Dream Dictionary for “S”
Dream Dictionary for “S”

1. Sabotage

The dream of being sabotaged states an internal conflict between the rights and the wrongs. You have self-doubts about your personality, talent, achievements, behavior, etc. You feel shallow internally.

At first, it won’t affect you much but, in the end, it will make you weak and incapable of finishing the pending tasks.

2. Sacrifice

To sacrifice something in a dream states that you are getting ready to achieve something. It is a sign for you to shift your unnecessary focus in the right direction and sacrifice the temporary pleasure.

On the other hand, to see someone sacrificing for you is a sign of their honesty and dedication towards you. That person is giving up on themselves just for you.

3. Sad

The dream of being sad teaches you an important life lesson. Life is like a coin; two-sided. One is being happy and the other is being sad. You cannot have both these sides together.

So, it’s better not to lose faith in yourself. Believe in the fact that your sadness will be followed by happiness.

4. Saddle

As we know, a saddle is used to sit on a horse to ride it. Similarly seeing a saddle in your dream suggests that you are ready to go ahead and experience the adventures in life.

Your future is filled with some challenging as well as easy days so you are instructed to sit back tight and get prepared for whatever comes your way.

5. Sagittarius

To see a Sagittarius person or symbol in your dreams is a very good sign. Talking spiritually, Sagittarius people are the most energetic, optimistic, honest, and free-minded people.

It is a sign that good things are on your way. You will soon be faced with better opportunities that will lead you to a happy life.

6. Safe

Seeing a safe in your dreams depicts many possible reasons.

If the safe is closed then it indicates that you are holding onto some secrets, desires, and wishes for a long time. It is now time to open that safe and complete all your desires and wishes.

If the safe in your dreams is open then it indicates that you are an open book. There are no secrets hidden from your side.

7. Safe haven

To see a safe haven in your dreams symbolizes that your soul is relaxing. You are going through the healing process and are isolated from the negativity of the world.

It also indicates your current mental state.

8. Sailing

To see yourself sailing in dreams indicates you are on a long journey. The journey might contain hurdles and bad experiences but ultimately it will lead you to your destination.

All you need to do is just stick to it because there is no turning back. Just trust the process and go with the flow.

9. Sailor

To see a sailor in your dreams indicates a person who is going to lead you to the right path in your upcoming long journey.

The person is going to be your pathfinder and problem solver and it might be the only person ahead to trust and rely on. 

10. Saint

To see a saint in your dreams indicates you are interacting with a spiritual soul. That person is going to help you on your journey.

He might have come to deliver a message from the universe. This saint is more likely to be your guide or teacher throughout your journey.

11. Salad

To see or eat salad in your dreams suggests that you require a healthy life. 

It also asks you to see your life with a positive approach. In some cases, it also highlights that you are going through sleep deprivation.

12. Salad dressing

To see salad dressing in your dreams tells that you need some extra joy and spice in your life. Make some unusual changes in your daily habits. Experiment with new things in your life.

Your normal life might be like a regular salad so it requires dressing of joy and zest to make it more lively.

13. Salamander

Seeing a salamander in dreams is considered a bad omen. However, this is a myth. In reality, it indicates the upcoming transformation in your life.

Someone is going to assist you throughout these changes. The only motive of that person entering your life is to redirect your life to a positive route.

14. Salami

To eat or see salami in dreams reflects the problems you face within. Self-doubt is one of them. This dream can also be a depiction of personal life or sexual life problems among many youngsters.

Also, different colors of salami depict different meanings. Like if white salami appears then it will bring you news of happiness. And if you see reddish or blackish salami in dreams, then it will attract some depressing news.

15. Salary

To dream about being salaried represents upcoming wealth in your life. It is a good omen. It says that your late nights and early mornings are finally going to get paid.

You need to take care of all the upcoming opportunities so that you don’t miss out on any of them. You will finally get the reward for your hard work. 

16. Sale

Seeing a sale in your dreams represents upcoming irresistible deals and opportunities in your life.

You will be getting more than you deserve during this phase of life. You will avail these benefits in materialistic or spiritual forms. So do not miss out on upcoming opportunities.

17. Salesperson

Being a salesperson in dreams or seeing one indicates upcoming opportunities in life. Don’t be afraid of the challenges that will come on the way and be prepared to face them.

Try to keep your vision focused and change your strategies and plans accordingly.

