Dream Dictionary for “O”
Dream Dictionary for “O”

1. O

You must be familiar with the expression “oh!” that we commonly use to acknowledge a fact or surprise. Dreaming of the alphabet “O” can indicate this very emotion.

Just like a circle, the letter O is round and wide. It can also mean that you should be vocal about your feelings.

Alternatively, O can be a sexual insinuation for an orgasm or can even represent the number zero.

2. Oak Tree

Dreaming of an oak tree represents vitality, knowledge, power, patience, endurance, and growth. You’ve laid the groundwork for success in some pursuit.

If the tree has acorns, the sign represents your advancement in social status.

3. Oars

Dreaming of oars or using oars represents emotional control. If your rowing pace is fast, it indicates that you need to be more aggressive and focused on your approach.

You are well equipped to make your way through life with the help of your acquired talents and lessons learned.

If you dream of paddling with a single oar, it suggests that you are going nowhere. You require assistance to get out of this situation. It can also mean that you lack a partner.

Losing an oar means you have lost your stride and something you hold dear due to your ill-treatment.

4. Oasis

Your desire for a vacation is symbolized by dreaming of an oasis. You must set some time aside for these guilty pleasures.

The dream of frantically looking for an oasis represents deep-rooted worries, self-doubt, anxiety, and past traumas. You want someone that you can talk to and reach out to when needed.

5. Oath

If you see yourself taking an oath, it symbolizes your desire to know the truth. It also represents your devotion and allegiance.

If you do not agree to take an oath, it means you are hiding something.  

6. Oatmeal

If you see yourself eating oatmeal, it means you are rational. If you are preparing oatmeal, it suggests that you can decide a loved one’s destiny.

If it is a delicious oatmeal cookie that you are snacking on, it implies that sometimes a little indulgence does not harm.

7. Oats

Dreaming of seeing or having oats stands for clarity, support, and transparency. It is essential to have these attributes in your life if you want to lead a comfortable life.

8. Obedience

Dreaming of being obedient suggests that you accept other people who can be in a higher position of power than you. It can mean that you are on a journey of spiritual awakening.

But, if you see someone else showing their obedience to you, it shows your authority, competence, and control. If you dream of a lack of obedience, it indicates your wild nature.

9. Obelisk

Dreaming of an obelisk can hint at your indifferent personality. It will be best if you learned to be a little empathetic towards the people around you.

An obelisk may also have a cultural association with a phallus.

10. Obese

Are you conscious of your weight gain? If so, dreaming of turning obese can indicate your reality and issues with dietary plans. It shows your lack of self-esteem and unacceptance of your body.

Alternatively, it also indicates that you are trying to remain aloof from certain situations and people.

11. Obituary

Dreaming of an obituary means you are letting go of your former attitudes and regressive beliefs.

On the contrary, if you scrutinize your obituary, it suggests you are unaware of your capabilities.

12. Obligation

Dreaming of someone’s obligation to you suggests you will receive a promotion at work. If it’s your obligation towards someone, it shows your duty and sense of commitment.

13. Oblivious

Dreaming of being oblivious indicates that you have limited your concentration on one thing and overlooked other important matters.

Consider this dream to be a warning alarm!

14. Obscene

If you are unhappy and dissatisfied in your sex life, you may dream of something obscene. You will either hear it or visualize it. It can even hint at the things you refuse to accept and embrace about yourself.

If you wish to know more, try to understand your behavior in the dream. If your reaction is worrisome, it suggests guilt and regret.

15. Observatory

To dream of an observatory indicates your high ambitions and dreams. You are sincere about your work.

It may also suggest that you should recognize and accept your spirituality.

16. Obsession

If you see yourself obsessing over something or someone, it may indicate that the troubles you are facing will get better with time. It will not go away easily.

The situation can also be hindering your functionality and affecting your relations in everyday life.

