Dream Dictionary for “N”
Dream Dictionary for “N”

1. Nag

If somebody is nagging at you in the dream, it means you need to change your attitudes and beliefs about life. It’s time you change your way of living.

If you are nagging at somebody in the dream, this expresses your suppressed disappointments. You have been in a rage for a while now.

2. Nail polish

Polishing your nails in your dreams indicates you should concentrate more on your goals. Changing your nail paint in your dreams constitutes your colors of creativity and emotional attitude.

You may want to become the perfect one. But, living up to the standards of society is taking a toll on you.

3. Nail

Stamping your nails in your dream gives signs of your grip and resistance over the tough deals. When this dream suggests you have nailed it, it means the situation has settled. It marks your prolonged efforts and dedication.

“Getting nailed” often refers to being hit sexually.

4. Nail file

This dream brings forward your harsh personality. It asks you to develop your relationship with others and cut off the rough edges. You must stop being abrasive and rude to others.

Like you file your nails to give them a proper shape, you must also file the relationships to maintain a good bond.

5. Naked

Being naked suggests your fear of being exposed. You fear that people will misjudge you based on it.

Noticing a naked person represents your anxieties that people will get to know your inner self. If your dirty activities are exposed, this can cause harm to your public image too.

6. Name

Forgetting your own or somebody’s names indicates that you are overwhelmed with work. You lack time to re-establish your bond with your roots.

If you hear somebody calling out your name, it is a sign that you are connected to your spirit as your name creates your unique identity.

If you notice yourself changing your name in the dream, then it foretells that you are about to go through a transformation.

7. Name badge

A name badge defines your identity in the dream. You want to reach out to people outside your horizon.

If you see a badge with somebody else’s name, then this represents an identity crisis. You have lost aspects of your personality and are becoming somebody that you are not from your soul.

8. Napkin

In a dream, a napkin stands for cleanliness. You want everything spick and span. Alternatively, this dream is also a sign of good fortune. You are about to hear some good news soon.

Instead, if you see dirty napkins, it indicates that you are going through some problem in your marriage life or relationship.

9. Narcoleptic

Being narcoleptic implies that you are taking some incidences in your life very lightly. There are facts that you refuse to accept even when you know they exist.

If somebody else is being narcoleptic in your dream, then it is a sign that they are ignoring you and are not responding to your actions.

10. Narrow

When you see narrow spaces in a dream, it represents your life’s struggle. You feel that you are being restricted and aren’t allowed to express yourself freely.

Alternatively, the dream also stands for your conservative attitude. Narrow things often stand for femininity.

11. Native country

Dreaming about your native country symbolizes your roots. It refers to the place you belong.

Such dreams are also a signal that you are looking back at your decisions. You are figuring out the goals that you have already accomplished and the goals that are remaining.

12. Nautilus

Seeing a nautilus resembles your courage. You don’t give up on things that you want in your life. You will keep fighting to achieve your goals. You are a risk-taker and love challenges.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests that you can handle difficult situations very well.

If you got nautilus in your mouth, your subconscious is signaling you to keep your mouth shut.

13. Navel

A navel in a dream stands for you. This dream indicates that you must look for your center point.

Alternatively, a navel connects a mother with a child at the time of birth. So, this dream signifies a connection with your mother.

The dreams about navel piercing suggest that you must trust your maternal instincts.

14. Nazi

Noticing a Nazi in dreams is a bad sign. It means you cannot fight your opponent and that somebody is constantly trying to tarnish your public image.

Somebody is after you to pull you down and stop you from reaching your goals. However, if you sympathize with Nazis, this dream can have a different interpretation.

15. Near-death experience

To dream about a near-death experience denotes a relapse. You’re going back to your old habits and past. You are repeating your old behavior.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests that you want to give a second chance to something or someone.

16. Neck

Dreams about the neck highlight the relationship between your mind and body. It showcases your willpower and the fact that you can control your emotions very well.

If your neck is injured, it indicates that your heart and mind are running in two different directions.

17. Neck brace

If you’re wearing a neck brace, it is a sign that you are trying to bring your heart and mind to one conclusion. You are trying to think your emotions through and then make life-transforming decisions.

