Dream Dictionary for “R”
Dream Dictionary for “R”

1. R

If you dream of the letter R, take a break, play relaxing music, and rest. The letter R can suggest rest and relaxation in your dreams.

2. Rabbit

If you see a rabbit in your dream, you have good luck waiting for you. Because, rabbit signifies miracle, fortune, progress, accomplishment, and wealth.

If we look at a more intense significance of rabbits in your dream, then it can be about sex and fertility. Perhaps, you need to pay more attention to your sexual life.

A white rabbit in your dream can also symbolize true love.

A black rabbit however represents your fear of getting intimate.

3. Rabies

If you dream of rabies, the dream represents thoughts and feelings of aggression that might have piled up within a particular span of time.

But such aggressive feelings need to be expressed in a controlled manner so that they do not create harm to others.

4. Race

If you dream of being in a race, it denotes your competitive spirit. Do you have a habit of comparing yourself against others? The dream can also suggest you slow down and search for other directions in life.

If you won a race in your dream, then the dream represents your energy and ability to achieve your ambition.

You have the potential to overcome all the obstacles that come your way.

5. Racism

Dreaming of racism can be your personal anxiety on the matter as a worldly affair. But often, it can also indicate that you are being discriminatory in your waking life. Are you judging a person or a situation based on its appearance?

If you are a supporter of racism, the dream can be about your personal opinions on the matter.

6. Radiant

Did you dream of a radiant substance? Such a dream denotes purity, intelligence, and extraordinary knowledge

Your life can also be impacted by one or all of these factors in the near future.

7. Radiation

Were you exposed to radiation in your dream? Perhaps, you are dealing with too much negativity in your life and your emotions are full of grief and sorrow.

You need to take some time and work on these negativities to feel light and better.

8. Radio

If you listen to a radio in your dream, you are probably more aware of a particular situation. You have a lot going on in your real life.

Consider what you are listening to, because these are the messages that your conscience is trying to deliver.

However, if you dream of switching off your radio, it means you are refraining from helping a particular person with some troubling conditions.

9. Radish

Did you see yourself planting radishes in your backyard? Such a dream is very auspicious since it unfolds a very positive omen. Dreaming of radishes signifies prosperity and wealth.

If you see yourself eating radish in your dream, the dream directs you towards some deep thinking.

10. Raft

If you see a raft in your dream, the dream can indicate your grim chances at a successful life. There is a lot that you need to do in order to progress.

Seeing that you are floating on the raft suggests that you are progressing in life without knowing the direction where you are heading. The dream can also be a smaller representation of your confused state of mind.

11. Rage

Have you been holding back your anger? If yes, then it’s natural for you to dream of rage. 

The dream also expresses your repressed feelings of aggression that you do not express in your waking life. Make sure you release these feelings and desires.

12. Raid

If you dream of being involved in a raid, the dream represents your fears about revealing a personal and embarrassing aspect of your life.

13. Railing

If you dream to hold a railing, it means you are desperate to achieve your desires.

The dream can also represent your longing for physical or emotional support in your life. Do not hesitate from asking for help.

14. Rain

Dreaming of rainfall symbolizes tolerance, grace, compassion, and forgiveness. The falling rain can also be a symbolism of grief and tears. Rainfall also symbolizes regeneration and fertility.

Did you see yourself getting wet in the rain? Such a dream denotes that you have “washed off” all your obstacles.

However, if you see yourself getting concerned about acid rain in your dream, it means you are being manipulated.

Whether you see rainfall from a window in your dream, or you hear raindrops falling on the ground from the roof – they are all suggestive of spiritual and creative ideas.

15. Rainbow

If you dream of a rainbow, it may represent progress, hope, wealth, dignity, recognition, and good luck. A rainbow in your dream can also represent the connection between your higher self and your grounded self.

Further. it can also imply other positive omens like joy and happiness in your relationship. You might have conquered all your problems and something good is coming your way.

16. Raincoat

If you dream of a raincoat, there are high chances that you are covering yourself to protect your emotions from coming to the surface. 

The raincoat can also represent feelings such as discomfort, negativity, and so on.

17. Ram

A ram in your dream can represent anger and aggressiveness. Perhaps, you need to make a thoughtful and peaceful decision in your life for which you need enough concentration.

Dreaming of a Ram also suggests supportive friends who will benefit you with their suggestions.

However, if you see the RAM pursuing you in your dream, then it’s a negative omen suggesting misfortune.

