An eagle in dream is exceptionally symbolic because in general, eagles are symbols of independence, success, power, and glory. Since time immemorial, they are associated with the divine and are revered as the messenger of the spirits. 

But as always, whether it’s good or bad depends on how the bird appeared and in which state. So, let’s find out more in the following sections.

Eagle in Dream: Meanings and Interpretations To Unfold
Eagle in Dream: Meanings and Interpretations To Unfold

A General Meaning Of Eagle In Dream

An eagle in dream is generally associated with opportunities, wish fulfillment, the accomplishment of goals, evolution, success, and power. But its appearance may also indicate illness and death.

Usually, ambitious people tend to see eagles in dreams more than others. With such free-spirited behavior, an eagle could stand for the freedom and independence one exercises in reality. 

On the other hand, it could also mean the dreamer yearns to be as free as the bird. Negatively, an eagle dream might occur if the dreamer strives for something impossible. 

The messenger of the spirits also has other symbolisms. Let’s have a look at some.

  • Power and Dominion – The mighty eagle is a creature born to fly. As it soars high up in the sky, it acquires power and dominion over other beings. If one dreams of the bird while going through hardships, in reality, it means he/ she would soon recover and regain power. 
  • Fierceness and Courageousness – Eagles also imply facing problems with fierceness and tenacity. Instead of giving up, overwhelmed by difficulties and responsibilities, the dreamer tends to face problems with courage.
  • Freedom – No bird flies in the altitudes an eagle does. It has the freedom to reach heaven or swoop as low as it desires. Considering that an eagle dream is related to the similar independence the dreamer exercises. Also, it is possible to see the bird if he/ she yearns to break free from shackles, rules, and regulations.
  • Life Goals – Since there are no limits to how high an eagle can fly, the scenario may stand for the dreamer’s resilience and strong will to do whatever it takes to achieve his/ her goals.
  • Opportunities – A dream concerning eagles could mean the dreamer must be wary of opportunities that have the potential to push him/ her toward success. 
  • Clarity – Such scenarios also stand for clarity. Perhaps the dreamer can finally see what lies underneath flashy covers. 
  • Patriotism – Also, the appearance of the bird can be a sign that the dreamer is fixated on his/ her country. On the other hand, such a scenario might also occur if the dreamer needs to be more empathetic and considerate towards others. 
  • Balance – Eagles have four toes on each foot. The number ‘four’ symbolizes a solid foundation, from the perspective of Numerology. Though it flies high, it comes back and reconnects with the earth while it hunts for prey. Given this, an eagle dream symbolizes the dreamer’s well-balanced life. Or it could even be reminding him/ her to strike a balance in life.
  • Loyalty – Seeing this loyal being could stand for the dreamer’s loyalty and commitment towards his/ her partner, family, friends, career, work, health, etc. 

Significance Of Eagle In The Spiritual Realm

The eagle is a spirit animal. It is the creature closest to the creator and stands for man’s connection with the Holy Spirit.

As it flies high, it bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical world. Therefore, it helps transform spiritual aspirations into reality. 

Besides, if you see an eagle in your dream, ask yourself whether you have a mission or a life goal to achieve. Then, the bird could be giving you the message that your aspirations, goals, and dreams have the potential to become a reality. 

Different Types Of Eagle Dream With Meanings

Let’s check some prominent dream scenarios featuring eagles and their equivalent interpretations.

See an eagle

An eagle, unchained and in good shape, shows the dreamer is confident and mentally strong. Like the bird, the plot implies he/ she is a personality worthy of honor and respected by many. 

On the other hand, the bird could be reminding the dreamer of his/ her capabilities and worth, especially if the dreamer believes he/ she doesn’t amount to much. 

A caged eagle

It foretells the humiliation his/ her family would face in the foreseeable future. Though the reason for the shame would differ from person to person, a few possibilities include infidelity, theft, murder, or any other criminal acts.

It could also reflect his/ her present mindset. Though he/ she doubts his/ her abilities, parts of him/ her believe he/ she can achieve what he/ she is after. 

A caged eagle can also mean the dreamer feels someone or something is holding him/ her back from exploring his/ her full potential.

It also symbolizes financial troubles. 

A flying eagle

A flying eagle is an emblem of freedom.

The plot also reflects the dreamer’s mindset and belief. Following the narrative, he/ she does not give much importance to material possessions.

Instead, he/ she values liberty, genuine relationships, education, etc. To dream could also mean the dreamer would go miles to achieve his/ her goals.

Besides, an eagle flying circularly in a particular area indicates he/ she must be patient and wait for the ideal moment to strike his/ her target.

Also, flying overhead scenario points to the dreamer’s fears that are turning him/ her into a recluse day after day. 

Shoot an eagle 

Shooting or trying to shoot an eagle stands for a period of utter misery. Material losses or even the death of a close person are in the cards. It could also mean the end of a relationship. 

In the professional domain, the dreamer’s business may suffer unexpected losses. It could also stand for the dreamer’s desire to succeed. 

Shooting an eagle can also mean the dreamer’s companions greatly feel intrigued by his/ her actions and decisions. As per the dream, they are fascinated by his/ her curious mind and critical ways of thinking.

