Dreams Starting with 'A'
Dreams Starting with ‘A’

1. Abalone

Have you started to feel “deserted” or “isolated” for some time now? If you’re experiencing this period of “loneliness” in your life, you may dream of Abalone.

Dreaming of Abalone also indicates a transitional period in your life.ṣ

2. Abandonment

Dreaming of abandoning others indicates that you are feeling engulfed with the problems of your life.

However, if you dream of being abandoned in your dream, it can also mean:

(i) You need to abandon your own past that hinders your progress. The past can be a person, an activity, a feeling, a memory, or an attitude.

(ii) You’re scared of being betrayed or abandoned.

(iii) You’re lost a loved one.

3. Abdomen

Dreaming of the abdomen can imply more than one type of interpretation. Let’s see what are they:

(i) Swollen Abdomen: Dreaming of a swollen abdomen can imply that a new project is on its way.

(ii) Exposed Abdomen: Represents your primitive instincts. It can be an expression of your issues with vulnerability or deceit.

(iii) Dreaming of the abdomen in general: You’re experiencing indigestion or stomach-related physiological health issues.

(iv) Or, you are unable to accept a fact or incident that has recently occurred. The unacceptable fact is difficult to digest and you have an urge to let it be out of your system.

4. Abduction

If you had a dream of being abducted, it means you are losing control of your own life and you are being manipulated by circumstances or people around you. It can also result from a helpless situation.

However, if you dreamed of abducting others, it implies that you force your opinions upon others. Or, it’s because you’re holding on to some grudges in life.

5. Abnormal

Anything appearing abnormal in your dream indicates imbalanced issues related to that particular aspect of life. The dream also indicates problems in your life that will soon get resolved.

6. Aborigine

If you see an aborigine in your dream, it symbolizes your natural, pure, innocent, or overly-emotional inner personality.

This is the time when you need to be in touch with your own instincts and inner force. You may come across such dreams if you have been harming yourself and taking your emotional or physical health lightly. 

7. Abortion

Dreaming of abortion might be about your own views on the activity, but it can also represent one of these conditions:

  • Your abortion: You have been stopping yourself from progress and new ideas.
  • Unsafe abortion: If an abortion leads to death, it symbolizes that you are having an incorrect approach to a problematic condition of your life.

8. Above

Dreaming something above means that you are feeling inferior in life. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to aim high.

9. Abroad

You can dream of “abroad” if you’re disturbed by the current situation of your life. At present, you feel your life is chaotic and imbalanced and you are in need of an escape. You need to buckle up for bigger and newer changes.

10. Absence

If you found someone absent in your dream when you expected the one to be present, it means that you are in search of something that you have unfortunately lost. Such dreams also indicate that you have an urge to fill an empty space of your life where someone or something is missing.

11. Absorb

If you see yourself absorbed in a certain activity, this dream suggests that you have started to focus too much on your own self; probably by deserting others. Perhaps, you need to adapt to your surroundings better.

12. Abundance

If you interpret dreaming of abundance directly, it symbolizes happiness and fulfillment.

On the other hand, dreaming of an abundance of a certain commodity is a message that you need to conserve your resources and power. The dream can also be compensation for something that is insufficient in your life.

13. Abuse

Do you remember being abusive in the past and you regret the same? In such cases, it is possible for you to dream of abusing someone.

On the other hand, if you dream of being abused, it represents your situation in your waking life. It can also be because somebody is taking advantage of you.

14. Accelerator

If you see an accelerator in your dream, the dream indicates that your efforts are going to pay off as soon as you achieve your goals in life.

A damaged accelerator represents a loss of control in certain areas of your life. The dream may be asking you to slow down because you are hastened.

15. Accent

If you see yourself speaking in a particular accent in your dream, try to observe the way you feel with the accent. If the feeling is a negative one, it signifies insecurities whereas a positive feeling symbolizes confidence.

