Dream Dictionary for “Z”
Dream Dictionary for “Z”

1. Z

To envision the letter Z in your dream suggests that you need an ample amount of Zzzzzzz or sleep.

You may have worked overtime now your body needs rest to recover from the exhaustion.

2. Zabrina

Zabrina refers to a disciplined personality with a thoughtful mind. To dream of Zabrina suggests a hospitable and kind spirit of abundance.

3. Zachar

Zachar has to do with the remembrance of God. Dreaming of prophet Zachariah indicates that the dreamer is soon going to conceive a pious child who will follow a righteous path and will be a sire as a grown-up.

This is a positive omen suggesting good news and fortunate conditions gifted by the Almighty.

4. Zachery

To dream of Zachery has a clear suggestion that the dreamer is being remembered by the Lord. Be grateful to the Lord for all that you have and keep praying for the best!

5. Zamzam: Well of Zamzam

(Ka’aba; Mecca)

To dream of the well of Zamzam quenching people’s thirst indicates gnostic residence in that location.

If the Zamzam well happens to be located in anywhere other than Mecca, or a neighborhood, The gnostic is going to benefit the people who live in that place with its wisdom and knowledge.

If you had a lawful wish or prayer made to God before going to bed and then you dream of drinking Zamzam’s water, it means God has accepted your prayer.

It can be any righteous desire such as gaining wisdom, intelligence, fortune, riches, health, and above all forgiveness for an intentional or unintentional mistake that you might have committed and acknowledged.

6. Zamboni

Zamboni in your dream implies shutting yourself to fresh ideas and new thoughts. You can also be an emotionally strict person.

7. Zane

One can dream of Zane which means the dreamer is gracious enough to help others with his or her helpful, generous, hospitable, serving, and benevolent nature.

It also means that the almighty is kind to you.

8. Zeal

When a person has a selfless desire, mostly attached with social service, to an extent that person forgets his/her self-requirements and needs, it is only right for him to dream of Zeal.

Psychologically speaking, sometimes we indulge ourselves excessively in some sort of desire. If the goal happens to serve others around us, it becomes a possessive desire, a responsibility, and a stubborn ambition. We forget about our self-needs and fulfillments.

And accordingly, the desire becomes over the top. It is then possible for us to dream of Zeal, only to remind us of the zeal or psychological state of thinking.

9. Zealot

Dreaming of a Zealot is the same as dreaming of a “terrorist”. What you call it is completely a personal choice. Both zealot and a terrorist operate on similar concepts and principles.

Zealots were the ones to fight against Roman rule by violent and ferocious endeavors. Their ultimate goal was to overthrow the Roman rulership.

We can call it extremist behavior.

Hence, such a dream indicates that you need to invest vigorous efforts in order to achieve your goals. You need more focus.

Alternatively, an important notion of the dream is that you must be respectful towards the opinion of others while fulfilling your own lawful desires. It represents your passion and extreme yearnings.  

10. Zebra

To see a Zebra in your dream denotes that you may not retain the interest that you have currently developed in a project. You may find the project a worthless enterprise in the coming days.

It can also mean that you have been wasting your time and effort in small and worthless or fruitless matters. You need stability and calmness.

Dreaming of a zebra can also signify a mix of white and black attributes of your own self, a paradox character, or a balance of male and female aspects of your nature.

A tamed zebra in your dream symbolizes unexpected gain.

11. Zedekiah

Zedekiah precisely implies the justice of God. Refer to other details of the dream for a better interpretation.

12. Zelda

Zelda refers to the beloved person. So, if you dream of Zelda, try to consider other details of the dream for additional significance.

13. Zen

Dreaming of Zen symbolizes meditation practice. It refers to the peaceful and disciplined state of mind. It can also refer to the path of an intuition that you are following or you need to follow for spiritual control and discipline.

14. Zendik

Zendik symbolizes lack of faith in God. Dreaming of zendik suggests verbal dispute, fakeness, ego, fights, and evil.

It can also represent deceit, struggle, atheism, sadness, and negative situations.