18. Ramp

If you see yourself walking a ramp in your dream, it represents life struggles. Further, these kinds of dreams also symbolize dedication, goal achievement, aspiration, and struggle.

However, if you see yourself being unable to walk the ramp, the dream points at obstacles in between you and your ambition.

19. Rape

You might dream of being raped or physically molested if you have strong or harsh feelings towards the opposite gender.

Do you feel that someone has taken advantage of you? Has an opposite gender tested your self-esteem? Are you being forced?

Further, you may also dream of rape repeatedly if you have had a real-life trauma of being raped.

20. Rare

Often people also dream of something being rare. The dream implies that you have precious things that you need to appreciate.

For detailed interpretations, take a peek into the symbolism of the rare object/event. Further, this dream communicates a message that you need to stop taking things for granted.

21. Rash

If you dream of having a rash, you must have stored some repressed feelings of anger, frustration, agitation, and irritation.

Why do you suppress these feelings instead of being vocal about them? Try to express these feelings in a controlled way instead of piling them up in your mind.

The dream can also suggest that you are making a rash decision in your life.

22. Ration

Did you dream of ration? The dream can indicate that you are being cheated rationally. Probably you deserve an increased share in some items.

Dreaming of rationing can also indicate fair judgment and politically correct decisions.

23. Rats

To dream of a rat implies that you are confining secrets to yourself. The secrets can be disturbing your mental peace. Are you feeling regretful for a certain deed?

The dream can also represent some of your characteristics that are similar to that of a rat.

Alternatively dreaming of rats suggests feelings of greed, regret, ambiguity, worthlessness, dirt, decay, and death.

24. Raw

If you dream of eating something raw, the dream symbolizes new adventures or experiences.  

So be prepared for some never-experienced-before fun. The dream also symbolizes your raw feelings for someone/something.

25. Razor

Dreaming of sharpening a razor is a bold symbolism that you are a ruthless person in your waking life.

If you see yourself using a razor in your dream, it means there are certain aspects in your life that must be solved.

26. Reach

If you dream of reaching close to a person or an object, the dream represents your cravings or some deep longings.

Alternatively, the dream can also be a symbolic representation of the emotional gaps that you are trying to fill.

27. Reading

To dream of reading suggests that you are in need of more information on a particular matter before you conclude it with a final decision.

Explore all the options available to you before announcing the decision.

28. Reality Show

To dream of being a part of a reality show can represent more than one type of feeling at the same time.

You can either be feeling that your life should be brought under public eyes, or you might be concerned about your public image.

Do you feel people criticizing your decisions and opinions? Then this dream can be a common phenomenon for you

29. Rebel

If you dream of being a rebel, the dream indicates that you need to take your own stand and depend on yourself, even if the world stands against you.

30. Rebirth

If you dream of ‘Rebirth’, the dream denotes that you need to consider matters that have been kept out of your focus for a while now. 

You must be thinking why do I need to do this? This is because you might be given a final chance to turn your losses into profits.

The dream can also signify a new phase in your life. So instead of wasting your time in the past, reconstruct your life for the future.

The dream of rebirth can also represent new ideologies or beliefs.

31. Receipt

If you see yourself receiving a receipt in your dream, you probably need to shift your focus towards a particular aspect of your life.

The receipt is a representation of your values, virtue, worth, and transparency. The receipt can also symbolize successful times that are approaching you.

Consider the subject of the receipt for a more relatable interpretation.

32. Reception

Dreaming of reception and being a part of a reception represents get-togethers, family gatherings, social life, and so on.

Probably, the dream is asking you to be more acceptable and responsive towards the coming changes.

33. Recess

Dreaming of recess has a direct implication on your life. The dream asks you to take a small break from your daily schedule and utilize it for self-renewal, regeneration, and relaxation.

34. Recipe

Did you just dream of a recipe? Don’t worry! I am asking this for the sake of interpretation.

Dreaming of a recipe suggests that you need to make full use of your skills, potential, creativity, and indulge in the pleasures of life.

35. Recliner

If you have been dreaming of recliners off late, it’s time that you must take a step back and evaluate your present situation. 

It can also be an indication of your unproductive nature as recliners are soften associated with a “lazy boy”. 

36. Recognition

Were you dreaming of being recognized by people around you? This means you have been putting in a lot of effort and endeavors to achieve your goal.

But if the person is being recognized as someone else, the dream is asking you to adopt similar characteristics of the same person. For deeper interpretation, you need to consider how you feel about the person.

