Dream Dictionary for “M”
Dream Dictionary for “M”

1. M

The letter “M” in a dream points to a secret that you have been keeping for a long time. It is high time you disclose it and feel lightheaded. It is also a sign of a tumultuous journey regarding money and finance.

The shape of M implies both a big loss and a big gain. Stay updated with all the developments while taking any bid decisions. You may visit a city whose name starts with M.

2. M&M’s

To eat or see M&M’s in a dream signifies your feeling towards enjoying the small moments of life. It also suggests that people whose initials start with M&M may play a significant role in your life.

If someone offers you this in your dream means you may meet the love of your life. Think twice before accepting any proposal. Show gratitude towards everything small or big.

3. Machete

A machete in a dream is an omen of destruction and reinvigoration. Anything that bothers you may bring the worst out of you – your anger, frustration, and hostile behavior will find a way. The challenge is to transform the negative power and express your pent-up energy in a productive way.

If you see the machete in your hand means you will be having an enormous amount of power, so use it wisely.

4. Machinery

Machinery in a dream suggests that you have been too emotional while making any decision. It tells you to be more calculative and factual, it won’t disappoint you.

If you see yourself operating any machinery means you need to be vigilant while doing anything important.

The working condition of machinery is telling you to rethink your life and to do whatever is necessary to make it smooth and productive. Take care of your health.

5. Madness

Madness in a dream indicates that some aspects of your personality are not considered normal. If you use this power discreetly without giving any damn to what people think, you will be on the top in no time.

Seeing people in a mental hospital is a sign of exposition to grief and despair. Don’t be judgmental, help yourself and God will help you.

6. Madonna

Seeing Madonna in your dream is a positive sign. It means you will be going through a struggle but with a positive outcome. Motherly love and feminine energy will be your strength. The life of Madonna may synchronize with your life in some way or other.

If you see her singing, this means you should listen to people around you. If you are a good observer, you will appreciate arts and artists.

7. Maggot

It is a bad omen that you see maggots in your dream. Some problems, issues, or even death may haunt you for some time if you lose your temper very easily.

It is time to stop and see what’s pulling you down. Cut that off. Purify your subconscious thoughts by practicing meditation and kind acts. Try to see the bigger picture and keep reminding yourself that even the small things may destroy your whole plan.

8. Magic

Magic in dreams indicates a life where you do things that are unbelievable and unexpected. You need to keep going. Your perspective and way of doing things may be different but not wrong.

It indicates that you can utilize your creative thinking and power to ponder. Be careful in getting trapped or beguiled. Black magic in dreams shows your disappointment with the real world. Always remember magic happens to those who work.

9. Magistrate

Seeing a magistrate in your dream indicates that people around will be judgmental. Listening to others may disturb your peace. You may find yourself dealing with legalities and administrative red tapes. Your wrongdoings may bring you punishment or a time to repent. 

Any spiritual or knowledgeable authority may show you the right path. Use your power at exposal only for the greater good and not for personal profit.

10. Magpie

Magpie in a dream is a sign of upcoming despair and adversities. Negativity may attack you from all sides.

Only your inner strength and practical attitude can help you. Your insecurities and fear may examine your true nature. 

11. Maid

Maid in a dream indicates you are no longer an independent person. Too much dependence will destroy your personal image. Your existence is in danger.

Dreaming about working as a maid means you should stop procrastinating and finish all your pending work otherwise you will have to pay a big price.

If the maid in the dream is a woman means you need love and care. No matter small or big, do your job with all your heart. 

12. Mail

A mail in a dream symbolizes the need to communicate, the need to listen, and the need to speak to your heart and mind. Only the ability to communicate can help you establish a real-world profession and relationship.

If you get mail means your prayer has been accepted, if you send mail means you will be starting a new journey. Listening to your inner calling is a good way forward.

13. Mailman

The mailman in a dream is an archetype of your personality as a communicator. If the message of the mailman is not clearly understood means you need to be more specific while communicating the message.

The big takeaway here is that recent events and activities in your life are trying to tell you something. Try to connect the dots. If you see the mailman going, it means you will soon get a piece of important news.

14. Makeup

Makeup in a dream represents your fear of losing attention. It is a sign that you don’t like yourself the way you are. You fear that people may not like you if they see the true you.

