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Suicide in a Dream – 35 Scenarios Unleashed

Suicide in a Dream – 35 Scenarios Unleashed

Updated on Jul 09, 2022 | Published on May 12, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Suicide in a Dream - Unleashing 35 Scenarios Along With Interpretations

Suicide in a dream is terrifying and confusing. You will wake up in fear and anxiousness. There will be a lot of confusion about the night vision that you just experienced. 

This dream theme is unnerving, just like a dream of murder or a dream about death. A suicide symbolizes major life change and transformation.

The dream symbols feature dying and letting go of some patterns in your waking life that are no longer serving a good purpose in life. 

The themes include feelings of rejection and humiliation and giving up on something that is uncontrollable. It also includes feeling helpless and hopeless in waking life.

As if, you are feeling like a failure and do not wish to continue to live a happy and peaceful life.

Suicide in a Dream - Unleashing 35 Scenarios Along With Interpretations
Suicide in a Dream – Unleashing 35 Scenarios Along With Interpretations

Suicide in a dream – General meaning

Suicide in a dream symbolizes personal transformation. You are in desperate need to escape from a difficult situation in waking life. This dream is a symbolic representation of failure, grief, helplessness, and pessimism.

Dreams about suicide are scary and dreadful. You may find yourself in a helpless state after waking up from such an ordeal and horrific image. 

It is better not to freak out since suicide in a dream is not uncommon. It is a common dream theme that may appear in the subconscious state when you’re deliberately trying to change an old pattern in waking life.

Suicide in a dream can occur due to anxieties, fear, and unhappiness in waking life. If you are passing through bad days, and feel alone or isolated, this dream may appear as a night vision.

Sometimes, if you feel guilty about doing a wrong action in waking life, this dream symbolizes guilt and regrets. 

Dreaming about committing suicide also means the end of something vital in waking life. It symbolizes the end of a relationship that you no longer wish to continue because of its painful nature. 

Maybe, you are trying to overcome something that is heavy on your heart.

Thus, in this way, suicide in a dream symbolizes letting go. You have learned to give away the old bad habits that are no longer purposeful in real life.

Suicide in a dream symbolizes something that is difficult to deal with in waking life. It connotes frustration and anger, regrets and resentments as well.

When you are not happy and poised with your waking life, you might get this type of vision. The subconscious mind is showing you the repressed truth of waking life.

Usually, this dream signifies problems and hardships coming ahead. It reminds you of the path that will be hard to walk by.

In this way, the dream acts as a sign of warning of some impending danger and complications.

Having such a scary dream theme means you are unable to deal with issues of real life. Thus, your soul is calling for a change and transformation. 

Seeing a dream about suicide can carry many symbolic meanings in waking life. Some of them are as follows:

1. Desire for a fresh start

Dreaming about suicide symbolizes change, the end of something that was troubling you in reality. You are looking to end something that is hard and harsh. 

Maybe, you just wish to put an end to a part of your life that is no longer working smoothly. Thus, dreaming about suicide symbolizes a fresh start. 

You may wish to get rid of old patterns of behavior and substitute them with something new and fresh. You are committed to letting go of pains and sufferings and want to see life from a new perspective.

Suicide in a dream is a symbolic representation of unhappiness. It may indicate troubles coming ahead, problems with relationships, etc. 

You are seeking a happy change and the subconscious is manifesting the hidden desire as a night vision.

Although the dream imagery of committing suicide is fearful, the meaning of the dream theme is not always negative. 

It indicates you’re eager to bring positive changes in waking life. Maybe, you’re freeing yourself from past hardships and moving towards personal growth.

The transition is creating anxiety because you’re changing your way of living. The unconscious fear of change may lead to dreams about suicide. 

Just as dreams of death, this dream symbolizes changing an aspect of your life so that your life can become more satisfying.

2. You’re moving through a breakup or relationship issue

If you have experienced a breakup recently, you may see suicide visions in the subconscious state. This is due to guilt and resentments that you have experienced in reality. 