16. Acceptance

Are you seeking acceptance from a person in your waking life? Dreaming of acceptance symbolizes issues related to self-confidence. Probably, you invest a lot of time thinking about what others think about you.

17. Accessory

Dreaming of accessories or accessorizing yourself indicates that you are missing something in life and feel incomplete. There is nothing to worry though; effort and patience can fulfill a lot of desires in human life.

18. Accident

An accident in the dream indicates that you have made a mistake in your past and you are not proud of it.

The dream signifies repressed guilt in which you are punishing yourself subconsciously. Or, the dream can be alarming you of some accident that may occur in the future.

19. Accounts

If you dream of an account, it means you are going through some financial worries in your life. If that stands true for you, try to make decisions with a calm and patient mind instead of freaking out.

20. Accuse

Do you doubt yourself or any of the decisions that you’ve made or are making now? Dreaming of being accused symbolizes guilt. However, if you dream of accusing others, it symbolizes disagreement with the people around you.

21. Aches

Dreaming of aches in your sleep shows that you are reluctant while pursuing your goals. There is something that is making you hesitant towards your aim and if you delay further, you may miss the opportunity. So, take wiser and smarter moves!

22. Achievement

Congratulations! If you had a dream of achievement, it symbolizes satisfaction with the results of your project in hand. Stay focused and motivated towards your goal to make even better outcomes in the future.

23. Acid

If you see acid in your dream, there are a couple of things that the dream can indicate. Let’s see what are they:

  • You are emotionally inactive and you need to practice expressing yourself better.
  • You are being manipulated.
  • There is a negative influence in your life.
  • You hold feelings of hatred or revenge. 
  • Someone is continuously bothering you.

24. Acne

Are you holding issues related to your image or self-esteem? Or, let’s say you’re feeling uncomfortable or unrelatable to a situation or a relationship? In both cases, you may have a dream of having a pimple.

On the other hand, if you see yourself popping a pimple in your dream, you are soon to express a negative and suppressed emotion.

25. Acting

Don’t hate me for writing this, but if you envision acting in your dream it can be because you are pretending to be a different personality from someone – which you are not in your real life.

26. Actor/Actress

If you see an actor or an actress in your dream it symbolizes that you are passionate to pursue your means of pleasure. It can be just about admiring the physical beauty of a celebrity and acquiring the same personality.

What you need to do is observe the characteristics of the celebrity because these might be the characteristics that you want to adopt in your real life.

27. Acupuncture

Dreaming of acupuncture symbolizes that you need healing in your life. Alternatively, the dream can also suggest that you need to direct your concentration and energy towards different goals or a particular issue that is concerning your life at present.

28. Adam and Eve

If a female dreams of Adam and Eve, it means she is ignoring the masculine aspect of herself. If a male dreams of Adam and Eve it means he is neglecting the feminine aspect of himself.

The dream can also be a bad omen to suggest that a negative occurrence can be the reason for you to lose your opportunities and hope for success.

29. Adamant

To dream that you are Adamant is not a good omen. The dream particularly suggests that you will be prevented from achieving what you have been pursuing highly for a long time now.

It is advisable to stay focused and keep on putting efforts without thinking of the consequences and stressing yourself.

30. Addict

It is not a good sign to dream of being an addict yourself. The dream suggests that you are lacking control of a situation in your life. You no longer have faith in your potential and you have stopped taking actions as per your responsibility.

Try to observe and repair any type of fear, lack of confidence, inferiority or any such insecurity that you see.

31. Addiction

Dreaming of addiction implies that you lack a proper sense of control and you are facing difficulty in relating to your surroundings.

Try to incorporate well-measured steps in your life with controlled actions. This is going to level up your self-esteem besides helping you relate to your surroundings better.

32. Addition

If you see yourself making additional calculations in a dream it symbolizes an obvious situation to arrive in your life. You don’t need to dig deeper into a problem.

