Dream Dictionary for D
Dream Dictionary for D

1. Dad

Fathers are protective guardians. To dream of a father symbolizes the same. It suggests that you need to be self-dependent. The dream also symbolizes your relationship with your father, it might ask you to incorporate similar qualities in your own character.

If you see your father passing away in your dream, it is an alarm that you take your business affairs quite seriously and carefully.

If you see your father being angry with you in a dream, it again symbolizes that you are commencing an activity that might not get the approval of your dad. The angle could also be your own expression and feeling towards your father due to some conflicting issues that you both had.

If you see your father being wrapped in bandages from the top to the bottom it means you’re feeling barred or restricted and you are not able to exercise your authority and power.

If you envision your father with another partner who is not your mother, the dream either expresses your opinion of marriage or it implies that you are not connected to one of your parents.

Last but a furious one, if you see yourself killing your father in your dream, it symbolizes that you are killing a certain quality of your father which you have noticed in yourself and you do not approve of it.

2. Dagger

Dreaming of a dagger could be really intimidating. The dream represents a feeling of betrayal as if someone has “backstabbed” you.

It can also point towards some sort of “cut”. If you dream of yourself being given a dagger, it means you’ll overcome misfortune.

3. Dahlias

Dahlias bring financial gain if you dream of these flowers. The dream can also be interpreted by monitoring the condition of the flower in your dream.

A poor condition can determine loss and disappointment.

4. Dairy

You’ll dream of a dairy farm if you’ve been nourished well, and people care for you. Isn’t that pleasantly overwhelming?

5. Daisy

Dreaming of daisies symbolizes innocence, purity, beauty, freshness, and charm. This flower spreads warmth, simplicity, and love.

So, if you dream of plucking daisy petals yourself, it is a gremlin of pure love.

6. Dalai Lama

If you were lucky enough to dream of the Dalai Lama, set aside all your tasks and prepare yourself for a spiritually enlightening message that the dream suggested.

The dream can also be asking you to not bother yourself with sense gratification and material desires. You need to be less possessive.

7. Dam

Much similar to the pent-up water at dams, to dream of a dam signifies such bottled thoughts that need to be released.

If you see a breaking dam, it symbolizes emotional breakdown and uncontrollable feelings of disappointment and anger.

8. Damn

Were you damned in a dream? If yes, stay cautious in new areas of life. If someone damns in your dream, let others not take you that lightly.

Be a little tough and don’t bother yourself with what others think of you.

9. Dance

Dancing in ecstasy in your dream implies a sense of freedom, harmony, mental joy, peace, and grace. The dream can also signify sensuality, allurement, and sexuality. Probably, the dream is asking you to give more space for these qualities in your life.

If you see yourself dancing with a partner in a dream, it again symbolizes intimacy and unity of the male and female aspects of your personality. It can also symbolize that you are being extra aggressive in your nature.

If you see someone else asking you to dance, it denotes that you are following someone in real life.

10. Dandruff

On one side, dandruff is related to your self-esteem. While on the other, such a dream indicates that you’ve been loaded with mental stress and agony.

Friend, just lay down the guns, it’s life!

11. Danger

We dream of danger under two circumstances. First, when you are excessively worried about a future challenge. Second, when the dream is an alarm that you need to be careful in a   particular aspect of your waking life!

12. Dare

Nice that you were playing a dare game in your dream! If you see yourself being the one to offer a dare task, it shows the dominating aspect of your nature.

Whereas, taking a dare from someone in your dream warns you of a compromise or embarrassment.

13. Darkness

Darkness symbolizes ignorance. A more evil aspect of darkness is fear and death. If you envision darkness shading you in a dream, it suggests a loss in an attempt.

However, if you felt safe in the darkness, “ignorance is bliss” for you. It means you are comfortable being unaware of a certain subject.

If you were searching for someone who you cannot find in the darkness, the dream implies that you need to control your aggression because you tend to lose control of your temper pretty easily.

If you see yourself getting lost in the darkness it signifies insecurity, distress, and a desperate feeling.

14. Darts

Throwing darts in your dreams can imply the ” go and get it” approach towards your goal. Also, it can represent disheartening remarks that you made to someone in the past.

Instead of sitting with the guilt in your heart, you can just communicate with the person and resolve the issues.

15. Date

Ah, let me tell you, you are extremely fortunate to be dreaming of a particular date! It refers to your need to acknowledge self-indulgence, self-understanding, and self-discovery.

Probably, you are unveiling new aspects of your own personality. Or, the dream can be nothing but a result of anxiety caused by dating plans.

