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Dream of Parent Dying – Narration of 35 Sequences

Dream of Parent Dying – Narration of 35 Sequences

Updated on Aug 18, 2022 | Published on Mar 15, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Parent Dying - Detailed Narration of 35 Sequences & More

The dream of parent dying alerts you that there are some anger or negative emotions directed at you, but you are unaware of the reality. You are attempting to make your emotions look rational.

When you see a dream of a parent dying, it also refers to the choices you are making in life. Your life has become monotonous and repetitive. 

It is time to discuss what parent dying dreams symbolize and look into different scenarios with their implications in your real life:

Dream of Parent Dying - Detailed Narration of 35 Sequences & More
Dream of Parent Dying – Detailed Narration of 35 Sequences & More

Dream of Parent Dying – General Interpretation (Symbolic Meaning)

Dream of a parent dying points towards feelings that you have of yourself linked with the way you approach your life. It also indicates paying more attention to the physical life than to the spiritual life.

The dream of a parent dying is never a good experience. You would shudder to think of the day when one of your parents passed away. This scenario can occur even when your parents are alive.

It carries several hidden meanings to help you realize your potential. The dream also means your sense of spirituality no longer exists. The time has come to revive it.

You must look within and realize your true potential. It even points towards some significant changes coming your way.

Following are some of the reasons why we see this dream. Take a look at these to better understand the dream symbols –

1. Notable Changes in Life

You can see this painful instance of your parents dying in a dream when your life is set to undergo some noteworthy changes. These changes would transform the current perception you carry in your daily life.

2. Sign of Birth

This dream can crop up in your subconscious mind as a sign of birth. Birth relates to a new life. Probably, you will start something new, in the form of a venture, or get married and begin a new phase of life.

You might also shift to a new place of stay because of a new job. All these instances can make you see a parent dying in your dream.

3. Face Betrayal

A person even dreams about the death of a parent when there is a betrayal around the corner. It comes as a warning to make you aware of the fact that someone might cheat you.

Hence, you must find sincere people who can prevent any untoward incident from taking place in your life. They can make sure that you stay away from notorious individuals.

4. Negative Influence

When you are under the influence of negative people in your waking life and do not allow individuals with positive approaches to make any impact, you can see this painful dream.

It is a reminder of your current state. The scenario is also telling you to discard negativity and invite positive vibes into your life. Otherwise, there is always a chance that you might face material loss.

5. Apprehensions

The scenario of a parent dying can even appear in a dream as your mind is filled with numerous suspicions. You are worried about certain aspects of your life. 

It is because you are not sure how some of the decisions you have taken will affect your future. The future is related to your personal and professional lives.

6. Deep-Rooted Disappointments

When you have a few deep-rooted regrets embedded inside, you can see dead parents in your dream. In most instances, these are those disappointments that fail to forget even after a very long time.

Most of those individuals whose parents have died, already regret the fact that they were unable to give full attention to them while they were alive. The dream is representative of the feeling of grief.

Dream Meaning of a Dying Parent – 35 Sequences and their Interpretations

We have already discussed the circumstances under which you can see this dream of your parents dying. 

This dream might mean that tough times are waiting for you in the future. It is a terrible feeling to see this kind of mishap taking place, irrespective of real-life or in dreams.

According to the opinion of Dr. Sigmund Freud, dreams happen to be one form of longing that remains suppressed within ourselves along with thoughts, desires, and motivations lying inside our subconscious minds.

When you often see the dead body of your parent in a dream, it points towards remorse, sorrow, disappearance, uncertainty in love life, and disturbance in relationships.

Let us not waste time and get straight into discussing the various sequences and interpretations of these kinds of dreams of the death of a parent.

1. Dream of Seeing Dead Parents

When you see dead parents in your dream, it cautions you that you are surrounded by a whole group of people in real life. 

You could bear some sort of material loss after acting on their suggestion. It could also give rise to a classic case of treachery.

On the other hand, it can also mean that you will get good news from the living ones in your real life. The good news can be related to any segment of life.

It also indicates that you must pay close attention to all your situations and the type of people you are dealing with in real life.

2. Dream of a Parent Who Died a Long Time Back

You can dream about a parent who died a long time back. It means that the present situation or a relationship is reminding you of your father or mother’s qualities.

Probably, you are thinking of some past similar life events in which your parents had tackled the situation in an ideal manner. 

Now, you are using your parent’s reaction as a reference to deal with your life’s problems appropriately.

3. Dream of Speaking to Dead Parents

If you see yourself speaking to dead parents in your dream, it reflects two things. 

