Dream Dictionary for E
Dream Dictionary for E

1. Eagle

Seeing eagles in your dream is a sign of pride and independence. It also reflects your superiority and intellectual power. It also represents your spirituality and ambitions.

When you see a trapped eagle, it means your powers are being restricted and you feel trapped. You aren’t free to express your feelings.

2. Earlobe

Dreams about earlobes symbolize your spiritual connections. It indicates royalty and pride in society.

Stretching earlobes in a dream reflects your desire for connection.  You feel connected to your ancestors. Alternatively, it can also mean that you want to become a unique individual. You don’t stand by the beliefs of society.

3. Earrings

Seeing yourself or others wearing earrings indicates that you listen to others with patience. You pay attention to every detail mentioned to you.

If you are wearing pearl earrings, it is a sign that you should follow others’ advice. Alternatively, it also stands as a souvenir of a person who wore them.

Broken earrings in dreams signal you that somebody is gossiping about you.

4. Ears

When you see ears in your dreams, it asks you to be more receptive. You must respond to the message delivered to you. Analyze the advice given by somebody to you. It might turn out to be helpful.

If you see ears of weird shapes, it suggests cheating. To see yourself cleaning ear wax in the dreams denotes that you aren’t listening to the message clearly.

5. Earth

Earth dreams ask you to be grounded and humble. You need to focus on practical life more than dreamy desires. You lack balance in your life.

If you see the earth separating in a dream, this implies that you are tense about a relationship that you’re about to start. You fear that it won’t work.

6. Earthquake

If you see a dream about an earthquake, it indicates that you are experiencing a traumatic situation in your life. Something that has shaken your life completely. You are now prey to insecurities and helplessness.

But if you cover yourself from the earthquake, it is a sign that you hold the power to overcome the obstacles that come your way.

7. Eating

Eating alone represents loss and solitude. You feel depressed because you are excluded from social relationships. You don’t find your comfort anymore with other people.

Some experts also believe that eating alone is a sign of independence.

When you see yourself eating with others, it signifies a joyous and harmonious life.

8. Echo

Making an echo in a dream is a suggestion for you to repeat your words. This will help you regain other’s faith in you.

Alternatively, if you hear your voice echo, this means someone is making a joke about you.

9. Eclipse

Solar eclipse in a dream suggests that you don’t trust yourself. You fear whether or not you will be able to achieve your goals. You underestimate your own skills. Simply put, you are running low on self-confidence.

However, the lunar eclipse reflects your knowledge and the light within you. It is an indication that you should see things from a different perspective.

10. Egg

Eating eggs in a dream signals fertility as well as your creativity. You can expect something new in your life.

In case you see scrambled eggs, the dream represents that you are dedicated to your goals. However, there will be some unfavorable circumstances that you will have to accept.

If the eggs hatch, take it as a positive sign. You are about to reap the fruits of your hard work.

11. Elbows

Seeing an elbow in a dream suggests that you lack your personal space. This is because you are filled with fears.

But, if you see a wounded elbow, this means that you are unable to work on a situation in your real life. It also denotes your sexual anxiety. The right elbow stands for ethical issues whereas the left elbow represents the undeveloped traits.

12. Elemental bending

To bend fire in a dream means you have a good hold on your anger. Similarly, if you see yourself bending water in a dream, it indicates that you aren’t expressive. You don’t share your emotions with others. You are good at hiding your feelings.

If you can bend air in the dream, it symbolizes that you have control on your speech. You choose your words before speaking.

13. Elephant

When you see an elephant in a dream, it is a sign for you to remain calm and patient. Listen to things with a peaceful mind to understand situations better. Release your past grudges and make your mind free of toxic memories.

However, if the elephant is white in color, it symbolizes royalty.

14. Elevator

If you see an ascending elevator, it signifies your social status. You look at the world with consciousness. You have a better perspective on things.

If the elevator gets uncontrollable or crashes, this shows that you don’t know how to deal with situations in real life.

