Dreams Dictionary for “H”

1. Habit

In real life, a habit is what we practice subconsciously without any realization. It can be shaking your legs or moving your jaw. These habits help us adapt to the environment and provide comfort.

However, we dream mostly about consciously suppressed habits that remain a desire of our subconsciousness. It can also be about quitting the habit of smoking.

So, dreaming about any habit means knowing about the unfulfilled habits that you used to satiate but now you have stopped.

2. Hack

Dreaming about getting hacked signifies that you have become paranoid, insecure, vulnerable or too weak to get hurt by someone or something very easily.

It also means that you need to be more strong and alert to deal with the upcoming obstacles. Dreaming of hacking someone else’s computer means that you are trying to hurt someone or destroy something that seems unpleasant to you.

3. Hail

Hail in a dream implies that an unexpected hailstorm has caught you and now you have become directionless and exhausted.

It signifies that your worries and troubles have completely shaken off your emotional and mental health. Further, it also tells you to gather more courage and resources to deal with any unprecedented challenges or situations.

4. Hair

If you see hair in your dream then it signifies your erotic concerns: sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health. It magnifies your attitudes.

If hair is knotted, tied, then it deals with your life’s confusions and uncertainty; you are not being able to think straight. If you dream you change your hairstyle drastically then it means you are taking a new method to solve some issue in your real life.

5. Hair loss

Given that the loss of hair is generally connected to getting older and being incompetent in intercourse, hair loss in dreams also suggests the same. That you are preoccupied with the thought of aging and are unbelievably cautious of your appearance.

It also talks about your lack of strength. It tells that you may be feeling vulnerable and weak.  

6. Haircut

If you dream about a haircut, it will mean that you are strangled in your power. It can also mean that you are being unfairly criticized and feel the same way.

In another way, it can also mean that you are trying to move on from your past and initiating a new start. You are trying to start something new while not thinking too much about the past.

7. Hairdresser

To see yourself as a hairdresser in your dream means you force your ideas and opinions on others in real life. It also means that you will have to work on your self-image and improve your social stand.

Alternatively, it can also refer to your attitude towards your own sexuality. But if in your dream, you go to a hairdresser, it tells that you are willing to improve your attitude; change does not limit you.

8. Hairpiece

If you dream of wearing a hairpiece, it indicates some hidden deception and you are showing a false impression. You may be crediting other’s views as your own.

Now if you dream of losing it, then it will simply mean that you have begun to lose your logic.

9. Half

A dream of half often represents something in your conscious life that is incomplete or unresolved, and you might have to work on it after waking up.

Further, it may also imply that you are not wholly being attentive to your feelings and observing only a part. There is a second meaning that you or someone else is limiting or restricting ‘you’. Also, that you should compromise and meet things halfway.

10. Hall

To dream that you are in a hall conveys your social skills, how amicable you are, and how well you can match the atmosphere of a hall full of people. It may also convey whether you are an extrovert or an introvert.

If it is empty in your dream, then there are certain aspects of your character that you have not explored. There is more to you than what you see with the eye.    

11. Halloween

Halloween, in a sense, connects itself with Hell or the Underworld. Halloween dream may also represent your adoption of a temporary persona wherewith you feel less inhibited and can express yourself boundlessly. Contrarily, it also means that you are hiding your true self.

Dreaming of Halloween gives your childhood and its memories a specific highlight; prominently because of the trick-or-treat custom that children often abide by.

12. Hallucination

To hallucinate in your dreams is a sign of your subconscious, repressed feelings and emotions. Such emotions and feelings appear in your dreams because you are fearful of confronting them.

Alternatively, the dream may also tell you to speak your mind and express your sentiments clearly. Or it refers to self-deception you may be subconsciously doing.

13. Hallway

If you see a hallway in your dream then it can mean you are on the journey of self-discovery, introspection, and other things. It can also be the beginning of the path that you will be taking in a future life or journeying towards something new and unknown.

Spiritual enlightenment, emotional maturity, physical prowess, new opportunities, and opening mental passages are other indicators of this dream. 

14. Ham

If you dream you are eating ham, it means that you should preserve your energy and not waste it here and there.

It is also indicative of emotional disturbance and the need for attention. 

15. Hamburger

Eating hamburgers in a dream reflects that you don’t feel wholesome. There’s always a part of you that’s missing. The missing element can be physical, intellectual, or emotional. You feel dissatisfied in your present relationship because of the missing element of your life.