Your parents are alive and you have an intense fear of losing them or you are fearful that you will not manage to withstand their loss.

4. Dream of the Head of a Dead Parent

You can only see the head of a dead parent in your dream. It gives the warning to tell you that you have notorious people around.

You will probably go through an unsettled period concerning your professional life.

Try to establish a firm place for yourself at work and not let anyone else take your position. It can enable you to keep everything in proper order.

5. Dream of One Dead Parent

When you are dreaming about one of your dead parents, it refers to a long life. Probably you or your parents would live longer. 

Your health will be in a good state. Diseases and all other kinds of health problems will stay away.

It can also act as a reminder to get rid of those bad habits that can harm your health and hence make a shift from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one.

A lifestyle that will consist of a healthy diet and a good health regime where you do regular exercises along with jogging and walking.

6. Dream of a Dead Parent Buried

If you see a dead parent buried in your dream, it means you will part ways with a relative. 

Maybe you do not get along too well with your relatives, but somehow you have managed to keep the relationship going all this while.

Now, the situation is such that you do not wish to continue the relationship further and will end it very soon. You feel that it will restore peace and happiness in your life.

7. Dream of Dressing Your Dead Parents

When you see yourself dressing dead parents in your dream, it is a bad omen. This could point towards jealousy, problems, and death.

It means you are at the risk of facing people who will be jealous of you, who might create additional problems in your life. You might even see death in your family or your locality.

8. Dream of Your Deceased Parent Driving

When you see that your deceased parent is driving in your dream, it means that a piece of news would make you go on a journey. Probably, you will relocate because of a job offer from a different city.

There is also a chance that you might visit several places after getting married, due to the nature of your husband’s job.

9. Dream of Deceased Parents While They Are Alive

When you see deceased parents in your dream, while they are alive in real life, it means they feel for you in their lives because of complicated energy connections.

We have multiple dimensions. According to scientists, our sleeping mind helps to connect our energy with others. 

This energy makes you realize the deep-rooted connection that your parents share with you in real life.

10. Dream of Dead Parent Dying Again

If you see that a dead parent is dying once again in your dream, it carries different interpretations for your father and mother. 

When you see the instance of your dead father dying, it means that you will finally accept the fact that your father is no more.

It is highly devastating to come to terms with this realization, but dreaming of him dying again proves that your wounds will heal sooner rather than later. Your grief and pain will go away in the dream itself.

When you see your dead mother dying again in your dream, it points towards your sense of difficulties you are about to face and a helpless feeling.

You find yourself in the midst of a situation over which you do not have any control.

Treat this sequence as a warning sign. It indicates there is a lack of support and control in your life. You are suffering from insecurity because you feel there is no one to depend on in times of distress.

Dream Meaning of Parent Dying in Unnatural Manners

The dream meaning of a parent dying in unnatural manners carries special significance for your life. The death of a parent is the last thing a child can hope to see in their dream. 

Irrespective of who you see, mom or dad, and no matter what sequence appears, this sort of dream tends to be quite painful.

Natural death is still acceptable, no matter how tough it is, as it is an inevitable part of life. The pain becomes even more unbearable if you see even one of your parents dying an unnatural death.

Following are some of the instances you can come across in your dream:

11. Dream of Parent Dying in Fire

You can come across a dream wherein you see that your parent is dying in a fire. The good thing is that the interpretation of this dream has got nothing to do with death. 

It tells you not to hold any grudge against a particular friend who did not live up to your expectations. 

The dream also comes up with a suggestion that you must refrain from arguing with all those individuals within your family circle. 

It is applicable for people who have always been with you through thick and thin. Another interpretation of this scenario is that you are overburdening yourself with numerous responsibilities. 

It is, in turn, affecting your overall health and mood. Treat it as a health warning to make necessary changes in your lifestyle.

12. Dream of Parent Dying Committing Suicide

If you see a dream scenario wherein your parent is dying by committing suicide, it reflects that you are undergoing a phase of transformation in real life. 

It is because your relationship with your parents has attained a new level.

Probably, you are longer dependent on your father or mother for making those significant decisions in your life. You have attained the level of maturity to differentiate between right and wrong.

13. Dream of Parent Dying After Being Run Over by a Vehicle

You can see that your parent is dying after being run over either by a bus, car, or train. This dream symbolizes that either your father or mother is suffering from a sense of failure. 

The failure is with regard to how they are taking care of you and the whole family. Your parent feels that they should have done more for you. It is in terms of giving you advice or in meeting your needs. 