If somebody else is wearing a neck brace in your dream, it suggests that they’ll always stand for your support.

18. Necklace

Dreams about necklaces denote unfulfilled desires. It signifies that you want to have more power and control over others.

If you see a broken necklace in the dream, think of this as a sign that you need to follow your gut instincts. A haunted necklace in a dream suggests that you are confused about your relationship.

19. Necktie

If you’re building a necktie, it implies your relational bonds. It is a sign that you are being tied to a relationship.

If you find this necktie is loose, then it indicates that there are still some pending works that you need to finish. However, if you find that the necktie is too tight, it means that you feel trapped.

20. Need

The need arises when we lack some things in our life. It means the same in a dream as they are nothing but a reflection of our waking life.

When you find somebody else in need, your subconscious suggests you to be more kind and compassionate towards others and appreciate whatever you have in your life.

21. Needle

If you’re using a needle in your dream, it means you’re trying to control a relationship or condition that has lost its limits. A needle here stands as a symbol of pain.

If you see the knitting needles, this suggests that you will be able to influence the situation to get a favorable result.

22. Negatives

Negative pictures in the dream symbolize a developing relationship. This dream can also act as a pun that there is a negative person or energy in your life.

Therefore, it is essential to observe what is shown as negative in your dream. Negative images denote that you lack emotions in the dreams and are still hanging onto your past.

23. Neglect

If you feel neglected while dreaming, it signifies that you are ignoring a part of yourself or are overlooking a critical situation. It might be linked to your waking life.

If a child is being neglected in your dream, it implies that you are ignoring the wishes of the child hidden inside you. It is because you are overwhelmed with responsibilities.

24. Negligee

Wearing a negligee denotes your suggestiveness. Such dreams are a sign that you are a transparent being. People can only look through you and easily analyze your intentions.

There are chances that you don’t want your secrets to be revealed to others. Dreams about negligees also imply that you are neglecting an important situation.

25. Neighbor

We all have different experiences with our neighbors. If you see a good neighbor in your dream, it suggests peace and a fun-filled environment.

On the contrary, if you witness angry neighbors, it expresses your disappointments in waking life. Alternatively, such a dream is also a sign that you need to relocate somewhere and need a changing environment.

26. Neighborhood

Neighborhood dreams suggest that you need to build new connections. Being in an unknown neighborhood reflects new situations that make you uncomfortable in your waking life.

Similarly, a poor neighborhood drains you emotionally because you don’t get the desired harmony. Alternatively, the dream is asking you to be more kind towards others.

27. Neon lights

Neon lights in dreams emphasize your wishes and desires to reach your goals. You want to be appreciated for your work and be recognized. You wish to achieve fame.

Try reading the text in the neon lights. Maybe, it is trying to communicate some message to you.

28. Neptune

Dreaming about planet Neptune highlights your inspiration as well as dedication. This dream asks you to be more compassionate and empathetic towards others.

If you happen to see the Neptune God, it is a sign that there are certain emotions that you need to confront in your real life.

29. Nervous breakdown

Having a nervous breakdown is common. It suggests that you have lost your control over a relationship and are looking for more clarity.

The dreams about nervous breakdown also denote that you are going through a tough time. You are unable to have faith in your own decisions and are feeling insecure.

30. Nest

Seeing a nest highlights comfort and protection. It also brings you new opportunities. Observe the condition of the nest and compare it to your real life. Such a dream is also a sign of emotional dependency.

A nest filled with eggs suggests financial security. A broken nest represents failures.

31. Net

A net in a dream stands for difficult life situations. You feel helpless and caught up.

Alternatively, this dream indicates you want to expand your horizon and see what comes back to you. You can also take this as a metaphor for your connections or the Internet.

32. Netflix

Watching something on Netflix in the dream takes you to a flashback of the waking situations of your life.

Carefully observe the show titles that you are watching in the dream. They might be somehow associated with the problems you are facing in your real life.

It also indicates that you are trying to regain control in some situations of your life.

33. New

If you’re getting a new house in your dreams, it means you are capable of creating a new identity and are exploring your strengths. You are trying to become emotionally mature.

