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55 Types of Tarantula Dreams and Their Meanings

55 Types of Tarantula Dreams and Their Meanings

Updated on Dec 21, 2022 | Published on Oct 20, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Tarantula Dream - 55 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Tarantula dreams can be terrifying and creepy. This can scare you and make you think something bad will happen in the near future because you might have experienced weird feelings in dreams. 

Dreaming of a tarantula symbolizes your fears and anxieties. This dream also indicates that there is some danger in your waking life.

Tarantula Dream - 55 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Tarantula Dream – 55 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Tarantula Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Dreams about tarantulas tell you about the hidden aspects of your life. The dream alerts you about the upcoming danger in your life so that you can be cautious and attuned to your surroundings. 

Dreaming of tarantulas tells a lot about your hidden aspects of life. As per the dream book, tarantulas in dreams represent your own self as well as good luck. 

This dream indicates that you need to understand the beliefs, fears, and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Every insect represents something and tarantulas in dreams represent danger and uncertainty. Therefore, to dream of tarantulas represents personal danger. 

To interpret the meaning of your dream accurately, you must analyze your current situation and then consider all the details of your dream. 

If you experience stress, loneliness, and uncertainty in your waking life then the tarantula dream is indicative of your inner state of worry and stress.

 It’s possible you have some fake people around you who are trying to hurt or bring you down. As a whole, this dream warns that you could be hurt by various means, such as betrayal from a close friend or in love. So, it’s best to maintain your distance from those who hurt you. 

In some situations, dreaming of tarantulas is a positive omen for your future. If you kill tarantulas in your dream this means you will defeat your enemies. It also signals to you that you will be appreciated for your efforts and you may get a promotion. 

If you are a woman, dreaming of tarantulas suggests you should be careful about other people’s intentions and not be blinded by people’s words. 

And If you are a male, then this dream suggests you should use more logic in your work life and not let others interfere with your decisions. 

What does it mean when you dream about tarantulas?

The meaning of a tarantula dream varies depending on the various aspects and details of the dream. However, there are a few things that are somewhat common in all dreams that could give you some insights into your dreams’ meaning. 

Listed below are some of the common reasons why you dream about tarantula spiders. 

1. Impatience 

In dreams, tarantulas represent a lack of patience. It is a warning to you, if you seek quick results as sometimes good things take time to manifest.

If you keep on obsessing over the results of your work, you may become anxious and restless, and this may affect your overall health. 

2. Controlling Nature 

Dreaming of tarantulas can also indicate you need to let things go occasionally. You need to take a step back and relax. If you are someone who likes to control everything in their life. 

It may seem at first as if things are not going your way, but you’ll find the results work in your favor in the end, so it would be best if you let things happen at their own pace. 

Alternatively, if you work against the natural flow and overdo things, you may end up messing things up and failing. 

3. Have Faith 

The dream reassures you that you will be fine no matter what your work or personal struggles are, you just have to keep doing what you are doing and have faith. However, you may doubt things at first, but it will all work out in the end. 

4. A push to accomplish more 

Seeing tarantulas in your dreams may inspire you to work hard and keep moving forward. Even though you may need to pause and reflect from time to time in your waking life, you should continue to move forward and grow as an individual. 

5. Forces against you might exist 

The dream could also be a glimpse into the forces that are working for you, non-threatening forces but someone who is secretly working for you. Along with this, you should also trust your instincts and keep moving forward as this will result in good results in the long run. 

6. Seeking new understanding 

Tarantulas appear in dreams when you need to change your perspective or face the truth instead of running from it. To discover new aspects of life, you need to pay attention to things and the people around you.

It may be helpful to spend more time with friends and family to understand them better. 

In addition, you need to watch out for your surroundings and be aware of their intentions and keep your distance from people who may seem fishy or fake.

In order to progress and discover new things, you must shift your perspective. 

7. Fake friends around you 

If you see a tarantula in your dream, then you should let go of some friends because their values are not aligned with yours. Perhaps they aren’t your true friends and are faking things on your face. 

When you see a tarantula crawling over your body in your dream, it’s telling you to be aware of the people around you and separate the real ones from the fakes. 

