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Dream of Fire Burning Building – 20 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Fire Burning Building – 20 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Feb 10, 2023 | Published on Jan 31, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Fire Burning a Building - 20 Types and Interpretations

If you had a dream of a fire burning building, then it can have many different interpretations. According to dream experts, a burning building is an indication of anger and revenge, but there are so many more interpretations! ṣ

So if you wish to get all the answers to your burning questions, then let’s get started!

Fire Burning Building Dreams – General Interpretations

Dream of fire burning buildings indicates that you will soon cut people off or that someone will take revenge on you. Alternatively, it can also imply that you will soon gain knowledge and wisdom or that you feel overwhelmed with emotions.

We have all seen burning buildings in movies or have read about them in books. Even though a building engulfed in fire is a dangerous thing, your dreams can also signal to you about a lot of positive things, since fire is also known as the sign of purity.

So come on, let’s check out the general interpretations.

1. You will cut people off from your life

One very common dream meaning of fire burning a building is that you will soon destroy or burn old bridges. You will cut off people who are toxic and have tried to harm you.

You might have wanted to cut them off for a long time, but you never really had the courage to actually do it. But now, you are filled with mental strength.

2. Someone will take revenge on you

Another common interpretation of a burning building is that someone will try to exact their revenge by harming you.

You had probably harmed someone or done something bad to them unknowingly many years back. Even though you forgot about this, they haven’t. And now they want to bring your downfall.

3. You will become wise and intelligent

One positive dream interpretation of seeing a burning building is that you will burn or let go of your old self.

Your spiritual guide has seen your hard work and efforts and now wants you to transform into a new version of yourself. You will become much wiser and more intelligent and learn about your true purpose.

4. You feel overwhelmed

Dreaming of a fire burning a building can also mean that your emotions are overwhelming your mind right now.

Here, the building is a metaphor for your mind and the fire is a symbol of how you are constantly being tortured by your negative thoughts and feelings. Your mind is not in the right place now.

5. You will have a passionate affair

Since fire is also known as the sign of eternal love, a burning building can also indicate that you will soon have a steamy and passionate affair with someone, most probably one of your friends or coworkers.

Not a lot of people will know about your relationship, but it will work out for the best in the long run.

Dream About Fire Burning a Building – 20 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreaming of being trapped in a burning building indicates that you are suffocated in your waking life, while dreaming of seeing someone else trapped shows that you will face problems with this person.

Still not sure? Then keep scrolling to see more such detailed dream interpretations!

1. Dream of open fire burning a building

If you watch an open fire burning a building right before your eyes, it indicates that something good is soon going to happen in your personal life, most probably related to your romantic relationship.

If you’re single right now, you will soon find the person of your dreams who will love you unconditionally.

If you’re already dating someone, then this indicates the progress of your relationship into marriage.

2. Dream of dying from burns in a fire burning building

On the other hand, if you are dying or nearly dead in the burning building because your burns are too serious, then this is not a positive omen.

It means that you will soon uncover an aspect of your personality that you won’t like at all.

For example, someone will point out that you are overconfident, and even though you won’t believe them at first, you’ll realize that they were right.

3. Dream of dying from suffocation from burns in a fire-burning building

On the other hand, if you feel that the smoke from the fire is choking you and you’re dying inside the building, then it means that someone is actually trying to choke or restrict you in your waking life.

This person is most probably your romantic partner, who believes that they are the master in this relationship.

You need to talk with your partner and be bold, or else things will go from bad to worse.

4. Dream of starting a fire which burns the building

If you see that you’re the one who accidentally started the fire which caused the entire building to burn, it means that you are being careless in your real life. Here, the act of starting the fire is a metaphor for doing sloppy work.

Just like a raging fire can have dire consequences, your inability to do proper work will also have negative consequences in the future. So, you need to be more careful.

5. Dream of trying to stop the fire which burns the building

Similar to the dream, the interpretation is actually quite easy to figure out. This dream suggests that you will soon have to take the blame for someone else’s irresponsibility, especially in your workplace.

Maybe one of your teammates will forget to produce good content or will do something wrong, but your superiors will blame you for not being responsible enough.

6. Dream of seeing a stranger on fire in a burning building

If another person is burning or suffering inside a burning building and you’re not able to help them out in any way, it indicates that you will soon experience things in life that will be beyond your control.

No matter how much you try to change things, fate will not always be in your hands. So instead of falling apart or being overwhelmed, you should look at the positive side of things.

7. Dream of a firefighter jumping into the fire in a burning building

Seeing a firefighter who tries to enter the burning building to save people is a positive omen.

It means that you will soon fall into trouble for a mistake, but someone will come exactly at the right moment to save you.

Your small mistake will lead to huge problems, and you won’t be able to figure out any solution but don’t worry, this unknown person will prove to be a true friend and give you a proper solution.

8. Dream of seeing a known person on fire in a burning building

If a known person, such as a friend or a relative, is stuck inside a burning building, it indicates that this person will soon come to you for help.

They will fall into some sort of financial trouble and come to you to provide a solution. Even if you don’t wish to help them, you shouldn’t turn them away because they desperately need you.

So, keep an eye out for anyone in your social circle who might need you.

9. Dream of a fire burning an empty building

If a fire is burning a completely-empty building, then it is not a good sign because it represents emptiness in your life.

Even though you have everything in life, right from a good job to a lot of money, something in your life is missing.

Perhaps you miss the warmth of your family or you are single in your love life when everyone else is committed. But don’t be disheartened because things will get better.

