Dream Dictionary for B
Dream Dictionary for B

1. Baby

To dream of a sweet little toddler is all about innocence. To see a baby in your dream signifies new beginnings, innocence, love, and care.

The baby is a symbol of the purity, vulnerability, helplessness, and transparency that you have in your nature. If you see a smiling baby in your dream, it symbolizes that you are experiencing or going to experience bliss.

2. Baby Shower

To dream of a baby shower symbolizes that you are embracing a fresh beginning. This is an opportunity to start it all over again and try living life differently.

You have discovered new ways to live life, have faith in yourself and give it a kick start!

3. Bachelor

If you dream of a bachelor then probably you are in need of freedom and independence in your life. It can be because you feel dependent on your real life. Bachelor in your dream also implies your masculine side.

4. Back-biting

To dream of someone backbiting you means that someone is planning to sabotage you. Someone might be planning to cheat on you in your real life. So, think twice before doing anything and also think about its consequences.

5. Back

If you dream of a back it is an implication of your attitude, strengths, burdens, and your bearing in the world. If in real life, you are feeling pressured by someone, the back dream may also signify that.

Seeing a naked back symbolizes secrets or aspects of yourself that you have kept shielded. This dream may be telling you to watch your back. For instance, be cautious while lending money to others.

6. Backpack

To see someone carrying a backpack in your dreams represents the responsibilities that are pulling you down.

If you see a backpack containing a bomb, it might represent that there are some dangerous things coming up in your life.

7. Backseat

If you dream that you are sitting in the backseat of a car, it means that you are not in control of your life. It might feel right in the beginning but it can cause problems if the person starts taking advantage of you.

You might be feeling dominated by someone and being told what to do. The dream is giving you a sign to take back control of your life.

8. Backstab

If you dream about backstabbing someone, it might be that you are about to encounter a difficult and complex person in your life. The person can also be a narcissist.

If you dream about someone backstabbing you it might be a representation of your insecurity and issues with trusting someone.

9. Backstage

If you dream that you are backstage, it symbolizes opportunities. Make sure that you take full advantage of this opportunity.

The dream might also indicate that there are some aspects of yourself that you are hesitant to express to others. It might also mean that you need to look at a situation or problem from a new perspective.

10. Backyard

Every person’s backyard has a lot of memories. Dreaming about your backyard represents your childhood memories.

It might also represent the back of your mind or more specifically the secrets that you are keeping from others. Further, it is also a representation of things that you have taken for granted in your life.

11. Bad

If in the dream, you’re feeling bad it suggests that something is unbalanced in your life or you feel worthless or even off-centered.

Feeling bad in a dream suggests that something bad is going to happen related to the situation or any kind of relationship you have with the person in your dreams.

12. Badminton

If you are playing badminton in your dream, it is suggesting that you need to relax in your life, you’re hustling too much.

The game of badminton includes a shuttlecock and racket. The shuttlecock is hit by a racket so that it moves. It indicates that you are going through some challenges in your life. Losing a badminton game indicates a harsh response from people around you.

13. Bag

If you had a dream of a bag, it implies the responsibilities you carry in your waking life.

The condition of the bag can help you determine whether it is a positive omen or not. If you see a ripped bag, it implies that you are overwhelmed with the burden of your life.

14. Bait

Are you fishing for a deal in your real life? Then it’s possible for you to dream of a bait. Alternatively, a bait in a dream can also mean that you are attracted towards the same or opposite sex.

15. Baking

Baking represents creativity and self-ability. So, the next time you dream of baking, pin your hopes high on your own creativity.

If you see yourself mixing ingredients together that do not match, it suggests that two incompatible things can bring about a positive result in your life.

16. Balance Beam

Dreaming of a balance beam denotes the balance that you’re trying to achieve in your life.

If you dream of walking on a balance beam, then it suggests that you need to invest undivided focus and attention to a particular subject in your life.

17. Balcony

Well, if you see yourself on a balcony, it symbolizes your urge to get noticed and seen by others. It is possible that you are longing for higher status or prestige. 

It can be because you are on your way to level up your social position. However, the condition of the balcony typically suggests the real condition of your image.

18. Bald

For a person who lacks self-esteem, it is normal to dream about going bald and getting older. Baldness represents personal sacrifice and purity.

So alternatively, it can also mean that you are confident and ready to expose yourself boldly where you don’t have anything to be ashamed of.

19. Ball

If you see yourself playing with a ball in your dream then it symbolizes wholeness in your life.

However, the same dream suggests that you need to improve your tuning with the child in you. Metaphorically speaking, the ball can denote testicles that represent strength.

