Dream Dictionary for C
Dream Dictionary for C

1. Letter ‘C’

When you dream of the letter ‘C’, it indicates that you are not giving your best. You are just being average.

You can also take this dream as a pun on ‘seeing’. This dream is reflecting that you aren’t paying much attention to the necessary details and so you should observe things carefully.

2. Cab

If you dream of hailing a cab, then this is a sign that you are in a difficult situation and in need of help. You should ask your near ones to support you. Only then, you will be able to move out of the problem in real life.

If you see yourself sitting in a cab, this dream indicates that someone is fooling you to complete their selfish motives.

3. Cabana

Everyone has their own shares of ups and downs. There are times in life when you want to run away somewhere. This is your subconscious asking for a break or escape from the problem.

The dreams about a cabana indicate the same thing: that you want a break or a vacation from the existing problems in your real life.

4. Cabbage

Dreams about cabbage denote that you are wasting your time on petty things. Don’t take everything at heart. Focus more on the challenges of life to grow yourself.

Such dreams also mean that you need to rethink some life decisions. They might not be the best choices for you.

5. Cabin

To see yourself in a wood cabin in a dream reflects that you will become successful in your life because of your hard work. Your labor will pay off and help you become independent. You will have everything you desire and still stay humble because you prefer simplicity more than luxury.

If you see yourself in a ship cabin, then this is a sign that you are escaping from your emotions.

6. Cabinet

A cabinet in a dream denotes a female body or the womb. It can also mean that you are hiding a secret. You need to focus on the other details of the dream more to know its accurate meaning.

If somebody rearranged your cabinets in the dream, then this shows that somebody is trying to enter your boundaries.

7. Cable

When you dream about cable, it reflects your durability. If you see the cable broken, then it denotes that you are weak and broken. You need to rebuild your strength.

If you have dreams regarding cable television, it means you are open to understanding other’s perceptions and are free to communicate about anything.

8. Cable car

Dreams about cable cars signify the journey of your life. It denotes that you are moving in the correct direction. This doesn’t mean everything is easy-going for you.

Instead, you compromise many times to maintain peace. Sometimes, you also have to walk along with the masses to maintain tranquility.

9. Cut

To find cuts on your body in the dream indicates that you are let down by others. If the cuts are on your leg, then there’s an imbalance in your life and it’s difficult for you to speak for yourself.

If you are cutting yourself in the dream, this denotes that you are going through tough situations in waking life. To disconnect yourself from such painful situations, you are ready to harm yourself.

10. Cactus

Seeing a cactus implies that you feel attacked or suffocated. Your privacy is being invaded. You want to keep your public and private life separate. But it seems like you are stuck in situations. The only way for you here is to adapt to the situation instead of trying to change it.

11. Cadaver

When you see yourself dissecting a cadaver in a dream, it means that you are ready to reveal a part of yourself that nobody knows. This indicates that a part of you has died and now you are ready to show the world another version of you.

Alternately, it can also mean that you have given everything for a relationship to work yet you always received betrayal.

12. Crocodile

A crocodile in a dream stands for freedom and power. It indicates your strength for fighting even the hidden threats. You will soon realize that someone close to you is trying to betray you behind your back.

Another meaning also implies that you are aggressive and snappy or you are good at showing false emotions.

13. Coffee

Dreaming about drinking coffee reveals that you need more knowledge on a topic before making a decision. You are going too fast. Take some pause and rethink your decisions.

If you dream about having coffee with someone, it means that you have started developing feelings for the person in your dream.  It can also display your hospitality skills.

14. Café/cafeteria

To see yourself in a café in a dream is a sign that you need to catch up with your old friends. It indicates your social life.

On the other hand, if you dream about being in a cafeteria, it also means that you are overwhelmed with too many issues around you.

15. Cage

To see yourself in a cage in a dream represents that you are feeling helpless in your life. You feel as if someone has trapped you and your inner self is struggling to move out of the situation. It can be anything related to your personal or professional life.