An eagle holding a prey

This dreamscape has much to do with how the dreamer proceeds in his/ her career. The scenario hints at a rival trying to take credit for the work the dreamer has done. 

Also, this person did some vile things to snatch away the dreamer’s success, but the eagle holding the prey symbolizes his/ her victory over them.

It is also associated with opportunities that would possibly lead to the dreamer’s growth and evolution.

Yet another interpretation shows the dreamer feels trapped and sees no way out of a situation. 

An eagle circling the dreamer overhead

It shows he/ she is determined to take back the authority he/she had thrown away. Also, an eagle flying overhead in a circular manner foretells danger.

An eagle soaring high

Chances are, the dreamer is facing an internal conflict concerning his/ her love life. It could also foretell massive success.

Wounded eagle in a dream

It shows the dreamer is an ambitious individual and has set magnificent goals. On top of that, he/ she is working hard and is sincere in his/ her approach. But the dream implies the goals he/ she has set are not attainable. 

Catching an eagle

The dream plot reflects the dreamer’s unempathetic nature and inconsiderate behavior toward others. In some cases, it symbolizes anger. 

Killing an eagle

Killing an eagle with a rifle symbolizes atrociousness. 

It could also mean he/ she is determined to travel miles to achieve his/ her goals. To such an extent that he/ she wouldn’t hesitate to forcibly wipe off rivals and obstacles that arise along the way. 

Also it symbolizes damage, especially if the dreamer intentionally or unintentionally harmed someone in the past.

A dead eagle

The dream stands for feelings of defeat or imprisonment. It can also mean someone is blocking the dreamer from attaining freedom. 

Furthermore, it might also stand for a person who is no longer in power. In certain cases, a dead eagle indicates that the dreamer is keeping things to himself/ herself. 

Sometimes, a lifeless eagle stands for the improvement or deterioration of the dreamer’s social and financial state.  

An eagle on the dreamer

It indicates the passing away of a near relative if the bird perched on the dreamer’s head. Positively, the bird landing on his/ her head symbolizes promotion at the workplace. 

An eagle nest

Eagles build their nests on the tops of the tallest trees or high mountain cliffs. Therefore, an eagle nest stands for his/ her victory and how far he/ she has come in life. 

It also represents the dreamer’s close ones, especially family and friends who have been with him through thick and thin. 

From another point of view, an eagle nest signifies encountering one or a few people who will help the dreamer rise and shine. 

Nesting eaglets

It means the dreamer needs to take a step back, stay low, and review his/ her overall life and goals. Also, emphasize the need to be more patient.

Riding an eagle

This vision is a premonition of a trip to an unfamiliar land. And almost everything the dreamer encounters in this upcoming trip would be new to him/ her. 

Feeding an eagle

Here, feeding is synonymous with the hard work and sweat the dreamer sowed earlier. Now, it has come to fruition, and finally, he/ she will bear its fruits. 

An eagle attacking

Likely, the dreamer is undergoing emotional turmoil and distress because of a close one’s harsh words or actions. Also, someone is likely challenging his/ her strength and courage. 

Also, the dream plot symbolizes risky matters. 

Dreams of turning into an eagle

The dream is a sign of a massive change coming around soon. It may also indicate fighting for one’s rights and wishes.

Different types of eagles in dream

  • Bald eagleIt could mean the necessity to focus on one’s feminine aspects and may symbolize either one’s inner strength or that of his/ her rivals. If the dreamer and the eagle get along well, it is a sign of a ray of hope in aspects of his/ her life that had seemed entirely ruined. Alternatively, the subconscious warns the dreamer to be wary of ill-wishers if the bird harmed him/ her. 
  • Golden eagle – These eagles are associated with strength and power. So, they often surface in dreams when one is going through a hard time in the real world. It symbolizes the accomplishment of goals & stands for golden opportunities that could help the dreamer attain exponential growth.
  • White eagle – It symbolizes the dreamer’s firm determination and strong willpower to achieve his/ her life goals. As the color white stands for purity and innocence, it means he/ she needs to play fair, even though they feel tempted to reach his/ her destination through unfair means. Besides, it also signifies financial success and stability.
  • Black eagle –  It is an ill omen and usually stands for the passing away of a friend or relative. 
  • Brown eagle – The dream indicates the dreamer will soon get ample opportunities to prove his/ her worth.
  • Giant eagle – The dream shows the person has a strong support system. 
  • Double-headed eagle –  In dreams, it is associated with one’s patriotism. For married individuals, the creature represents the relationship with their spouses. Additionally, it signifies a well-balanced relationship enriched with trust and understanding. 

Biblical Meaning of Eagle

The Bible often draws a parallelism between eagles and prophets. Prophets are revered as they can foresee the future. Likewise, eagles too can see backward as well as forward simultaneously. 

When one sees eagles, or to be specific, dreams of possessing a vision as good as an eagle, it means he/ she would soon receive information that could help him/ her reach the top.


Eagle in a dream is not common. But when it happens, understand that the mysterious creature comes with the most powerful messages. 

An eagle could stand for elevation – mentally, financially as well as spiritually. But that’s not to say eagles never bring negative messages. The bird could also appear to warn the dreamer of possible catastrophes.