But if the elevator is descending, this means you are going to experience setbacks in life.

15. Emptiness

Emptiness in general means there is nothing. Similarly, when you dream of emptiness, it indicates that you lack something in life. You feel empty because things are missing in your life. It is also a possibility that you feel lonely or there’s some emotional void that you are experiencing.

On the contrary, to dream of an empty container reflects positivity.

16. Enclosure

If you are in an enclosure, it means you are being defensive. There are always situations around you where you need to stand for yourself.

If it is a glass enclosure, then it is a sign that you are very critical about something in your waking life. If the enclosure starts shrinking, this suggests that you are restricted and need to grow your boundaries.

17. Enemy

Enemy in a dream talks about contradictory qualities. This enemy doesn’t have to necessarily be someone else as a person.

You can be an enemy of yourself if your thoughts don’t match your actions. You might be conflicting with yourself.

If your enemy sings for you, then you should reconsider the negativity you have for that person.

18. Engagement

Engagement dreams signal about your sexual or commitment desires.  You want to get away with the feeling of isolation. This also means that you want some security in your life.

If the person you are getting engaged to is your father, then it symbolizes that you are looking for fatherly traits in your partner. It doesn’t mean that you get engaged to your father in real life. Maybe you just want a better bonding with him.

19. Engine

Seeing engines in a dream resembles your powerful heart. What will happen if the engine doesn’t start? Yes. There will be problems that will become a barrier while you are trying to reach your goals.

If your engine is blown in the dream, this means you are being cheated. Alternatively, it also suggests that you need to change your old habits as they pop up on the way of your progress.

20. Entertainment

When you see some entertainment in your dream, it indicates that a part of your life is put on display for others to see.

If the entertainer is you, this means you are trying to flaunt things. You must evaluate your performance and the audience’s reaction for better understanding.

If the entertainment performance is linked to dance or music, it denotes that you enjoy your life and are carefree about the problems that come your way.

21. Envelope

Envelope in a dream reflects opportunity. To see yourself opening an envelope in a dream suggests that a message is being conveyed to you. Alternatively, it can test the boundaries that you have created for yourself.

Unopened envelopes in dreams bring you bad news. It can also mean that you have missed some opportunity that would have proved useful to you.

22. Environment

Dreaming about the environment reflects independence and peace. If it’s a dull environment in the dream, this means you are not satisfied in your romantic relationship. You feel something is missing in your life.

If the dream is based on environmental issues, it asks you to believe in your abilities. You have the power to change your world.

23. Envy

Envy dreams are largely based on our life stories. If you are envious of somebody in your waking life, then this will certainly be reflected in your dreams. 

Your dream reflects the subconscious feelings you hold for that person. If somebody else is jealous of you in your dream, it denotes that you think you are superior and must be treated with respect.

24. Equation

Solving an equation in a dream reflects that you want a solution to some problem in your real life. Equations need time and logic to be solved.

Similarly, the equation in a dream also acts as a symbol that you must think rationally. If you are unable to solve an equation in a dream, it reflects that your method of solving the problem in life is also incorrect.

25. Erotica

Erotica dreams reflect your sexual needs. You need to energize your sex life. You have to move forward from your inhibitions and be passionate while having sex.

If you have read erotica or seen porn before going to sleep, then such dreams are common. Erotica dreams are also common if your wedding day is near. Here, you’ll experience sexual dreams with your fiancé.

26. Escalator

The ascending escalator denotes that you are trying to overcome your emotional troubles. Your spiritual journey is easy-going. The descending escalator reflects repression and disappointments.

If you see someone is going up the downside of the escalator resembles that you are able to control your emotions. Alternatively, it means you are wasting your time on projects that you won’t reap your desired results.

27. Escape

Escaping from jail in a dream indicates that you want to escape from a tight situation. Alternatively, this also means that you don’t want to confront your problems. Avoiding problems will not make your life easy.

Escaping from animals reflects your health. This indicates that the situation will turn in your favor.