Maybe you are trying to analyze your faults that have led to the end of the relationship.

For you, the breakup is hard to accept and you just wish to let go of the negative feelings that are bothering you in real life. 

Suicide in this theme symbolizes the end of anything or getting rid of something that is hard to accept.

3. Feelings of hopelessness and actual death

Dreams about suicide symbolize pessimism and sadness. If you are dissatisfied with your life in general, you may be seeing dreams about suicide.

This dream is a mere manifestation of the kind of agony and suffering that you’re facing in waking life. It is a wish-fulfillment that is showing up in the dream state.

In this regard, the dream also symbolizes self-hatred and antagonism towards oneself. You do not love your life anymore.

If you are harboring such feelings lately, you should consult a mental health professional or a dream analyst to avoid having such disturbing and self-harming thoughts.

4. Change and transformation

In some dream themes, suicide symbolizes a major life change. You have either undergone a change for good or worse. It represents a stage in your waking life where you wish to change certain things.

You may like to alter your life goals or start a new relationship for more happiness, and satisfaction.

Thus, whatever the reason may be, dreaming about suicide signifies a part of your ‘self’ totally dying out.

This is a self-initiated transformation but with a lot of self-doubt and guilt that can also give you feelings of ending your life in dreams.

5. Feelings of guilt and trauma

Suicide in a dream is a symbol of guilt and remorse. You may have troubling days in your waking life and you think that it’s because of you.

You are probably feeling extremely bad about something that has happened in your waking life.

You’re unable to face and accept reality. Thus, your negative feelings are getting manifested in the dream state.

Sometimes, if you are overburdened with family responsibilities, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed. You might feel guilty for your bad behavior with others, thus harboring guilt in reality.

All this negativity may lead to suicidal thoughts in the dream state.

35 different dream scenarios of suicide

So far we have discussed the symbolic meaning of suicide in dreams. Now, it’s time to analyze some of the most common scenarios of suicide dreams.

No two people can have the same dream interpretation even if the dream scenario is the same. This is because dreams are subjective.

The exact interpretation depends upon the context of the dream and its relevance to the waking life of the dreamer.

1. Committing suicide in a dream

When you commit suicide in a dream, it carries the message of helplessness, pessimism, anxiety, and frustration regarding something in waking life. 

The theme speaks of negativity that you are harboring in reality. It is symbolic of giving up or escaping from a troubling situation in waking life.

2. Suicide of an elephant in dreams

If you dream of a mighty elephant committing suicide in dreams, it symbolizes failure to reach the big goals in waking life. 

The dream is symbolic of failures and pessimism. Something big and important is dying and it may be due to a lack of initiative or hard work, or due to some unavoidable problems of waking life.

This dream is a bad omen. You may feel stuck in big problems in waking life that may make you feel helpless and worthless.

3. Suicide of a loved one in a dream 

This dream is a symbolic image of ending a relationship that was close to your heart. Maybe, you have recently suffered a breakup about which you were not happy. 

Thus, the dream is just showing your unconscious pains that need to be healed in order to feel better.

At times, this dream theme denotes that a part of ‘you’ is seeking attention and love from others. 

You are feeling lonely and isolated in your waking life.

Thus, pessimism and anxiety of real life are making their way through disturbing dreams.

4. Dream of someone who commits suicide

If you dream about someone committing suicide, it could mean that there is someone in your waking life about whom you’re concerned and feeling worried. 

You must be thinking about their well-being in waking life and the dream is manifesting those worries in a negative way.

In some dream contexts, this dream also represents fear of coming across an unpleasant situation in waking life that can feel threatening.

Thus, it’s a wake-up call to stay alert about your real-life incidents and how you deal with them.

5. Dream that you want to kill yourself

When you dream of killing yourself, it means you are trying to get rid of something in your waking life that must be too disturbing or unworthy.