8. You may be obsessed with tarantulas

If you watch films, documentaries, read books and watch TV shows about tarantulas then it is no wonder that you dream about tarantulas. It is just your subconscious processing the information. 

Tarantula Dream – 55 Scenarios and Their Meanings

1. Dream about a tarantula crossing your path 

The dream is a sign of admiration and success. It suggests your creativity and clarity about your vision, which will enable you to reach your goals and stand out. Also, you will receive appreciation in your waking life for your work. 

2. Dream about tarantula spider 

An appearance of a tarantula spider in your dream generally indicates that you are putting off dealing with something that needs your immediate attention. If you keep ignoring the matter then you have to face serious consequences.  

3. Dream about seeing a tarantula coming towards you 

The dream plot represents betrayal. Keep an open eye on your surroundings as you may have some friends who are faking on your face while being clever underneath. 

It is always wise to maintain a certain distance from such people as they can easily backstab you when you least expect them. 

4. Dream about being stung by a tarantula

Dreaming of being stung by a tarantula is a bad omen, meaning that you will encounter some difficulties in the future. A tarantula sting in the dream symbolizes the pain caused by the problem. 

You might encounter the problem at work, school, or with someone you know. The best thing you can do is to be mentally prepared and attentive to your surroundings. 

You may keep your distance from those who might hurt you, or you may consider being more aware of individuals with whom you chat and share things. 

5. Dream of holding a tarantula 

The dream of holding a tarantula in your hands represents that you have succeeded in impressing someone who is not easily pleased with your behavior and gestures. 

Your dream suggests that you have plenty of opportunities to impress others in your life with your abilities. Therefore, this can be a good time to focus your energy in the right direction to make the most of it.  

6. Dream about lots of tarantula 

Dreaming of a lot of tarantulas is a sign of support from your loved ones and friends. Dreams represent that you can count on your family and friends in difficult times. You can trust and rely on them no matter what. 

In the event that you are trying out something new and need support, you can rely on these people no matter what. 

7. Dream about a small tarantula 

You are not learning from your mistakes and moving aimlessly through life when you see the small tarantula in your dream. Without reflection and improvement, you may find yourself in trouble. 

If you have never been part of unhealthy behaviors, then the dream indicates that you might be affected by the past actions you have taken, which may affect your present and future. You should be more diligent and refrain from unethical behavior in the near future. 

8. Dreaming of killing a tarantula 

It is best to pay attention to the pitfalls when you find yourself in some tough situation unexpectedly as it may ruin your reputation. 

According to Medea’s interpretation, killing a tarantula in a dream signifies your power over your circumstances. It states that you must be prepared to confront your fears and phobias in order to improve your confidence and determination. 

9. Dream about owning a tarantula 

Dreaming that you own tarantulas when you fear them can symbolize facing your fears in real life. This dream may be a warning to prepare for unforeseen events or experiences in the near future. 

10. Dream about tarantula spinning silk 

A tarantula spinning silk in your dream is a sign that your hard work will pay off and you will be rewarded for your efforts. You might get a promotion or a big reward for your hard work. 

Don’t let anything stand in the way of your hard work. Keep working with high spirit and dedication as you are meant to achieve greater heights.  

11. Dream about a tarantula nest 

Tarantula nest in dreams is a sign that you possess great potential to reach your dreams, but until you acknowledge that potential, you will not be able to maximize it. Your dream could be an indication that you are holding back your feelings. 

You need to reflect and analyze what you are fearing and what is holding you back from being authentic.

Furthermore, if you see a tarantula coming out of the silk burrow then it means that you have finally been expressing your thoughts. 

12. Dream about pregnant tarantula laying eggs 

The dream is an indication of pregnancy. Your dream may indicate that someone you know is going to get pregnant soon, and if you have recently been planning a pregnancy, this dream is a positive omen. 

13. Dream about tarantula climbing up or down a wall 

A dream of a tarantula climbing up to the wall signifies that your desires have been realized, and a dream of a tarantula climbing down to the wall signifies that you are trapped in a bind and unable to escape. This can be a relationship or a work issue. 