18. Saliva

To see saliva in your dreams indicates sexual desires. It indicates your sensual cravings. You are attracting some type of energy or passion that is going to get fulfilled soon.

19. Salmon

Seeing or eating salmon states that you are blessed. You will be showered with fortune and luck. Soon better opportunities are going to come on your way. There are higher chances of profit in your business or work.

It is an indication of upcoming success and it also states that you are emotionally expressive and well balanced in life. 

20. Salon

To dream that you are in a salon indicates your possessiveness about your looks. You are constantly taking care of your external beauty.

Further, it also helps build your body language, ultimately giving you a positive aspect of life and boosting your confidence.

21. Saloon

To dream about a saloon denotes that you want to focus on yourself. After many disappointments, now it’s time to feel the sunshine. You want your life to be filled with peace.

And you find the saloon as the place where you can improve yourself externally as well as internally. 

22. Salsa

To dream about salsa reveals that you are craving adventure with your partner. You want to enjoy and explore the world with them.

This dream can also be a result of missing someone badly. You are afraid to ask this person to be with you because you fear rejection. However, you need to learn to express your feelings directly.

23. Salt

To dream about salt shows that you have learned something new. 

If you are sprinkling salt on meat, it denotes that you want to preserve something for a longer time. 

Sprinkling salt over one’s shoulder is a sign of luck. If we consider the phrase of throwing salt on someone’s wound, then we can conclude that the dreams of salt are also associated with some painful memories.

24. Salute

To salute in your dream shows that your status doesn’t satisfy you. You want to achieve more without harming others’ dignity.

Also, if you dream that someone is saluting you, it signifies that people respect your status and glory. You also want to fulfill their expectations without being influential. 

25. Salve

To dream that salve is being applied to you implies that you have the power to overcome the struggles without breaking down. 

If you are applying salve on others, then it indicates that you are dependent on others. Other than that, it also symbolizes that you will prosper under adverse circumstances and convert enemies into friends.

26. Sample

To notice product samples in a dream refers to the fact that you enjoy exploring new things. However, you must go slow. Explore little by little. 

Alternatively, seeing samples in dreams also denotes a lack of commitment.

27. Sanctuary

Dreaming that you are in sanctuary symbolizes that you are feeling trapped by something. You want to escape from other people’s expectations and needs. 

You are in search of light and hope within. You need to restore your trust and solitude by yourself by overcoming your insecurities.

28. Sand

Dreaming about sand signifies that there’s a shift in your perspective or attitude. It also reveals the relationship between your conscious and subconscious. You want to ignore the difficulties and see opportunities. You also want to overcome the feeling of insecurities about time. 

Sand talks about the path you have chosen in life. However, you must not worry about things that are not in your control.

29. Sandals

Dreaming about sandals doesn’t define you like a Cinderella of course! It’s also like you won’t find your prince until you start to do things by yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Broken sandals represent your broken vision of your life. You need to start over things again.

It reminds me of the proverb, “Truth walks barefoot, lies keep switching shoes.” You want to find your reality too. So, don’t stop until you find your right-fitting sandals. Keep hustling to succeed.

30. Sandbag

Sandbags in your dreams indicate that something is too heavy to hold on to. You want to ignore things instead of confronting them. Something is embarrassing you. It is difficult for you to let it all go.

This dream is a reflection of your mental, physical and emotional trauma that makes your life heavier. Think out of the box and come up with new thoughts that fill your life with light.

31. Sandbox

A sandbox in your dreams symbolizes that you want to go back to life when you were a kid. It shows that your inner child is still alive. You want to enjoy those joyful moments of childhood again.

It also shows the delight you feel from the positive development in your life.

32. Sandpaper

To dream about sandpaper suggests that you try to cover up and smoothen the rough corners in a relationship. There are troublesome instances in your life that are bothering you.

To crease sandpaper is an indication of your concern towards encountering trouble and emergency in a relationship. 

At times, this dream also indicates that you use harsh words against others.

33. Sandwich

If you are a food-lover, you will surely drool when you see a sandwich in your dream. Dreaming of it may depict that you are overwhelmed with responsibilities, just like vegetables inside the bread. You are trying to balance your duties. 

At times, eating a fish sandwich denotes the conflict between your beliefs and practical approach of life.