20. Balloon

It might be shocking to learn that balloons represent arrogance. In other words, it represents a puffed-up ego of yourself.

Dreaming of a balloon suggests that you will be disappointed in matters of love or a certain situation may take a disappointing turn.

21. Bamboo

Bamboos are symbols of trust, reliance, and strength. So, if you dream of healthy bamboos, it means that you can turn your disappointment into accomplishments. You will make ripe deals and achieve success in business.

22. Bananas

Bananas are a metaphoric symbol to symbolize masculine sexuality. Dreaming of Bananas typically suggests that you have some pent-up sexual urges.

However, if you see yourself eating a banana in your dream it denotes small gains for your hard work.

Last but not the least, dreaming of only a banana peel is an alarm that you should be cautious in life so that you don’t trip in your real life.

23. Band

If you see a band in your dream, the dream suggests the building of community. Probably, it’s time that you start talking to new people!

24. Banjo

Well, this is something anyone would love to dream of!  To dream that you are playing Banjo denotes togetherness.

On the other hand, if you see someone else playing Banjo in your dream, it denotes a happy occasion. In both cases, you will cherish togetherness.

25. Bank

If you see a bank in your dream then it’s time that you calm your nerves down. The dream suggests your longing for financial security. The dream was nothing but the reassurance that your finances are in a stable condition.

However, if you see someone else robbing a bank, then it is a symbol of financial instability in your waking life. Be careful and make manful financial decisions.

26. Banquet

If you just dreamt of being at a banquet, it means your emotions are seeking a response. People around you need to nourish your emotions. The best way to tackle this is via communication.

Speak about how you feel to people whom you can trust and everything is going to fall in place.

27. Banyan

Banyan is symbolic of spirituality, shelter, and protection. So, if you had a dream about a banyan last night, you need to identify your representation depending on your real-life emotions and incidences

28. Bar

If you dream of being at a public bar, it basically shows your desire to free yourself from daily stress. It might be because you want to be in a more pleasurable environment.

However, if you dream of metallic bars, it symbolizes strength, defense, and aggression.

29. Barbie Doll

Dreaming of a Barbie doll is suggestive of the ideals of your society.  It is either because you feel incapable of living up to others’ expectations or you want to take a leave from your responsibilities.

The dream symbolizes your childhood days when life was carefree and cheerful.

30. Barrister

Barristers obviously represent wisdom and intellectuality.

So, if you had a dream of becoming a barrister, it can be because you are looking for wise guidance in your life while making an important decision.

31. Basement

To dream that you are in a basement denotes the state of your subconscious mind. It can be a basic demand, dissatisfaction, or desire!

A dirty basement represents a cluttered mind that demands immediate attention.

32. Bath

Dreaming of a bath implies that you need a clear inner as well as outer body. You need an inside-out cleaning right from your soul to your skin.

It also implies that you need fresh ideas and positivity. If you’re holding on to some past grudges, it’s time that you forgive and let go.

33. Bathroom

Bathroom is a place for self-renewal. To dream of a bathroom suggests that you need to clear your mind and relieve yourself from built-up stress.

It can also imply that you are in desperate need of privacy. This can be because you are tired of always putting others’ needs before your own.

34. Bathtubs

A bathtub is a place where you expect relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal. Dreaming of a bathtub indicates that you need a break from your burdens.

Alternatively, it represents your desire for love, pleasure, and relaxation. 

35. Bats

Dreaming of bats can be implied to one of these messages:

●       Rebirth and Unacknowledged potential

●       You need to let go of your old habits in order to meet the new goals.

●       You are entering into a new situation unknowingly.

●       White bat: Death of a family member

●       Black bat: Personal devastation

36. Beach

Dreaming of the beach signifies the union of your rational and emotional thoughts.

Sand symbolizes logical and mental thinking whereas water symbolizes your emotional feelings, so probably this is a period of transition for your emotions and Logics.

37. Bear

Beers are symbolic of self-realization and the cycle of life. If you see a bear in your dream, it denotes the chain of awakening, strength, independence, and death.

So, it can be a period of self-awakening, self-realization, and introspection for you. However, dreaming of being attacked by a bear indicates uncontrollable anger.

38. Beast

If you see a beast in your dream, it suggests a state of ignorance.

Especially if you dream of a faceless beast, it means you are entering into a situation that you refuse to confront.

The dream also suggests fear and insecurity in your personal life.

39. Bed

Dreaming of bed represents your desire for sex. You might be in need of solace, peace, domestic care, and relief from stress.