28. Eskimo

Eskimo in a dream represents that you are cold at heart and can easily adapt to different situations. You can easily tackle tough situations in life.

If you are living in an igloo, it symbolizes that someone appears cold to you but is very soft-hearted and kind inside. The igloo sometimes implies that you need to break down the barriers in your life.

29. Essay

Writing an essay in a dream denotes that you need to think carefully. Analyze a situation in a neutral manner. Consider all the aspects of a problem before reaching a conclusion.

Reading an essay while dreaming is a sign that you are anxious about an issue. Alternatively, it can also mean that you feel you are being tested.

30. Eulogy

Dreaming about eulogy indicates that there are thoughts in your mind that you are unable to express through words.  

Listening to a eulogy indicates that you are learning to talk about your feelings to others. If you are being eulogized in a dream, it means that you keep going back to your memories.

31. Eunuch

Eunuch in a dream means that you fear sex. You like someone but you can’t have that person so you want to detach your sexual attention towards them. Alternatively, this dream also indicates that you feel powerless and weak.

Dreaming that you are a eunuch means you are scared that you will lose your virility. This may be because you think that a part of you is incomplete.

33. Evacuation

Dreaming of evacuation implies that you are being distanced from people. The possible reason behind this is that you are unable to express your feelings.

If the evacuation is in a town, it suggests that people around you leave you aside. You are tired of rejections and feel unaccepted by society.

34. Eve

Eve in a dream suggests conflicts in your personal and professional life. You can also take it as a pun referring to the ‘evening‘ time.

Impersonating Eve suggests you be alert. A person from the opposite gender can try to manipulate you. Ultimately, you will feel trapped.

35. Evening gown

Wearing an evening gown in your dream reflects your inner happiness. You are enjoying your social life and culture. It also portrays the social image people have about you.

For more accurate dream interpretation, focus on the details of the gown. If the gown is very ornate, it resembles a grand lifestyle. In case the gown is simple, it represents that you like living a simple life.

36. Ex

Dreaming that you got back together with your ex indicates that you are experiencing similar feelings in your present life as you did with your ex.

You can also take it as a signal that you don’t have to repeat the mistakes that you did in your last relationship. There’s no need to worry if you get this dream.

It doesn’t indicate that you are going to actually be back with your ex-partner.

32. Europe

If you aren’t a European, but you dream of Europe then it suggests you to be more expressive. Take some time for your passion. Relax and become artistic.

However, if you belong to Europe, then this dream is only a reflection of your waking life. Whatever you see in your real life is reflected in the dream. To see Europe in a dream can also indicate your original opinions.

37. Ex-boyfriend

If you see your ex-boyfriend advising you about your present relationship then it is your subconscious asking you to not repeat the problems you had with your ex.

If your ex-boyfriend proposes to you in your dream, it indicates that you completed his life. In case, he gifts you a stuffed animal, then it suggests that you want somebody to nurture your relationship.

38. Ex-girlfriend

You might get dreams that suggest that your ex-girlfriend is pregnant. Now the interpretation of this dream depends on whether the baby belongs to you or somebody else.

If the baby is yours, this reflects your desire to get back with her. But if the baby belongs to someone else, it indicates that you have moved on from your break-up.

39. Excavator

Dreaming about excavators means that you are prepared to deal with your subconscious. Finally, you are ready to face the issues that have been troubling you since long.

This way you will be able to clear the obstacles that come your way. Once you do this, you will be able to get rid of the old problems and beliefs.

40. Exorcism

When you dream about being exorcised, it means you want to regain your control over your life. You want to work towards your goals with dedication.

Alternatively, you are looking for a scapegoat to get distanced from the mistakes committed by you. Performing exorcism indicates that you desire to have something that the other person already has.

41. Expedition

Being on an expedition in a dream denotes that you are dealing with your emotions. It seems like a never-ending journey.

Alternatively, the dream is asking you to start an expedition by involving in some adventure. You can also try your hands on some past-time hobbies. Do it with dedication.