16. Dates

Those juicy and ripe dates represent pleasure and joy but, to dream that you are eating dates represents sorrow.

Metaphorically speaking, the dream can also suggest that you will soon be “dating” someone in your real life.

17. Daughter

To dream of your daughter represents your own relationship with her in waking life. It can also show up your own ideal and the better self.

However, if you dream of it without having a daughter, it represents the feminine aspect of your personality.

18. Daughter-In-Law

Dreaming of your daughter-in-law is a message that a surprising event that occurs in your life can leave you either in joy or shock.

19. Dawn

If you had a dream of fresh dawn, nothing like that! This is one of the most inspiring dreams that one can experience to start your day on a positive note.

It’s a period in which you are taking a step into a new stage of life full of energy!

20. Day

More than dreaming of a day, the details of it matter. For instance, a bright sunny day is suggestive of clarity of thought. Whereas, a cloudy day signifies a gloomy mind. 

If you see a special date or occasion, it can be a reminder of an upcoming occasion.

21. Daycare

Are you looking for some emotional or physical nurturing? If yes, dreaming of daycare suggests the same. You are in need of care. Also, the condition of the daycare represents your waking life conditions.

22. Dead

Dreaming of death is a negative omen that suggests various alarming situations that may arrive in the future. It can either be a material loss or a misleading influence.

Alternatively, the dream can express your feelings with the dead.

If you see a person who has passed away quite a long time ago, the dream suggests that the present condition of your life is similar to the dead person. The dream is just a message that you need to get rid of this condition in your real life as well.

If you dream of a person who has recently left the material world, it is just the impression that death left on your mind. Such dreams can also result from your desire to keep the dead ones alive in your life.

If you see yourself talking with your parents who have passed away, you are trying to keep them alive in your real life. You might be dealing with the loss and the dream can be your one-last communication with them.

At the same time dreaming of an old dead friend symbolizes your desire to recreate the memories with these people.

23. Deadline

This type of dream can always find its place in all of our lives. While a housewife can dream of being late for her husband’s breakfast, a husband can dream of being late for an important business meeting.

But these dreams signify a busy schedule and loaded responsibilities that you may have.

24. Deaf

You may dream of being deaf if you are refusing to hear or accept information. It can also point towards your isolated self.

You might be refraining from new adventures or having a problem in welcoming criticism. In both cases, take some time to regain the peace and balance of your mind.

25. Death

Do not panic if you see a loved one’s death. It’s nothing but a suggestion that you fall short of an important quality which the same loved one possesses.

You can do nothing but look for the quality and try to incorporate the same in your behavior. The dream can also imply new changes in your life.

26. Debate

You can dream of being a part of a debate if you are going through some inner tension or conflict of ideas. But you need not worry because the dream signifies you’ll soon overcome the tension.

27. Debt

You might dream of debt if you are having extra demands with people around you. Besides, the dream also suggests an uneasy toiling and imbalance in life.

Do not get swayed by the tough time, instead try to balance your life as much as possible.

28. Decay

Dreaming of decay symbolizes the end of an old situation in your life.

The troubling condition will soon take a fresh turn in your life. Start everything fresh and let the past be buried.

29. December

When you dream of a month, you should try to recall your relationship with the month. Does it involve an important occasion?

On a general note, dreaming of this month denotes joy, celebration, and togetherness.

30. Deception

Dreaming of deception implies that you are trying hard to cover up a mistake that you have committed in the past.

It can be a simple lie that you’ve told or a major deceit. You’re pretending everything to be normal when it’s not.

31. Decorate

Dreaming of decorating represents your act of masking an unpresentable condition. It is because you cannot expose the raw condition of your life.

There’s nothing to be anxious about it though, it’s common human psychology!

32. Deed

Sanctioning a deed in your dream is an alarm of making wrong decisions in the future.

33. Deep

You dream of depth when something in your waking life wants to top the surface.

It can be either about you or about someone else, but eventually, it symbolizes hidden or suppressed feelings.

34. Deer

Deers are more often than usual matched with feminine aspects of personality. The dream of a deer can be pointing towards the same female aspects in your nature such as beauty, grace, purity, and compassion. By the way, were you thinking of someone “dear”?

Dreaming of a black deer suggests that you are not realizing the feminine aspect of yourself and you need to acknowledge this quality in yourself.

Being killed by them in your dream indicates that you are killing the feminine qualities of your personality.

Dreaming that you are bottle feeding a baby deer highlights your nurturing attribute. A baby animal is often a symbol of your own child.