However, to dream that you are unable to make the correct addition indicates confusion. To be more precise, it means that there are things that do not add up in your real life.

33. Address

Dreaming about an old address suggests that you need to learn from your past experiences, whereas dreaming about a new address suggests that you are in need of change in your life.

If you see yourself addressing an envelope in your dream, it either means you can explore fresh possibilities or you’ve found a way to reach your goal.

34. Adieu

If you see yourself bidding goodbye to someone, it can either imply the end of problems or a bad relationship, or you will discover a new phase in your life.

Alternatively, if you see someone else bidding you goodbye, it implies that you may go on a journey of Self Discovery.

35. Admiral

It’s good if you dream of being an admiral. The dream symbolizes that you are capable of dealing with issues and problems of your life with confidence and correct decisive power.

An Admiral in your dream can also indicate a guardian, an authoritative, or a fatherly figure.

36. Admire

If you see a dream where you admire someone, it implies that you need to incorporate the qualities and personality traits of that person into yourself.

Well, if you dream of admiring yourself, it probably suggests that you are in need of approval from others. However, it can also imply that you overestimate yourself and possess a grand ego.

37. Adopt

If you see yourself adopting a child it means you are going to deal with new and different challenges.  If you see yourself being adopted, it means you want the child in you.

Similarly, dreaming of adopting a dog suggests that you long for a faithful friend. Lastly, dreaming of adopting a cat suggests welcoming a new type of freedom. 

38. Adult

When a child or a teenager dreams of being an adult, it indicates a lack of maturity that needs to be balanced for a certain situation. It’s time that you build your sense of responsibility and grow up!

39. Adultery

Dreaming of committing adultery symbolizes your sexual urges and mature desires that want to be expressed.

It is a possibility that you might get stuck in a struggling or illegal situation of which you do not want to be a part. Alternatively, such dreams also suggest self-betrayal.

40. Advancement

It feels absolutely fantastic to dream of advancement in a particular aspect of your life. The dream symbolizes rapid success and honor. Matters related to the heart are going to be in your favor as well.

If you see others advancing in your dream, it means that they have a more successful position; but you should immediately stop comparing yourself to others.

41. Advertisement

To interpret a dream of advertisement, you need to pay attention to the details of the dream.

The topic and details of advertisements are important to be understood in order to extract the hidden message that can benefit your waking life.

For example, if you see advertising yourself, it is due to your desire to become famous.

42. Advice

If you see a character advising you in your dream, you are being guided in your real life.

In order to draw clear conclusions, work on the words, letters, symbols or statements that you envisioned or heard in the dream.

See how they relate to your waking life and what they are trying to convey.

43. Affair

Dreaming that your partner is having an affair with someone else other than you is no sign that your partner is going to cheat you in your real life.

The other person could be just a representation of a part of you, yourself.  A feeling of insecurity in your relationship can also lead to such dreams.

44. Afraid

If you see yourself being afraid of a certain commodity in your dream, the dream metaphorically indicates your unconscious fears and discomforts.

If you are afraid of something in your dream, it symbolizes your fear in waking life.

45. Air

If you dream about dirty air, it symbolizes that you need to clear the atmosphere around you whereas dreaming of fresh air symbolizes freshening up. 

Similarly dreaming of hot air suggests raw anger and if you see filling air into an object to make it firm and bigger, it represents growth and expansion in your real life.

46. Airplane & Airport

Dreaming of an airport is symbolic of the arrival or departure of a new destination of your life. This is basically a sign of time change for you.

On the other hand, dreaming of an airplane is suggestive of a change in the direction of your life.

47. Alcohol

Dreaming of alcohol implies a lack of sensitivity in you with respect to your environment. You can also experience such dreams if you have been exploring alcohol consumption.

The purpose of the dream can be to help you recognize the truth and it may ask you to express your true character.

48. Aliens

Well, it is quite an adventurous fact to dream about aliens. The dream symbolizes how different you feel from your surrounding group of people.

