The dream of deceased father is definitely a heart wrenching scene. It could mean that you are missing your father and desperately looking for someone who can help you get rid of this dilemma. 

Read on to have a detailed understanding of the symbolic meaning apart from the interpretations of various scenarios

Dream of Deceased Father-Illustrations & Interpretation To Decode
Dream of Deceased Father-Illustrations & Interpretation To Decode

Dream of Deceased Father – Why Does It Occur?

The dream of a deceased father talks of the sentiments associated with the loss of one’s father. You are feeling his absence at every step of your life. The memory becomes stronger when you need to handle a tricky situation.

It can reflect on the kind of disappointment and frustration you currently have with life. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why you can see this dream –

  • Working on a Problem

It is possible that you have not attended to a problem in your life for a length of time. Now, you are finally putting in the effort to solve the issue.

The issue could be that now you are standing for the truth, or you are facing your fears and managing to overcome them.

  • Hidden Feelings

You can see it as a symbol of your hidden or unresolved feelings and sentiments towards him. There are guilt feelings within for not having told your father how much you love and respect him.

You miss those moments when you should have carried out a heartfelt interaction with your father.

  • Undisclosed Aspect of Personality

It reflects a part of your personality you are not disclosing. Your dead father can symbolize a trait, a talent, or even a typical emotion that you are hiding within you.

These dreams denote that the time has come for you to disclose the hidden part of your personality. You need to succeed in life. Hence, you must get rid of the fear of judgment and openly share your secrets.

  • Increased Awareness

You must tread cautiously towards your next step. It tells you to be more cautious while making business decisions.

Otherwise, there is every chance that you might face massive loss, which could even lead to bankruptcy. You can treat it as a warning that you must take care of your expenses.

Dreaming of Deceased Father – Spiritual Interpretation

The spiritual perspective clearly states that you have become spiritually evolved. While undergoing the tough times of your life, you feel lost. You think of your father and have a feeling if he would have been there to guide you.

This thought that plays in your subconscious mind make your dead father appear as a guide in the form of different sequences. 

They help emit and surround you with divine light, enabling you to generate positive feelings and bringing clarity to your thought process.

Besides, you manage to align your thoughts with what your father would have adopted in countering issues had he been alive.

Dream Meaning of Deceased Father – Messages The Scenarios Convey

Whether you see your deceased father while he is alive in real life, or when he is dead, each scenario carries a message for your real life. The message can come either in the form of guidance or warning.

Let us discuss various dream scenarios related to dead father along with their interpretations –

Dream of Visiting Your Dead Father

The scenario indicates that there are pending issues between the two of you. You might have started some work but could not complete the same before his death.

It also represents certain words that have remained unspoken as well as certain displeasures you hold against your father. You wish to bring some past moments back so that you can rectify certain things.

Dead Father Coming Back to Life

Seeing this plot means that a reasonable phase of life is coming up. You will manage to get your strength back and re-energize yourself to raise your level of motivation.

It also points towards good luck. You receive a reminder that there is no need to go after success but focus on making the right set of plans and adjustments.

Dead Father Coming Home

When you see an instance, it means your father is keeping a watch over you even after his death. He is taking care of the whole family and finding ways to protect it from all kinds of problems.

You get the message that everything will be alright. 

Dead Father Alive

This plot refers to the longing for one another. You miss spending quality time with him. There are activities you wish your father had done before passing away. 

Perhaps, you feel he was not sufficiently present in your life as per the level of expectations. 

Dead Father Funeral

The sequence symbolizes faith, spirituality, joy, peace, purity, and bliss. Keep calm to take care of your life’s challenges effectively. It tries to portray the fun and joys of childhood. Consider it as a signal for a new beginning. 

Everything starts afresh, and you are ready to set new goals for your life. You are keeping yourself aloof from others but would look for help from others.

Someone Else’s Deceased Father

The scenario signifies you will stay away from all your life’s problems and remain at peace. Another interpretation suggests that a fruitful business would help you enjoy tremendous success.

