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Eagle in Dream: 100+ Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Eagle in Dream: 100+ Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Updated on Dec 03, 2022 | Published on Apr 30, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Eagle in Dream 100+ Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Eagles are the tangible symbols of independence, success, and power. Since time immemorial, they are associated with the divine maker and revered as the messenger of the spirits.

In light of this, the majestic bird is an embodiment of everything substantial. Likewise, an eagle in dream is exceptionally symbolic and predictive. 

Due to their predictive nature, an eagle dream could either make you ecstatic or send chills down your spine, depending on the interpretation.

Eagle in Dream - 100+ Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings
Eagle in Dream – 100+ Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Eagle Dream Meaning

Eagle dreams are generally associated with wish fulfillment, the accomplishment of goals, opportunities for growth, and evolution, but their visit may also indicate problems including illness and death.

A dream associated with an eagle or eagles could have various meanings. For an interpretation to be on point, you need to be accurate in recalling the other elements present in the dream. 

An eagle dream could happen if you are ambitious and determined to achieve a goal, in a broad sense.

Eagles fly at altitudes, which are unattainable by the other winged birds. It can fly high up in the mountains amidst thick clouds, and it can swoop down on earth to hunt for prey. Under such free-spirited behavior, an eagle dream could stand for the freedom and independence you exercise in reality. 

On the other hand, dreaming of the bird could also mean you yearn to be as liberated as it is. If you feel trapped and confined in the real world, this could be why you saw the bird in your dream.

Negatively, an eagle dream could also imply that you strive for something impossible. Birds can fly while humans can not. On top of that, to see the bird that flies at unimaginable altitudes indicates that you are chasing a pipe dream and cherishing a mission that will never become a reality.

Eagle in a dream by a pregnant woman also foretells the coming of a baby boy

Furthermore, a dream associated with the messenger of the spirits may carry various symbols. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Power and Dominion

According to shamans, the mighty bird is a creature born to fly. As it soars high up in the sky, it acquires power and dominion over the other beings. They fly heights unattainable by others and have earned the status, ‘Supreme Creature of the Sky’. 

Perhaps you are not in your best state at the moment. Or maybe you have a handful of difficulties presently. If you see eagles in a dream while going through hardships, in reality, it means you would soon recover from those troubles and regain power. Evidently, it is a dream to help you feel encouraged and motivated.

2. Fierceness and Courageousness

Eagle in dreams could also imply facing problems with fierceness and tenacity. Instead of giving up, overwhelmed by difficulties and huge responsibilities, you will most likely take your trouble by the horns and fight them with courage.

3. Freedom

4. Life Goals

Since there are no limits to how high an eagle could fly, a dream about eagles could mean you are resilient and have a strong will to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

5. Opportunities

When an eagle detects potential prey, it keeps a keen eye on it and waits for the perfect moment to pounce. This bird usually grabs hold of every opportunity made available to it. 

Similarly, a dream concerning eagles could mean you must be wary of the opportunities that have the potential to push you towards success. 

6. Clarity

Often, a person, thing, or event is not what they seem to be on the surface. A dream associated with eagles also stands for clarity. When you see this bird in your dreamscape, it could imply that you can finally see what lies underneath the flashy cover. Probably it is your instinct and intuition that pushed you to dig in, and eventually, your efforts have paid off.

7. Patriotism

Also, an eagle could visit you in your dream if you are too fixated on your country. Perhaps, you love your country a little too much, and those sentiments may be pulling you apart from your circle who thinks differently from you. Ask yourself if you have been too over the top concerning your homeland.

On the other hand, a dream plot associated with eagles could also occur if you need to be more empathetic and considerate towards the people of your country.

8. Balance

Eagles have four toes in each foot. The number ‘four’ symbolizes a solid foundation from the perspective of Numerology. Though it flies high, it comes back and reconnects with the earth when it hunts for prey. Given this, an eagle dream may be indicating your well-balanced life. Or it could even be reminding you to evaluate and strike a balance in your life.

9. Loyalty

Interestingly, eagles mate for life and stay committed to one partner for a lifetime. To see this loyal being in your dream could stand for your commitment. It could be to a partner, but it also stands for your dedication towards the welfare of your family, friends, career, work, health, etc. 

