The first impression of pigs is filth and uncleanliness. However, a pig in a dream does not always represent negativity.

Nevertheless, it is a symbolic representation of something deeper, like your habits or surroundings.

Read on to discover the meaning of your dream based on your dream situation.

Pig In Dream - Does It Always Symbolize Filth and Unhealthy?
Pig In Dream – Does It Always Symbolize Filth and Unhealthy?

What Does Pig in Dream Mean?

The dream of a pig is an indication of success, newness, change, sexual desires, and change in your habits. 

Pigs have spiritual significance and are one of the smartest and most prolific mammals in nature. If you dream of them, it may be due to a variety of factors. Let’s explore some of the meanings.

Personality traits

Pigs move in dirty surroundings, so the dream points toward your environment or people around you. It indicates that you are surrounded by harmful people or someone with bad habits. In addition, it describes your eating habits.  

Success & Abundance

The dream is an indication that you are guided in life. Perhaps you are facing some issues related to work and personal life and seeking solutions. The dream indicates that you will overcome all your difficulties as long as you remain optimistic about the results. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Change or newness

The dream represents a time of change and you will see your life being drastically transformed. You may be experiencing some financial hardship and receive some unexpected gain that will brighten your day.

Moreover, you will get involved in a new venture, or you will help someone else start something new because you have a desire to nurture others.

Sexual desires

Pigs are capable of giving birth to multiple piglets at once. The dream indicates that you are sexually capable and can make things happen.

Also, it indicates your relationship with your lover or partner. It means that you will soon find your spouse if you are anxious about your marriage.

Legal concerns

Such dreams represent illegal transactions. This is a warning sign that you should stay away from things that may land in a legal tussle. Further, it states that you have a guilty conscience about illegal dealings and a fear of police involvement.

Spiritual meaning of pigs in dream

The spiritual meaning represents your hard work, honesty, knowledge, wealth, fertility, and unbalanced life. Identifying the type of pig you see in a dream is important.

If you see a wild pig then it means unbalance, greed, lust, and selfishness. Furthermore, a domestic pig symbolizes luck and prosperity spiritually.

Types of Pig Dreams & their Interpretations

Let’s explore right here various dream interpretations revolving around pig.

Dream about pigs eating

You are expressing your desire to talk to someone. The time has come for you to face any emotions you may be repressing.

As a result, a few things may come to the surface that can cause stress at both work and at home.

The dream is a metaphor for carelessness in certain areas of your life. You need to pause and give yourself some time to heal properly so that you can welcome new changes into your life and live them to the fullest.

Due to some bitter experiences in the past, you may also feel that you cannot trust anyone.

You may sometimes feel that you are the one above all and this can make others feel uncomfortable or unwanted.

Pig attacking dream meaning

The dream tells about your ambitions and goals. You are feeling low and questioning yourself. You may also feel detached from your surroundings.

However, the people around you are very kind and try to uplift you. The dream reassures you that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Alternatively, the dream implies your rash behavior. You might also encounter others who try to obstruct your path

Dreaming of baby pigs

The dream represents relaxation and comfort. It is a harbinger of new adventures and beginnings. 

However, the dream may also be trying to bring your attention to something that you are missing in your life, some important detail that might be beneficial for you.

The dream emphasizes your achievement and the masculine side of your personality.

Another interpretation of this dream could be that you gain victory over your rivals and fears. It’s important to take some time off because you are losing touch with the outside world.

A lot of pigs

It means bad reputation and it is possible that you will build it through your words and actions.

If you are in a leadership position in your company, the harsh words you use will directly impact your reputation. Furthermore, do not let issues from the past affect your mental well-being or reputation.

Alternatively, it’s best not to divulge your secrets to an unknown person whom you just met, as they might try to take advantage of your information and spread rumors about you.

Catching pigs

Your dream is a symbol of the unification of your masculine and feminine energies. To build more meaningful relationships with your friends and family, you need to spend some quality time with them.

Also, you are capable of overcoming challenges easily. You are searching for love or power. This said, you are showering your love and attention on someone.

Furthermore, the dream states that to achieve something, you must give up something precious to you.

The dream is a representation of your emotions and desires. Perhaps you will be exposed to a new vision and may execute a plan even when you don’t believe in it or wish to succeed.

Dream of pigs’ head

In dreams, it symbolizes human needs and calls for action. Dreams require you to focus on some life situation that could have a big impact on your future.

Alternatively, this suggests you will have an improvement in your financial situation. 

Additionally, the dream indicates that you are neglecting something in your household, which may result in an accident.

Cooking a live pig

You are undergoing a phase in your life in which you are purifying your energy or getting rid of negativity to become a high vibe person.

You will soon see results if you stick to your decision and work towards it consistently.

Feeding a pig

The dream represents that you will take care of a person who does not value the efforts and other things in their life.