It could be a relationship that is toxic or a workplace politics that is robbing your inner peace. This dream also symbolizes you are seeking independence from some troubles of waking life.

You are unable to carry on any further and wish to get rid of troubles. This night vision is symbolic of real-life pains and sufferings.

6. Dream of suicide by drowning

This dream related to drowning symbolizes emotional upheavals and agonies. Maybe you’re drowned in pain and suffering. You are suffering more than what you can actually tolerate. 

The dream manifests your desire to end the suffering. At times, scenes of intentional drowning symbolize rebirth and awakening. You have successfully overcome the issues of waking life by putting them to rest forever.

In dreams, suicide by drowning represents the womb, a protected place where you can immerse and wake up all over again to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

7. Dream of suicide by a knife wound

When you dream about suicide by a knife wound, it symbolizes cleansing and inner healing. The blood in dreams that occurs due to knife wounds signifies the draining out of life energy. 

You are feeling less confident in waking life, thus the dream is showing your overwhelmed ‘self’.

In certain circumstances and dream contexts, this dream also hints lack of direction and guidance in waking life.

You are feeling overwhelmed because you’re already stuck in problems that are hard to get rid of in real life. 

The knife cuts on your hands represent failures, dissatisfaction, and pessimism. You are not taking good actions to fulfill your life goals.

Dream of suicide by eating or drinking poisonous substances indicates toxic issues in life. If you are into toxic connections with others in waking life, you may see such a dream theme. 

The toxic elements are taking away your peace and happiness. The dream is showing your real-life experiences. 

9. Suicide of a friend in the dream

If you dream of a friend committing suicide, this dream carries a symbolic meaning. It might not be your real-life friend taking such a drastic step to self-harm.

The dream denotes that someone you love or care for in waking life is passing through a lot of problems. They might be calling out for help and assistance. 

The dream symbolizes your care and concern for your friend or close relative and your unconscious desire to help them in overcoming the trying times.

10. Dream about someone persuading you not to commit suicide

This dream suggests a positive meaning. It symbolizes caring people and relationships in waking life.

There are people in reality who love you and care for you. They will protect you and will guide you in all possible ways.

Seeing you saved from a suicidal act symbolizes protection and care. The dream reminds you to stop feeling insecure and lonely.

You have the power to overcome problems and carve a good living for yourself.

The dream tells you to stop feeling victimized and develop meaningful connections with family and well-wishers.

You need to pay attention to social relationships that appear loving and fulfilling.

11. Hanging oneself in a dream

If you dream of hanging yourself, it means you are emotionally overwhelmed in waking life. You are unable to control the troubles and hardships of life and just want to escape from reality.

It could also mean your helpless state of being. You are forced to cling to something that needs to be released.

Maybe, some past hurts and wounds, or a relationship issue that needs to be healed for your mental health.

Hanging in dreams also means you are tied up in remorse and regrets.

You are guilty of some wrongdoing in waking life and your subconscious mind is reminding you of this unpleasant feeling all over aging.

12. Dream that you wish to kill yourself

This dream symbolizes freedom and liberty from the pain and agony of waking life. It’s a metaphor for some positive change that may help you to heal the wounds and misfortunes of waking life.

The wish to kill yourself is symbolic of escape and putting an end to all those that were creating problems in real life.

You can say it’s a wish-fulfillment dream. The repressed wishes of the unconscious mind related to freedom are portrayed in dreams.

13. Dream of suicide by a gunshot

This dream symbolizes the anger and frustration of waking life that is hampering your inner peace. You are stuck in repressed aggression and unable to grow in real life.

This dream is also a premonition of some guilt that you’re carrying in waking life. You’re carrying emotional baggage that is getting hard to get rid of.

If you dream about shooting yourself inside the mouth, it symbolizes guilt of saying something bad to someone.

A dream of a gunshot high up on the head or forehead symbolizes the end of your intellectual ability. Maybe you have cut off your ties with political or religious activities.