It’s high time you must paint your whole life with a new perspective and not just your face. It’s advisable to stop trying to create an impression when you can inspire them. Inner beauty never fades away.

15. Making out

Making out in a dream talks about your lonely life and a subconscious desire to be in a relationship. Feel free to ask someone out, and let go of the fears.

If you see a couple making out means it is time to put aside your ego and listen to what your heart says.

If you see yourself making out with someone means you will soon get a chance to meet the person you desire. Remember, Love is blind but the person in love gets the eye to see the beauty of the world.

16. Mall

Dreaming about a mall symbolizes your diverse needs and desires. It is related to your decision-making skills in choosing what’s best for you. It is also connected to your aspirations of getting loved, respected, and appreciated.

Seeing yourself in a mall means you will be getting a lot of opportunities to move ahead. Your material wealth will see an upsurge. You will also get to know the diversities around you.

17. Man

A man in a dream represents a certain theme of your life and some personality traits. Primarily it denotes aggressiveness, growth, competitiveness, and security.

If the man in your dream is known to you, it means you need to rethink your relationship and business with that man. The age of the man indicates the energy you will have in the upcoming days.

18. Mannequin

A mannequin in a dream represents the person in you who wants attention. You should work harder and smarter to be accepted as a personal brand.

The body of the mannequin reminds you of a person of the same height and weight. It is a sign that you should observe the life around you and not just be a part of it. You may expect strange behavior from your colleague.

19. Mansion

Mansion in a dream signifies power, position, ambition, and a greater picture of life. You will get a chance to discover your fullest potential and reach the highest growth level. Your authoritative nature may surpass your kind attitude.

It also indicates a life more isolated and disconnected from the world. You may enjoy full family gatherings. The condition of the mansion is akin to your health. You may have to deal with legal and political administration.

20. Map

The map in a dream is a pictorial representation of your complex life. You may soon find the right path to self-discovery and enlightenment.

If you see a global map then you need to take efforts to expand your knowledge base. If you see a regional map means you need to get connected to your family and friends.

It is the most perfect time to travel and start a new life with new energy and perspective.

21. Maple

Maple in a dream represents a harmonious life full of growth and happiness. It symbolizes acceptance, openness, and the ability to understand the different cultures and practices.

The peaceful nature of maple is telling you to meditate and live a more relaxed life. A fallen maple is a sign of the end of a long journey or loss of aged people. Travel to feel connected with nature.

22. Marble

To see marble in dreams indicates your ability to see the positive things in life. Your optimistic nature will bring you success and prestige.

It is a sign that you will get attention and love for being so insightful and assertive. It is the right time to start investing more.

The slippery quality of marble is also a warning to think twice before taking any big decision. You may shift to a new home.

23. Marijuana

Dreaming about marijuana is a sign of feeling lost and disconnected from reality. Due to some pain or agony, you want to escape reality.

Dreaming of getting addicted to it suggests a significant change in your daily life rituals. Seeing marijuana also indicates your subconscious desire to try something new that is socially unacceptable.

You may feel an expansion in awareness and consciousness. Deny accepting what you consider unethical.

24. Market

Dreaming of a market is a sign of uncertainties and emotional ups and downs. The specific items you see in the market are synonymous with your personality traits that need care and update.

If you don’t see any items of your need, it means you need to change the place and people around you. It also signifies some unusual trends in business and relationships. The role of money will be extremely defining.

25. Marriage

Marriage in a dream indicates a perfect time for transformation and transition. You will develop a deeper relationship with your desired object or person.

You may also spend some time contemplating what’s the right thing to do. You will be entering a new world of uncertainties and responsibilities, be confident.

An arranged marriage indicates family support. A love marriage indicates your desire to be independent. 

26. Mascot

A Mascot in a dream is a sign that your fortune will shine with love and prosperity. The image of the mascot is a suggestion to add some new aspects and skills to your personality.

Dreaming of yourself as a mascot indicates your desire to be someone else. Accept yourself without any judgment. People you recently met may try to hurt you in disguise.

27. Mask

Mask in a dream represents a life that you aspire to live. It means you aren’t happy with your current life. It also points toward your dream of becoming an actor.

