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Pig in Dream: 79 Dream Types and Their Meanings

Pig in Dream: 79 Dream Types and Their Meanings

Updated on Nov 28, 2022 | Published on Jul 19, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Pig in Dream - 79 Dream Types and Their Meanings

Did you see yourself eating pig’s meat in a dream? Or were you riding on pigs in a dream? There is a misconception that pigs’ dreams represent negativity or something bad is about to happen. 

However, this is not the case. Pigs in dreams do not always represent negativity. Nevertheless, it is a symbolic representation of something deeper, like your habits or surroundings.

Read on to discover the meaning of your dream based on its cultural significance and your dream situation.

Pig in Dream - 79 Dream Types and Their Meanings
Pig in Dream – 79 Dream Types and Their Meanings

Pig Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

The dream of pigs indicates your habits and surroundings that need to be changed to grow and succeed in life. Also, the dream reflects your personality traits like selfishness and greed. 

Pigs have spiritual significance and are one of the smartest and most prolific mammals in nature. 

Dreams of pigs can be interpreted spiritually, physically, or from a cultural perspective. Pigs in dreams generally reflect your manners and soft skills. 

Your behavior toward others and your response to everyday life problems are reflected in your dream so that you can make changes.

In addition, if you dream about pigs constantly, it represents stubbornness or a need to grow or change something about your life in order to make changes. 

If you are a woman and dream about pigs, it represents fertility and also a childlike attitude.

It’s important to take note of the details in your dream as the meaning may vary. For example, if you have seen pigs, this could mean you are being overpowered by others. 

There may also be hidden meanings to the number of pigs. The significance of numerology cannot be understated.

Dreams signify good things are about to happen. You may see growth in your business or positive changes in your relationship. It could be a turning point in your life where things will get better. 

Why do you dream of pigs? 

The dream of a pig is an indication of success, newness, change, sexual desires, and change in your habits. 

If you dream of pigs, it may be due to a variety of factors such as who you are hanging out with or what kinds of things you do. You can tell a lot about your personality from how you respond to a problem.

Pigs in a dream symbolize prosperity, abundance, success, sexual desire, and the need to improve some habits that will help you grow. 

Now let’s explore the reasons behind dreams about pigs.

1. Personality traits

Pigs are perceived as dirty, disgusting creatures, but in dreams, they have different meanings.

 Pigs move in dirty surroundings, so the dream points toward your environment or people around you. It indicates that you are surrounded by harmful people or someone with bad habits.

These people can have an enormous impact on your life, especially if you spend a lot of time with them.

In addition, it describes the foods you eat and your eating habits. To gain some deeper insights, it is necessary to dig deeper into your dream and life. 

You can elevate your lifestyle by changing your bad habits. 

2. Success & Abundance

The dream about pigs is an indication that you are guided in life. Perhaps you are facing some issues related to work and personal life and seeking solutions. 

The dream indicates that you will overcome all your difficulties as long as you remain optimistic about the results. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

If you are married and having difficulties in your marriage, then this is a sign that you will soon pass this phase and live happily as all hardships are ending. 

3. Change or newness 

The dream represents a time of change and you will see your life being drastically transformed. You may be experiencing some financial hardship and receive some unexpected gain that will brighten your day. 

Moreover, This is a sign of good fortune coming your way. Do not resist the change because it may seem uncomfortable at first, but it is crucial to your success and growth. 

You will get involved in a new venture, or you will help someone else start something new. You have a desire to nurture others. 

4. Sexual desires 

Pigs are prolific in nature and are capable of giving birth to multiple piglets at once. The dream indicates that you are sexually capable and can make things happen. 

Also, it indicates your relationship with your lover or partner. It means that you will soon find your spouse if you are anxious about your marriage. 

5. Experiencing different feelings 

Pig symbolizes guilt, happiness, shame, and low self-worth. There may be no feeling for others or a feeling of being detached. In addition, if you are comparing yourself to others, the dream says you should explore more to find your true self. 

Pigs in dreams represent illegal transactions. This is a warning sign that you should stay away from such things as you might find yourself in legal trouble. Further, it states that you have a guilty conscience about illegal dealings and a fear of police involvement. 

