Dream Dictionary for “L”
Dream Dictionary for “L”

1. ‘L’

“L” is symbolic of the most beautiful word in the world i.e., Love. The letter “L” in a dream can be related to attraction or a significant change in your love life. This letter also signifies some kind of loss.

The shape of the letter is a sign of a turning point in your personal or professional life. Any person whose name starts with L may play a meaningful role in the time to come. 

2. Lab Coat

Seeing yourself wearing any kind of clothes indicates restriction, captivity, and bondage. However, a lab court signifies more.

If you see yourself putting on a lab coat means you will be getting new opportunities professionally and if you are in a lab coat means you will be getting much attention and a demanding audience. It is a chance to show your power that you have kept a secret until today.

3. Label

Different kinds of Labels in your dream talk about your different aspects of personality that you have been ignoring all this while.

It is a suggestion to accept who you are and let the world know your uniqueness even if it is socially not normal. You need to be careful in labeling someone without knowing them fully because this may happen to you also. 

4. Labor

Dreaming of Labor is a sign of upcoming opportunities that will require a lot of labor. If in recent times, you have been working hard then the time is near to reap the fruit.

It is also a good time for family planning. Any pregnant woman may positively influence your life. Appreciating the labor of others will bring you happiness.

5. Laboratory

Watching yourself in a laboratory in a dream is a sign of uncertainty. It means you like to wander and experiment with your life so that you can find out the true meaning and purpose of life.

With some risk and a balanced combination of knowledge and emotion, you will come out to be the most liked and intriguing person. Your long absence from social life will surprise everyone with the new you.

6. Labrador

Labrador in your dream is an indication of loneliness and a desire to be loved. It is also a sign of meeting someone who will be loyal and committed to you. You should be sensitive to anything related to friendship.

A young Labrador reminds you of your childhood dream and an adult one tells you to be less judgmental and more acceptable.

7. Labyrinth

To see yourself in a labyrinth in your dream tells two things: first, you are lost in your life and you don’t know the real purpose of living, second, because of some bad decisions, you are stuck in a situation hard to deal with.

Both the problems can be solved if you keep trying. You are in a dark tunnel and the light is just about to appear.

8. Lactating

Lactating is related to motherly nature. If you are a mother then you should be more attentive to the needs of your children, if not then you should be more sensitive and caring towards the caretaker of life.

Lactating in dreams is directly related to nourishment and growth so take care of your health as well as others like plants and animals, you will be blessed.

9. Lacrosse

Playing lacrosse involves teamwork. Hence, this dream is a sign that you must cooperate with others.

You will not be able to achieve your goals alone and will need help from others. However, it can be achieved with paramount dedication. Alternatively, this dream symbolizes your reactions towards sex.

10. Ladder

A ladder in a dream represents a long and arduous journey to reach the destination. It may seem difficult initially but as you move forward you will be living the life you always wanted to.  

A broken ladder signifies that the journey will be a roller coaster ride for some time. Further, a colorful ladder implies that people around you will be helpful in your growth.

11. Ladle

Seeing a ladle is a sign of fulfillment and abundance. You will have a life full of support and appreciation. People around you will be helpful in bringing the best out of you.

A broken ladle indicates that there will be some challenges on the way. A ladle with a wooden handle guarantees an evergreen life.

12. Ladybug

Ladybugs in dreams come with news of happiness in the future and a blessing in abundance. If in recent times you have been dealing with a lady then be careful as she may act negatively in your life.

Be sensitive to old women. They may irritate you for some time but they will be very helpful in shaping your beautiful life.

13. Lair

If you see any animal in a lair, it means you have isolated yourself out of fear or for the purpose of self-discovery.

If you see yourself making a lair means you desire to live in a new and more peaceful place. A damaged lair is a sign of upcoming challenges from the people who are jealous of you.

14. Lake

Having a dream of a lake indicates that finally your desires are going to be fulfilled. Your thirst is going to be quenched and your hard work will bring success and prestige that will further allow you to take a break and relax.