10. Dream of seeing blue fire burning a building

Even though blue flames are very uncommon, anything is possible in the dream realm. So if you see a blue-colored fire engulfing the whole building, it means that you need to keep your mind more open to possibilities.

Since blue is regarded as the color of openness and calmness, this dream can hint at your calm personality. If you believe in good things, then you will soon start to attract them.

11. Dream of seeing red fire burning a building

If the flames in the building are bright red or orange-red, then this refers to a passionate love relationship. Even though red is the color of danger, it is also the color of love.

So, this dream is a signal that although you will fall in love with someone, the affair won’t be a healthy one, most probably because your partner will turn out to be completely different from what you thought.

12. Dream of seeing green fire burning a building

In the dream realm, green is the color of jealousy but also of nature. So, depending on the other dream details, you can interpret it either as positive or negative.

The positive meaning is that you like to be in the lap of nature and enjoy beautiful landscapes. But the negative meaning indicates that someone you know is jealous of your success and fame.

They will probably even try to harm you.

13. Dream of fire burning from gas in a building

If the fire that spread inside the building was caused due to a gas leakage, then it means that you’ll end up in a conflict with a female presence in your life.

This female can be someone in your family, such as your mother or your wife, but can also be a friend or a coworker.

You both will have a heated argument about something and not speak for days. But later, everything will get sorted out.

14. Dream of hearing fire alarm after fire is burning a building

Even though a fire alarm is really useful once the fire spreads, in your dreams, this is not a good sign. It means that your spiritual guide is warning you of an upcoming danger that you’re ignoring.

Due to your careless nature, you have missed out on something important and now you will face some danger ahead. But you still have time to wake up and realize that things around you are not right.

15. Dream of fire burning your office building

If the raging fire is burning your office building, it indicates that your current job won’t satisfy you, and you’ll soon start to seek other jobs.

Even though everything was going fine in your career, you didn’t like your job because it got boring. So now you want to do something that has thrill and adventure.

Fortunately for you, there will be a perfect job where you’ll be able to take risks.

16. Dream of fire brigade putting out fire in a burning building

An entire team of fire brigade putting out flames inside a burning building in your dreams is a positive sign. You’ll soon consult a close friend or relative for some advice related to your career.

Even though this career isn’t ideally acknowledged in society, you still want to pursue it because you’re obsessed. Even though a lot of people might not support you, you should still follow your passion.

17. Dream of a small fire burning a building

If the fire inside the building is relatively small and harmless, then it means that you’re worrying too much about a small problem.

Everyone around you knows that this problem is very minor and will soon dissolve on its own but you think that this is a great danger.

You need to take a break and relax for a while because this constant stress is taking a toll on your physical and mental health.

18. Dream of fire burning from a candle in a building

In your dreams, if the source of the fire was a simple candle, it symbolizes that you shouldn’t get depressed by dark times in your waking life because everything will soon work out splendidly.

You might feel that things aren’t going your way and nobody’s there by your side but even when you are alone, your spiritual guide is there with you. You just need to be brave and not give up easily.

19. Dream of seeing fire and smoke in a burning building

Dreaming of seeing fire and smoke together in a burning building is not a positive omen. You will face major problems in all sectors of your life because of your short temper.

Even though you mean well, your words often come out as rude and direct, which is why people tend to avoid you. You should realize that sometimes, offering emotional support is more important than being straightforward.

20. Dream of fire spreading from one building to another

If multiple buildings catch fire in your dreams, it is actually a good sign. It shows that you are a loyal friend to your circle and would do anything to protect them. This dream is also a sign for your empathy and concern for others.

Your kind nature and willingness to help out your friends in need is what makes you so popular. You are determined to prove your worth in front of your friends.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of fire burning a building

Spiritually, fire is seen as a symbol of power and purity. In many cultures, it is believed that fire stands for eternal love, which is why the bride and groom keep the fire as their witness while marrying.

In other cultures, people used to worship fire and sacrifice various plants and animals to please their gods and goddesses.

Biblical Interpretation of dream of fire burning a building

According to the Bible, seeing a fire burning up a building is a positive message from God. He has listened to you and wants to help you to solve all your life’s problems.

God has ultimate power in our universe and there’s nothing that He can’t do. So all you need is to have faith in Him and trust His process.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of fire burning a building

According to psychology, a burning building in your dreams is not a good sign because it represents a burnt-out mind. You feel tired and anxious to the point where your mind has nearly stopped working.

You need to sort out your life properly or else things will get worse and you will be even more overwhelmed.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your dreams of fire burning building correctly

After suddenly waking up from a dream, your brain might feel fuzzy and you’re more likely to forget the dream details. But worry not because these questions will help you to interpret your dreams accurately!

1. How often do you dream of a fire burning a building?

2. How do you feel when you dream of a fire burning a building?

3. What sort of building do you see burning in your dreams?

4. How big or small is the fire that is burning the building in your dreams?

5. How did the fire start in your dreams?

6. Have you dreamt of being stuck in a burning building?

7. Have you seen someone else stuck in a burning building in your dreams?

8. Do you dream of rescuing someone from a burning building?

9. Have you ever dreamt of being a firefighter and seeing a burning building?

10. Have you dreamt of anyone getting killed in a burning building?

A word from ThePleasantDream

So, dear reader, now that you know what your dreams indicate, how do you take the next step? Well, all you have to do is interpret the dream details correctly and apply the message in your waking life!

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