Dream Dictionary for “G”

1. Gag

Are you in a situation in life where you feel you cannot express yourself freely? If so, your ‘gag’ dream can be a direct indication of it. It means you are not able to say what you want to say.

2. Gala

If you dream of attending a gala, it means you are becoming successful in life. You are taking life as it is and rejoicing every step ahead.

3. Galaxy

Dreaming of the galaxy means you are a creative person. Just like the galaxy, your creativity has no bounds.

You are someone who is aware of their surroundings and sees the broader picture.

4. Gale

To dream of being stuck in a gale suggests that you are losing control of things.

Alternatively, it can also mean that it will be best to loosen your grip on life. You are too hard on yourself. You may have to find a different approach to solve your problem.

5. Gallows

If you dream of gallows, it means you are scared. You may have some unfinished business that you need to take care of.

To see someone dying on the gallows means your life will change soon.

6. Gambling

Are you someone who does not think much before acting out? If so, your gambling dream can be an indication of it. You depend too much on luck and denying responsibility for your actions.

But if you are not into gambling and are still dreaming of it – you need to take that chance in life. You need to be spontaneous and trust your gut feeling.

7. Games

Dreaming of playing games suggests that you need to slow down. It may also signify that you are a competitive person and you enjoy that aspect of life.

Further, if you wish to know more about the dream, consider the game you were playing. If it is a hunting, killing, or shooting game, it stands for the survival of the fittest.

8. Gap

If you find a gap in your dream, it means you need to put two pieces together. You are missing out on something. It would be best if you rethink your argument.

9. Garage

A garage dream can mean a lot of things.

If you see yourself in a garage, it means you are not doing anything in life. You think that your goals lack proper direction and guidance.

If you see yourself driving a car into a garage, it signifies your growth in life. It indicates your hard work will pay off.

If you are opening a garage door, it means you have come to a decision. But if you are closing the door, you have let others’ opinions of you win. You are giving up on something you should not give up.

10. Garage Sale

If you are in a garage sale, it may indicate utilizing your past skills. You are progressing in life and learning from your mistakes.

11. Garbage

If you dream of throwing away garbage, it means you are getting rid of your bad habits. However, it can also indicate that you are avoiding your responsibility.

Piles of garbage in your dream can also mean that you are not truly accepting yourself.

If you happen to find something precious in the garbage, it means you should not underestimate things. Change your perspective, and life is going to surprise you.

12. Garbage Can

Dreaming of garbage can signify your thoughts, memories, and ideas you no longer want. It will help if you let go of the baggage.

On the contrary, it can also suggest that you are refusing to work on a new idea. You are neglecting your true feelings.

13. Garden

If you see a garden full of delicious fruits and vegetables, it indicates that you will soon receive your reward. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. It also stands for potential, self-growth, and nourishment.

If you see a flower garden, you are in a state of domestic bliss. It stands for love, comfort, support, and peace.

If you see a garden full of pests, it suggests that you did not take care of your spirituality. It will be best if you actively work on your spiritual self.

If you see a tropical garden, you may be searching for love and warmth in life.

14. Garden of Eden

To see yourself in the Garden of Eden suggests that you are trying to revive your lost innocence. It is a metaphor for togetherness, charisma, and calmness.

15. Gardening

Dreaming of gardening relates to your work or career-related issues. Look closely and see how you feel about the garden or the effort you put into it. It will guide you to realize your stance better.

16. Garland

Dreaming of a garland may mean that you feel complete. But if you are the person who is wearing it, it may suggest a relationship.

17. Garlic

Are you someone who prioritizes security over love? If so, seeing yourself eating garlic is an indication of it. You are sensible, witty and do not let your emotions fool you.

Dreaming of garlic means you require protection from danger. Don’t worry; you will overcome it.

18. Garnet

Seeing a garnet in your dream indicates dedication, loyalty, and growth. It can also mean that you are growing out of your negativity.

19. Garret

If you see yourself climbing up to a garret, good news awaits you. Your financial situation will improve and your life, in general, will be better.

20. Garter

To see that you are wearing a garter suggests that you want to explore your sex life more. It stands for seduction, adventure, and pleasure.

21. Gas

If you see or smell gas in your dream, it means you need to work on your energy. You may be facing a difficulty in life and want to get out of it.

