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Dreaming about Turkeys: 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Turkeys: 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Feb 08, 2023 | Published on Jun 02, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming about Turkeys – 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Are you dreaming about turkeys? Think you’re hungry? Or, did it remind you of a celebration?

Well, such dreams can signify more than a Thanksgiving feast! If you get recurring dreams about Turkey, it is not just because the harvest season is knocking at the doors.

In this think piece, you’ll know their message and your next steps in life. So, buckle up because and let’s take off…

Dreaming about Turkeys – 50 Types & Their Interpretations
Dreaming about Turkeys – 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Turkey Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreaming about a turkey can denote various social and cultural aspects of your life. It can also represent your personal attributes such as gratefulness and positivity. It might be a sign of fertility, asks you to stay grounded, or even symbolizes your spirit animal.

Many literary scholars compared birds’ flight with freedom and achievement as they can soar high in the sky.

Though turkeys can fly, many assume they can’t. However, in the dream world, turkeys may not prominently symbolize freedom.

So, if you see a turkey in dreams, let’s figure out the major messages…

1. It’s time to monitor your cultural position.

From a social point of view, Turkey marks the celebration of the harvest season. Friends and family gather around one single table to celebrate Thanksgiving.

They express gratitude towards every blessing they receive and enjoy the turkey.

The dream portends happiness and celebration. Figure out where you stand from the communal perspective. Make the necessary changes to meet better outcomes.

2. You must stay grateful for what you have.

Turkey that is being served at Thanksgiving marks a blessing from heaven and plentitude. Never feel despaired, despite how bad the situation is. Hold on to the infinite hope.

Though the time is rough on you, instead of counting on the bad luck, count your blessings.  Trust yourself, and remember Time changes.

In the manmade world, we hardly appreciate our blessings. The dream is basically a reminder for those who curse their belongings.

3. It’s a sign to avail from Nature.

Nature is the greatest gift of God. Dreaming of Turkey may represent your connection to the natural world. Cherish the positivity that you are surrounded with.

If you are in search of peace, then nature is your answer. Visit a beach or a hill station, whichever you prefer the most. Spend some quality time.

Conversely, the dream tells you to remain grounded even after achieving the heights. Never forget your roots because that’s the proof of your existence and development.

4. You can plan your family.

Dreaming of turkey can be a good sign if you hope to build or extend a family. It marks the onset of the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Nothing can beat the feeling of motherhood. Even the thought of being a mother excites you to the core. You crave to create a new life close to you. Hopefully, your prayers will be answered soon.

5. Turkey is your spirit animal.

A spirit animal plays the role of the spiritual guide and helps you to find a way out when situations get headstrong.

If Turkey is your spirit animal, then it represents the confidence you have within. You are quite an influencer. Anyone who comes to you or is around you feels motivated and energized.

You disperse positivity wherever you go. People seek your guidance. On your part, you always stood up to their needs.

Dreaming about Turkeys – 50 Types & Their Interpretations

If you envision a turkey in a dream, it talks about your kind nature. Dreaming about Turkey and Chicken together signals the onset of a strong friendship.

Dreams of a black Turkey mark a lack of determination in you. Different dreams and visions about Turkey carry different messages. So, are you ready to unveil your detailed dream interpretation? Go ahead as the list is all yours!

1. Dream of seeing turkey

Dreaming of seeing turkey can bring both positive and negative prophecies. It can reflect your kind and conscious acts of service. People around you will be proud of your achievements.

However, you must remain grounded and humble. Besides, don’t forget to keep up with your good deeds.

2. Dream of a dead turkey

Dreaming of a dead turkey is a sign of bad luck. It can be an indication of some illness in your waking life. You might face some big problems soon.

Be careful and stay strong. Do not panic and think of effective solutions. Life throws challenges, but your decisions can win the show.

3. Dream of a small turkey

Dreaming of a small turkey hints at stupidity and immaturity. As small children are immature and do what they feel like and ignore the seriousness of a situation, your actions are similar.