17. Obsidian

Dreaming of an Obsidian indicates that you are true to your roots or need to reconnect with them. However, Obsidian is also a symbol of pain, despair, and lamentation.

18. Obstacle

Dreaming of seeing or facing an obstacle stands for what you need to fight and overcome in your real life.

It can be possible that the dream is guiding you with a solution or a method that will be beneficial in getting out of this tough spot. It can help in getting rid of your doubts and enable you to make a decision.

19. Obstacle courses

If you are going through discomfort and turbulence in your life, you may dream of crossing obstacle courses. If you want to make it to the end, you have to overcome these hurdles.

The obstacle course in your dream can be comparable to your real-life problems.

20. Occultist

Having occult dreams can suggest that you are only searching the surface and not under it.

If you dig a little more, your solution is right there. It would be best if you utilized your wisdom. Your understanding of life is your biggest weapon.

21. Ocean

Dreaming of an ocean can indicate the way you feel about a thing or a situation. It stands for calmness, serenity, enlightenment, and regeneration.

Just like an ocean, it can be that you are feeling powerful and free. It can also be indicative of your optimism and your efforts to push yourself out of boundaries.

To dream of cruising through an ocean implies you are enjoying your freedom. But a storm at the ocean represents your vulnerability. You are trying hard to face the battles. If you kiss the sea bottom, it shows your acceptance of your true emotions.

22. Octagon

Dreaming of an octagon suggests revival, timelessness, and divine awakening.

23. October

Dreaming of October month indicates accomplishment and prosperity in your business. It is synonymous to growth.

24. Octopus

If you have intertwined yourself in a problematic situation, you may dream of an octopus. It can be that your reasoning is ambiguous.

However, if you are too attached and controlling in your relationship, an octopus can also be indicative of that aspect. Dreaming of two octopuses can mean that you are in a mutually dependent, respectful relationship.

25. Odd Numbers

Dreaming of odd numbers suggests that you have unsettled issues and cannot balance life. Your temperament makes it harder to deal with you.

If you want people to stay, keep your anger in control.

26. Odometer

Dreaming of an odometer indicates your progress in life. It acts as a parameter that determines the extent of your growth.

The dream can also mean that you can opt for smaller milestones instead of setting ultimate goals and work on them. You can take the readings of the odometer into account for further analysis of the dream.

27. Odor

We, humans, tend to connect smell with people or memories. So, if you dream of smelling a specific odor, it may be that you remember an incident or a loved one.

Consider the kind of smell – whether sweet or filthy to understand if it is a positive or a negative dream.

28. Offal

Dreaming of eating or seeing offal indicates a feeling of dislike, peculiarly for something raw. It can represent anything awful.

Another interpretation of the dream can be that you are open-minded and do not shy away from new experiences.

29. Offense

To dream of being offended can indicate a situation where you may not have been explicit about your feelings.

Your sensitivity towards the issue is making it hard for you to remain unaffected. Try and find out who the offender is.

If you see yourself offending people, it implies that you have to be careful of other people’s emotions. It can also mean that you have a conflict with your spiritual thoughts and beliefs.

30. Offering

Dreaming that you are offering something indicates that you are apologizing for a mistake of the past.

See what you are offering to know more about the purpose of the surrender. It means you are transferring some portion of your authority.

31. Office

If you tend to bring your work stress back at home, there is a possibility that you will be dreaming of the office. An office also represents utility, vitality, financial position, and prestige in society.

If you dream of an unfamiliar office, chances are that you are trying to compete with someone. You are pitting yourself against that person.

Dreaming of a public office indicates that you don’t make excuses for your actions.

32. Office Chair

Dreaming of an office chair or sitting on it suggests that you are flexible and approachable at work.

It means you are self-assessing your career goals and putting efforts to get to the top.

33. Officer

To dream of an officer symbolizes your desire to become a particularly big group match.

Another interpretation of the dream can be that you want someone to supervise and bring you on the right path.

If you dream of being an officer, it indicates your commanding expertise and accuracy in providing valuable solutions.