22. Gas chamber

To see you or someone else in a gas chamber suggests that you need to eliminate the toxicity in your life. It is restricting your growth and making you sick.

23. Gas Tank

To see a gas tank may mean leaving what you are doing and taking a break. It would help if you stopped burning yourself out.

24. Gasoline

To see gasoline in your dream may suggest spirituality and energy levels. If you run out of gas in your dream, you are over-exhausting yourself. Please try and be gentle with yourself.

If you see yourself refilling gasoline in your car, it means you need to take care of yourself. If it is the wrong gas, it suggests you are incompetent to finish goals.

On the contrary, if someone is pouring gasoline on you, it means something is causing anger in you.

25. Gasp

If you hear a gasp, it means you need to be attentive to your surroundings.

You need to try and recollect what the person was trying to tell you in the dream. It can be your subconscious mind warning you.

26. Gate

To see a gate in your dream indicates that your life is changing for the better. You can see it as new opportunities coming your way, especially if the gate is open or swinging.

If the gate is closed, it suggests that you are having trouble facing your current difficulties. If you fail to open the closed gate, it means you are underprepared or not ready to go to the next step.

If you see yourself climbing up a gate, it means you are trying to see what lies beyond that gate. You want to be sure before committing.

But if you climb over it, it indicates that you are impatient and want a cheat code to life.

27. Gatekeeper

If you see that you are a gatekeeper, it means you need to be picky about who you allow into your life.

28. Gathering

If you see a gathering in your dream, it suggests that you are trying to adjust. The people around you are influencing you, and you want to be like them.

29. Gauge

Are your friends and family complaining about your unavailability? Seeing a gauge in your dream may suggest that you need to balance your life.

You may have been concentrating on one aspect and ignoring the rest.

30. Gauze

If you see yourself dressed in gauze, it suggests that there is no surety in your wealth.

31. Gazelle

A gazelle in your dreams stands for charm, vivacity, and pace. It can also indicate that you take life too seriously, and you need to stop doing that.

32. Gear

Congratulations! If you see yourself changing your car’s gear, it means you are moving ahead in your life. A new place or a person awaits you.

33. Gears

If you see more than one gear in your dream, it means you will need to partner with someone. It stands for harmony and working together.

34. Gecko

A gecko is a symbol of affirmation and positivity. If you have been worrying about something lately and want to know what you should do – say yes!

Take that job offer, accept the proposal, or better yet? Go on the trip. Gecko also stands for improvement.

35. Geese

If you see geese in your dream, it suggests you have a companion who will stay with you forever.

Your marital life will be no less than a blessing. It may also mean that you do not stand out in a crowd. You like to follow the herd.

36. Geisha

There are very few people who can ace the art of balancing life. You are one of them. So, seeing yourself like a geisha suggests that you fit in every aspect of life.

Alternatively, a Geisha stands for grace, beauty, and strong will.

37. Gel

If you see yourself applying gel to your hair, it means you are a perfectionist. You want things to be prim and proper.

38. Gemini

To see a Gemini in your dream signifies your ability to think intuitively and act fast. You are a person who can easily fit in and adapt to situations.

Alternatively, it also represents the bonds you share with people – whether you can reach out to them or not.

39. Gems

If you see gems in your dream, it can stand for wealth, life goals, and spirituality. You can also consider it a metaphor for what you are protective about and never want to lose.

40. Gender

If you see your gender in your dream, you may be trying to redefine gender roles. You are conscious of how society expects you to be. But if you see your opposite gender, it means you want to incorporate some of their traits.

If you are pregnant and dream of your baby’s gender, it can be because you often think of it. However, a dream cannot tell you for sure what gender your baby is.

41. Genie

Dreaming of a genie means you are a creative person. You are mentally strong and can take over anything.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you have let the genie come out of the lamp, and now you can’t control it.

42. Genitals

If you dream of your genitals, it represents your feelings towards sex and your sexual orientation. It may also signify your issues with pleasure and confront your commitment phobia.

If you see your genitals disappearing in your dream, it means you are underconfident during sex. You feel you cannot satisfy your partner.

43. Genius

If you see yourself as a genius in your dream, it means you are confident. You know your potential and want to be the best at what you do.

Alternatively, it may also reflect your inferiority complex.