If you see yourself wearing a mask, people around you may misunderstand you and your points. If you see someone removing his/her mask means some hidden truth or conspiracy will be revealed. You may discover a new YOU.

28. Massage

Dreaming about massage indicates your unfulfilled physical desire. You miss the sense of touch and connection with any person. If you take care of your body, it will also help ease your mind. Put aside your ego and talk.

Getting a massage is a sign of getting a new proposal and vice-versa. It is never too late to start a new relationship.

29. Mastectomy

Mastectomy in a dream indicates losing something significant. You may get a new perspective on life and death.

A new you will greet you in time to come. It’s the end of your unhealthy life. People around you will be more gentle and sensitive to you. Some may make you feel different. You may sense the divine presence in your life.

30. Masturbation

Dreaming about masturbation suggests a void in your life. It represents the unacknowledged and unexpressed physical needs or desires.

It also symbolizes loneliness. You may develop a desire to be more spiritual and unattached. Your anxieties and insecurities may not impact you any more. You may fight any bad habits by venturing into a new world of adventure and passion.

31. Matchmaker

Using a matchmaker suggests that you are open to experiencing adventures in life. You love exploring new things.

If you are looking for a direct interpretation of this dream, then it is linked to your romantic life. You are experiencing pressure to find your better half.

However, if you are the matchmaker in your dream, you must take care that you don’t interfere in other people’s lives.

32. Mathematics

To see mathematics in a dream can scare you. But it is only a sign that you need to analyze a situation in your real life. Think logically. Don’t react based on your emotions. Give your mind some time to process them before taking a step.

If you cannot solve a mathematical equation in your dream, it indicates the confusion you are facing in your real life.

33. Matryoshka doll

A Matryoshka doll in a dream suggests that you have many hidden layers within you. In fact, you need to dig through several layers of your personality to reach your true, inner self.

You might feel that nobody is aware of the real you or nobody has made an effort to know what type of person you are deep within. This dream also denotes that some revelations are about to be made.

34. Mattress

Mattresses provide you extra comfort and support in your waking life as well as in dreams.

It is a sign that you will have to spare some time and energy for the additional responsibilities that will be given to you.

If you are sleeping on a mattress that is new, it reflects your current life.

35. Maxi pad

Witnessing maxi pads in dreams stands for the notion that you need to release your repressed anger and frustration. This also symbolizes that you will experience creativity around you.

36. McDonalds

You visit McDonald’s’ when you are hungry. So, this dream can simply indicate that you are hungry.

Getting into the deeper interpretation, seeing a Mcdonalds’ in a dream highlights your carefree attitude. You love to enjoy life and are always jolly.

The dream is also a suggestion that you must broaden your horizon.

37. Mean

When someone is being mean to you in the dream, it indicates that you need to be more kind towards yourself. If needed, go on a break. This dream also stands as a metaphor that you need to search for the ‘meaning’ of your life.

However, if you are mean to someone in the dream, it portrays the fact that you have held negative feelings in your heart for a long time now. It is now time to release it.

38. Measles

Having measles in your dreams denotes that you are worried about your problems in daily life. This stress impacts your educational and career prospects.

Instead of you, if you see others having measles, then it is a signal that the problems of others are getting heavy on you and are resulting in stress.

39. Measuring tape

Using a measuring tape in a dream means that you constantly compare yourself with others. You try to find out where you stand in comparison to others.

Alternatively, it also denotes what measures you can take to reach your goals. It also indicates that you doubt your abilities.

40. Meat

Raw meat stands for the barriers and problems that will come your way while you move forward towards your goals.

Cooked meat indicates that you are digging to the depth of any matter. You go after your instincts and are happy to see others achieving their goals. Rotten meat in dreams is a symbol of sickness.

41. Meatballs

Making meatballs in your dream is a sign that you will get new ideas soon. These new ideas can also lead to an innovative venture. You will have new beginnings in your professional life.

However, eating meatballs reflect comfort and familiarity. You can also take this dream as a pun on dull people.

42. Medicine

In the dream, if you take medicines, it is a sign that you need to heal spiritually. Your troubles are only temporary so don’t stress yourself much.

