Dream Dictionary for “Y”
Dream Dictionary for “Y”

1. Y

To dream of the letter Y indicates that you need to make a strong decision in your waking life. The letter ‘y’ has a similar shape to a fork and hence the dream can also represent a bifurcating path.

It can also be a pun for “why”. Perchance, you need to question something in your waking life.

2. Y shape

The shape ‘Y’ represents a surprising formula where one divides to become two and two unite to become one.

3. Yacht

When your dream symbolizes fortune, riches, comfort, and happiness. You feel comfortable and stable in your life.

Probably, the dream of yacht is asking you to have some rejuvenation and rest. Take it easy and enjoy yourself.

4. Yahoo

Dreaming of Yahoo suggests you are experiencing joy in your life and you are looking forward to making constructive communications.

5. Yahya

To dream of Yahya symbolizes peace. It indicates that the dreamer is blessed with God’s Love and Mercy.

Yahya was God’s prophet, and hence the dream also means that the dreamer has positive blessings of God.

6. Yalta

If you dream of Yalta, it indicates you will find people who share common interests as yours.

7. Yak

A Yak in your dream is nothing but an indication of dependence and uniqueness.

If the Yak in your dream is a pun for ‘yakking’ then you need to learn to be a good listener.

8. Yale

If you see a Yale, it represents a fertile land or anything that is resourceful. In humans, it indicates a lively spirit.

9. Yam

Yams are suggestive of virility in humans. Dreaming of yams also suggests an awakened sensuality.

10.  Yamaka

A Yamaka in your dream signifies that you are being protective of your ideas and thoughts. You do not want any negative influence to hamper your thought process.

Further, you prefer remaining connected to the divine and holding on to your belief system.

11. Yanked

To dream of young Yanked reveals a compelled action or situation in the dreamer’s waking life.

12. Yankee

Yankee stands for an energetic spirit that is ready to spread an aura of positivity and vitality.

13. Yantra

If you see the yantra in your dream it represents a growing consciousness and significant cosmic energy.

Yantra signifies balance and a smooth flow in your waking life. It means you are having a stable and quality time devoid of hurdles.

14. Yap

If you see a Yap in your dream, it means you want someone to stop talking to you.

The person might be judging you incorrectly or disturbing your mental peace, and hence you want him or her to stay away from you.

15. Yapping Foxes

If you dream of yapping foxes, it implies escaping from a risky condition. Alternatively, it can also suggest changing your field of work.

16. Yard

If you see a yard in your dream, try to observe the condition of the yard.

To see a clean and well-kept yard indicates that you are good at organizing your life in a clean and purposeful manner. You also possess a clean and presentable personality.

However, if you see a dirty and messy yard, it means your life is not under your control anymore.

Other than this, a front yard in your dream represents the aspects of your personality that you feel comfortable showing in public. It basically refers to the behaviors that you choose to keep at the front.

To see a playing object in the yard indicates that you are having a playful mind at present.

17. Yard Sale

To make a yard sale or to be a part of a yard sale symbolizes that you are spending some time with your past experiences in order to learn some lessons.

You may be making good use of your potential and ideas. You are trying to be productive by using past lessons.

18. Yardstick

A yardstick in your dream represents a negative, stubborn and futile personality.

Depending upon a few other conditions the same yardstick in your dream can also represent positive judgment and accepting nature.

19. Yarmulke

If you see or wear a Yarmulke in your dream, it makes a clear symbolism of the Jewish and Judaism belief systems.

The dream also suggests that you are trying to protect yourself from an overpowering force.

20. Yarn

A yarn in your dream can also indicate a couple of factors simultaneously. For example, it symbolizes creativity and bonding. On the contrary, you may be feeling caged and stuck in a vicious cycle.

A complex or tangled yarn refers to your emotional storms and complications in your waking life. Yearning can also imply “yearning stories” or fabricating fake stories as a pun.

21. Yarrow

To dream of Yarrow symbolizes the divine. It refers to the purest and the Supreme Power, free from all or any sort of impurity or negativity.

22. Yawing

Yawing is the same as getting bored. You may be feeling monotonous due to your daily routine. It happens when we live a particular schedule or work-life for longer than normal.

23. Yawn/Yawning

Yawning in your dream is suggestive of a lack of intellectual or emotional activity. You may be lacking power, potential, energy, and stamina in your life.

That again symbolizes that you are in need of vigor and more life in you.

24. Year

If you dream of a year, it is a representation of how your life passes. The dream basically signifies the cycle of birth, growth, learning, knowledge, wisdom, and maturity.

25. Yearbook

If you see your book in your dream it may be reminding you of a time when you had fewer responsibilities. Life must have been much easier than what you are experiencing now.

