Dream Dictionary for “W”

1. W

To see the letter ‘W’ in your dream refers to “you”. You need to direct all your focus towards yourself. Try to meet your own needs and personal satisfaction.

2. Wadding

If you are overly concerned about weight gain and obesity, it is even more possible for you to dream of installing a wadding into something.

Also, you could be in deep need of protection and security.

3. Wading

Did you dream of wading in water? Such a dream symbolizes that you have complete control over your feelings and emotions.

You may consider how clear and how deep the water is to measure the control you have over your emotional state.

4. Wafers

To dream of eating a wafer in your dream must have been a delicious imagination!

This dream implies that you need to be careful while dealing with certain complicated matters. Try to attain a better understanding of the various phases of your life.

5. Waffle

To see that you are eating a Waffle in your dream is an alarm against your carefree attitude towards life. You need to brainstorm more constructive, fruitful, and substantial ideas. The dream can be referring to your ‘waffle’ over a confusing matter.

And, if you see that you waffle over something in your dream, you need to make clear-cut suggestions on such matters so that you are able to decide and express your opinions better.

6. Wager

A wager in your dream suggests a gambling situation in your waking life. You might be putting something at considerable risk. Don’t you worry!

Each day of life is a risk itself, but make sure the risk is worth taking and you do not lose something that you can never earn back.

7. Wages

To see that you pay wages in your dream indicates that you need to release yourself from some debts in your waking life as well.

Receiving wages in your dream symbolizes that you will be rewarded with a token of appreciation for an accomplished task. It can also refer to a statement of love or a love letter.

8. Wagon

Dreaming of a wagon refers to a couple of factors. Let’s see what they are:

  • To see a covered Wagon: Difficulties in your waking life. You refrain from risking things for positive changes.
  • ‘Fallen of the wagon’: This is a metaphoric interpretation of the dream suggesting that you couldn’t keep up to a promise.
  • Deserted Wagon: An isolated or empty wagon suggests disappointments from a waking lifestyle.
  • Red wagon: Carefree joy

9. Wagtail

Good if you dream of a wagtail! It denotes alertness, understanding, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and adaptability to your surroundings.

10. Waif

A waif in your dream signifies uncertainty in life. You might be unsure about your choices, actions, and decisions.

A waif model represents impractical ambitions and you fear putting on weight.

11. Wail

To hear someone else wailing in your dream symbolizes misery. Someone around you might be undergoing tremendous pain and dejection.

If you are the one wailing, the dream is helping you process your real-life emotions.

12. Waist

To see your waist in a dream reveals you’re concerned regarding your weight and diet.

But on a serious and a pun note, the dream can also be indicating that you are wasting a lot of time and resources on a ‘not so important matter’. 

13. Waiter/Waitress

To cater to the needs of others all the time might not bring you results. You are not being recognized enough for your work.

Instead of waiting for others to appreciate and value you, start appreciating yourself and take your own stand. Even in order to serve others, first, you need to fulfill your own priorities.

On a pragmatic note, the dream can also be a pun: you need to learn the art of “waiting” and be patient.

14. Waiting

Waiting in your dream denotes feelings of dependency and control. If you see that you were patient while waiting, you are well aware that time heals every wound. Things will start to fall in place with time.

If you were waiting impatiently, you are being impatient and impulsive in your waking life. Your demands are a little ahead of time.

The dream can also result from anxiety or uneasiness caused by a disturbing situation in your waking life.

To see someone else waiting for you in your dream shows that you are taking this person for granted. You might not be spending enough time with this person in your current life or not responding enough.

15. Waiting Room

To dream of being in the waiting room symbolizes patience. You are understanding enough to remain patient even in disturbing situations.

16. Wake

Dreaming of attending a wake suggests that you must let go of the negativities of people who are no more a part of your life.

If you dream of waking up from a dream to reality implies that you’re missing something in life.

But, on a more symbolic note, the dream tells that you need to awaken your abilities and potential to make the best use of them. Take a deeper insight into yourself and realize your powers.