When you are providing medicine to somebody in the dream, it represents that you are taking advantage of a person or a situation. When you are given the wrong medicine, it denotes that somebody is manipulating you.

43. Medicine cabinet

Noticing a medicine cabinet in the dream reflects healing. If you see this cabinet is vacant, then it is associated with your health and well-being. 

The dream symbolizes you taking good care of your mental, emotional and spiritual health along with other physical issues.

44. Medieval

Medieval times refer to the olden days. So, dreams about the medieval reflect your old habits. It indicates your old ideology.

Analyze your actions in the dream so you understand the aspects you need to work upon in real life. For instance, jousting suggests that you need to make your sex life more interesting.

45. Medium

If you are the medium in your dream, it symbolizes that you are connecting to your intuitions. You trust your gut feelings easily and make decisions based on it.

Such dreams indicate that you have more knowledge of your subconscious. It represents that you are on the middle ground and confused about your decisions.

46. Meeting

When you are in a meeting in your dream, your subconscious asks you to focus your energy towards productive solutions. Alternatively, it is a sign that you have finally begun to understand different parts of yourself and are trying to frame your own personality.

When you are late for a meeting, it means you are anxious that you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goals.

47. Melancholy

Dreaming about melancholy represents disappointments. Remember, everyone has to face some failures in life.

Therefore, you must always get rid of past failures and focus on new beginnings.  This dream may also be a reflection of your feelings in your waking life.

48. Memorandum

Dreams about memorandum refer to the fact that you must convey the important messages that you have been holding for so long. The others must know about it.

If somebody is making a memorandum in the dream, it denotes that somebody will call you to guide them through their problems.

49. Memory

If you dream about memory, it means you need to transform yourself. Get rid of old habits and thoughts. Expand your horizon and look at the brighter side of life. The dream also suggests that you have gained insights from your past experiences.

If your memory gets erased in the dream, then your subconscious is asking you to move on in your life by forgetting the past experiences.

50. Memory stick

Dreaming about a memory stick reflects the ideas that you need to follow in your real life. They will help you move out of your difficult situations.

This dream is also a suggestion that you must express your feelings and thoughts to others. For more accuracy, refer to the files on the memory stick.

51. Men

Seeing men in your dream indicates a dominating or a fatherly figure. As a woman when you dream of men, it indicates your masculinity. The dream suggests that you also want to be authoritative and firm.

However, if you’re a man and you get this dream, it only means that you are doubting your capabilities and comparing yourself with others.

52. Menstruation

Menstruation dreams reflect that your anxiety and depressing thoughts are being released. You are coming out of difficult times and your creativity is being appreciated.

When you are going through menopause and get dreams about menstruating, the dream refers to renewed energy.

Consuming menstrual blood denotes that you aren’t able to move from a position and are clinging to your past.

53. Mental institution

If you see yourself in a mental institution, it indicates that you need rest and your mind needs to relax. Whenever required, do not hesitate to seek assistance from somebody.

Being outside a mental institution in a dream suggests that you’re going through a mental breakdown and are feeling ignored.

54. Mentally challenged

Being mentally challenged in the dream implies your feelings of self-doubt. You feel excluded from society.

When you see somebody as mentally challenged in your dream, it means that somebody around you feels left out and you must try to listen to them instead of overlooking them.

55. Mercury

Witnessing mercury in a dream stands for swift movement. Do not doubt your intuitions and follow them blindly.

If you see the planet mercury, it symbolizes awareness and open communication. The dream asks you to inculcate these qualities in your real life.

56. Mermaid

Observing a mermaid highlights the femininity within you. It indicates that you are secretive and mysterious. You fear sex.

When a woman dreams about mermaids, it denotes that she doesn’t trust her femininity. And if a man gets such a dream, it showcases that he fears losing to the feminine aspect of himself.

57. Merry-go-round

Sitting on a merry-go-round in a dream reflects your fear from childhood. You feel that your life has become stagnant and you are leading nowhere.

You are anxious about how you will manage your adulthood or the new stages of your life. Alternatively, the dream also suggests childhood pleasures.

58. Message

If you see yourself sending messages to others, this indicates that there is something that others should know. However, if you are the receiver of the message, then understand the message you have received from your subconscious mind and follow the guidance.