Another meaning of this dream means the end of a relationship that was close to you. 

 14. Dream of attempts to commit a suicide

Seeing unsuccessful suicide attempts in a dream symbolizes endless problems of waking life that you are trying to escape but unable to do so in reality.

You are taking a long time to resolve these issues and they are actually getting bigger day by day.

15. Dream of a stranger committing suicide

If you dream of a stranger committing suicide, it symbolizes a misunderstanding with a friend or colleague in waking life. 

You are guilty of something that you have not committed. Maybe, the dream tells you to let go of the emotional baggage and not to feel bad about what had happened.

16. Dream of changing your mind about the idea of committing a suicide

This dream symbol means that you have found a good solution to your problems in waking life. You are feeling empowered and confident about dealing with a tough situation in life. 

When you see that you have changed your idea of dying and committing suicide, it means that you are walking along the path of happiness and personal growth.

The dream symbolizes freedom from problems and greater control over what happens to you.

17. Dream of your partner committing suicide

This dream symbolizes trust issues with your partner. The dream message is symbolic. It tells you to end the relationship that is giving you so much agony and suffering.

The dream denotes several issues that are coming in between both of you. You are clueless about how to fine-tune the relationship so that it works well. 

It suggests a deep crisis in your intimate bonding that is not easy to overcome. The fear and insecurity that comes from the feeling of a breakup can also lead to such a vision.

18. Dream about a family member committing suicide

When you dream about a family member committing suicide, it could mean that there is some family problem going on that you are not aware of.

Your dream tells you to see around and find out the issue that is irksome.

This theme reminds you to find out tactful solutions to the problem and not to escape from reality as you may intend to do.

19. A neighbor committing suicide in a dream

Seeing a neighbor committing suicide is a symbolic meaning. It represents you are not aware of the world around you. 

There are so many troubles around but you’re completely unaware of them. Thus, this dream reminds you to take a look around you and help others in need. 

It challenges you to become more involved in the community and find out easy solutions to people’s problems and issues.

20. Dream of your child committing suicide 

This dream is a scary dream theme especially if you are a parent in waking life. Sometimes this dream symbolizes your concern about the well-being of your child. 

In this dream, a child may symbolize anyone amongst your close associates who looks up to you for some guidance and support. 

You may feel personally responsible for their actions. Thus, this dream symbolizes your concern about how to help these people overcome their problems and live a happy life.

21. A colleague committing suicide in a dream

When you dream of a colleague committing suicide, it symbolizes that you are not comfortable with teamwork. 

Probably, our relationships with teammates and co-workers are not like the ones they should be. You have trouble dealing with them.

It also shows anger and resentment, a difference of opinions between you and the co-worker. The dream symbolizes real-life struggles that are hard to get rid of. 

Your subconscious is trying to show off what you actually wish to see in real life.

22. Dream of being provoked to commit a suicide

If someone provokes you to commit suicide, it means that you do not have many loving and caring people around you. 

There is someone in your waking life who is against you or is secretly planning harm for you. The dream signifies relationship issues that are quite big and doesn’t get solved easily.

 In certain contexts and for some people, the dream also means that someone is trying to convince you to self-harm. You are in a confused state of mind that is clouding your insight and rational judgments.

The person is mistaking your goodness as a sign of weakness, thus using you to meet their vested interests. The dream reminds you to stay away from such unhealthy connections in waking life.

23. Dream of thinking about suicide

This dream is simple to interpret. It signifies your hatred and ill-feeling towards yourself. Maybe you are dissatisfied with how you are progressing in your waking life. 

You are feeling like a failure, regretting your decisions and commitments in life.

Thoughts about suicide mean your negative outlook and pessimism in real life. As if you have given up and do not wish to change anything for the better.

24. Someone else thinking of suicide

If you dream that someone else is thinking about suicide, such a theme includes too much responsibility on your shoulder.