Buying new shoes indicates your overconfidence. However, dreaming about a new school means that you’re feeling left out at certain places in your waking life. And, you have to learn a new lesson.

34. New year

We’re all excited about the New Year. It brings us the ray of hope that the new beginnings will lead us to prosperity and introduce us to a better future.

This dream also indicates that you are about to start a new venture or a project. If you’re looking at it from the spiritual aspect, this dream is a sign of enlightenment or a new awakening.

35. New York

If you’re not a resident of New York but have dreams regarding it, you have a fast lifestyle. You are unable to cope with different situations in your daily life.

Alternatively, you are looking forward to more exciting things in your life and want to achieve your goals at any cost.

36. News

Watching the news while dreaming can be considered as an important message communicated by your subconscious mind. You must take the indication and work on the guidance provided.

Alternatively, for some matters, your subconscious mind is asking you to be more neutral about the situation.

When you hear good news in the dream, it represents negative events. When you hear bad news in the dream, it represents positive events.

37. Newspaper

Going through a newspaper sheds new light and knowledge on a problem that you’re facing in your real life. You might be looking for answers to the troublesome situations of your life.

If you’re getting a dream where you’re reading a newspaper, observe the news very carefully as your answers are hidden here. Alternatively, this dream also asks you to be more expressive.

38. Nickel

Dreams about nickel are a symbol of #5. It means that your life is about to take a turn.

Alternatively, the dream also resembles a financial crisis. So, you must start saving extra money.

If you are not cautious about the minor issues, all of them will eventually combine to become a bigger issue.

39. Nickname

When you hear a nickname, it brings back thousands of memories that are associated with the name. If the nickname is of some person, you start associating the person’s characteristics with the name.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the said nickname, it stands as a metaphor for something. Hearing somebody calling your nickname in the dream denotes that you are trying to change your public image.

40. Night

If you’re visualizing a night in a dream, it suggests disappointments and obstacles that you have to overcome while achieving your goals. You need more clarity about your plan to work tirelessly towards it.

Alternatively, the dreams about night are also a metaphor for death, reflection, and rebirth.

If you’re dreaming about the night, but you see a bright day, this is a sign that you have understood an unclear situation. And you are aware of the facts now.

41. Nightlight

If you switched on the night light in your dream, it means you are looking for some guidance. You want somebody to help you with the situation in your waking life or provide some advice.

Alternatively, if you see a new light bulb that you are using as a night light; it symbolizes new ideas and knowledge about the situation.

42. Nightmare

Dreaming about nightmares indicates you are overburdening yourself or you feel overwhelmed. You need to shed off your baggage and allow yourself to spend some relaxing time.

Alternatively, this dream is also a sign that you are failing towards your aspirations. You have to do something soon to achieve them.

43. Ninepins

Dreaming about ninepins suggests that you are wasting your energy and time over fruitless matters. You are intentionally losing the opportunities that come your way.

Alternatively, the dream is also asking you to be around good company. If you put complete trust in somebody, there are chances of betrayal.

44. Ninja

Noticing a ninja in your dream signifies that somebody has deceitful intentions towards you.

Therefore, you must be very careful while choosing the people around you. They might try to take advantage of you to fulfill their selfish motives.

If you are the ninja in your dream, it represents your passive-aggressive behavior.

45. Nipples

Seeing nipples in your dream indicate that you are dependent on somebody. Squeezing these nipples is a sign that you want to keep the negative feelings away. It also suggests that you feel sexually incompliant.

If there are no nipples in your dream, it shows that you have lost your charm for sex. And if you see your nipples hanging, it simply means you are giving away way too much to others.

46. Noise

Weird noises in a dream reflect the unexpected. Something strange is on your way, or you are confused about some instances in your real life.

You might be ignoring some essential things in your life. So, this noise is asking you to pay attention to those things.

Alternatively, you have to be more expressive to be heard by others.

47. Noodles

Dream of Noodles stand as a sign of longevity and prosperity. You will be gifted everything in abundance. The dream about noodles also indicates that you want to nourish your soul.

You can also take this dream as a metaphor for ‘use your noodle.’ It means you need to think hard about certain things in your life.