This dream also hints that you’ll rise in status. You will have a bright future and achieve great success in your work life.

4. Dream of turkey and chicken

Turkey and chicken are two different birds, but seeing both of them together in dreams can be a representation of firm friendship. It denotes that your friend circle is quite pleasant and nice.

For a businessman, it can mark a successful business. For a pregnant woman, it can signal a happy and smooth life ahead with a healthy baby.

5. Dream of turkey pecking

The dream of a turkey pecking signifies that you’re kind-hearted. You always prioritize others’ happiness. And on this journey so far, you sacrificed a lot for your loved ones.

This dream also hints at the need to be grateful to someone, who helped you recently. It might also be a message to never belittle anyone.

6. Dream of black turkey

Dreaming of a black turkey is a sign of a lack of motivation. You lost interest in the work and your productivity at work went south.

Focus on your current projects rather than just jumping off to some distracting thought. Do not focus on every new thing that comes your way.

7. Dream about white turkey

The color white represents calmness and peace. Similarly, seeing a white turkey in a dream, which is a very rare sight, because turkeys are usually darker, implies peace in your life.

It also signals freedom in your life. It might be from work life or the mesh of boredom. You’ll soon engage in fun activities.

8. Dream of eating turkey

To eat turkey in dreams can have two different meanings. Firstly, as people enjoy a feast with meat, similarly dreaming of having a turkey indicates a moment of togetherness with family and friends.

On the other hand, if you dream of eating turkey but it tastes bad, it can be a sign of dishonesty. Your ladder to success is made up of disloyalty.

9. Dream of a turkey fighting

Dream of a turkey fighting means pain and grief in your waking life. The dream may infer that you are in an uncomfortable situation but can’t get out of it.

The dream also warns that you must control your anger and not misbehave with anyone. As the other person can be a great help in the future, try to maintain a neutral relationship with them.

10. Dream of turkey eggs hatching

Dreaming of turkey eggs hatching is a sign of bad events approaching your waking life. It is a bad omen of instability and uncertainty. You are unsure about something and can’t share it with anyone.

Be prepared for what comes your way. Stay strong and handle the situation with enough maturity and patience. Above all, brush up your decision-making skills.

11. Dream of others eating turkey

Dreaming of others eating a turkey means that you ignored your friends, family, and close ones. The dream symbolizes that you paid attention only to your work and therefore spent very less time with loved ones.

You must maintain the balance between your work and family. Don’t be the reason for their distress.

12. Dreaming about cooking turkey

Dreaming about cooking turkey is a sign of meeting someone after a very long time. After the meeting, you’ll realize how much you missed their company. Both of you will promise to catch up often.

On the other hand, this dream might be a warning to eat healthy in order to stay fit. Follow the doctor’s instructions without fail.

13. Dream of turkeys in the yard

Dreaming of a turkey in a yard tells that you made a wrong decision. You paid more attention to the less valuable things.

The dream symbolizes your potential to achieve the heights of success. Focus on things that will bring more profit, rather than wasting time.

14. Dream of turkey in the cage

Dreaming of a turkey in a cage indicates the lack of freedom in your life. The dream points out that others like your parents or siblings decide on your behalf.

The dream is a hint that you must decide for yourself and also protest or speak against the decision-making against your will.

15. Dream of turkey in a nest

Turkeys usually do not live in nests. They move around and stay in enclosed spaces. So, dreaming of a turkey in a nest may mean that you are homesick.

Possibly, you stay away from your house due to job-related necessities or studies.

Connect more with your family. Try to initiate conversations and build a deeper connection with your family.

16. Dream of turkeys attacking you

Dreaming of turkeys attacking you can be a bad sign. It might warn you about your friend circle. It asks you to be more careful in choosing your friends as some of them are deceitful and disloyal.

The dream indicates that at a certain point, your own friends will ignore and disown you. They will no longer be there for you.

17. Dream of slaughtering turkeys

Dreaming of slaughtering a turkey may signify your lack of confidence. It denotes you are filled with complexities. You are not ready to accept the fact that you can be wrong or incapable of something too.