Pig in Dream – 79 Scenarios & Its Meanings 

1. Dream of pigs with piglets 

The dream of pigs with piglets symbolizes financial gain or new opportunity. Money, a new job, a raise in salary, a business idea, or any other thing you are investing your money into. 

You will reap the benefits of your long-term, relentless efforts. The results will make you realize that there is nothing like a quick or overnight success. It all starts with that one step and consistent efforts and dedication. 

2. Dream about pigs in general 

The dream of a pig signifies misfortune or bad luck in the future. Your dream foretells that you will encounter difficult situations in the near future. 

Since most of the problems won’t be major ones, you will be able to handle them with ease. 

The chances are you will fail or lose if you are engaged in activities such as gambling or lottery, or even investing your money. Keep an eye out to avoid any kind of loss.  

3. Dream of pigs without piglets 

The dream is a symbolism of shame. Possibly you will suffer humiliation or have to face uncomfortable things in front of others. Your feelings may be hurt or shameful as a result. You will wait for the situation to end so that you can move on and forget about it. 

4. Dream of slaughtering a pig

The dream of slaughtering a pig indicates that you may face trouble because of your decisions. You are spending your savings on unimportant items that have no value to you.  You may regret your decision later. 

The dream represents that you will make a financial investment, which can also make you feel the investment isn’t worth it. 

5. Dream of feeding a pig 

The dream represents that you will take care of a person who does not value the efforts and other things in their life. Instead of being thankful for what is good in life, they are unsatisfied and complain about what didn’t work out. 

The Dream warns you to stay away from these people since they may take advantage of you. Also, they may try to get money and other forms of aid whereas they never care about you and never advocate for your wellbeing. 

Other interpretations of the dream may suggest that you may face financial difficulties that will lead you to sacrifice your own desires. You may turn to thrifting in order to provide for your family or to do something you would not normally do. 

As well, you can take this as a chance to serve your family and take care of them. This will motivate you, give you a positive outlook, and help you perform better. 

6. Dream of buying a pig 

The dream implies that you are good with financial matters and you are very cautious about them. You always take precautions and never leave anything on chance. 

You prefer discussing things with your friends and family because it makes you feel more comfortable and safe. 

It could also be related to your relationship with others and how you communicate with them. 

You may suffer if you are someone who constantly tries to please or impress others. This may lead to anxiety or worrying about what the person will think about you or whether they liked you. 

You may feel the flow of strong emotions that may seem hard to handle, but you will pass the phase with the love and support of your friends. 

7. Dream of seeing a boar

The dream about boars is a warning sign, it means you need to be careful with your words and actions. It’s highly likely that you will hurt someone with your words and actions. The relationship you have with that person can be affected. 

You may realize after you speak, so it’s better to be aware of what you say and to whom. 

8. Dream of hunting wild boars

You will successfully complete a project you were afraid of or doubtful of. You may be delaying some project or task in your waking life, and this is a sign to resume it. If you feel unconfident about it, then start taking action, and eventually, you will gain confidence. 

9. Dream of others hunting boars

Hunting boars in others’ dreams means you will get a new job opportunity, but due to your fear, you may reject it.

Although you might not be completely satisfied with your current job, the fear of change of environment and work is impeding your growth. You should reconsider your decision if you want the best for yourself. 

10. Dream of selling a pig 

It is a positive omen. The dream indicates that you will have the chance to purchase something you’ve been eyeing for a long time. It can be a car, apartment, or something that brings you joy. You have been working incredibly hard for this and now is the time for it to pay off. 

The fact that you have overcome numerous obstacles and achieved the goal will make you feel confident and proud. 

11. Dreaming of receiving a pig as a gift 

The dream refers to monetary gains and benefits. You will be surprised to receive money when you least expect it. The dream may be a ray of hope if you are experiencing financial hardship and worried about how you will provide for your family

You may earn more money or receive money from the lottery or other sources unexpectedly. Trying to focus on money constantly can cause you stress and lead to unnecessary stress. 

12. To bestow a pig to someone

Bestowing a pig represents your deep-seated fear of not equally receiving love or respect from your partner. 

Another interpretation could be that you like someone but you are fearful that they may reject you or may not have feelings for you. Thinking of this scenario is hurting you. However, you need to face the situation to get clarity and things may turn out well for you.