You are committed to meeting the needs of many others, thus feeling vulnerable from within.

Your insecurities, fear, and guilt of not being able to fulfill your duties well get manifested through dreams. 

This dream symbolizes you feel like running away from social obligations and responsibilities and wish to live life on your own terms and conditions.

25. Dream of police suicide case

A dream of this type means that you are trying to hide some vital information from an authority figure in waking life. The authority could be a law-enforcing person, advocate, or political person.

The dream involving the police reminds you that if you are concealing anything important, it is better not to do so. You should take the support and guidance from others in order to resolve the problem. 

Hiding information can only make things worse.

26. Dream of seeing suicide in a TV show

This dream simply tells you to change the way you are living your daily life. You need to change certain daily habits that may be acting as an obstacle to growth. 

27. Dream of reading about suicide

When you dream about reading suicide news in a newspaper or magazine, it may symbolize certain guilt operating within you. 

You are not happy about your life in general. Off late, certain real-life incidents have put a lot of responsibility on you. 

You’re not aware of how to carry on with these responsibilities. Thus, the fear of waking life issues is manifested through this weird dreaming.

28. Dream of researching suicide

A dream meaning of this night vision usually involves your need to know the major signs, causes, and how it feels like committing suicide in reality. 

This dream means you are researching and trying to gather more information about the same.

29. Dream of suicide at work

This dream manifests your real-life struggles at the workplace.

Suicide at the workplace depicts failure at work, or unsuccessful attempts to reach your life goals. It symbolizes that negative energy is circulating in your workplace.

Maybe there is someone in the office who has planned a trip for you. The dream reminds you to stay cautious. In this manner, this dream is a warning sign. 

At times, this dream symbolizes termination or losing your job. It reflects the anxiety of real-life struggles that are hard to live by.

30. Dream of mass suicide

Dream imagery of mass suicide symbolizes your mental and physical exhaustion. You’re not happy with the way things are taking a shape in reality. 

This dream reminds you to take a break, have a pause, and rejuvenate yourself. Maybe your resources to combat hardships are broken for the time being and you need to rebuild them again.

31. Dreaming of threatening suicide to someone

If you dream about giving threats to commit suicide, it symbolizes your attention-seeking nature. You are feeling isolated and lonely in waking life and thus want others to associate with you. 

32. Dream of someone threatening suicide

If you see someone else who is threatening to end their life, be rest assured that they are trying to seek attention from others. These people are emotionally weak and insecure. 

They always need the support of others to thrive.  In your dream, it’s you who is being chosen to offer them help and guidance. 

The dream shows that you are experiencing a trapped feeling. You are trying to come out of this situation. Thus, the dream symbolizes escape and avoidance as well.

33. Dream of investigating a suicide case

A dream symbolism of this type indicates your suspicion about some malpractice being done to you or is planned against you.

The dream represents caution and concern about the presence of harmful people in waking life.

You are advised to cross-check things before relying on them. This dream foretells future problems that you need to take care of so that it doesn’t get bigger and more harmful.

34. Dream of suicide by jumping from a building

If you dream about suicide by jumping from a high building, it indicates emotional turmoil. Probably, you are facing a lot of troubles in waking life that you need to get rid of in reality. 

The dream is a subconscious manifestation of your fear and worries.

35. Suicide in a dream by drug overdose

In dreams, drug overdose symbolizes sufferings in financial matters. You may suffer monetary loss and the dream is foretelling a future situation. 

At times, this dream indicates overwhelming troubles that are making you feel sick and exhausted.

What does suicide in a dream mean psychologically?

Psychologically, suicide in dreams symbolizes your fears and insecurities of waking life that you are avoiding or trying to escape from. 

Dreams are not literal. They are symbolic connotations of your daily life incidents and the way you suffer to deal with these issues.

This dream also shows your poor self-image and low self-confidence. Maybe you are suffering from inadequacy and guilt and are feeling hopeless about everything in life.