42. Experiment

Dreams about you conducting an experiment ask you to be bold and start some new adventure. Take the risk but consider what adventures are actually suitable for you.

If you are being experimented in a dream, it indicates that you feel helpless in some situations in your waking life. You cannot make your own decisions and someone else is controlling your life.

43. Exam

Exam dreams talk about your insecurities and fears. If you’re taking an exam, this reflects that you are being tested in your real life. It is very obvious that you’re always anxious while giving an exam. Hence, this dream theme is also based on anxiety.

In the dream, if you reach late for an exam or are unable to finish the exam, then it is a sign that you’re failing somewhere in your life.

44. Expiration

If you dream of the expiration of something, it is a sign that you have missed the opportunity. The time is gone. The dream may also indicate your mortality.

Alternatively, dreams about expiration also suggest that you will be unable to finish a project on the given deadline. To get better interpretations of such dreams, you need to consider the numbers in the expiration date.

45. Explosion

Explosions in your dreams denote your inner frustration. This symbolizes that your soul is exploding with anger.

If your face turns black during an explosion, this means you will have to face criticism and baseless accusations. Thus, you will have to undergo many obstacles that can lead to spoiling your reputation.

Hearing the sound of an explosion but seeing nothing is a sign that something will be exposed in the near future.

46. Exterminator

Dreams about calling an exterminator symbolizes that people are talking behind your back. There are some people who are trying to ruin your public image and you should maintain distance from such people. If needed, cut all connections.

If you are the exterminator in your dream, it is asking you to work on your weaknesses.

47. Eye color

When you see different eye colors in dreams than in real life, it implies that you need a new perspective in life.

The red-eye color represents anger or negativity. It shows that you are moving on an incorrect path. Seeing brown eyes in a dream is an indication for you to be more kind towards others.

48. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a symbol of surprise and amazement. In certain situations, it also indicates disapproval.

Having no eyebrows in a dream means you lack emotions. You fail to express yourself everywhere. If you see a unibrow, it reflects that you are insecure about your looks.

49. Eyeglasses

Dreaming that you are wearing eyeglasses implies that you still require a crystal-clear goal for your career or situation. While to dream of broken glasses implies your perception is blurred.

Alongside, to dream about 3D glasses implies that you need to look at problems from another perspective.

50. Eyelashes

Noticing eyelashes in your dreams means you are attempting to express yourself. It also indicates good luck. Good things are on your way.

Dreaming your eyelashes fall off means you may have difficulties in putting yourself forward.

51. Eyelid

Seeing eyelids in your dreams implies that you are attempting to shut something off your life. The dream also depicts that you are not being truthful.

When the eyelid falls in your dreams, it implies you are unable to block the negativity in your life.

52. Eyes

Seeing eyes in your dreams implies awareness, understanding, and knowledge about oneself. The left eye implies the moon and the right implies the sun.

Dreaming of something in your eyes indicates some obstacle that is about to come into your life. Washing your eyes in dreams indicates some confusion that you may have and you might be seeking some clarity for it.

53. Eyes chart

Seeing an eye chart in your dreams implies that you require more concentration on a certain area of your life. Spread and tabulate the target goals that you need to achieve.

Along with this, the dream also means something is not according to what it should be. Take into consideration the importance of those letters present in the dreams. Some are seen while some seem blurred.

54. Earmuffs

Dreaming about earmuffs means you have an inclination to listen to what you want to hear and not what is actually being told.

This also means you find it difficult to make yourself heard. Visualizing earmuffs can also imply that you are ignoring everything. 

55. Earthworm

Earthworms in your dream imply that you need to dig into your subconscious mind to pull out the masked feelings.

But, along with this, dreaming of earthworms also speaks about your growth and health. It marks the re-establishment of your inner self.

56. East

Dreaming that you are moving towards the east represents wisdom, regeneration, and spiritual growth. Your aim, family, future career, etc. is to be dedicated.