13. Dream of stealing a pig 

The dream in which you see yourself stealing pigs from a pigsty represents that you are overly ambitious and may hurt others to achieve your goals. Also, you will overcome any hurdles that will come your way to success.

14. Dream about someone stealing your pig

The dream denotes damage or unexpected expenses. You might have to spend money that you had saved for travel or fun to fix some household malfunction. Alternatively, you may be forced to give it to someone who is in dire need of it. 

15. Dream of a pig crossing your path

The dream of being faced with pigs is not a good omen for the future as it is a sign of disappointment, worry, and misery. However, with the love and support of friends and family, you will be able to overcome the difficult situation.

You will need strength and courage to deal with this situation. Stay positive and believe that things will get better with time. 

16. Dream of running away from a pig 

The dream signifies that something is frustrating you and negatively impacting your mood. Your dream implies that you should avoid negative people or those carrying such negative energy. As energy transfers and the people with whom you hang outplay a huge role. 

Additionally, if you have recently argued with someone, then your dream may reflect those feelings. 

17. Seeing others running away from a pig in dreams

The dream implies that you are facing a frightening situation or that you are overwhelmed. Talking to your loved ones can help you overcome the situation as well as ask for advice or suggestions. You will be okay. All you need to do is calm your mind and take one thing at a time. 

18. Dreaming of riding on a pig 

It is an unusual dream just like its meaning. If you dream of riding a pig, you are involving yourself in an activity or hobby that is new to you. 

The people you used to avoid might be around now, and you’ll hang out with them. You are now trying to fit in and probably liking the change. 

Most likely, these changes will become a part of your lifestyle soon. 

19. Dream of cooking a live pig 

The dream represents the change you are going through. You are undergoing a phase in your life in which you are purifying your energy or getting rid of negativity to become a high vibe person. You will soon see results if you stick to your decision and work towards it consistently. 

20. Dream of roasting a pig on a skewer 

The dream of roasting pigs in dreams represents the end of a bad time and a new beginning. It signifies that all the darkness will gradually fade away and that tension in the air will soon dissipate, bringing you joy and happiness. 

Moreover, the dream also means disappointment. Those around you are likely expecting high-quality results, and they may become disappointed if your results don’t live up to their expectations. 

Additionally, it reminds you of all the mistakes you made and the opportunities you missed that were right at your fingertips. 

Despite everything, there is still time to make a favorable decision and elevate your status in the eyes of others.

21. Dreaming of pigs head on a plate 

The dream points to your motivation and determination. You should now accomplish any pending tasks you have been putting off for a long time. The extra energy you are experiencing will enable you to accomplish your task more efficiently without putting in much extra effort. 

There is a high probability that you will achieve all your endeavors or goals. In addition, some influential person or well-known figure will likely assist you. 

22. Dream of a pig squealing 

The squealing of pigs in dreams is not a good sign, expect to hear some bad news in near future. It might be related to an old friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time. This can be very hurtful and may leave you feeling guilty if you don’t help out during difficult times.

23. Dream of seeing a sick pig 

Dreaming of a sick pig indicates that you will resolve your problems with the help of people around you, for instance, if you are having troubles with your colleagues at work, they will be able to help you out. 

The dream suggests that you should behave nicely to everyone since you don’t know when you’ll need someone’s help. Also, maintaining good relationships can make the situation easier. 

24. Dream of seeing a healthy pig 

The dream is a positive omen as it means you will be promoted at your workplace or will receive appreciation. 

According to Miller, if you have seen a well-fed swine then it means profitable contracts coming your way. You will receive higher profits and a good amount of return if you are making any type of investment or in business. 

You’re going to have a great time so remember to be grateful for all the things you have. 

25. Guinea pig in dream meaning

The dream of a guinea pig is a premonition of commitment and heart issues. It signifies how much power and control you have over life. In addition, it shows your willingness to work and improve the situation. This indicates a lack of integrity. You should focus your efforts on things that will benefit you in the future. 

Also, if you have left something unfinished, this is the time to finish it. In order to become the best version of yourself, you must discard bad habits that no longer serve you. 

26. Dream about dead guinea pigs

The dream symbolizes the need to remain calm. It indicates that you have an understanding of certain issues and a lot to contribute. Your mind is filled with fresh and creative ideas.  

