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Dream of Long Hair – A Complete Guide

Dream of Long Hair – A Complete Guide

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Mar 17, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Long Hair - Complete Guide with 58 Dreams and Interpretations

Dream of long hair specifically can be a bizarre dream. However, it is not an uncommon dream to have. 

There are multiple interpretations of this dream. And all differ on the basis of the details in the dream. Without any further ado, let’s dive into its meaning and various interpretations.

Dream of Long Hair - Complete Guide with 58 Dreams and Interpretations
Dream of Long Hair – Complete Guide with 58 Dreams and Interpretations

Dream of Long Hair – General Interpretation and Meaning 

Dream of long hair is symbolic of being mindful and polite, disciplined, rational, level-headed, innovative, and lastly, efficient. It also signifies financial gain, conflict, and your ability to cultivate willpower. 

1. Mindful and Polite

A dream of long hair proves that you possess the above-mentioned characteristics. You are distant but are also tolerant as a person. In fact, you put up with a lot. 

You possess the ability to gauge and understand people easily. Additionally, you are aware of when to be serious and when to joke around.

These two qualities help you understand and determine emotions. 

2. Disciplined

You are self-disciplined and organized. To elaborate you enjoy responsibilities. To add to this, you are someone who takes advantage of opportunities. 

Such a dream is a sign that you are patient with climbing the ladder required to attain your goals and dreams.   

3. Cultivate Willpower

When you dream of long hair, it is a glaring sign that you encourage willpower. You are able to rise from most occasions and learn from your struggles. 

Your willpower grants you the ability to dream big when it comes to your future. 

4. Efficient

If you dream of long hair, it means that you possess the ability to be extremely efficient, especially in places where other people normally slack off. 

One of the most ideal jobs for you is those that expect and require you to have a strong base and foundation, dedication and responsibility, wisdom, and a structured mind. 

5. Rational, Level headed, and innovative

Such a dream reveals that you are rational, level-headed, and innovative. You trust yourself more than anything else. This is owing to your moral high ground and your ability to work hard. 

Your efficiency is maximum when your work is related to the law and legal matters. 

6. Financial Gain

If you dream of long hair, it can be an indication that you will come into some money or become financially stronger. 

This will be a result of an unexpected inheritance. This inheritance can be from a distant relative or a close one whose loss will be emotionally painful to deal with. 

You can come into this money even through a game of chance. In other words, you could win the lottery. However, it will not be much money.

This money will be enough to alleviate you or be enough to take care of yourself. 

7. Efforts Will Be Rewarded

This dream of long hair is a sign that the effort you put into a project will reap rewards. This project is long overdue. The investment of time and vigor is a sign that you can be proud of the results and take the credit. 

Don’t be apprehensive and shy. Let people know that you put in the time, effort, and vigor making you the architect of this project. 

8. Conflict with Family

Dreaming of long hair is a sign that there might be a family conflict. There are a lot of suppressed emotions that will resurface. These emotions have been suppressed for a long time. 

You need to ensure this doesn’t blow up in your face. Therefore, you need to keep a calm and cool head and not make things worse. They will rely on you to solve the conflict with no drama. 

9. Difficult situation at Work

Your work ethic, your great work, and your effort invoked envy and jealousy among your coworkers. 

There might be some competition among you and your coworkers. However, this might induce a weird aura. 

In some cases, there could be animosity which could result in a bigger conflict. 

Dream about Long Hair – Other Interpretations

1. Dream of Having Long Straight Hair 

Such a dream is a sign that there are issues and problems in your relationships. You might be aware that you have problems in your relationships and the distance too. 

However, you need to figure out the underlying issue that is the reason for such conflicts. 

It is advised that you take a break. This is because it is not healthy to be doubtful and uncertain for long periods of time. 

The break will help you deal with the issue through a conversation and not through fights and cold wars. 

2. Dreaming of Having Long Curly Hair

This dream is symbolic of change. These changes are occurring around you. This is a positive dream suggesting some good days are ahead. 

