Dream of massages represents your overburdened life and asks you to relax a bit. Moreover, it represents your sexual desires, loneliness, or health concerns.

General Dream Interpretations of Massage

Massages soothe your body and drain away all the exhaustion. So, you might expect your dreams of massages to share the news that can calm your nerves.

However, whether that’s the truth or not, let’s find out…

You feel overwhelmed – This says you are burdened with too many responsibilities to fulfill. Thus, you feel overwhelmed because you have to finish them all single-handedly. 

You need to look after your health – Massage dreams also ask you to focus on your physical and mental health as stress has negatively affected you.

You feel lonely – It often says you want people to come and support you to face your problems. But you find nobody there. Thus, you feel lonely in your life.

You will resolve problems – Sometimes, It denotes there are too many problems around you from the past. But you will successfully resolve them.

You desire intimacy – It says you like someone and want to get intimate with them. You have strong sexual fantasies that you wish to express.

Massage Dream Meaning – Various Types & Their Meanings

Dreaming of a foot massage shows you’re overwhelmed but dreams of a palm massage indicate you treat your loved ones indifferently.

Similarly, various other details convey different messages. So, if you remember the finer parts of your dream, find yours now…

Erotic massage dream meaning

Dream of erotic massage asks you to relax because you have recently experienced many stressful times. Alternatively, this dream represents that you want an intimate relationship with someone.

Foot massage dream meaning

It says you are feeling overwhelmed in your waking life. You probably need someone’s support to move forward in your life.

Back massage

It denotes you aren’t getting adequate support from others to relieve your tensions. Even if you don’t pay attention to people around you or ask about their well-being, care for them in other ways to get support when necessary.

Neck massage

Dream of neck massage indicates your need to get relieved from emotional stress. If you enjoy this neck massage, it depicts self-care. But if this massage is painful, it asks you to address some pending issues.

Shoulder massage

Dream of a shoulder massage shows you are overburdened. You have too many responsibilities to fulfil and you need help. You are stressed so the dream asks you to relax.

Heart massage

This says you want to feel emotionally balanced. You also need someone to care for you physically. The dream asks you to slow down and relax a bit.

Hand massage

It is a sign of healing and comfort.

Having an erection during massage

Dream of having an erection during massage denotes some sexual tension in your relationship. Talk to your partner about it. If you aren’t in a relationship, the dream asks you to explore your sexuality.

Giving a massage to a loved one

It means you want to tell them something in your real life. It’s either an expression of your love for them or information about something important.

Being massaged

Dream of being massaged says you will experience happiness in the near future.

Pleasant massage

It says you are unable to control a problem because you avoided it initially. Now it has become so huge that you don’t know how to deal with it.

Painful massage

It indicates your expectations will not be met despite investing much time and effort.

Facial massage

It says you are uncertain if you must trust someone who has cheated on you once for the second time.

Head massage

Dream of a head massage asks you to not ask others to follow your opinions. Everyone has their own perspective, so let them follow that.

Palm massage

It asks you to be more affectionate. You are being very cold towards others instead of acting with love towards your near ones.

Belly massage

Dream of belly massage depicts the loss of self-esteem.

Dream of a masseuse

It denotes a disease that has not shown any symptoms yet.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Massage dreams aren’t a cue for you to book a spa appointment. However, if you believe that, go ahead and enjoy a self-love session.

But you must still go through the list and find the opinion of dream experts. If you follow the necessary steps, you will save yourself from any regrets.

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