This dream also asks you to learn from your past experiences and think big.

16. Horseback riding

If you have gone horseback riding in your dream, it denotes that you are in a successful position in your life. Your status is higher compared to others and you are filled with confidence.

But all your success is through the wrong means. There’s no integrity in your work. If the horse is not in your control, it indicates that you are driven by your passion. 

17. Hammock

Seeing a hammock in a dream means you need a break to relax from your hectic schedule.

If you are lying to a hammock, it indicates that you appreciate the gift of life. The dream also suggests that you have accomplished your dreams and are set to take a break after that.

18. Hamster

Hamster symbolizes underdeveloped emotions in dreams. You are ready to stay isolated because people tend to hurt you. Being around negative people is not your thing.

Such dreams also indicate that you are capable of differentiating between love and sex.

19. Hamster wheel

A wheel is in the shape of a circle. Similarly, when you see a hamster wheel, it indicates that your life is going in a circle.

Your efforts are very little. Only if you work harder, you will be able to reach your goals. The dream also indicates that you are constantly running with no destination to go to.

20. Hand

Hands signify how you bond with others near you. They represent power and being fair. At times, it also means that you need a helping hand to bring you out of difficult situations.

The left-hand stands for your grace and femininity. Similarly, the right hand represents that you are an enthusiast and believe in masculinity.

21. Homework

Dreaming about homework resembles back to the lessons we have already learned or the lessons that are in progress. Reflect back to your past experiences and recall the lessons you learned. Understand how you can use them in your daily life.

Alternatively, if you have any pending work in real life, then this dream is just a reflection of that work you are worried about.

22. Handcuff

When you see yourself with handcuffs in your dream, it implies that somebody is trying to become an obstacle in your life. They don’t want to see you succeed and hence, are holding you back. You will miss the opportunities and feel powerless.

However, if you see somebody else in handcuffs, then it signifies that you are more powerful than others.

23. Handball

Playing handball in a team can reflect the qualities of teamwork. It asks you to work in cooperation if you want to succeed in life. You will need help from others at every stage of your life and you mustn’t hesitate to ask for help.

The dream can also be a suggestion that you need more helping hands to work on an ongoing project.

24. Handicap

If anybody is a handicap in your dream, it represents your weaknesses. It means you need somebody to back you up.

You will be exposed to many challenges and you will be exhausted dealing with them. These challenges will utilize your full potential. The dream also asks you to be humble with others.

25. Handkerchiefs

This dream is a negative sign. We often use handkerchiefs to wipe away the dirt or our tears. Thus, dreams about handkerchiefs reflect the same ideology.

It means that you will be filled with disappointment and tears. There’s a chance of separation from your beloved. You might even be embarrassed in front of people.

26. Handle

Noticing a handle in a dream is a sign that the situations are under control. This is a symbol that you are able to ‘handle’ the issues in your life.

In case, this handle is not in a proper state or is broken, it implies that you need to hold yourself. You need to focus on your inner abilities and become who you are.

27. Hooks

Dreaming about hooks denotes that you are tied up in some mischief. This can be because of your quest towards materialistic life or the feeling of lacking something. You are driven towards harmful habits.

If you are getting hold of something with the help of a hook in the dream, then it suggests that you need to introduce a particular quality to your reputation.

28. Handshake

Shaking hands is a standard way of greeting new and formal people. The same thing applies to our dreams too. The handshake in a dream represents new beginnings in your life. An agreement or decision is about to be made. Your problems might be solved.

If you are shaking hands with a reputed personality, it suggests that your work is appreciated by other people.

29. Handsome

When you consider yourself handsome in your dream, it indicates that you are high on your confidence and self-esteem. Your looks matter to you. You also want to make a good impression on others and are worried about how other people judge you.

If you see someone else who is handsome, it represents that you must include similar qualities in yourself.

30. Handstand

If you do a handstand in your dream, it represents that you can handle many responsibilities at once. You know how to maintain a work-life balance. However, sometimes you need to move out of your comfort zone to make others happy.

When you see someone doing a handstand, it suggests that you are hardly influenced by others.

31. Handwriting

Handwriting helps us express ourselves. So, the dreams about handwriting indicate your creativity as well as your expression.

Consider what you are writing in your dream and try to relate it to your real life. Observe what message the dream is trying to pass you.

32. Hang gliding

Hang gliding in dreams denotes independence. This means you are free in your real-life from all the bondages. You believe whatever is written in your fate will make its way to you.