35. Defeat

Dreaming of defeat is an alarm. The supreme power is warning you of your steps to suggest that you’re heading in the wrong direction.

It’s time that you give your steps second thoughts and reconsider your past lessons.

36. Defecate

If you dream of defecating on someone, it represents your aggression towards the person.

But if you envision the other person defecating on you, it symbolizes your guilt, insecurity, and worthlessness.

37. Defend

Friend, do you feel a certain situation subjected you towards a defensive front? Let nothing bother you. You may dream of defending yourself if you are holding deep sorrow within you.

38. Deformed

If you see a deformed subject in your dream, it implies the lacking or deformed aspects of your own nature. Acknowledge these characteristics to see improvement in your outcome.

39. Delay

To dream of delay is suggestive of unstoppable obstacles in your path. However, instead of being discouraged, keep moving towards your goal with positive efforts.

40. Delight

Dreaming of delight suggests delightful events that are waiting for you! Since, your married rays are going to return, keep calm and wait for the best.

41. Deliverance

Dreaming of deliverance symbolizes the unprotected side of your personality. You might be feeling exposed and in need of support.

You can have a similar dream if you are under some sort of negative influence.

42. Delivery

While the metaphorical meaning of this dream can be positive news of having a baby, the other implication can be equally alarming.

If you see yourself expecting delivery in your dream, it suggests disappointments.

43. Delta

Dreaming of Delta suggests an end to an emotional or spiritual aspect of your life. However, the triangular shape of the delta can also symbolize a triangle in your life.

44. Demons

Dreaming of demons can either represent a demonic aspect of your own character, or a demonic trial that you’re going through.

It can be emotional or physical abuse, fear, or some sort of negativity that you’re facing.

45. Demotion

Dreaming of demotion indicates a lack of confidence in you. Or, the dream is a message that you need to improve your performance and behavior at your workplace.

46. Den

To dream of a den is not going to alarm you of a negative occurrence. It rather suggests hardship and efficiency.

47. Denim

Wearing denim in your dream denotes the emotional or physical endurance that you show in difficult times. However, it can also symbolize your carefree attitude.

48. Dentist

Dreaming of a dentist shows your concern about your looks. Other symbolisms can be temporary discomfort, pain, or anxiety.

49. Deodorant

To dream of deodorant represents your inner quality and potential to purify yourself from bad habits, negative behaviors, and destructive actions.

50. Depression

The fact that you had a dream of depression suggests that you might be depressed in your waking life.

Alternatively, it can suggest that you are unable to figure out the causes and solutions to your problems.

51. Desert

To dream of a desert signifies loss and sorrow. The same dream represents isolation, deserted feeling, loneliness, and hopelessness.

Further, it can also mean that you are facing an attack on your image.

52. Desk

Sitting at your desk in your dream suggests that you’re calculating your issues. It is a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery. A cluttered desk suggests that you must rearrange your life. 

53. Despair

If you see yourself in a position of despair, it suggests that you will face a struggling situation in life.

If you see someone else in despair, it means that particular person will need your support in his distress.

54. Destruction

To dream of destruction implies that you’re making self-destructive choices in life. Things might be working opposite to your desires. It can also symbolize hit-misses in your life.

55. Detergent

If you dream of detergent, it’s a sign that you need to resolve an issue or problem in your life. Try to build your image and redirect your attitude in waking life.

56. Determination

Determination represents ambition and the goal of life. Stay focused and disciplined to meet your goals. Also, the dream represents your attitude and how others have barred you.

57. Devil

A devil dream shows the negative aspects of your life. The dream represents feelings of fear, guilt, negativity, shrewdness, deceit, and evil.

If you overcome a devil in your dream, it signifies victory over your enemies.

58. Devotion

If you dream of devotion, the dream is trying to revive your faith in honesty and goodness. You cannot win battles by deception. Trust your goodwill and act truthfully in your waking world.

59. Dew

Falling dew in your dream represents calm and fresh feelings. It can also point towards a peaceful state of mind, an organized thought process, and so on.

60. Diabetes

It’s funny that you dreamt of diabetes in your sleep, even though you don’t have diabetes in your waking world.

But the dream suggests that you start to enjoy sweeter things in life instead of panicking about the future.

61. Dial

Dreaming of a dial indicates you towards your own intuitions and instincts in life. Stay tuned to your own beliefs and processes to do better in your waking world.

62. Diamond

To dream of diamonds represents both negative and positive aspects.

While on one hand, it represents completeness and clarity in life and on the other hand, it represents deceit, fruitlessness, and stubbornness.