44. Genocide

If you dream about genocide, it indicates that you cannot accept others and their differences in opinion. You fear that these differences can result in a massacre.

Alternatively, it can also be that you have become aware of worldly problems.

45. Geography

Seeing geography in your dream suggests your love for traveling. It can also mean that you will travel the world. You love meeting new people and exploring their culture. It can mean that you want to move out.

46. Geometry

If you dream of geometry, it suggests that you are trying to make sense of where you stand in other people’s lives. It means you are figuring out if your presence matters or you should leave.

47. German Shepherd

If you see a German Shepherd in your dream, it shows that you are protective and attentive to a situation.

If you are training the dog, you want to learn new things and are easily convinced. You want some reassurance in life.

If the dog attacks you, it means you need to protect yourself. You may have let people in, who do not have the right intentions for you, and it is time to get rid of them.

48. Germs

If you dream about germs, it may indicate your little fears and insecurities in your day-to-day life.

It shows that you lack the energy and are distracted from working on your goals. It is about time that you fight these fears and concentrate on the bigger picture.

49. Geyser

To see a geyser in your dream suggests that you have been holding back a lot of your emotions.

It means you will soon have an emotional outburst. The only way to fight these feelings is by confronting them. It will help if you give time to yourself to heal.

50. Ghetto

To dream of a ghetto means you are not emotionally satisfied in your life. There is a lack of love, compassion, and support. You crave emotional fulfillment but are unable to get it.

Alternatively, seeing a ghetto in your dream can also be a direct representation of your reality.

51. Ghost

A ghost dream can have many interpretations.

You do not connect anymore with your life and the people around you.

If you turn into a ghost, it means you want to escape reality.

If the ghost is of a living friend or a relative, it means you need to be careful. This person may be a potential threat.

If the ghost is trying to kill you, it means you can now face your past no matter how hurtful it is.

If the ghost is choking you, it means your past haunts your current life.

52. Ghost Town

If you see yourself in a ghost town, it suggests that you feel that society does not accept you. You may have shut yourself from the rest of the world.

It can also mean that you are holding onto your past and not moving on. It will help if you let go of the memories and start afresh.

53. Ghoul

Seeing a ghoul in your dream may mean that your past and bad habits are not allowing you to grow. It can also indicate a fresh start.

54. Giant

If you see a giant in your dream, it indicates the fight between you and your enemy. You are trying to defeat your opponent.

It can also suggest that a person or a situation is controlling you. But if you see yourself turn into a giant, it means you are suffering from an inferiority complex.

55. Gift

If you see that you are giving a gift to someone, it means that you are a loving person. You love to shower your near and dear ones with presents. It can be that you are having trouble saying something and want to package the words right.

If it is an expensive gift, it shows how much you care. If it is an inappropriate gift, it shows that they will uncover your true self soon.

If you are the one receiving a gift, it indicates that your generosity is paying back. People love and value you. Consider the kind of gift to know more about the dream.

56. Gig

If you see that you are playing at a gig, it indicates that you can express yourself freely without any restriction. You will discover your true self. You are a free bird.

57. Gills

If you have gills in your dream, it means you are now ready to confront your demons. You want to accept and embrace how you truly feel. You do not want to neglect your emotional needs.

58. Ginger

Seeing ginger in your dream suggests that you live a comfortable and stable life. You do not have much to worry about now.

But you may have to add some spice to your life. You are being too content in your comfort and may need to challenge yourself.

59. Gingerbread

We often eat gingerbread at family gatherings. So, if you see yourself eating gingerbread, it may mean that you are missing your home.

You want that comfort and togetherness. You want to be near your family. It represents love and harmony.

60. Ginseng

If you see a Ginseng, it suggests that you will have a long and fulfilling life. You will keep growing, despite the obstacles that may come your way.

61. Giraffe

Dreaming of a giraffe means you are not looking at the complete story. It will help if you consider where you are going in life.

If you are the one riding the giraffe, it means you want to stand out from the crowd. You are not getting the desired attention.

If you see the giraffe running, it means that you are not willing to face the truth.

62. Girlfriend

Dreaming of your girlfriend means you are aware of your feelings towards her.

If you see yourself as someone else’s girlfriend, it indicates that you are not ready to commit. You still want to explore.

If you see yourself meeting your girlfriend’s parents, it means you are willing to take the relationship ahead. It can also indicate that you fear their disapproval.