Eagle in Dream: Dream Plots and Their Interpretations

1. Saw an eagle in a dream

Did you dream of an eagle, unchained and in good shape? This image shows that you are a self-confident and mentally strong person. Like the bird, the dream plot implies that you have a personality worthy of honor and respect. 

If you think the bird in all its boldness is nothing similar to you, the dream is a message reminding you of your qualities and capabilities.

2. Contented to see an eagle in a dream

In the foreseeable future, you would need to make a few decisions that would impact your life, and as per the plot, you would feel satisfied afterward because the decision you made will, in time, turn out to be one of the best.

3. An enraged or evil eagle in a dream

You have a dark and embarrassing secret. According to your perception, your pride and the reputation you have built would crumble the moment your secret is out. As per the dream plot, what you fear will likely happen in the real world. 

4. Looking at an eagle in a dream

It stands for luck, success, and abundance. Around this time, all you would have and experience are merry moments, positive energy, and good people. Still, remember not to lose focus, just because you are doing well presently. 

5. Dreaming of looking at an eagle fly

You would soon get a promotion, and it would leave you dumbfounded. Not because you think you aren’t good enough but because it happened too soon. In the beginning, you would feel overwhelmed by the newly acquired responsibilities, but as you proceed, you will realize that they are not as complicated as you had perceived them to be.

A change of perspective is also foreseen. Consequently, you would get onto the tasks you had avoided earlier. 

The dream plot indicates you would find peace through meditation. By doing so, your mind would be able to wash away all the negativities while attracting only the good. Ultimately, your life would become more balanced, and it would be followed by success.

6. An eagle struggling to fly in a dream

A close person, especially a powerful and influential one, would lose control and authority.

7. An eagle unable to fly in a dream

Any dream that depicts an eagle in difficulty is an omen. Here, the dream scenario warns you to pay heed to the words of your well-wishers. You might have gotten yourself into a situation that your family and friends think is objectionable. According to the dream plot, these people have persuaded you to see things from their perspectives but to no avail. 

Now, the messenger of spirits has appeared with a message from your subconscious to back off while there still is time. Otherwise, you might get into an ugly mess.

8. An eagle in trouble in a dream

Financial troubles seem to be on their way towards you.

9. An eagle with a broken wing in a dream

The dream foretells misfortunes in the upcoming days. It could be a result of your carelessness or others’.

If the eagle in your dream falls due to a lack of balance caused by its broken wings, it means the people or things you value will cause you more harm than good.

10. An eagle inside a cage in a dream

It foretells the humiliation and disgraces your family would have to face in the foreseeable future. Though the reason for the shame would differ according to the variants, a few possibilities are cheating on partners, theft, murder, or any other criminal acts.

It could also be a reflection of your present mindset. Though you doubt your abilities, parts of you believe that you can achieve something you desire. A caged eagle also means you feel someone or something holds you back from exploring your full potential.

It also symbolizes financial troubles. It could have happened due to your extravagant ways of spending, or perhaps you might have been conned.

11. A dream of a trapped eagle

To dream of a trapped eagle indicates that you feel trapped in some areas of your life. Do your words feel trapped? You want to say and express so many things but bite your tongue instead and hold your words back. The dream scenario certainly indicates that you desire an outlet and to be set free.

Such a dream is common if you have just experienced an unexpected failure. Perhaps you have been successful in almost every sphere. And now that you failed, you may be feeling lost, helpless, with no idea how to cope with or how to escape the situation.

12. Two eagles fighting in a dream

You may want to pursue more than one goal. The dream vision of two eagles fighting could stand for your inner voices in conflict with each other. Perhaps you are in a dilemma and know not which to choose as you aspire to succeed in both. You are torn between the two, as per the dream.

It could also stand for two people or two parties arguing over you. The dreamscape is relatable to both the personal and professional domains.

13. A dream of saving a wounded or weak eagle from the attacks of another

It is an indication that you are holding on to a relationship. The dream says the sole reason you hold on to it is that you believe the other person is vulnerable to trouble, just like the weak bird in the plot. 

However, the dream has a different thing to say. Though you wish the best for the other person, there are a few problems that a person must overcome on his/her own. This interpretation is especially true if you saw another creature, such as a dog chasing the feeble eagle.

14. An eagle making sound in a dream

If you hear an eagle cry or make sounds in a dream, it is a positive sign regardless of whether you see the bird itself in the dream vision or not. According to the dream plot, there would be improvements in your life financially. However, you could also receive material possessions from someone.