48. Noose

If you find a noose in your dream, it means you’re dependent on somebody and feel restricted. You aren’t allowed to express yourself.

Thus, you keep your feelings constricted within you. If a noose is around somebody else’s neck, it represents your anger and frustration towards that person or situation.

49. Northern lights

Many find Northern Lights in the dream, and they stand as a symbol for youth and renewed energy. You are about to experience positive things and situations in your life.

Your relationships will also be filled with equal comfort and love. The best part is you’ll be able to enrich yourself with some new wisdom.

Alternatively, the dream also signals you that you know your goals but are too passive to achieve them.

50. Nose

 Seeing your nose in the dream highlights your efforts to achieve your goals. The nose is a symbol of energy and wisdom.

When you dream about the nose, it asks you to know more about situations of waking life. You need to avoid being nosy and interfering in others situations.

If you find that your nose is suddenly growing in your dream, it indicates that somebody is lying behind your back.

51. Notes

Writing notes in the dream signifies that you need to convey some messages to others. Passing notes in the dream highlights your urge towards knowledge and wisdom.

However, musical notes denote the ups and downs of your real-life depending upon the sharp and flat notes of the music.

52. Nuclear bomb

When you see a nuclear bomb, it means you have lost control over situations. You are feeling powerless. You are filled with frustration and hostility.

Things are about to harm you, but there is nothing that you can do to help the situation. There might be times when you want to eliminate a part of yourself but are unable to transform things.

Alternatively, such a dream also means that some important things are about to end.

53. Nugget

When you find a gold nugget, it confers to a valuable message that you were unaware of. Maybe you knew about it, but you did not take it as an important message.

Picking up several gold Nuggets denote that you accept your mistake and are now ready to sort it.

54. Numbers

Numbers in your dreams stand for worldly possessions and profits. You keep a record of everything and then make your decisions. You also believe in lucky dates or numbers because they matter to you.

Hearing numbers means you need to slow down a little in your life and relax. Similarly, repeating numbers suggests there are some urgent matters that you need to look over at present.

55. Nun

A nun is a symbol of purity and obedience. It asks you to keep up with your promises. Alternatively, your spiritual self is being interfered with by materialistic obsessions.

Being a woman, if you dream about the nun, it is a sign that you are unhappy with your present life and want to get rid of it. Alternatively, you want your life to be peaceful and secure.

56. Nursery

Seeing a child’s nursery refers to your maternal instinct. It is more common when you are expecting a baby.

Alternatively, such a dream is a sign of going back to your childhood days. It might only indicate your desire of living a simple life without worries.

Being in a plant nursery also implies growth and transformation.

57. Nuts

Nuts denote chaos and madness in the dream. It means somebody has gone ‘nuts’ and is driving you crazy.

Alternatively, you can also take it as an indication that you have a wrong approach towards a situation. Maybe you should change your perspective.

Eating nuts indicates that you will achieve your desires soon if you dig deep into a matter.

58. Nutcracker

A nutcracker is a powerful tool to break nuts. In a dream also, it represents the same thing. So, a nutcracker refers to your strength and power.

If something is in your mind and you work towards it with dedication, you’ll certainly be able to achieve your goals.

59. Nurse

If you visualize yourself as a nurse, it means you need to deal with a situation with more compassion. Or else things might get out of hand.

If somebody else is nursing you in the dream, it suggests that you must take some time out for your mental and physical nourishment. Free your spirit.

60. Numbness

Numbness is a result of fear. It is reflected in the same manner in our dreams. So, if you are feeling numb in your dream, it indicates that you feel you have lost the power of your life.

Fear is running you, and you want to avoid failures. You are a peaceful person who avoids risks.

61. Nothingness

When you dream of nothing, it is a sign that you are missing out on something in your life. It can be an emotional problem or a project that is not yielding satisfactory results. You might feel lonely.

Alternatively, it may mean that you feel dull and zoned out. You are going through an energy-draining phase.

62. Notebook

Having a notebook in a dream means you need to make an account of the basic things for you. This way, you will be able to sort your priorities.

It can either be the physical tasks that you need to finish or the emotional troubles that you need to heal. Go through the notebook and finish off the list.