But remember, whatever the situation be, you must retain your patience, goodwill, positive thoughts, and pure intentions. Do not get overwhelmed by such circumstances and give up. Keep fighting against the odds and you will eventually emerge to be the winner!

15. Zenia

To dream of Zenia represents a serving spirit. It signifies a person who is kind, helpful, gracious and polite towards others.

16. Zenith

If you dream of staring up at the zenith while you lie down on the ground, it indicates contentment with your life partner, a strong relationship, deep bonding, and happiness with the man or woman of your choice. You will choose the correct life partner for yourself.

It also signifies your ability to connect with your soul and liveliness.

Zenith also has other symbolism like accomplishments, progress, and success.

If you dream of gazing at the Zenith, lying comfortably, it predicts fortune and wealth along with happiness and contentment for your waking life.

You may also dream of reaching the Zenith in your professional life. Further, it also indicates that you might change your profession.

17. Zephyr

It is entirely possible for a fickle-minded person to dream of Zephyrs. Zephyr represents a light-hearted person and a restless mind.

The light breeze in your dream suggests that you might let your rational thinking get overruled by your emotions. Matters of heart and feelings are going to occupy your mind. This might not be good while making financial decisions and hence the quicker you come down to the reality, the better it is.

If you listen to the soft sounds of the zephyrs or breeze, it denotes being cheated in love.

You may invest your fortune to attain your object of love and in the process, you may even find the opposite partner responding to you with equal love and affection with promises of marriage.

If a maiden dream of soft zephyrs’ whispers, and that makes her sad, it means she might be deserted by her lover either temporarily or permanently.

All in all, dreaming of the Zephyr indicates metrical and romantic pleasure, yearning for love, relationship and eventually having poor self-esteem.

18. Zeppelin

Dreaming of Zeppelin symbolizes unrealistic ambitions. It introduces you to the reality of your waking life. You are aiming for something that is beyond your reach.

Alternatively, the dream also denotes that you will reach impeccable heights in your career. However, to envision that you are flying a Zeppelin means that you are on top of your career. To see a crashing Zeppelin suggests a dangerous occupation.

19. Zero

Zero does not only imply nothingness, it can also imply a new beginning. Dreaming of zero has some positive and some negative implications.

While on one hand, the dream denotes a rising power, on the other hand, it can also symbolize a feeling of worthlessness.

The zero in your dream can either signify that you lack dedication and maturity for making significant progress in life; it can also mean that you are at the apex of your fortune and potential.

Alternatively, a zero can also signify timelessness, eternity, meditation, freedom, and spirituality.

You must have noticed, some seeds and eggs are also shaped like zero, it may indicate undercover potential or motherhood.

Zero can also signify desertion and isolation. It may represent a fool as well as a wise man with awakened consciousness and meditation practice.

If the zero is placed at the right side of a number, it signifies abundance and surplus supply.

20. Zeus

Zeus in your dream refers to a guardian or an authoritative personality in your waking life.

However, it indicates that this authority figure is trying to overrule your opinion. The dream reminds you of your power and potential and the right to make your own decisions instead of following what others say or ask you to do.

But make sure you make thoughtful and safe decisions for yourself.

21. Zig-Zag

To dream of a zigzag motion or Zig Zag lines indicate a fickle mind. If a person goes through a lot of mood swings it is completely possible for him or her to dream of zigzag lines

The dream also indicates that the dreamer remains hesitant while making some important decisions in life

However, a zigzag also represents lightning which determines advancement, and progress.

22. Ziggurat

In the ancient times of Mesopotamia matriarchal temples where the kings would celebrate their wedding in front of the almighty. Such a dream, therefore, makes one self-aware of the ability to unite and be one.

For a woman to dream of Ziggurat indicates her receptiveness and for a man, the dream indicates his potential to serve mankind.

23. Zigzao

To dream of Zigzao indicates the Zig Zag pattern referring to the lightning in the sky. It represents an energetic discharge that marks equilibrium in prevailing conditions.