15. A dream of an eagle standing

It stands for the recognition, appreciation, love, and support you are receiving from your surroundings.

16. A flying eagle in a dream

A flying eagle in a dream is an emblem of freedom. The dream plot also reflects your mindset and belief. Following the narrative, you do not give much importance to material possessions. Instead, you value intangible treasures such as liberty, relationships founded on trust, education, etc.

An eagle flies in altitudes that cannot be conquered by any other living creature. To dream of an eagle flying could also mean you would go miles to achieve your goals. 

An eagle flying circularly in a particular area indicates that you must be patient and wait for the ideal moment to strike your target. 

17. An eagle flying overhead in a dream

The dreamscape is asking you to listen to your intuition.

The dream also points to your fears that are gradually turning you into a recluse day after day. Since that is not the way to succeed, your subconscious wants you to start facing the things you dread. Because the only way to overcome a fear is to face that particular fear and get done with it.

18. A dream of an eagle circling you overhead

Have you let others dictate and manipulate you according to their whims? Then the dream indicates the time would soon come for you to fight for yourself. You seem determined to take back the authority you had thrown away, and that is a huge step you have taken. 

However, expect difficulties and conflicts along the way. You had given it away once, and it would probably be tough to retrieve it. But the dream wants you to carry your plans forward and not get wavered. However hard it gets, focus and stick to your objectives. Because in the end, victory would be yours.

According to some interpreters, a dream of an eagle flying overhead in a circular manner foretells danger.

19. An eagle soaring high in a dream

You seem to be facing an internal conflict concerning your love life. As per the dream, there are two suitors in your life presently, one of which is an old flame. And you seem to be inclining towards him/her while finding faults and continuously picking fights with the other.

An eagle soaring high could also foretell massive success.

20. Wounded eagle in a dream

You are an ambitious individual and have set magnificent goals. On top of that, you are working hard and sincere. But the dream implies the goals you have set for yourself are not attainable. 

Now, you might want to say you’re doing well and everything is working out fine. That might be true, but ultimately it will not work out. The wounded eagle in the dream advises you to make a shift if you do not want any more of your time and effort to go to waste.

21. Taking care of a wounded eagle in a dream

It stands for the love and support you would get from a close friend when you are in dire need of help. 

22. Tending a wounded eagle and setting it free in a dream

It could stand for your family welcoming a newborn baby soon.

23. A dream of a sick eagle

A sick eagle foreshadows an illness.

24. Holding an eagle in a dream

It could symbolize your well-balanced mindset and the ability to make decisions maturely.

25. Catching an eagle in a dream

Perhaps you are inconsiderate towards others’ feelings and tend to decide for them instead of leaving them to think on their own. You might have done this with the best interest in mind. But the dream recommends putting a stop to this habit.

It could also be a reflection of your unempathetic nature. The dream wants you to put yourself in others’ shoes in certain situations, and if necessary, cut them some slack because you don’t know what they might be going through.

In some cases, catching an eagle in a dream vision symbolizes anger. Possibly, your anger is against your parents, who you think is controlling your life.

26. A dream plot of an eagle almost getting hit by a car as it swoops down

Someone is trying to manipulate you. It could be a friend, acquaintance, superior, or even a partner trying to make you see things from their perspectives while asking you to ditch yours.

27. Shoot an eagle in a dream

A dream of shooting or trying to shoot an eagle stands for a period of utter misery. You may lose material possessions or even a close person to death. It could also mean the end of a relationship. In the professional domain, your business may suffer losses you did not expect. Furthermore, you may even get fired from your job.

It could also stand for your desire to succeed. Have you been feeling at odds with the world? Do you think the path you are on is not taking you anywhere? Perhaps you want a change. If you find the above relatable, now is the time to snap out of what’s not working and get on the right track.

This dream event has several interpretations. Do you contemplate on matters before you come to terms with them? Do you question each aspect before you accept something? If yes, shooting an eagle in a dream means you intrigued your companions. As per the dream, they are fascinated by your curious mind and critical way of thinking.

28. Missed shooting an eagle in a dream

According to the plot, you have a pleasant personality, but you seem lost and carried away in the materialistic world. As indicated by the dream, there’s still room for improvement. Go out there and find yourself again because the eagle says you have it in you to perform wonderful things.

