Dream of choking may imply your reluctance or fear of seeking help, a bad sleeping posture, you’re emotionless or fear of expressing yourself, you’re indecisive or too reckless.

It may also imply you made the wrong decisions, feel overwhelmed, or hold hostile feelings. 

Dream of Choking – 90 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream of Choking – Various Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Choking Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Choking whether in your dreams or in reality feels very uncomfortable. Breathing is equivalent to life for human beings. So, if you can’t breathe in a dream or reality, you only think of one thing: death. 

Human beings have intense survival instincts, so you’ll always want to get rid of these dreams. But for that, you must first understand what your dream wants to convey…

  • You’re reluctant to take advice
  • You lack emotional expressions
  • You have difficulty expressing emotions
  • You’re hostile towards someone
  • You fell into the trap while exploring
  • You’re in a major dilemma
  • You’re too reckless
  • You’re overburdened
  • You fear seeking help
  • Your sleep posture is faulty

Dream of Choking – Various Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of a ghost choking you is a warning to remove toxic people from life. While dreams of a baby choking symbolize your parental worries for your child.

It’s amazing how different elements in your dreams convey such distinct messages. So, if you remember a detail or two from your dream, why don’t you plunge in deeper…

Dream of a spirit choking me

It represents your desire to get rid of the negative energy in your life. Possibly toxic people distress and disrupt your life. You want to get out of the tough position they put you in.

Dream about choking on objects

The choking on objects dream points at your unexpressed feelings. You desire to express yourself, but you’re also afraid of others hating your true personality.

You’re anxious that others won’t accept you and lack the confidence to work on your desires.

Dream of a child choking

If you’re a parent or have kids around, dreams of a child choking represent your concerns about your child’s growth and nutrition.

Alternatively, if there’s no child you’re attached to, it’s symbolic of your past trauma and vulnerabilities.

Choking to death

This indicates the presence of difficult situations that prevent you from expressing yourself.

You might be afraid of revealing your talents or it might be the people or society restricting you. Believe in yourself and decide for yourself.

Choking on hair

Dreaming of choking on hair reflects your hesitancy in accepting responsibilities in real life.

You’re in a dilemma and questioning your capabilities and efficiency. Beware as you may choose something wrong due to your indecisive nature.

Choking on food

It represent your self-loathing attitude. Or, you’re dealing with your bottled-up emotions.

It may also imply you disregarded your or others’ ideas. Be open-minded and give everyone a chance including yourself.

Choking on smoke

Choking on smoke in dreams depicts you aren’t ready to face a situation or person in reality.

Probably you feel intimidated by the situation and desire to flee or avoid it. Give up on such thoughts and confront the difficulties.

Something blocking my throat

It portrays emotional suffocation. You or someone else prevents you from expressing your vast emotions.

It suggests efficiently expressing yourself, otherwise, it’ll harm you and your relationships in waking life.

Demon choking me

Dreams of a demon, witch, or monster choking you illustrate that someone negatively impacts your mental health in your conscious life.

It hints at cutting ties with this negative influence to fix your broken psyche. Be strong against this person.

My son or daughter choking

Dreams about your son or daughter choking depict your anxieties about your parenting skills and choices in waking life. You’re worried if you’re a good role model for them and also about their health and wellbeing.

An animal choking me

This symbolizes your attempts at distancing yourself from a toxic person. Or, that you’re already on your way to removing yourself from a difficult situation in waking life.

Snake choking me

The dream meaning of a snake choking you is your difficulty expressing yourself about a certain overbearing person or situation. It signifies the issue is solvable, but someone might try to deceive you so be careful.

Choking on blood

It predict unpredictable danger on your way in conscious hours.

You might soon experience a significant imbalance. Maintain distance from potential hazards and stay alert to the people around you.

Choking my partner

It depicts you guys growing apart due to the unresolvable problems.

Don’t let your different interests sabotage your relationship. Compromise if you love them, spend more time with one another, and save your relationship.

Choking my parent

Dreaming of choking your father or mother means you always hide all of your emotions out of respect for a person even when they’re wrong.

Spiritual Meaning of Choking in Dreams

Spiritually, choking dreams imply you have an unstable, blocked, or overactive throat chakra. Or, you experienced a spiritual loss or frustration while seeking your purpose in life.

As per the spiritual meaning of choking dreams, you have communication issues, and that attracts troubles in your waking life. This implies that you have a blocked throat chakra.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Since choking dreams have a connection with the throat chakra, they worry more than they must. If you’re one of them, know that your dreams are divine messages.

Your time is valuable, so panicking is never an option. If you began your journey of knowing dream interpretations, you must continue it till the end. 

The interpretations don’t stop at knowing the meaning. You must also work on your issues, if you find any, and get rid of the problems.