Things will fall into place and you will have time to achieve your goals. This dream is a sign to make the best of the opportunities and time presented to you. 

Secondly, the dream is a sign that you will be in dire need of financial support. You will receive help with this.  

3. Dreaming of Someone With Long Hair 

A dream of someone else with long hair is a sign of conflict and boredom. It is also a sign that you are being negligent and careless when it comes to certain aspects of your life. 

Nxt, this dream is a reminder to be persistent when it comes to your dreams and goals. You need to believe in yourself and remember to embrace perseverance. 

In order to do this, you need to learn to let go of the small things that annoy you. You need to embrace being more communicative, especially about how you feel. 

4. Dream of Long Hair Looking Messy

When you dream about long messy hair, it is symbolic of confusion. You are unaware of how you are feeling as you have suppressed a lot of your feelings and emotions. 

This is also the cause of your uneasiness regarding your feelings. It may be dangerous to suppress so many things as it can become too much with what you are currently feeling.

Your current emotions will also come into play.  

Something has triggered these emotions and this, in turn, resulted in an explosion. In other words, it has come across as though you do not have relative control over your emotions. 

You can try to manage your emotions by practicing emotional intelligence. It is considered to be the best if you can manage your emotions at home, work, and other social situations. 

Don’t beat yourself up about it and try to figure out the best way to deal with this. 

5. Dream of Dirty Long Hair

A dream of dirty long hair is a sign that you have neglected yourself for far too long. It is high time you reduce your working time and focus a little on yourself. 

Additionally, you need to keep your chin up and be strong through difficult times. You should not give up or feel bad about yourself. It is alright to be exhausted due to work. 

Therefore, at times it is essential to take a break and work on yourself. 

6. Dream of Tangled Long Hair 

This dream can have a positive connotation if you are able to detangle your hair in your dream. This dream of tangled long hair is symbolic of the frustration and confusion you are experiencing in your waking life. 

This has led to ambiguity about what to do next or what path to choose. You will be aware of the confusion in your life even if you cannot detangle your hair.

Therefore, you will be able to work on resolving the confusion. 

7. Dreaming of Cutting Long Hair

If you dream of cutting your long hair, it means that you are embracing improvement and betterment in your life. You are leaving behind all the negative energy and thoughts. 

In other words, it means that you are getting over a heartbreak. It is also symbolic of a transformation to a new and amazing version of yourself.

8. Dream of Someone Else Cutting Your Long Hair

You feel powerless and feel that you lack control. Additionally, you feel that someone is going to harm you.

Therefore, if you dream of someone else cutting your long hair, it is indicative of criticism, hurt, and intent to harm you. 

9. Dream of Constantly Cutting Your Long Hair 

Dreaming of constantly cutting your long hair is a sign that someone is making you feel vulnerable and weak in your waking life. 

10. Dream of Someone Else Cutting Their Long Hair

This dream is an indication that this person has had a bad experience with you and now wants some distance between the two of you. They wish to be away from you. 

The best thing to do is to give them some space. You can also apologize for your behavior when they are ready to hear your apology. 

You need to be more cognizant of your actions and words. They have the ability to leave a mark on another person. 

However, do not beat yourself up for it. Instead, work on practicing some empathy. 

11. Dream of Seeing Cut Hair

Dreaming of seeing cut hair in your hand is a good sign. It is symbolic of prosperity in all aspects. Some of these aspects are family, friends, partners, and finance. 

Holding this hair or seeing it on your hand is symbolic of gain in the most important aspects. However, this gain is not extended to all aspects. 

12. Dream of Shaving Your Long Hair

Such a dream is a sign that you will lose something important to you. Secondly, you neglect yourself to such an extent that you no longer remember who you really are. 

Thirdly, this dream is a sign that you will undergo a change that will have a negative impact. This dream is essentially a warning so that you can be ready to face some adversities. 

However, stay strong and do not fear as you will have the capacity to deal with whatever comes your way. 

13. Dream of Combing Your Long Hair

You are ready to embrace the new and positive way of life. You are leaving behind the negative past and the negative memories.