29. Killing an eagle in a dream

In your dream, if you killed an eagle using a rifle, it is a clear indication of your atrociousness. Parts of the dream plot are good, and parts of it are downright devilish. It implies that you are a determined and relentless person and would travel miles to achieve your goals. 

However, the dream also indicates that you will not hesitate to forcibly wipe off your rivals and any obstacles that block you from reaching your goals.

Killing an eagle could also symbolize damages. You are likely to suffer backlashes if you had intentionally or unintentionally harmed someone.

It may also fall under an anxiety dream. Having said that, every dream associated with the killing of an eagle is not an anxiety dream. To find out whether yours is or not, recall how you felt in the dreamscape. 

According to Freud, there is a strong connection between anxiety dreams and fearful feelings in the real world. When looked at from the Freudian perspective, there are certain aspects in your life that scare and make you anxious if you were gripped with fear within the dream.

30. Killing an eagle that tried to attack you

You would lose something you treasure.

31. Someone other than you killing an eagle in a dream

Unexpected problems may arise out of the blue. Consequently, you may need to give up everything you possess, from material belongings to relationships you treasure. These events would leave you destitute, and your life will change completely. 

32. A dream of people throwing rocks at an eagle

It is an unpleasant dream. An event or a person may challenge or even mock your beliefs.

33. A dream of a dying eagle

Someone would snatch away everything you have, including fame and power.

34. A dead eagle in a dream

A dead eagle in a dream stands for you feeling defeated or imprisoned. It could be external factors making you feel this way, but it could also be your fears trapping you.

A dead eagle also means someone is getting in the way of your freedom. Someone may ask you to do something against your wishes. At this point, you should ask yourself why the eagle appeared. Most probably, your subconscious state wants you to be you and not give in to others’ wishes. 

It could also stand for a person who is no longer in power. In certain cases, a dead eagle also indicates that you are keeping things to yourself. Perhaps you have a lot to say to someone. Maybe you want to express how you feel for someone. But due to some reasons, you have been unable to, and it’s eventually destroying your mental peace.

A dead eagle could also stand for the improvement or deterioration of your social and financial states according to your present condition. If you are doing well, you may suffer a steep decline. On the flip side, if you have problems in many areas, you would see improvements soon.

35. An eagle falling in a dream

A falling eagle is an omen. Birds are born to fly, and they naturally do not fall while flying. The dream vision is warning you of a handful of obstacles you may encounter while pursuing your career or anything you love, for that matter. The dream also indicates that it would take a while to clear the blockages. 

36. An eagle perched on your head in a dream

It indicates the passing away of a close relative.

37. An eagle landing on your head in a dream

The action of an eagle landing on your head may indicate a promotion at your workplace. If you are pregnant around this time, you would soon welcome a baby boy. It is an extraordinary and auspicious dream because this baby would have a bright future enriched with skills, qualities, and potentials you had yearned for yourself.

38. A dream of an eagle swooping and landing at your feet

The dream plot foretells that you would get involved in a conflict. It has the potential to evolve into a full-blown controversy. Sadly, the dream indicates you may be the root cause of the problem.

39. A dream of an eagle landing to catch prey

It represents an ugly action on your part. Your carelessness, recklessness, or rather impulsiveness would have befitting consequences in the future. So, be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

40. A dream of an eagle failing to catch prey

It is a clear warning. As per the dream, you are on the verge of committing a blunder concerning your personal or professional life. If you are lucky, you would escape the blow and rise to a higher position. If not, your actions will end up hurting someone close to you.

41. Dream of an eagle holding a prey

This dreamscape has a lot to do with how you proceed in your career. There is an implication of a rival who tried to take credit for the work you have done. Also, this person did some vile things to snatch away your success, but the eagle holding the prey symbolizes your victory over them.

It could also stand for you seizing opportunities that would lead to your growth and evolution.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you feel trapped and definitely see no way out of a situation. Here, the eagle stands for events that are trapping you, and the prey represents you. 

42. A dream of an eagle carrying a person

If you dream of witnessing an eagle carry a person in its talons, you would soon get an opportunity to get acquainted with a person of power. This person may eventually occupy an important place in your life. He/she might become a mentor, business partner, or even a lover. If all goes well, he/she will help you reach heights you had never imagined for yourself.