Due to this reason, your father or mother is going through an intense level of emotional distress. It can result in the occurrence of other problems.

14. Dream of Parent Dying by Drowning

What does it signify when you dream of a parent dying by drowning in the water? It refers to the feelings you carry concerning your government and its rules and regulations.

It can also mean that someone has attracted your attention but has put you on the right path in life. 

This sequence also symbolizes your desire to become happy and have your own family. You have made a firm decision and will put in the requisite effort to fulfill it.

15. Dream of Parent Dying After Getting Shot

Watching your parent dying after being shot is another sequence you can see in a dream. It has separate implications for your mother and father.

If you see that your mother has got shot and is dying out of it, it refers to purification. The scenario is telling you to rise above your present life situation. It would give you a much better view of things that need attention.

This dream acts as a sign of mortality. You must take care of some issues in your relationship to make it last longer. 

Seeing your mother getting shot also means that you are starting to acknowledge some facts of your personality.

On the other hand, when you see your dad getting shot and dying, it refers to how the world keeps a close watch over all your actions. 

You feel that your family does not understand your views. Seeing this dream also means that you are all set to get into a new relationship.

16. Dream of Parent Dying by Getting Choked

If you notice that your parent is dying by getting strangled or choked, it is a sign that you feel someone you fear would harm you in some way or the other. 

This scenario also means that you would use unfair means to meet your objectives. You feel as if you are above everyone else. This dream refers to your need to display compassion and kindness towards others.

You should give up your pride and start acting modestly. Probably, an individual or something else is exploiting you. They have complete control over your life’s proceedings.

17. Dream of Parent Dying by Hanging

When you dream of your parent dying by hanging, it does not mean anything related to death. It is a good omen telling you to indulge in enjoyment and pleasure in this life.

You need to gain energy and feel fresh. It also means that you are not revealing your true identity. This sequence is proof of the control and power you possess in your life.

18. Dream of Parent Dying in a Train Accident

The dream of a parent dying in a train accident showcases health, longevity, and peace. Someone has caught you off guard and given you a surprise. There is something that does not allow you to go deeper.

This sequence also points towards celebration, honor, completeness, or continuity. People are raising questions about all your actions.

19. Dream of Parent Dying in a Car Accident

When you dream that your parent is dying in a car accident, it indicates there is a rise in the extent of awareness, understanding, and achievement. 

You need to become a lot sympathetic towards others and practice the art of kindness and compassion.

You have managed to gather some knowledge regarding a particular issue. This scenario predicts that a considerable amount of success awaits you in your life. 

Presently you are raising questions over the kind of role that you are playing in certain situations.

20. Dream of Parent Dying in a Plane Crash

Dreaming of your parents dying in a plane crash is a representation of your constant apprehension of losing them. 

Loved ones happen to be the most significant part of your life. You shudder to even think of a situation that can take them away from you.

Even though you can have this dream, it does not mean that something untoward will indeed happen to your parent in waking life. This dream sequence also talks of your need to attain freedom.

You always wish to be the best in the eyes of your parent, but something prevents you from doing so. Somehow you fail to show your true character as long as you are with them.

If you are genuinely going through this problem in real life, make sure to talk to your parent and clear things out.

Dream Meaning of Parent Dying from Natural Causes

Natural deaths are inevitable. No matter how much one tries to stay fit and not indulge in unhealthy habits, you cannot prevent death. 

There are several instances when you can see your parent dying from illness, heart attack, or stroke. Each of those instances carries some significance for your real life.

It may or may not have anything to do with death, but they appear to give you specific messages.

Let us talk about them in detail –

21. Dream of Parent Dying of Heart Attack

When you dream of your parent dying from a heart attack, it reflects the negative emotions lying inside. You feel as if something is missing from your life.

It could also be that you are hampering your health due to reckless behavior.

This scenario is a symbol of a lack of trust. There is a sense working within you to suggest that an individual does not commit to you wholeheartedly. 

Seeing your parent die out of a heart attack also denotes that you are ashamed of some negative aspects of your personality.

The dream plot can even mean that someone is trying to avoid taking care of an issue.

It is also a symbol of your ability to connect with others. You should provide all your support to an individual.

22. Dream of Parent Dying of Stroke

Dreaming about your parent suffering a stroke and dying indicates that you want advice from someone and need to get a proper direction in your life.

You see a dream in which your dad is on the verge of dying from a stroke. It points towards all your obligations and the bond you have developed in your relationships. 