But in case you crash, this is a sign of low confidence. You don’t believe in yourself enough.

33. Hangar

When you observe an airplane hangar, it stands for your dreams and goals. You want to have a flight towards these dreams.

But if the hangar has no airplanes, it suggests that you have lost the directions of your destination. You feel demotivated.

34. Hanger

Like a hangar in real life, seeing a hangar in a dream indicates that you are kept hanging in a situation. You are unable to move forward. Maybe with more motivation, you’ll be able to work more.

If you invest more effort, there are chances that you will be able to eventually walk out of the situation.

35. Hanging

To see yourself hanging in a dream portrays your insecure behavior. There are things that you want to remove from your life. To put it simply, you want to escape from some unwanted situations.

If you are hanging clothes, it denotes that you are working on your thought process and are ready to gain new knowledge.

36. Hanging out with friends

When you see yourself hanging out with your friends in your dream, it implies that you must learn something from the people you hang out with. There are some qualities present in them that can benefit you in the future. Alternatively, you need more time to socialize with others.

37. Hang-ups

If you get hang-up calls from somebody in a dream, then it means that the communication is not smooth on your end.

There is some miscommunication with your friends or family members. You are unable to express your feelings clearly. Maybe this is because you don’t have the freedom of speech.

38. Hot

If you are hot in your dream, it resembles your emotions. You are passionate about something that is not going to last. Perhaps, a relationship or career might end soon.

Alternatively, like waking life, dreams about hot weather are also common for people who look attractive. Or if you find somebody else attractive.

39. Harass

When you are being harassed in the dream, you feel powerless. There’s nothing that you can do to get rid of your situation in real life. You are going through a bad emotional trauma. Note the details of the person harassing you.

If you see someone else being harassed, it suggests that you must be more helpful to others and not ignore them.

40. Harbor

Dreams about harbor indicate that you are going through a chaotic situation or an unbalanced relationship. Many obstacles will come your way.

You want to avoid all of them by ‘harboring’ your feelings. All you want is some time to recollect your feelings and face the barriers.

41. Hard drive

If your hard drive crashed in your dream, it is a sign that you are being bombarded with new information constantly. You don’t get time to process all of this and hence, it is creating emotional baggage on you.

If you are formatting the hard drive, this means that you want to create a new and unique identity for yourself.

42. Hotel

When you see a hotel in your dream, it denotes that you are creating a new identity. Your ideas have changed and you are ready to undergo a transformation. After a lot of hustling, you are now certain to quit your old habits.

43. Harem

Dreaming about a harem indicates that you had suppressed your sexual emotions and now you desperately need to release them. You want to utilize your sexual energy.

If you are a prisoner of a harem, this means that you accept your sexual desires.

44. Harmonica

Hearing harmonica in your dreams means that you need to be happy. Give yourself some time to enjoy and experience joy. Make use of harmonious time.

Playing a harmonica in a dream represents that there are some emotions that you must eliminate and some that you need to gather in real life.

45. Harpoon

If you use a harpoon in a dream, it suggests you solve a problem. Consider all the possibilities and choose the best one to resolve your issues. It also indicates that you are ready to deal with your emotions.

A harpoon is considered a symbol of masculinity.

46. Harry Potter

Harry Potter in your dream means that you have the ability to finish your tasks on time. There will be many hardships that will come your way but you have the potential to overcome them.

If you visualize yourself as Harry Potter in your dream, it indicates that you want to get rid of your real life. You want to live in your own dream world.

47. Harvesting

When you dream about harvesting crops, it indicates that you still have a long way to go before you reach your career’s peak. There will be obstacles in your way, but you will be able to overcome all of them and reach your goal.

Alternatively, these dreams also suggest that you will get the results of your hard work and your labor will not be wasted.

48. Hat

Wearing a hat in dreams reflects that you don’t want people to know a part of you. This means you are secretive. Alternatively, it can also denote that you are overwhelmed with many responsibilities in your waking life.

If you dream that you are changing heads, it indicates that you do not have a fixed opinion and you can be easily manipulated.

49. Hate

Hatred in dreams represents your suppressed frustration. This means that you do not want to confront others. Alternatively, it also indicates that you try to force your ideology on others and are not open-minded to listen to others.

For a more accurate dream interpretation, you must consider the details of the dream. This way you will understand what it is that you really hate.