43. An eagle nest in a dream

Eagles build their nests on the tops of the tallest trees or high mountain cliffs. To see an eagle nest in a dream stands for your victory and how far you have come in life to achieve it. 

It also symbolizes your people, especially family and close friends who have been with you on your bad days. An eagle nest could also stand for encountering one or a few people who will help you rise and shine. 

You are well on your path to success if you feel content seeing the nest in your dreamscape.

44. An eagle in a nest

It means your family appreciates you.

45. An eagle nest with eggs in it

Eagle nests in a dream are auspicious if there are eggs inside. It stands for new opportunities, ideas, and perspectives. Furthermore, it could also mean you look forward to acquiring massive wealth.

46. An eagle nest with eaglets inside

You are likely to face complications concerning your children. Positively, it could also mean a little one coming to your family.

47. A nest with eaglets perched atop a tree

It signifies your growth and evolution.

48. Nesting eaglets in a dream

Eaglets nest for several weeks. So, when you dream of nesting eaglets, it is an indication that you would have to take a step back and review your overall life and the goals you wish to achieve.

Nesting eaglets could also be indicating you to be more patient. It also stands for transformations and new beginnings.

49. Eagle eggs in a dream

If you have started a new venture, the dream indicates that the functioning is unsatisfactory and vulnerable to threats and trouble. However, the dream plot also signifies the potential to grow it into a large-scale business. Take time, study, and evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Accordingly, nurture it and see your business bloom.

50. Eaglets in dreams

They stand for new ideas and new perspectives. Sometimes it could stand for your firm will to succeed in life.

51. Holding an eaglet in a dream

It stands for wish fulfillment and of dreams coming true.

52. A dream of an eaglet acting aggressively towards the others

If you have siblings in the real world, you might get into arguments with them.

53. A dream of an eagle damaging another eagle’s nest

Someone you trust and treasure is not what he/she is showing to you. Behind the kind, empathetic personality lies a hypocrite and a deceitful creature whose intention is to destroy you.

54. An eaglet landing on your shoulder

It symbolizes your ambitions and yearning for success.

55. A male eagle protecting eaglets against other eagles

A nasty and obnoxious person is probably lingering around to do damage to your family. The dream indicates that you would get into a conflict with this person in an attempt to keep him/her away from your family. 

56. An eagle bringing food for its eaglets in a dream

Your financial situation and health would improve, and there would be an overall improvement too. The dream implies that you would attain financial independence, or at the least, make an effort to be. 

57. Eagle feeding eaglets in a dream

Luck favors you around this time of life. If there is something you need to accomplish you can give it a shot now while Lady Luck is on your side.

58. Dream about eagle feathers

You might have heard of the saying, “Easy come, easy go”. That is what the dream plot is stressing. You would rise to fame and wealth all of a sudden. Consequently, you would acquire much wealth and retain a lot of it, but fame will not remain with you.

It could also stand for wish fulfillment.

59. A dream of an eagle wing

You are likely to receive help from others. The dreamscape also wants to let you know that you have the potential to make it big in life. But you need to do your part, and that means work hard, stay determined, and focused.

60. Eagle talons or claws in a dream

It is an indication that you are rather harsh on yourself and others to achieve your goals. Indeed, it is commendable to set goals and work towards achieving them but not at the cost of harm incurred on yourself and others.

61. A bald eagle rescuing you from attackers

Perhaps one or two of your close mates helped you when you were in desperate need of help. The dream symbolizes your gratitude and willingness to do the same for them if the need arises.

62. Flying on the back of an eagle in a dream

This dream vision is a premonition of a trip to an unfamiliar land. The dream plot is interesting because everything you would encounter in this upcoming trip would be alien to you. You would meet unfamiliar people, yet strike a bond with them, learn skills you never knew existed, experience new activities, cuisines, etc.

63. Feeding an eagle in a dream

You would receive positive responses for a task you have been toiling on. The seeds you fed to the bird stand for the seeds of hard work and sweat you have sowed earlier. Now, it has come to fruition, and finally, you will see the results of it.

64. Capturing an eagle in a dream

You would receive recognition from a person whose social standing is much higher than yours. Fortunately, this would be a turning point in your life, and your status would eventually rise as the bond you share with this person gets strengthened.

65. Hunting an eagle in a dream

The act of you hunting for an eagle means you would receive a reward soon.