34. Offspring

The literal meaning of offspring is children. So, if you dream of your child, it can be that you are trying to care for a specific part of you.

There is a possibility that the dream is asking you to protect the innocent child in you.

35. Ogre

Dreaming of an ogre stands for self-assessment and control. It means you are aware of your shortcomings and want to rectify them.

36. Oil

Dreaming of oil can have innumerable interpretations.

In some cases, you may require oil for a steady flow. If it is a regular oil, it shows that you want things to happen effortlessly.

  • It can also indicate that you need to allow feelings of love and empathy to grow more in your life. It may also stand for a person who is free-spirited and easy to vibe with.
  • If it is baby oil, it suggests that you need to look after the child in you. Pamper it at times, and take a break from the monotony.
  • If it is crude oil, it means that abundance and luxury are on your way. It can also indicate the wastage of assets. So, be careful with your wealth and also look out for the environment.
  • If it is massaging oil, it directly relates to your sensuality. It can be that you need to express your desires clearly.

37. Oil Lamp

If the oil lamp you see in your dream is burning, it stands for renewal, wisdom, and a change in perception. The lamp can also indicate that you are seeking some recognition and comfort.

If you see the oil spilling out of the lamp, it means you are exhausted. There may be some areas in your life that are missing energy and determination.

38. Oil Spill

Dreaming of an oil spill indicates you are emotionally tired. The relationships you hold close and value are going through a tough phase. It is affecting your mental health and disturbing your sanity.

39. Ointment

If you are someone who has lost a lot lately, don’t worry! You are on your healing journey. Dreaming of ointment suggests your past wounds will cure soon.

40. Old

Dreaming of an old thing indicates that something needs replacement. It can also be that you need to get back something in your present life.

If you see yourself as an older person, it suggests that you have made the correct decisions in life. Alternatively, it can mean that you don’t want to grow old or have an outdated outlook on life.

41. Olives

Dreaming of eating or seeing olives suggest everlasting life and endurance. Seeing an olive tree or its branch indicates settlement, resolving issues, truce, and faith.

If it’s an olive leaf crown, it means the hardship will be over. You will come out stronger.

42. Olympics

Dreaming of being a participant in the Olympics shows your competitiveness. You put in the effort to get something.

The Olympics is also a symbol of solidarity. It may hint that you need to stick together and keep disagreements aside.

However, the easiest interpretation is that you want to compete in the Olympics.

43. Omelet

Dreaming of an omelet suggests that you are going to have a good day. You are on the correct path, don’t falter.

Alternatively, it can also indicate that just like you need to break eggs to make an omelet, you need to cut off some habits and people. It is the only way to be where you want to be.

44. Omen

Dreaming of an omen suggests that you have worries about your future. Things are not going your way, and you want to control them.

45. One-Eyed

Dreaming of having only one eye suggests that you don’t value others’ opinions. You only care about yours and refuse to acknowledge anything beyond your thinking.

46. Onions

Dreaming of eating onions or simply onions suggests that you need to dig deep if you wish to go to the end of a problem. It can also indicate that you will soon uncover the truth.

If the onion in your dream makes you cry, it shows that you are not true.

47. Online Game

Dreaming of you enjoying an online game suggests that you are diverting your mind from the real issues. You desire to be in control of things. Alternatively, it can mean that you are playing it too frequently.

If it is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, it suggests cooperation and assistance. You cannot always do everything on your own. It can also mean that you are trying to fill a void.

48. Onyx

Seeing an onyx stands for mental peace, self-reliance, and union. On the contrary, it can also suggest an unfamiliar control and authority.

49. Opal

Dreaming of an opal indicates your sex drive and urges. It suggests that you need to make your relationship interesting and romantic.

Alternatively, opals can also stand for heartache, pain, and misery.

50. Opening

Dreaming of an opening suggests that your life will take a positive turn. An influential person will walk into your life and motivate you. You will finally receive that much-needed push to work on your goals.