The direction signifies the Sun. As it rises in the east, it is said that it will lead you in the right direction in your life.

57. Easter

Dreaming of Easter implies that everything is resolved in your life. All the problems are over. After a while, when the sadness is gone, there will be happy times.

So, you may walk with your head held high as you are spiritually reborn.

58. Eating contest

A dream of an eating contest implies that there is an absence of social life. You need to ping up a food companion.

To determine where you are lacking, you can take into consideration the type of food that you prefer eating. Consequently, dreams underline the ability to process emotions.

59. Eavesdropping

Getting a dream of eavesdropping implies the entering of some bad news into your life. It will be something that you might not like and hence, not want to hear or know about it.

Alongside, it also implies you are alienated from something or someone is keeping some information away from you. This leads to making you feel insecure.

60. Ebook

Dreaming of reading an ebook refers to the modern knowledge that you possess. It also indicates the abundance of information available within a few clicks.

Ebooks in the dreams also signify that you are not able to grasp the knowledge fully. An ebook also has some explanation about the book.

61. Eightball

Seeing an eightball dream implies that you tend to depend on certain things on fate and wait for a chance. The phrase “behind the eight balls” can also be linked here.

You may also feel that you might be stuck somewhere in a situation where you are helpless. But you can be strong.

62. Ejaculation

Dreaming that you are ejaculating implies the urge to release. This can be simply because you want to release the suppressed emotions. You are not able to control yourself emotionally or sexually.

Dreams about ejaculation also indicate a loss of control and power.

63. Elastic

Seeing an elastic object in dreams implies that you need to be more adjustable with your groups. You need to broaden your ways to approach and speak to others, your attitude, imagination and thinking skills.

The dream can also indicate that you have taken a lot of responsibilities over your shoulders, stretching yourself more than your ability to do so.

64. Elderly

Seeing an elderly person in your dreams implies wisdom inside you. Focus on the advice given by elders which will help you in some way of life.

Dreaming of an elderly person also implies the cycle of life that comes out to be a full circle.

65. Electric chair

Seeing an electric chair in your dream implies an unforeseen end to something in your life. A turning point that will change many things.

Also, the dream signifies a feeling of guilt, remorse, sadness, etc. for something that you might have done.

66. Electric fence

Visualizing an electric fence in dreams means your anger has made you alienate from everyone. It can also be that you are afraid of going and speaking to someone due to the high-class personality he/she is.

67. Electric blanket

An electric blanket in the dream implies the need to preserve your energy by taking a rest. You have had a hard time recently and need a break to revive your energy.

This dream might also imply the ability to fulfill or maintain your wants.

68. Electric guitar

Playing or seeing an electric guitar in your dreams implies the potential for your passion. You can accomplish your goals if you work with dedication toward it.

There will be obstacles but you have the ability to surpass them too. This distinctly conveys your feelings to others.

69. Electricity

Dreaming of electricity implies stamina and life energy. You need to be fortified. Alongside, such dreams also suggest that you need to conserve your energy.

Dreaming of electricity implies a lack of perception in a situation. Maybe you need to think things through before making a decision.

70. Electrocution

Dreaming of electrocution means the present-day flow of your actions that become disastrous. Such dreams represent the fear and results of your actions. But you need to be aware of the people around you.

71. Electricity tower

If one dreams of an electric tower in any way possible then it suggests modernity, industry, and advancement of technology.

It also implies that like the tower, you need to distribute your tasks in your life, you are doing too much on your own that can be distributed.

Your vested powers can be relinquished to those whom you consider the essential workforce; there is no need to be in full control. In this way, you can ease your responsibilities and maintain a good temperament.

72. Elopement

Eloping in your dreams may sound good and self-fulfilling but it has altogether a different interpretation in dream psychology.

If you dream of eloping, it means you are trying to evade your daily life’s troubles and issues, you are not facing them, rather trying to escape them; which is never a suitable option.