34. Santa Claus

Dreaming about Santa Claus means your subconscious is asking you to be more forgiving. Reflect on your good and worse deeds. Someone has forgiven you for your mistakes. Similarly, you must also forgive others.

If you see somebody dressed as Santa Claus in the dream, it suggests that you need to empathize with people. Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

35. Sanyasi

Dreaming about Sanyasi provides you the path to your destination. This dream implies that you must follow a simple lifestyle and not run after worldly possessions. 

If you are the Sanyasi in your dream, it means you are out in the world to seek the truth. On your search for the inner light, you are ready to detach yourself from the people around you.

36. Sapphire

Dreaming of seeing a sapphire in your dreams implies protection, heaven, and holiness. Also, dreaming of sapphire can mean that you know the truth related to something in your life.

Alongside, this also says that you have now opened up the doors to another aspect of your subconscious mind. A sapphire might also refer to a person who is born in September.

37. Sarcasm

Dreaming of a sarcastic comment particularly suggests that you are trying to distract yourself from your mistakes.

It seems that you might be afraid of its consequences and also about others noticing your flaws. Dreaming of sarcasm can also imply that you are not ready to change your habits. 

38. Sari

Dreaming of wearing a sari in your dreams or seeing someone wear a sari signifies the level of sensuality, simplicity, and adaptability within you.

Such dreams seem to be related or connected to something or someone. On the other hand, you can also see a sari as a pun for “I am sorry.”

39. Sardines

Dreaming of seeing or eating sardines in your dreams symbolizes many components that design the blueprint of your emotional character. You can also consider the idiom “packed like sardines.”

There might be instances where you feel that many people are trying to invade your privacy. 

40. Sash

To visualize a sash in your dreams implies that you are at the front of the elevation. It indicates that your inner self is different from what you show others. You don’t want others to know your true self.

To know a more accurate interpretation, consider the color of the sash.

Alternatively, a sash also represents restricted energy.

41. Saturn

Dreaming of seeing a Saturn represents the discipline and limitations that you follow in your life. These characteristics reflect your conservative nature and attitude towards everything.

Consequently, such dreams refer to the cycles of life which include death and rebirth.

42. Satyr

Seeing or dreaming of a Satyr signifies that you are attempting to look for sexual freedom. It symbolizes male fertility and masculine sexual power.

On the other hand, such dreams imply that you need to grow and integrate a few details of your mind and body. Satyr is also a sign of your carefree attitude towards life.

43. Sauce

Seeing or tasting any kind of sauce in your dreams indicates a sense of intelligence. You can also consider the color and flavor of the sauce for some accurate interpretation.

Dreaming of sauce can also mean that you need to be more bold and straightforward with your feelings even if it is not an appropriate time.

44. Sauna

Dreaming of a sauna suggests that you have to be open about different perceptions from different people.

Alongside, you have to get rid of the bad vibes and negativity that surrounds you in your real life. On the other hand, a sauna also links to eroticism and your sexual fantasies.

45. Savanna

Seeing or dreaming about you being in a savanna signifies that you still need to learn to adjust to different situations and circumstances in your life.

You need to appreciate past experiences. They might not be what you desired from life but they taught you crucial life lessons.

46. Savings

To dream about savings implies your future money requirements. It also signals you to save money for a better future.

The dream is telling you to be money-oriented and focus on earnings and savings. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things.

If you are saving bonds in your dream, it denotes that you are responsible for a particular situation.

47. Saw

A saw in dreams represents that you need to cut something out of your life. It can be a relationship or any certain aspect of your character. The act of sawing can also be related to a sexual act.

If you see an electric saw in the dream, it implies that you have a habit of digging to the core of a problem.

48. Saxophone

Seeing a saxophone in dreams depicts the connection of your soul with music. It reflects your intense bond with someone or something.

It is a dream of comprehension and good deeds. It depicts the harmony between your personal and professional life.

49. Scab

Seeing a scab in your dream is a good sign. It indicates you are healing from something. So, accept the surroundings and go with the flow.

If you break the flow or pick the scab unnecessarily, it may be painful. So, avoid it. 

It may also include a person who is going to help you throughout the journey.

50. Scale

Seeing a mathematical scale in your dreams tells you to look at all the decisions you take. It asks you to analyze your life from all sides. 

Seeing a bathroom scale indicates you are always concerned about your physical appearance. You have to stop bothering yourself to fit the standards of society.