The dream can also represent how you have been exploring different aspects of yourself that are difficult to acknowledge.

49. Ambulance

Dreaming of an ambulance is suggestive of the occurrence of a helper in your life.

If you see an ambulance bringing you to hospitals or doctors, it symbolizes that there will be helpful people or events in your life who will take you closer to your requirements. However, a crashed ambulance indicates hardships in your way.

50. Ancient

An ancient symbol in your dream can have different interpretations:

●       The part of your personality related to the symbol has become old.

●       Ancient monuments: You are influenced by the ideas constructed in the past.

●       Treasure: You may explore inspirational and spiritual beliefs.

51. Angels

Angels in your dream represent your inner force as the higher self that will help lead you through all the difficulties of life.

If you see an angel advising you consider the advice with careful reading and understanding. The advice can have a pivotal effect in your future.

52. Anger

If you envision yourself or someone being angry in your dream it is probably because you had an unpleasant experience in the day which made you angry but you couldn’t express the anger at that moment.

Hence, the same feeling is expressed in your dream. Try to calm your behavior if you are a short-tempered person in life.

53. Animals

If you see a particular animal in your dream the nature of the animal represents a certain aspect of your personality.

However, the word “animals” in dreams symbolizes wild and uncivilized emotions or expressions that are a part of your nature. Probably, the inner critic is asking you to get into a more civilized track of life.

54. Ankle

If you see yourself twisting your ankle in a dream, it suggests that you are exploring new possibilities and changes in your path.

It is your ankle that supports your body on the ground and the flexibility helps you change directions while walking. So basically, your ankle has either to do with taking different directions or stands in life.

55. Answer

It is possible to dream of people answering you about a crucial fact that you do not acknowledge in your real life.

The answering person could be you yourself. You must consider the answer to reach the correct direction in a situation.

56. Ant

Dreaming of an ant is symbolic of you being in a vulnerable or insignificant position.

If you see the ants working, you might be following a path that you don’t own. Such dreams can also occur when you are in an undisturbed state.

57. Antique

Different antique items convey different meanings in your dream. Let us know a few of them:

●       Artifacts: An idea of the past. The past can be suppressed in your subconscious thoughts.

●       Jewelry: Your desire for offspring. Or, a valuable aspect of your life.

●       Furniture: Past ideas upon which you rely.

●       Heirlooms: Heritage that you protect.

58. Anus

The anus is symbolic of excretion or elimination. If you had a dream of the anus, it suggests letting go of components related to the toxic symbol that you observed in your dream along with the anus.

The dream can also suggest that you have come to a blinding spot in life.

59. Anxiety

In general, we dream about things that cause anxiety in real life. In other words, anxiety is a primal cause of dreaming.

If we see disturbing incidents in our dreams that make us feel anxious, it’s advisable to not stress on it. Instead, practice peaceful exercises and let go of the worries.

60. Apes

Dreaming of apes can be a clue that you are following or imitating the crowd and not expressing your own personality. This is a well-recognized characteristic of apes.

Also, the amusing, trickster or unpredictable nature of apes can be a part of your own personality, which is why you dreamed of them.

61. Arm

Our arm is associated with activity and responsibility. To dream of an arm is an implication of the energy and sense of responsibility within us. It is time that you act responsibly in order to meet your needs.

However, the observation of what is the condition of your arm can also suggest how you feel about your responsibility.

62. Armor

If you just dreamt of armor, it represents defensive measures to protect your own emotions and feelings.

If a woman dreams of a gun, it symbolizes her sexual urge which feels overpowering. If you see yourself being gifted an armor, it represents the way you adapted to this defensive behavior as a child.

63. Army

If you had a dream of being a part of an army, it denotes the sense of discipline and control that you are processing in yourself. It can also represent your own defensive nature. 

If you dream of being invaded by soldiers, it reveals your insecure personality trait that relates to affirmation and authority.