37. Record

If in your dream, you find yourself listening to a record, it represents your need for entertainment and bodily pleasure.

However, serious symbolism suggests that the dream is asking you to consider both sides before making a judgment. Try to listen to your own instincts as much as possible.

38. Recovery

To dream that you are still recovering suggests that you are imagining a fruitful, positive, and successful event in your life. It is time that you are going to defeat your obstacles and finally get rewarded for your hard work.

Dreaming of recovering different objects suggests healing wounds of your past.

39. Rectangle

Envisioning a rectangle in your dream represents balance, stability, and reliability.

A rectangle has four corners and four sides so alternatively it can also signify the number 4.

40. Recurring Dream

Recurring dreams are indicative of continuous problems and unresolved issues. The dream can also represent repressed emotions and unacceptable behavior.

41. Recycle

You might dream of recycling a product if you are trying to mend certain aspects of your life. You are looking up to past lessons to make optimistic changes in your life.

On a serious note, the dream also reiterates the fact that you are living your past life instead of moving forward.

42. Red Carpet

If you’re dreaming of a red carpet, it means you love appreciation and recognition. You are seeking admiration and validation from people around you. You want them to acknowledge your success.

The dream can also suggest that you are open to enjoyments, adventures, festivals, celebrations, and thrills in your life.

43. Red Cross

Don’t worry, the Red Cross in your dream is not a dangerous alarm! Instead, a Red Cross in your dream identifies your need for some spiritual counseling.

Feel free to go all out and seek one if you feel the need for it. The Red Cross also represents social work.

44. Red Light

A red light in your dream is a red alarm that is trying to wake your judgmental consciousness.

You are heading against the laws and doing something you are not supposed to do. Listen to the warning and be cautious in the days to come.

45. Redwood

Redwood in your dream symbolizes reliability, durability, and longevity. If you see redwood, the red color can also represent blood, passion, love, and life.

46. Reflection

If you see your own reflection in your dream, the dream represents self-love. The reflection might ask you to take a look within.

The reflection can also be pointing at your flaws and qualities. You must be feeling good about your qualities, but do not forget to learn from your shortcomings.

47. Refrigerator

Did you open a refrigerator in your dream? Well, such a dream represents your chilled-out attitude towards life.

The dream can also symbolize cold and frozen emotions. Alternatively, the same dream can also ask you to hold back a plan in action.

Just like you look for your desired food items in your refrigerator and celebrate finding them, the refrigerator in your dream can also imply that you’ve received all that you wanted from life.

48. Refugee

Did you dream of being a refugee yourself? If that’s the case, you’re probably feeling emotionally deserted and abandoned by society.

However, a very strong symbolism of the dream can be that you’re trying to escape your challenges instead of facing them.

49. Refusal

Dreaming of refusal represents your own denial about a fact. What are you trying to refuse? The object of refusal can be your own characteristic or an unwanted commodity.

50. Register

If you see yourself registering for something in your dream, it represents your dedication towards your ambition.

Other than that, it may also be a pun on something that created an impact on you.

51. Regret

If you dream of regret, it means you are temporarily disappointed with your performance. There are things that do not satisfy you the way they should have. You might be holding on to a lot of unexpressed negative feelings.

The dream can also be an expression of the pent-up feelings of guilt in your heart.

52. Rehabilitation

If you dream of being in a rehab center for recovery, the dream implies that you are healing from an emotional breakdown.

Leave all the past events behind and progress towards the happy times to come.

53. Rehearsal

If you see yourself rehearsing something in your dream, it means you are preparing yourself for a crucial phase of your life. Rehearsing an action ensures that you are well versed with your steps.

Be cautious with your actions because this phase is going to be dramatically impactful.

54. Reincarnation

If you see yourself reincarnating into a different personality, it means you are not comfortable being yourself.

Try to incorporate the traits of the reincarnated figure.

This dream also suggests that you might be undergoing some crucial changes in your life.

55. Reindeer

Dreaming of a Reindeer symbolizes festivals, vacations, gifts, loyalty, friendship, and celebration.

56. Rejection

If you see yourself rejecting something in your dream, it means you are refusing to be a part of an unacceptable condition in your life. You might be disapproving of some of your personal traits that no longer seem to be profitable.

You might be facing some difficult and failing periods.

If you see someone rejecting you in your dream, it implies a lack of self-esteem.

Instead of adjusting to the available circumstances, be firm on your stand and confess your opinions boldly.