17. Walker

One might think that a walker in your dream is suggestive of your tendency to seek support from others. But that’s not true!

A walker in your dream does not refer to your dependency, it rather symbolizes mobility! You’re a strong person who does let obstacles block your way.

Rather, the walker symbolizes your dedication and hard work.

18. Walkie Talkie

One-sided communication is never a healthy thing for a relationship. Whatever the relation be, it is important to be heard and to hear as well. Precisely, this is what we call communication. It has to be from both sides. Make sure you are able to make clear reciprocations and allow the other people to speak clearly.

Consider the quality of communication on the walkie-talkie for additional information.

19. Walking

Walking comfortably in your dream symbolizes how steadily you are progressing towards your goals. Observe your destination while you walk towards it. The dream shows that you are pretty confident as a person in your waking life.

To see that you are unable to walk confidently and comfortably implies that you are doubtful about your steps towards the goal.

The difficulties and blockages in your way refer to the present challenges and hardships in your life.

20. Walking Stick

In contrast to what a walker suggested in your dream, a walking stick symbolizes that you require support in your waking life.

Having said that, do not hesitate to ask for help. Remember to progress in life, we must make the best use of opportunities.

21. Walkman

To dream of a Walkman can be a pun that you need to adapt to a more active lifestyle and walk. Listen to your subconscious suggestions.

A Walkman often symbolizes happiness, fulfillment, relaxation, and comfort.

22. Wall

A wall in your dream implies various messages for your waking life. It more depends on the condition of the wall. Let’s look into the implications and the messages:

(i) To dream of a wall, in general, symbolizes obstacles and hindrances in the way of your progress. The dreamer might feel blocked or stuck. Alternatively, it suggests that your thought process has become outdated.

(ii) To dream of blood walls symbolizes a dangerous situation that soon needs to be confronted.

(iii) To jump across a wall in your dream implies that you will overcome your hindrances and challenges effortlessly.

(iv) Breaking a wall in your dream symbolizes that you are demanding freedom and you’re breaking through restrictions. You are trying your best to defeat the shortcomings and obstacles to meet your goals.

(v) If you see a wall crumbling in your dream, it suggests that you have successfully conquered your limitations.

(vi) Building a wall refers to keeping a distance from others. Another significance suggests that the limitations have been accepted by you. 

(vii) Hiding behind a wall denotes that you feel embarrassed to accept your ties and bonds.

(viii) A house without walls symbolizes a lack of privacy.

23. Wallet

Dreaming of a wallet symbolizes financial stability and self-identity. That’s pretty much what your wallet contains. An empty wallet signifies financial imbalance and an emotional void.

To dream of a stolen wallet denotes that someone might take advantage of you. It can also signify that your heart has been stolen.

To see that you lost the wallet indicates that you’re being careless with your expenses or you are distancing yourself from your identity.

Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are anxious about a present situation in your life. Similarly, finding a wallet in your dream shows that you have found financial balance.

24. Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper in your dream refers to covering unacceptable truths of your life. On the other hand, peeling your wallpaper suggests that you are opening up to others.

25. Walnut

While dreaming of just walnuts indicates mental labor, happiness, and contentment, ‘cracking walnuts’ in your dream does not imply the same. It rather implies that your expectations will be shattered.

26. Wand

To see a wand in your dream symbolizes that you are having a decent influence upon your surroundings.

If someone else holds a wand, the dream represents their strength and power over a certain situation.

27. Wander

Wandering in your dream suggests that you need to have a significant direction in your life. You might be undergoing an emotionally or physically transforming phase. Or, you could be lacking a kick or motivation in your life.

A wandering mind in your dream might be referring to a distracted and detached mind with respect to a situation.

28. Want

It is normal for suppressed desires and wishes to make occasional appearances in our dreams. The dream can also be about your ability to achieve your aspirations.

29. Wanted

To dream that you are Wanted directly implies that you are wanted by a certain situation or a person in your waking life.