If you write a message and erase it before sending it, this implies that you want to get rid of your emotions but you are worried about how others are going to take it.

59. Metal

Metals in dreams highlight your strength and power. They also stand for your character and strength. They symbolize your inhumane approach towards society.

Observe the metal and its shape in the dream. Also, notice the action you’re doing with that metal. If you see a solid metal, it stands for your sexual needs.

60. Metal detector

Using a metal detector highlights the fact that you are exploring your inner self and connecting with your subconscious. You are searching for the talents within yourself and are trying to work on them.

Alternatively, the dream is also a sign that you want to regain something that you had once lost.

61. Metalhead

If you’re the metal head in your dream, it stands for your defiant and nonconformist behavior. You feel secluded from society and consider nobody as your own.

In simple words, you are very stubborn to fit into society. Consider changing your attitude or this isolation will kill you from inside.

62. Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis denotes the transformation you undergo throughout your life. In dreams, it means the same thing. If you see that metamorphosis has been a smooth process, it denotes that you can easily adapt to new changes and situations.

On the contrary, if metamorphosis seems to be complex, it indicates that you still aren’t prepared to allow changes into your life.

63. Microwave

Microwave in a dream indicates that you can think very quickly and you are also swift with your actions. But you can consider better ways of accomplishing your goals.

To see yourself cleaning the microwave denotes that you need to clear your mind and free it from emotions.

Alternatively, the subconscious mind might also be asking you to follow some diet in your daily life.

64. Milk

Milk stands for maternal instincts in the dream. It highlights the mother’s love and kindness.

If you’re drinking the milk, it represents that your inner soul is being nourished and you are blessed with happy family life.

In case, the milk is spoiled, then this is a sign that you easily trust people without knowing their real motives. Similarly, spilling milk refers to a missed opportunity.

65. Mime

Dreaming about being in a mime reflects that you have trouble communicating your emotions verbally. There is a possible chance that the people surrounding you do not understand you and make you feel inferior.

Alternatively, you must choose your words before speaking. At times, it happens that you are speaking the correct thing but you have not made the right choice of words. This is the reason why some people interpret it in some other ways.

66. Miniatures

If you are seeing miniatures, you might feel larger than life. You are filled with confidence. Look at the thing that is being miniaturized.

If you see a known person being miniaturized, it means you lack respect for this person and don’t consider them important.

However, if you were being miniaturized, it denotes that you feel helpless and insignificant.

67. Minister

To see yourself as a minister in the dream foretells the fact that you must be more kind and empathetic towards people. Give time to certain relationships.

Alternatively, the dream also suggests that you have crossed your boundaries and are trying to interfere in somebody else’s zone. If the dream ends on a negative note, it is a sign that the minister has some suppressed emotions.

68. Mint

Eating mint denotes that there is some influence in your life that is trying to calm you down. You are a hyperactive person who needs to take a break.

Alternatively, you can also take this dream as a sign to change certain things in your relationship and make fruitful amendments.

69. Mirror

Seeing your own reflection indicates that you keep thinking about yourself. The way you see yourself in the mirror is the way you want others to see you.

If you cannot find your reflection, it simply means that you have no self-identity and have changed for other people because you want others to be happy with you.

70. Miscarriage

Going through a miscarriage in a dream implies that your ideas did not work well. You can also take this as a warning that if you still continue on the same path, the results might not be in your favor.

Hence, it will be beneficial to change your route and do something productive. In case you’re pregnant in your real life, then such dreams are pretty common.

71. Mispronounce

If you’re mispronouncing the words in your dream, it means you are nervous or overexcited regarding a situation in your waking life.

If you hear mispronounced words, it expresses your desire to not hear the things in the first place. Such mispronounced words can also lead to misunderstandings.

72. Missing

If there is something missing in your dream then it feels that things are out of your control and not in an organized manner.

If somebody is missing from your dream then take this as an indication that you have some conflicts or feelings that you need to sort out with that person.

Alternatively, a person might be missing from your dream just because you miss him or her in your real life.

73. Mistress

Having a mistress reflects your desire to end your present relationship. You are just looking for reasons to get out of the relationship.