You are leading a flamboyant lifestyle, which may not reflect who you are. On the other hand, when you dream of your mom dying from a stroke, it refers to some instability in a particular area of your life. 

It is telling you to become a bit more open-minded and attain flexibility. This dream also indicates some concerns related to medicine.

23. Dream of Parent Dying of Cancer

Cancer, as we all know, is a dreadful disease. When you see your parent is suffering from and about to die out of it points towards renewal. Probably, you do not wish to disclose something.

You have doubts over the intentions of all individuals. This dream of a parent dying from cancer is proof of the finishing touches that you need to give in your life to bring forth fulfillment.

Dream Meaning of Father Dying

In this segment, we will discuss various kinds of instances related to the death of your father in your dream

While some of these dreams carry positive meanings, others have negative interpretations, not always related to death.

This dream of a father dying harps on the importance of becoming an independent person. It tells you that the time has come for you to try and get rid of the psychological attachment you carry with your father.

It also makes you realize that you have now become an adult and have gained sufficient maturity to differentiate between right and wrong. 

There is absolutely no need to depend on your father for any guidance.

Following are some of the dream interpretations to help you develop a better understanding –

24. Dream of a Dead Father in Real Life

When you see a father who is alive in your dream but dead in real life, it means that you miss him a lot. You are now trying to get the time back, which you had spent with him.

Your dad died in real life but seeing him hale and hearty in your dream, could be a reminder that one should always give sufficient time to their loved ones, as long as they are alive.

You should frequently enquire about their health status, check if they need anything, and do the needful.

25. Dream of Speaking to Your Dead Father

A dream in which you are speaking to your deceased father means that you will enjoy some material gain. The gain can be in the form of cars, clothes, and money.

It will help enhance your status and make you gain power. Your personality would change as a result of all these things. You will attract others’ attention and earn their respect.

26. Dream of Father Dying

The dream of a father dying marks a major development in your psyche. This is not a dream that should scare you in any manner.

Rather, it tells you that the time has come to break your shackles and become free from the psychological attachment you had. You must make yourself free from the attachment and look forward to life.

27. Dream of Someone Informing You of Father’s Death

If you see a dream where someone has told you about your father’s death, it has got nothing to do with your father in reality.

The dream represents that an old conflict with a relative will be safely resolved and both of you will forget about all your past differences. There will be a restoration of peace and harmony.

28. Dream of Knowing About the Death of Your Elderly Father

You can dream of a situation where someone informs you about the death of your elderly father. 

The person in your dream represents anyone who is either a family member or an individual who you do not know.

It denotes that you will receive guaranteed profit and prosperity in your life. 

If you were told that the death had occurred out of a tragedy, it means you will get hold of a valuable thing that seems to have been lost. You can even secure a big victory in some aspect of your life.

29. Dream of Father’s Death from a Disease

The dream of your father’s death from a disease signifies enlightenment and rebirth. You have a new lease of life and an opportunity to start everything from scratch.

It gives you the chance to take care of pending problems and set a lot of things straight. You can even start a new venture and offer a fresh dimension to your life.

Dream Meaning of Mother Dying

Now that we have discussed the interpretations of different dreams of a father dying, it is time to discuss the various instances of a mother’s death dreams. 

The relationship between a mother and a child is the purest of all relations. This is the main reason why you see this dream. It denotes the extent of love and affection you have for your mother. 

You have the constant fear of losing her and leading your life all alone without her support. The meaning and interpretations would change as per the scenario you come across in your dreams.

Let us go through them after one another and see what they imply.

30. Dream of a Dead Mother

If you dream of your dead mother, it often talks of the chance that something will come to an end in your life. It can either be a good or a bad thing.

When a good thing ends in your life, it brings sorrow, disappointment with the thought of not getting that moment back again in the future. 

On the other hand, when a bad thing comes to an end, it becomes a reason for rejoicing.

31. Dream of Alive Mother Dying

You can see your mother who is alive in real life but died in a dream. It reflects your feelings, actions, or the way you behave in public. 

This can also indicate forthcoming problems and it acts as the foreshadowing of all those troubled times in your real life.

One thinks of a mother as the prime guardian who gives you warmth and comfort. She protects you from evil situations or notorious people in real life. Mother can predict the danger coming your way.

Hence, the dream of an alive mother dying depicts your death or poor skills of intuition and decision-making in life.

32. Dream of Your Mother Drowning and Dying

When you dream of your mother drowning and dying, it signifies a financial crisis from losses or failure at work.