63. Diaper

If you dream of a diaper, it symbolizes the childish self of your nature. Are you mostly dependent on others for your tasks? That’s babyish!

Changing diapers in your dream suggests a need to purify your behavior.

64. Diarrhea

Diarrhea signifies loss of control with respect to certain conditions of your life. Uncontrollable emotions, or feelings.

Alternatively speaking, the dream also represents your reluctance to deal with an issue.

65. Diary

If you see yourself writing a diary or reading someone else’s diary, it means you are reconsidering the past to meet your requirements. If you can recall the content of the diary, the message from the dream will be even more clear.

Alternatively, the dream can point to a secret that you’ve kept in your journal.

66. Dice

Envisioning a dice in your dream implies that you’re risking a few things in life. Metaphorically, it directs towards a dicey situation.

It can also symbolize the unpredictable aspect of waking life.

67. Dictionary

If you dream of a dictionary, it means you rely too much upon others to make your personal decision in life.

68. Die

If you dream of someone else dying in your dream, it denotes the fact that the person’s presence no longer affects your life.

Alternatively, it suggests you lack the qualities that the dying person had.

69. Difficulty

You might dream of difficult situations if you are under stressful conditions in your waking life.

Friend, stay calm and keep advancing towards your goal without panicking about the future outcomes.

70. Digging

Dreaming of digging implies that you are trying to unveil a deep truth in your real life. You might be working hard to get into the root cause of a problem or a mystery.

If you see yourself digging a hole in your dream where you get something in your hands, then the dream is fun because you must talk more about a subject and appreciate it. If you feel like appreciating the same, the person can also suggest that you have a ‘dig or liking’ for a person.

If you dug a hole and filled it with water in your dream, it suggests a negative omen for your efforts. Your efforts are not going to pay the way you want them to, and probably this time you will have to settle with the things without making a profit.

71. Dildo

Dildo does not necessarily indicate the sexual arena of your life. It suggests “dissatisfaction”. There can be some unsatisfied areas of your life that form a void.

However, yes, it can definitely point your needs towards a satisfactory sex life. If you dream of another person using a dildo, you might be tempted sexually to this person. Covering the dildo with a strap indicates the unexpressed male side of your personality.

72. Dim

Dreaming of dimness suggests that you lack clarity of thought in your waking life. Alternatively, you might be dealing with a dumb person in your life.

73. Dining Room

Dreaming of a dining room represents your hunger for wisdom and understanding. It can be because you are about to make some crucial judgments or decisions in your waking life.

74. Dinner

Dreaming of having dinner alone denotes freedom, poor social skills, and self-dependency. Whereas, dreaming of having dinner with others denotes your social skills. 

75. Dinosaur

If you just dreamt of a huge dinosaur, it’s representative of old and outdated customs. Probably, it’s time that you ditch those old thoughts and habits and live with new ideas.

If you were being chased by the dinosaur in the dream, it indicates your concern of being unworthy in your real life.

Watching mating Dinosaurs in your dream symbolizes that you want to be cautious about preserving a certain aspect of your past. The same dream can also imply the way you are carrying your legacy or heritage.

76. Dip

Dreaming of dip in water suggests nothing but your process to explore the emotions. On the other hand, if you dip, seeing your partner symbolizes self-confidence, self-esteem, and seduction.

If you see yourself eating in your dream you might be in search of flavors. It can be just a small celebration with something tasty and snacky. Whereas double-dipping in a dream suggests being selfish and self-pleasing behavior.

77. Directions

Dreams of directions are very symbolic. If you see yourself following a certain direction, it implies your authoritative yet accepting nature.

If you see yourself giving directions to others, it points to goals and self-discovery.

78. Dirty

Dreaming of dirty things symbolizes your expressions of sex. The dream can also suggest a poor self-confidence, anxiety, and worthlessness.

It’s time that you go through a mental as well as physical detox.

79. Disappear

Envisioning disappearing people or things in your life symbolizes insecurities and poor self-esteem where you fear people deserting you. Work on your self-dependency and self-confidence to overcome such issues.

If you see someone else disappearing in your dream it means you did not pay enough attention to those qualities or aspects of the disappearing person in your own personality.

The dream can also refer to the fact that you have discontinued a certain characteristic you possessed. 

Nothing can be as panicking as seeing your loved one or a lover disappear in your dream, but the same suggests that you are lacking interest or love in the person.

80. Disappointment

Dreaming of disappointments refers to the disappointments that you might have experienced in the past. You might have suppressed the distress that is being expressed through the dream.

81. Disease

Do not take dreaming of a disease lightly. Your subconscious has the ability to detect danger before it actually reaches your body.