57. Relationships

To make a substantial interpretation of the dreams of relationships, consider the underlying issues of the relationship. Compare the picture of your dream to the waking relationship condition.

Dreaming about your relationships denotes the fulfillment of your wishes and desires.

The dream can also be highlighting certain factors about the particular relationship that you need to improve.

58. Relative

If relatives make significant appearances in your dream, they are representing your opinions based on families and relationships.

You may consider the aspects of the relatives that are symbolic of your own personality.

59. Relief

If you dream of relief, then it is time that you take some time and isolate yourself from the chaos. Because this is the time for making a thoughtful decision in your life.

60. Religion

If you had a dream of your own religion, then the dream represents some spiritual and faithful aspect of your personality.

However, dreaming about a different religion suggests that you incorporate some lessons of that religion in your waking life.

61. Remarry

Dreaming of remarriage suggests emotional recovery and self-acceptance.

The dream implies that you are giving yourself another chance. Probably you have reconciled with your partner.

62. Remember

If you remember something in your dream, it means you are utilizing your past experiences to learn something new. The reminder can also be about an important event that is soon to happen in your waking life.

Alternatively, you can dream of remembering something if you have a fear of forgetting an important occasion.

63. Renaissance

If you dream of The Renaissance period, it symbolizes renewal and creativity. You are someone who tries to execute out-of-the-box ideas.

64. Renovate

You might dream of renovating something if you have adapted to a fresh point of view towards life. You are in a phase where your habits and traditions are undergoing a significant change.

65. Rent

If you dream of taking a rent, it implies your responsibilities but it also represents self-dependency

If you see yourself falling short of the sufficient amount, it means people are imposing extra demands on you.

66. Repair

If you dream of repairing something, it denotes that you are healing and rising from a challenging phase.

Observe the object that you are repairing. The particular object can have direct symbolism in your waking life. 

67. Repeat

If you dream of repeating an action, you might be in the process of learning or memorizing a fact in your waking life. You are trying to feed your mind with the same dream so that you remember it in your real life.

If the action in repeat is a part of your daily routine, probably, the dream is asking you to change your life patterns.

68. Repent

To Regret or to Repent in your dream have similar interpretations as in waking life.

But if you see yourself repenting for a mistake, it is time that you learn from the past mistakes that went wrong. The dream tries to project regretful feelings.

69. Replacement

You might have dreamt of yourself being replaced at your workplace. But the dream does not necessarily imply that the same is going to happen in your waking life.

It is just a representation of your concern about the rank and position you hold in your workplace.

70. Replay

A replay dream points towards the truth that you are denying to accept in your life. The dream has an almost similar interpretation to that of recurring dreams.

Dreaming of a single subject repeatedly suggests that you are feeling stuck in a situation.

71. Report / Report card

If you see yourself writing a report in your dream, it seems that you need to rethink before enacting it in a particular manner. Be extra careful while calculating a certain situation in life. Perhaps you are worried about the deadline of an important submission.

A report card in your dream represents your performance in various spheres as of your life.

You may consider specific details in the report card for a detailed interpretation.

72. Reproductive System

To see your reproductive system in your dream symbolizes a starting phase of a new project or relationship in your waking life.

73. Reptile

If you see a reptile in your dream, the reptile is nothing but a representation of your physical requirements or sexual urges. It can also be about some repressed desires and intuitions.

74. Rescue

If you see yourself being rescued or you dream of rescuing others, the dream is trying to direct your attention to an aspect of your own personality that has been ignored for a long time now.

The dream can also be an unintentional expression where you are asking for help.

75. Resign

If you dream of resigning from an official position, the dream implies dramatic modifications in your life.

76. Resolution

If you see yourself making a resolution or taking an oath in your dream, the dream represents your determination towards the positive changes that you are trying to bring in your waking life.

77. Resort

If you see a grand resort in your dream, dear, you are in need of some relaxation. You are no longer able to cope with the pressures of life. 

It is time to rejuvenate and re-energize yourself so that you can face the future with multiplied excitement.

78. Restaurant

If you see yourself at a restaurant in your dreams it means you are in need of emotional healing.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with the choices you made in life – the reason why you dream of a restaurant.

79. Résumé

Did you see a resume in your dream? Probably you have been busy analyzing your abilities and potential.

Consider how you feel about your resume to be able to understand how you evaluate and rank yourself in your waking life.

80. Resurrection

If you dream of yourself or someone else being resurrected, it suggests that you will soon overcome the difficult period of life.

The dream is a positive omen that symbolizes success and goal achievement. Further, it is also possible that your spirituality is at a phase of revival.