If you see yourself putting a wild animal in a cage, it can represent that you have succeeded in fighting your fears. You can control any difficult situation that crosses your way.

16. Cage fighting

Cage fighting reflects that you feel restricted and trapped. Your inner self is struggling to come out in its original form. This can also be because of contradictory ideas or thoughts.

Talk to the one who is trying to control you. Put forward your ideas to lighten the situation.

17. Cake

Whenever we cut a cake, we share it with others. The same message is passed through the dream also that you have to share your work. Don’t overload yourself.

Cakes are also a symbol of selfishness because you’ll always desire an equal share like others. If you see a cake that’s half-eaten, it indicates that you have missed some opportunities in life.

18. Calculator

To see a calculator in a dream is a representation that you need to think deeper and make wise choices. Analyze all the options around you, list the pros and cons and then make an informed decision.

A calculator is used as a symbol here that you need to ‘calculate’ what is best for you.

19. California

California is also called the Golden State. It reflects your desire to gain immediate profits. It could also mean that you desire fame.

However, if you are living in California, you might just be reflecting on your city in your dreams and there’s nothing serious about it.

20. Caliper

If you are using a caliper in a dream, it reveals your concerns to match the standards set by society. You are constantly hustling to meet the expectations of others that you barely get time for yourself.

This also means that you need to think twice before deciding things that are beneficial for you.

21. Calling card

Calling cards are all about remembering the times with a person and reaching out to them. So, these dreams indicate the same thing. You need to talk to somebody who is close to you.

If there’s a name already written on the calling card, then it is a sign that the named person is connected with you on spiritual grounds.

22. Calm

Who doesn’t like to live a calm life? Calmness in dreams signifies that you are living a fulfilling life. You are satisfied with whatever you have in your life.

On the contrary, if you see somebody calming you, it is an indication that you are about to experience setbacks in life if you don’t know how to control your emotions.

23. Calomel

Calomel is a sign of rivalry in dreams. When you see yourself taking calomel, it is a sign that you are being influenced. Someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Be alert and observe your surroundings. Do not keep blind faith in anyone and make rational decisions that can be helpful in the future.

24. Calves

Seeing calves in a dream represents movement. It denotes that you are capable of jumping from one situation to another.

If you see yourself showing affection to your own calves, this means you need somebody to love you. You are looking for a partner to share a codependent relationship.

25. Camel

Seeing a camel is a sign that you must be more conservative. You are already burdened with many responsibilities. It is not easy for you to release your emotions.

Instead, you prefer to cling onto them that causes more problems. The best thing to do is to go with the flow.

Petting a camel in a dream implies that you are ready to shed some baggage off your shoulders.

26. Competition

When you dream of competition, this reflects your urge to grow. Perseverance is the key to your growth. Be optimistic. Don’t let negativity control you. This dream can also be a sign of the competition you are facing in real life.

If you see yourself win the competition, it means that you already possess the tools to solve your problems.

27. Camera

Camera captures memories. You can refer back to your past through these memories. Hence, seeing a camera in a dream means you are clinging to your past or focusing on a specific issue.

To see a camera broken denotes that you are not seeing the bigger picture of the issue. If you cannot find your camera, it indicates that you are easily distracted.

28. Camouflage

Dreaming about camouflage means you are hiding your real self from everybody. It can also be about hiding your emotions in waking life.

Another meaning of it also indicates that you just want to stay in the background of the situation and be a silent player.

29. Camper

Living in a camper is a sign that it is high time that you move on. Being stuck in the same situation is going to lead you nowhere. Learn to let things go in your life and move forward.

It can also showcase your desire to become independent and less restricted. You might want to make your own decisions.

30. Clover

A three-leaf clover indicates your past, present, and future.