If you see your girlfriend having sexual relations with another man, your insecurity may be projecting on the dream. You may feel that you are less of a man and cannot satisfy her.

63. Girls

To dream about girls indicates the playful, innocent child in you. You can be at a stage where you are not acting maturely. A girl can also stand for the feminine attributes.

If you just met a girl and you see her in your dream, it means you are worrying whether or not you have made a good impression.

64. Glacier

If you see a glacier in your dream, it suggests you have turned cold. You are avoiding feeling anything and want to numb your emotions.

Alternatively, it also means that some life changes are inevitable.

65. Glass

If you dream about glass, it means trying to be protective.

If the glass is dirty, it means you cannot see the clear picture.

If you drink from a glass, it signifies good luck.

A broken glass signifies that your life may be in shambles.

If you are eating glass, it means you are hurt. It shows your vulnerability and pain.

66. Glass case

To dream about a glass case means you are moving away from people.

The dream can also mean that you cherish a fond memory or put up a barrier around your feelings. Look into what is inside the glass case for more clarity.

67. Glass House

To dream about a glass house means you are not around people who want the best for you. Be cautious of what people tell you. It is far from the truth you need to hear.

If you see yourself living in a glasshouse, it suggests that someone is watching you. There is a threat to your privacy. The dream can also indicate that you need to look at your faults first before accusing others of the same.

68. Glassware

If you see yourself drinking from glassware, it signifies healing. It means you are more aware of yourself. Look closely and see if the glass was empty or filled. It will help you decode the dream better.

If you see yourself throwing a glass that is not breaking, it shows your ability to rise from the ashes.

69. Glitter

To dream of glitter means you have to interact more with people. You need to get out of your bubble and start being vocal. Glitter can also be a metaphor for Hollywood – money, popularity, and glamour.

If you see someone throwing glitter, it suggests that someone wants your attention. Alternatively, “all that glitters is not gold,” so be aware of what you believe. Things can often be multifaceted.

70. Globe

To dream of a globe means you need to see through things. You are ignoring a lot of important things. It can also mean that you have your life in control.

If you find that the globe in your dream is spinning, it means your life is turning upside down. You have very little control over it.

71. Gloomy

Did you have a dream where your surroundings became a blur to you? This kind of dream indicates that your life lacks direction.

You are not able to process how you feel about a person or a thing. It can also be that someone is having a bad impact on your life.

72. Gloves

If you see yourself wearing gloves in your dream, it indicates how you deal with situations. You may be in the middle of trouble, and you are trying to find your way out of it.

If you are removing your gloves in the dream, it stands for respect. Furthermore, driving gloves mean you need to take control, and boxing gloves mean your mind is full of conflicts.

If you throw the gloves on the floor, it means you need to take charge and sort your differences.

73. Glow

To dream of glow means you are on the path of enlightenment. You finally can see things.

Alternatively, if you see someone glowing in your dream, it means you have rediscovered the person. You are seeing them differently now. It can also mean that the person is your guardian angel.

74. Gnat

If you see a gnat in your dream, it suggests a situation that bothers you. You don’t like being in it anymore, and it is extremely annoying.

It can also mean that you may come across someone who would be a blessing in disguise.

75. Gnaw

If you see yourself gnawing at someone in your dream, it means you are trying to come to terms with an issue that is eating you up. It can also stand for “no.”

76. Gnome

To dream of a gnome means you miss the inner child in you. It also stands for fertility, good luck, abundance, and safety.

77. Goal

If you see yourself score a goal, it means you will succeed soon. Your ambitions are within your reach.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you need to have a goal in life. If you miss a goal, it means you are not utilizing your potential.

78. Goat

To dream of a goat indicates your naïve nature. It can also stand for sexual desires and fantasies. Have you heard of the term “scapegoat”? Maybe, someone is trying to frame you for their misdeeds.

If a Billy goat is butting you in your dream, look out for deceits, lies, and disloyalty.

79. God

To dream of God means your spirituality is at its best. We humans often relate perfection with God, so it can be that God represents your quest for perfection.

If you are worshipping God, it can be that you regret your mistakes. If God is speaking to you, it can be your inner feelings. Alternatively, if you are God, it means you have a superiority complex.