To know who wants you and why the person is in need of you, observe the other conditions in the dream.

30. War

Dreaming of war symbolizes a state of imbalance, ruckus, dispute, and hit-miss. The dispute or conflict can also be on an emotional level.

It can also refer to your surroundings and some current disorders.

31. Warden

If you see a warden in your dream, it represents an authoritative figure who can guide you through various situations in life.

The warden makes an appearance in your dream to check action or decision that you have recently taken.

32. Wardrobe

A wardrobe in your dream signifies a phase of transformation in your waking life. The dream can also refer to how you perceive your own character or personality and how it is portrayed by others.

33. Warehouse

A warehouse in your dream symbolizes old memories or hidden potential. It may also symbolize that you have paused acting towards your ambition.

An abandoned warehouse represents a lack of inner potential and caliber. Your resources have been exhausted, and hence you need to regain them. For that matter, you may consider taking a small leave from your daily errand.

34. Warmth

It is entirely possible for one to dream of warmth if one is in true love. Warmth in your dream signifies selfless love, hope, fulfillment.

Probably, you are enjoying the current phase of your life.

35. Warning

If you dream of a warning, then you definitely need to stay alarmed. Give all your recent decisions a second thought, and see if a situation requires some more understanding or extra focus.

Nothing to panic, infact it is always better to be double sure than to regret your decisions later.

However, to warn someone else in your dream suggests that you need to understand the depth of the same danger and bring it to an exposure.

36. Warrant

If you see a warrant in your dream, it means you will take part in an important discussion.

While a search warrant asks you to reconsider your intentions and activities, an arrest warrant asks you to change the direction of your life from what you were already doing.

To see a warrant being issued against someone else signifies a miscommunication or misunderstanding.

37. Warrior

Dreaming of being a warrior represents a brave and courageous character. You are capable of overcoming your obstacles and withstand various adversities in life.

You don’t get moved by the challenges in life and are blessed with immense strength.

38. Warts

To see that you or any other person owns a wart implies that you could not forgive your past actions and you are mentally punishing yourself.

Alternatively, the dream can also signify the realization of one’s own internal or external beauty.

39. Wash Bowl

Who likes to carry past baggage of negative emotions all along! No one!

You may have a washbowl in your dream to suggest that you are internally prepared to get over your past and move ahead in life.

It’s time to rinse the past wounds and scars and enter a healthy future.

40. Washboard

A washboard in your dream can refer to several facts. It may imply your physical appearance and shape, or it may symbolize the hard work that you do.

It can also mean that you are feeling physically or emotionally exhausted.

41. Washerwoman

To see or dream that you are a washerwoman in your dream implies that you need help to clean up your act. You need to accept assistance.

Remember that you cannot do everything all by yourself.

42. Washing

If you dream of washing yourself, it suggests that you are confident and you take pride in your efforts as well as your social status in life. People might recognize you for the same and you may feel prestigious about your deeds.

Or, you are trying to rinse the unpleasurable and unacceptable past in order to rise above the discomforts of life. You are ready to step into a happier and better future. Washing feet in your dream implies a significant transformation.

43. Washing Machine

Almost similar to what most of the “washing” dreams suggest, dreaming of a washing machine suggests that you must rise above the bitter past and enter into a fresh start.

44. Wasp

If you were stung by a wasp in your dream, be aware of the intentions of the people who dislike you. Wasps are symbolic of negative, aggressive, hatred and furious feelings.

However, if you kill a wasp in your dream, it implies that you are a strong and courageous person who has the ability to fight the enemies without compromising on ethics.

45. Waste

To dream of waste implies that you are wasting your efforts on useless goals. You are acting wastefully and you need to take charge of your life more seriously.

Hazardous or toxic waste refers to your negative and unhealthy feelings or emotions.

It may also refer to an unhealthy personal or family relationship. 