It may also mean, if you are somewhat distressed, that you are trying to establish an equilibrium amongst the three spheres of life: the routine life, the emotional life, and the spiritual one.

73. Embarrassment

Such types of dreams convey that you are hiding your weaknesses, embodying fears, and having zero self-confidence.

It happens when a certain unwanted condition that we do not want to happen with us in the public, occurs, they light your weaknesses, and then you mostly succumb to them. Such a dream focuses on the notion that you are insecure about your sexuality.

You should not ignore the dream signs, they are important and there is of course nothing to be embarrassed by your sexuality, accept it and openly express the difference you cast in society.

74. Embrace

In dreams, when you see that you are hugging yourself, then it shows that you have started accepting how you are and are slowly eliminating the thoughts of how you should be. It emphasizes self-acceptance and self-love.

When you see in your dream that you are embracing someone else, whoever it may be, it may suggest that you are being hard or insensitive to people in the real world, that you should show more affection and love to people than you usually do. 

75. Embryo

We all start small. Dreaming of an embryo if you are pregnant is a common sign and it generally happens too.

However, if you are not and still it appears floating in front of your eyes then it means there is a development of a new idea within your head, it may also mean that you are in the subconscious need of protecting yourself.

It means like this because an embryo is well-protected within a mother’s womb. 

76. Emergency

In dreams, if you see a siren blowing, it means in your real life there are some pending matters that immediately require your attention and you must attend to it after waking up. You may have missed something and that is what your dream is reminding you of.

Also, it may mean you are about to face a new problem which will form a new lesson that you shall learn in your field or relations. Perceive it as a warning, that only you can see and hear.

77. Emigration

Emigration means that you leave your country and settle in another one.

Dreaming of emigrating is trying to tell you that you are not being courageous enough to face your problems and are running away from them.

When the waking conditions are not to our preference, we are not satisfied by it and in search of a change; it represents your inner will to change the circumstances or yourself.

78. Emoticon

The array of varied emoticons that you see in your dreams mean you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and they are acting as the means of your expression.

It may also indicate how someone is undermining your feelings and not paying the necessary attention to them. 

79. Emotionless

Emotionless individuals are haters of life. They are apathetic to whatever life tries to make them feel.

And when it starts appearing in our dreams, you must give it some attention. It can also mean that you are closing off yourself to others.

You are not paying attention to your own feelings and are ignoring them, in this case, you should do the opposite.

80. Emotions

Through emotions, we connect ourselves with fellow humans. When they appear in dreams, it becomes a medium for them to make you show how exactly you felt at a particular moment, which earlier you would not have expressed. 

If you constantly witness a complex emotional state in your dreams then it may happen that your conscious and subconscious are in an emotional conflict.

81. Employee

When you see your employee in your dream, it is a sign that you are going to bond with them in your real life.

It can also be because you are overloaded with work and that’s why you are unable to keep your employees off your mind.

If you see a new employee in your dream, this suggests that you are about to encounter a new phase of life.

82. Employment

To see yourself employed in your dream, it indicates that you are using your talent and skills. Your potential is about to grow. To do this, you must keep your focus on your profession and goals.

Alternatively, the dream asks you to realize your self-worth and work more on your skills.

83. Encyclopedia

We can find information about everything in encyclopedias. So, when you dream of encyclopedias, it reflects your knowledge specifically about literature and fine arts.

This might not seem financially advantageous but this helps you to enhance your knowledge about things that can be useful to you later in life.

84. End

End means complete. So, here you can have many interpretations. Like, your time is about to get over so you need to make a quick decision. Or, you are about to reach your goal or the bad times will end soon.

Whenever a thing ends, something new is always about to begin. So, such dreams are often taken as a positive sign.

85. End credits

If you are seeing the end credits in your dream, it reflects that people will recognize your work. This can be the end credit or even a movie or a show. Such dreams usually occur when you want somebody to appreciate you for your work.

In case you find your name in the end credits, then it indicates that you are confident about yourself and will be successful in accomplishing your goals.

