Suicide in a dream is terrifying and confusing. You will wake up in fear and anxiousness. There will be a lot of confusion about the night vision that you just experienced. It’s all because of the scary images that made you emotionally overwhelmed.

As if, you are feeling like a failure and do not wish to continue to live a happy and peaceful life.

Suicide in a Dream - Unleashing Various Scenarios Along With Interpretations
Suicide in a Dream – Unleashing Various Scenarios Along With Interpretations

Suicide in a dream – General meaning

Suicide in a dream symbolizes personal transformation. This dream is a symbolic representation of failure, grief, helplessness, and pessimism.

It is better not to freak out since suicide in a dream is not uncommon. It is a common dream theme that may appear in the subconscious state when you’re deliberately trying to change an old pattern in waking life.

Dreaming about committing suicide also means the end of something vital in waking life. It symbolizes the end of a relationship that you no longer wish to continue because of its painful nature. Maybe, you are trying to overcome something that is heavy on your heart.

Seeing a dream about suicide can carry many symbolic meanings in waking life. Some of them are as follows:

  • Desire for a fresh start – you just wish to put an end to a part of your life that is no longer working smoothly and start anew.
  • You’re moving through a breakup or relationship issue – For you, the breakup is hard to accept and you just wish to let go of the negative feelings that are bothering you in real life. 
  • Feelings of hopelessness and actual death – the dream also symbolizes self-hatred and antagonism towards oneself. 
  • Change and transformation – You may like to alter your life goals or start a new relationship for more happiness, and satisfaction. 
  • Feelings of guilt and trauma – You are probably feeling extremely bad about something that has happened in your waking life. You’re unable to face and accept reality.

Spiritual Meaning of Suicide in a Dream

Spiritually, suicide in a dream is an indication of change and transformation. You are keen to embark upon a new journey of life that is less painful and more enjoyable.

It denotes spiritual awakening and acceptance of the reality that is harsh and jarring.

It symbolizes your desperate and deliberate try to change certain habits and ways of life that are creating a hell out of it in the real world.

Biblical Dream Interpretation

In the Bible, suicidal acts are condemned for being harsh and brutal. Thus, dreaming of suicide, no matter in what form it is attempted is not considered a positive sign in the Bible.

The dream symbolizes hopelessness and depression. It means you have surrendered and there is no more strength left in you to fight the ordeal in waking life.

Various Dream Scenarios of Suicide and Their Symbolism

So far we have discussed the symbolic meaning of suicide in dreams. Now, it’s time to analyze some of the most common scenarios of suicide dreams.

Committing suicide in a dream

It carries the message of helplessness, pessimism, anxiety, and frustration regarding something in waking life.

The theme speaks of negativity that you are harboring in reality. It is symbolic of giving up or escaping from a troubling situation in waking life.

Suicide of a loved one 

This is a symbolic image of ending a relationship that was close to your heart. Maybe, you have recently suffered a breakup about which you were not happy. 

Thus, the dream is just showing your unconscious pains that need to be healed in order to feel better. At times, this dream theme denotes that a part of ‘you’ is seeking attention and love from others. 

Someone who commits suicide

It means that there is someone in your waking life about whom you’re concerned and feeling worried. 

You must be thinking about their well-being in waking life and the dream is manifesting those worries in a negative way.

In some dream contexts, this dream also represents fear of coming across an unpleasant situation in waking life that can feel threatening. Thus, it’s a wake-up call to stay alert about your real-life incidents and how you deal with them.

You want to kill yourself

It means you are trying to get rid of something in your waking life that must be too disturbing or unworthy.It could be a relationship that is toxic or a workplace politics that is robbing your inner peace. 

This also symbolizes you are seeking independence from some troubles of waking life. You are unable to carry on any further and wish to get rid of troubles.

Dream of suicide by drowning

This symbolizes emotional upheavals and agonies. Maybe you’re drowned in pain and suffering. You are suffering more than what you can actually tolerate. 