46. Watch

A wristwatch in your dream is suggestive of a disciplined and structured lifestyle. The dreamer might feel restricted and mechanized. Hence, to see a wristwatch determines that you need to live an exciting and carefree life.

The wristwatch can also refer to your heartbeat and an emotional aspect.

Metaphorically speaking, the dream might ask you to “watch out” for something. Damaged or broken wrist watches suggest that your emotional status has been disturbed.

47. Watching

To watch a person or an object in your dream refers to a passive and laid-back state of mind. You lack activity. 

Most times, you avoid participation in the incidences of life; instead, you watch it passing by.

The dream suggests you take better initiatives and actions.

48. Watchman

Dreaming of a watchman suggests you stay alarmed and alert in your waking life.

There might be people around you to cause significant harm. So just keep yourself guarded emotionally and physically.

49. Water

To dream of water can signify a couple of factors, let us check a few of them:

  • Water represents the subconscious state of your emotions.
  • It symbolizes life energy, wisdom, spirituality, refreshment, and repair.
  • Dreaming of boiling water is an expression of emotional imbalance. In such a condition, it will be best to communicate the suppressed feelings and let this steam be out.
  • Clean and calm water suggests a peaceful lifestyle, depth, spirituality, and recreation.
  • Similarly, soiled or dirty water is representative of negative emotions.

50. Water Balloon

If you throw a water balloon at someone, it represents a burst of negative emotions such as frustration, anger, and disappointment. But this might not be the correct way to express your feelings. At the same time, it is difficult for you to cope up with such emotions.

Being hit by a water balloon suggests that someone is expressing pent-up anger on you.

51. Water Bottle

A water bottle in your dream indicates spiritual regeneration and rewind. You are trying to keep your spirit up and you may even be hopeful about a particular situation.

An empty water bottle indicates the opposite, i.e., a void in your life.

52. Water Cooler

A water cooler in your dream indicates that you are building up your feelings and waiting for an appropriate time to express them.

The dream can also suggest that you are looking for spiritual understanding.

53. Water Fountain

A Water fountain in your dream is indicative of emotional renewal or rejuvenation. This is a good period for you to recharge yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically

54. Water Gun

To play with a water gun in your dream represents your anger. You are letting go of your true feelings and repressed emotions.

55. Water Heater

It is completely possible for you to dream of a water heater if you tend to hold your anger instead of expressing it.

The condition of the water heater reveals a lot about the message it conveys.  A rusty water heater indicates that you are not acknowledging your anger.

56. Water Lily

A water lily in your dream symbolizes disappointment, hopelessness, and sadness.

57. Water Park

To be in a water park in your dream signifies that you are in an emotionally peaceful state.  You feel content and satisfied.

58. Water Polo

If you saw yourself playing or watching a Water polo in your dream, it reveals a smart character where you know how to balance your emotions and work life.

You can carry on with your work life and make huge success without having to neglect your emotions completely. In other words, you do not let your emotions impact your work negatively.

59. Water Purifier

Dreaming of a water purifier signifies that you need to express your feelings more precisely and clearly.

60. Water Skiing

It is possible to dream of water skiing when one is in a blissful state of mind and experiences freedom from something.

The dream denotes advancement in spiritual life and better self-confidence.

61. Water Tower

Rare but if you dream of a water tower, it implies that something is stopping you from expressing your actual emotions.

You may feel hesitant to confess your love and end up bottling up your feelings.

62. Waterfall

To see a waterfall denotes that you must let go of all the negative feelings. The dream represents your desires and objectives in life.

A clear waterfall represents rejuvenation and renewal. But if you stand at the foot of the waterfall, it signifies an emotionally overwhelmed state.

63. Watering Hole

Drinking a watering hole in your dream suggests that you have balanced your emotions successfully.

People around you are supportive of your feelings.

64. Watermelon

Watermelons represent love, passion, desire, lust, and sensuality. Females dream of watermelons when they are close to their period cycle.

Watermelons also represent feelings of relaxation and summer vacation.