81. Retire

If you dream of retirement, there are high chances that you have issues concerning your age. The dream can also refer to a phase of change.

Other than that, if there is something you need to put to rest, you can still dream of retirement.

82. Reunion

To dream of Reunion implies that you need to acknowledge some past feelings. It can also be indicative of the qualities that you have adapted from the people in your dream.

83. Revenge

You might dream of revenge if you’re undergoing some heavy emotional turmoil. There must have been some unsaid and unheard grievances.

If you see that someone is taking revenge on you, the dream represents fear, deceit, and faithlessness.

84. Revolt

To dream of a revolt denotes that you are unhappy with some sort of unjust happening around you, and you want to voice against it.

85. Rhyme

If you hear or write rhymes in your dream, you must be longing for stability and harmony in your waking life.

What is the subject of the rhyme? Does it involve a relatable element? The rhyme can also be trying to remind you of a crucial component of your waking life.

86. Ribbon

A ribbon in your dream can imply feminine qualities and other factors such as innocence, joy, celebration, and excitement.

See if you can recall the color of the ribbon for better symbolism.

87. Rice

If you see rice grains in your dream, it’s a positive omen. The omen symbolizes growth, prosperity, fortune, warmth, love, togetherness, fertility, and success.

If you see yourself eating rice in your dream, it denotes peace and joy.

88. Rich

Great, if you dream of being rich! The dream symbolizes pride and self-esteem. You need to be determined to reap wealthy benefits.

89. Ring

Dreaming of a ring exchange determines emotional fulfillment, togetherness, love, and pride.

If you see the ring on your finger, it is indicative of your loyal nature. You are committing to a relationship or a new project.

90. Ritual

To dream of a ritual indicates that there is a habit that you need to break. Some waking pattern is repeating itself, resulting in a vicious cycle.

You need to direct your energies and make efforts to cleanse yourself, both spiritually and emotionally.

91. River

Dreaming of a river symbolizes pleasure, joy, tranquility, growth, advancement, and fertility. But make sure, the river in your dream was flowing peacefully.

These kinds of dreams also suggest that you are going with the flow of life instead of taking a new and different path.

If you see yourself crossing a river in your dream, it means you need to overcome an obstacle in your life. The muddy water of the river suggests emotional junk.

An overflowing river signifies your emotionally overwhelming condition.

92. Road

To dream of a road represents the paths and directions that you are taking in life. The more obstacles present on the road, the more setbacks will be encountered by you.

A smooth road denotes social and balanced progress.

An uneven road suggests that you need to work hard in order to reach your goal.

93. Robbery

Dreaming of robbery can also result from a real-life experience and shock. However, one can dream of robbery if he or she is suffering from an identity crisis.

It is also possible that someone else has tried to take credit for your hard work and that makes you feel like a victim to unfair treatment.

94. Robot

Dreaming of a Robot suggests that you have a mechanical and calculative approach towards life.

Further, you can also dream of a robot when you feel incapable of expressing your feelings.

95. Romance

If you dream of Romance, try to show some love in your waking life as well.

You might be yearning for some sizzling romance in your waking life. Go ahead and express your desires to your partner!

96. Room

If you want to interpret the message of dreaming of a room, consider the condition of the room.

If the room is calm, clean, and organized, it implies a similar growth in your life. However, if the room is dirty, dull, and gloomy, there’s a high chance you feel the same in your waking life. You can also be feeling trapped.

97. Rope

A rope in your dream can symbolize your attachment to the people around you. However, the same rope can signify tie and restriction.

If you see yourself walking a rope, it means you are in a situation where every step needs 100% concentration. 

If you see that you are tied up in ropes, it suggests that you are dealing with the matters irrationally.

98. Roses

Ah, what a dream you’ve had! Red roses represent love, desire, passion, womanhood, and romance.

White roses symbolize purity, virginity, and holiness. A yellow rose refers to friendship. Pink roses symbolize fresh romance and love. 

Dreaming of withered roses can be a dangerously negative omen signifying the end of a relationship or even death.

99. Rub

If you see yourself rubbing something, it can represent your need for support and comfort. Are you feeling uneasy?

Rubbing in your dream can also symbolize sensual activities and physical desires.

100. Running

Did you dream of running away in your dream? There can be an issue in your practical life that you’re trying to ignore. The dreamer might be escaping his or her fear instead of confronting it.

If you are running towards something, it represents your dedication to your goals and desires.