If you dream of being in your own bed it suggests security. A bed with breakfast suggests that you are in need of basic needs and stability in life.

40. Bed-Wetting

This dream can find a place in everybody’s life at some point in time. Hilarious but true.

Dreaming of bedwetting implies that you lack control in your life. You can be facing unacceptance, anxieties, or issues related to your sexual relationships or sexuality.

41. Bee

Bees are a good omen that symbolizes hard work, wealth, fortune, luck, harmony, and creativity. 

To dream of bees suggests these factors or you can be simply busy as a bee in your real life. However, if you are busy making ends meet, you are sure to reap sweet fruits for your hard work.

42. Beef

Is your aggression getting out of control? In that case, you might dream of eating beef or beef.  The dream represents your grudge and anger. It also represents your animalistic energy and instinct.

43. Beehive

Beehives are treasures. To see a beehive in a dream denotes that you have a lot of opportunities waiting for you; make sure that you make the best of each one of them.

Beehives also signify hard work, fortune, unity, and teamwork. If the beehive in your dream was in a healthy condition, you would soon make a financial profit.

44. Beggar

If you dream of helping a beggar, you will overcome your challenges and meet your requirements soon. Dreaming of begging also suggests a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

45. Bell

 If you hear a bell ringing in your dream, these are some of the messages the dream unfold:

  • Warning
  • A new beginning
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Preparations for challenges
  • Silverbell: You’re trying to avoid negativity.
  • Golden bell: You’re seeking focused attention from someone.

46. Beverage

If you see yourself having a beverage in your dream, it represents your conceptual skills, ideas, and knowledge.

The dream also represents your approach towards a new idea or new concept. It can also symbolize your desire to acquire knowledge on a certain subject.

47. Bible

If you dream of a Bible, a direct implication is that you need to take Bible’s assistance in your real life.

The dream is asking you to reach the Bible more often as it is the fundamental belief system. If you can recall what you actually read, those are the points that you need to take care of in your waking life.

48. Bird

Birds symbolize freedom, liberation, love, aspirations, goals, hope, harmony, joy, and balance.

You can also dream of birds when you are in a state of mental liberation and spiritual freedom. It is the same feeling that you see when a load is taken off your shoulders.

49. Birth

If you see yourself giving birth to a baby then it indicates that you are giving birth to a new concept, idea, thought, or project.

Similarly, giving birth to twins in your dream symbolizes conflicting ideas. It can also be a symbolism of the child in you who needs your attention.

50. Birthday

If you dream of celebrating your birthday it means you have accepted yourself entirely and are now celebrating your own personality.

On the other hand if you see your birthday being forgotten it means you’re feeling deserted and unappreciated. Similarly, a bad celebration can also imply that you have a deep-seated regret in your heart.

51. Birthday Cake

If you dream of a birthday cake it is a real good omen. The dream suggests that some of your best wishes are going to be acknowledged. You might be willing to open up a little more with people around you and share your story.

If you see candles topping your birthday cake, it means you are going to have a positive outlook towards life.

52. Blackmail

Dreaming of blackmailing someone represents domination. To dream that you are yourself being blackmailed by someone represents your helplessness or weakness.

However, the dream can also be a pun for a black male guy that you know.

53. Blister

Blisters are small but they cause immense discomfort and pain. Dreaming of blisters has some similar indications.

The dream indicates that some minor issues are going to kill your time and energy.  If the blister resulted from a burn, it suggests logical and emotional conflicts.

54. Blood

Dreaming of blood represents a couple of conditions stated below:

  • Something written in blood: The hard work you’ve invested in that particular project.
  • Blood on bathroom walls: Emotional turmoil
  • Bleeding: Emotionally drained or exhausted
  • Drinking blood: Vitality
  • Donating blood: Physical stress and exhaustion

55. Boat

If you dream of the boat, pay attention to the condition of the water. Is the water violent or calm, dirty or clean? If you see the Waves hitting your boat it means you are guided by your emotional or irrational thinking.

56. Body

Dreaming of one’s own body is an indication of self-esteem and self-evaluation that are based on the physical aspect of your personality.

The dream also indicates the state of your health.

57. Bomb

To dream of a bomb suggests a similar explosive or aggressive situation in your waking life.  The bomb represents some bottled emotions that are on the verge of exploding if not handled with care.

If you see that you are unable to dismantle the bomb, it means your anger is beyond control.

58. Bones

Bones represent the underlying strength that you haven’t yet recognized. It signifies that you will soon discover a personal, cultural, or family secret.