Also, the dream warns you to stay away from these people since they may take advantage of you via bad means.

Other interpretations of the dream may suggest that you may face financial difficulties that will lead you to sacrifice your own desires. You may turn to thrifting in order to provide for your family or to do something you would not normally do.  

Buying a pig

The dream implies that you are good with financial matters and you are very cautious about them. You always take precautions and never leave anything on chance.

You prefer discussing things with your friends and family because it makes you feel more comfortable and safer. Furthermore, it could also be related to your relationship with others and how you communicate with them.

Alternatively, you may suffer if you are someone who constantly tries to please or impress others. This may lead to anxiety or worrying about what the person will think about you or whether they liked you.

Being bitten by a pig

It symbolizes that you are about to experience financial difficulties and business issues. It is a warning telling you to be extra cautious as you may get thumped in the near future.

Moreover, you must stay calm and make wise decisions related to money. If you are planning any major investments during this time, double-check everything.

In case you have pain, depression, or anger problems, this is a sign you need to prioritize your health.

A fat pig

The dream may signify that you need to slow down and learn from your past experiences, use the learnings and improve present life situations. 

If you live your life in a hurry, then the dream indicates that you must slow down, live more consciously, and appreciate little things in life.

A roasted pig

It represents good fortune. The roasted pig in dreams represents money, wealth, and abundance, but the meaning goes beyond the external attributes.

The feelings that come with it are priceless, such as falling in love, happiness, joy, and good times ahead.

Flying pig dream

It is a sign that you have financial worries and have the feeling of being exposed. This is an indicator that you are growing emotionally and need to pick up on some things in life.

On the contrary, it could also be possible that you are fantasizing or romanticizing about your love life.

Riding on a pig

It is an unusual dream just like its meaning because it means you are involving yourself in an activity or hobby that is new to you.

The people you used to avoid might be around now, and you’ll hang out with them. You are now trying to fit in and probably liking the change.

Slaughtering a pig

It indicates that you may face trouble because of your decisions. You are spending your savings on unimportant items that have no value to you.  You may regret your decision later.

Stealing a pig

The dream represents that you are overly ambitious and may hurt others to achieve your goals. Also, you will overcome any hurdles that will come your way to success.

Guinea pig

It is a premonition of commitment and heart issues. It signifies how much power and control you have over life. 

In addition, it shows your willingness to work and improve the situation. This indicates a lack of integrity. You should focus your efforts on things that will benefit you in the future.

Also, if you have left something unfinished, this is the time to finish it.

Pigs chasing me

The dream symbolizes care, support, wholeness, commitment, and honor. This tells you that you are against a popular opinion and making yourself distant from others.

Seeing a boar

It is a warning sign and it means you need to be careful with your words and actions. It’s highly likely that you will hurt someone and the relationship you have with that person can be affected.

Pig squealing

Again, it is not a good sign and expect to hear some bad news in the near future. It might be related to an old friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time.

Furthermore, it will hurt and drown in guilt because you couldn’t help out during difficult times.

Dead pig 

It represents the beginning of a new cycle of life with a different theme that affects the different areas of life. 

During specific periods in your life, different aspects of your life are brought into play. So, you can expect some positive changes in your life in the near future.

Killing a pig

It indicates financial gain will arrive soon. Perhaps you’ll win the lottery or get a better return on investment. If you are running a business, you will earn more money.

In addition, the dream plot represents that you will receive a raise or promotion for your good work.

Different colors of pigs’ dream

There are chances of seeing various colors of pigs in dream.

Black pig

It is the symbolism of greed or selfishness generally how these animals don’t share their food with other animals. There is no need to fight anyone, the dream suggests you can simply communicate your problem.

The other meaning of the dream is that you could hear bad news or may be surrounded by negative energies.

White pig

Due to the color white, a sign of peace, you might think that the white pig is a good sign. However, this is not always the case, the dream indicates that sometimes people around may act contrary to their real nature.  

Pink pig

It is a sign that you need to be extra cautious as you may get cheated or stabbed by an unexpected person.

Also, the pig represents the traits of selfishness and jealousy. It is important to pay attention to what others are saying and doing around you.

Biblical meaning

According to the Bible, the dreams of pigs symbolize selfishness and greed. It means that you are insensitive to the needs of others, and you find your advantage in every situation. How you help others is an indication of the kind of person you are and your values.

Psychological meaning of pigs in dream

The psychological meaning of pigs in a dream is the reflection of your personality traits such as stubbornness, selfishness, and self-centeredness. It shows you which aspects of your life need to be improved in order for you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Wrapping Up

Pigs in a dream have both positive and negative meanings. Therefore, you must release the misconception that pigs are dirty and unclean animals.

They are friendly and intelligent mammals. However, you have the guide to understanding the meaning of pigs that can help you have some deep insights into your dream.

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