Dream Dictionary for “T”
Dream Dictionary for “T”

1. T

Dreaming of the letter T denotes your inflexible and stubborn nature. You refrain from changing your attitude and decisions.

Alternatively, the dream can also be indicative of a fork in the road which has two directions or choices – asking you to choose one!

2. Table

A table in your dream represents social ties and family relations.

If you see the table to be broken or damaged it depicts fault in the relationship. The damage can also represent insecurity.

Or, the dream can be asking you to reveal certain facts about yourself and express them to others.

3. Tail

If you dream of the tail of an animal, it denotes that a condition that was initially expected to be pleasurable, has turned out to be depressing.

But, if you see a wagging tail, the same signifies joy and thrill.

The dream can also be a pun for “being tailed” which is usually used for someone who is being dominated.  

However, if you see yourself growing a tail, the tale represents a past aspect that still bothers you.

4. Tailor

Dreaming of a tailor can either imply that you need to “tailor” your own personality in order to survive or it can also represent your creativity and skills.

5. Taj Mahal

Dreaming of this monument can signify that some disturbing issues of your life are hopefully going to settle down and you will be in a state of peace and tranquility.

6. Talk Show

To see a talk show is a dream that suggests that you have held onto some important topics or concerns.  

You might be yearning to discuss the same with someone, but probably you are not getting the platform to do so; and hence, you dream of the talk show.

7. Talking

If you dream of Talking, the dream can be a message that you need to improve your communication skills, so that you are able to express yourself properly.

If the topic of the conversation triggers some kind of response in your body, consider giving the topic a second thought and analyze its application in your waking life.

8. Tamarind

To see tamarinds in your dream indicates faithfulness and reliability.

9. Tame

If you see yourself taming an animal in your dream, it means you are exercising control over some abnormal or animalistic desires.

The dream signifies that you are practicing balance in your life. On the other hand, if you see yourself being tamed in the dream, it means you still need to have stronger control of your life.

10. Tampon

If you see yourself wearing a tampon in your dream it symbolizes anger and aggression. Other than that, it is also possible that you are experiencing a lot of pressure.

11. Tank

If you see a water tank in your dream, observe the level of water in it. If the tank was full of water, it signifies growth, advancement, fulfillment, and peace in your life. The tank also represents your control over your feelings and emotions.

However, if you dream of a military tank, it implies that you need to take a defensive measure for yourself, your own ideas, and confrontations.

12. Tantrum

If you see someone else making tantrums it means, you are unable to confront your aggression. You are trying to project all your negative emotions at someone else.

If you see yourself throwing a tantrum in your dream, it implies that you need to act maturely in a particular situation of your waking life.

13. Tap

To see a tap in your dream signifies control over your emotions. It is good that you have strong self-control and are conscious of what you are expressing to others.

14. Tape Recorder

If you dream of a tape recorder it implies that there is an important message that needs to penetrate your understanding.

It can also be a past lesson that you might have unintentionally overlooked. Try to incorporate this particular lesson into your daily life.

15. Tapeworm

To see a tapeworm in your dream indicates poor health. If you are not keeping well, try to see a nutritionist and monitor your lifestyle.

16. Target

If you dream of hitting a target right, the dream suggests that you are on the right path in order to meet your goals and objectives.

But if you see yourself missing the target, the dream symbolizes opportunities that you might have skipped or missed in life.

If you simply dream of shooting a target, it denotes that you are concentrated on your goal and the dream works as a motivation for you.

17. Taste

If you see yourself tasting food in your dream, try to observe the taste. If the taste was bad, it expresses the fact that you need to rethink a particular decision or a choice that you have recently made in your waking life.

To drive a more precise meaning based on the specific type of taste, you can search for individual types of tastes such as sweet, sour, salty, and so on.

18. Tattoo

If you dream of having tattoos, the dream represents your unique approach towards life. You are a person who does not like to merge with the crowd, instead, you love making your own statement and style.