It would be better if you could recall other small details that could help you in interpreting your dream more precisely and you may have a better understanding of how to respond in a situation.  

14. Dream about falling a tarantula 

The dream of falling a tarantula indicates that you might soon lose some close friends due to misunderstandings or unresolved issues. 

A dream like this is a warning that it is wise to prepare for any future similar situations so that you can avoid them or handle them with much more maturity. 

15. Dream about two spiders fighting

When two spiders fight, it symbolizes a fight between close friends, family members, or coworkers, due to a hidden reason or power play. Your dream suggests that you should avoid getting involved in such disputes. 

16. Dream about a dead tarantula 

It is an indication that you have finally overcome the feminine temptations. If you are a man, then the dream represents your successful escape from the embrace of the temptress who had you in her sights. 

If you are a woman, you might have been able to resist the temptation to use your feminine wiles on an unsuspecting man in order to get what you want by playing straight instead of conniving. 

17. Dream about having a tarantula tattoo

In dreams, tattoos evoke various emotions such as fear, bravery, excitement, and admiration. Getting a tarantula tattoo is a sign of bravery when it comes to expressing your creative side. And If you are overzealous, you may end up messing up your work.

Make sure you balance everything and say no more than what is necessary in order to prevent problems.  

18. Dream of seeing a tarantula in a jar

A tarantula in a jar dream is an indication that someone is plotting against you. You should be alert and stay away from people whom you doubt or are suspicious about. 

19. Dream about feeding a tarantula 

Dreaming of feeding a tarantula has dual meanings.  You can understand this as a sign of reconciliation with your inner self, but it can also signify a newfound understanding with a longtime adversary.

20. Black hairy tarantula

You will be able to overcome all obstacles if you have an unfurled black hairy tarantula on your clothes. Moreover, it suggests that you will be able to communicate with your opponents well. Eventually, you might find a language that you’ll both be able to understand. 

If women dream of black tarantulas, they might end up in a scandal when they talk to their partners about it. Such a vision can also be interpreted as an indication of serious illness.

21. Dream of being afraid of tarantula in dream 

According to Modern Dreambook, If you get frightened by a tarantula in your dream, it is a symbol of remorse for some past deed. In dreams, the image can be a harbinger of getting bad news in the form of a letter or greeting card.

22. Dream about big tarantulas 

It indicates the severity of your problems based on the size of the tarantula in your dream.  If you have spotted the big tarantula in your dream then it signifies that you are going to have some serious challenges in the near future.

The bigger the tarantula in your dream, the harder it will be to solve the problem. In general, the dream of a tarantula is associated with financial and work-related issues, but according to the dream context, a big tarantula symbolizes a big challenge in your life. 

23. Dream of tarantula attack

As the thought of a tarantula attacking you is frightening, the dream of a tarantula attacking you signifies that your problems are keeping you awake and making you restless. You are unable to live with ease with the heaviness of fear over your chest. 

It’s time to let go and make room for forgiveness and understanding. If you were betrayed or did something bad to someone you feel guilty about it.

24. Dream about tarantula chasing you  

A dream of a tarantula chasing you means you need to be more mature in life and deal with situations maturely. You must face your problems and responsibilities rather than trying to escape from them. 

25. Dream about tarantulas as your pet 

Dreaming of owning a tarantula as a pet is a sign of good fortune and opportunity. It could be a new project, job, or promotion in the near future. 

26. Dreaming of tarantula a biting you 

This dream is an omen of bad luck. You may face inconvenience in the near future due to your bad behavior. The dream is a warning to avoid criticizing or gossiping about someone at work. Otherwise, your reputation will be tainted at work. Use your words and actions carefully.  

The message is meant to warn you that you need to be cautious about the people around you as they may want to cause you harm or provoke you to do something wrong they can use against you. 

On the other hand, the dream indicates that your words and actions can have an impact on those around you. Perhaps the people around you will be fascinated by your fine behavior and gestures. You have the opportunity to show them who you really are and what you can do.

27. Dream about a lot of tarantula spiders in one place 

Dreaming of lots of tarantulas at one place is a positive sign, it signifies that you will receive help from close family and friends when you need it. The dream states that when you need help, you should ask for it as you are surrounded by supportive people. 