If you see your dog chewing a bone, it represents your own basic desires and intuitions.

59. Books

Books symbolize knowledge, wisdom, and intellectuality. If you see an open book in your dream, it means you are going to capture new ideas.

If the book is closed, it suggests the alluring aspect of your nature. Books also represent a calm approach towards your goal.  To interpret the dream better, you must monitor the type of book.

60. Bookshelf

Dreaming of a bookshelf indicates your need to acquire knowledge or information about a situation before taking the leap to the final decision.

It can also represent your own ideas, concepts, and memories of the past.

61. Boots

To dream that you are wearing boots represents the bold aspect of your nature and the fact that you stand by your opinion.

Metaphorically speaking, the dream can convey the idea that you are being dropped in your waking life. Dirty boots represent hard work and a very strong work ethic.

62. Boss

Dreaming of a boss represents the bossy personality of your own self. The dream reveals the authoritative and controlling aspect of your nature.

It can also signify your obsession with your profession. On the other hand, the boss can represent a lack of freedom in your life.

63. Bottle

In order to interpret the dream of a bottle, try to recall what type of content the bottle contained.

If it was champagne in the bottle, then it’s a message that you need to socialize more. Further, wine symbolizes sexuality, poison symbolizes Evil, whereas an empty bottle represents the emptiness inside you.

Normally speaking, dreaming of a bottle represents the suppression of feelings.

64. Bouquet

If you want to interpret the exact meaning of the dream of a bouquet, then you need to watch the colors of the flowers placed in the bouquet.

In a general overview, a dream of a bouquet represents affection, admiration, love, respect, approval, and warmth.

65. Bow and Arrow

A direct implication of a bow and arrow in your dream suggests a union of male and female energies.  The dream can also represent your libido for aggression and tension.

Metaphorically, it suggests that you are aiming towards perfection.

67. Bowl

If you see a bowl in your dream, try to observe the condition in which it existed. The bowl represents an aspect of security and a womb. 

The condition of the bowl will tell you how you feel in a particular relationship.

68. Box

Dreaming of a box implies your preserving and protective nature. On the other hand, the box could also represent the restrictions of your life.

If you dream of yourself opening a box then it suggests the discovery of an aspect that was hidden to date.

69. Boy

For a female, to dream of a boy, indicates the development of masculine characters. Well, do you have a special boy in your life? If yes then it’s absolutely normal for you to fancy him in your dreams.

If a male person dreams of a boy, it represents the immature or “boyish” parts that he needs to educate into a man.

70. Boyfriend

To dream of your boyfriend represents your current bond and relationship with him. Observe how you feel about him in your dream.

If you see yourself hanging out with friends while your boyfriend walks away, it means you need to give more time to your friends.

71. Bracelet

The dream of a bracelet represents a firing passion in you. It can also indicate that you are about to reconcile with old friends or you want to reach out to others.

72. Branches

Branches are symbolic of growth and new life. So, if you had a dream of branches, it means the relationships between you, your friends, or your family members are going to improve.

However, dreaming of a broken branch represents a personal or professional mishap.

73. Bread

Dreaming of bread represents the basic needs of life. It may imply all the great lessons that you have learned through experiences.

Ultimately, the dream suggests that you need to level up your condition and rise from the current situation.

74. Break

A dream of breaking things indicates changes around you. Probably, it is time that you change the direction of your life and break from the past situation. 

The dream can also mean that you need to take a break from your struggles. Last but not the least, the dream can also be symbolic of the “broke” aspect of your financial status.

75. Break-Up

A very simple and direct symbolism that we derive from dreams of Breakup is that you need to let go of past debris of your life and head towards a fresh start.

If you are in a relationship, the dream can also mean that both you and your partner are going to leave the bitter past behind and make a fresh beginning.

76. Breakdown

To dream of a breakdown of vehicles or a machine indicates that you are pushing your limits too hard and there is the danger of a breakdown in your waking life.

It can be some challenging health issues or extremely difficult situations that you are going to face. Make sure you take care of yourself before investing your energy in anything else.

77. Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the morning that is recognized as a fresh start of the day. Dreaming of a breakfast symbolizes a new phase of life.

Well, in case you slept with a confused thought where you could not decide the menu for the breakfast in the morning, the confusion can also lead to such dreams.

78. Breast Feeding

The dream of breastfeeding represents love, tenderness, and a motherly aspect. You are soon going to experience pleasant happenings.  

The dream can also suggest you be careful before trusting people. Lastly, the breastfeeding dream can also imply that you are nurturing a particular aspect of yourself.