The flow of water in it is synonymous with your emotional well-being. Watching the lake in a desert may be a sign of getting lost for some time. 

15. Lamb

Lamb in a dream is a sign of peaceful, comfortable, and spiritual life. To maintain this life or start like one, you will be asked to sacrifice and donate.

A healthy and active lamb is telling you to be so and a thin and old lamb is a sign of big change and challenge. A herd of lamb indicates that you will be dealing with a lot of people.

16. Lament

To lament in a dream is a symbol of loss, distress, and adversities. It’s a sign of confession and acceptance of what happened in the past. Now, you will be out of your financial and personal predicament.

You may repent some of your actions in time to come, so think twice before losing your temper or hurting someone. Communication is key.

17. Lamp

Lamp in a dream is a sign of divine intervention. Something unbelievable will happen that will guide you to take the right path.

It indicates light after a long walk in the dark, a lamp with a low flame ensures a boost in your concentration power, and a high flame shows you a clear picture of upcoming success.

18. Lanai

Watching yourself in a lanai indicates a carefree, joyful, and euphoric life. Lanai is telling you to relax and think of your life with a new perspective; it will bring you name and fame.

If the lanai is near a beach, it means your independent nature will find a way to succeed and people will love to get associated with you. You may travel to an island for self-discovery.

19. Lance

A lance in a dream represents that you are trying to project yourself for a higher position. You will be successful in getting the desired position if you stay firm and grounded.

It is also a sign of getting criticized and assaulted by people in disguise. Only your intelligence and judicious nature can fight with these volleys of slanders. 

20. Land

Land in your dream represents your responsibility towards your birthplace and mother earth. It is time to show your generosity and gratitude.

It is a reminder of your past and its contribution to making you the person you are and what you will be. Further, it is also a prediction of landing into a new territory of work and relationship.

21. Landscape

To see a landscape is considered to be a good gesture of nature towards you.

You will be getting chances of broadening your perspective and understanding of people and the world around you. You will enjoy the company of old friends and family.

At the workplace, you may discover some eye-opening secrets and hidden truths.

22. Landslide

A landslide in dreams symbolizes a sudden outbreak of your emotions. Your actions may startle the people around you and may also damage your relationship.

Postpone traveling in any disaster-prone area. You may become the object of someone else’s furious behavior, so be patient.

Any news regarding great loss or damage related to you may arrive to check your emotional strength.

23. Language

Language is related to expression.

Dreaming about language is a sign that either you are not expressing yourself the way you want or you are unable to understand what others around you are trying to convey.

If the language of your dream is not native to you means you will have to put some effort into deciphering the meaning of upcoming events. Meditate and listen to your inner voice.

24. Lap

Dreaming of the lap means you must have been thinking of getting intimidated and connected with your loved ones. It is a perfect time to ask someone out.

It may also indicate loneliness and fear of insecurity. Increase your social strength by pushing your limit and killing your arrogance.

Show some gratitude towards the people and nature. Sharing smiles with children can help you. 

25. Laptop

To see yourself using a laptop signals towards doing some meaningful work.

Consider it a suggestion to break the ice and enter the world of the unknown. Your posture while using the laptop represents your attitude towards health.

If the screen of the laptop is not visible, it means you need to concentrate more on your goal and passion. The world is at your fingertips, decide what you want from it.

26. Lark

Dreaming about a bird is synonymous with your subconscious desire of living a more free and enlightened life. Lark in a dream is a sign of your dominating life.

A cage lark indicates your attachments with trivial matters. A singing lark is an omen of meeting someone who will make your life musical. Dream big, even the sky is not a limit.

27. Laryngitis

A dream of having laryngitis points to your weakness, fragility, and vulnerability. It means you need to feel responsible for your condition and take some remedial actions.

Only the realization of true potential can help you shine both health-wise and wealth-wise. Taking firm action when it comes to the question of right and wrong can be rewarding.

28. Las Vegas

Dreaming about a city like Las Vegas is a sign of an overjoyed, indulged, and unrestrained life. If you unconditionally loved life in Las Vegas, it means you have lost the track of your real, meaningful life.