Consider the subject of the tattoo to be able to understand how it leaves an impression in your waking life.

19. Taurus

The sign of the Taurus symbolizes dedication, determination, rationality, strong will, strength, and stubbornness. Incorporate these qualities into your own personality to ensure better progress in life.

The dream can also point at some issues around your neck region. Lastly, the dream can also be indicative of a gentle character, and your gravitation towards beauty.

20. Taxes

Dreaming of taxes represents the price that you pay for your lifestyle.

Do you owe a particular amount of debt to someone? Are you having some kind of guilt? The dream can also represent factors that are creating mental pressure on you.

If you see yourself refusing to pay the taxes, it implies your rebellious nature.

21. Taxi

If you see yourself hiring a taxi in your dream, it indicates that you need help from others in your waking life.

On the other hand, to see that you are in a taxi indicates that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

22. Tea

To see yourself preparing a cup of tea, or drinking tea in your dream symbolizes fulfillment and peace in your waking life. You are taking time in reconsidering a relationship or a particular condition of your life.

In short, the dream symbolizes tranquility, calmness, thoughtfulness, and dignity.

To see a tea ceremony in your dream represents family life and togetherness.

23. Teacher

To see either your past or present teacher in your dream denotes that you are looking for some kind of guidance, confirmation, or approval in your waking life.

Probably, you are heading towards new directions in life that require thoughtful decisions.

If you dream of being a teacher yourself, it means that you are in a position where you can give powerful suggestions to others.

24. Team

To dream of a team indicates the importance of teamwork. The dream can also indicate balance in your life.

However, if you don’t seem happy in the team, the dream suggests that you are going through some disputes in your waking relationships.

25. Tears

To see yourself in tears in your dream implies that you are going through some emotional repairing in your life. Tears don’t just represent emotional healing but they also symbolize spiritual reformation, detoxification, and compassion.

Depending on the present condition of your waking life, tears in your dream can also represent pain and agony.

26. Teasing

Are you behaving abnormally of late? In that case, you may dream of being teased by others. Probably, you don’t take your activities seriously.

Even to dream of teasing someone else suggests that you are unable to accept a certain behavior of yours represented by the other person.

On the other hand, the dream can be pointing towards a grave scenario of others tormenting you.

27. Teddy Bear

Did you dream of a teddy? That must have felt sweet! Teddy bear dreams can symbolize your childhood self.

Further, it can also signify your longing for comfort, pampering, security, and love.

While the teddy in your dream can refer to an immature relationship, it can also denote that you are in need of love and care.

28. Teeth

To interpret your dream about teeth, observe the conditions of the teeth. A rotten and decayed tooth implies that you might have uttered the wrong words. You feel responsible and guilty for spilling the beans.

However, to dream of sparkling teeth symbolizes the fulfillment of desires.

29. Telegram

Dreaming of receiving Telegram represents a crucial message that your subconscious is trying to communicate. 

However, when you are sending the telegram, it means there’s a certain trait of yourself that you are trying to communicate without saying it out loud.

30. Telephone

To dream of a telephone indicates telepathic communication. There can be issues that you’ve been ignoring for long and now you want to confront them.

Telephone also represents your relationship with your friends and family.

If you can hear a caller tune or dial tune in your dream, it implies that you’re open to fresh ideas and concepts.

31. Telescope

To dream of a telescope denotes that you need to look at a situation from a wider and detailed perspective. It is also possible that you’re dealing with some unexpected concerning changes in your life.

If you can see through a telescope at the stars and planets, it indicates your enjoyment is going to be a costly affair.

32. Television

To see television in your dream symbolizes the floating thoughts in your mind. The dream represents how you process your thoughts and ideas.

Observe the type of content that you’re watching to draw precise conclusions.

33. Temperature

If you see someone checking your temperature, you need to control your aggression.

A higher temperature indicates increased anger; a lower temperature is suggestive of calmness and politeness. 