In dreams, suicide by drowning represents the womb, a protected place where you can immerse and wake up all over again to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Suicide by a knife wound

It symbolizes cleansing and inner healing. The blood in dreams that occurs due to knife wounds signifies the draining out of life energy.

You are feeling less confident in waking life, thus the dream is showing your overwhelmed ‘self’. 

Suicide in a dream related to eating something poisonous

Dream of suicide by eating or drinking poisonous substances indicates toxic issues in life. If you are into toxic connections with others in waking life, you may see such a dream theme. 

Suicide of a friend

This carries a symbolic meaning. It might not be your real-life friend taking such a drastic step to self-harm.

The dream symbolizes your care and concern for your friend or close relative and your unconscious desire to help them in overcoming the trying times.

Someone persuading you not to commit suicide

This dream suggests a positive meaning. It symbolizes caring people and relationships in waking life. There are people in reality who love you and care for you. They will protect you and will guide you in all possible ways.

Hanging oneself 

It could also mean your helpless state of being. You are forced to cling to something that needs to be released.

Maybe, some past hurts and wounds, or a relationship issue that needs to be healed for your mental health.

Dream of suicide by a gunshot

This symbolizes the anger and frustration of waking life that is hampering your inner peace. You are stuck in repressed aggression and unable to grow in real life.

This dream is also a premonition of some guilt that you’re carrying in waking life. You’re carrying emotional baggage that is getting hard to get rid of.

 Attempts to commit a suicide

Seeing unsuccessful suicide attempts in a dream symbolizes endless problems of waking life that you are trying to escape but unable to do so in reality.

You are taking a long time to resolve these issues and they are actually getting bigger day by day.

A stranger committing suicide

If you dream of a stranger committing suicide, it symbolizes a misunderstanding with a friend or colleague in waking life. You are guilty of something that you have not committed.

Dream of changing your mind about the idea of committing a suicide

This dream symbol means that you have found a good solution to your problems in waking life. You are feeling empowered and confident about dealing with a tough situation in life. 

Your partner committing suicide

This symbolizes trust issues with your partner. The dream message is symbolic. It tells you to end the relationship that is giving you so much agony and suffering.

A family member committing suicide

It could mean that there is some family problem going on that you are not aware of. Your dream tells you to see around and find out the issue that is irksome.

This theme reminds you to find out tactful solutions to the problem and not to escape from reality as you may intend to do.

Dream of your child committing suicide 

This is a scary dream theme especially if you are a parent in a waking life. Sometimes this dream symbolizes your concern about the well-being of your child

Colleague committing suicide in a dream

When you see a colleague committing suicide in a dream, it symbolizes that you are not comfortable with teamwork.

Probably, our relationships with teammates and co-workers are not like the ones they should be. You have trouble dealing with them.

Being provoked to commit a suicide

It means that you do not have many loving and caring people around you. 

There is someone in your waking life who is against you or is secretly planning harm for you. The dream signifies relationship issues that are quite big and doesn’t get solved easily.

Seeing suicide in a TV show

This dream simply tells you to change the way you are living your daily life. You need to change certain daily habits that may be acting as an obstacle to growth. 

Dream of suicide at work

This manifests your real-life struggles at the workplace. Suicide at the workplace depicts failure at work, or unsuccessful attempts to reach your life goals. It symbolizes that negative energy is circulating in your workplace.

What Does Suicide in a Dream Mean Psychologically?

Psychologically, suicide in dreams symbolizes your fears and insecurities of waking life that you are avoiding or trying to escape from.

You are desperate to put an end to something or get rid of troubles that are making you feel confined. 

This dream also shows your poor self-image and low self-confidence. Maybe you are suffering from inadequacy and guilt and are feeling hopeless about everything in life.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

The dream allows you to assimilate the various experiences that you have gathered in a day. You will have to remember that dreams are symbolic.

Suicide dreams do not indicate real death. So, there is nothing to be scared about. The dream message is a sign of caution for you to develop insight and awareness about your waking life.