Before you get diverted completely, take some time to rethink what you are doing and aiming for. The key is self-control.

29. Late

Dreaming of getting late represents your unawareness. It means you have been ignorant and oblivious. You need to be ready to strike the iron when it is hot.

Alternatively, being late is a sign that you are not living a punctual, disciplined, decisive life. The key is to push your limit.

30. Laughing

Laughing in a dream signifies a life full of positive vibes. It points toward a happy emotional state like joy, mirth, happiness, relief, etc.

On the contrary, it may also indicate embarrassment due to your stupidity and carelessness. Laughing alone is a sign of loss of connection from the people you love and laughing in a group is a good sign but with a warning of upcoming challenges.

31. Laundry

Washing your laundry in a dream represents that you’re trying to clear your image. Along with this, you feel guilty for your past actions and are trying to clean the mess caused due to them. Nowadays, you are worried about your public image.

Sorting laundry in a dream reflects that you are trying to sort your feelings and attitudes to transform into someone better.

32. Lava lamp

Observing a lava lamp in a dream denotes slow motion. Just like a lava lamp, things are very slow in your real life.

Maybe you need time to sort things out or make sure that you want to actually do a particular thing. For better dream interpretation, observe the color of this lamp.

33. Lawn

If you see a green lawn, it stands for your never-ending hope. You are moving forward towards your dreams slowly and steadily and everything is in your control.

If you notice the lawn with weeds, it indicates that you need to take better care of yourself.

34. Leader

If you are the leader in your dream, it suggests that you are capable enough to guide others to move in a particular direction. You have the ability to give shape to your ideas.

The dream can also be a suggestion that you need to be more active in your real-life and take control of your actions.

35. Leak

Leakage is always a sign of loss. Similarly, the dream also indicates disappointments and distress. Even after a lot of hard work, you wouldn’t get the expected results.

Alternatively, it also reflects the suppressed emotions from your past experiences. You can also take this dream as a symbol that some secret is about to be leaked soon or has already leaked.

36. Leaning

When you see yourself leaning on someone else, it is a sign that you’re not independent. You depend on someone for everything that you do. The dream also asks you to be responsible for your own actions.

On the contrary, if you see somebody leaning over you, it is an indication that you have many responsibilities to fulfill. Along with that, you also take over other people’s burdens.

37. Leaping

To leap around some object signifies that you will be successful in achieving your goals. However, there will be some barriers and struggle on your way. You will require a lot of effort to overcome these.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests that you must take a leap to a new relationship or career. To do this, you might have to leave your comfort zone aside.

38. Learn

To learn something in a dream highlights that you have a never-ending urge to gain more knowledge. You want to understand yourself and your surroundings better.

In the dream, if you see that you are in a place where you can learn, it signifies that you will be successful and will achieve great heights.

39. Leash

When you hold the leash in your dream, it denotes that you need to put in more effort to control your life. Somehow, you need to lead a situation.

If you’re wearing a leash, this indicates that you need to restrict your sexual desires, or else you will be easily manipulated. This will lead you in a direction you never wanted to go.

40. Leather

Noticing leather in your dream stands for the fact that you are tough. You have thick skin and nothing can break you down easily. You are well aware of the ways of protecting yourself from different situations.

Alternatively, the dream can be associated with sex and represent your animalistic nature.

41. Leaves

If you see leaves while dreaming, it reflects your happiness. It indicates that you have improved in different situations in your real life. The leaves also stand as a symbol for fertility and growth.

Observe the color of leaves. If they’re brown or grey, they reflect disappointment and despair. In case you are sweeping the leaves, this means something in your life is about to end.

42. Lecture

To see yourself giving a lecture resembles that you don’t have any interesting thing to do in your life. You are turning into a boring person and need to work on your communication.

Alternatively, the dream also suggests that you think intellectually. However, if you are sitting in a lecture, it means you need to research well before making an informed decision.

43. Ledge

To stand on a ledge in a dream signifies that you are anxious as well as tense. Consider the direction you are looking at in your dream. Whether you are looking up or down states a lot about your dream.