51. Scalp

To dream of a scalp indicates that you want to get rid of something in your head. Massaging the scalp implies relaxation of your body and soul from inner conflicts.

If you see someone being scalped in the dream, it suggests that some situation is draining away all your energy.

52. Scandal

To dream about a scandal indicates something unexpected is about to happen. You need to regain control of your focus. Be cautious of the companion and friends you choose. They might turn your life to be the best or worst. 

Dream of scandal may bring insecurities and trust issues in your life.

53. Scanner

Seeing a scanner in your dreams depicts your habit of copying others in various ways. It suggests that you lack originality.

Dream of the scanner also tells you to scan necessary things in your life. It also asks you to analyze, process, and share important information with others.

54. Scantron

Dreaming about scantrons highlights what choices you make in your life.

It prepares you for the tests of life. There are high chances of you making wrong choices. It is better to analyze first before making any decision. It also tells that you are anxious about your upcoming tests.

It teaches you that if you make a wrong decision, you cannot undo it at any cost.

55. Scapegoat

To become a scapegoat indicates you are going to be targeted somewhere by someone. People will blame you for unnecessary reasons.

Someone is trying to feed you with emotions only to use them against you in the upcoming times.

Also, to make someone a scapegoat suggests your irresponsibility towards your work. You target someone for what they haven’t done. 

56. Scar

Seeing a scar in your dreams indicates a past hurt that is still causing you pain. You have to get rid of that scar and let it heal.

It also depicts an experience, an impression, or an image that is attached to your name. Your past is affecting your present and future.

It also reminds you of the person who made you suffer.

57. Scarab

To see a scarab in your dreams symbolizes your strength and your will to live. You are a brave person and can survive in the toughest of situations. 

It is a symbol of rebirth or renewal. It also represents your fear of death or survival. All your struggles will lead you to the right destination.

58. Scared

Sometimes you get scared by a dream. It depicts your real-life fears. All your anxieties from real life get manifested in your dreams. It also represents the negativity you face in your life. You are in a state of self-doubt.

If you are scaring someone in dreams, it depicts your dominance over someone.

59. Scarf

To dream about a scarf represents warmth, joy, and satisfaction in your personal life. It highlights the small things that make us happy in our life.

You feel comfortable and safe wearing it. However, sometimes it also symbolizes a successful relationship.

Wearing a scarf in your dreams also represents something you are trying to hide from someone.

60. Scavenger hunt

The dream that you are playing scavenger hunt depicts that you are finding something that you lack in your life. You are looking for someone who fulfills your needs.

It also reflects that you are connecting the dots and looking for clues to solve some mystery about life, work, or business.

61. Schematics

To see a schematic in your dream represents your preparation to achieve your goals. You need to analyze all the possible threats and figure out the solution for them. Proper calculations in life may lead you to your desired result.

Making schematics in your dreams represents your leadership quality.

62. Schizophrenia

To dream that you have Schizophrenia represents your stubbornness. You try to escape from the real world and ignore the facts. You are always confused about the decisions you make. 

However, on the other hand, you also believe that your way of thinking is right and ignore everyone else.

63. School

To dream about your school represents your old memories attached to it. You still remember the talent and lessons you learned there. Sometimes, your present life is a reflection of your younger life.

On the other hand, it also symbolizes that you must seek more knowledge as compared to others. A dream of you running from the school represents that you are trying to get rid of some old memories.

64. School bus

A dream of you traveling in a school bus represents the old memories that you need to relive again. It is like a roller coaster ride to feel everything again for a moment. It also means that you are heading somewhere in your life.

The burning of a school bus in your dreams depicts some old memories haunting again. And this is a reminder to move ahead in your life.

65. Scientist

Being a scientist in your dreams represents your experiments with your life. Consider this as a sign that you need to try something out of the box.

You can be the problem solver of your life if you analyze the situations rationally. Seeing a scientist in your dreams means someone is brainstorming solutions for you in life. 

66. Scissors

Seeing a pair of scissors in your life represents your snippy behavior. You have to cut some people or things out of your life who are no longer advantageous to you.

It also represents that your focus is being directed in too many spaces. You have to work on your concentration level.

If someone is using a scissor in your dreams, it represents someone is trying to detach you from themselves or some other person.

67. Scold

Being scolded by someone highlights that somebody disagrees with your way of working.

