Dream Dictionary for F

1. F

Dreaming of “F” symbolizes failure. Explicitly speaking, it can also symbolize “F you”.

2. Fable

A fable in your dream represents your romantic or the literature-loving aspect of your personality.

If you dream of reading a fable, it indicates that there is a lesson that you still need to learn in life. It can be a message that you need to stick to.

3. Fabric

Dreaming of fabrics indicates or represents your creativity. To derive the exact message of the dream you should try and recall the color and sequence of the fabric.

The design might represent a similar condition of your life; the dream shows that you are the one to decide and shape your own experiences.

4. Face

To dream of your own face refers to how you deal with your problems in life.

The dream can also project your inner personality that you do not show to the world outside. If you notice pimples or scars on your face, it shows emotional imbalance stirring within you.

5. Facebook

Great if you are dreaming of your Facebook page! The dream has a suggestion that you should socialize more with people around you.

You might look forward to building personal relations with people and open up more about yourself. Briefly speaking, you need to learn to be around people without getting concerned about the negative consequences.

6. Faceless

Many times, we dream of a faceless figure or a person. Such a dream denotes that the dreamer is not yet aware of his or her own personality and probably still struggling with self-identity and acceptance.

It can also be your uncertainty to understand the emotions of people around you.

7. Facial

Getting a facial in your dream represents a feeling of guilt or regret.

Probably you are regretting a mistake that you have made in the past or feeling guilty about a certain deed of yours. The dream can also represent your different face(s) from what the world sees.

8. Factory

Dreaming of being present at a factory represents an old and repetitive method of performing activities. The dream points towards some of your habits that are difficult to alter or modify. 

Other than that, this dream also suggests power, energy, and productive work.

9. Fade

To dream of a fading color denotes a lack of optimism in life. Dear, you are in need of some serious motivation and inspiration to keep going.

10. Failure

You might dream of failure if you have poor self-confidence and you feel insufficient in some manner. Probably, you are not investing your maximum potential in some tasks. You can also be under excessive pressure to show excellence in a certain field.

However, if you see that your business is failing, it implies that you are not managing your affairs properly. Do not feel scared of anything and work on your authoritative powers.

11. Fainting

Fainting in your dream symbolizes the unacceptance of adverse truths of life. This is common to many of us. We also refrain from accepting unpleasant truths of life. 

However, you need to be more aware of these things so that you can deal with the solutions better.

12. Fair

Dreaming of a fair indicates that your mind is getting diverted towards your childhood – a carefree and joyful phase of your life.

Metaphorically speaking, the dream could be symbolizing “fair” denoting fairness of a decision or skin color.

13. Fairy

At times we get really stuck in a complicated situation but we refrain from asking for help from others.

Dreaming of a fairy is suggestive of a similar condition of the dreamer; it denotes that the dreamer is in need of advice or suggestion in order to solve an existing issue but at the same time he or she is hesitant to ask for help.

14. Fairy Tale

If you dreamt of a Fairytale, it means you need some serious help from a savior. The dream can also indicate that you are digging deep to awaken your maximum ability and potential.

However, if you find yourself reading a fairy tale in your dream, it has a very romantic interpretation. The dream simply signifies you as a romantic person at heart.

15. Faithless

If you saw yourself cheating on your spouse in your dream, the dream indicates self-betrayal and guilt. 

Faithless dreams often reflect your physical desires and hidden lust. You might be acknowledging various sexual aspects of your personality.

16. Fake

You might get defensive after reading this but if you believe the interpretation, dreaming of faith suggests that you are pretending to be a different person in comparison to what you are in reality.

The pretender can do so because he or she is afraid to reveal the real and raw self to others.

17. Fall

While dreaming of a fall, the dreamer can be in two different modes. can could be either the mode of fear or ease. If you feel frightened when you see your fall in your dream it means you lack support and control in your waking life.

It can also suggest some sort of insecurity that is bothering you lately. But if you feel easy, it means you’re going to overcome some adverse challenges of your life pretty easily.

18. False

Many times, we give false affirmations to ourselves. We comfort ourselves by saying everything is in place when it is actually all messed up. In such circumstances, one can dream of deceiving or cheating someone. 

One can also dream of false activities when he/she is trying to cover up an incorrect action, fault, or a lie. It is the guilt that is being expressed in your dream here.

19. Fame

If you see yourself being famous in a dream, it implies different conditions. One of the conditions is that you have achieved something and you are still not aware of it. The second implication is that you have failed while trying to achieve certain goals.

