Did you feel suffocated while encountering a dream of being strangled? Indeed, thinking about this dream scenario is scary and unsettling. You might wake up in a fraction of a second, probably gasping for air.

But what does this dream mean? Did it appear because you’re under a lot of pressure and stress? Let’s dive deeper into this article.

Dreams of Being Strangled - Plots Encountered in Dreamscape
Dreams of Being Strangled – Plots Encountered in Dreamscape

What Does It Means to Dream of Being Strangled?

Dream of being strangled foreshadows low self-esteem and a negative self-image. But before drawing any conclusion, let’s look at the general interpretations.  

  • Reconnection With A Friend – If you have a dream about being strangled, you are going to run into an old buddy who you haven’t seen in a long time. He or she is someone with whom you have spent a lot of time and who has meant a lot to you.
  • Reconnection With A Lover – The dream suggests that one of your ex-lovers is trying to make amends with you. This individual will use all means possible to gain you back. So, this dream alerts you to be cautious
  • Lack of Self-confidence – It implies you have a hard time making decisions and are bewildered and unsure of how to proceed when faced with a decision. You consider the various options available, but they all turn out to be the best.
  • Indecisiveness – It means you are a sophisticated and appealing person. However, you’re all over the place and can’t seem to make up your mind about anything. You want everything as well as the polar opposite. You can be white one day and then black the next.
  • High Ambitions – You’re in the middle of a complicated career cycle where you’re doing a fantastic job, and your bosses admire you. Also, your coworkers are gushing over you. However, while you appreciate your work on the whole, you occasionally sense a need for more because you’re aware that you’re capable of more. 
  • Take Action – It indicates that you are ready for something to happen, but nothing does. This makes you doubt your own abilities. You’re tired of having to prove that you’re capable of more and that you’re dependable all of the time. So, make your ambitions known, so that you get the desired fame.

Spiritual Meaning Of Being Strangled In A Dream

Recognizing the person who is strangling you in your dream will help you figure out who is causing you to choke in your life. 

It could be components of what you do to yourself in life if you don’t see the individual. If you are strangling someone, it may indicate that you are angry with them but are unable to express it in your daily life.

Dreams of Being Strangled – Intriguing Plots & Their Interpretations

A dream’s interpretation is dependent on the details that must be remembered.

Seeing Someone Strangled 

Dreaming about someone being strangled represents an unknown or unacknowledged power.

You’re going through a lengthy and difficult emotional time, and you could be a danger to yourself or others.

Additionally, it is a sign that you have a strong support system and you are comfortable and satisfied with your life. 

Dream Of Strangling Yourself

If you dream of choking, it signifies you have nothing to be concerned about. You’re naturally sensitive, and you’re overly concerned with what other people think of you. Another interpretation is that you should seek medical advice. 

Someone Strangling You

The dream represents a fight wherein you may have a disagreement with a family member who has unreasonable expectations of you.

You’ll get the impression that they want you to succeed where they failed, implying that they’re venting their frustrations on you.

Being Strangled By Someone You Know 

It indicates a lack of clarity in an issue especially in one of your relationships. Besides, in your life, you are not making any progress because you’ve been confronted with a difficult reality or a shocking event.

Also, this nightmare is unfortunately a warning sign of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

Strangling and Killing Someone

In general, this is a bad dream. Because such dreams are harbingers of impending chaos and trouble for the individual.

A person who strangles and kills someone in a dream is unjust to others and leads them to suffer numerous tragedies.

This dream also suggests engaging in criminal actions to gain dirty money, as well as talking behind people’s backs and engaging in other deceptions.

Being Strangled By A Ghost 

It represents your worries and rejection of certain features of your physical appearance. Someone may be trying to run your life in the background or from the sidelines. 

Being Strangled To Death 

The sacrifices you made and the challenges you faced are depicted in your dream.

Being Strangled By A Friend

It is a sign that you’re looking for spiritual balance, understanding, and harmony. You have a positive outlook on life.

Also, this is a sign of long-term stability, which highlights your solid foundation. 

Alternatively, it relates to money anxieties or anxiety about your limited finances. You are self-conscious about your abilities and lack confidence in yourself. 

Being Strangled By An Animal

If you have a dream about being strangled by an animal, it implies you’ve been exposed to something you didn’t want to be exposed to. It’s possible that you’re terrified of your own primal instincts.

A Baby Being Strangled

You are no longer operating at a high level of efficiency or effectiveness because this dream indicates suppressed memories, worries, or rejected feelings. You should be more flexible in your thinking and decisions. 

Stranger Being Strangled 

It represents your raging emotions that have been suppressed for a long time. Also, someone may be attempting to persuade you to do something because the dream foreshadows hesitation and your inability to commit to something.

Being Strangled And Then Surviving

This dream is a metaphor for a lack of focus. You’re sticking your head in places it doesn’t belong.

Being Strangled By An Object

It denotes an inside difficulty wherein you could be attempting to conceal something from yourself or punishing yourself for something.

Being Strangled By A Snake

It represents some part of your connection with your girlfriend or boyfriend where you could be giving up or surrendering a part of yourself. 

Alternatively, your desire for knowledge and enlightenment is symbolized by this nightmare. 

Being Strangled By A Bear

It represents your fear of authority and lack of self-confidence. You’re undecided about whether to pursue an idea or attempt something different. It could be a caution to stay away from potentially risky situations.

Partner Strangling You

It indicates that you are unhappy in your relationship because you’ve both been stressed recently, your communication has been poor. So, you must put in more effort if you want your marriage or relationship to succeed.

Getting Strangled 

Dreaming about being strangled is a sign of vulnerability. You should be cautious about who you put your trust in. You’re building a solid foundation for yourself and your family but it represents some unsolved emotional problems. 

Being Strangled By A Lover

You must take a risk and take the first step toward your objectives or desires. The dream symbolizes a sense of liberation and a lack of responsibilities and obligations.

Alternatively, it represents your need to connect with others and so you must find a way to make the best of a poor circumstance.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

This dream represents the thoughts of wrath and vengeance you have for someone you dislike in your inner world.

This type of dream can imply that you are dealing with issues and difficulties that you desire to resolve.

It belongs to a larger genre of nightmares that involve physical violence or assault. Victimization, violation, conflict, coercion, or pressure are all symbols in these nightmares.


There are many things that can “strangle” you and impede you from blossoming and developing – both within yourself and in your surroundings. But alas, you must find positivity and walk on the path of happiness.