Dream of fire burning buildings indicates that you will soon cut people off or that someone will take revenge on you.

Alternatively, it can also imply that you will soon gain knowledge and wisdom or that you feel overwhelmed with emotions.

Fire Burning Building Dreams – General Interpretations

We have all seen burning buildings in movies or have read about them in books.

Even though a building engulfed in fire is a dangerous thing, your dreams can also signal to you about a lot of positive things, since fire is also known as the sign of purity.

So come on, let’s check out the general interpretations.

  • You will cut people off from your life
  • Someone will take revenge on you
  • You will become wise and intelligent
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You will have a passionate affair

Dream About Fire Burning a Building – Various Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreaming of being trapped in a burning building indicates that you are suffocated in your waking life, while dreaming of seeing someone else trapped shows that you will face problems with this person.

Still not sure? Then keep scrolling to see more such detailed dream interpretations!

Dream of open fire burning a building

If you watch an open fire burning a building right before your eyes, it indicates that something good is soon going to happen in your personal life, most probably related to your romantic relationship.

Dream of dying from burns in a fire burning building

If you are dying or nearly dead in the burning building because your burns are too serious, then this is not a positive omen.

It means that you will soon uncover an aspect of your personality that you won’t like at all.

Dream of dying from suffocation from burns in a fire-burning building

It means that someone is actually trying to choke or restrict you in your waking life.

Starting a fire which burns the building

This means that you are being careless in your real life. Here, the act of starting the fire is a metaphor for doing sloppy work.

Trying to stop the fire which burns the building

This dream suggests that you will soon have to take the blame for someone else’s irresponsibility, especially in your workplace.

A firefighter jumping into the fire in a burning building

Seeing a firefighter who tries to enter the burning building to save people is a positive omen.

It means that you will soon fall into trouble for a mistake, but someone will come exactly at the right moment to save you.

A fire burning an empty building

If a fire is burning a completely-empty building, then it is not a good sign because it represents emptiness in your life.

Seeing blue fire burning a building

Even though blue flames are very uncommon, anything is possible in the dream realm. So if you see a blue-colored fire engulfing the whole building, it means that you need to keep your mind more open to possibilities.

Seeing red fire burning a building

If the flames in the building are bright red or orange-red, then this refers to a passionate love relationship. Even though red is the color of danger, it is also the color of love.

Seeing green fire burning a building

Green is the color of jealousy but also of nature. So, depending on the other dream details, you can interpret it either as positive or negative.

Fire burning from gas in a building

It means that you’ll end up in a conflict with a female presence in your life.

Fire burning your office building

If the raging fire is burning your office building, it indicates that your current job won’t satisfy you, and you’ll soon start to seek other jobs.

Fire brigade putting out fire in a burning building

An entire team of fire brigade putting out flames inside a burning building in your dreams is a positive sign. You’ll soon consult a close friend or relative for some advice related to your career.

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