This direction will help you know whether it is a neutral dream or a realistic one. It will also help you know if you have an optimistic or pessimistic approach towards life.

44. Ledger

Keeping a ledger while dreaming is a sign that you are fighting a very difficult situation alone. In the Ledger, if the accounts show a good number, this indicates your life will take a positive turn and your situation will improve.

However, if the accounts don’t seem good, then you will face losses and pain. Additionally, if there are mistakes in your Ledger, you might undergo several conflicts.

45. Leeches

Being bitten by a leech implies all your energy is being drained into something toxic in your life. This something can be a person, a situation, or the negative feelings that are making you feel exhausted.

Alternatively, if you find yourself totally covered in leeches, then this implies that you feel repulsive with your own actions.

46. Left

Visualizing the left direction in a dream denotes that you feel rejected and unaccepted within a group of people. It indicates you are not being able to cope up with somebody. The dream is a sign that you don’t believe in your abilities and you must use your full potential.

If you have left something behind then the dream is a sign that you’re ready to move on from your past.

47. Lego

When you see yourself playing with Lego blocks in a dream, it signifies your potential to build something grand with a single block. Slowly and steadily you will be able to build something huge with these blocks, in your waking life.

The dream is also a sign of your creativity and imagination.

48. Legs

If you see your legs, you are re-energized and have the confidence to stand on your legs once again and regain the lost control. You are soon going to progress and eventually walk out of difficult situations.

If you have weak legs, you are facing some emotional troubles whereas if you’re crossing your legs, this means that you have a close-minded attitude.

49. Lemons

To dream about a lemon reflects the inferior quality of something. This can be an indication that a relationship that you were sharing has turned sour.

Eating a lemon reflects that you need to clean some things and heal from your past experiences. However, squeezing a lemon asks you to be more economical.

50. Lending

If you lend money to somebody, it means that you are obligated towards others and you love to support people during tough times.

However, if somebody else is lending you something, it is a sign that you need to look after your resources before they get exhausted or else you will find yourself dependent on somebody for your basic needs.

51. Leo

Leo in a dream stands for creativity as well as generosity. It also symbolizes that you have dominating nature.

You love being in the limelight as well as attract a lot of drama. On the good side, you can be a great leader. Alternatively, you may also be suffering from a few heart-related issues.

52. Leopard

If you dream about a wild leopard, it denotes that you will be successful in your goals after overcoming all the obstacles.

However, if you see a caged leopard, it suggests that the route to your success will be comparatively easier. Killing a leopard is also a sign of success.

If you see a black leopard, it simply means that you are trying to hide your original identity.

53. Leprechaun

Dreaming of leprechaun reflects that if you are persistent with your hard work and dedication, then no force can stop you from reaching your goals.

Alternatively, the dreams about leprechauns also suggest that you were trying to take a shortcut to success. Such dreams also indicate that you are mischievous in nature.

54. Lesbian

To dream about lesbians, it is not necessary for you to be a lesbian. If you are straight in your real-life and still get such dreams, then you must learn to accept and love yourself with passion.

You should get comfortable with your femininity. The dream is a sign that you feared being a woman and rejected being a feminine personality.

However, if you are really a lesbian, the dream is only a reflection of your real life.

55. Letter

Receiving a letter indicates a chance to grab a new opportunity. This letter can be from your subconscious mind offering you some assistance to get out of the present situation.

In case you’re sending the letter, this means you need to share your emotions with somebody to make yourself heard. Not opening a letter in a dream symbolizes that you are ignoring the facts and preferring to stay blind.

56. Lettuce

A lettuce in a dream is a sign of prosperity and simplicity. Eating lettuce suggests that you need to nourish your inner soul spiritually. You are lacking peace.

To maintain your soul and body, consume a balanced diet. These dreams are common when you are trying to seek permission from somebody.

57. Level crossing

When you dream about crossing a level, it suggests that you will experience temporary setbacks when you try to accomplish your goal. This is especially the case when the gate is down.