Dream of combing your long hair is symbolic of spiritual growth and development. 

Secondly, such a dream is a sign that you require assistance and are not even aware of this need. However, you are lucky enough to have some close friends and family who are ready to step it up. 

14.  Dream of Combing Someone’s Long Thick Hair

Such a dream where you are combing someone else’s long thick hair is a sign that you are giving unsolicited advice. In your waking life, this advice is annoying as it is irrelevant and unnecessary. 

15. Dream of Brushing Your Long Hair

Dreaming of brushing your long hair is symbolic of sexual desire as well as your desire to be liked by everyone. 

Your subconscious is preoccupied with beauty and looks primarily. Additionally, you also constantly emphasize how important looks are for you. 

In other words, you might want to be attractive to grab someone’s attention. However, this person has little or no interest. 

16. Dream of Running Your Fingers through Someone’s Long Hair

Normally this is considered to be an affectionate gesture. Similarly, in a dream, shows your interest in getting to know the person on a deeper level. You also desire to be close to this person. 

The desire to be close and the interest does not necessarily point towards a romantic relationship. It can also refer to the desire to strengthen friendships. 

17. Dreaming of Losing Your Long Hair 

Dreaming of losing your hair or hair falling out is an indication of anxiety and worry. This worry and anxiety are typically related to your aging self or the fear of not being attractive enough. 

Dreaming of being bald also shares the same interpretation. This dream can also indicate that you are feeling physically weak in your waking life. 

18. Dream of Your Long Hair Falling off 

This dream is considered to be a negative sign. A dream of your long hair falling off is a warning that something negative will happen soon. 

Secondly, this dream also symbolizes illness. Therefore, if you feel something is off, you need to go to the doctor soon. 

Thirdly, this dream can mean that you are tired and exhausted. Your body needs some rest. If the recent times have been too stressful, this is a sign to ease things and take it a little slow. 

You need to take care of yourself more and practice proper self-care. You need to prioritize yourself. 

19. Dream of Fallen Hair

Fallen hair is not a good sign. This fallen hair can belong to you or someone else. Dreaming of fallen hair is symbolic of illness and instability. 

In other words, it is a sign that bad times are ahead. Someone close to you might have some health problems making things stressful.

Additionally, it can mean that someone close to you might pass away and this might be the last punch you can take. 

Seek professional help if it is getting too much for you to handle. There is nothing wrong with this.  

20. Woman Dreaming of Losing Your Long Hair

If you are a woman having such a dream, it can also be an indication that a relationship is coming to an end or is ending soon. Please refer to the previous interpretation too to see if it is applicable. 

21. Dream of Someone else’s Hair Falling Out

Such a dream is a sign that someone is occupying too much of your mental space. For you to feel better, it is better to confront them, have a conversation, and clear the air out. 

22. Constantly Dreaming of Someone else’s Hair Falling Out

If you constantly dream of someone else’s hair falling out, it means that there is a misunderstanding and conflict between you two. You should try solving this misunderstanding. 

You should be the bigger person and forgive them. This is the case even if the other person hasn’t initiated a conversation. 

23. Dream of Tying Long Hair

This dream signifies your unhappiness with your current life and your desire to change it. You might be bothered physically, emotionally, or even psychologically. 

You should confront your dissatisfaction head-on. The more you run away from it the more it will haunt you.

In other words, it is time for some introspection to figure out which parts require change and how you will go about it. 

24. Dream of Dyeing Your Long Hair 

You feel like life is getting too monotonous and you desire a change. You are used to having a lot of fun and usually like to party. In other words, you are not used to ordinary life or boredom. 

Therefore, this dream suggests that you will do something silly just to experience a change of some sort. 

Secondly, this dream is symbolic of reckless and impulsive decision-making. You will essentially rush into things which is not a good thing.

However, you are used to living this way and prefer having memorable times to being cautious. In other words, you enjoy taking risks and believe this is the way to live life. 

25. Dream of Dyeing Your Long Hair Black

Dreaming of dying your hair black is a sign that currently, your life has not been great. You are tired and exhausted for the most part. 

