Dreaming of goose symbolizes happiness, fertility, and motherly affection. When they fly over you in your dreams, it symbolizes that someone is about to embark on a new chapter in their life or family. 

Unfortunately, a goose dream is also a warning sign for your maternal instincts and your desire to care for and support your dependents. 

Dreaming of Goose - Deciphering Interesting Plots
Dreaming of Goose – Deciphering Interesting Plots

Goose Dream Meaning – General Symbolism

  • Your intelligence and knowledge will propel you towards a path of prosperity and success. This dream foreshadows an increase in social position and fortune where you’re ready to move on to the next stage of your life. 
  • The dream also foreshadows some sort of spiritual connection where you must allow yourself to be receptive to understanding your own potential and instinctual nature.
  • It’s a sign of your capacity to readily communicate your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to others.

Dreaming of Goose – Interesting Plots & Their Interpretations

Let’s check some common scenarios.

Dream about goose wings

It alludes to emotional troubles and issues because you’ve strayed too far from your original intentions and objectives.

The dream of a goose wing represents rejection and insecurity. You don’t have a comprehensive sense of self & you’re wasting your time in life.

Additionally, the dream is about a lack of commitment or uncertainty. You have no idea where you’re going or what direction to take.

Roasting goose

The dream foreshadows excitement and upcoming celebrations in your waking life. You’ll quickly reap the benefits of a terrific deal or investment, allowing you to organize an entertaining celebration.

Goose in house 

A dominating relationship is represented by a dream about a goose in the house. Remember to keep your eyes on each other because this is a representation of your decision-making speed. 

To hear geese

You were in a situation where you needed to seek assistance from someone, and they claimed to fix all of your problems.

However, you will need to look after yourself because individuals frequently say things they don’t intend or are incapable of maintaining their promises. 

Feed a goose in dreams

It means you should avoid supporting ridiculous ideas because you belong to the type of person that will speak whatever is on their mind. 

Eat goose

It represents family strife. Even though you are close to your family, you spend the majority of your time arguing with them about insignificant matters.

To kill geese

It suggests you will be invited to a party. Most likely, a close friend or family of yours is getting married, and the planning began a few months ago. 

Flock of goose 

It is a sign that you will overcome a difficult situation or problem because you’ve made a bad decision.

Alternatively, this dream represents your emotional needs. You must no longer tolerate harassment from others.

Plucking goose feather

The dream represents unhappiness with oneself. You’re not getting enough affection from others, and you’re causing them misery by talking about or criticizing their defects (and they have plenty).

Catching a goose

If you have a dream that you are catching a goose with your bare hands, it may be time to give up. You can’t catch the geese, and they can’t get away from you either.

You’ve been traveling around in circles, and while some may think this is crazy, remember that there’s no point going after anything if there’s nothing but an empty sky waiting for you!

Hunting goose

It can signal that you will inherit something in the future. Also, it’s possible that a distant relative is dying, and you’re on the right side of a will or trust fund, which is frequently linked to death when someone else acquires property from a person’s death.

Dream of various colors of goose

  • White goose – They are generally associated with career advancement, and you appear to be advancing into a managerial role in your dream.
  • Black goose – It usually means that there will be a death or accident in your family in real life.
  • Golden goose – Your business will be profitable and satisfying and will grow tremendously over time.
  • Pink goose – It is a sign that you want to blend in. Maybe you’re having second thoughts about a decision you made. Perhaps you’re attempting to make sense of your suppressed emotions.

Various activities of the goose making an appearance in dreams

Goose running 

This dream denotes a separation between your personal and public selves. You’re feeling out of sorts and off-kilter, where the dream expresses your self-reliant and stubborn personality. 

Also, this dream alludes to your ability to comprehend your subconscious and its motivation.

Goose fighting 

This dream represents your obsession with appearances and attractiveness at the expense of substance and quality. You show a lot of strength and stability as the dream is a symbol of success, fame, and inventiveness. 

Goose flying 

The dream is a sign that you want to be in charge of people.

Goose attacking you

It is a sign that your family is about to be torn apart. If the attack dream was carried out by a single animal, it could be a representation of a battle that might erupt in your home. 

If multiple attacks occur at the same time, they are either defending territory or venting their anger on each other rather than on you for some reason.

Possibly because they know how to push all of your buttons and have made life unpleasant for you?

Goose chasing you

It implies that you are approaching a problem incorrectly. You’re on the verge of going on a wild journey and you might consider slowing down before taking any action.

Various types of goose

Dream about fat goose

In your dreams, a fat goose represents success and good fortune. All of your hard work to build a successful business will be rewarded with the distinction that comes with being recognized by a well-established corporation. 

Dead goose

You may be on the verge of exhausting yourself to the point of death. So, you must relax! 

Ugly goose

You’re attempting to persuade yourself to believe in something that contradicts your basic inclinations or long-held convictions. This suggests that there is some bottled-up rage on the verge of exploding. 

Angry goose

In your life, the dream suggests unsolved conflicts and aggressive behavior. Self-restraint is symbolized by an angry goose dream. You have the impression that others are making assumptions about you.  


Dreaming of a goose indicates health concerns and worries about your well-being. Your life and energy are being sucked out of you by a relationship or your job. But remember there is always a tinge of positivity at the end of the dark tunnel.