You have a superior personality and you often want to take credit for others’ work. Try to amend this attitude and life will sweep off half of your problems right away!

18. Dream of hunting/shooting turkeys

To hunt or shoot turkeys in your dreams can denote both good and bad news. It may reflect a secret relationship between you and someone in another relationship.

Even though they spend time with you, they won’t leave their partner according to your will.

The dream is a hint to come out and end this type of toxic relationship. Find a nice life partner, who will be proud of you and stay with you for the rest of their life.

And on the other hand, it can also portray that you’ll start a new business. With hard work, you can step up very high and solve all your financial problems.

19. Dream of buying turkey

Nowadays, due to digital marketing, people tend to buy a lot of useless products. The offers lure people and drain their money.

Therefore, dreaming of buying a turkey is a symbolism that you must stay very cautious about your expenses.

In some situations, you will be tempted to get an endorsement, but you must think before you spend it as an investment in vain things can attract financial problems.

20. Dream of selling turkey

Dreaming of selling turkeys is a good sign. It can mean progress and great success. It is an indication that you’ll have great success in your job or business. It can also predict a new job which will bring you a lot of money.

So, your financial crisis will be over and you will also be able to afford all your fantasized luxuries like a car or a house.

21. Dream of dead turkey

Dreaming of a dead turkey can also mean a dead end to your relationship. It may symbolize that someone close to you or your family member will offend you and bring bitterness to your relationship.

You won’t react publicly but you also can’t forget or forgive them.

Do not hold grudges against anyone, especially your close ones. Learn to forgive to make your life blissful.

22. Dream of ill turkey

An ill turkey in your dream reflects your silly or funny personality and will be exposed to the outside world. You feel like a free bird but others’ negative criticism will drag your spirits down.

Stay alert because a close person may treat you unexpectedly. This will definitely attack your mental peace but you might have difficulty expressing it.

However, it is best to move on. Never hold on to any negative feelings against anyone.

23. Dream of flying turkey

Flying high is a symbol of reaching great heights. Therefore, dreaming of a flying turkey may stand for rapid progress in your career or position. However, your progress will be very sudden and unbelievable to many.

Stay firm, keep up with your efforts, and don’t celebrate too soon.

24. Dream of feeding turkey

People feed and take care of birds or any pet animals so that they grow well.

Similarly, dreaming of a feeding turkey represents how you grow your business with utmost care and dedication. The dream is a sign of good profits so keep working hard to turn it into reality.

25. Dream of seeing turkey when it’s snowing outside

Dreaming of a turkey when it’s snowing outside in the open field is a harbinger of your bad habits. Quit the unhealthy lifestyle or else you will suffer miserably.

The dream also suggests that you faced a problem and need help with it. Don’t hesitate to ask your close or trustworthy ones when needed and they’ll happily help you.

26. Dream of chattering turkey

Dreaming of a chattering turkey or a noisy turkey is a signal for you to communicate. It implies that even when you are in a problem, you continuously avoid it. But to solve the problem, you must face it. You are losing your peace and calm.

So the dream suggests you have a serious conversation with an experienced person without hesitation.

27. Dream of a jive turkey

Dreaming of a jive turkey stands for negativity. It indicates your near or dear ones are being a jive turkey, i.e., they treat you dishonestly. You mustn’t trust them as they’ll never fulfill their promises.

The dream is a hint to stay away from these people and choose your friend circle very carefully.

28. Dream of raw turkey

Dreaming of a raw turkey might reflect your positivity and free spirit. It also symbolizes power, which you’ll achieve very soon. It also hints that you have immense creative energy which will help you to reach the summit.

Alternatively, it may show that past deeds haunt your present, so you must move on and accept them as your life lesson.

29. Dream of big turkey

Dreaming of a big turkey indicates that you are a very sensitive person. Little things can easily trigger you. Alternatively, you have high self-confidence.

Conversely, it represents that you’ll soon enter into a new phase of life and encounter certain unexpected things but you must be strong and confident.