27. Dream about lots of guinea pigs 

The dream of a lot of guinea pigs is a positive omen. It represents miracles and positive news. You may find a best-fitting job for you and something new is revealing itself. It is a sign of creativity and completion. 

28. Seeing a skinny pig in a dream 

It is not a good sign as it symbolizes misunderstanding with kids or colleagues at the workplace. The reason could be a refusal to accept their decision and guiding them towards the good which does not suit their interests. 

Your actions may appear to be disrespectful and they may think that you are attacking their independence. 

The other meaning is that you have problems with finances and at work that make things difficult for you. 

29. Dream of seeing a dirty pig 

It is a sign that people around you will treat you badly or make you feel that you are not important or seen. If you are in a relationship, your partner may talk in a rude tone and hurt your feelings. 

If a situation like that occurs, you should be ready and should not be surprised. The best thing you can do is to take the situation one step at a time and not let it overwhelm you. You should mentally prepare yourself in advance. 

Be careful not to take everything personally said by others. 

30. Dream about new pigs

The dream states fertility and rebirth. Are you looking for acceptance? Your dream indicates that you are rejecting parts of your personality, which is causing you difficulties in coping with some life situations since they make you feel inadequate. 

You need to understand that your outer world reflects your inner world. It is important to work on yourself to make things more positive outside. 

Don’t ignore your feelings in order to take care of others. Additionally, the dream indicates wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. A question or concern is pressing on your mind, you are looking for guidance and support.  To maintain sanity and confidence, establish healthy boundaries.  

31. Dream about cute pigs 

You dream that you are satisfied with your life and where you are in your journey. You prioritize your work and constantly add to your schedule. However, you may be trying to convey some other emotions that are beyond your comprehension. 

You are going through an internal transformation and need to expand your horizons. Something new is about to begin. You may find that something from your past proves extremely important in your future.

Also, it implies a new relationship and friendship. You must therefore be aware of the people around you since they may convey some important information. 

32. Dreaming of baby pigs 

The dream represents relaxation and comfort. It is a harbinger of new adventures and beginnings. However, the dream may also be trying to bring your attention to something that you are missing in your life, some important detail that might be beneficial for you. 

The dream emphasizes your achievement and the masculine side of your personality. 

Another interpretation of this dream could be that you gain victory over your rivals and fears. It’s important to take some time off because you are losing touch with the outside world. While this may not be a bad thing, you need to analyze and reflect.

33. Dream about a lot of pigs 

Dreaming of a lot of pigs means a bad reputation. It is possible that you will build this reputation through your words and actions. You should keep checking what you say and how you act as it may influence how people perceive you. 

If you are in a leadership position in your company, the harsh words you use will directly impact your reputation. Furthermore, do not let issues from the past affect your mental well-being or reputation. 

It’s best not to divulge your secrets to an unknown person whom you just met, as they might try to take advantage of your information and spread rumors about you. 

34. Dream about large pigs

 It is a sign of upcoming challenges that you will have to face shortly if you dream about a large pig. It can be related to financial issues. Therefore, it is important that you save money for the future.

 Also, if you are questioning your goals at this time, it is normal. You are on your way to success, and self-doubts may occur. Overall, you are enjoying how life treats you and you feel good about it. 

The dream implies that you live in a male-dominated society, however, you are free and independent. As well, you must take the help of other people so that you can achieve mutual goals. 

35. Dream of young pigs 

The dream of young pigs is a symbol of protection, nurturance, rebirth, and growth. You are seeking guidance and support from higher powers. 

Dreams express your concern and willingness to provide the very best for others. In addition to looking after your family, you also need to make sure they have a nutritious diet. 

You play a significant role in others’ success with your cooperation and help. 

36. Dream about killer pigs 

You can always depend on yourself, so it might mean that you are seeking answers. It is a symbol of longevity and strength. You may feel like life is passing you by if you don’t take action or set goals. 

You may have confided some secrets to a close friend or the one you love, and you are trying to hide them for quite some time. 

37. Dream about pigs eating 

You are expressing your desire to talk to someone. The time has come for you to face any emotions you may be repressing. As a result, a few things may come to the surface that can cause stress at both work and at home. 

The dream is a metaphor for carelessness in certain areas of your life. You need to pause and give yourself some time to heal properly so that you can welcome new changes into your life and live them to the fullest. Due to some bitter experiences in the past, you may also feel that you cannot trust anyone. 