63. No

Saying no to others in your dream means you are a firm believer in yourself and your opinions. You have the daring to stand for your beliefs and wouldn’t mind going against the majority.

You are independent enough to make your own decisions and to put yourself first before society.

64. Nirvana

Dreaming of nirvana showcases your wisdom, perfection, and tranquility. It denotes that your life is peaceful and without any useless dramas.

Alternatively, it also indicates that you want to escape from the toxic people or situations in your life. You cannot stand anything that makes you unhappy.

65. Nike

The Nike logo in the dream suggests you ‘just do it.’ You have to forget about the obstacles or barriers in your way and work towards your goals. Stop lazing around. Become active and work faster.

This dream is also a representation of your pace and agility. It resembles your athletic nature.

66. Nightclub

Being in a nightclub in your dream suggests your socialistic nature. You love being surrounded by people.

Therefore, this dream can be taken as a personal commentary on your lifestyle. It indicates that you belong to a group of people. You just need to figure out where you want to settle and with whom.

67. Nativity

Nativity in the dream highlights your discoveries. It can be as simple as discovering a new talent within yourself or expanding your horizons.

Such a dream also emphasizes inner strength. You feel spiritually nourished and become less inclined towards materialistic possessions.

68. Niche

A niche is a spot where we feel comfortable and safe. Such a dream suggests that you need to consider the external factors while entering a new place.

In religious views, a niche is connected to the holiness and magical powers of God.

69. Narcosis

Being under narcosis in the dream signifies that you are keeping your emotions repressed instead of facing them. You are fond of avoiding problems in your waking life.

Due to this behavior, eventually, you face major issues. So, it is better that you learn to be accountable for your actions.

70. Nail polish color

The color of your nail polish can also help you interpret your dreams. If you have worn a black nail color, it signifies that you don’t care for anybody.

Similarly, the orange nail color suggests that you are inspired and are ready to create your new world. If the nail polish color is clear, you need to remain neutral in a situation.

71. Numerology

Dreams about numerology suggest that you need to know your inner self. You must consider the number seen in the dream.

The number in your dream indicates whether it is a positive or negative sign. The negativity associated with the numbers represents that you might have to face some challenges.

72. Nightingale

If you see a silent nightingale in a dream, it means you have some misunderstandings with your friends. This dispute can be resolved if you talk about it with them.

If you see a singing nightingale, it reflects your desire for a peaceful relationship.

73. Nymphs

Nymphs are a symbol of femininity. It represents your carefree and jolly nature.

Seeing a nymph in a dream stands for your innocence and grace. Nymphs in dreams are related to a person’s beauty. It indicates you have some role to play towards nature like the mountains and lakes.

74. Nylon

The synthetic fiber ‘nylon’ in the dream represents that you are more concerned about your appearances rather than your inner qualities.

It is a sign that things are not as real as they seem. You have to dig deeper to know the facts.

75. Nutrition

The nutrition that you consume indicates what is important to you. Whether it is wealth, love, confidence, or your ideas? The taste of the food in the dream denotes the experiences of your life.

If you consume a lot of nutrition in the dream, it denotes you have extreme desires in your real life.

76. Nymphomaniac

If you are dreaming about a nymphomaniac, it reflects your animal nature. It means you have a strong sexual desire but cannot set up your boundaries.

If you are having sex with a nymphomaniac, it implies that you want to be free from social restrictions.

77. Nomad

Dreaming about nomads reflects your desire for freedom. It indicates that you do not have extreme needs and are happy with whatever you have in your life.

You have a disregard for your loved ones because you have not been able to establish yourself.

78. Nightgown

If a man sees his woman in a nightgown in the dream, it is an indication that the partner has pure love for him.

If you visualize yourself in a nightgown, it suggests that you might fall sick in a short time. If you see somebody else in a nightgown, it means you are about to hear some unpleasant news from long-lost friends.

79. Nightwatchman

Dreams about night watchman act as a symbol of your insecurity. You want to hand over your responsibilities to a trustworthy person who can handle things better than you.

Alternatively, the dream also suggests that you do not like anybody interfering in your matters.