66. Seeing eagle attacking in dream

It is a reflection of you undergoing emotional turmoil and distress because of the harsh words or actions of someone you love. Though you treasure them, you may be compelled to cut ties with this person, because as proven by his/her actions and words, he/she seems to be taking advantage of you and your loyalty towards him/her.

A dream plot of getting attacked by an eagle has several interpretations. It could also be that someone is challenging your strength and courage. Don’t lose focus and put on your confident self because, in the end, you would be the victorious one.

If you are trying to control someone, the dream indicates that person would be a handful. He/she would take the matter in hands and strike back at you. 

Dreams of an eagle attacking you could also stand for risky matters. Hold yourself back if you are planning to make investments. It is not an auspicious time to do so.

It could also stand for a powerful person hating you because of something you said.

67. A dream of an eagle chasing you

You are sinking into finance-related problems, and consequently, it is taking a toll on your mental health. You anticipate a crisis according to how your present state is, and you live in fear every moment, thinking of the time the ball of problems would finally explode.

68. Caught by an eagle in a dream

You seem to have no control over your life because the dream indicates what you pursue, and what you don’t is under the hands of an external person. It may be the consequence of a wrong decision or a series of decisions you made earlier.

69. Frightened by eagles in a dream

A few difficulties are coming towards you, and you need to overcome those obstacles if you wish to succeed.

70. A dream of an eagle perched on a tree

An eagle perched on a tree symbolizes your decisions and opinions that cannot be easily wavered or manipulated.

71. A dream of an eagle perched on a cliff

It foreshadows a contagious disease, and the dream says you would have to keep yourself at a distance from others.

72. A dream of an eagle perched on a high altitude, miles away from you

You would soon receive wealth and fame.

73. An eagle entering your house

Many aspects of your life would see improvements soon. You may be able to upgrade your way of living, your relationship with your partner may get rosy, and your business may boom.

74. An eagle in your house

Good times are finally here for you. Things would work out in the manner you had anticipated. Luckily, everything would seem like they are falling into places, and you would most probably see significant improvements in your life. 

It may also be a dream of blessing to couples who have been childless. According to the dream plot, you would become a parent soon.

It also implies that you shared a strong bond with your family. If you are hunting for a good house for a change, the dream lets you know that very soon you will find exactly what you have been looking for.

75. An eagle chained in your house

Perhaps you are not saying everything that you wish to say. Or maybe some events are compelling you to hold back your tongue.

If the same scenario happened at your workplace, you could be experiencing similar situations there. Someone or something or the official rules may be repressing you to stay within your limit.

Eagle with other Animals in a Dream

76. Dream of an eagle fighting with other animals

There certainly is a conflict. The eagle represents you, and the other animal or animals could be another person or a group of people you are fighting against. Also, the other animals could symbolize a different version of you. Basically, in this case, it stands for the conflict between your different perspectives.

77. Eagle preyed on a hare in a dream

You might receive threats and get into trouble with a person more powerful than you. Here, the eagle is the other party, and the hare symbolizes you. It could also mean your life is controlled by a dominant individual. You may be uncomfortable, but according to the plot, there isn’t anything you could do at the moment as you are dependent on this person.

78. An eagle carrying a stork in a dream

You would possibly come up with new ideas, approaches, and aspirations to accomplish your life mission.

79. Dream of an eagle and an owl

You would receive great pieces of advice and rich information from great people and these will ultimately help you perform magnificent things in life.

80. An eagle catching a pigeon in a dream

You would soon have to face a few problems.

81. An eagle catching a fish in a dream

It stands for financial success and gains.

82. An eagle catching a rodent such as a rat

It stands for financial stability.

Eagle in Dream: Different Types

83. Bald eagle dream meaning

Female bald eagles are much larger than their male counterparts. So, to see a bald eagle in a dream could mean the necessity to focus on your feminine aspects. These mighty species are a symbol of power and accordingly bring powerful messages in dreams. 

As interpreted by the Native American shamans, bald eagles may symbolize either your inner strength or that of your rivals according to the context. In the dream, if you and the eagle go well together, it indicates that you would see hope and faith in a few aspects of your life that had seemed impossible earlier.

Alternately, if the bird attacked you or did some harm to you, you must be wary of your enemies.