A four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck and happiness. It is a sign that you will be blessed with fame, money, health, and love. A problem that you were encountering for a long time is now about to end.

31. Camping

The dream about camping is signaling you to take a break and relax. You deserve this break. Get back to a simple routine and allow some peace to enter your mind.

It also reflects on your friends and family. You are looking for a place where you can belong while not losing your independence.

32. Can

A can in a dream is a sign that you need to hold on to certain things from the past and preserve them. Take this as a pun that you ‘can’ do something and how you ‘can’ do it. Believe in your abilities. You will achieve success.

Canned foods in dreams are a sign that you have a habit of keeping your emotions to yourself.

33. Ceremony

If you dream about a ceremony, your subconscious is passing you a message. It is trying to tell you that in order to become successful, you need to work harder and compromise on certain factors.

You will encounter critical moments where you will have to give long-term commitments. So, it is better you look into yourself and discover what you really want.

34. Canal

A canal in your dream indicates that you are restricting your emotions. The suppressed emotions will create problems in the later phase of life.

You are not open to changes and are trying to control your life and goals a lot. This will only harm you in the coming time.

35. Cancer

When you dream about you having cancer, it is a symbol of hopelessness and self-pity. You feel your life is wasted. You will also encounter the issues that bother you in your dream.

Instead, if you see that you are being treated for cancer, then it symbolizes that positive things are waiting for you.

36. Candle

A lit candle in a dream represents luck and hope. This means you will eventually become successful in your chosen path. At present, you are comfortable in your life. The lit candles are also a symbol of self-awareness and intellect.

Similarly, if a candle is unlit, this signifies that you will encounter disappointments. You are not making optimum use of your talents.

37. Clouds

Seeing fluffy clouds in a dream is an indication of peace and harmony. It means the problems of your life are getting solved.

If you see dark or stormy clouds, then it represents anger and disappointment. Your emotions are unbalanced. This is why you will face problems while making a decision.

38. Candy

Eating or seeing candy in a dream implies that your life is about to be filled with joy. You will have occasions to celebrate and spend time with near ones.

But all this will happen only if you stop dedicating your time to petty issues. Set your priorities and pay more attention to your goals.

39. Cane

Cane in a dream suggests that you need guidance. You want some trustworthy person to help you. A cane is also a sign of somebody you can depend upon.

If you dream about being caned, it is a symbol that you are forced to do something. This dream is also a reflection of self-guilt.

40. Cockroach

Cockroach signifies dirt. Your surroundings are unclean and you might need to renew them. It’s time for you to review a few important aspects of your life. When you do this, you will understand that some problems are caused by your behavior and you need to work on that.

To dream of pet cockroaches in an aquarium means that you are not ready to let go of the negativity within you.

41. Captain

Captain is the one who leads. So, if you see that you are the captain in your dream, it means that you are responsible for your emotions. You are also in charge of the problems in your life.

But if you see someone else as a captain, it resembles that you have a strong influence on others.

42. Captive

If you are held captive in your dream, it indicates that you are trapped in some instances of your life. You are doing things unwillingly. This can be regarding a particular situation, career, personal life, or any other matter.

This dream also holds another meaning – you know something but you aren’t ready to accept the fact.

43. Car

Possessing a car in a dream means you are ambitious and are ready to navigate through the struggles to reach your goal.

If you are in the driver’s seat of the car, this means you have total control over your life.  But if you are in the passenger seat, then you are leading a passive role.

However, if you are seated in the backseat, this is an indication that you are allowing other people to take charge of your life.

44. Clothing

The first impression of people is through their clothes. So, if you are dreaming about clothing, it is a sign that you are conscious of other people’s judgment.

When you are wearing clothes that don’t suit you, this means you are trying to trick others with your unusual self.

If you are wearing dirty clothes, it implies that you need to change a few old habits.

45. Car show

Being in a car show highlights the point that you want everyone’s attention. You love living a flashy and luxurious lifestyle. This doesn’t fit well with your inner traits.