Alternatively, the dream suggests that we protect our ability from getting attacked by a calamity.

It also refers to self-discovery, new potential, progress, and self-awareness.

24. Zikr

Zikr refers to hymns or songs that remind devotees of God and help them express their love for God.

For a person to see a dream of Zikr determines his remembrance of God.

The dreamer might be showing off his devotional aspects. It can be any devotional activity such as reading a religious book, reciting God’s name, singing devotional hymns, praising God, thanking God, and so on.

Especially if the dreamer envisions himself repeating God’s name, it indicates his victory against his enemies.

Similarly, if a merchant dreams of reciting God’s name, it indicates that his business will run smoothly.

25. Zina

Zina implies being the enlightened one. It refers to a person who has attained illumination and has a brilliant personality.

26. Zinc

Zinc as a metal is very beneficial for businessmen.  If a businessman or a merchant dreams of zinc, it means his business will flourish and earn greater profits.

If you see yourself tasting zinc in your dream, it determines your hunger. You are in need of nutritional supplements for an existing health condition. As we say, health is wealth.

Dreaming of zinc predicts achievements, success, and substantial gain for the dreamer. It also represents an energetic activity. Zinc ore in your dream is again suggestive of successful events following your waking life.

The metal in your dream also symbolizes that you are in need of some sort of protection in your life.

27. Zinnias

Zinnias are indicative of togetherness, friendship, happiness, laughter, thrill, pleasure, and enjoyment. It can also refer to summer holidays and pleasures.

28. Zion

Zion refers to the golden city of God. Try to recall other happenings in the dream to derive a more detailed significance.

29. Zip

A zip represents your connection with people around you. You might be facing difficulty in balancing your relationships with others.

A stuck zip signifies an awkward situation. You might feel uncomfortable and exposed to certain conditions of your waking life.

Zip can also represent the idea of interlocking to different aspects of your personality.

30. Zip-code

Zipcodes are used to locate addresses, identities, locations, etc.

To see a zip code in your dream suggests that you are unable to understand the message even if you are trying your best to analyze it.

You may be undergoing some sort of stress and meditation can help you heal it. In other words, the dream can denote that your mind requires rest and peace.

The dream code also refers to a certain problem or situation in your life that you need to address with clarity.

31. Zipline

To dream of a zip line denotes that you are shifting happily from one phase of your life to another.

Alternatively, the dream also suggests that you want to take adventurous risks and feel independent in your waking life. But make sure the risks are safe and do not result in regrets.

32. Ziplock

Dreaming of a ziplock signifies your desire to protect your secrets and true emotions. It represents sealed lips so that you do not reveal any of your thoughts in front of others.

Not everybody deserves to know what’s going on in your life, hence, you have all rights to keep your matters to yourself.

33. Ziploc Bag

A Ziplock bag in your dream represents a reservoir or a source of energy. What does the bag contain?

Observe the content of the bag to derive a clear significance for your waking life.

34. Zipper

A zipper is either used to close things or open something. To dream of a zipper represents exposing or closing your feelings and emotions. If you see yourself opening the zipper, it implies your desire to open up to people about your thoughts and ideas.

On the other hand, closing a zipper suggests that you are protective about your feelings and you do not want to disclose them.

A broken zipper suggests that you are unable to protect your feelings or reveal them carefully. 

To dream of a stuck zipper indicates that you feel embarrassed in a particular situation of your waking life.

35. Zircon

Zircon is a decorative stone, and its dreams symbolize deceptive appearances. You might have invested your trust in the wrong people.

Do think twice before putting your confidence in a person. Examine your relatives and friends, also try to maintain some privacy.

The dream can also signify that you were unable to achieve your first choice and eventually you may settle down for an alternative.

The dream of zircon can also represent bonding between a male and a female; it can also mean a contractual relationship or reconciliation of enemies.

36. Zits

To dream of zits indicates that there are pent-up emotions ready to burst and expose themselves. The suppressed thoughts have waited long to top the surface and if not handled carefully, they may explode.