Treat this dream as a warning sign and take the necessary steps to fight these unforeseen losses. You must make a thorough analysis before going forward to invest or do any commitment.

33. Dream of Mother Dying in Car Crash

If you see a dream where your mother dies in a car accident or a car crash, it points towards the fact that you need to recharge the energy level in your life. 

You show to the world as if you are tough but the reality is that you are sensitive within.

This dream refers to a typical relationship or present situation in your life. You have the special ability to go deep into people’s minds and discover their hidden motives. 

The scenario also points at your courage, vigor, and wealth.

Miscellaneous Dream Meaning of Parent Dying

Apart from the dream of parents dying interpretations discussed so far, there are a few other instances linked with this particular dream.

Let us briefly look into them and check out what they mean for our real lives.

34. Dream of Your Family Member Dying

The dream in which you see your family member dying means there are changes taking place in your relationships. These changes can be either actual or perceived.

If you have been having issues with your partner for some time, all those will take care of themselves. You can even make a few friends or distance yourself from some of your existing ones.

35. Dream of Your Whole Family Dying

If you see that along with your father and mother, the whole family is dying, it is a devastating scenario. It might well be a sign that you are concerned about the family’s unity.

In real life, few circumstances may be turning out to be a threat for the whole family. You might be confronting a crisis that is resulting in a great divide within your family.

The important thing for you would be to seek peace and reach out to influential members who could promote unity and peace within the family.

Dream of Parent Dying – Biblical Meaning

When we look into the biblical perspective of the dream about a father dying, it means that you must not fear for the life of your parents. 

In the Bible, death is a symbol of the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Something new is probably about to take place in your life. The change will be a major one. That is the reason why you will have a tough time forgetting this impressive dream.

According to The Bible, this dream has a positive meaning.

If you see this dream, it points towards optimism about the future. If we talk about the biblical perspective of seeing a dead mother in a dream, it carries a message similar to the ones discussed above. 

You could undergo a phase of major fear and sadness while seeing this dream at night. Luckily, it does not carry a negative meaning.

You can expect to see positive changes taking place in various aspects of your life. They could even include your mother, who is alive in real life.

You could even see the dream of a mother dying or a dead mother if your mother is unwell in real life. As per the Bible, the dream could well be the manifestation of the worries you have about your dear mother.

Dream of Parent Dying – Spiritual Perspective

Have you ever thought of the spiritual perspective of seeing a dream of a parent dying? From the spiritual point of view, it means that you are thinking about them or missing them a lot.

You are continuously getting reminded of the moments you have shared with your parents, the lessons they have taught, the way they have handled different situations in life, and several other memories.

Those memories are turning out to be your source of motivation to gain strength during the hour of crisis. You have the confidence to turn adversities into opportunities in your life.

Dream of Parent Dying – Psychological Perspective

If we go deep into the meaning behind seeing the dream of dying parents from the perspective of psychology, it means that all those who view these dreams experience a sense of closure.

As a dreamer, you might go through positive emotions and a sense of achieving strength and conviction. These things help change your perspective and outlook towards life.

It may not have anything to do with death in real life. The dream comes to remind you that you are not spending sufficient time with them in real life. 

Hence, you can look to change your attitude towards them and devote more time towards meeting their needs.

Dream of Parent Dying – Islamic Interpretation

When we talk of the dream of a parent dying from the Islamic perspective, it carries different interpretations for both father and mother. The overall view is that it is not a good sign.

According to Islam, when you dream of your mother, it means that all your objectives will not get fulfilled. 

There will be sorrows and worries. You can act as per the needs of the situation to change your overall circumstance.

Similarly, we can interpret the dream of a parent dying from the point of view of Islam. It refers to the condition regarding the livelihood of a dreamer, which can be both good and bad.

Please go through the following video to better understand the scenarios and interpretations of this dream about a dying parent.

Wrap Up

We have discussed several instances linked to the dream of a parent dying and talked of their interpretations in real life. 

They all point towards the call from one’s subconscious mind to remain in complete control of your thoughts and emotions.

Some people feel that dreaming of your parent’s death normally means regret, disappearance, nostalgia, mistrust in love, and broken relationships. 

Others believe that perhaps you are attempting to cope with your personal and professional challenges. 

It also denotes that you need to stay cautious while dealing with individuals to make sure that they do not wreak havoc in your life. 

No matter where your parents are right now, the dream sends a reminder about your love and affection towards them. 

They have been our protectors against all kinds of evil since the day we were born. These dreams also refer to one’s present state of mind and spirituality.