34. Temple

Dreaming of temples is always a positive omen suggesting several things such as motivation, spirituality, calmness, and overall progress.

Temple represents the body that houses the soul. Hence, the dream can also suggest that you need to take proper care of your body.

The dream can also indicate that you are looking for a safer place to preserve your valuables.

35. Temptation

If you dream of temptation, it reflects the conflict between your desires and your principles.

There can be matters that offer you temporary gratification in contrast to some well-thought plans for permanent goals.

You know which decision will ensure a safer landing, so think well before deciding.

36. Tennis

Did you see yourself playing tennis in your dream? Then it means a new phase of hardships will unfold in your life. This is a phase where you need to prove your potential.

The dream of watching a Tennis game indicates that you are planning to make a decisive move. A Tennis game in your dream can also represent a loving or intimate relationship.

37. Tent

If you dream of being in a tent, the dream indicates that it is time to make necessary shifts in your daily routine. Also, you need to take a break from the everyday grind and show some love to yourself.

However, the negative interpretation of this dream suggests imbalance and insecurity in your life. You might be longing for a permanent settlement but the tent in your dreams indicates the opposite.

38. Terminal

If you see yourself present at a terminal in a dream, the Terminal represents the turn in your life where you are distancing yourself from certain relationships, people, and situations. Your life is taking a different course and you are undergoing a transitional change.

39. Terrorist

If you see a terrorist in your dream, you are possibly feeling violent and frustrated from within. Terrorist dreams are indicative of all the negative and disgusting feelings.

However, to achieve a win over this testing time, capitalize on your positive energy.

40. Test

If you see yourself sitting for a test in your dream, the dream suggests that you are being put to trial in your waking life.

If you see yourself performing badly in the test, it indicates feelings of insecurity and insufficiency.

On the other hand, if you see yourself performing well in the test, the dream suggests that you are prepared for upcoming challenges.

41. Test Tube

If you see yourself using a test tube in your dream, it symbolizes your reaction to a certain situation.  

Alternatively, the dream can also be a “pun” on Test Tube baby.

42. Testicles

Testicles in your dream represent strength, vitality, stamina, and sexual drive.

Other than that, do you often feel anxious about your sexual abilities? Then the dream of testicles can also be a manifestation of it.

Further, it can also be suggestive of the fact that you need to invest a lot of effort to achieve your desired goals.

43. Text Message

Dreaming of receiving or sending text messages can suggest multiple interpretations. The messages can also represent your present state of mind or subconscious thoughts. 

Alternatively, the messages can also represent your bonding with friends and family members. Other than that, the dream can also reflect part of your romantic life.

44. Textbook

If you see textbooks in your dream, the dream implies that you need to educate yourself. Observe the topics or the subject of the textbook for better assessment.

45. Thanks

How often and how effortlessly we keep repeating this word throughout the day whenever we feel helped or rescued!

But to dream of thanking someone indicates that you are realizing, accepting, and acknowledging certain traits of the person whom you are thanking in your dream, within yourself.

46. Theater

To see a theatre in your dream is nothing but a subconscious representation of the reality that you face in your waking life.

The theatre is a representation of your social life. You can observe different characters and assess how they relate to your personal life.

There can be characters with whom you share similar characteristics or they represent a certain aspect of yourself.

47. Thermometer

If you see a thermometer in your dream, the reading of the thermometer can reveal the present state of your emotion.

If you cannot recall the reading, try to monitor the way you felt in the dream. The dream can represent several emotions such as hot, cold, warm, frozen, and so on.

48. Thief

If you see yourself as a Thief in your dream, it means you are concerned about your possessions.

You have a deep-rooted fear of losing what you possess. Perhaps, you do not believe that you are deserving enough. Keep reminding yourself that whatever you have is with you because that’s what you deserve.

Alternatively, thief dreams also suggest that you are behaving in an undisciplined manner or you might be crossing your limits in certain aspects of your life.

49. Thigh

Thighs are symbolic of tolerance, power, strength, and stamina. 