28. Dream about tarantula tickling you 

Tarantulas trickling in a dream is an indication of good fortune. This dream encourages you to relax and take some time away from work. 

29. Dream about giant tarantulas 

Dreaming of a giant tarantula represents your tendency to exaggerate things in your life. There are times when things in life seem big, but in reality, they are not as big as they seem.

Therefore you need to think twice before you form a perception in your mind about something.  

30. Dream about tarantula lost 

The lost tarantula dream is an omen of uncertainty, and it indicates that you are disconnected from life. The reason could be stress or events in life that made you feel detached or less involved in day-to-day activities. 

According to the dream scenario, tarantulas in dreams are symbolic of a relationship and commitment. There’s a fear in your heart that your secrets may be revealed. You must change your perspective.  

On the other hand, the dream indicates that someone is working against you. 

31. Dream about tarantula in bed 

The dream of tarantulas in bed represents your creative talents and fresh outlook on life. It shows that you are giving up things that don’t align with your values and are starting over. However, you may feel helpless in some aspects of your life. 

Don’t let the hurdles prevent you from reaching your goals, face them and keep moving. Additionally,  the dream tells you to dig deep into your subconscious as you have suppressed something that needs to be worked on for a long time. 

32. Dream about tarantula crawling 

Dreams represent the freedom to live your life on your own terms. This also reveals the desires you hold in your subconscious mind that you want to pursue in a relationship, but are afraid to pursue. You need to be careful, though, as it may put your friendship at risk. 

If you need a piece of advice, ask someone you trust instead of trying to solve it on your own. It’s time to do things differently. 

33. Dream about tarantula in house 

You need to strengthen your relationships with others if you dream about tarantulas in your home. It may also feel like some of your repressed emotions are coming to the surface. 

Tarantulas are a sign of awakening and emotional conflict. In order to capitalize on the opportunities around you, you must be strong and smart. If you work hard, you will achieve your goals. 

Additionally, the dream indicates that you are making progress in life, but you must evaluate the consequences of your actions. 

34. Dream about tarantula on my head 

Your dream plot suggests you are ready to face your issues and fears. You might notice that you are experiencing a new feeling of harmony in your life and that the universe is working in your favor. Yet there are still things you need to work on.

Alternatively, the dream is a sign to establish some boundaries and also to withdraw from others. Your dream suggests that you are approaching life from a people-oriented position. You need to discover your true self and also to stop being swayed by the opinions of others. 

35. Dream about tarantula jumping on me

Tarantulas jumping on you in a dream is an indication that you need to share some responsibilities.

You may realize that your true self has been revealed. The sudden awakening may leave you questioning a few things. Therefore, you need to prepare for the changes ahead. 

36. Dream about baby tarantula 

A dream about a baby tarantula indicates the direction you are moving in your life. It may be difficult for you to maintain harmony between your work and personal life. You might feel compelled in your professional life. 

Experiencing a change can be a result of learning about your true self through different phases of life. These experiences can strengthen your decision-making skills.  You need to be confident in yourself and hold your ground. 

37. Dream about flying tarantula 

Dreaming of flying tarantulas shows that you strive for perfection. Also, you need to take advantage of some situations, since the dream also represents things and values that you treasure. Flying tarantulas are a symbol of wisdom, faith, peace, and purity. 

According to this dream, you need to explore your mind and become more aware of your thoughts. It points towards acknowledging the beauty and emotional appeal that lies within you.  

Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions more freely. If you have a deep-seated fear of being judged or rejected then overcome them by taking small steps. Also, you need to schedule some time for play and other activities you enjoy.  

Overall, the dream is a positive omen and points toward the change. 

38. Dream about eating tarantula

The dream of eating tarantulas is a sign of self-confidence, luck, growth, and a new beginning. The dream suggests you are in the midst of major changes and is a sign that you are highly competitive and possess leadership qualities. 

It’s also possible to feel a sudden surge of creativity, make sure to recognize and channel the energy in a positive way. 