Nonetheless, if your health reports are normal, the dream represents your fear or tension.

82. Dishes

Dishes represent the concept of ideas and attitudes towards life. Only the condition of the dishes in your dream can tell where the concepts are heading in reality. While dirty dishes represent disappointments, the clean ones suggest constructive concepts.

If you see yourself washing dishes in your dream, you’re probably making preparations for the next occurrence that is about to arrive in your waking life. Alternatively, it could be just about your daily routine.

If you see breaking dishes in your dream, this is suggestive of financial loss and poverty, not sufficient segments of your life. Probably, you are finding it too difficult to live up to others’ expectations.

83. Disneyland

Disneyland gives joy. The dream suggests that you deserve some moments of relief and enjoyment after the struggles you’ve made in life.

It can also mean that you are falling short of happiness in your life.

84. Diving

To interpret a dream of diving, observe the conditions of the water:

  • Clearwater represents victory over obstacles, Confidence, and Self-esteem.
  • Muddy water represents disappointment with your tactics of handling obstacles in life.

85. Divorce

If you had a dream of divorce, you need priority set-up in life. Differentiate between the pivotal and surface matters and prioritize them.

The dream can also represent your fear of being deserted by someone in reality.

86. Dog

Dogs are characterized by loyalty, friendship, protection, and care. To dream of a dog represents some or all of these qualities.

Perchance, you will be rewarded for your pure and selfless intentions. To have a more detailed interpretation, observe the activity of the dog.

87. Drowning

Dreaming of drowning in water represents your overwhelmed or pouring emotions. If the drowning resulted in death, you are going to give birth to a new emotional self.

If you sustain the drowning, you will sustain yourself through an emotionally tormenting period.

88. Drugs

Addictions are a temporary fix to our pain. Nothing can be solved by intoxicating our minds and body. Dreaming of drugs symbolizes the same.

Probably, you are looking for temporary escapes instead of finding a full-fledged permanent solution for your problem.

89. Drugstore

Drug Stores provide us with medicines, which in turn heal us. The dream denotes a period of recovery.

The recovery can be a recovery of thoughts, ideas, health, or mental fatigue. You can also dream of a drugstore if you’re dealing with some health issues.

90. Drums

If you envision yourself drumming in your dream, it indicates your powerful decisive nature. You stick to your own commitments and progressive terms. Your strong will and wise choices make you balanced.

Drums symbolize the rhythm of life that you need to tune better. You can also look into the conflicting segments of your life and make them sound better.  

91. Drunk

Dreaming of being drunk suggests being irresponsible in your waking life. You might be losing your grasp and control upon certain important matters of life.

92. Dryer

Using a dryer in your dream symbolizes dryness in thoughts, concepts, and ideas. The ideas are unable to bring excitement into your life.

Alternatively, the dryer suggests that you’re going to keep control of your emotions and deal with them maturely.

93. Duck

A swimming duck represents freedom of spiritual and subconscious aspects. They symbolize a connection between our physical and spiritual arenas of life.

Besides, you can possess the adjusting and adaptive nature of ducks too.

94. Dumb

Dreaming of being dumb represents your own disappointments. You might be tired of making countless attempts to make others understand your point of view, but only to devour you!

Dear, as long as you understand your opinion and your point of view, everything is fine. You do not need to seek acceptance from one and all around you because not everybody is going to agree to your choices.

95. Dung

If you dream of cow dung, the dream might discomfort you for a while. But you may call yourself lucky to have the dream. 

Dreaming of dung is an auspicious omen suggesting rejuvenation and fertility.

96. Dusk

Dusk represents the onset of darkness and a gloomy mindset. Dreaming of the same has similar interpretations. It signifies failure, darkness, gloomy, and useless efforts.

97. Dust

To see yourself covered by dust in a dream symbolizes defeat and adversities.

However, if you dream of dusting objects, it means you are dusting past mistakes and starting afresh. This is what we all should do to ensure progress and growth in life.

98. DVD

Watching a DVD dream symbolizes entertainment. The dream reminds you of your desire for relaxation.

Moreover, the title or the content of the DVD can have direct symbolism in your waking life.

99. Dwarf

Nice that you dreamt of a dwarf. The dream suggests you are close to your integrity, your base, your grounds, your roots, your heritage, and mother nature.

But a negative implication represents dwarf as an underdeveloped aspect of your nature or your insecurities.

100. Dye

If you dream of yourself or someone else dying an object, it shows your pretending nature. You might be acting like you’re actually not in real life.

What matters more is the color of the dye. Different colors have different symbols.