If you are dreaming of flaunting your car in a car show, it stands for your pride. You want the people to recognize your work and achievements.

46. Cards

Winning a card game isn’t easy. You need to have different strategies. The same thing holds true for your dream also. The dream about cards stands for your strategic power.

If you are shuffling the cards in your dream, it means that you are indecisive. You need to reconsider your choices.

47. Cargo

Loading cargo in a dream indicates that you are carrying heavy baggage in your real life. You feel overwhelmed with responsibilities.

On the contrary, if you are unloading the cargo, this is a sign that you are fed up with the baggage and are ready to get rid of it. You are even ready to let go of your toxic habits.

48. Carnival

Carnival dreams represent deception. It means there is a lack of peace in your life. There are going to be more disappointments instead of pleasant times.

Being on a carnival ride denotes that you are just moving round and round without a destination.

49. Carpet

Carpets in a dream signifies protection from harsh times. A carpet can also stand as a symbol of luxury and comfort.

If you see yourself laying down a carpet, it implies that you are giving your best to make your life comfortable. You can also be planning to start some new projects.

A magic carpet in a dream foretells your desire to rescue from tough times and responsibilities.

50. Cartoon

Dreaming about cartoons indicates that you are not serious about your life. Another possible meaning of this dream suggests that you are trying to escape from the distressing situations. This dream is only to make you feel lighthearted and laugh at your mistakes.

If you are watching cartoons in a dream, this tells that you have still not understood the real world.

51. Cartwheels

Doing cartwheels in a dream means you know how to balance your life. You are informed about how to maintain positivity in life.

If you are having difficulties in doing cartwheels, then this suggests that you lack confidence in your own skills. This may be because you lack discipline or are overwhelmed with other tasks.

52. Carving

When you see yourself carving wood in a dream, it reflects your creativity. This means you are transforming your subconscious energy into reality.

Instead of wood, if you are carving meat, this is a sign that you are trying to leave some situation. It may be a relationship or a profession that has become toxic for you.

53. Casket

Casket in a dream stands for the womb. It represents your fear of death. If you see an empty casket, it suggests irreconcilable differences. If you see a coffin, it indicates that it is time for you to bury some thoughts and adapt to new ones.

When you see a body in a casket, it denotes that you are undergoing a period of depression.

54. Casino

If you see yourself in a casino in the dream, this suggests that you are a risk-taker and love challenges.

In case you are an introvert, then such a dream means that you must take a chance. But if you are an extrovert, it asks you to think twice before making a decision. Reconsider your thoughts to make an informed choice.

55. Castle

A castle in a dream is a sign of honor and recognition. Your fate is in your support and you will be blessed with wealth and reputation.

If you are living in a castle while you are dreaming, this is a sign that you need security. Otherwise, you may have to live in solitude.

If you are standing outside a castle door, this means you have missed some great opportunities in your life.

56. Cat

A cat is a symbol of creativity, independence, and feminine sexuality. It also brings you ill fate.

If you see an aggressive cat, this denotes that you are in conflict with your feminine version. If you fear cats, this means you fear becoming feminine.

A cat with no tail in a dream stands for the lost freedom.

57. Cat eyes

Cat eyes in dreams indicate you can easily find your path through stormy situations too. You know how to balance the situations and bring out positivity from every incident.

If a cat has glowing blue eyes, this is a sign for you to change your perspective. Accept the truth. You might feel enlightened after learning a few things.

58. Catch

Catching things in dreams means you need to include something more in your waking life. Suppose, when you catch a ball, it indicates that you need something to make your life well-rounded.

If you are catching a fish, you need to divert your focus to spirituality. Playing a game about catch reflects that you aren’t much bothered about your life.

59. Catcher

If you are a baseball catcher in your dream, then you must be ready to accept whatever comes your way. Take the dream as a warning to be prepared. You can take it as a metaphor.