The dream can also try to point out a particular message written in your yearbook. This message seems to be important advice that you need to follow in your waking life.

Alternatively, the dream can be about some old relationship and friends who have lost touch with you in the passing years.

26. Yearn

None of our lives is full of all that we want. We all are chasing some desires and trying to invest the best of our endeavors to attain the same.

To envision that you are yearning for something in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some void in your waking life that needs to be fulfilled. It can be a need of a person or an object.

Instead of suppressing your desires, try to put your efforts in the direction of achievement.

27. Yeast

Dreaming of Yeast symbolizes a spiritualistic desire for oneself. You might be required to perform some sort of self-discovery or self-analysis.

You need to probe deeper within yourself. Find out your potential, strengths, and weaknesses.

The dream is particularly symbolic of advancement, new ideas, hopes, and excitement of some sort.

28. Yelling

Yelling in your dream represents pent-up anger. You must have suppressed some negative feelings within you. Keeping these feelings hidden can trigger an outburst of emotions.

If you hear yourself yelling in your dream and yet, no one pays attention, it means people close to you are ignoring you in your waking life.

You feel neglected and your decisions are not given enough attention.

To hear a demonic yell in your dream can be a manifestation of fear related to your past.

29. Yellow

Yellow represents your ideas and mind. It portrays your thought process.

To see a bright yellow color in your dream represents an outspoken personality who loves to open up about their ideas and personal opinions when one is surrounded by people.

If the shade looks muddy or unadmirable, the dream can be indicating cowardice or blocked intuition.

Similarly, dreaming of Jaundiced Yellow suggests that you need to spend ample amounts of time under the sun.

If we look at its metaphoric symbol, the dream advises the dreamer to connect its rational thinking with its masculine aspects.

Often, dreaming of yellow can also suggest that one has been spending time without having a significant goal in life.

Hence, the dream is trying to push the dreamer to make a significant effort in moving towards its goal or a solid objective in life.

30. Yellow brick road

To see a yellow brick road in your dream represents a mythological path leading to enlightenment and illumination of the soul of the dreamer.

31. Yellow ring

If you see yourself being gifted a ring it indicates growth in property or wealth.

Depending on other conditions of the dream the ring can also represent a child, a woman, or an animal.

For a businessman, the dream of a ring signifies gain in business, and similarly for a king to dream of a ring signifies the expansion of his empire.

32. Yellow school bus

To see a yellow bus in your dream symbolizes greater control.

33. Yellow scorpion

If you see a yellow Scorpion in your dream, it warns you of a painful time in your waking life. A person can sting you with his or her harsh words, judgments, remarks, criticism, or comments. The dream also alarms you to avoid paths leading to self-destruction.

Scorpions also symbolize death and rebirth. It is time that you emerge from the past and enters into a new present as well as future.

Similarly, if you see a Scorpion floating on the surface of a water body, it indicates that you need to accept negative conditions. The dream can also represent the zodiac sign as Scorpion.

34. Yellow jacket

Dreaming of a yellow jacket signifies a person holding onto some sort of fear that can keep you from achieving growth and progress. This can also lead to greater damage in the future.

35. Yellow Bird

If you see a yellow bird in your dream, it represents an optimistic outlook for your career. 

You set your goals with full enthusiasm and positivity, working constantly in the direction of accomplishment.

36. Yellow fruit

To see a yellow fruit in your dream is a danger bell suggesting some sort of illness or sickness.

37. Yellow roses

While yellow roses suggest jealousy and desertion in love or relationship, it does have some positive signs of friendships attached to it.

If you smell a yellow rose in your dream, it represents kissing a sick woman. Nevertheless, there are other symbolisms such as joy and togetherness.

38. Yes

Saying a yes in your dream suggests that you are acting in agreement. You have given your consent for a decision, situation, or discussion.

To dream that you are saying “yes” symbolizes reaffirmation or acceptance of a condition, situation, or decision. The dream may also be giving you permission to do something that you are having doubts about in your waking life.

39. Yesman

Dreaming of a yesman indicates a person lacking character. Further, this dream also suggests that the dreamer has learned to reshape their character.

40. Yesterday

Dreaming about yesterday implies that you live your past more than letting go of things. Such a habit does not prove to be beneficial in the long run and hence you have to learn to focus on the present and the upcoming future.

It is fine to have regrets related to the past but then, time waits for none; and we must let go of such guilt and negative emotions to progress in life.

41. Yeti

If you see a Yeti in your dream, you may be lacking balance in your emotional and rational thoughts.

There are moments where we need to have control of our emotions and act positively with logical thinking.

42. Yew Tree

A tree in your dream is a sign of a bad omen. It symbolizes death, pain, agony, and mourning.