In addition, the dream may mean you’re having issues with intimacy, power, or control. Instead of using your power against others, use it in the right way to create or accomplish something worthwhile.  

Sometimes you might feel limited in certain areas of your life. However, the challenge is learning from such situations and overcoming them. You are better off doing one thing at a time instead of multitasking.

39. Dream about tarantula running 

In dreams, a running tarantula represents independence. There is a desire in you to be recognized and rewarded for your actions and accomplishments. 

The dream reflects your inner desires. It may be an expression of your search for validity and truth, in which case you might discover something. 

The dream also suggests that sometimes, you may have to do something you don’t want to do in order to learn something from the situation.

In dreams, a running tarantula is a symbol of purity, potential, and healing. There is something you want to achieve, and you are driven to succeed. 

40. Dream about buying a tarantula 

Dream of buying a tarantula is a sign of exploring your emotions and subconscious thoughts. You are on the verge of a new chapter in your life. It is likely that you’ll see things turning in your favor. It says that you should help people around you, and if you need assistance with anything, do not hesitate to ask.  

41. Dream about holding a hairy tarantula

Holding a tarantula represents the goal you want to achieve. You are a rational thinker and things are going well in your relationship but you need to make some progress in some aspects of life. Furthermore, sometimes you may feel the desire to impress or show off to others.

Other interpretations of the dream suggest that holding tarantulas represent love, vitality, and care. Perhaps you are showing your love by giving a gift or spending time with your loved one.  

42. Dream about looking for tarantula 

The dream of looking for a tarantula is an indication that you are striving to improve yourself. You may also feel distant from your parents for a while. And If you are rejecting some aspects of yourself, it’s time to work on them and show your gratitude for everything you have. 

Furthermore, this dream represents that you are in control and capable of blocking the chaos in order to reach your goal. 

43. Dream about tarantula on my back 

The tarantula on your back in your dream is a sign of romance and idealistic love. You will succeed in your personal and professional life.

Having clarity and a sense of direction will serve you well.  You should speak up and seek help if there is something troubling you in your waking life. 

On a positive note, this dream may portend some unexpected monetary gains courtesy of others. This dream focuses on the emotion and how you feel about certain people in your waking life. 

To understand what emotions are associated with a certain person, you must carefully examine the details of the dream. Right now, it states that you are at a comfortable place in your life, seeking spiritual enlightenment. 

44. Dream about stepping on a tarantula 

In dreams, stepping on tarantulas represents your progress and your ability to master the lessons.  If you panic during times of crisis, the dream suggests you remain calm and carry on. 

The dream implies that you are ready for a relationship and you have the ability to make things out of a single block, if you effectively use your skills. The dream is a clue for nurturance and womb. 

45. Dream about trying to catch a tarantula 

The dream of catching a tarantula represents your current situation in real life. Perhaps you have overlooked something in your waking life that needs your attention.

As well, you need to expand your horizon to see things from a different perspective and bring about some changes,  

Alternatively, the dream that your current relationship is falling apart or becoming sticky. Your outdated ways of doing things are making it difficult for you to move out of the situation, and you are weighing yourself down as a result. 

46. Dream about being chased by a tarantula 

The dream indicates that you are longing for acceptance and belonging. You are also intimately connected to the spiritual realm and supernatural powers. However, you may feel restricted in certain areas of your life. 

The chasing of tarantulas in dreams is a clear representation of some sort of frustration in your waking life. The reason may stem from a lack of responsibility or the feeling of emptiness or insignificance. 

You need to make your daily routine interesting and refreshing by changing and adding something fun to it. 

Different colors of tarantula dream meaning 

47. Dream about yellow tarantula

In dreams, yellow tarantulas signify possible danger or some positive but unusual events in the near future.

48. White tarantula dream 

 Dreaming of a big white tarantula represents wealth, success, growth, hope, and healing. The dream states that when you need help with something, do not hesitate to ask for it as you are surrounded by helpful people who will make you feel better.

49. Dream about red tarantula 

The red tarantula is a symbol of happiness and passion. You are living in comfort when you dream of this creature. Moreover, It affirms that you are capable of rising above life’s circumstances. 