79. Bride

To dream of a bride signifies Union. If you yourself are the bride and see yourself running away from the wedding, it means you are yet not ready to take an important decision in life.

Alternatively, the dream can also imply your desire for marriage.

80. Bridegroom

Dreaming of a bridegroom symbolizes your desire to be committed to a relationship. However, if you are a female having this dream, then it indicates your longing for partnership.

81. Bridesmaid

To dream of being a bridesmaid implies romance. The dream represents your desire to be committed to a relationship.

82. Bridge

If you see a bridge in your dream, it represents a junction of your life that connects two pivotal aspects of your life.

However, there is nothing to worry about. The dream fully suggests a positive change that will result in prosperity in those aspects of your life.

83. Brother

Dreaming of your brother symbolizes the relationship and bond that you share with him. The same dream can also remind you of a person who has similar characteristics to your brother. 

The brother can also be representative of a close friend.

84. Brush

We all want to keep our lives clean from complications and problems. To dream of a brush represents your desire to brush off the complications of your life.

If you envision yourself searching for a Brush, it means you are unable to find the right solution for your problems.

85. Bubble

Bubbles have always been a childhood play for us!  To dream of bubbles represents enjoyment, fun, and childhood joys.

If you envision a bursting bubble, then there’s a high chance you will experience disappointment in real life. This is because you have some over-the-top expectations and desires.

86. Bucket

If you envision a full bucket in your dream, it signifies fortune and love or a certain improvement from your current status. 

On the other hand, an empty bucket signifies that you will overcome a loss. In any case, there is nothing to be worried about!

87. Buffalo

To dream of a buffalo symbolizes survival power and strength. Possibly, you are distracted from the goal of your life.

Buffalo dreams can also symbolize your heritage. Rare but if you dream of a white buffalo, it denotes that your wishes are going to be granted.

88. Bull

To dream of a bull symbolizes very strong willpower or a headstrong character. The dream might be asking you to take a stand for your own self. 

On the other hand, the bull can also represent a prosperous and abundant life. Last but not least bulls are also symbolic of sexuality.

89. Bullfight

When you see a bullfight in your dream it symbolizes conflict amidst your animalistic and spiritual sides.

If you dream of two bulls fighting, it can symbolize that a certain aspect of your life is out of balance.

90. Burial

Dreaming of a burial indicates that you have overcome the bad habits and negativity of your life by letting go of things. You are feeling free and optimistic about your life.

91. Burning

If you see something burning in your dream, it means you are overwhelmed with some deep emotions or passionate sexual feelings.

There is something that you can no longer stand or ignore. Take some time and breathe some fresh air. Basically, you need to cool down before you move ahead.

92. Bury

To dream that you are burying something underground represents the part of your feeling that you are hiding.

Are you trying to cover up a certain situation? The dream implies that you are covering up an unforgivable mistake.

93. Bush

To dream of a bush symbolises the feminine aspect of your personality. A more direct symbolism is the female genitalia.

If you dream of hiding behind the bush, it symbolises you are covering a secret. Literally speaking, you are seeking protection.

94. Butter

Butter symbolises luxury and pleasure. If you see yourself tasting butter in your dream, it suggests that you want to indulge yourself in some sort of pleasure.

The dream can also suggest that you are looking for gratification in a particular aspect of your life.

95. Butterfly

Butterflies are symbolic of spirituality, creativity, romance, love and joy.

You can also experience butterfly dreams, if you are developing a new thought process or you’re undergoing some sort of transformation. The dream can also point towards your desire of settling down.

96. Buttocks

Dreaming of buttocks represents your own intuition and desires. 

Are you insecure about something? If you see someone kissing or smelling your butt in your dream, it means someone is going to deceive you in your waking life.

97. Buttons

To dream of a button symbolises security and wealth. It can also signify being extra protective or refrained, going by the phrase “buttoned up”.

Similarly, dreaming of unbuttoning your clothes symbolises you opening about your emotional, mental or sexual status to others.

98. Buying

The buying scenario of your dream represents your acceptance of an idea or a situation.

It can also mean that you are lacking a certain commodity in your life or you’re looking for a certain form of fulfilment. The item that you are purchasing can reveal more about the message in the dream.

99. Buzzer

You could hear a buzzer in your dream if you are into a conflicting relationship or for that matter any situation that involves friction.

The buzzer makes you question your own decisions. The dream can also suggest that a particular aspect of your life demands instant attention.

100. Buzzard

Dreaming of a buzzard indicates death and decay. Alternatively, the dream can also indicate a dirty aspect of yourself.