43. YGGDR Asil (The world tree)

Dreaming of a YGGDR denotes evil such as demonic behavior and hellfire.

44. Yield

If you see someone else or yourself yielding, it denotes a simple personality. You may want to compromise with your authoritative nature when it comes to bringing peace to a disputed matter.

Probably, it is time that you expand your thought process and be more flexible. Do not make assumptions and judgments unnecessarily. Let life flow smoothly, devoid of rigidity.

45. Yin Yang

Dreaming of yin-yang represents the balance in male and female aspects of a personality.

It can also mark balance in contrary things, for example, emotional and rational thinking or spiritual and physical concepts.

46. YMCA

It is entirely possible to dream of being at a YMCA if you feel spiritually, physically or emotionally uplifted in your waking life.

Other than this, the dream may also be a pun on “why” asking you to question something in your real life.

YMCA dreams may also refer to a village song and may reflect back on the memory that the songs remind you of.

47. YO-YO

A Yo-yo in your dream can indicate an emotional imbalance. You may have a tendency to repeat a certain habit, apart from being poor as learning life lessons.

You may not be able to direct your mind for a fruitful cause. It is taking you a long time and effort to decide on important matters.

48. Yob

Yob may refer to an undisciplined and uncontrollable person. It represents a light-hearted spirit or sometimes a mundane way of living.

The dream is a message that you need to tame down and control certain aspects of your waking life.

49. Yoda

Yoda in your dream can empower you with spiritual guidance. You may soon have enough strength to fight against evil and overcome your difficulties. 

The dream is a simple reminder that even common people can be heroes in their own life, provided they are aware of their potential powers.

50. Yodel

If you hear a Yodel in your dream, it is nothing but a subconscious manifestation of your thoughts. The yodel represents combined thoughts of your heart and mind.

51. Yoga

If you see yourself performing yoga in your dream, it is a representation of factors such as self-discipline, the flow of energy, stability, and togetherness.

You take good control of your body as well as your mind.

Alternatively, the dream also indicates that you are stressed in your life and are in need of relaxation.

52. Yogi

Dreaming of a yogi is a sign that you need to work hard following strict disciplines in order to find balance, peace, and happiness in your life.

The dream refers to the miraculous powers of a yogi.

53. Yogurt

Envisioning yourself eating yogurt is a suggestion that you need to shape your behavior according to situations and circumstances.

You need to understand the different demands of different environments in order to maintain your self-image.

54. Yoke

A yoke in your dream implies that you are unhappy with the regular traditional ways of living and to see that you are yoking an ox shows an acceptable behavior where you acknowledge others’ suggestions.

55. Yolk

To dream of an egg yolk represents various thoughts and ideas of life. It reveals the creative part of your personality.

56. Yolanda

Yolanda refers to a violet color flower that symbolizes royalty and class.

57.  York

To envision a york in your dream is a symbol of high class.

58. Yorkshire Terrier

To dream of Yorkshire Terrier is a message that you must not underrate or underestimate other people.

Basically, the dream is asking you not to judge a book by its cover, instead, be a good listener and learn to value people.

59. Young

To envision young people in your dream implies that you need to develop a new and fresh vision for your waking life. It reflects the carefree and youthful aspect of your personality.

On the other hand, if you see that you have become young again implies that you are not behaving in a mature manner. You might be pressing yourself unnecessarily thinking about what you have lost in the past.  

Instead, try to focus on what you have in your present. This will help you construct a beautiful future in spite of all your losses.

60. Young boy

To dream of a young boy implies a weaker male aspect. The dream can also represent male genitalia or growing wealth.

61. Young girl

Envisioning a young and beautiful girl in your dream and romanticizing with her implies that you will relish abundance and earn greater profit in the coming years.

However, if the girl looks messy and ugly, the dream is suggestive of some disaster.

If a man sees himself being whirled by some young girls, it indicates that he needs to be disciplined and controlled in his waking life. Similarly, kissing a young girl in your dream signifies your strength.

If an old man dreams of a young girl, it implies that he yearns to have an affair with a young girl in his waking life.

62. Young man

If you see an unknown young man in your dream, it represents an enemy. Unknown young man represents the same character as you see in the dream.

If you see yourself following an unknown young man in your dream, it means you are heading towards your enemy in order to defeat him.

If a teenage girl dreams of a young man, it indicates that she is at the doorstep that leads to love or marriage relationships.

63. Young Wife

To see a youthful and young wife in your dream indicates a flow of rational and new thoughts in your mind. You are fully open to new suggestions and choices in your waking life.

64. Yourself

If you see yourself in a dream, it must represent the current state of your life. It can be about your general lifestyle, your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Observe what you do and how you do things to derive a clear interpretation of the dream.