To see thighs in your dream refers to your capacity, strong willpower, and ability to perform tasks at hand.

If you see yourself admiring your thighs, the dream indicates a daring personality.

50. Thin

To dream of a thin person or a thin object denotes a lack of power. You might be feeling powerless, helpless, or lack courage while taking a stand for yourself.

On the contrary, the same dream also indicates ability and flexibility where you are capable of adjusting and adapting to almost any condition.

51. Thorns

If you see Thorns in your dream, the thorns are suggestive of a painful situation that you need to go through. Thorns often suggest situations from the past that have hurt you badly.

Since thorns represent the protective part of plants, the dream implies that you are being defensive in your waking life.

The dream can also try to point towards a person who is acting as a ‘thorn by your side’.

52. Thread

If you want to interpret the real meaning of a thread in your dream, you need to observe the color of the thread and look for the significance of the color under dream interpretation.

However, usually, a thread in your dream signifies the connection between your ideas and your thoughts; or the connection between your waking life and your destiny.

53. Threaten

If you see yourself threatening another person in the dream, the dream is asking you to be the ruler and let no one overrule your decision. Take your own stand and be the boss.

Alternatively, if you dream of yourself being threatened, it implies feelings of suppression and disparity.

54. Threesome

A sexual activity involves both physical and emotional effort. While dreaming of a threesome does not necessarily indicate that you are yearning for a threesome in your waking life, it can substantially reveal that you are missing some elements in your sex life.

If you see more females in your dream, it implies that you are lacking emotional aspects of sexual reciprocation.

If you see more male numbers in the threesome, it means you are lacking the physical aspects of it.

55. Throat

Dreaming of your throat is a direct implication that you need to voice your feelings, thoughts, and ideas. You want to express how you feel about certain aspects of your life.

56. Throne

To see yourself sitting on a Throne symbolizes authoritative and leadership qualities in you. You are controlling various aspects of your waking life.

The Throne can also represent your accomplishments and ambition.

57. Throw

If you see yourself throwing something in your dream, the dream indicates that there are certain elements that you must stay away from.

What do you see yourself throwing? Consider the object that you threw for a more appropriate interpretation.

58. Thumb

If you see a thumb in your dream, it is symbolic of grasp, grip, control, strength, and ability. A Thumbs up represents approval and a positive signal for you to move ahead in your life.

Similarly, a thumbs down denotes a “No”.

59. Thunder

A thunder in your dream has a symbolic reference to ” message and lesson”. Probably, you need to learn some life lessons.

It also symbolizes repressed anger or aggression.

60. Thursday

If you dream of a Thursday, there is a situation that requires your undivided concentration and attention.

61. Tiara

Dreaming of a Tiara is suggestive of female strength. You know how to take advantage of your femininity to achieve your goal.

62. Ticket

To dream of a ticket symbolizes the amount that you need to pay in order to meet your ambition.

Since you have already decided the directions that are going to follow to achieve your goal, a ticket symbolizes the beginning of the journey.

You may also consider the vehicle or purpose for which you bought the ticket for additional significance.

If you see yourself losing a ticket in your dream, the dream represents a confused state of life.

63. Tickle

If you see yourself being tickled in a dream, it signifies that you need to laugh more in life. You are in need of fun, humor, laughter, and joy.

64. Tides

If you dream of tides, it represents your requirement for emotional and spiritual purification.

If the tides are low, the dream indicates that you are being drained of your energy. If the tides are high, it represents a blast of power in you.

Other than that, the high-and-low nature of tides also symbolizes emotional ups and downs of the dreamer.

65. Tie

If you see yourself wearing a tie in your dream, it is indicative of relationships and bonds.

Do you feel forced into a relationship in your waking life? A tight-fitting tie denotes that you feel suffocated in a condition.

66. Tiger

We all know tigers are powerful animals. Similarly dreaming of a tiger indicates that you have bubbling energy and power to tackle various challenges of your life.