65. Watermill

Dreaming of a watermill implies that you make the best possible use of the available opportunities.

The dream motivates you to move in the direction of your goal with a constant and undivided approach.

66. Waterslide

To see a water slide in your dream denotes that you are flowing with life, without any kind of objections.

Alternatively, the dream can also suggest that your subconscious and your emotions influence you.

67. Waterspout

Waterspout in your dream represents an emotional personality. The emotional aspect of your personality overpowers the rational aspect.

It does not just influence your decisions but it also impacts people in your inner circle.

68. Waves

To see waves in your dream represents an emotionally stronger period in your waking life. If the waves are calm and clear, it denotes purity and self-rejuvenation.

Waves represent our inner ability and strength, so if you see that you are riding a wave it means you are trying to keep your emotions in control.

Listening to the relaxing sound of waves represents feelings of peace, pleasure, seduction, and sexuality.

However violent waves are a sign of an alarming situation.

69. Waving

If you were waving at someone in your dream, it basically represents your bonding with the person.

There are three possible conditions here. One is that you want to communicate with the person in your waking life.

Secondly, you need to incorporate the qualities of the person into yourself.

Thirdly, you need to strengthen your bond with this person.

70. Wax

Dreaming of wax is a sign that you are going through a lot. There are too many activities impacting your mental state. You might witness chaos around you.

Don’t worry all you need is a small break and some deep breathing to regain the poise.

71. Way

To lose your way in your dream signifies failing efforts. In contrast to this, finding your way in your dream signifies some important decisions that you need to make in your present life.

You must analyze the pros and cons properly before jumping to a conclusion.

72. Weak

If you see that you’re feeling weak in your dream, it represents the waking condition of your life. Try to put together your own self, gain strength and learn to take a strong stand for your own life.

73. Wealth

It is completely possible to dream of being wealthy if you have accomplished your ambitions and goals. The dream is a precise expression of your rewards and achievements. You must have worked hard towards a goal and now you are reaping the prizes.

To dream of someone else being wealthy suggests that you may reach out to these people for support. Also, you must keep an eye on your expenses.

74. Weapons

Weapons in your dream indicate that it is time to take defensive measures and steps for yourself. You may also witness conflicts in your waking life.

Alternatively, such a dream also suggests that you have negative intentions against someone. Weapons also reveal sensual connotations.

75. Weather

Dreaming of weather determines the emotional state of your mind. Observe the type of weather for better significance.

For example, if the weather is stormy or windy, it implies that you might undergo an aggressive or triggering period.

Rain symbolizes sorrow and depression; rainbows are suggestive of happiness and hope. Changing weather symbolizes a changing time where things are passing by constantly.

76. Weave

To see a weave in your dream implies that you are posing fake pretensions. You are framing dishonest conditions.

77. Weaving

To envision that you are weaving something implies that you need to add up things that are scattered in order to make a complete judgment or decision.

Another symbolism of weaving dreams is creativity.

78. Web

A web in your dream symbolizes a situation where you are unable to express your feelings freely. You may feel boxed.

Alternatively, the dream can also be a representation of social networking and the World Wide Web.

79. Web Cam

To see that you are using a webcam indicates that there is a message that you want to voice and make the public aware of it.

80. Wedding

A wedding dream symbolizes a transitional phase in your life. The change can either be positive or negative depending on a few other observations of the dream.

A wedding dream also refers to your commitment. Other than that, it can also refer to harsh feelings and a bad omen of grief and death.

If the wedding scene includes some disputes, it is an alarm for a tragic condition approaching you. If you feel happy and content on your wedding day, it means there are positive and new changes approaching you.

81. Wedding Cake

Cutting a wedding cake in your dream represents family and togetherness. Your life is full of pleasant and bright feelings with an even better future waiting for you.

Eating a wedding cake symbolizes sensuality.

82. Wedding Dress

Wearing a wedding dress in your dream indicates that you are prioritizing your relationship.