Compare the dream with a date. This means you need to catch your date. Maybe you are unsure about the person you went out with. Take this dream as a sign.

60. Cattle

Cattle in a dream warn you to be careful. You are about to face troubles in your relationship. If you see a herd of cattle, this means you lack individuality. You are accustomed to following the crowd.

A stampede of cattle resembles that things are getting out of your control in your waking life.

61. Catwalk

When you see yourself doing a catwalk, it represents that you are filled with confidence. You enjoy being in the limelight. You love being appreciated and known for your talents and potential.

A possible meaning of this dream also suggests that you use your physical outlook to get your work done. It is now time that you discover your true self.

62. Caught

Dream about being caught signifies your fears and weaknesses. You fear that you wouldn’t be accepted as a part of society if you don’t follow their norms. Look deeper into the matters. Consider the situations and the course of action.

The dream also suggests that you are hyper-vigilant with your near ones.

63. Cauldron

A cauldron in a dream denotes that it is now time to transform yourself. Leave the older version of you and change with the time.

Dreams about cauldrons also suggest talks about destiny. There’s a spiritual force that’s trying to control you. A prediction also states that the cauldron is associated with fertility.

64. Cauliflower

Eating a cauliflower in a dream resembles purity and perfection. The dream talks about your disappointments and how you need to let everything pass and make yourself happy. Focus on developing yourself. Then, your problems will disappear.

Dreams about cauliflower also signify your brain.

65. CD

Seeing a CD in a dream indicates that you need to relax. Distract yourself from the problems and enjoy yourself for a while. It also suggests that there are opportunities on the way that you can grab.

To see yourself giving away a CD means that you are trying to convey your thoughts to a person through the songs.

66. Ceiling

When you dream about ceilings, it reflects your mental perspective. It can also indicate the boundaries you have created for yourself.

If you dream about the ceiling damaged with water, this suggests that you are undergoing some emotional trauma. You keep suppressing these feelings which are creating bigger problems for you.

67. Celebration

Celebration symbolizes your growth. This is a dream to appreciate yourself for whatever you have achieved. It is to reflect your victory and accomplishments.

A celebration is also a sign of freedom. These dreams are common for the ones who are looking forward to a turning point in their lives.

68. Celebrities

If you see yourself as a celebrity in the dream, this is a sign that your goals are beyond your present abilities. It will only lead to disappointments.

On the other hand, if you visualize your friend as a celebrity, this indicates your fear of losing your bond with the person.

69. Cell phone

Using a cell phone in a dream implies that you are open to learning new information. It also highlights your mobility.

Losing your cell phone suggests that you lack communication. You are losing the emotional feelings for someone or yourself. If you found your lost phone, this indicates you are open to reconnecting to others.

70. Cemetery

Dreams about the cemetery indicate that a certain aspect of your personality or life is about to end. You will experience transformation. Simply put, this dream stands for grief and disappointments.

To clean a cemetery in a dream means you are cleaning your past. You are paying respect to your past and the place you belong.

71. Censor

Censoring dreams denote that you are restricted from expressing your views, thoughts, and feelings. You are in an unhealthy relationship.

If you see that something is being censored, this is a warning sign for you. There are still facts hidden. Know everything before making a decision.

72. Chair

Chair in a dream asks you to have a break. Sit down and think of the situation. Just relax. Alternatively, such a dream can also mean that your feelings are being neglected.

If someone is offering you a chair in the dream, this is a sign that you must seek someone for advice.

73. Chairlift

When you dream about a chairlift, it implies that you are achieving success and are countering your fears. You are trying to release your suppressed emotions.

Riding a chairlift in a dream is a sign that you are proactive. You are just going with the flow in your waking life.

74. Chakra

Dreaming about chakra indicates that your spiritual energy is blocked. You need to release your emotions.

The crown chakra stands for wisdom. The brown chakra indicates the third eye whereas the throat chakra is for how you express your feelings.