50. Haunted

Dreaming about being haunted is a sign that you have not overcome your traumas and suppressed feelings. The past memories keep haunting you. You have a fear or guilt regarding something from your past that is disturbing your present life.

When you see a haunted car, it stands for the goals that you haven’t accomplished yet. You have already started your journey but left it mid-way.

51. Haunted house

In the dreams, if you see a haunted house, it relates to your childhood memories, someone you have lost, or your suppressed feelings.

If you buy a haunted house, it implies that you are escaping from your past.

52. Hawk

Seeing a hawk in a dream represents suspicious activities around you. Proceed with caution. Alternatively, this dream also symbolizes that you have a great vision.

If you dream of a dead hawk, this means that you are unaware of the entire issue and someone doesn’t want you to know the truth.

53. Horse

A horse in a dream stands for strength and power. It indicates that you are very enthusiastic. Alternatively, it also asks you to be less arrogant and more humble.

If you see a two-headed horse, it denotes that you are confused between two possible ways.

54. Head

Dreaming of a head in your dreams signifies a good understanding of you, your self-image, and the notion of the world within you. A dream of two heads means you are required to learn how to ask for help.

Dreaming of your head being run off means you are ignoring certain things and you need to visualize the truth. Dreaming of a heavy head implies that you are overthinking something.

55. Honey

Dreaming of honey implies that you require to be a less quiet person and more of an honest person while conversing with others.

Also, seeing honey in front of you or consuming honey indicates your nature. How gentle, sweet, peaceful, and joyful you are. Visualizing a jar of honey represents you dreaming of some loved one.

56. Homosexual

If you aren’t a homosexual in your actual living life, and yet dream about homosexuality, it indicates various other areas of your life. It implies self-obsession, self-love, and self-acceptance.

In case you are uncomfortable in your dreams with homosexuality, it will indicate certain fears that you might have within you.

57. Headless

Seeing something headless in your dreams means you are not utilizing your head properly. You may also not be able to think properly. The dream can also imply that you have lost your mind somewhere and are not able to think logically.

Such dreams also mean that you have a certain negative impact on your head or your secretive nature.

58. Headlight

Dreaming of headlights means that you are unable to look at something ahead of the past. There is still something from the past inside your head that is stopping you.

Alongside, such dreams also imply that you are not prepared for certain things. Being on a high beam of headlight implies you are forcing certain opinions on yourself.

59. Homeless

Dreaming that you are homeless implies that you don’t have any strength and are very much insecure. You are not sure of where you are going in life. Seeing someone who is homeless reminds you to appreciate the things that you have rather than craving for more.

In case you dream that you are brutal to homeless people it indicates that you are considering everything for granted.

60. Homeschool

Dreaming of you being in a homeschool signifies a supreme lesson to learn from your parents. Alongside, such dreams also indicate that there might be certain areas in your life that will require you to pay more attention and focus. 

61. Hearse

Dreaming a hearse means you are shifting to a new place, embarking on a new journey, leaving aside old things, and making it mandatory to carry certain new changes. Such steps often lead to a good new transition in life.

Dreaming of a hearse at a wedding symbolizes that you are about to end something, giving start to a new journey.

62. Heart

To see a heart in your dream implies the truth, love, and romance that you hold within your heart. A winged heart in the dream may indicate that you represent the strength of love and its capability to invade through anyone and everyone.

The dream of an aching heart implies a numb, sad, distressed feeling within you. You may be lacking support and love in your life.

63. Heartbreak

Dreaming of heartbreak might imply that you are going through many changes in life that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Consequently, it can also mean that you might be going through some emotional breakdown in the path of life. It can also be that you don’t know how to deal with it.

64. Heaven

Visualizing heaven in dreams signifies your inner desire to achieve a perfect happy life. You might run away from your problems and heaven in dreams will give you new hope for dealing with things.

65. Honeymoon

Dreaming of a honeymoon implies that you are showcasing some fear in your sex life. This may also speak about certain desires that you have.

Alongside, such dreams can also mean the desire within you to go for a honeymoon with your partner.

66. Heel

Seeing a heel in your dream means a feeling of being inferior and vulnerable. Linking it to “heal” in a funny way may mean that you need to recover both, mentally and physically.

67. Height

Seeing yourself at a height in your dreams can mean that you’ve achieved a peak in your career. But, being at heights also imply that you can be afraid to reach out to a higher target in your life.