It may also seem like someone is preventing you from being over-confident about something. It also warns you of a possible quarrel shortly. To prevent it, try to be diplomatic.

68. Scooter

To ride a scooter in dreams means you are enjoying the ride of life. You are maintaining balance in life and have a long journey to cover.

Seeing a scooter represents you are still on a journey towards your goal and have not reached the destination yet.

69. Scorpio

The dream of being a Scorpio represents strong will and dedication towards something. It showcases your ability to dig-deep into a certain topic.

It depicts that you do not fear anyone. You consider yourself strong enough to fight back.

70. Scorpion

To get stung by a scorpion in dreams represents some pain or hurt you are suffering or you might suffer soon. It also represents fake friends in your life. 

It leads to toxic thoughts. All you need to do is kill the scorpion of your thoughts and prevent future consequences.

71. Scrapbook

Seeing a scrapbook in dreams reminds you of your old memories. It will help you relive the past moments. You recollect the bitter-sweet memories from the past. However, sometimes, it is hard to get rid of the past. 

Seeing a scrapbook may also make you remember your old friend or is a sign to restart a relationship with someone in need. 

72. Scratch

To dream that you are scratching depicts that something unusual is trying to irritate you. It also suggests that someone has hit a sensual spot of you. With each passing day, you are becoming more anxious.

A dream of scratch also represents that you have to start working towards your goals from the starting spot.

73. Scream

To scream in your dream symbolizes a sudden fear of something. It seems like all the emotions that were kept under pressure are suddenly finding their way out. It depicts your helplessness, frustration, and anxiety. It feels like you need a voice to reach out for some help.

To hear a scream indicates some family member or a friend is trying to reach you out for some help. Someone is trying to seek your attention.

74. Screen

To see a screen in your dreams represents your vision or outlook towards life. It suggests something positive is going to happen. Sometimes a screen reflects your memories.

While seeing a black screen in dreams represents some blockage in your thoughts or negativity in your mind.

75. Screw

Seeing screws in dreams represents a link between two people or two incidents. It also depicts that someone is taking advantage of you. So, be sure of your movements. Sometimes ‘screwing’ is also a symbol for having sex.

The spiritual meaning of screw can also be the pressure of something that is constantly rising on the dreamer.

76. Script

To see yourself reading or writing a script in the dream highlights your personality. It signifies the character you want to portray in your reality.

The dream is also a signal that you can control your life very well. You know the direction where you are heading. Hence, you will have fewer problems in life.

77. Scrubs

Wearing scrubs implies your caring and helpful nature. You believe in giving back to society. This dream can also be considered as a metaphor that you need to clean something up.

Only after that, you must take any action. Your life needs some organization before you proceed with other things.

78. Scuba diving

Dreams about scuba diving indicate you dive deeper within yourself. You need to understand your subconscious before taking some actions.

Take out some time and confront your feelings and thoughts. It will give you clarity as to what you want to do with your life.

Alternatively, the dream also suggests that you want to reach the crux of the problem.

79. Sculptor

If you are a sculptor in your dream, then you are a creative person. You know how to make a path through your obstacles to reach your goals.

Alternatively, the dream also highlights the fact that you like exploring new things and your inner self. You believe in researching the core of a problem.

80. Scythe

When you see yourself using a scythe in the dream, it is a suggestion for you that you need to cut off some unnecessary or ‘extra’ things from your life.

This can also be an indication for you to cut off your toxic habits like smoking, drinking, etc. Alternatively, you can consider this dream as a metaphor for feeling isolated.

81. Sea

A sea in a dream represents the transition between your emotions of the subconscious and the conscious. This dream is also a pun of the phrase “I see.”

It means that you understand the occurrences of your life. Alternatively, dreams about the sea are also a sign of reassurance, hope, and positivity.

82. Sea creature

A sea creature in a dream resembles emotional transformation. If you see a captured sea creature, it is a sign that you keep your feelings repressed. These unexpressed feelings will only cause harm to you.

But if you dream about a sea monster, in particular, it indicates that you are going through emotional problems.

83. Sea horse

A seahorse in a dream states that your subconscious is extremely powerful. You view the world from a different perspective. Hence, you have different ways of dealing with life.

If you see an invisible sea horse in your dream, it is a sign that you are undergoing an emotional issue. You must confront this issue instead of ignoring it.