The heart chakra highlights the love you hold for everyone and the solar plexus chakra defines your bond with others.

The hara chakra is related to sexual desires whereas the base chakra reflects physical life.

75. Chalkboard

A chalkboard in a dream represents a classroom. This can be associated with the issues from your school. You learn a lesson in this dream. You feel like you are being tested.

Alternatively, it also reflects your debts since they are tests you go through in your waking life. If you are writing on a chalkboard, then your hands will get dirty in a few instances.

76. Character

If you are playing a character in your dream, this means you are running away from your responsibilities and are trying to burden it on someone else.

It can also suggest that you are pretending to do something. Or else, you are pretending to be someone you are not. The best thing to do here is to observe the situations in real life where you are not your true self.

77. Chase

Being chased in a dream denotes that you are escaping from a situation. It talks about your insecurity.

If you see yourself being chased by an animal, you are reflecting your own anger on the animal. And this is why you are running away from your fears.

If you are chasing someone in your dream, then you want them to help you with a difficult situation.

78. Cheating

Cheating your partner in a dream stands for self-guilt and betrayal. You have wasted your energy in unproductive endeavors. Such dreams also denote your sexual desires towards someone.

If you dreamt that your partner cheated on you, then you fear losing your relationship. You feel your partner is not spending time with you or you are unable to fulfill their expectations.

79. Check

Dreams about check indicate that you are indebted to others. As the name says ‘check’, you can take it as a pun by checking on others.

A blank check in a dream highlight that you have hidden potentials that you have never made use of.

However, a checkmark suggests that your work has been approved. Your hard work will pay you the results.

80. Checkerboard

A checkerboard has many slots. Similarly, dreams about checkerboard highlight many aspects of your life.

It showcases your struggle between the good and the bad. You can also consider this as a symbol of your ‘checkered’ past. Maybe you made some mistakes in your past that still haunt you.

81. Cheeks

To dream about cheeks indicates commitment and intimacy. It represents your strong character and beliefs. Mind well, the cheeks are also slang for butt.

If you see rosy-colored cheeks, it symbolizes your energy and enthusiasm. if the cheeks are sunken, they represent struggles and disappointments. Painted cheeks reflect courage.

82. Chess

Playing chess in a dream asks you to be a careful thinker. Analyze all the facets of a situation when you are making a decision.

The dark squares of a chessboard stand for the negative aspects whereas the light square denotes the positive aspects of your life.

If the king chess piece is in danger, it is an indication that a female may try to stifle you.

83. Chest

A chest in a dream represents confidence. On the contrary, it can also hold true when you are overwhelmed and need to get something off your chest.

If you are beating on your chest, this is a sign of victory. Your goals will be accomplished in the near future.

Apart from all this, if you dream of a wooden chest, this means you have been suppressing your own needs for a long time now.

84. Chicken

Chickens in a dream symbolize you are running low on your willpower. You love to gossip about others. You need to pay attention to people’s feedback about you.

A rubber chicken in a dream asks you to be silly sometimes. Life is about struggles but you also need to enjoy life while overcoming those struggles.

85. Child

Dreaming of being a child and also having the feeling of it in adulthood is an extraordinary one. It relieves the burden of responsibilities, giving us joy.

As children, we seek protection and guidance. To dream about saving a child can also resonate with the feeling of you saving yourself.

86. Children

Noticing children in your dreams determines your childlike qualities. We tend to go back to see how we were as children, seeking to persuade our incomplete wishes.

Children represent a lively spirit who dream to grow as independent happy individuals. In case, we fight with children, this implies, we tend to subdue the inner child present within us.

87. Chimney

A chimney, in the dream, just casually represents warmness and good family values. But, on the contrary, dreaming of cleaning a chimney, indicates anger and frustration.

You must release hopelessness and guilt within you. While dreaming of a smoking chimney implies the sexual desires present in you.