Other than this, dreaming of acne or zits can also represent lower self-esteem, poor consciousness, self-criticism, inability of some sort, and desertion.

If you dream of popping your pimples, it means you need to confront your feelings and express them.

The dream can be a representation of your self-image and how you perceive your flaws.

37.  Zodiac

To dream that you are studying a Zodiac indicates that you will progress and gain recognition in your business.

Zodiac is considered to be a positive omen. It represents a peaceful and blissful environment in various areas of your waking life. If you see yourself dominating the zodiac, it indicates a social as well as professional advancement.

Your relationships are going to have a significant improvement as well.

To dream of your own zodiac sign represents your own personality.

38. Zodiac sign

Different signs of the Zodiac symbolize different attributes. Dreaming of a zodiac sign indicates that you need to incorporate the attributes of the particular zodiac sign that you envisioned. If you already possess the qualities, try to improve them further.

Observe the zodiac sign, it can be a Leo, a Virgo, an Aquarius, or a Capricorn. Each of the zodiac signs indicates certain symbolic as well as pun interpretations.

39. Zoe Zoa

Zoe Zoa are words for life and divinity. It represents a divine and motivated spirit full of life.

40. Zollikoferia Spinosa

Zollikofer or a citrus medical plant in your dream indicates that you have successfully fought your sickness, obstacles, and depression.

Alternatively, the dream suggests a beautiful and good-looking woman who has poor character.

41. Zombie

To walk like a zombie in your dream indicates that you are feeling detached from the worldly affairs. Nothing around you seems to hold you back from living your life.

Detachment is not necessarily ‘not having expectations’ from others. Detachment sometimes can be equally harmful for a person.

Zombie dreams denote lack of self-love and liveliness. You have lost your vitality, emotions, feelings, mental balance, and spiritual practice.

It is advisable to discard your fear and get back to life. It’s not worth being in a state of illusion or fear and losing your emotional space.

It is better to acknowledge your emotional and mental issues and confront your difficulties instead of losing hope.

42. Zone

To interpret the dream of a zone, you must observe the type of zone that you envisioned. Different types of zones have different symbolisms.

Radioactive zone implies that a particular situation of waking life has become a hotspot.

Reaching an end zone in your life signifies that you have successfully accomplished a task that was assigned to you.

To be in a zone in your dream reflects that you are connecting with your higher self, acknowledging your resources, power, potential and fulfillment. The zone can also represent a war zone.

Dreaming of a zone suggests that you need to balance your daily routine in order to attain physical and emotional equilibrium and life.

43. Zone diet

To dream of a zone diet signifies that you are aspiring for a better health and youthful body. Such a dream can result from your concern about your fitness, shape and figure.

To have a conscious dream in which you want to get rid of that unhealthy fat denotes your desire to get rid of unwanted people from your life.

44. Zoo

To dream of a zoo denotes that some aspects of your personality remain caged. It symbolizes that the animalistic desires and thoughts of your character remain locked.

To see a zoo keeper reveals aggression in your life. If you happen to be the zookeeper, try to observe whom and how you are trying to control. Are you being unfair or violent to those people?

Dreaming of a zoo also symbolizes lack of freedom and lack of recognition of your potential and skills.

It can also represent a confusing state of life or a chaotic condition.

The dream can be a reminder that you are a human and you need to behave yourself. Alternatively, it can suggest that you need to participate in groups.

If you see some animals in the dream, probably you are showcasing attributes of this animal in your waking life to the outer world.

45.  Zookeeper

A Zookeeper symbolizes aggressiveness in life, it indicates that your journey towards being your true self has many hurdles.

Being a zookeeper can also represent your controlling nature, suggesting that you might be trying to control someone or something inappropriately.

On the other hand, it also indicates a lack of control in domestic life and the need for strong support in some areas of life.

46. Zoomorphism

If you see that you changed from a person to an animal, then it means you are losing your civility. You have become animalistic in your approaches and that you lack the control and consciousness of a human.

You may have merged the boundaries that make you feel restricted.

Alternatively, the dream suggests that some of your animalistic desires are topping the surface.