If you dream of opening anything, it means you are releasing your potential. It stands for self-discovery, healing, growth, and new chances.

51. Opera

Dreaming of watching an opera suggests you want greater things. The sky is your limit. Alternatively, there can be a possibility that you are overreacting to a situation.

52. Operation

If you see yourself undergoing an operation, it implies that you have to cut ties with something or someone. You shouldn’t have it in your life.

If you are doing someone’s operation, it suggests that you have to confront some painful emotions and bottled-up thoughts.

If it is a military operation, the situation at hand requires a systematic execution. It is advisable not to hurry and complicate it.

53. Operator

Dreaming of an operator suggests that you are subconsciously seeking help. You want a person to guide and motivate you.

54. Opium

To dream of smoking or seeing opium indicates your escaping nature. You are not willing to face the problem and are using opium as a distraction. You are unnecessarily dragging an issue and avoiding coming to a decision.

It would be best if you stopped depending on others and solved it yourself. Alternatively, opium can also suggest that you need to relax.

55. Opponent

Dreaming of an opponent is indicative of your inner conflicts. Your opponent can be the part of you that you are trying to fight.

It can be a hurtful encounter, a horrific incident, guilt, or your insecurities. Think about what you are fighting against, and you will know the real interpretation of your dream.

56. Opposite Sex

All our lives, we have been pitted against the opposite sex. It is natural to want to belong to the other gender.

Dreaming of being from our opposite sex suggests the same. It is indicative of the traits or qualities that we want to adopt from the other.

57. Optometrist

To dream of an optician or an optometrist indicates that you lack clarity in a situation. You are unable to see things from a different perspective.

58. Oracle

An oracle represents your belief in the concept of destiny. It is indicative of the situation you are in and shows your need to know your future.

Dreaming of an oracle can also suggest that it is best to incorporate some positivity into your life and look out for the good things.

59. Oral Sex

There are two ways of looking into oral sex. Either you are giving it to someone, or you are at the receiving end of it.

The only common thing is the receptiveness towards pleasure. It is the coming together of positive energies and an affirmation of your decision.

It can also mean that you need to communicate your sexual wants with your partner. Or that you are fulfilling your sexual desires.

But if you are giving oral sex to yourself, it shows that you are not dependent on your partner for pleasure.

60. Orange Juice

If you see an orange juice or are drinking one, it suggests that you need to regain your energy and spunk. You can also look into the letters O and J.

If you dream of spilling orange juice, it indicates that you need to mix with people and interact with them. You cannot always be on your own.

61. Oranges

Dreaming of an orange tree stands for well-being, fitness, growth, and abundance. But if you see yourself devouring oranges, it means you are content in your life. You are no longer a part of the rat race. You are at peace with where you are in life.

Alternatively, oranges can also indicate that you need to increase your stamina and energy.

62. Orangutan

An orangutan is a playful animal. So, dreaming of an orangutan can be a representation of your wild nature and sexual playfulness. It can suggest your wish for experimentation in the bedroom.

Alternatively, it can be that you are a victim of manipulation. Someone close to you may be using you for their benefit.

63. Orb

Dreaming of an orb can direct towards authenticity and sudden awareness. If something was bothering you for long, you have now got your solution.

An orb can also be the physical representation of your psyche. Your subconscious is advising you to do something.

Look out for the orb’s color; it will be helpful to know if the dream is directed towards a positive side or a negative. A multi-color orb stands for positive reinforcement.

64. Orca

Dreaming of an orca can suggest that you need to socialize and articulate what you want. Alternatively, it can indicate spirituality. You are ready to conquer your emotions.

65. Orchard

If you want to explore parenthood, dreaming of an orchard is a positive indication. It symbolizes potency and virility.

But if you see yourself walking in an orchard, it symbolizes your chances of accomplishing things. It stands for prosperity and happiness.