You may sometimes feel that you are the one above all and this can make others feel uncomfortable or unwanted. 

38. Dream of Korean pigs 

The dream is a portent of the end of something. It can be a job, a relationship, or bad times. You may feel that you are living under strict rules and regulations. So you will break them and change them according to your comfort. Also, something unexpected will happen in the future that may surprise you. 

The dream points towards your lifestyle. Perhaps your actions are disconnected from your emotions and values.

 You are enjoying your newly found freedom and feeling confident about yourself. 

39. Flying pig dream meaning

The dream symbolizes your hesitation, fear, and worries. It is a sign that you have financial worries and have the feeling of being exposed. This is an indicator that you are growing emotionally and need to pick up on some things in life.

 Do you like someone but hesitate to confess your feelings to them? It could also be possible that you are fantasizing or romanticizing about your love life. 

40. Dream about pigs mating 

You want a flourishing relationship and are looking for the ideal partner. Perhaps you have a feeling for your friend, and now you are wondering how they might feel about you. 

As you are in the early stages of planning and setting goals, your dream indicates your dedication and determination. You have to make your decision as you are being tested. It is a sign of competitiveness and authority.

41. Dream about newborn pigs

The dream is a sign of enlightenment, spirituality, and humility. Your dream reflects your current state of mind and how you are feeling. This is a sign that you may have new ideas during this time since your creativity is at its peak. It denotes knowledge, intellect, and power.

 You must guard your energy from worries surrounding you. 

It is also important to find a balance between masculine and feminine energy; you need to identify your potential and utilize it to your advantage. 

42. Dream about finding pigs

The dream is a hint of ambition, success, and goals. Maybe you need to finish something you left in the middle. The dream represents that something is coming to an end and you might have to say goodbye. 

As a result, you may experience self-doubt or dilemma. It is important to learn from your past experiences.

Additionally, observe closely the dream details, you may see some of your interests or things that interest you. You may have an interest in politics and global affairs.  

Your goal is to build your own identity and bring change. Besides managing one aspect of living well, you should also consider other aspects of life

43. Dream about injured pigs

Dreaming of injured pigs represents vitality, power, determination, and support. It is an indication that you will receive support from those around you to achieve your goals and perform daily tasks. If you face any obstacle, you’ll have people around you to help. 

The dream shows that you have high expectations from your work, which makes it stand out from others. Aside from that, you are seeking support and personalized guidance. 

You may also feel as if something is draining your energy and making it difficult to get the most out of your day or perform your tasks.

You must take extra precautions while trusting someone to avoid betrayal or harm. There is a chance that someone will try to hurt you by poking some old scars. 

44. Dream about swimming pigs 

Pigs swimming in your dream represent your desire to latch onto an image or idea. In a dream, water represents emotions, the way you feel in a dream is indicative of feelings that you are unaware of. To heal, you need to bring them to light.

 The dream represents your desire for a simpler life. You want to enjoy your time with family and friends. 

Also, the dream implies that you have an idea, but you need some guidance or inspiration to execute it. Your dream suggests that you will succeed in achieving your goal with dedication and hard work. 

If you are living your life unconsciously then the dream may be an indication that you need to revisit the actions you have been taking and do some self-examination. Your soul yearns for spiritual guidance and fulfillment. 

45. Dream about pigs fighting 

Your dream reflects your goals for a family. You want to organize and streamline your life. 

There are also hints about a love triangle or a love affair. You may face some conflicts in the future. If you want your voice to be heard you need to take action to stand out.

From a business perspective, you are looking for a solid partner. A dream tells you that good things come to those who have patience and faith. 

46. Dream about catching pigs 

Your dream is a symbol of the unification of your masculine and feminine energies. To build more meaningful relationships with your friends and family, you need to spend some quality time with them. As a result, you will have better communication with your family.  

Also, you are capable of overcoming challenges easily. You are searching for love or power. This said, you are showering your love and attention on someone.

Furthermore, the dream states that to achieve something, you must give up something precious to you. 

The dream is a representation of your emotions and desires. Perhaps you will be exposed to a new vision and may execute a plan even when you don’t believe in it or wish to succeed. 

47. Dream of starving pigs 

The dream reflects your response and reactions when faced with circumstances. You need to check in with your mental health as something may be coming to the surface and you might find it difficult to deal with it. In addition, the dream refers to your work and business.