20. Family

If you see your own family in your dream it represents love, care, togetherness, and security. But the interpretation also depends on your relationship with your family and accordingly it can also symbolize jealousy or rivalry.

If you dream of your family more often than normal then it means you are excessively dependent on your family.

If you dream of your family members behaving or looking abnormal, and you do not recognize them, it suggests that you want to distance yourself from them.

21. Famine

If you are too concerned about people who struggle for their livelihood, it can sow the seeds of guilt in you, which in turn can result in a dream of famine.

To dream of famine also signifies adverse effects on health and business.

To dream that you are famished suggests that you are longing for emotional support and care.

22. Fan

Dreaming of a fan is a message that you need to calm down after you have been a part of a heated incident. Alternatively, the dream can also refer to the changing directions of your life.

Last but not least, such a dream can also represent personal or secret desires.

23. Fancy

Like dreaming of Fake, dreaming of Fancy also indicates that you are hiding your raw nature and pretending to be someone else in your waking life.

This dream can also signify that you are directing your attention towards unimportant things in life.

24. Fantasy

If you dream of a fantasy world, the dream is asking you to dilate your creative or imaginative power.

Probably, you need to explore all logical as well as silly options of life, even if they’re strange. As long as you are comfortable and enjoying it, everything is beautiful.

Such a dream can also try to divert your attention towards normal and real life.

25. Far

If you dream of a person located far from you, it represents the emotional distance between you and the person. The dream can also symbolize isolation, loneliness, or a deserted feeling.

Alternatively, the dream can represent things that you have failed to achieve in the waking world.

26. Fare

Cool, if you were paying a fare in your dream! The fare represents the price that you need to pay in order to achieve success in life.

The dream can also highlight the fact that you are not paying enough attention to your loved one in order to perform better on your professional side.

27. Farewell

If you saw yourself wearing a farewell to a person in your dream, it signifies that a relationship or a certain phase of life is going to meet its end.

28. Farm

To dream of a Farm suggests that you are fully prepared for advancement and growth. Also, it is time that you work on your potential and utilize them in your waking life.

29. Farmer

To dream of being a farmer symbolizes your productivity and efficiency.

The dream can also signify the fact that you need to work hard in order to achieve success and profit. Make sure that you are making enough use of your potential.

30. Farting

You can dream of farting if you have become a passive-aggressive person. The dream suggests you to be more direct in expressing your feelings.

If you see yourself smiling in your dream due to the pungent smell, it implies that someone around you is hiding his or her feelings.

31. Fashion

Dreaming of fashion suggests that you need to deal with your life more confidently! The second implication would be that you have finally made peace with your history/background.

Such a dream can also highlight the fact that you are more focused on your looks when you actually need to direct the attention towards your inner personality.

32. Fast Food

This one is important!

If you see yourself munching on fast foods in your dream, it means you do not take enough care of your physical as well as mental health.

It is also possible that you are struggling with your emotional health!

33. Fasting

Dreaming that you are on a fast signifies self-purification and rejuvenation.

Are you having a disturbing issue in your life at present? The dream can also denote that you are punishing yourself with repercussions because you feel guilty for a deed.

34. Fat

If you see yourself becoming fat in a dream, it signifies a positive change in your life. You might expect abundance or sufficiency in a particular sphere of your life.

You can also dream of being fat if you are actually concerned about your weight gain in real life.

35. Fate

If you dream of Fate, you are being directed towards the goals that you always wanted to accomplish.

Alternatively, the dream can also suggest that instead of taking responsibility for your own actions you blame it upon others and situations.

36. Father

Fathers are protective guardians. To dream of a father symbolizes guardianship, authority, and safety.

The dream can also represent your personal relationship with your father.

Furthermore, it is an implication of your father’s characteristics in you.

37. Father-In-Law

Dreaming of a father-in-law implies that you need to work upon your rational thinking and decisive powers.

38. Fatigue

You may dream of a fatigued person or yourself being fatigued in your dream. Such a dream suggests that your relationship has already gone through a lot and it is heading towards its end.

39. Favor

If you were seeking favor in your dream, it can represent the fact that you are favoring somebody in your real life.

The dream can also suggest that you need to tone down your attitude and ego. You should not care much about your pride when you are in need of help from others.

40. Fear

If you have some sort of fear in your real life, you must talk about it to your close ones. You might be experiencing different kinds of issues in your life. To dream of this implies an underwhelming achievement.