On the contrary, if you see the gate is up, it is signaling you to try to overcome the barriers. Only then you will be able to reach your goals

58. Levitation

Levitating in a dream indicates that you are holding onto unrealistic ideas. Alternatively, the dream also suggests that you are not humble.

Seeing somebody else levitating expresses your desire to help somebody you admire. If you were levitating somebody in your dream, it implies that you are balancing too many situations at once and hence, are not able to reach the desired conclusion.

59. Liar

If somebody is claiming you as a liar in your dream, it signifies that you will soon be cheated by somebody.

However, if you were lying, it only means that you are deceiving yourself and going against your gut feelings. Just look into your inner self and try to interpret what you are escaping from.

If somebody else is a liar in your dream, this refers to your distrust towards that person.

60. Library

Being in a library in a dream highlights your quest for knowledge and urge for better ideas. You are trying to look at life from an unusual perspective and analyze the situation before reacting.

In the dream, if the library is not organized, it denotes that you have difficulty sorting the information you received. If you cannot find a particular book, it means that a part of yourself wants to develop more.

61. Lice

Seeing lice while dreaming stands true for your frustration, anger, guilt, and anxiety. You wish to clean yourself emotionally, mentally as well as physically.

Alternatively, lice is also a metaphor for a person, issue, or all relationships you want to stay away from. You feel as if somebody is taking advantage of you for their own selfish motives.

62. Lick

Licking something in a dream indicates you need to be extra careful while dealing with new situations. Understand the process before moving further towards your goals.

Alternatively, this dream is also a sign of satisfaction in small matters. If some animal is licking you in your dream, it suggests that somebody will seek your guidance.

63. Life jacket

To dream about being in a life jacket signifies your security. It indicates that you need somebody to support you in your waking life.

In case you’re not wearing a life jacket, it highlights the fact that you want to confront your feelings and issues even if they can cause pain to you or lead to dreadful circumstances.

64. Lifesaver

Dreaming about wearing a lifesaver indicates that you’ll get another opportunity in the near future and you must take the opportunity before it is too late.

Alternatively, it indicates that your life is going to be complete. You can also take it as a metaphor that somebody has saved you from a difficult problem in your waking life.

65. Life swap

If you are swapping your life with somebody and living their life then it suggests that you need to widen your perspective and think from somebody else’s viewpoint. Try to be more empathetic and kind towards others.

Alternatively, dreams about switching lives also denote that you are maintaining distance from your own problems and you wish you had a life like somebody else.

66. Lifeline

When you dream about the lifeline on your palm, it highlights your goals. It shows you the direction where you want to proceed further in your life.

If this lifeline is short, this means that your goal is closer to you but if the lifeline is long, it suggests that you still have a long distance to cover to accomplish your goal. Alternatively, you can take this dream as a reminder to enjoy your life.

67. Light

Light reflects clarity and guidance when seen in the dream. It means you will be filled with insight and soon you will discover the truth or the answer to all your questions.

If you see a bright light, it suggests that you will move higher. Such dreams are common for people who are on their deathbeds. On the contrary, if you see soft lighting, it focuses on the feelings from your subconscious.

68. Light bulb

Dreaming about a light bulb can indicate that you have prepared yourself to face the real situation consciously.

A light bulb in a dream stands for hope and new visions. You are trying to confront a problem in a new direction.

If the light bulb has burned out, then it means that you will have nothing new to offer and are running out of thoughts.

69. Lightning

Lightning suggests sudden awareness about the truth. It adds to your insight and knowledge because the beans have been spilled.

Alternatively, such a dream can also suggest that the tables have turned and things have run out of your control that can also lead to destruction.

If you are struck by lightning, it means some irreversible changes have taken place in your life that will lead to permanent transformation.

70. Limb

Dreaming about a tree limb suggests a relationship between you and your relatives. Alternatively, it also indicates the developing talents and potentials.

If you dream of having an invisible limb, it suggests that you aren’t aware of your own skills and aren’t utilizing them to their full potential. This is because you are underestimating yourself.