84. Dream of seeing a bald eagle perched atop a mountain

The mountain is symbolic of your goals, and the dream spectacle of you looking at it from a lower level indicates that you are ready to take on the challenges to accomplish your goals. But the bald eagle perched atop the mountain means you would have to defeat a powerful competitor to achieve what you want.

85. A bald eagle getting inside your house through the living room window

Here, the bald eagle symbolizes a strong and competent rival. The spectacle could mean that person is harming you or making life more miserable when you are already at your lowest point because the window in your living life is an emblem of failure.

86. Golden eagle dream meaning

Golden eagles are associated with strength and power. They often surface in dreams when you are riding through a hard time in the real world. They symbolize accomplishments of goals and the success that follows. A golden eagle also stands for golden opportunities that could help you attain exponential growth.

87. White eagle in dream

It symbolizes your firm determination and strong willpower to attain your life goals. However, remember that you need to play fair. You might be desperate to achieve something, but that doesn’t mean you can disregard others or succumb to evil deeds. In this dream plot, the color of the eagle is white, which stands for purity and innocence. So, remind yourself if you feel tempted to do something low.

This eagle species also signifies success and stability in terms of finance. In some cases, it also stands for the distribution of inheritance after a person passes away.

Overall, you are in one of the best phases of your life, and this period would change your future for the better.

88. A white eagle swooping low in a dream

If you see a white eagle swooping down for prey, some people are coming to hear your valued opinions on some matter.

89. A bloody white eagle catching a prey in a dream

If you are currently facing a problem that seems too complicated, trust the process, however hard it is. As the dream suggests, you will succeed in getting rid of the obstacle, all alone.

90. A white eagle tapping at your window in a dream

You would soon receive a piece of happy news.

91. Turning into a white eagle in a dream

It stands for fresh beginnings.

92. Black eagle dream meaning

Any dream concerning a black eagle is an omen. A person of power is probably planning to put you in a difficult spot. It could also stand for the passing away of a dear friend or relative. However, nothing is certain, and you shouldn’t let yourself feel low because of this. But as per the experts, if you see a person in the same dream vision, the probability of that person leaving this world for the other is high.

93. A dream of a brown eagle

You are skillful and worthy of admiration. And the dream says shortly, you would have ample opportunities to show what you are capable of.

94. A colorful eagle in a dream

People around you appreciate and respect you.

95. Giant eagle in dream 

You may or may not be aware of this, but many people are rooting for you. They constantly look out for you and ensure you are protected.

96. A dream of a double-headed eagle

Various nations have adopted the emblem of the double-headed eagle as it symbolizes power and dominion. When you come across such a creature in a dream, it has much to say about your patriotism. Perhaps, you have much interest and are concerned about your country’s affairs.

If you are married, the creature could stand for you and your partner. The two-headedness signifies a well-balanced relationship enriched with trust and understanding. Your relationship, how you rely on and support each other may inspire others around you.

97. A dream of looking at the coat of arms of a double-headed eagle

There is a possibility that you would come face to face with a certain authoritative committee. Be on your best behavior and avoid getting into problems to keep unwanted meetings at bay.

98. An eagle tattoo in a dream

The dream reminds you to maintain your individuality and to stand up for yourself.

99. Dream of an eagle tattoo on your shoulder

Perhaps you are nowhere near where you want to be. You are enthusiastic, ambitious, and strive for success, but you seem to be lost. Probably, your aspirations are failing, and all you are receiving are abuses, and ill remarks as the dream plot suggest.

100. Dream of a crest with the symbol of an eagle

The crest with the eagle symbol on it stands for an inheritance.

101. A dream of an eagle depicted on an object

The image of an eagle depicted anywhere in a dream, be it in the form of a mural or just a tiny image on paper, symbolizes success. If you are in the wild chase for anything, do not give up though it seems futile, because the dream indicates even the hardest of tasks would be victorious.

102. A dream of coming across a coin with the eagle side up

Pleasant surprises are on the way.

103. An eagle holding a piece of clothing or a shoe

It stands for expenses.

104. A pet eagle in a dream

A subordinate at your workplace or a younger friend looks up to you and regards you as his/her role model. 

Having said so, there is a possibility of that person wishing you would fix a habit or two. To find out how he/she feels towards you, observe the dream plot closely. If the pet eagle in your dream tried to escape and hurt you in the process, it could mean your subordinate yearns for flexibility and a little bit of freedom. Or it could be your younger mate wishing you could be a little less strict on him/her.