64. Arrow

Dreaming of an arrow can symbolize a couple of factors depending upon these conditions:

  • Hit by the arrow: Your intimate feelings are going to be revealed.
  •  Shooting arrows: Identifying your goal and trying to achieve the same. 
  • Missing a hit: Aiming in the wrong direction. Or, a switch in your direction to help you succeed.

65. Ashes

Dreaming of Ashes is a bad omen that denotes bitter changes in life. A businessman can face losses in deals, a farmer can lose crops and parents can be hurt by their children.

However, you don’t need to lose hope, stay calm and keep praying for the best.

66. Ass

Donkeys carry weights that initially do not belong to them. If you dream of an ass, it means you are taking responsibilities that do not belong to you.

Unfortunately, like an ass, you cannot see how you toil into the situation.

67. Atmosphere

The atmosphere that occurs in your dream represents the atmosphere set within you. The condition of the atmosphere reveals where you stand in your waking life.

For example, if you feel lost in space, you might actually be uncertain about your direction in life; or, you could be lacking the support of others in your decisions.

68. Attack or Being Chased

Dreams of attacks represent a part of your personal instincts or traits that are aggressive in nature.

It can also indicate the presence of aggressive people in your life or it may symbolize emotional attacks that you felt.

69. Audience

If you see yourself performing in front of an audience, observe your own feelings during the dream.

If you feel happy to perform with the audience, it denotes self-confidence.  Whereas if you see yourself being unable to perform, it denotes insecurity.

Also, a missing prop can give you the clue to perform better in your waking life.

70. Autumn

If you dream of autumn, it conveys ideas about a constructive and succeeding period of life. If you see yourself feeling the arrival of autumn, it means you can expect a child leaving home or yourself getting retired.

If we look at it from an alarming point of view, dreaming of autumn suggests that you have delayed the process to connect with your inner self.

71. Axe

An axe is a symbol of grievance. It also symbolizes letting go of things.

Since an axe is made of wood, it could also symbolize physical or spiritual transformation, Union, fertility, or sexual control.

72. Adventure

Dreaming of an adventure can directly imply the fact that your dull and boring life needs a touch of excitement and fun.

It indicates that you seek a change of air because you might be tired of following the same routine every single day.

73. Aggression

If somebody was aggressive towards you in your dream, it means that a person is unnecessarily bullying you in your waking life.

If you see yourself being aggressive in the dream, you might not want to suppress your anger any longer.

74. Agony

You can dream of agony if you need some genuine help in order to move ahead in your life. There is something that is killing you inside and it needs to be settled as soon as possible.

75. AIDS

If you dream of somebody else catching AIDS, it suggests that the one needs your help or “AID”.

If you see yourself catching AIDS in your dream, it might be because you are being internally attacked by people around you. There could be an urge to protect yourself from these people.

76. Alarm

What does an alarm do in your real life? It asks you to wake up and begin your day with a fresh spirit and focus.

If you see an alarm in your dream, some other symbols attached might convey a message. It can simply be the time to wake up that makes your subconscious dream of an alarm.

77. Anaconda

Envisioning an anaconda in your dream might be a representation of your natural instincts in life. It can represent your own natural force of life.

The way you react to the Anaconda will give you a deeper view of your suppressed fear towards the animal or any symbol attached to it.

78. Ancestors

Ancestors have always been considered as messengers of God. Ancestors appear in our dream to send us messages and advice that could be both informative or alarming in nature. 

79. Apples

Apple symbolizes wisdom, attraction, fertility, and sexuality. Dreaming of an apple can simply carry a message or news about any of these symbols in your life.

80. Arguing

If you see a dream where you have been arguing with a person, try to observe the cause of conflict between you and the person.

Often, our dreams are the result of unconscious or pent-up emotions that are not expressed by us in a given period of time.  The objective of such dreams remains to decode the reason for conflict.