Your work reflects your values and in the future, you will achieve success. Your dream suggests that you have a competitive spirit and should handle one thing at a time. 

It is important to cool down every once in a while to refresh and reboot your system. The dream is a hint of freedom on a personal and cultural level. 

48. Dream about dead baby pigs 

The dream of dead baby pigs is a harbinger of love, passion, and desires. It states that I have a desire for a new relationship. It also states that you are very passionate about something and it is consuming you. Perhaps you are having a hard time expressing yourself.  

You have managed your anger and can now speak out against something and make your opinion known. To create your identity, you need to take steps. 

The limitation you feel is caused by an external factor and an internal limiting belief system.  

Also, do not get discouraged if you fail because it is a test and you want to realize that life will always present hardships. 

49. Dream about looking at pigs

The dream reflects your intention about some life-changing decisions. You are doing something and have the fear of getting caught. This refers to the qualities of your father you possess, as well as to your masculine side.

 You are living life on your terms. Also, you should be mindful of what is occurring in your environment as you may receive a crucial message. 

There are some areas of your life in which you need to work such as learning new things and gaining knowledge. You also need to add more romance and love into your life. 

This dream summarizes some attributes associated with your family, heritage, and the things that you need to add to make your life more meaningful and joyful.  

50. Dream about pigs chasing me 

The dream symbolizes care, support, wholeness, commitment, and honor. This tells you that you are against a popular opinion and making yourself distant from others. 

When you detach yourself from your ego and success, you will feel lighthearted. You are also surrounded by well-meaning friends who will support you and help you to achieve your goal. But, you have to approach your goals with diligence and preparation. 

51. Dream about eating baby pigs 

The dream indicates that you are repeating something in your life. In order to break the cycle and move on, you must pause and reflect. You may also be struggling to connect with other people because you are highly ambitious. Although others failures may impact you. 

The dream wants to bring your attention towards the lost opportunities, past relationships, and experiences of the future that can help you in learning and growing. It is pointing towards your annoying habits that need to be fixed. 

52. Dream about pigs eating you 

Your dream expresses your desire to be close to someone. You have an imbalance between work and personal life. In certain areas of life, it points to carelessness. 

You may also feel more vulnerable at this time because it is time to confront your repressed anger and emotions, as well as keep track of your emotional health. 

53.  Pig attacking dream meaning

The dream tells about your ambitions and goals. You are feeling low and questioning yourself. You may also feel detached from your surroundings. 

However, the people around you are very kind and try to uplift you. You are exploring your abilities and talents. The dream reassures you that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

Alternatively, the dream implies your rash behavior. You might also encounter others who try to obstruct your path 

54. Dream about pigs in mud 

Your dream indicates that you are facing some difficulties in your relationship. You have the feeling that your partner doesn’t respect you anymore or no longer cares about you. You should communicate with your partner in this situation and express your feelings. 

On the other hand, you may have been concerned that it would ruin your relationship or have some negative consequences.

55. Dream of a pig standing far away

Your dream indicates you will have a pleasant experience. It is a sign that you will meet someone new and discover something new. You may end up doing something you haven’t done before. After this experience, you will feel refreshed and new. 

56. Dream about killing a pig 

Dreaming about killing a pig indicates financial gain will arrive soon. Perhaps you’ll win the lottery or get a better return on investment. If you are running a business, you will earn more money. 

In addition, the dream plot represents that you will receive a raise or promotion for your good work. It will be a good time filled with surprises and fun. 

57. Dream about a wild pig 

Dreaming of a wild pig indicates negativity in your life. You may experience this from people in your immediate environment, such as your colleagues, friends, or family. This will be an unpleasant experience. 

58. Dream about pigs running around

The dream indicates your rude behavior toward others. It is a reflection of your behavior towards someone in the past where you threatened them or did not appreciate the work. You should ask for an apology and make sure you don’t hurt anyone with your words or actions. 

If you feel that you do not have control over your words then you should think before you speak. 

59. Dream of a fat pig 

The dream may signify that you need to slow down and learn from your past experiences, use the learnings and improve present life situations. If you live your life in a hurry, then the dream indicates that you must slow down and live more consciously. 