Alternatively, you feel that you are being neglected and ignored. Also, you feel that you are not able to fulfill the expectations of your partner.

74. Mixing

Mixing something in dream highlights that you are trying to blend the opposite elements of your personality together. You are trying to become more flexible and uncomfortable while dealing with situations in your waking life.

Alternatively, the dream is also an indication that while mixing different factors of your personality together, you’re also trying to ensure that everyone is satisfied with you.

75. Moaning

If you hear moans in your dream, it is asking you to express your feelings. Be more vocal about the things that make you happy and the things that make you uncomfortable.

You hear the moaning because it is your subconscious mind that is trying to divert your attention to a particular circumstance that is not favorable for you in your real life.

76. Mocking

If you’re mocking someone in the dream, it shows that you feel ashamed of a part of yourself. Compare yourself and the other person and find out the similar traits and then try to work on them in your real life.

If somebody is mocking you, then it indicates your low confidence level and that you’re constantly worried about how other people judge you.

77. Model

If you are a model in your dream, it indicates that you have a public image of yourself that you want to show to people. It can be something that is not true for your real self but because it fits the standards of society – you embrace it.

If you build a model vehicle, it suggests that you are progressing in your life and moving ahead.

78. Mohawk

In reality, if you don’t possess a Mohawk, but you dream of having one then it indicates your modern thinking.

You look for creative ideas and try to find out alternate and unique solutions for your problems. You love thinking out of the box.

The accurate dream interpretation for such dreams can be given on the basis of the bond you share with the Mohawk in the dream.

79. Mold

Noticing a mold denotes that there are situations in your life that have been ignored for a long period of time. These situations have led to negative emotions that your subconscious is constantly confronting.

Find out a way to heal yourself and regain control over your life. Alternatively, such dreams are also signs of transformation.

80. Mole

Mole in a dream represents falsehood and betrayal. Some people with their pseudo-identity may deceive you. Someone may conspire against you or vice versa.

With an inquisitive mind, you need to take some strict action to find out the real motives of people you meet. If you see the mole in a naked part of the body it means that someone is trying to tarnish your image of a credible person.

81. Molt

Dreaming about molt indicates natural change. You may go through some personal or financial predicament. This will make you stronger and knowledgeable. The best version of you is yet to come.

If you see any resemblance of the molting animal with any person, it means that person is very adamant and will not change for any cause. Do remember, the one thing that never fails you is the ability to change.

82. Mona Lisa

Seeing Mona Lisa in a dream indicates that the world around you will follow your instincts. If you cry, it will cry and if you laugh, it will laugh.

Presenting yourself in a calculative manner will make you a loving person. It also suggests a deeper subconscious desire to pursue a career in arts.

If the face of the Mona Lisa is cloudy, it means you need to concentrate on whatever you do to achieve good results.

83. Monastery

Monastery in a dream represents your search to find truth and purpose. You will be visiting secluded places to reflect and redefine your way of living. You may come across a guru or a saint.

It also suggests that you may spend some time experimenting and questioning the very existence of yourself. It is a sign that you are done with maintaining demanding relationships. Meditation is key.

84. Monday

Monday in a dream is a sign of hatred toward the monotonous job. It also represents a new beginning after giving a lot of thought and time. It predicts a busy and hectic schedule.

You may also get a chance to participate in some special occasions with eminent personalities. It is also a way of telling you to stop daydreaming and start working. Monday is symbolic of my day.

85. Monitor

Dreaming about a computer monitor indicates a scientific temperament. It means you will avail your quality of being rational and factual.

If you see something popping up on-screen means you may meet an unexpected opportunity or person in the virtual world. 

If you can’t identify the pattern on the screen means you will have to put extra effort into sorting out the upcoming problems. A clear screen suggests that finally, you will get what you have been longing for.

86. Monkey

Monkey in a dream represents a fast-moving and agile life. It warns you to stay vigilant as the people near you might try to hurt or deceit you.

A group of playing monkeys is an indication of your participation in any event or a crowd. A young monkey reminds you of your responsibilities towards family and co-workers. An old monkey alerts you about the fragile nature of life and old age insecurities.

87. Monster

To see a monster is a proof that your life is not normal or peaceful. You may have to deal with some inhumane acts. Also, the animal in you may try to come out to sully your image.