30. Dream of turkey leg     

Dreaming of a turkey leg resembles hard work in real life. Things are perfect in your life. You are in a higher position, and earn a good amount, but still, you must work hard. You took many things for granted.

The dream hints that you can reach more heights and enjoy benefits if you add a little more effort and not accept things as they are, so don’t settle for less.

31. Dream about wild turkeys

Dreaming of a wild turkey can also be a clue to positive energy. The dream indicates that you are full of knowledge but can’t use it in the correct place. The dream hints to you to be calm while making decisions.

You are practical when it comes to making decisions unless you lose your cool. So, trust your instincts and do not get carried away with others’ words.

32. Dream about blue turkeys

Dreaming of a blue turkey depicts that even though you forgot your past and entered a new phase of your life, some things still haunt you. So, you suffer from a dual personality.

Your past doesn’t determine your future, but your present does. So instead of focusing on what happened, focus on the ongoings.

33. Dream of turkey meat

Usually, during celebrations, people cook and have meat. Similarly, dreaming of turkey meat is a symbol of your achievements.

The dream indicates that you are doing great in your life and will continue to do so. But you must maintain your zeal and enthusiasm for that.

The dream also hints that you are very strong and can handle emotional breakdowns very easily.

34. Dream of turkey wings

Dreaming of turkey wings denotes that you are facing some emotional turmoil in a close relationship. The dream suggests you treat them carefully and control your anger, even though you have destructive thoughts in your mind.

Take some time and think carefully. If it’s a toxic or abusive relationship and causes emotional breakdown, end it and start afresh.

35. Dream of roast turkey

Dreaming of a roast turkey foretells that you feel misunderstood by someone. You are hurt and disturbed as a family member mistreated you and made you feel unwanted.

The dream also hints that you took too much pressure and overthink certain matters. Just relax and take a break to drain all your thoughts and come back fresh.

36. Dream about frozen turkey

Dreaming of a frozen turkey can be a positive sign for you. It depicts that you possess hidden talents and potential.

The dream may also symbolize that you are under too much pressure and try to complete excess work at one time, so no work is done properly.

Concentrate on one thing and do it nicely. Further, don’t choose the shortcuts, or else you’ll suffer.

37. Dream of turkey vulture

Dreaming of a turkey vulture depicts that you don’t make your own decision and get influenced by others. Even if you have your personal opinion, you are scared to express them.

The dream also indicates that you must be grateful to your helping hands and appreciate them when they try to do something good or start a new journey.

38. Dream of killing turkey

Dreaming of killing a turkey expresses your joyful nature. Difficult situations don’t scare you and that is your biggest asset.

The dream also hints that you must focus on the slow and steady progress you currently have. Do not commit any mistake in order to gain success faster.

39. Dream of turkey country

Dreaming of the country of Turkey portrays you as tense and stressed about your past. You are sick of the never-ending problems.

The dream hints that you must not worry about the past so much and focus on the present and try to make things better. Stay calm in difficult times. Also, try to perceive things differently.

40. Dream of chasing turkey

Dreaming of chasing a turkey is an illustration of love and happiness. It hints that you’re ready and stable emotionally to enter a love relationship.

The dream also indicates that you began to open up to everyone and share your forever secret.

The dream also indicates that the person needs to be calm if any problem arises as there will always be someone to help them.

41. Dream of catching a turkey

Dreaming of catching a turkey represents your curiosity and pure mind. Your curious mind builds up an urge to know the answer to everything.

You are on the stage of self-exploration and self-development. You think you’re different from others in some aspects.

42. Dream about turkey chasing you

Dreaming about turkey chasing you reflects your cravings for starting a family or that you are the pillar of your family and they rely upon you.

It may also show your directions in life are unclear, so you feel like there’s no way out.

Alternatively, it signifies you believe in living life stress-free. People love you and want to be around you for your loving personality.

43. Dream of looking for turkey

Dreaming of looking for turkey portends your intelligence, energy, and instincts. You are emotionally stable. But your short temper always blocked your path.