Learn to appreciate the small things in life so that you can lead a simpler and more fulfilling life. 

60. Dream about being bitten by a pig 

The dream of being bit by a pig symbolizes that you are about to experience financial difficulties and business issues. It is a warning sign telling you to be extra cautious as you may get thumped in the near future. 

Moreover, you must stay calm and make wise decisions related to money. If you are planning any major investments during this time, double-check everything. 

In case you have pain, depression, or anger problems, this is a sign you need to prioritize your health. 

61. Dream of a roast pig 

The dream of a roasted pig represents good fortune. The roasted pig in dreams represents money, wealth, and abundance, but the meaning goes beyond the external attributes. 

The feelings that come with it are priceless, such as falling in love, happiness, joy, and good times ahead. 

62. Dead pig dream meaning 

Dreaming of a dead pig represents the beginning of a new cycle of life. Every cycle has a different theme, and accordingly, it affects the different areas of life.

 During specific periods in your life, different aspects of your life are brought into play. You can expect some positive changes in your life in the near future. 

63. Dream about pig inside your house 

Dreaming that you are surrounded by pigs is a good sign. In case of illness, it is an indication that you will soon be fine. A good lifestyle also indicates that you’re happy with your life at the moment 

64. Dream about observing a pig from a distance 

You may come across some great opportunities that will allow you to earn more and have a stable life for yourself and your family. 

The dream of seeing pigs from a distance is a good omen, which means you’re going to have a prosperous time in the future. You can use this time to lay the foundation for the future. 

It is important that you utilize this opportunity to the fullest. It is going to be a favorable period for you in which you will receive new opportunities. 

65. Dream of chopping off pigs head 

There may be unforeseen dangers in the future and the dream indicates preparing for them mentally so that you can act appropriately. The dream of cutting a pig’s head is a sign of failure or loss in the future. 

66. Dream about healthy pigs in the yard

Healthy-looking pigs are a good sign. Seeing them in yards means you’ll have an opportunity to make a change at work or in business. If you plan to start something new, then the dream represents your success. You may soon be signing some lucrative contract. 

67. Dream about mother pigs

You will experience good luck in the near future if you dream of mother pigs. It is a symbol of the success of a business or career. Maybe you’re working on something that’s gratifying and profitable. You are striving towards your dreams.

In most cases, this dream indicates that income, wealth, and finance are rising.

68. Dream of pigs head 

In dreams, pig’s heads symbolize human needs and call for action. Dreams require you to focus on some life situation that could have a big impact on your future.

 If you see a swine head, this suggests you will have an improvement in your financial situation.  According to Aesop’s book, the dream signifies rude behavior from those around you. 

Additionally, the dream indicates that you are neglecting something in your household, which may result in an accident. 

69. If pig becoming a person in your dream 

Having the dream of becoming a pig will most likely lead to some legal issues. Try to avoid conflict whenever possible. The dream also suggests that you may not have a positive reaction to something you started or thought about. 

Take the time to think about your current life situations to make better decisions.  

70. Dream of a pig running away

It signifies that you are going to have a difficult time. Being patient and having faith will help you through. 

71. Pig leaned on you in the dream

The dream implies that you will be faced with unexpected expenses in the future, such as inviting someone to dinner or buying them a gift. 

72. Dream of Pig herds

Dreams about pig herds indicate that conflicts will be solved and investments will yield a high return. Pigs running toward you in a dream suggest you’ll solve an unexpected problem or get a high return from a small investment.

73. If someone gifted you a live pig

The dream is a sign of happiness. Something that you have planned for a long time may finally come to fruition. A live pig in a dream suggests a happy event. Perhaps you will receive a betrothal gift or you will be notified of a  plan.

74. Pregnant women dreaming of pig 

When pregnant women dream about pigs, it indicates whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. If you see a black pig, it means a baby boy and if you see a white pig, it means a baby girl.

75. Women dreaming of pig 

According to the eastern dream book, a woman who dreams of dead pigs will be able to avoid deception, fraud, and false connections. 

Different colors of pigs dream 

76. Dream of red pigs 

The dream represents your desire to be rewarded or treated nicely. You see a bright future ahead of you. Your past is still affecting you, so you should let it go, move on, and enjoy the present and smile more often.

If you are caught up in externalities like appearance and status, then you need to learn to enjoy life without deriving your happiness from those features. 