80. nonprofit business

A nonprofit business in a dream represents that you will undergo a loss in your new venture. Your hard work will not give you the expected results.

To avoid this, you must consider researching more about the business.

81. Nachos

Eating nachos in the dream means you are making excuses for a particular thing. Also, it suggests that you have high expectations from a situation.

Nachos with all the trimmings warn you to lower your expectations from other people. You are more concerned about others than yourself.

82. None

The dream can have many possible meanings. One meaning indicates that it is a sign of loss and pain. You feel deprived of something.

Another meaning states that you feel unwanted and have a void in your heart.

83. Networking

Seeing yourself networking in the dream indicates that opportunities are waiting for you. This dream also indicates that the various aspects of your life are mingled with each other.

However, you’re facing communication problems with your near ones.

84. Night-birds

The dreams of night birds like owls or bats indicate that your life will be filled with darkness. However, the troubles will not last for a long time.

Alternatively, it also asks you to finish your pending work on the following day.

85. Natural landscapes

Natural landscapes like mountains, valleys, deserts portray different emotions. The mountains stand for masculinity whereas the valleys represent the feminine character.

The desert is a representation of your soul.

86. Nashville

If you dream about walking in Nashville with a suitcase, it highlights your aspirations. You want to be successful in the western music industry and the country.

This dream will easily grab your attention if you are a wanderer.

87. Narrator

Having a narrator in your dream indicates a dramatic approach to your life. However, it is also a sign that you can look forward to good things in life.

88. Nose-ring

A nose ring in a dream is a symbol of a prejudiced person. You cannot be fair to everyone and are biased towards your favorite people.

If you pierce the nose of an animal by inserting a nose-ring, it indicates wealth. Alternatively, this dream also means that you are able to defeat your enemy.

89. Nasal mucus

If you blow your nose in somebody else’s house, it signals that you will marry somebody from that house or are sharing a romantic relationship with somebody from that house.

After blowing your nose, if you use someone else’s bed sheet, it indicates that you will secretly have an affair with their wife.

90. Nosebleed

The dream is considered a bad omen. You have to be alert with your business deals. Also, you need to take good care of your partner and your friends.

A bleeding nose in the dream is an indication of danger.

91. Newborn boy

If you dream of the newborn boy, it suggests that you will face hardships in your life. If the boy is born to you, you will experience grief. You will have a rough life filled with obstacles.

92. Newborn girl

A dream of a newborn girl is considered better than the dream of a newborn boy. A newborn girl in a dream signals that joy and happiness are on your way.

A newborn girl brings fortune to whoever sees her.

93. Nomination

If you are hearing a name being nominated in a dream, it denotes that you have a special task to accomplish. The task can be spiritual.

If you are nominating somebody else, it indicates that you do not consider yourself responsible enough.

94. Non Alcoholic wine

The dream is an indication of sorrow and distress. Your life will be filled with poverty. However, nonalcoholic wine is a sign that you have earned your money through hard work.

However, alcoholic wine signals that the money is earned through the wrong means.

95. Net-ball

When you see a netball in your dream, it asks you to not be upset. You will face disappointments and failures. However, you will turn out victorious in the end.

96. Nail polish remover

If you’re seeing a nail polish remover in your dream, it means that you are guilty about something. You are regretting your mistakes.

A constant thought running in your mind is how people will judge you and your behavior.

97. National anthem

If you are hearing your national anthem in your dream, it suggests that you will soon receive a piece of news from distant people.

If you were singing the national anthem, your subconscious asks you to be more dedicated towards your goals. Stop wasting time over fruitless actions.

98. Niece

If you are a woman who’s dreaming about your niece, it suggests that she will worry about useless matters in the near future.

She will have to go through unexpected trials and difficulties. However, there is a mutual affectionate bond between you two.

99. Notation

The notations in your dream symbolize your real-life actions. If you’re going on the wrong track in your waking life, you will observe the notes screaming or making sounds in your dream.

100. Nausea

If you’re feeling nausea in your dream, it indicates that your honesty is being challenged. You need to be alert as some deceitful Friends may be surrounding you.

Learn from your past experiences and release the suppressed feelings. You have been holding onto a lot more than your body or mind can handle.