The dream can also denote that it is time that you take an authoritative or leadership role in your waking life.

Alternatively, dreaming of a tiger can also imply seduction, stamina, power, aggression, sensuality, and female sexuality.

67. Time

If you dream about time, you might be anxious about being unable to tackle the everyday pressure and stress of your life. If the time flies fast or runs too slow, it is symbolic of aging.

To dream of a timer indicates that you are under some work pressure where you need to meet your deadline.

68. Time Travel

Dreaming of time travel suggests that you want to escape your reality. You are either yearning to live your pleasurable past, or you are looking forward to living a beautiful future

The dream can also reveal a part of your romantic nature.

69. Tired

To see yourself tired in your dream reveals that you are feeling emotionally low. There is something that is exhausting you emotionally or physically.

70. Tissue

If you see yourself using tissue in your dream it symbolizes that you must move ahead and leave your past behind.

As long as you keep dealing with your present situations, nobody can stop you from progressing.

71. Tires

A tire in your dream suggests that you are lingering in the past, instead of moving ahead towards the future.

But the dream also signifies that you have the ability to face adversities with enough confidence.

72. Toad

If you see a toad in your dream, you might be masking your inner personality. Don’t be scared to put your real self forward.

If you kill a toad in your dream, there are high chances some of your decisions will be criticized.

73. Toddler

If you dream of a toddler, it implies that you are adapting to new aspects of your personality. Probably, you are trying to explore a new world that is testing your limitations.

74. Toast

If you see yourself eating toast in a dream, it represents your way of praising even the simplest pleasures of life.

If you see yourself making a toast in your dream, it suggests you look at the positive side of situations surrounding you.

If you see a burnt toast, it implies that you are in danger of being consumed by your passion.

However, to see a toaster suggests that you are smart and quick at making wise decisions and are blessed with a clear mindset.

75. Tobacco

If you aren’t a smoker, and you dream of smoking tobacco, the dream implies that you are unable to face the realities of life. You might be trying to take a stand against something.

However, if you happen to be a smoker, the dream implies that you are yearning for comfort and peace.

76. Toes

Like in real life, a dream of toes symbolizes how you walk through life. This means the dream depicts your process of dealing with life, its obstacles, pleasures, and gifts.

To see yourself losing or gaining an extra toe means that you are not determined enough to move ahead in the direction of your goal.

77. Toilet

To envision a toilet in your dream represents your desire to release useless emotions and feelings.

Hilarious but, more often than not, we dream of the toilet because the subconscious tries to acknowledge a full bladder so that we wake up and use the washroom instead of wetting the bed.

A clogged toilet in your dream represents bottled-up negative feelings.

78. Toilet paper

To dream of using toilet paper suggests that you are in a position where you need emotional healing.

If the color of the toilet paper is black and not white, it means you are not acknowledging some emotions in your waking life.

79. Tomatoes

Tomatoes in dreams represent togetherness, friendship, family, and happiness. However, eating tomatoes in dreams symbolizes good health.

80. Tongue

To envision a tongue in your dream represent the conversations that are longing to be expressed or are already expressed in a negative way

To dream of your tongue extending longer symbolizes that you are being dishonest either to yourself or another person.

Similarly, a sore tongue symbolizes that you are talking ill about a person.

81. Tonsils

To dream of tonsils suggests that you are willing to share certain aspects of yourself with others.

82. Toothbrush

A toothbrush in your dream represents feelings of criticism that you might have been facing in your real life.

Probably you are trying to take defensive measures against such criticism. The dream can also imply that you are obsessed with your looks and you want to be desired by people.

If you see that you don’t want to brush your teeth in your dream, it means that you have an outspoken personality where you don’t pay heed to what others feel.

83. Top

Dreaming of a top signifies an idle life. Probably your life has become sedentary and stagnant. Your actions are not taking you anywhere, and you are wasting most of your energy and time in temporary gratification.

If you dream of being at the top position, the dream symbolizes your aspirations and wisdom.