66. Orchestra

Dreaming of being a part of an orchestra can direct towards settlement, alliance, and union. It means that you are aware that you need to blend different learning experiences to lead a happy life.

Another interpretation can be that you want the society to accept you. You are okay losing your identity for that acceptance.

If the music of the orchestra soothes you, it shows your association with humankind. You are compassionate to the things you believe.

If you dream of conducting an orchestra, it suggests that you want to be in command. It shows that you love to control and manage people. It can also be a metaphor for devising a plan.

67. Orchids

Orchids are beautiful flowers, and you can give them to your loved ones on various occasions.

To dream of orchids can indicate tenderness, grace, courtship, desire, and passion. It can suggest that you need to give time and affection to a particular relationship for it to bloom.

Alternatively, it can also mean that good fortune surrounds you.

68. Ore

Dreaming of an ore suggests that you are in the course of accepting some things that you have learned in life.

You have to now learn from the mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat them. Apply these lessons to eradicate your current issues. You may have to dissect them to come to a proper conclusion.

69. Organ

If you dream of playing or hearing an organ, it reflects your connection with your God and your moral values. The dream can also impersonate a penis.

If you dream of your bodily organs, it can be that you are stressing about your health.

70. Organist

Dreaming of an organist suggests unity and conduct. You need to develop the ability to accept and communicate your religious beliefs.

71. Organize

Dreaming of organizing something suggests that you need to set your priorities straight. It will help if you have support and security to resolve certain issues. Look at the thing you are arranging and relate it with your life.

Another interpretation of the dream can be that you are in a pothole. You follow the same routine every day.

72. Orgasm

To dream of an orgasm suggests that you are finishing something exciting. Think of the things you have recently done.

Alternatively, dreaming of orgasm can also direct towards the lack of sex in your life.

Dreaming of not getting an orgasm indicates your frustration and dissatisfaction in life. This unhappiness is not always related to sex.

73. Orgy

Dreaming of an orgy can be indicative of your repressed sexuality and fetishes. It can be possible that you are rigid in your sex life and should try out new things with your partner.

There may also be a disorientation in the way your energies collide during the union.

74. Orient

If you see yourself inside the orient, it implies rejuvenation, foresight, and knowledge. It can also mean that you need to reassess your choices and ambitions.

75. Origami

Are you a creative person? If so, dreaming of making an origami makes complete sense.

It shows your ability to construct something beautiful from scratch. Your imagination comes alive on paper through the art of origami.

It can also mean that you can write well. Look at the object you make, and see what it stands for.

76. Ornament

Dreaming of an ornament indicates something that you like doing in life. Especially the things that make you happy. It can also represent a divine reward.

77. Oriole

Dreaming of an oriole stands for anything positive – like the sun, prosperity, and renewal. It can also represent the summer season.

78. Orphan

Dreaming of an organ indicates your anxiety about being deserted. You feel left alone and shunned. If you are the orphan in your dream, it means that you need to be self-reliant.

The dream may also be informing you that you have immense love to give to others. It will help if you do not undervalue yourself.

79. Orphanage

Dreaming of being in an orphanage can imply two things – either you have some attachment or don’t. It is indicative of your loneliness. You may believe that people don’t understand you or your struggles.

If you escape from an orphanage, it represents your wish to be free of particular constraints or norms. You are attempting to find your unique spot.

80. Orthodontist

In your dream, seeing an orthodontist indicates your insecurities about your looks. Alternatively, the dream may represent a loss of power.

81. Ostrich

To dream of having an encounter with an ostrich means you are detaching from reality. You are living in your universe and are refusing to accept something.

Alternatively, the ostrich can represent legitimate facts and lawfulness. Dreaming of an ostrich egg suggests revival.

82. Otter

Dreaming of an otter indicates euphoria, merrymaking, and wealth. You are effortlessly and joyfully handling your emotions.

83. Ottoman

Dreaming of seeing or using an ottoman represents tranquility. It’s time for you to calm down and allow yourself some time.