88. Chocolate

Everybody’s favorite is chocolate and dreaming about chocolates is nothing but self-love. Chocolates in our dreams signify joy and celebration.

Dreaming of chocolate also means to grace your own growth and sensuality. Alongside, dreaming of melting chocolate implies certain disappointments that you might have in your life and that you need to adjust to the changes.

89. Choking

Dreaming and thinking about choking seems so dangerous and fearful. This signifies that something in your life has been very heavy to believe.

A dream that another person is choking you might sound as if you are being suppressed. The feelings inside you may not be expressed well. These emotions can be anger, love, fear, care, etc. Dreams of choking also indicate that you are avoiding the revelation of certain things.

90. Christmas Tree

Christmas trees in our dreams symbolize a happy get-together and a grand celebration with friends and family. Such dreams usually occur in December and indicate our anxieties, joys, responsibilities, happy days, and other holidays that are coming up.

Dreams about the Christmas tree also imply peaceful times and self-growth. Feelings and emotions also are based on dreams.

91. Church

Having a dream of the church signifies your spiritual establishment and the holiness you hold within yourself. It indicates your values and morals of the kind of person you are.

Dreaming of the church gives you better guidance in the paths of life. The mistakes of the past help towards reaching your target.

92. Circle

A circle in your dream indicates fullness and perpetuity and also things recurring in a monotonous manner. A little negative point is that you are a bit confused in certain situations.

Circles in dreams imply good safety and reservedness. If you lay down your boundary to visualize your circles, your dreams will indicate that you are in a trap circle wherein you need to break through it.

Alongside, an improper circle symbolizes many barriers awaiting ahead.

93. Circus

Dreaming of being in a circus implies the kind of exciting and adventurous life that you want. Side by side, it also signifies the dangerous situations that you might encounter.

The various acts taking place in the dream imply a certain wrong impression of you on others. Also, this dream can make you feel alienated from others.

94. City

Seeing a city in the dream implies how socially involved you are. It depicts your extrovert character in the community.

Dreaming of a big city means you need to develop stronger bonds with the people around you.

While dreaming of a small deserted city means a feeling of alienation and also dejection. Underground city dreams are about your subconscious desires.

95. Classroom

Dreaming of being in a classroom indicates your ability to learn and grow into a better person. Looking for a classroom in your dreams implies your capability to seek knowledge.

Dreaming of a classroom outdoors symbolizes that you need to have an open mind to welcome the opportunities coming into your life.

96. Cleaning

To dream about cleanliness speaks about you not entertaining any kind of pessimism in your life. Specifically talking, dreams about house cleaning mean that you still need to remove some negativity and dirt filled in the people surrounding you.

Lastly, cleaning an object or desk signifies that a certain point is yet not clear or you might be holding some burden on yourself.

97. Cliff

Dreaming about standing at the cliff means you have reached a very high level in your life, where new things are awaited with freshness.

At this point, you can’t lose control over yourself. If you dream of falling from a cliff, it implies that you might have certain tough situations in your life ahead.

98. Climb

Climbing something in your dreams speaks about the brawl that is gonna come ahead. To climb can also mean that your target is finally achieved.

But, if you dream to climb down, you need to take note and concentrate on the subconscious mind and notice a certain low in energy or emotions.

99. Clock

A clock in the dream symbolizes the importance of time management in your life. It also speaks about the predetermined limits that you set for each task with the priorities coming first and the rest later.

The sound of the clock determines how quickly you need to boost up your speed. Dreaming about you setting a clock indicates that you need to invest more effort and hard work to achieve success in certain tasks.

100. Clone

The dream of a clone reveals that either you are a lot synced with your ideologies or you are in disagreement with them. Dreaming of clones can also imply the absence of creativity.

Simultaneously, dreaming of clones also implies over-working or some tasks that have not been accomplished because of undue pressure.