84. Seafood

If you are eating seafood in your dream, it means that you are connecting with your spiritual self. Your subconscious and consciousness are tied together. You understand the needs of the subconscious and fulfill them.

Alternatively, this dream can also be considered as a pun of “seeing food”.

85. Seagulls

To see seagulls in your dream expresses your desire to escape from real-life problems and demands. You are simply wasting your potential and talents.

Alternatively, a seagull is also a symbol of strength. You know how to adapt to the different changes in life quickly. 

You can also take this dream as a pun of ‘see go’ signaling you to let go of certain things.

86. Seal

If you find seals in your dream, it refers to your jolly nature. Seals bring you good fortune and success. It is also a sign of spiritual understanding and security.

This dream indicates that you can adapt to different situations of life quickly. Also, the dream refers to the pun ‘sealing the deal’.

87. Seam

When you see a seam in your dream, your subconscious suggests you bring two contrasting things together as a whole.

Alternatively, you can also take it as a metaphor that things might not be as real as they ‘seem’.

If a seam is undone in your dream, it indicates that your plans will fail.

Searching for something in the dream indicates that you need to look for the necessary missing aspects in your life. You can also be searching for love or enlightenment.

Further, it can also be indicative of you searching for the answers to your questions or the solutions to your problems.

89. Seashells

Finding seashells in dreams is a symbol of security. You are restricting your real emotions or your true self in front of others.

You don’t want to hurt yourself; that is why you are becoming more introverted and cold-hearted. You are emotionally drained and like to keep your emotions to yourself.

90. Seasons

Seasons in a dream reflect that a significant amount of time has passed.

If the seasons are changing in the dream, then the dream suggests that you are about to go through a deep spiritual transformation in your life. Your life will change for the good.

To know better about the meaning of the dream, you must focus on the type of seasons. 

91. Seatbelt

If you have worn a seatbelt in your dream, your subconscious is asking you to restrict your emotions from flowing in front of everybody.

You must look for peace and keep yourself collected. Breaking down in front of everybody is not the solution. 

If you aren’t able to put on the seatbelt easily, then it denotes that you are anxious about your future.

92. Secret

When you notice a secret in the dream, it means there’s a power hidden in your surroundings. Your subconscious is planning something great for you. 

If your secret is revealed in the dream, it suggests that your true self has been exposed. There is a lot of pressure on you to keep your personality hidden.

93. Secret admirer

If you have a secret admirer, it refers to some undiscovered aspects. You need to understand yourself better and dig deeper into the purpose of your existence.

Look into your belief systems and adapt to new ethics or ground rules. Alternatively, the dream also asks you to pay attention to somebody who is attracted to you.

94. Security

This dream has a contradictory meaning. So, if you dream about security, it means you are feeling insecure in your real life. You are looking for protection and are feeling weak.

This need for protection can either be emotional or physical. If needed, talk to your friends and share your problems.

95. Seduction

The art of seduction expresses our sexual desires. You are more passionate while showing your love in bed.

Alternatively, the dream can also symbolize that you are doing something that you don’t want to do in real life. But you had to give up your choices because you couldn’t deny it.

96. Seed

Dreaming about seeds indicates fertility. It is a sign that life will continue to grow. It is a perfect time to start with something new. You can start with a new relationship or a new venture.

Alternatively, this seed reflects the human soul. An idea is budding in the mind that can eventually prove to be productive for you.

97. Seepage

Seeing seepage in the dream suggests that you have suppressed your feelings for a long time. Now you are expressing it.

This dream can also act as an indication that some secret has been ‘leaked’.

98. Seesaw

Dreaming of being in a seesaw refers to the ups and downs of your life. You might be experiencing emotional problems.

A dream of a seesaw is also witnessed when you cannot decide the best things for yourself or are scared of taking initiative. Alternatively, the dream also reminds you of your childhood memories.

99. Self-harm

If you are harming yourself in the dream, it means you are trying to gain somebody’s attention. You are crying for somebody to notice you.

Alternatively, you want to detach yourself from the pain you are experiencing in real life. If you dream about this very often, you must seek expert advice.

100. Selfie

Taking a selfie in a dream indicates that you are self-obsessed. You have lost touch recently with your near ones.

If you find yourself taking a nude selfie in the dream, then your subconscious is asking you to be more vigilant. It can also be a sign of overconfidence.