In other words, you would prefer to have a change that is different and away from all the suffering. 

26. Dream of Woman with Long Black Hair

If you dream about a woman with long black hair, it is symbolic of a sense of yearning and loneliness. 

It is most likely that the woman in the dream represents who you really want to be in waking life. Therefore, she represents you. 

There is a disparity between who she is and who you are. This is where the disconnect comes from. In other words, this is the root cause for your loneliness and why you are yearning to be someone else. 

27. Dream of Long and Dark Black Hair

Such a dream is symbolic of your feelings and emotions. These emotions and feelings are related to a sense of closeness and the amount of effort you are putting into concealing your passion and beliefs. 

Here, it is suggested that you do not hide or conceal these feelings and emotions. Rather, it is advised to change those beliefs and passions that do not serve you. 

28. Dream of Dyeing Your Long Hair Blonde

Dyeing your hair blonde in your dream is symbolic of embracing change. You are excited about these changes and are ready to completely accept these changes. 

29. Dream of Dyeing Your Long Hair Red 

Red hair in general is a sign that you secretly desire someone. Therefore, dyeing your hair this color in a dream is symbolic of you trying to grab someone’s attention. 

Secondly, it could also mean that you are attempting to defy authority and be a rebel. Therefore, you should be cognizant of how you act in front of the authorities in general.

30. Dream of Making a Hairstyle

Styling your hair, in general, requires patience. In contrast to this, dreaming of styling your hair is a sign that you are impatient. You do not want to wait and want to get it as soon as possible. 

In addition, you have high expectations. This is bad as you cannot always get what you want as well as in the same capacity you want it in. 

Lastly, such a dream might be the uneasiness you feel from neglecting yourself and your needs. You need to remember that there is always time to work on yourself again.  

31. Dream of Putting Your Long Hair into a Ponytail

If you dream of putting your long hair into a ponytail, it is symbolic of a forthcoming dispute or a conflict with someone specific in your waking life. 

A dream such as this is a sign that you have been quiet for far too long. It is time to confront and let those dormant feelings out. 

Be careful and do not be too aggressive. Ensure that when you are speaking your mind, you are kind and aware of the other person’s feelings. 

It might be a friend’s annoying behavior that is bothering you. It can also be that your partner is acting a little off lately. Your confrontation will be relieving to you. 

32. Dream of a Hair Bun

A dream of a hair bun is a warning sign that you need to be more organized. It is mandatory that we are all organized to some extent. 

You need some sort of order and discipline in your life if you want to achieve your goals. 

This dream is a reminder that you need to review and revise your attitudes and behavior. You need to review them to bring organization and discipline to your day-to-day activities and be more committed. 

33. Dream of Thin Long Hair

In real life, thinning of your hair is concerning. Similarly, if you dream of thin long hair, it is symbolic of sickness. It is a sign to take care of your health and ensure that you are careful. 

Additionally, it is also a sign that if you feel anything is off, a visit to the doctor is a must. 

Dream of thin long hair is also a sign of financial problems and instability. It indicates that you have a lot of debt. Therefore, you are preoccupied and worried as to how to pay it off. 

34. Dream of Having Long thick Hair 

This dream has a positive sign. It is an indication of the growth you have experienced due to which the length of your hair has increased.

However, it could also mean you are longing for self-improvement which is explained again, through your hair metaphorically. 

Lastly, such a dream could also mean you have let go of the inhibitions in your life and are finally ready to allow yourself to shine. 

35. Dreaming of Having Braids

Dreaming of having braids is a sign that you are nostalgic. You are thinking about the past. It can be a traumatic memory you are trying to get away from. 

Additionally, it can also represent an ex who you are unable to move on from. 

Therefore, if your past is haunting and hunting you, it is time to open up to a close friend or just someone close to you. Lastly, if you still love and care for your ex, then you can attempt to reconcile with them. 

36. Dream of Having Long Beautiful Hair

Such a dream is common among women. If your hair looks nice in your dream, it is a sign that you are feeling adept and proud of yourself. Therefore, you should go out and celebrate this feeling.