If the situation feels awkward, it means you are feeling inferior and worthless in certain matters.

If you do not find your wedding gown on the day of your wedding, it implies that you doubt whether you will do justice to a certain position or not.

83. Wedding Rehearsal

To dream of a wedding rehearsal suggests that you need to buckle up for an important change in your life.

84. Wedding Ring

To dream of a wedding ring symbolizes unconditional and evergreen love. It marks a feeling of completeness and fulfillment in a relationship.

Losing your wedding ring implies that your marriage is being troubled by a negative issue.

If an unmarried person dreams of a wedding ring, it means you will take your relationship to a new level.

85. Wedge

Dreaming of wedges implies that you may consider seeking help from others whenever you are in need.

86. Wednesday

To dream of a Wednesday suggests that you are undergoing an emotionally tormenting period. You feel miserable and stuck in some contrasting choices.

Since Wednesday is the middle day of the week, the dream also implies that you are halfway through your efforts and about to reach your goal.

87. Weeds

Weeds are suggestive of negativity. Thus, the dream asks you to let go of the past grudges and guilt in order to progress in life.

Weeds also represent that you are feeling overshadowed and ignored in your waking life.

If the weed in your dream happens to be cannabis, it means that you have lost control of your life and are looking for a temporary escape from your waking conditions.

88. Week

To dream of a week determines time management. It represents how you prioritize your weekly tasks. A dream can also be a pun for being “weak”.

89. Weeping

To see that you are crying or weeping in your dreams implies that you are fighting a tough time in your waking life.

Do not suppress your emotions because that may lead to such sorrowful dreams. Express your emotions, cry if you feel like crying but do not bottle up your feelings because this simply will not help you come out of the situation.

90. Weighing

To dream of wearing something on a scale indicates that you are trying to acknowledge the values of different objects. You might be weighing different options to finally reach a significant conclusion.

91. Weight

To dream of your own weight denotes factors related to your personality such as self-confidence, self-esteem, and how influential you are. It can also be the weight of the burden that you carry in your waking life.

Other than this, the dream can be all about your personal obsession with your physical appearance. Lastly, the dream can also be a pun that you need to ‘wait’ for something.

To see that your lifting weights in your dream signify power and strength. 

A weightlifter in your dream implies that you must make the best use of your potential and opportunities.

92. Welcome

If you see yourself being welcomed in a dream, it determines your self-acceptance and confidence. You are in love with your personality.

The dream can also suggest that you should keep your acceptance wide open for fresh ideas and opinions.

Welcoming others in your dreams symbolizes your trust in others.

93. Welding

To see that you are welding something in your dream indicates that you need to weld your own character.

Incorporate certain qualities into your existing personality so that you can progress as an individual.

94. Welfare

Dreams about welfare suggest that you feel ashamed of your surroundings and conditions.

95. Well

A well in your dream reveals your inner potential, abilities, talent, and caliber. These aspects need to pop to the surface instead of remaining unacknowledged.

You may dream of falling into a well if you have lost control over your emotions. A dry or an empty well suggests that you experience an emotional void.

The dream can also be a pun for doing “well” in life.

96. Werewolf

To dream of a werewolf indicates bottled-up feelings of anger, fear, aggression, and violence.

If you are a werewolf, it means your personality can prove harmful to others as well as yourself.

97. West

If you are heading towards the west in your dream, it symbolizes contentment, happiness, advancement, opportunities, and success.

98. Western

To dream of the western style can refer to your overthinking habits. You need to be less complicated while making certain choices.

Try not to do complex things, instead communicate clear messages.

99. Wet

It is entirely possible for you to dream of being wet if you are overwhelmed with your emotions.

The dream symbolizes purification, regeneration, rebirth, and repair. It can also indicate the ‘wetness’ of sexual arousal.

100. Wet Nurse

A wet nurse in your dream refers to the fact that you are unable to meet the basic requirements of yourself and your loved ones.

If the wet nurse was you, then it implies that you must be careful before trusting people.