It could also stand for the relationship you share with your younger siblings. Perhaps they feel you are too strict.

105. A dream of yourself owning a pet eagle

You would be appreciated by an influential person. It could also stand for sound health and prosperity.

106. Someone gifting you an eagle in a dream

Someone in your circle is offering you opportunities to claim your independence. Such opportunities do not come often. Make sure to grab hold of them.

107. Dream of an eagle looking at you 

It is a message for you to self-evaluate yourself, your actions, your behaviors, and your overall perception of life.

108. Surrounded by eagles in a dream

Your whole life or some areas of it would start afresh on a clean note. It could also mean you are going to face old problems and challenges with new strategies.

109. Possessing eyesight as good as an eagle’s in a dream

You would come across some piece of information somewhere. Fortunately, this would be instrumental in your growth and success.

110. Dream of an eagle calling out to you

You take meditation seriously as a means to attain spiritual growth.

111. Eating eagle meat in a dream

It is an indication that you would be able to achieve what you want without much difficulty. Usually, this dream plot is seen by those who are mentally strong. Such strength and a firm mindset would set you apart from your competitors and allow you to strive and persevere for success when a lot of your competitors have already given up.

“When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – Unknown

112. Dreams of turning into an eagle

If you dream of turning into an eagle, it could imply a massive change. You are or would soon have a fresh start in life. An event could have led to this, or it could simply be a resolution on your part to do better than you always have. The dream plot could also stand for a metamorphosis concerning your spiritual aspects.

When you dream of turning into an eagle, it may indicate fighting for your rights.

It also indicates that you have come a pretty long way to be where you are today.

113. A dream of yourself turning into an eagle and hunting for prey

Are you putting on a mask to impress someone or some people? If this is relatable, you would better start valuing yourself for who you are, instead of striving to be someone you are not.

114. A dream of turning into an eagle and dying afterward

The dream plot indicates you are hiding something in reality.

Spiritual Meaning of Eagle in Dream

The eagle is a spirit animal and is revered as the messenger of the spirits. It is the creature closest to the creator and stands for man’s connection with the Holy Spirit. 

As it flies high up in heaven and the earth, it bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical world. Consequently, the bird transforms your spiritual aspirations into reality. 

“I had a dream that I ascended to heaven and saw an eagle as the creator. We were so close I could just see his eyes. He asked me a question, I responded yes, and he said to continue. He sent me back down to earth, and I woke up immediately”.

If you see an eagle in your dream, ask yourself whether you have a mission to accomplish or a life goal to achieve. Then, the bird could be giving you the message that your aspirations, goals, and dreams have the potential to become a reality. 

However, don’t slack off just because you got this message. The eagle is also notable for its focus and determination. You might throw away your chance to hit your goals if you lose focus.

Biblical Meaning of Eagle in Dreams

The Bible often draws a parallelism between eagles and prophets. Prophets, as we know, are revered as they can foresee events. Likewise, eagles too can see the back as well as the front simultaneously. 

When you dream of an eagle, or to be specific, a dream of possessing a vision as good as an eagle, it could mean you would come across pieces of advice and information that could help you reach the top.

Native American Interpretation of Eagle in a Dream

Eagles stand for man’s connection with the spiritual world. Since the Native American people regard the majestic bird as the Great Spirit, seeing them in a dream could also stand for your spiritual growth and evolution. 

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Do eagles scare you in reality?
  2. Are you chasing a bombastic goal? Have you ever doubted your ability to accomplish it?
  3. Do you think you have missed the golden ticket to success, recently?
  4. Which is the type of eagle species you saw and which color was it?
  5. Did you see anyone else in the dream other than you? Such as a person you know in the real world. This question is mandatory if you see someone in a dream that features a black eagle.

For an in-depth analysis, each variant must be recalled specifically because each has a role to play in the interpretation.

Closing Thoughts

Eagle dreams are not common, but when they do happen, they are extremely symbolic. They are mysterious creatures and bring the most powerful messages. As elaborated in the article, a dream concerning an eagle could stand for elevation- mentally, financially as well as spiritually. But that’s not to say, eagles never bring negative messages.

The bird could appear to warn you against potential harm coming your way or in the worst cases, they could come to foretell the death of a relation.