Dreams about love triangles show confusion, options, choices, chaos, insecurities, betrayal, complications, emotions, being overwhelmed, risks, adventures, realizations, and so on.

A General Dream Interpretations of Love Triangles

Dreams about love triangles mostly show your inner chaos and overflowing of emotions. This can be a literal love triangle or something like a confusion in making a big decision. 

Some of the general interpretations are given below –

1. Such dreams represent worldly wisdom and intuition towards positive things. 

2. You feel restricted from achieving your goals.

3. It is a sign of your emotional desires and appetite for intimacy.

4. This dream suggests that you are suppressing your subconscious.

5. You feel betrayed by someone you consider close. 

6. These explore past attachments and heartbreaks.

7. This dream is a sign that you should confront difficult feelings to facilitate your growth.

Spiritual Interpretation of a Dream of Love Triangle

Spiritually, these are usually associated with exploration of self. It is related to phases in your life where you want to reflect and introspect your life in order to rectify your mistakes.

Besides, these dream elements are a sign that you are in need of spiritual balance in your life. Your soul requires harmony and peace from all the chaos happening around you.

Psychological Interpretation

Psychologically, these are usually manifested by your subconscious strong emotions. You try to repress your subconscious because of guilt, insecurity, feeling betrayed, fear, and so on.

These often relate to lack of affection and intimacy as well as unfinished goals in your life that bring you discontent and feelings of guilt. You have an internal desire to emotionally connect with people and be loved unconditionally. 

Dreaming about a Love Triangles – Various Scenarios and Interpretations

Keep reading to find out what your dream could mean!

Dream about Witnessing a Love Triangle

It suggests that you place a lot of value on yourself, your time and abilities. 

Besides, you are in the process of healing from something that has changed you greatly. You have passion and energy for everything you do in life.

Dream about Being in a Love Triangle 

It suggest that you are living an old-school life. You are undergoing transformations in life to make it better.

And you feel that something is restricting you from moving towards your goal in life.

Friend in a Love Triangle

It hints at your ability to navigate easily through life. Often, it shows that you adapt well to changes. You always try to look at the brighter side of things. 

Love Triangle with Your Crush

It suggests that you feel general dissatisfaction with your life. You will face some problems in the near future.

It represents your lack of communication that leads to conflicts with family and friends.

Cheating in Love Triangle

It represents the guilt you feel in your waking life. You have low self-esteem. It is a sign that you haven’t been completely honest and true to your spouse.

Platonic Love Triangle

It suggests that you love someone unconditionally. You have put your faith and trust in someone who might not reciprocate your feelings. 

Besides, maybe you have high hopes from people you trust and love. And you expect reciprocation of your feelings from people you love unconditionally. 

Resolving Love Triangle 

This scenario indicates your need for perfection. You want your life and the people in it to work and act according to you.

Maybe you like stability and control. So you try to repress your subconscious desires which are being reflected in dreams. 

Destroying Love Triangle

It is a symbol of your issues with jealousy. You are feeling jealous and insecure in your relationship in your waking life. 

Besides, maybe you are experiencing strong emotional conflicts that are being manifested by your subconscious in the form of dreams. 

Complicated Love Triangle

Such dreams indicate the presence of a situation that needs immediate repair or attention. So you want people to understand exactly how you are. 

Maybe you are trying to distance yourself from a stressful situation. And you might need time to heal from a traumatic event in your life. 

Love Triangle in Workplace

Often it is a harbinger for emotional control. You are dominating in nature and require emotional domination over your partners.

This dream suggests that you are having difficulty in establishing a connection with the people around you.

Love Triangle in College 

This suggests that you should prioritize and give importance to achieving milestones in life.

Maybe you are having overwhelming feelings of anxiety. And you are under stress to excel in everything that you take on right now.

An Open Love Triangle Relationship

Mostly it shows that you want to try new things in life and experience more freely. You are always ready to take on challenges and make your life adventurous. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about love triangles have various significance in one’s life depending upon how you take it. Mostly it shows chaos, confusion, betrayal, guilt, and so on.

But it gives you a chance to pause, reflect, and become a stronger and better person.