68. Heimlich Maneuver

Carrying out the Heimlich Maneuver on someone in your dream implies that you are attempting to get the person’s mind opened up.

Besides, dreaming of someone carrying out this on us implies that you are being open to people and sharing your thoughts. In general, turning from an introvert to an extrovert.

69. Helicopter

If in your dreams you see a helicopter floating by, it represents your ambitions and achievements. And that you are in pursuit of your goals without any restraint.

Now if you are in a helicopter in your dreams, it is a warning that you are living beyond your means: you should slow down and stop pleasing everyone you meet. An alternate meaning will be that you have discovered novel freedom, a higher level of consciousness, and greater awareness.

70. Hell

Dreaming about hell means that there is an inexorable situation that is bringing you suffering. You may have put the rudder of actions and decisions in others’ hands while in reality, it should have been in yours. It tells about how you may have some inner fears or repressed negativity.

Furthermore, it will be wise to quit punishing yourself and take things lightly.

71. Helm

If you find yourself at the helm of a ship in your dream, it represents your internal willpower and the motivation to move forward towards the goals in your life. It may mean how you are at the forefront of your own life; standing straight to any problems in the face.

If you see someone else at the helm then that person has been an important influence on the way your life is headed.

72. Help

If you dream of yourself helping someone then it indicates how ready you are to compromise your beliefs, ideals for the greater good. It describes your efforts to combine your skills and energies to achieve a mutual goal with someone like you.

If the person you are helping in your dream is your enemy or someone whom you dislike then it tells you to have to come on a fairground to move ahead in life.

If you are pleading for help then in your life you feel lost, overwhelmed, and/or inadequate.

73. Hen

If you see a hen in your dreams then it gives the message that you like bragging and chattering about small things.

You constantly seem to give importance to literally insignificant things and topics. You can also consider the metaphor of being “hen-pecked” or that you feel being picked on.

74. Herbs

Viewing herbs in your dreams indicate that you must take a new approach towards some situation or relationship.

It implies that you need to tackle things from a new perspective and live with vigor and ecstasy. Alternatively, as per its qualities, it also is symbolic of healing and magic.

75. Herd

If you see a herd in your dream then it means you are a follower, you follow societal thinking, and are not thinking your own thoughts. It tells you that you should learn to take your decisions and act upon them. 

The dream may also be a pun on “heard”. Perhaps you heard something that was not for you.

76. Hero

If you see yourself as a hero then it signifies your innate strength and weaknesses. As a hero, you need to not only have victory over some bad people but also over yourself by defeating your weaknesses and fears.

There lies the power to face bad circumstances and overcome life’s challenges.

77. Horn

Listening to the sounds of blowing horn in a dream is signaling you to listen to your inner voices. Follow your gut feelings. There is a possible chance that the dream is suggesting that you are bragging about yourself.

Seeing animal horns denotes that you are dealing with conflict in your waking life.

78. Hexagon

When you see a hexagon in your dream, it signifies your direction and position by the six corners and sides of the shape: it may be telling you to go up or down, forward or backward, and left or right. 

Alternatively, a hexagon symbolizes death.

79. Hibiscus

When you see the hibiscus flower in your dream, it signifies respect and is equivalent to gentleness, fragility, and delicate beauty.

If you see that you are giving it to somebody, then it means you should take advantage of all the opportunities coming your way.

80. Hickey

If your body has a hickey in your dream then it suggests a split between your emotional and rational minds: you may be acting emotionally without thinking things straight.

Another meaning is that it represents your drained emotional or physical state or that you are indulging in a relationship too much.

81. Hide ‘N Seek

Playing hide ‘n seek in your dream means you are withholding some information or secret that you should not. However, if you are the seeker, then it represents your inquisitive mind.

Alternatively, the dream may be an implication towards your childhood where the times were more carefree and simpler. 

82. Hiding

If in your dream you are hiding then it tells you are not sharing necessary things. You are not facing an issue directly.

However, you may be getting ready to reveal something and confess before somebody finds out. If you are hiding from an authority, it implies a feeling of guilt.

To dream that someone is hiding indicates that you are looking for a sense of security and protection. 

83. High chair

Dreaming about a high chair can be interpreted in many ways as per your present circumstances. Seeing empty chairs means your hard work will bring you recognition, appreciation, or any coveted position. Sitting on a chair is a sign of your authoritarian disposition.

It also signals your busy life and your needs to get some rest. Seeing so many chairs at once means you will be flooded with opportunities in time to come.