If you see some of your worst fears coming true in your dream, it means you do not approve of changes in your life.

41. Feast

If you dream of a feast, it either symbolizes your emotional need or your sexual desire. The dream is a sign that you lack balance in your life. 

If you see yourself not being served with food, it means you fulfill your requirements only after fulfilling other’s needs. It also implies the fact that you are compromising your emotional health.

42. Feather

A feather in your dream can describe your approach towards life. It denotes that you are a very light-hearted and joyful person.

It can also represent certain factors such as comfort, warmth, fortune, and alternatively, it can also suggest confusion, rush, and loss of respect or dignity.

43. Feeble

Are you feeling emotionally drained? Do you feel you have had enough of life’s tragedies? If so, you might dream of being feeble.

The dream also suggests that a stressful matter is causing panic in you.

44. Feeding

Did you see yourself feeding someone in your dream? Such dreams indicate that someone is seeking your love and support. Not too surprising, that someone can be you, yourself! Accept your own personality and keep motivating yourself towards the best.

45. Feeling

If you dream of feeling a certain emotion then probably the emotion wants to be expressed in your waking world.

The same feelings are getting expressed in your dream because you cannot express them in reality. To dream of a mix of contradicting emotions signifies an emotional conflict.

46. Feet

Dreaming of your own feet represents your sense of understanding, your balance, and your foundation.

Further, it symbolizes that you need to maintain a practical and logical approach towards life. It can also indicate that you are heading in the right direction in order to meet your goal.

47. Female

Dreaming of a female suggests motherhood, nourishment, submissiveness, love, and care. The dream could refer to the female aspects of your characters.

A female in your dream can also indicate allurement and guilt. But, if you are aware of the identity of the woman who is present in your dream, then the dream can be about your relationship with her in the waking world.

48. Fencing

Dreaming of fencing symbolizes that you are having awkward or tense relationships with someone in your life.

Do you see the person whom you are fencing? If yes, consider the relationship with that person. If the person is unknown, then you need to consult with an aspect of your own personality.

49. Fender

You can either dream of denting someone else’s Fender or getting your own Fender dented by someone.

If you see yourself denting someone else’s Fender, it means that you need to accept others for what they are and stop judging them. If someone dents your Fender, it means you have an enemy who is trying to attack your dignity.

50. Fennel

Envisioning Fennel in your dream points towards clarity. The dream signifies recreation and renewal of some sort.

It can alternatively suggest that you are in need of clarity for some concerning aspects of your life.

51. Fermentation

Dreaming of fermentation denotes that you might take some time to grow and develop but the outcome will be extremely overwhelming.

If you watch something fermenting in your dream, it denotes spiritual transformation.

52. Ferry

If you see yourself riding a ferry in your dream you might be going through some kind of transformation.

However, if you see yourself waiting for a ferry, it means some uncertain occurrences might harm your desires.

53. Fertilizer

Dreaming of a fertilizer holds a valuable message in itself. The dream suggests you to soak information and wisdom from your surroundings and past lessons because the dream in itself denotes growth and advancement.

54. Festival

If you dream to be part of a festival, it signifies that you are enjoying the current phase of your life.

It can also indicate that you are making efforts to socialize with people around you. Other symbols of the dream are happiness, celebration, and entertainment.

55. Fetus

A Fetus in your dream symbolizes the development of new and fresh ideas or relationships in your real life. 

The dream is a sign that something creative is taking place. However, the dream can also symbolize that some mistakes of your life might expect challenges and hardships.

56. Fever

If you had a dream of having a fever you might experience temper or aggressiveness. Your personality might undergo a behavioral change. Make sure that you find a calm and better method to express your feelings

57. Field

Envisioning fresh greenery or fields in your dream symbolizes happiness and abundance. The dream represents growth and freedom. It can also suggest your love for mother nature.

However, if you see a dried or Barren field, it signifies loss and negativity.

58. Fighter Jet

A fighter plane in your dream suggests that you need to pick up a faster pace for a project to become successful.

59. Fighting

Are you feeling mentally disturbed in your waking life? Are you dealing with conflicting thoughts in your mind? If yes, then you might dream of fighting. To dream of fighting also suggests that you are involved in a dispute.

Probably an unrealized part of yours is seeking acceptance and understanding. If you see yourself meeting death after a fight, it signifies your unaccepting behavior towards a conflict or a bitter truth.