71. Limbo

If you find yourself dreaming of dancing, the limbo denotes flexibility in your real life. If you cannot go under the stick, it means you’re unyielding in your decisions.

Alternatively, the dream can be taken as a symbol of being in limbo. You feel so stuck that you do not know how to take your life forward and deal with the present circumstances.

72. Limousine

A limousine in a dream suggests an exaggerated form of self-love and importance. You want to flaunt everything you possess in order to impress others.

Additionally, if you see a black limousine, this means you aren’t ready to make any transformation in your present life. The dream can also be considered as a sign of wealth and power since a limousine is considered a prestigious car.

73. Limping

If you’re limping in your dream, it means you have lost balance in some situation or relationship and you need to work harder on it. At times, you get a feeling that everything is one-sided and you aren’t getting the results of your efforts.

But when you see an animal limping, it denotes that you have been facing disappointments and lost your freedom.

74. Line

A line stands for limits or boundaries in a dream. In case you are crossing a line in the dream, it denotes that you are overstepping the boundaries that have been set for you in your life.

A line of people means that you need more awareness on a particular topic or situation. To see yourself standing in a line asks you to be patient and wait for the results of your hard work.

75. Line up

When you are a part of the police lineup, it denotes the fear of being picked to perform a particular duty or some form of self-guilt.

If you are looking at a police lineup in a dream, it means that you are about to make a very important decision in your life that may leave an impact on others.

76. Lingerie

Wearing lingerie reflects your sexuality and self-esteem. It highlights your body image and the fact that you have accepted yourself.

Looking for lingerie in a shop denotes the feeling of emptiness. It might highlight the need for sex or that you need to change your attitude towards others.

A link is associated with your connections and bonding with others in the dream.

Alternatively, you can also associate it with the big picture. The dream is asking you to link every small thing with its future impact no matter how small it is.

78. Lion

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage. It shows that you are powerful as you have already fought your emotional problems.

The dream is a sign that you can easily influence others and you need to limit your social life. You can be a great leader and controller of situations.

Alternatively, dreaming about a dead lion can indicate that you will soon fall from your current position.

79. Lioness

A lioness stands for maternal instincts. The dream implies that you can go a long way to defend your loved ones from any problem.

If you are attacking a lioness in a dream, it is a sign that you are lacking privacy or somebody is about to threaten your close circle. Alternatively, the lioness also signifies victory and stamina.

80. Liposuction

Liposuction in a dream means that you are always occupied with your appearance. You’re always concerned about the shape of your body.

Alternatively, the dream is also a suggestion that you need to take steps to reduce the burden of your responsibilities. If you are about to have liposuction in real life, then this dream is just a reflection of that.

81. Lips

Visualizing lips in a dream highlights sex and romance especially if you have just spent time with your loved one.

If you have blue lips in the dream, it is a sign of some sickness or disease related to blood circulation. If your lips have turned black in color, it suggests that you’re keeping quiet in a particular situation.

82. Listen

Listening to something in a dream simply means that you need to be careful about what is being told to you. You must also carefully observe your surroundings for some sign of guidance. Listen to how people criticize you and work on it.

If nobody is listening to you in the dream, it suggests that you don’t accept something in your waking life.

83. Litter

Litter means garbage or the things that we have discarded in our real life. It means the same in dreams also. Litter in the dream reflects the ideas or people that we have discarded from our real life.

Animal litter indicates that an idea will take time to develop and you might have to depend on others.

84. Liver

If you dream about the liver, it denotes some physical disorder. Take this as a warning to cut down on alcohol. You must now take time to focus on your physical health and exercise. If needed, consult the doctor.

Alternatively, this dream is a sign that somebody around you is trying to belittle you.

85. Living room

When you were in your living room in the dream, this is a sign of how you will proceed in your life. The dream represents your basic morals and ethics and reflects your inner soul.

Alternatively, dreams about living rooms can also indicate your independence and personal space. If there were some extra objects in the living room, they indicate the different things that are trying to invade your privacy.