84. High heels

A dream of high heels means you are aiming to do something big. You will be leading a life ahead of your peers but at the same time full of challenges and limitations of enjoying a great life.

It means you have learned to reject all that deny your existence and are ready to walk the tightrope to show who you truly are.

85. High Priestess

A high priestess in a dream is a sign of overhaul, a metamorphosis in your beliefs. You may feel spiritually uplifted.

With some effort, you can utilize the power of your subconscious mind for a greater purpose. You may encounter some unexpected events as an opportunity to live more peacefully.

If you keep listening to your inner calling, all your questions will be answered and you will live the rest of your life in complete enlightenment.

86. High school

High school in a dream signifies that your present life is not so joyful. It’s a sign that your past life used to be great. It is also a reminder of your dreams and passion. You are probably not happy with your current life. You feel bound.

The good thing is that it communicates with you the power of your past. You should leave the past life behind and start the journey you always dreamt of.

87. Highway

Dreaming about the highway signifies freedom, limitlessness, and a never-ending journey. Traveling on the highway shows that you have found the right path. 

A less-traveled highway pictures a challenging life ahead. The condition of the road is metaphorically your life. How you are driving, slow, fast, too fast, or relaxed with music shows your attitude towards life.

88. Hijack

A scene of a hijack in a dream represents a life out of control and in danger. It shows that your current plan or smooth-going life is vulnerable to being attacked or damaged.

You need to observe all aspects of life like job, business, relationship, and family very carefully and take some strict action if you find any of them to be disbalanced.

89. Hill

To climb a hill in a dream represents your struggle. You will face barriers in reaching your goal. However, don’t lose your focus.

Standing on a hill in a dream denotes that you have already succeeded. You have accumulated the resources that you need to complete your dream project.

90. Hippopotamus

A hippopotamus in a dream stands for your short-temper. However, it also implies that you are a strong person. You hardly realize that you have influence over others.

Seeing a group of hippopotamus indicates that you need to get rid of your daily routine and relax for a while.

91. Hit

Hitting something in a dream represents your suppressed anger and frustration. You want to express your negative feelings now that you have controlled them for so long.

If somebody is hitting you in the dream, it indicates that the situations aren’t under your control in real life.

92. Hit and run

If in your dream somebody hits you and runs away, then there are things in your real life that are out of your control. This dream also indicates that somebody else’s goals are clashing with yours.

However, if you run away after hitting somebody, this means you are overwhelmed with your responsibilities and want an escape route from them.

93. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking in a dream means that you don’t deserve your current position. You just got there by chance. You are dependent on others for your work.

Picking a hitchhiker in a dream implies that you are burdened with responsibilities. However, note that people don’t take advantage of you while you try to help them.

94. Hole

When you see a hole in the ground, it represents that you are hiding your actions. Your soul feels empty. You can also take this dream as an indication to try new activities.

If you fall in a hole, then it suggests that you don’t know how to get out of situations in your real life.

95. Holidays

Being on a holiday in a dream asks you to keep your work aside and spend some ‘me-time’. Relax. Go on a vacation. You wish to stay apart from your responsibilities for a while.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests that you have some difficulties in life.

96. Holocaust

Holocaust in a dream implies that you are being wrongly blamed for somebody else’s deeds. If you have seen any movie on Holocaust, then this dream is natural. The torturing visuals have left a strong impact on your subconscious leading to such dreams.

97. Home

Home dreams indicate security and comfort. It also stands for values and ethics. You feel your basic necessities are being fulfilled.

To see your hometown or an old home resembles that you want to follow the age-old culture of the family. On the contrary, this dream can also tell you that you need to change your conservative thinking.

98. Home improvements

If you are making home improvements, it is asking you to transform yourself. You can consider the details for detailed interpretation.

If you are adding things to your home, it means you have to widen your thinking horizon. However, re-roofing the home in a dream asks you to set your goals higher.

99. Homecoming

Dreams about homecoming ask you to refer to your past. Maintain the past relationships because they have brought you to the position you are today.

Say ‘thank-you’ to such people and keep enriching the bond. Alternatively, this dream can also refer to coming back home after a long period of time.

100. Hacky sack

Playing hacky sack in the dream signifies that you are swift. You can quickly get on your feet if you need to act fast. This dream also indicates that you don’t want to cease your steps. You prefer moving with the flow.

Noticing a hacky sack in the dream tells you to be friendly with others.