Dreams indicate the blossoming of relationships, but you should be careful of those around you. Don’t waste your energy in spending time with people who do not match your values. You should spend your time and effort in the right place. 

50. Dream about blue tarantula 

A blue tarantula in a dream suggests moving on, engaging in meaningful activities, or being satisfied with your current circumstances.  

51. Dream about pink tarantula 

If you dream of pink tarantulas, you have learned something from your mistakes. Additionally, you are able to manipulate some circumstances in your waking life to your advantage. Pink tarantula represents prosperity, luck, and luxury. 

Your dream signifies that you are enjoying your position in life and growing. It is about making new friends and connections. 

52. Dream about brown tarantula 

The brown tarantula in a dream signifies the obstacles and difficulties you will face on your way to achieving your goal. 

On the other hand, the dream can also represent comfort, relaxation, and guidance. If you have this sense of clarity it’s a sign you are guided by spiritual powers and have a sense of purpose that will guide you to your goals. The dream also refers to the end of one phase of your life.  

If you are concerned about something, the dream suggests that you should let go rather than trying to control them.   

53. Dream about purple tarantula 

Purple tarantulas in dreams are a sign of brainstorming and ideas. It implies that you are starting a new phase of your life. In this dream, you are instructed to learn from others or to ask for help. 

If you are working on something important and looking for a helping hand then the dream is a sign to ask for it without hesitating. 

Moreover, the dream states that If you work hard on your goals and projects then you could receive a big opportunity and appreciation in the near future. The dream symbolizes nurturance and richness. 

54. Dream about orange tarantula 

In dreams, the orange tarantula symbolizes goodness and wholesomeness. The dream shows that you’re social and you’re able to work with others.

The dream also reveals something about your inner self. Perhaps you are angry on the inside, but trying to project a calm appearance instead of expressing yourself. 

55. Dream about green tarantula 

The green tarantula in a dream is a sign of calm, sadness, and time to recover from past traumas. 

Cultural symbolism about tarantula dream

It is said that Celtic prisoners learned patience and persistence from the spider, which continuously rebuilds its web when it is destroyed. According to Native Americans, spiders are associated with history and are a symbol of hope. 

In India, spiders are believed to spin webs of illusion and are associated with death and birth. As a teacher, destroyer, and trickster, the spider is nearly universally beloved as a symbol of Fate.

Biblical meaning of tarantulas in dream

According to the Bible, the spider in your dream is a symbol of god’s protection. Spiders are said to have been sent by God as protectors against evil. As a shield, spider webs help to protect you against all the negativity that comes your way.  

Tarantula in dream spiritual meaning 

Spiritually the tarantula in dreams is a sign that you need to become more self-aware and investigate things around you as everything is connected in life. 

In waking life a tarantula spider signifies your fear, worries, and dark side of your personality. It also points towards your surroundings. Possibly someone is trying to scare you. 

In addition, the meaning of the spider is affected by your behavior. If you fear spiders, then the dream illustrates your fear or suggests that you are trapped in a difficult situation. If you consider that the tarantula represents connection, then the dream indicates you are going to overcome the difficulties. 

Dreaming that the tarantula is dead often means you will succeed after a prolonged period of bad luck. 

Questions to ask yourself 

Tarantula dream meaning varies according to the color of the spider, situation, feelings, and other factors that influence the meaning of the dream.

If you want to have a fair idea about your dream then you need to ask these few questions to yourself and note down the details as you remember. 

1. What color tarantula did you see? 

2. What did the tarantula do and where did you see it? 

3. What emotions did you feel in the dream?

4. How is your current life situation? List out all your worries, concerns, and beliefs. 

5. What kind of friends hang out with you? 

6. Is your behavior preventing you from growing?

7. Are you fond of tarantula spiders?

Closing thoughts

The dream of Tarantulas may not be very pleasant, however, it can help give you insight into your own inner drive and motivation, enabling you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. 

Tarantulas have both negative and positive meanings in dreams. According to your dream’s situation, you can now analyze your dream easily. 

Also, remember that dreams are a medium for your subconscious mind to reveal underlying issues that are overlooked or ignored in the daily chaos of life.