60. Figs

Great, if you saw yourself having figs in your dream

Figs symbolize conception, seduction, and to be more literal: sex. You can expect changes in your waking life with respect to these symbols.

61. Figure

We often dream of mysterious and undefined figures in our sleep. Such dreams are indicative of doubts, confusion, and lack of clarity in certain aspects of our life.

62. File

If you dream of working with your files- whether some important documents or bills, it implies that you need to keep an eye on your priorities. It’s time that you check the order of your life.

The dream also represents your responsibilities in the waking world. Probably you are soon to meet an important part of your life.

63. Filer

Are you having a rough personality and uneven relationships? Filling your nails in the dream suggests that you need to even out these spheres.

Construct a smooth and well-behaved personality because you might be too rough or aggressive towards others.

64. Filling

If you see yourself filling something in your dream, it means you are nurturing your powers and potential. The dream is symbolic of regeneration and rejuvenation.

65. Film

To see yourself watching a movie or a film in your dream represents personal analysis. The analysis can be about thoughts and objectives.

Probably, that dream is trying to point to your past memories and thoughts from which you can learn.

66. Filter

Dreaming of a filter is very symbolic. The dream can also be highlighting the old saying “think before you speak”.

Probably, you need to be more careful with the way you behave with others. Alternatively, the dream suggests you filter the negativity and accept only positive elements in your life.

67. Finances

Dreaming of your finances signifies that you are concerned about your money matters that are not balanced in the present situation. 

Probably you are facing a lack of resources and you need to take some time and clear things out.

68. Find

To dream that you have found something suggests that you might find a new version of yourself. You may acknowledge certain aspects of your nature that never came to the surface.

Alternatively, the dream can also suggest a significant change in your speaking world.

69. Fingers (crossed)

If you see yourself making a cross finger, it symbolizes positivity, growth, advancement, fortune, success, and hope.

Dreaming of fingers symbolizes other factors too such as manipulation of thoughts, actions, voiceless communications, and so on.

70. Finish

If you see yourself finishing something in the dream, it notes that you will soon achieve your goals. You might complete a pending task. Alternatively, you can set higher ambitions too.

If you dream of a finish line, it indicates that your goals are closer. But if the finishing line is blocked, there are fewer chances of you achieving your goals.

71. Fire

If you see fire in your dream, depending upon the other conditions, the fire can signify passion, lust, desire, illumination, transformation, enlightenment, renewal, purification, destruction or anger.

If the fire in your dream does not make you feel uncomfortable or scared, it symbolizes your internal power and energy. You can be going through an important phase of transformation in your life.

72. Fire Engine / Fire Truck

If you see a fire engine in your dream, it means you are a person who first satisfies the needs of others before looking after your own requirements.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself even for situations that are not under your control. Remember, you cannot fix each and every situation in life and there are things that work themselves up eventually with time.

73. Fire Extinguisher

If you see yourself using a fire extinguisher in your dream to extinguish a fire, the dream represents your approach to control the overflow of emotions.

A more direct and alternative meaning of the dream is that you must let go of your anger and cool down.

74. Fireball

Dreaming of a Fireball is not a good omen. The dream suggests a negative omen that is symbolic of self-destructive energy.

75. Firecracker

If you see yourself igniting a firecracker in your dream, the dream suggests that you are preparing yourself for fresh life and keeping all the negativity and bad karma away.

To dream of a firecracker can also represent your anger that is being misled.

76. Fired

If you dream about yourself being fired from a job, the dream suggests that a waking situation in your life or a relationship is going to end soon.

The dream is also suggestive of some repressive or suppressed desires.

Alternatively, if you see yourself firing another person in your dream, it implies that you need to end unhealthy relationships with unwanted people.

77. Fireplace

To see a well-lit fireplace in your dream denotes love, warmth, comfort, and fulfillment. On the other hand, if you dream of an unlit fireplace, it indicates an emotional break, poor energy, and sadness.

If you see yourself lighting a fireplace, it denotes a passionate desire in you.

78. Firewood

Good symbolisms for the dream of firewood are togetherness, warmth, love, hard work, and dedication.

However, the negative symbolism of firewood in your dream can cause misunderstandings in a relationship.

79. Fireworks

Fireworks in your dream represent the diffusion of some bottled-up emotions that were suppressed and closed for a long time.

It can also symbolize optimistic factors such as enthusiasm, creativity, skills, and talent.

Dreaming of Fireworks can also imply that you are showcasing yourself at a public front.