84. Otoscope

To dream of seeing or utilizing an otoscope means you need to take special notice of anything you are missing out on in real life.

85. Ouija Board

Dreaming of an Ouija board suggests that something is breaking apart. Everything is not going your way.

Alternatively, it might indicate that you are willing to take some chances to progress. It can also be that the dream wants you to communicate with your psyche.

If you have a dream of the Ouija board not working, it means that your quest for gratification will lead to your destruction and collapse. Alternatively, the dream may suggest that you are allowing negativity to enter your life.

86. Outbreak

If you dream about an outbreak, it means you are allowing negativity to control your actions. Resentment is overpowering your feelings.

87. Outcast

Dreaming of being an outcast implies some component of oneself that has undergone a rejection. Perhaps you need to let go of an attribute or habit.

88. Outer Space

Dreaming about outer space symbolizes your limitless ability to create. Alternatively, you can interpret the dream as a metaphor for something that appears out of the blue.

89. Outhouse

Dreaming of seeing an outhouse means you need to be more honest about your feelings. You’re suppressing something, particularly related to your feelings.

90. Outlaw

Dreaming about being an outlaw represents the suppressed and wild element of your personality.

Alternatively, it can also imply that you don’t like following rules. You consider yourself superior.

91. Oval

Seeing an oval signifies the genitalia, womb, and womanly attributes. The oval form likewise represents your appearance and spiritual vitality.

92. Ovaries

Dreaming of your ovaries denotes a desire for parenthood. The dream can also represent fertility, expansion, or a fresh start.

93. Oven

Dreaming of a hot oven represents devotion, fidelity, emotions, dedication, intimacy, and selflessness.

An oven, on the other hand, represents the womb. You are either looking forward to or dreading having children.

The dream can also be a pregnancy indicator. If you dream of a toy oven, it indicates deceit.

94. Oven Mitts

To dream of seeing or using oven mitts means you are going through an emotional dilemma or problem that requires careful attention.

The dream might be a metaphor for getting burnt by a working idea or a love connection if you are careless.

95. Overcoat

Dreaming of wearing an overcoat indicates that you are protecting yourself from the hardships of life. You are behind a safe wall.

96. Overalls

Overalls in a dream symbolize clumsy, careless attitudes and jumbled ideas. It might also represent your relaxed and easy-going demeanor.

The dream might also be a play on the complete picture. It would help if you considered the whole scenario.

97. Owl

Dreaming of an owl can symbolize knowledge, power, wisdom, miracle, and values. It means you are in sync with your psyche and intuition. But the same owl can also signify alarming factors such as death and darkness.

The looks of the owl can be suggestive of some negative connotations and past mistakes.

If you dream of a snow owl or a white owl, it is indicative of your insight and comprehension.

Hearing an owl’s hoot in your dream foreshadows disillusionment and death. Your subconscious mind may be trying to grab your attention.

A dream in which you see a dead owl denotes disease or fatality. This death can be the termination of a bad habit or a major life shift.

Dreaming that an owl is attempting to pluck your eyes out indicates a lack of understanding. You are refusing to confront an issue.

Dreaming of an owl’s feathers suggests that you should share your understanding of life with people around you.

98. Ox

Seeing an ox symbolizes a combination of masculine force and womanly mystery. You have a good understanding of the opposite sex.

An ox, on the other hand, represents dedication, power, and dependability.

99. Oxygen

The symbolism of oxygen in dreams is regeneration and creative force. You have been rejuvenated and revived. If you lack oxygen, it means you are feeling trapped and strangled in a situation.

100. Oyster

Eating oysters in a dream represents sexual desire and satisfaction. Oysters represent charm, humility, prosperity, and knowledge.

Oysters, on the other hand, suggest that you are sealing yourself up and ghosting others. Alternatively, the dream might be informing you that the world is yours to rule.

Dreaming of oyster shells suggests monetary issues.