80. Goddess

A Goddess stands for femininity or the female traits of an individual. If a man dreams of a Goddess, it means he is scared of the woman.

81. Gold

Dreaming of gold symbolizes wealth, fortune, self-love, enlightenment, and spirituality. The dream also symbolizes reliability, love, friendship, and togetherness or family. Negative implications of gold can also be greed, dissatisfaction, corruption, and allurement.

While digging gold represents self-discovery, dreaming of burying gold suggests hiding a certain aspect of your personality.

82. Golden Retriever

If you see a golden retriever in your dream, it is often about your family. It stands for the morals that are deep-rooted in you.

Alternatively, there may be a hidden meaning behind it. It may suggest that you have to “retrieve” something.

83. Goldfish

Did that gold-little beauty mesmerize you in your dream? That must be pretty! And pretty positive are the symbols!

A goldfish in your dream signifies pleasure, growth, advancement, and wealth. It can also represent a deeper insight or some important emotions.

84. Goodbye

If you see yourself saying goodbye to a person in your dream, it means your worries are coming to an end. You are moving on in life.

If someone else is saying to you, it implies that you are on a journey of self-discovery.

85. Goons

To dream of being a goon or being around goons indicates that you have difficulty accepting something. You are not facing your fears and avoiding them.

86. Graduation

If you saw yourself at graduation, the dream denotes your success so far. It suggests that you are heading towards a correct and advancing direction that can bring further achievements.

If you find yourself forgetting your graduation in your dream, it suggests that you are yet not ready to step into a new phase of your life.

87. Grandparents

Grandparents spread love, wisdom, care, and protection. Dreaming of grandparents represents your longing or desire for these qualities and emotions.

If you dream of your grandparents’ home, it denotes reliability and old values. Probably, you need to build your base to grow better in life.

88. Grapes

To dream of seeing or eating grapes represents luxury and prosperity. Alternatively, grapes often represent immortality, valuable compromises, and sacrifices.

Dreaming of grapevines suggests richness, fortune, decadence, and abundance. It also indicates that the dreamer is capable of spreading a positive and happy aura.

89. Grass

Dreaming of grass symbolizes protection by nature. It means a part of your personality is very reliable.

If you see yourself planting grass, it implies that your hardships will pay off well.

Eating grass in your dream suggests you are having difficulty accepting an unnatural emotion.

90. Grave

If you dream of being at a grave, it implies that you need to take your stands in life. Alternatively, it suggests the completion of a pending task in your life.

However, the dream’s very important and symbolic meaning can be stepping into a new beginning from a buried past.

91. Greed

To dream of greed indicates that you expect a lot from others. You have way too many demands from people.

No matter what a person does, it is never enough for you. You always want more.

92. Grenade

If you see a grenade means your long bottled-up feelings are about to explode. It can also direct itself to your suppressed anger and traces of violence.

93. Grid

Do you think that there are times when you cannot look beyond your usual way of thinking? Do you face trouble accepting different perspectives of the same situation? If so, dreaming of a grid can stand for your rigid thinking.

94. Grill

To dream of a grill can mean that you are seeking the warmth of your family. You miss being around them.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you feel scared. There may be a part of your life that makes you feel speechless at every step.

95. Guilt

Guilt, as we know it, is a negative feeling. To dream of guilt means that you are not handling your failures well.

You are questioning your worth based on what people think of you. You feel you are a disappointment to everyone.

96. Guitar

If you see a guitar or find yourself playing one, it indicates that you are a passionate person.

The sound of a guitar chord can be extremely sensual to hear, so it may also stand for your sexual urges. But if the guitar is in pieces, it often is a sign of an unfulfilled love story.

97. Gulls

Dreaming of gulls indicates that you want to get over something. If the gulls are soaring, congratulations! You know what you want.

But if they are dead, it symbolizes a relationship falling apart.

98. Guru

If you are currently looking to rise in power and take charge, it may be the reason why you saw a Guru in your dream.

A guru is a symbol of knowledge. It means you are trying to look up to someone.

99. Gynecologist

If you are planning a baby, it can be that you are scared of meeting the gynecologist. There can be issues that you don’t wish to learn.

100. Gypsy

Are you someone who wishes to roam around with nothing to hold you back? If so, your gypsy dream suggests that you want to travel the world.

It can also imply that you have to think about your future.