Dream of a text message can have many meanings. It symbolizes your waking concerns and anxieties; maybe you’re trying to deliver a message to someone in real life or wish to be heard. 

These dreams represent communication barriers as well. If you are having recurring dreams of text messages, it could mean unfinished business, emotional conflicts with people known to you in reality.

Dream Of A Text Message - Does It Really Mean Communication Barriers In Life
Dream Of A Text Message – Does It Really Mean Communication Barriers In Life

Dream of A Text Message – General Meaning

Dream of a text message is a clear sign of communication between you and someone in your waking life. The dream involves happy feelings, sadness, anguish, regrets, and much more.

These dreams also speak about an unfinished task with people in your waking life. So, it’s like a reminder from your unconscious mind that there are issues lying here and there in real life that need to be fixed at the utmost priority.

Sending and receiving text messages in dreams are connected to social networking. Positively, the dream symbolizes your popularity in the social sphere. You are much loved in the social circle and the dream represents your high self-esteem and social regard.

Symbolically, the dream of text messages implies the following meanings:

  • Problems in communication with family members or friends
  • Deep desire to meet and interact with people who you know
  • Missing someone special in your waking life
  • Business conflicts
  • Unfinished business
  • Hidden problems in the family or in workplaces
  • Good new
  • Misfortunes
  • Conflicts and past trauma related to a failed relationship of the past.

Dream of a Text Message – Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, dreaming about a text message symbolizes declaration of love and humility. The message symbolizes communication and deep connection with people who matter the most in your life. 

Spiritually, dreams of text messages also carry meanings like your hidden wish to reveal something secretly to others. Your subconscious is revealing your hidden desires through dreams.

Biblical Dream Interpretaion

In the Bible, these dreams carry both positive and negative meanings. In positive ways, the dream denotes your inner desires to revive all your old connections and bonding. 

This also means you have secrets around you that need to be revealed. On the flip side, the dream manifests pleasure, love-making, good connections with your partner and good vibes that can make you feel happy and content in life.

Various Dream Scenarios of a Text Message

Dreams about text messages symbolize passion, love, and deep emotional connections. It could also mean your social popularity, new business endeavors, and togetherness with the people who are close to you in waking life.

Dream of receiving a text message

It signifies unknown situations coming your way in waking life where you may have to make a choice that you never wanted.

Sometimes, receiving a happy text message implies passion and love. Thus, it all depends upon the feelings portrayed in the dream.

Sending a text message

A dream where you’re sending a text message implies your unconscious wish to connect with someone in your waking life who is no longer physically staying with you, maybe a friend, or a relative with whom you are very close.

You are missing the person in your waking life. The dream symbolizes the unconscious wish of the dreamer for a reunion.

Dream of reading a text message

It indicates that you will overcome all the difficulties and obstacles of your waking life by using the suggestions and advice of good people in your daily life. 

There are well-wishers who are giving you advice that could help in resolving your present problems. The dream symbolizes advice, good thoughts meant for your well-being.

Writing a text message

It represents your forgiving nature. Maybe you are merciful to those who sin against you in waking life. Probably, it also denotes your open-minded nature. You are respectful of different ideas.

For some dreamer who is overambitious, this dream signifies they are carving good fortune for themselves. They are aware of their talents and abilities and know how much they want from life.

Dream of receiving a text message from an Ex

It means that your current relationships are not running smoothly and you’re missing the good old days spent with your ex. This dream represents longing, need to be accepted and loved in the most beautiful way. 

A text message with colorful images

It could mean that you have healthy relationships in your waking life. You are happy with how things are taking place in reality. It symbolizes happiness, good mood, and no regrets at all in your real life.

A crumpled text message

It means you’re feeling confused about certain things in your waking life. Maybe you are not clear about your life’s purpose or the goals that you’ve set are not going ahead in good ways. 

Torn pieces of message

It symbolizes your broken self-esteem. Maybe you’re suffering from some kind of insecurity and are unable to express yourself freely. You are not in a state to tell people what your needs and priorities are.

Dream of a text message on a smartphone

This dream simply means communication and interaction with people in your waking life who are special and you always wish to stay connected to them in reality.

A text message on an Ipad

This also indicates mutual connection, meeting old friends who are no longer a part of your waking life now. This dream gives you a feeling of intense happiness, hope, and mental satisfaction.

Happy text message

If you dream of a happy text message where you are either smiling or laughing, it means good fortune coming your way in reality. It means good news related to a job promotion, or pay hike, or you have become a parent recently, etc. 

An unhappy text message

The dream of unhappy text messages symbolizes problems in your waking life. It could be anything related to your current relationships or workplace related issues that are giving you negative vibes every now and then.

A text message with confusing and strange letters

It simply relates to your anxious and insecure mindset in waking life. These dreams also reflect double thoughts about issues that are not clear for you in real life.

A text message from a beloved

This symbolizes revival of lost connections with someone who is very close to you in your waking life. It could be a dear friend, or your ex-partner whom you miss a lot in waking life.

Seeing many saved text messages

This dream symbolizes your resourceful nature. In waking life, you must be handling things singlehandedly and the dream shows your persistent good work.

Text message from your boss

It implies troubles in your workplace. Maybe the relationships you had with your colleagues and boss are not great and you’re suspecting their intentions in real life.

Receiving a text message from a friend

The dream symbolizes happy feelings because you’re glad to see someone in dreams that you miss a lot in your waking life. You are happy to be reunited again. 

Sending a text message by mistake

It means you have problems in communication. You are not in a position to express your thoughts and feelings clearly to others. This dream symbolizes miscommunication, differences of opinion with others in real life.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

From this discussion, we can infer that dreams of text messages simply imply correspondence and communication. It means your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something very important that you need to note down. 

This dream is a subtle indication that you should always nurture your relationships in the best possible way.

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