86. Engineering

If you see something related to engineering in your dreams, it is a sign that you have the power within you. You can make or break the world just like engineers do.

You have the ability to influence people or bring changes in the external world. Just be patient while dealing with things.

87. Entrails

When you see entrails, it is a sign of hopelessness. You are filled with despair. Alternatively, you can also take it as a pun suggesting ‘in trail’. This means you are moving in the correct direction.

If you tear someone else’s entrails, it suggests that you can be cruel to others for your selfish interests. In case you see the entrails of an animal, it asks you to fight your problems.

88. Epaulet

Epaulets in your dream represent your characteristics. You feel powerless. You rely on somebody else to take your decisions. This is because you are always confused.

Wearing epaulets in dreams means discipline and rigidity. You want things to happen your way. At times, you also force your ideology on others.

89. Erection

This dream has different meanings for both genders. As a woman, if you dream of an erection, it indicates your creativity and enthusiasm to do things. You like taking quick actions and getting work done. You aren’t lazy.

However, if a man dreams about erection, it implies fear. When men get such dreams, they are scared of sexual dysfunction.

90. Errands

If you dream of running errands, it is a sign that you are stuck somewhere. No matter how hard you are trying, you aren’t able to move out of the situation. Life is getting hectic for you and you are in need of a break.

Alternatively, the dream also represents understanding and peace in your family life.

91. Eruption

This dream reveals that you believe in being calm and composed. But your surroundings do not support your belief. There are things around you that constantly trouble you and you have kept your anger repressed.

Such erupting dreams signify that you might also bring out your emotions now that you aren’t able to hold them within.

92. Erosion

Erosion means wearing away. It has the same meaning in dreams too. Such dreams denote that your relationship or a condition is wearing away and you need to do something to regain control over it.

Things can negatively affect your relationship. Hence, keep your relationship at priority and pay close attention to the details.

93. Estranged

Dreaming of someone who you are estranged from implies that you want to build a relation or bond with the person in your dream.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you want to know yourself more. You want to connect with your inner self and discover your potential. This is because you have been ignoring your feelings for a long time now.

94. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus in dreams is a sign that you need to defend yourself. For this, you will need the help of somebody to protect you.

Alternatively, eucalyptus also signifies transformation. You will heal from your troubles and change yourself for the betterment. This dream can also be taken as a symbol for a situation where you are badly stuck.

95. Evaporation

Evaporation in dreams indicates that your negative feelings are evaporating. Now you are able to deal with your emotions.

You understand that sometimes you just have to let things be and not everything will fulfill your expectations. It indicates that you are on your way to transform yourself and reach a higher level.

96. Eviction

Dreams about eviction can be frightening. It means you feel powerless in a relationship. You want to do something to help the relationship but there’s nothing that you can think of.

As a result, you start believing that this relationship is not meant for you and then you cannot stand for yourself. You feel that you are ill-treated.

97. Ex-friend

If you see your ex-friend in your dream, it might be because you saw somebody or something that reminded you of him. Your subconscious mind still remembers the details of your ex-friend.

Alternatively, it can also be because you learned a lesson from your ex-friend and your subconscious is asking you to implement that lesson in your present situation.

98. Excitement

Being excited is a very positive and common phenomenon. However, it is a negative aspect when you are ‘excited’ about your dream.

It means you lack excitement in your conscious life, or it may simply mean you are expecting some good news. It is referred to as the compensation dream.

99. Exclude

If you feel excluded in dreams, it may be that you are self-doubting your abilities, fearful that you will lag behind, and self-limiting your potential.

In contrast, if you see yourself excluding something or someone then it indicates your readiness to leave the past and tread ahead.

100. Executive

It means that you should enact your plans in real life; it means in business you have to analyze and manage the plans.

It sure means in our dreams that we are aspiring for great careers and are willing to set high goals. Or for instance, the dreams may tell you that you must also execute your plans that you might have had held back.