86. Lizard

Noticing a lizard in a dream indicates your reactions while making love in bed, eating habits, etc. The dream also reflects your anxieties and portrays you as a cold-blooded or thick-skinned person.

If you want to generate some positivity out of the dream, then you must be humble and use your creativity in your daily life.

87. Lobotomy

If you have a lobotomy in your dream, it means your subconscious is trying to communicate a message to you. You must try to interpret this message. But you are doing just the opposite – trying to delete it from your conscious mind.

Alternatively, the dream is also a sign that you are going through a lot of mental stress.

88. Lock

When you see locks in dreams, they indicate that you are incapable of getting whatever you desire because you are kept out of certain situations.

It may also indicate that you have kept a part of yourself locked and have never tried to bring it out in front of people.

If a lock gets accidentally shut around your wrist, then you are in a dilemma whether or not you should express your feelings or should remain shut.

89. Lockdown

If you are locked down in a public space, it feels as if you are helpless or powerless. You are being controlled by somebody else.

For accurate interpretation, the place where you are locked matters a lot. If the place is a school, this is a sign that you feel pressure in your school environment.

90. Lockjaw

When you see yourself having a lockjaw dream, it indicates your present body state. When you are in the REM sleep stage, your body cannot make voluntary movements and feels paralyzed.

So, if you try to move your jaw, you will not be able to do it in REM sleep. This can be considered as a symbol that you are incapable of expressing your feelings and nobody takes your opinions seriously.

91. Locker

Using a locker suggests that you have kept parts of yourself hidden from the world. If you see a school locker, it reflects the knowledge and emotions that you must acknowledge. If you’re dreaming about a PE locker, you must explore your physical abilities.

In the dream, if you cannot open the locker, it means you don’t know where the situation is leading you to.

92. Lodge

If you are in a relaxing lodge in your dream, this is a sign that you are stuck in a very bad place in your waking life.

You are unaware of the fact whether you want to move forward or not. Not only this, but you also do not know which direction to go.

93. Log

Dreaming about a log reflects your subconscious thoughts and that you are trying to derive some meaning out of it. These thoughts can lead to a significant transformation and a new direction.

However, the dream can be taken as a symbol that you are being lazy and need to become active in real life. A floating log denotes fresh opportunities.

94. Lollipop

Enjoying a lollipop while dreaming suggests you are about to experience something new and surprising in your waking life.

The dream can also be considered as a pun for the word ‘sucker’ and warms you to be extra careful in your relationship. Someone might be using you or is trying to deceive you.

95. Loon

Noticing the loon while dreaming indicates that you can dig deeper into any issue and your subconscious mind works very well. You prefer digging into the base of any situation and looking for answers.

The stream also indicates self-exploration and introspection. You can also consider it as a symbol for someone who is crazy.

96. Lose

If you’re losing something in your dream, it means you have misplaced things in your real life and are still unaware about it. There is a need to reorganize people and things in your life and eliminate the unwanted.

The dream also tells us that you’re overwhelmed with your daily routine or have lost opportunities in your real life.

97. Lost

To see yourself lost in the dream reflects that you have lost the way in your life and you are unable to see your goals anymore. You must ask others to help you because you badly need a shoulder to lean upon.

Alternatively, such a dream also suggests that you were trying to adjust to a new place but things aren’t working well for you.

98. Lottery

If you see yourself playing the lottery, this is a sign that you rely on destiny and do not take account of your actions. Reconsider your actions before committing them.

If you have won the lottery in the dream, this only suggests that your inner self wants to live a free life where you don’t have to worry about money anymore.

99. Love

 If you dream of saying I love you to somebody, it means that you are ready to give and take love.

If the other person doesn’t respond to your ‘I love you’, it means that you will face uncertainties in your forthcoming relationships and will not get love as per your expectations. However, a couple extremely in love signifies success will soon knock on your door.

100. Lover

Dreaming about a lover resembles acceptance and acknowledgment of your inner self. This makes you feel complete and you want to be with someone who gives you that feeling.

If you dream about your ex-lover, it is an indication that you will face similar issues with your present lover.