65. Young people

To dream of young people indicates an outburst of optimism within you. You are having a flow of positive energy, better health, joyful spirit, and innocence.

However, if you see young people fighting in your dream, it is absolutely not a good omen.

66. Young woman

Dreaming of a young woman is symbolic of a lack of maturity.

Sometimes, it also represents an enemy. If you see a well-groomed young woman who is dressed pleasantly, it means that you will hear good news from an unexpected source. 

If the beautiful woman happens to be a female servant the dream suggests celebrations, blessings, and opportunities. 

A well-dressed teenage woman represents religious and pious activities. If you see the young woman having physical intimacy with someone without getting married to the person, the dream represents the woman’s gravitation for glittery things. 

A frowning young woman in your dream indicates that you will come across some bad news.

67. Yowling

It is not a good omen to see Yowling in your dream. However, the interpretation also depends on the other conditions that prevail in the dream. The yowling can also refer to a dog crying, a wedding, and sometimes mourning of death

If you see people mourning the dead or deceased ones in the dream, it can represent separation from friends and family. Many times, laminating a dead body can also indicate that the good days are approaching you.

68. Yucatan

Dreaming of a Yucatan can result from your desire to learn Mexican culture and live a primitive lifestyle.

69. Yucca

If you dream of this desert plant, all your materialistic as well as spiritual desires are going to be fulfilled.

The dream implies that you have the ability to thrive even in worse situations in life. You have it in you to defeat all kinds of tough times and emerge as a winner!

The plant in your dream can also suggest you embrace a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food and not toxic ones. You may be undergoing a deficiency of some vital nutrients and vitamins in your diet.

70. Yule / Yule log

The pagan Lifestyle had a ritual where people used to burn a wooden log called Yule log, during the time of Yule or Winter solstice. Burning of the log can also mark the end of the previous year and the beginning of the new year.

It was the time when people celebrated the return of sun rays. The dream is indicative of spiritual illumination. It also indicates the beginning of a new phase in your waking life, gaining consciousness and life.

71. Yuma

If you see a Yuma in your dream, it means you will be facing a showdown with another person in your waking life.

72. Yunus

Yunus or the Prophet of God might make an appearance in your dream to alarm you regarding some dangers that approach your waking life. You might be making a hurried decision that can lead to strict and harsh repercussions.

It marks an emotional and impulsive personality who gets angry easily but also calms down easily.

73. Yusuf

Joseph, the prophet of God might make an appearance in your dream to indicate conditions such as drought, losses, sufferings, prison, and eventually release from pain. The dream symbolizes fortunate conditions that reveal the adversities and also your win against them.

Envisioning Joseph in a dream indicates the dreamer will gain wisdom and overcome all the obstacles in life.

If a married woman dreams of Joseph, it indicates she might lose her vision and happiness.

If an unmarried woman dreams of Joseph, it indicates she would tie a knot soon.

Generally speaking, if a person who is suffering in his waking life dreams of Joseph, he will soon overcome his adversities.

74. Yves

Yves in your dream represents a brave and courageous spirit. Consider the person you see in the dream for additional significance.

75. Yvette

Yvette refers to the mercy of the Supreme. Such a dream reminds you that the Lord has gifted you a beautiful life and you must make the best out of it.

76. Yvonne

Yvonne stands for divine grace. The dream also refers to various spiritual and mythological powers that rule your waking life.

77. YouTube

To dream of YouTube represents the thoughts and ideas that are present in your subconscious mind. Observe the content played in the video and how you feel while watching the video.

Different contents interpret different messages. For example, if you watch a video that educates you on a certain matter, it indicates that you need more knowledge on a specific condition in your waking life. Also, you are fully excited to embrace new ideas and lessons.

The dream also symbolizes the control that you exercise on your desires.

78. Yew

To dream of Yew can be a pun as “You” that addresses another person. Thus, this dream directs your attention to someone else.

Other than that, yew has some extremely strong symbolisms that relate to Death, Rebirth, and Eternity.

79. Youthful

Dreaming of youth does not only refer to one’s age. It can also represent an immature personality. Perhaps, you lack the depth of knowledge in matters concerning your waking life.

80. Youth Group

To see a youth group in your dream represents a personality with a combination of various traits. The dream suggests you uplift your self-esteem and talk to others with higher self-confidence.

To see only yourself in the dream denotes that you still need to work on your social aspects.

81. Yancy

Dreaming of Yancy represents an energetic soul full of vigorous powers.

82. Yashmak

A Yashmak refers to a veil used to cover the lower segment of one’s face. Dreaming of the same represents a young girl who has a long life. 

It can also symbolize someone who acts piously throughout her life.

83. Yates

Yates refers to a Gatekeeper. Consider the person or other conditions of the dream to seek a detailed interpretation.