells you to embrace your culture instead of copying the foreign. 

Being homeless and pregnant

This scenario is an ominous sign. You will face a number of displeasures and disappointments in your personal and professional lives. 

Hence, it tells you to practice caution while taking any step. You can avoid the emergence of unnecessary problems. 

Homeless and barefoot

You have a sense of guilt and are regretful for having done something in your life. Possibly you feel ashamed of your choices in the past. 

You might also feel guilty for not helping a person in his time of need. There is sadness and empathy within you for behaving in a cold and ignorant manner in the past.

You can even see dreams with homeless people resorting to various activities and impacting your life directly or indirectly. Following are those sequences:

Working at a homeless shelter

This scenario refers to possible job opportunities. Maybe you have offered your help to someone, and because of that reason, some opportunity has opened up for you. 

Feeding homeless people

It means you will offer help to people who are struggling, unstable, and fighting for survival. This happens when you give them food to eat and shelter to stay. 

Helping the homeless with medicines

The plot signifies that you will soon offer an unwanted suggestion to people affected by addiction. It suggests that your advice and interventions will not help them in any way. 

Homeless people attacking you

You will attract unnecessary attention and gossip from people who are mentally ill. Please be careful about whom you would want to invite into your life.

It is so because other people could see you as a threat to their region and might act aggressively against you.

Homeless people chasing you

The sequence comes as a warning sign. You have a bad habit that could finally lead you to become homeless.

Therefore, make sure to take extra caution as these habits can change your whole life for the worst.

Arguing and fighting with homeless

It indicates that you intend to convince demotivated people in your waking life. You want to motivate and make them confident of achieving their dreams.

This plot is particularly true if you see your friend becoming homeless. The subconscious mind is constantly thinking about your friend’s well-being.

Homeless person pooping in public

The plot signifies that you will very soon make money in an unethical manner.

You might take undue advantage of others and use them to fulfill your needs. Even though you will earn short-term gains, they will lead you to long-term problems in the future.

Tearing down a homeless tent

It foresees unwanted complications in all your endeavors. You will like to achieve your goals without any hindrance, but unfortunately, that will not happen.

There will be an urge to sacrifice something of great importance that belongs to someone else. 

Dying homeless

Your life has not attained fulfillment as of now. There is still a lot that you can achieve. Moreover, you feel as if your life has no purpose. 

This sequence comes as a reminder about utilizing your time in the best possible manner. It would enable you to get a sense of fulfillment.

Moving and transporting homeless

You want to get something out of your life. It is a common plot that you can come across after you have gone through a breakup.

Alternatively, it also appears if a relationship is about to end. It is symbolic of your need to clean up your home and, in turn, your life as a whole. 

Different Animals/Individuals Being Homeless

Your subconscious mind can enable you to see different types of homeless people and animals in dreams. 

Their interpretations are listed below:

An old homeless person

It signifies your need to get rid of dealing with risky monetary transactions. The plot tells you to become a lot smarter and adopt a conservative approach in how you wish to spend and save money.

Alternatively, it also reflects the apprehension about how you could turn your life and change things around.

Homeless mother and child

This is a sign of frustration that you are having about the society or your hometown. You feel as if you have nowhere to go and do not possess the ability to help others. 

A homeless dog

The sequence means you require to be a lot more resourceful. Other than this, you should also make the best out of an unfavorable situation.

Dream of Being Homeless – Psychological Perspective

You lose your balance and firm grip over your life. It might be ideal for you to pay close attention to the kind of lifestyle you maintain. 

On top of this, you should also focus on the society with which you surround yourself. Possibly someone has had a bad influence on your life.

It also directs towards feelings of poor social value. On both conscious and subconscious levels, you feel inadequate.

When things turn from bad to worse, it could also result in social isolation. Hence it is necessary to take this as a warning. 


The dream about being homeless says a lot about the strength and personal character we must possess, even if things do not go according to how we want in life. 

When you face adverse circumstances, you should try to rise above all your problems. The same thing applies to anyone in your society who could land up in tight situations in life.

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