You also care for others and admire their hard work, honesty, and compassion. As a curious soul, you always ask questions and want to know what to do next.

77. Black pig in dream

The dream of a black pig is the symbolism of greed or selfishness. It implies the quality of animals that don’t share their food with other animals. There is no need to fight anyone, the dream suggests you can simply communicate your problem. 

You should step back once you feel that you have enough according to your need. Let others have their part. 

The other meaning of the dream is that you could hear bad news or may be surrounded by negative energies.

78. Dream about white pig 

The dream of a white pig represents stubbornness. Due to the color white, a sign of peace, you might think that the white pig is a good sign. However, this is not always the case, the dream indicates that sometimes people around may act contrary to their real nature. 

These kinds of people can be dangerous. In dealing with such people, you need to be stubborn. 

79. Dream about pink pig 

The dream about a pig is a sign that you need to be extra cautious as you may get cheated or stabbed by an unexpected person.

 It is possible that someone you consider always happy and smiling may deliberately stab you in the back. 

The pig represents the traits of selfishness and jealousy. It is important to pay attention to what others are saying and doing around you. 

What do Pigs symbolize in dreams? 

Pigs are symbolic of being guided and supported in your life’s journey. It is a reminder to deal with difficult situations with ease and calm in the face of obstacles. If you want to find a solution to any problem, try to look at the situation from a different perspective.

It indicates you are on the verge of experiencing new and positive changes in your life. It could be anything from a successful business to finding your soulmate. This is a pivotal moment in your life. 

Biblical meaning of pigs in dreams

According to the Bible, the dreams of pigs symbolize selfishness and greed. It means that you are insensitive to the needs of others, and you find your advantage in every situation. How you help others is an indication of the kind of person you are and your values. 

If you ate pig or pork in a dream, it describes your characteristics of Jewishness according to the bible. As pigs symbolize uncleanness. 

Pigs are also symbols of abundance, growth, wealth, and success in dreams. It’s a good omen for those in business. 

Psychological meaning of pigs in dream

The psychological meaning of pigs in a dream is the reflection of your personality traits such as stubbornness, selfishness, and self-centeredness. It shows you which aspects of your life need to be improved in order for you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Spiritual meaning of pigs in dream 

The spiritual meaning of seeing pigs in a dream represents your hard work, honesty, knowledge, wealth, fertility, and unbalanced life. Identifying the type of pig you see in a dream is important.

If you see a wild pig then it means unbalance, greed, lust, and selfishness. Whereas if you see a domestic pig then it symbolizes luck and prosperity spiritually. 

Although it indicates stubbornness, it also means that you are a generous and reliable person who is willing to change their bad habits to grow and succeed in life. 

Pigs Dream Meaning in Different Cultures

Dream of Pigs – Chinese interpretation

According to the people of China, the dream of pigs is a good omen. It means wealth and success. Also, it indicates that something good is about to happen in the near future. 

Pigs dream meaning in Hinduism

Among Hindus, the boar or pig is seen as the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Furthermore, boar tusks are depicted on the Indian goddess statue, Kali. As she holds the bowl in her hand, she also holds the tusk representing life and the goodness of nature. 

Pigs dream meaning in Native America

In Native America, the pigs in the dream mean rain and fertility. It also represents money, prosperity, and good luck.

Questions to ask yourself when you dream of pigs

Pig dreams represent your personality, suggesting that you should work on improving these traits. Here are some questions to help you dissect the meaning of your dream and determine which aspects and traits you need to work on. 

1. What was the color of the pig?

2. What type of pig was it?

3. What was the pig doing in the dream?

4. What was your role in the dream and what you were doing in the dream?

5. How did the pig in the dream make you feel?

6. Do you have any bad habits or traits that are affecting your quality of life? Like rude, selfish, or stubborn.

Wrapping Up

Pigs in a dream have both positive and negative meanings. Therefore, you must release the misconception that pigs are dirty and unclean animals. 

They are friendly and intelligent mammals. However, you have the guide to understanding the meaning of pigs that can help you have some deep insights into your dream.

Altogether pigs are a reflection of your behavior, personality traits, and surroundings. 

You cannot only look outside of yourself to improve and change the world around you. Also, look within to improve and change yourself inside and out.

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