37. Dream of Having Long Beautiful Hair After a Recent Haircut 

If you have recently cut your hair short, such a dream of long beautiful hair means that you are worried and preoccupied about how you will look now.

Therefore, it is symbolic of your apprehension of the recent sudden change. You need to be prepared for the sudden change heading your way.

38. Dreaming of a Man with Long Hair

Such a dream represents your unmet desires or deep needs. You feel that something is missing from your life. 

Additionally, you might also feel like you need to make a drastic change in your life. You feel you need to do this in order to feel happy and fulfilled. 

In order to start feeling better, you need to start putting yourself out there more. You also need to start getting out and being more social.

These are the things you need to get the start required to feel happy, fulfilled, and more like yourself.  

39. Dream of a Man With Very Long Hair 

This dream of a man with very long hair, like that of a woman’s, is symbolic of betrayal. It predicts deceit of some sort and this dream serves as a warning. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and cautious.

40. Dream of a Fairy With Long Hair

A dream of a fairy with long hair is a sign that you desire something desperately. Your wish and desire will be fulfilled. 

Another interpretation of this dream is that it means that you or someone you know will meet a person whose beauty and grace will amaze you. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will result in a happy ending as this person is playing hard to get.

If you don’t want to waste your time, then it is better to forget about this and move on as they might leave you heartbroken. 

41. Dream of An Old Man With Long Hair

Seeing an old man with long hair in your dream is a sign of wisdom and maturity. You will soon go through something that will result in a valuable experience, changing the way you view life itself. 

As this experience will have a deep impact on you, it will make you smarter and more mature. 

If this old man spoke to you, it is your subconscious telling you advising you on what is good for you and what you need to do. 

Lastly, this dream is a sign that you will meet someone older who will change your perspective on life. 

42. Dream Where you Could not Comb Your Hair or the Hairbrush Broke

A dream where you could not comb your hair or the hairbrush broke is a warning that trouble is headed your way.

Therefore, you need to be careful and vigilant.  You need to be cautious of your next few steps.

43. Dreaming of Washing your Hair but Could not Comb it

If you dream of washing your hair but could not comb it after the wash, it is symbolic of your desire to go on a trip or a long journey in waking life.

In other words, this is the subconscious message from such a dream. 

44. Dreaming of Walking With loose Long hair or Washing It

When you dream of walking around with loose hair or if you dream that you are washing it, it is a representation of anxiety. Therefore, you might be anxious in general or something might invoke this anxiety. 

45. Dream of Washing Your Long Hair 

When you wash your long hair in your dream, it is a sign of success. Additionally, it is symbolic of your success. It is indicative of the success specifically related to something new in your life. 

46. Dream of Abnormally Long Hair

In a dream like this, if you have hair that touches the floor, it is a representation of your struggles with managing your thoughts. You are currently struggling with overthinking. 

Your overthinking has ruined many good things. In addition, you avoid new things due to the fear of overthinking about the new things. 

This dream is a sign to take things one thing at a time and to sometimes go with the flow. 

However, it is easier said than done. Therefore, if you are unable to work on it, you need to seek professional help. 

Such a dream is also a sign that you missed out on an opportunity because of your habit of overthinking. 

47. Dream of Very Long Hair

When you dream of hair that is very long, it is a sign of illness. This illness or disease will inflict on the person whose hair you saw in your dream. 

48. Dreaming of Hair Growing

Dreaming of hair growth is a sign that you are going to be smart and exhibit wisdom when it comes to certain important affairs. Therefore, these affairs would be executed with well-though of intention.

49. Dream of Hair Growing Super-fast

A dream where the hair is growing really fast is symbolic of your dignity and your pride. Additionally, such a dream is a sign that people trust you. Therefore, you need to be careful when they come to you for advice.

These people who trust you, wish and desire to confide in you. You are to guide such people who seek your advice. 

50. Dreaming of a Young Girl’s Hair Growing so Fast that you Notice it

If a young girl’s hair grows really fast in a dream, it is a sign that your dream cannot come true.