80. First Aid Kit

To see yourself searching for some first aid items in your first aid kit suggests that you are in need of spiritual as well as emotional repair. 

It is time that you divert your attention towards your own self and looks at what you need. Turn towards your own requirements and favor yourself with this mindful support.

81. Fish

To envision a swimming fish in your dream is symbolic of conception. If a woman dreams of a swimming fish, she has chances of getting pregnant.

You may also give a thought to the common phrases such as: “like a cold fish”, “fish out of water” or something which is “fishy” and check if they imply a certain waking situation.

82. Fish Market

Dreaming of a fish market denotes pleasure and enjoyment in your waking life.

But remember, if you see dead and decayed fishes in the market, the dream can signify loss and distress dressed up in fake clothes of happiness.

83. Fish Tank

If you see a clean fish tank in your dream, it represents complete control over your emotions.

However, if your concentration lingers upon the fish trapped in the tank, then you might experience something similar in your life.

Your life might not be heading towards a particular direction, instead, it is making circles that do not take you anywhere.

84. Fisherman

To dream of a fisherman indicates a similar quality in your nature or a present situation.

Probably, you are trying to search and catch something in your real world. It can be a solution to a complex problem or something materialistic.

85. Fishing

If you see yourself fishing in your dream, it means you are letting your suppressed feelings come to the surface now. 

The emotions that were long repressed are slowly being exposed. Alternatively, the dream can also symbolize that you are looking for compliments as in: “fishing for compliments”.

86. Flag

If you see the flag of your own nation in your dream, the dream signifies peace and harmony.  On the other hand, if you dream of a flag of any other nation, it denotes worldly affairs and issues.

Dreaming of your country’s flag might represent a sense of responsibility and patriotism towards your country; it can also symbolize a political issue of your country.

87. Flavor

If you dream of different flavors in your sleep, it means you need to taste different experiences and varieties in life.

To interpret a more direct meaning of the message, you can consider checking symbolisms of specific flavors.

88. Fleece

A fleece in your dream symbolizes security and protection, hence dreaming of fleece is considered a positive omen.

89. Flesh

To dream of flesh indicates passion, sexual urges, sensuality, physical needs, and so on.

If you see flesh being eaten, it implies that you are under exhausting pressure. Whatever the pressure is about, just take a break and relax for a while so that you do not get drained of your energies.

90. Flies

Flies in your dream symbolize emotional or physical dirt. It can also be emotional guilt. The dream can also be an alarm for contagious diseases.

91. Flight

Dreaming about a flight take-off can also symbolize that a fresh project is about to begin. 

But if you see the flight being delayed in your dream, it indicates that you are yet not prepared for the project to start.

92. Flirting

To dream of flirting with someone implies that you are longing for love and intimacy in your waking life. 

The dream suggests that you can enter into a relationship that involves serious commitment. You may fairly deal with matters that involve the heart.

93. Floating

To see yourself floating in a dream denotes that you are going to rise above your adversities. The dream symbolizes fulfillment and satisfaction.

Probably, it is time that you are going to accept a certain situation and defeat your obstacles.

94. Flower

While different flowers in your dream have different significance, dreaming of colorful flowers together indicates compassion, purity, pleasure, beauty, fortune, kindness, generosity, gain, and delicacy.

Flowers also symbolize spirituality, love, joy, and happiness. Interpretation also varies with the conditions of the flowers or even the colors.

95. Flute

If you hear the musical note of a flute in your dream, you can expect tuning and harmony in your life. Your life is going to be even and smooth.

However, if the condition of the flute is not pleasant or the tune is not melodious, it means your life is heading towards an imbalanced situation.

96. Flying

While flying in your dream represents independence and freedom after living a limited or restricted life, dreaming of flying with black wings indicates suffering.

97. Food

To dream of food indicates physical and emotional growth and nourishment. Different types of food indicate and represent different aspects. 

For example:

Fruit symbolizes sensuality, meat indicates animalistic desires, vegetables show constructive desires, and frozen foods point at cold emotions.

98. Foot

Since your feet signifies independence, freedom, progress, and growth; the condition of your foot in the dream can reveal the message it had.

An injured food symbolizes loss and dependency.

99. Forehead

To dream of the forehead signifies that you are fair enough at your judgments. You make clear and honest decisions while judging situations.

100. Forest

Walking through woods or forests in your dream symbolizes that you are undergoing an important transformation. It is time that you follow your own intuition and proceed.

The dream can also indicate that you want to live a simpler life and distance yourself from a complicated civilization.