You must put more effort to achieve your goals. You don’t let people into your personal life and issue restrictions on your growth.

44. Dream of giving birth to a turkey

Dreaming of giving birth to a turkey predicts your drive to achieve your goal, happiness, and everyone’s blessings. As usual, success won’t come easy, you must work extra hard for it.

You’ll soon attain spiritual enlightenment. However, your spiritual journey will have many obstacles but you will eventually make it to the end so beware of hazards.

45. Dream of turkey attack

Dreaming of a turkey attack symbolizes a strong bond and a cozy and happy life. Opportunities and ideas will knock at your door soon. Make sure you grasp them at the right time.

Take lessons from your past and help your present become better. Try to notice everything from a new perspective.

46. Dream of raising a turkey

Dreaming of raising a turkey represents your lack of seriousness. You built a bond with someone for the sake of fun. You do not want to engage in serious commitment.

The reason can be you just like to enjoy things as it is and you are scared of ruining things. But make sure you don’t hurt someone else’s feelings.

47. Dream of hearing the sound of turkey

The dream of hearing the sound of turkey signifies that people from the past who held you responsible for their mistakes will finally realize it.

They will try to mend the broken trust and bond. Simultaneously, you’ll also generously accept them and forget all about the past. You both will restart your bond on a fresh page.

48. Dream of running away from turkey

Dreaming of running away from Turkey represents your competitive life. Something or someone is chasing you. The only way to win this competition is to run. If you stop and get caught, you’ll lose.

49. Dream of bites on your legs by turkeys

Dreaming of bites on your legs by Turkeys suggests the dangers revolving around you. They disguised themselves as friends but underneath they continuously plan and plot against you.

You won’t be severely harmed but you must identify them as soon as possible.

50. Dream of preparing a turkey to cook

Dreaming of preparing to cook a Turkey signifies your hard work towards fulfilling your ambition. You are extremely dedicated and determined.

Nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Remember all this hard work will ultimately get paid off.

Biblical meaning of turkey in a dream

Biblically,  the dream of turkeys can represent your consciousness and actions. It may you’re your life decisions aren’t right. Alternatively, the dream also signals some positive occurrences in your life such as financial gain and strong relationships.

Dreaming about Turkey from the biblical view speaks largely about the intellect of the dreamer.

Negatively, the dream signifies your weaknesses and your silly attitude towards life. Perhaps you take your life too lightly, which in turn may take a toll on your future.

Lots of new things distract you from your goal. It’s high time that you become serious, and concentrate on your aim.

Positively, the dream reveals that you will meet huge success, health, happiness, and fortune. Your stakes will bring good profit.

Since the bird is related to a cultural celebration, be it friendship or any other relationship, you will have a good time with your loved ones.

Furthermore, because the festival is about Thanksgiving, the dream represents your blessings. It asks to see you remain grateful for your possessions.

Questions to ask to interpret turkey dreams correctly

Don’t remember your dreams completely? Then finding the interpretation will be quite a challenge. But don’t bang your head for that because I can help!

To know about the specific interpretation of your dream, introspect with some questions. So instead of surrendering, why not tease your brain and get your answers right here…

1. Did you feel a bond with the bird?

2. Was there any emotional ride that you’ve never felt before?

3. What was the size of the bird?

4. Was it alive or dead?

5. Did you feel some kind of excitement while encountering the bird?

6. Did the bird make you feel at peace?

7. What type of action was the bird or you involved with?

8. Were you alone or with someone when you saw the Bird?

9. Was it any kind of occasion?

10. How often do you see such dreams?

A word from ThePleasantDream

After finding the meaning of your turkey dreams, I am sure you’re deep in thought about your prophecy.

Friend, at the end of the day, it’s all about spiritual guidance. The universe and the almighty use dreams as a guide you through all the roads of your life.

The roads sometimes might be a bed of roses or thorns. However, you cannot but walk through whatever comes your way because stopping is the same as dying.

The dreams and the indications are nothing but a divine guide to bring your real-life back on track. So, focus on that, spread your wings, and fly!

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