You will make profits and take your business to the next level. Hence, good times are on your way.

Activities Related to Dead Father

Dead father can indulge himself into various activities in your subconscious mind. While some of them can come as a blessing, others might turn out to be a warning for you. 

Let us now briefly talk of the scenarios and their interpretations –

Dead Father Sleeping

This plot reflects that you should stay quiet for some time and not look to seek attention for yourself.

It tells you to concentrate on doing your job and fulfill your commitments in the best possible manner. Hence, you must let your actions do the talking.

Dead Father Alive and Crying

It portrays that you are about to face numerous problems and troubles in your life. This scenario comes tells you to act careful and avoid getting into arguments with anyone.

Dead Father Smiling

The scenario refers to a situation where you will get satisfaction from the result. Things will happen as per your wish. You will not have regrets and feel at ease with the situation. 

Dead Father Criticizing You

This plot depicts the presence of an authoritative person in your life. The person acts as your boss and gives you instructions every now and then.

Probably you are trying your heart out to impress them and feel quite nervous about not being able to live up to their expectations.

Dead Father Hugging You

If you see a dream where your dead father is hugging you, it means that an unwanted time would come in your life.

The phase would make you yearn for true love, as there will be a complete lack of the same. 

Dead Father Giving Money

This scenario is a sign of your new investment.

You must make some investment in a business. The good thing is that it will turn out to be a profitable venture. Your money will grow and come back to your manifolds.

Dead Father Helping You

The plot augurs well for your future.

It denotes that someone within your environment with a better life or professional experience would come forward to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Arguing with Your Dead Father

The sequence gives you the message that you need to infuse proper order and structure in life. You are currently having a re-look at your values and having questions about your identity.

Dead Father Calling

This scenario suggests that you will get a lot of information very soon. If he had greeted an individual and carried out a good discussion, it predicted good news.

On the contrary, if he begs for forgiveness or shouts at the person he is talking to, you will not enjoy the news too much.

Dead Father Driving a Car

When you come across this plot, it means everything will work out well for you. You need not worry about your present situation because your father is giving the guidance you need.

Dead Father Dancing

The scenario means that luck will favor you in such work requiring your creativity. It tells you to do something to satisfy the needs of your soul. 

You can try your hands on making a career in the field of music, art, and craft, or any other creative field. 

Dead Father Walking Upstairs

This sequence comes as a warning that you must respect the memories of your father. It reflects the vast knowledge he possesses and the experience he carries in life.

It also tells you to act in such a manner that would help enhance the memory of your father.

Deceased Father Emotions

Every individual has certain emotions, which they showcase according to the needs of a situation in their lives.  You can see your deceased father expressing them in a dream. 

Following are their interpretations –

Deceased Father Happy or Peaceful

It depicts that you will experience something worthy of celebration. The scenario foretells a phase of happiness, which would have even made your father happy if he was alive.

Alternatively, it might also mean that you are doing something perfectly in line with his principles and beliefs.

Dead Father Sad

The plot means that you will face a period of trying circumstances sometime in your life. Something will happen that would have even made your father sad.

Though the dream might seem to be a bad one. In reality, it is a good dream which predicts you will manage to handle a situation better.

Dream of Hugging Deceased Father – Psychological Perspective

One basic interpretation is that you have not yet come out of the shock and trauma of losing your father, and you still miss him a lot.

The kind of feelings you had experienced at the time hugging your dead father will have a lot to say about its meaning.

If you had experienced a lot of joy, it means you are happy that death has relieved your father from discomfort. 

On the other hand, if there was sadness while hugging him, it proves that there were hidden agitations against your father.


We have had a detailed discussion on several scenarios you can come across while dreaming about your deceased father. The overall view is that it should not create an alarm in your mind. 

It states that taking the path of your father and going by his advice can help you figure out the things that are going wrong in your life.