81. Arranged Marriage

Marriage is the union of two people and their backgrounds. If you dream of marriage, try to recall how you were feeling about the union.

If you were feeling uncomfortable or forced, it means you can be compelled to do something that you don’t want to do in your life.

82. Arrested

Being arrested in your dream symbolizes that your freedom is being restricted. The authoritative figures that appear in your dream try to warn you of some dangers.

Alternatively, the dream of being arrested suggests that something can stop you from moving ahead in your life.

83. Astronaut

If you had a dream of being an astronaut it implies that you long to explore yourself internally.

Besides, the dream also symbolizes spiritual growth because feeling your presence in space indicates deep meditation.

84. Aunt

Aunts are a symbol of love, care, and support. But unfortunately, for a young woman to dream of her aunt results in repercussions and distress.

However, if the aunt appears to be happy and smiling, you will soon enjoy pleasure. 

85. Author

Dreaming of an author is a message that you need to pen down your thoughts on paper. You can also dream about an author if you have a desire to communicate to yourself at a personal level or if you wish to be known for your thoughts.

86. Awakening

Dreaming of awakening is not a good omen. Other such dreams such as hatching eggs or a pregnant lady are linked with rebirth or self-realization. But, dreaming of awakening has a gloomy end. 

87. Adversity

Do you see yourself trapped in an adverse situation in a dream? This can be a negative sign that suggests failures and adversities in your waking life as well.

If you see others trapped in adversity, it implies gloomy surroundings or grave illness of someone.

88. Advocate

Well, whether or not advocates are loyal in their personal life is a different question altogether!

But to dream of advocating a cause suggests that you are loyal to your interests, friends, people, and honest efforts in life.

89. Afternoon

If you dream of an afternoon, try to keep a record of the weather of the afternoon in your dream. Cloudy and rainy weather suggests sorrow.

However, if a woman dreams of an afternoon, it means she will make forever friends.

90. Album

This is a very good omen. Dreaming of an album denotes meeting true friends, success, and meeting an agreeable lover for a young woman who dreams of looking into photographs of an album. Great! Isn’t it?

91. Almonds

Dreaming of almonds is an auspicious omen. But it also depends on the condition of the almonds. If you see defective almonds, you might face a short-lived sorrow.

It might be a situation of the unfulfillment of desires. Otherwise, if the almonds look healthy, you have better health waiting for you!

92. Altar

While an Altar is considered as an auspicious place where we worship, dreaming of the same can be an auspicious omen.

Dreaming of a priest at an altar signifies disputes, an unfavorable homely environment, and risky business affairs. An altar warns you of error and repentance.

93. America

If high officials dream of America, they should pay genuine attention and care towards State affairs.

In general, people should be careful with their steps after this dream because it is suggestive of some trouble that might occur in the near future.

94. Apparel

Dreaming of apparel is indicative of the success or failures of enterprises based on the condition of the apparel.

If you see fine apparel, but an expired one, it means that you will have a fortune but you may lack progressive thoughts.

95. Apricot

Dreaming of apricots in the growing period denotes a sorrowful future. Eating apricots in a dream indicates deplorable effects.

If you see someone else having apricots, you can be a part of unfavorable surroundings.

96. Apron

If a young woman dreams of an apron, it portends an uncertain or non-uniform path.

If a school girl dreams of a torn or loosened apron, it denotes poor lessons and lectures from teachers or guardians.

97. Aroma

If a young lady dreams of a sweet aroma, she is soon to meet pleasurable presents and sweet moments in her life.

To dream of visiting an art gallery suggests making incorrect and unlucky unions in domestic arenas.

99. Asylum

Dreaming of asylum is a bad omen that denotes illness, unfortunate dealings, sickness, and so on. You will probably go through a lot of mental stress to win the struggle.

100. Atlas

If you dream about staring at an atlas, it symbolizes that you will make careful readings before making necessary changes in your interests or taking a new journey.