Your self-limiting beliefs and emotional baggage of past pains make you feel dead and broken in the subconscious state. 

You are desperate to put an end to something or get rid of troubles that are making you feel confined.

You are feeling trapped and thus suicide shows you the way to end things that you may not be able to put to rest in real life.

Spiritual meaning of suicide in a dream

Spiritually, suicide in a dream is an indication of change and transformation. You are keen to embark upon a new journey of life that is less painful and more enjoyable. It denotes spiritual awakening and acceptance of the reality that is harsh and jarring.

Suicide in a dream is a symbol of the emotional pains and suffering of waking life. 

It symbolizes your desperate and deliberate try to change certain habits and ways of life that are creating a hell out of it in the real world.

These dreams symbolize guilt. Maybe you are seeking forgiveness from the almighty for your misdeeds.

The dreams indicate that you are punishing yourself for some wrongdoing that needs to be forgiven.

Maybe, you are denying the harsh truths that need to be evaluated from a different perspective, and the dream does that job for you.

It shows you the burden of guilt that you are carrying and tells you to forget and forgive yourself for what has happened.

Biblical meaning of suicide in dreams

In the Bible, suicidal acts are condemned for being harsh and brutal. Thus, dreaming of suicide, no matter in what form it is attempted is not considered a positive sign in the Bible.

The dream symbolizes hopelessness and depression. It means you have surrendered and there is no more strength left in you to fight the ordeal in waking life. 

You are weak and submissive now, and others are trying to overtake you in life. In certain dream contexts, suicide represents an escape from problems. 

But in some other contexts, you will find these dreams represent a deeper meaning. Maybe, you are punishing yourself for something that is causing a lot of negativity in you.

Sometimes, the dream symbolizes your deliberate attempt to change an aspect of your personality for fulfilled living. It represents a transition for some greater good.

Suicide in a dream – The good and the ugly

Suicide in a dream can mean so many things. Again the exact interpretation of dreams depends upon the exact dream scenario and the way it relates to the waking life of dreamers.

The positive meanings associated with suicide dreams are as follows:

  • Change and transition
  • Learned to let go of suffering
  • Emotional healing
  • A relationship issue that needs to be worked out
  • Unconditional acceptance of self

The downsides of suicide dreams are:

  • Feelings of surprise
  • Anxious and worries
  • Insecurity
  • Self-harm as a tool for coping with anxiety
  • Feeling abandoned and lonely
  • Emotional overload
  •  Lack of rationally
  • Feelings of disgust about self
  • Scared and upset about the events of waking life
  • Guilt and overall dissatisfaction with life

Questions to ask yourself if you dream about suicide

If you are dreaming about suicide, think of the reasons why you are seeing such a scary dream theme. Maybe, your waking life incidents feel like a burden and you’re trying to escape from reality.

You can ask yourself some questions to get a better idea of your dreams.

  • How often do you see suicide in dreams?
  • Are you feeling depressed and hopeless in your waking life?
  • Do you think that you are carrying the emotional baggage of the past that needs to be released and healed?
  • Do you see others trying to commit suicide in dreams?
  • How do you feel just after waking up?
  • Have you tried writing down your dream scenarios?
  • Do you think that the dreams are related to your real life?
  • Will you be able to interpret these mysterious dreams on your own?
  • Have you ever thought of taking a dream analysis session with a dream expert?

Wrap Up

There is no doubt about the fact that suicide in a dream is scary and distressing.

The mental image is not acceptable at all and the dreamer suffers a lot of mental tension, or nervous breakdown while visualizing such a scene.

The dream allows you to assimilate the various experiences that you have gathered in a day. You will have to remember that dreams are symbolic.

 Suicide dreams do not indicate real death. So, there is nothing to be scared about. The dream message is a sign of caution for you to develop insight and awareness about your waking life.

You need to consider the changes that you can do in real life so that your life can make a positive change toward happy living.