In other words, you have certain dreams and aspirations and it will be a difficult road to pursue them. However, it is not impossible.

51. Dream of a Young Girl That Cares For Her Hair

Dreaming of a young girl that cares for her long and luxurious hair is a sign that the female in the dream is not serious about her personal life. This dream is a sign to take her personal life seriously.

52. Dreaming of Seeing Hair that is Not Tangled

In general, a hair dream is considered to be a good dream only if the hair is not tangled and has a well-groomed look. Therefore, only a well-groomed, untangled hair is considered to carry a good omen.

53. Dream of Long hair that is Tangled and Cannot Comb

A dream where your hair is tangled and cannot even comb it is a sign that you need to tame the bad and wild side of your personality. 

You need to be more loyal and attentive to the people around you in waking life. 

54. Dreaming of a Man Buying Long Female Hair

Dreaming of a man who bought long female hair in a dream is a sign that this person, the dreamer, will meet their soulmate soon. 

55. Woman Dreaming of Long Hair

If a woman dreams about long hair, it is an indication that she will regret something soon in her waking life. It is symbolic of rash and impressive acts that will result in deep regret. 

56. Married man Dreaming that His Wife is Losing Her Hair 

A dream where the married man sees his wife losing her hair is indicative of the wife cheating. It is a sign that the wife has a lover. 

57. Dream of Petting or Touching Long Beautiful Hair

Dreaming of petting or touching long beautiful hair is symbolic of successful love life in reality or waking life. A dream such as this is said to be a guarantee. 

58. Dream of Having a Wig

A dream where you are wearing a wig is a sign that your true personality is masked. You are not yourself in front of other people. In other words, you fear letting people know who you really are. 

This dream is a reminder that it is okay to let people in and be who you are in front of other people. 

Biblical Meaning of Long Hair in a Dream

Biblically, the dream of hair is symbolic of wisdom and strength. Dreaming of long hair suggests that you are making well thought out decisions.

Such a dream also indicates the lack of strength specifically to achieve something. It can also refer to vulnerability or weakness. 

In addition, the interpretation of long hair changes based on the context. We will explore some of these below:

Dream of Long hair Falling

This dream carries a negative connotation and it is symbolic of loss. 

Dream of Losing the Long Hair that You Once Had

A dream where you lose the long hair once you had indicates a loss of self-confidence. 

Uncomfortable Dream of Long Hair

Such a dream is a sign of your own beliefs. It is also the lack of such beliefs that make it difficult to achieve your dreams and goals.

Dream of Long Gray Hair

According to the Bible, dreaming of long gray hair refers to the wisdom you are obtaining in a certain manner at the current period. 

Additionally, this wisdom comes at the cost of having to endure some adversities and temptations in life. 

Dream of Multi-Colored Long Hair 

If your long hair is multicolored in your dream, it is symbolic of inner conflict. 

There will be some uncertainty and difficulty in making certain choices. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and a little cautious when making certain decisions. 

Islamic Meaning and Interpretations of Long Hair Dreams

Dreaming of long hair is symbolic of adversity and the wickedness of others. 

The interpretation of dreaming of long hair is dependent on who is the dreamer. We will explore some of the scenarios:


If the dreamer is a soldier, then dreaming of long hair is interpreted as the increase of strength, and elegance. 


In case the dreamer is a Hashemite, then the said person will gain leadership among their community. 


If the dreamer is a businessman, then it is a sign that there will be growth and success in the business. 


Dreaming of long hair as a farmer is a sign that he, she or they will yield more crops and it will increase in number. 


If you dream that your child has long hair, it is symbolic of longevity. 

Long Hair Dreams – Swapn Shastra

As per the Swapn Shastra, it is symbolic of moving in the right direction. This also means that you will be able to gain and earn a lot of respect and money. 


Overall, in the general interpretation, dreaming of long hair has a positive as well as negative connotation depending on the context. 

Repetitive and recurrent dreams are a signal from your subconscious. Therefore, it becomes important to remember and make note of the details. 

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