The animal that appears in your dream is the one whose qualities you have incorporated within you.

47. Zoological Garden

Dreaming about visiting a zoological garden is often considered a positive omen suggesting that you will acquire knowledge with your saunter in different countries.

It indicates having a good time with a significant company while traveling. In the business world, these dreams suggest a victorious attitude and making pronounced successes.

However, the approach must be completely moral and ethically right. Otherwise, it can also mean facing defeat from opponents while they overpower you, trimming down your potential success.

48. Zoom

If you dream about zooming into a setting then it suggests that you are observing your surroundings deeply with a flexible thought process. You prefer having diversity in perspectives and judgments.

It also suggests that you never miss out on the details and instead of acting impulsively, try to take a look at the bigger picture.

49. Zoom-lens

To see a zooming lens in your dream signifies that you need to gain a deeper insight into a matter. You lack complete details of a particular issue that prevails in your waking life at present.

In order to make clear discussions, decisions, and judgments you need to zoom in on the matter and look into its details closely.

50. Zonia

Zonia refers to a hospitable spirit who works for the benefit of surroundings. It marks a gracious personality who is kind-hearted and pious in nature.

51. Zora

Zora symbolizes the first light of the dawn. To dream of Zora implies a fresh start or a new beginning.

52. Zorro

Zorro, the anonymous swordsman saving people’s oppression, represents your desire to be the knight in shining armor. It indicates your willingness to overpower the opponents and knock them down.

You want to be seen as the virtue of fairness while staying anonymous. Like Zorro, you want to break the shackles and fight for righteousness.

In other words, the dream marks the virtues of Zorro in you.

53. Zucchini

Dreaming about zucchini is an indicator of your awakened sexual desires. It represents your excited self and your desire for being loved.

It may be a symbol denoting the genitalia of males. It also symbolizes the desire for love and affection. However, a poorly cooked zucchini can suggest some disappointments at the doorstep.

54. Zuhur

Zuhr is an Arabic word for ‘noon prayer’. There are five mandatory Islamic prayers in a day. These mandatory prayers are called Salah, Zuhr is one of the five Salahs. Zuhr is performed during midday when the sun is at the pinnacle.

The interpretation of performing Zuhr in your dream depends on the environment in which you are performing it. If you’re performing Zuhr on a beautiful day with a clear sky and you seem happy, it means that the work will bring you fame and your life will feel beautiful just like the beautiful day in your dream.

But, if you see yourself performing Zuhr on a cloudy day then it might be indicating a burdensome and stressful work life. Performing midday dreams also symbolizes vows and promises. So, the prayer can also represent responsibilities that you’re liable to fulfill.

55. Zul Hijjah

Zu al-Hijjah is a month in the Islamic calendar. It is the final month that ranks twelfth in the Islamic calendar.

The renowned festival of sacrifices takes place during this month and the Hajj also happens in this month.

If one dreams about traveling somewhere during this month, then one must make sure that the trip happens because this is the most blessed month.

Dreams about this month are considered fortunate signifying prosperity in business and work.

However, if one dreams about offering sacrifices in this month or saying the prayers said during the festival of sacrifices, then it means that one is trying to live up to his promises and clear all his debts.

One might also be asking for guidance or forgiveness for some sin. Such dreams about sacrifices are also bad omen as they indicate the upcoming turmoil in the country or the death of a wise soul.

56. Zul-qarnain

Dreams of Zul-qarnain interprets that someone will be requesting on behalf of someone to fulfill their needs. It might indicate praying for one’s necessities to someone powerful.

57. Zulu

Dreaming about Zulu people, the largest ethnic group of South Africa, in your paraphernalia who are busy doing pleasant activities suggests that you are working towards your problem and will be able to solve them soon.

If you seem to be surrounded by Zulu people in your dream, it suggests that you’ve counterfeited all possible dangers and are heading towards a peaceful and healthy life.

58. Zuriel

Zuriel signifies: The lord is my rock. Observe other conditions in the dream to derive a significant message for your waking life.