If the monster resembles any person you know, it means you need to beware of him/her. Dreaming of killing a monster implies that you will come out a winner no matter how long the fight goes on.

88. Mood ring

A mood ring in a dream indicates that you are emotionally unstable. The emotional ups and downs, sometimes for no reason, dominate your actions and behavior.

Talking to a mature person or sharing your thoughts with others will make you more calm and serene. If you see the ring on your finger means you get too attached to people.

89. Moon

Watching the moon in a dream is a good sign of getting to know your inner strength and mysterious power. It also suggests an inclination towards any institution or great personality for guidance and direction.

A full moon suggests you will feel complete and satisfied with life. An incomplete moon wants you to stop procrastinating and be punctual.

A moving moon represents change and updates in your perspective and action. Deep inside you possess the ability to shine.

90. Mop

Dreaming about mopping suggests a restart. It means you are ready to let go of your past and begin a new journey in a new way. It tells you to leave your passionless and monotonous life.

Subconsciously it indicates your desire to see things in the new order. You also want a new set of people in your life. An arduous task awaits you. People may not appreciate what you do.

91. Morning

To dream about morning is one of the most auspicious things one can do in sleep. It indicates a departure from darkness to light.

It will break the continuity of grief and despair. You may initiate a new journey as a seeker. Events happening around you will enlighten you.

Further, the weather in the morning is analogous to your attitude. Wake up early, the world is ready for you.

92. Morph

A morph in a dream is a sign of transformation. If you see something morphing into another, it means you need to give up some of your habits and acquire some new skills and knowledge.

Any fear regarding change or newness is affecting your growth. It also suggests an overhaul in the way you lead your life. It’s always a good idea to keep up with changing the world by doing what’s necessary.

93. Mosquito

A mosquito suggests some kind of loss because of your ignorance. Dreaming about a mosquito is a warning that you need to be aware of the environment around you and the people you are working with.

It also indicates that someone with his/her behavior is draining you out of energy and stability. It’s high time you stay away from negative thoughts and people.

94. Mother

Mother in your dream indicates your desire to feel emotionally attached and give love and care to people around you. 

It suggests that either you need love, care or you want to take care of family and children. You may become more sacrificing in your nature.

The role of a mother figure may become significant in your life. You may get some new ideas to start a new business or a relationship.

95. Motorboat

A motorboat in a dream indicates a rapid change and a joyful journey. It means you don’t mourn anything for long and love to move on without any second thought. It also suggests that you may leave everyone behind to live the life of your choice.

You are on a way to become freer and less attached. Spirituality may interest you. Nature and the new places will act as motivation for you.

96. Motorcade

Seeing a running motorcade indicates that you have lost the track of your life and are looking here and there for inspiration.

If you see yourself on a motorcade means you are ready to move on and you no longer require the consent of others to pursue your dream.

The speed of the motorcade is telling you to be responsive and attentive. If you see a motorcade is chasing you, it means you need to relax and rethink your responsibilities and aspirations.

97. Motorcycle

A motorcycle in a dream is a synonym for freedom and adventure. If you see yourself riding a motorcycle, it means you have taken the responsibilities of your life into your own hands. Your desire and goal will rule your actions and behavior.

If you are sitting with someone means you will be supported and loved on this journey. If you are riding it in a public place, it suggests that you no longer believe in people’s ideas of life.

98. Mountains

Mountains in your dream indicate that your aim is high even if it’s hard to achieve it. It also suggests that you may face an adverse situation or encounter a big obstacle in your way.

You may get a chance to travel and cherish the beauties of mountains. It also tells about your strange desire to explore the exotic world. 

99. Mourning

It is certainly not a good omen to dream about mourning. It tells about the hard part of life. You may face some contrasting situations which may disturb your peace.

It’s also an implication of all your adversities finally coming to an end.

100. Mouse

Dreaming about a mouse indicates your ability to survive even in unfavorable circumstances. You may be judged on the basis of fear, courage, and knowledge. You may also encounter some irritating and extroverted people for some time.

If the mouse is eating something it means you will be given a fair chance to prove its existence. If the mouse is dead, it means you are not active in availing the opportunities.