84. Torch

A torch in your dream can represent enlightenment and spiritual illumination. It can also symbolize your ability to achieve success in life, your confidence, and your self-esteem. The dream represents your caliber to fight against all odds.

Alternatively, a lighted torch in your hands can also signify crush or love.

85. Torture

If you dream of being tortured, it indicates that you are feeling powerless and helpless about a certain condition of your life. You might feel like you are being overpowered by the circumstances and people around you.

On the other hand, if you see that you are torturing someone, it depicts how you punish yourself for your wrong deeds.

86. Touching

If you dream of touching someone, it implies that you are trying to contact someone and express your feelings or emotions.

On the other hand, if you see yourself being touched by someone, it represents your intimacy with that particular person.

The touch in your dream can also represent that face that you are feeling vulnerable and sensitive.

87. Towel

While dreaming of a towel suggests that you have completed a task successfully or you are about to make a fresh start in life; it can also suggest that you might undergo a new transformation.

Alternatively, the dream can also imply that in order to move ahead in life you need to confront your emotions and deal with the pent-up feelings.

88. Toys

To see yourself playing with toys in your dream represents your childhood memories. You might be longing for homely comfort and domestic security. The dream can alternatively suggest that you are playing with someone’s emotions and feelings.

If you see yourself donating toys in your dream, the dream symbolizes that you are being recognized for your good work. Broken toys in your dream imply that you are working hard to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

If you yourself break toys in your dream, the dream suggests that you lack happiness in your life.

89. Traffic

To see yourself getting stuck in traffic in your dream represents how frustrated you feel in your waking life. You might be feeling trapped or stuck in some situations

On the other hand, dreaming of a traffic light symbolizes that something is stopping you from achieving your goals. The dream can also represent that your progress is being controlled by someone else.

90. Train

If you see a train in your dream, it represents the fact that you are following the track laid by the crowd. You are repeating whatever others perform.

A train in your dream can also be indicative of your methodical thought process. Probably, it is time that you complete your tasks in an ordered and sequential process.

A passenger train signifies mental labor.

91. Transgender

To dream that you have become transgender symbolizes your thought process on transgenders, surgeries, sexuality, and so on.

The dream can also represent that some aspects of your feminine or masculine personality have undergone damage.

92. Treasures

Did you see yourself finding a hidden Treasure in your dream? That must have been fun and thrilling!

The dream represents your own value and ability to serve the world. Alternatively, the dream could be indicating some hidden skill or talents within you that you want to keep secret.  

93. Trees

If you see green trees in your dream, it is a very good omen as it symbolizes new hopes, desires, growth, advancement, wisdom, awareness, knowledge, strength, security, balance, and life.

The dream also suggests self-discovery because we have always heard about sages who practice meditation under a tree for self-discovery to attain enlightenment and wisdom.

You must also consider the condition of the tree for additional significance.

94. Trophy

A Trophy in your dream tries to motivate you towards your goal and it symbolizes honor and recognition for your hard work.

95. Trumpet

A trumpet in your dream signifies a danger bell that is trying to warn you of upcoming negativity, danger, or difficulty in your life.

96. Tsunami

If you see a Tsunami in your dream, it implies some pent-up emotions and feelings that will soon be expressed in a violent outburst.

97. Tuesday

Dreaming of Tuesday symbolizes your plan of action to achieve your goal and stay focused in life.

98. Tumor

If you see a tumor in your dream, it points towards some suppressed and unacceptable memories that create a fear in you. Probably it is getting difficult for you to accept such facts.

99. Typewriter

To see a typewriter in your dream indicates that you need to communicate with someone. On the other hand, if you see yourself typing it represents your communication skills.

Alternatively, the dream of typing can also imply that you are unable to express your feelings verbally.

100. Typhoid

If you see yourself suffering from typhoid in a dream, it is time for you to be careful of your surroundings.

There are people who may cause significant harm to you in your waking life and hence you need to be cautious.