Dream Dictionary for “P”
Dream Dictionary for “P”

1. Pacifier

Dreaming of a pacifier indicates that you are trying to work on your emotions. You want to run away from your duties and disappear into nothingness.

Dreaming of sucking one suggests that you are trying to “suck up to” someone in real life. Further, it may also be indicative of your amateur attitude that comes into play.

2. Package

Dreaming of a package suggests hidden creative artistry, talents, and emotions. If you see yourself receiving a package, it means you are coming to terms with your unresolved issues and gaining new assets.

Alternatively, if you give the package to someone, it indicates that you dispose of your baggage to others. You should rather try to understand your feelings than escape.

3. Packing

Dreaming of packing indicates new opportunities coming your way. It stands for life-changing miracles and opportunities. You are moving on from your past. Alternatively, it can also signify that you are holding onto your past too tight.

If you see yourself repeatedly packing and unpacking, it indicates the turmoil in your life. You are constantly dealing with something or the other.

It will help if you share your responsibilities with someone instead of burning yourself all alone. Other than that, you must also look out for the incomplete businesses and resolve them first.

If you see yourself packing, but the things are never clearing up from the surface, it indicates your incessant responsibilities in life. You are always trying to live up to others’ expectations of you.

4. Pagan

Dreaming of being a pagan when you are not one implies that you are exploiting and mistreating your spirit and aura.

But if you see a pagan, despite being one, congratulations! Heaven and the holy powers are sending a piece of advice for you. It can also be that you were seeking some clarity in life.

5. Page

To dream of reading a page is similar to reading a synopsis of your life. It shows all the things that have led you to this day and what is yet to be.

Dreaming of a blank page indicates drainage of time, resources, and artistic skills. You are idle, and your life is not leading anywhere.

Dreaming of being a page shows the absence of will and motivation. You are investing too little in your growth and spending more on guilty pleasures.

6. Pageant

Dreaming of being a part of a beauty pageant suggests your low confidence and concerns about your appearance.

You are continually trying to match up to society’s beauty standards and are not comfortable in your skin.

7. Pain

Dreaming of being in pain indicates a situation where you are unfairly blaming yourself for something that you did not do.

Alternatively, it can also be that you have physical pain in real life. Dreams often come with health warnings. Look out for the body part that you have pain in to understand what to do next.

If you expose yourself to pain, it means you are facing severe issues in your personal life. You are using the physical hurt to reduce your emotional pain. Self-harming is your way of escaping reality.

8. Paint

To dream of paint means you are trying to voice your feelings. Observe the color that you picked to paint and analyze the feeling that it triggers within you. If it is a positive feeling, you need to be more vocal about it.

Dreaming of mixing paint suggests that you are adding variation to your life.

Dreaming about wet paint or touching it indicates your uncertain feelings. It can also be that your current feeling is new, and you are yet to make sense of it.

9. Paintball

Dreaming of playing paintball shows your playful yet competitive side. You will touch bigger heights in life. But you must keep a safe distance from vicious friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Dreaming of a paintball hitting you indicates a small defeat. Look out for the paint color to get a better idea of your feelings.

Dreaming of being stalked at the game represents your buried insecurities.

10. Painting

If you see yourself painting a house, it implies that you will do well in an upcoming venture. You can receive a promotion at work.

Alternatively, it can suggest that you are keeping some secrets. If your close one is painting your house, look out for their dubious intentions. To understand the dream in detail, see what the color is.

Dreaming of your clothes having splashes of paint indicates that you don’t take constructive feedback well. It offends you, and you get defensive.

If you see yourself painting, it means you want to express your creativity and inner feelings through it.

11. Pajamas

Dreaming of seeing or wearing pajamas indicates your need for rest and leisure.

To dream of publicly wearing pajamas suggests that you are failing to see something that’s right in front of your eyes. You are living your life carefree.

12. Palace

To dream of a palace suggests riches, fortune, and potential. It shows your ability to take advantage of your knowledge and resources.

Dreaming of staying in a palace indicates that you can easily attain what you want to accomplish in life.

13. Palm

To dream of an open palm is indicative of your kind and charitable nature. You are the person who first comes to mind when a person needs help.

On the contrary, dreaming of a closed palm suggests that you are trying to protect or cover a secret.

Dreaming of your palm suggests that you control your life. You are the only person who can push yourself to be your best version.

14. Pan

Dreaming of a pan indicates your opinion and behavior in a given setting. It can also reflect your displeasure and judgment.

If it is a glass pan, it suggests your awareness of the situation. You are open to receiving feedback. Just like a pan looks like a bowl, one can also look at it as a womb.

Dreaming of a frying pan indicates your contentment towards your love life. Alternatively, it is asking you to take responsibility for your deeds and their outcomes. You cannot escape this stage.

15. Pancake

Who wouldn’t like to have some delicious pancakes on a Sunday morning?

To dream of making or eating pancakes implies that you have a happy life. It shows your feelings of fulfillment and gratitude.

16. Pandora’s box

Dreaming of Pandora’s box symbolizes belief and longing.

It can also indicate your inquisitiveness, inner thoughts, and your desire to let them out. Your life will soon get a positive makeover.

17. Panic

Dreaming of being in a panic state shows that your life is not in your control. It is making you feel powerless and weak in a situation. You are unable to make a decision.  

18. Pansy

To dream of a pansy suggests a timeless and evergreen love. The kind of love that can withstand the test of time.

It can also represent reminiscence, understanding, and the mind’s integrity. Alternatively, dreaming of a pansy can also indicate that you are naive.

19. Panties

Dreaming of wearing panties signifies womanly characteristics and emotions. It suggests a woman’s opinion on the said issue.

At the same time, dreaming of removing panties indicates your sexuality. It can be that you have a habit of digging deep into things. Or, you can be wanting to find your way out of a situation.

20. Pantry

Dreaming of a pantry indicates that you have innumerable options in your hand. If you need help, you will easily get it.

But if it is an empty pantry, then it means that you are sensitive to a particular void in your life.

21. Pants

To dream of pants, indicates that you are confused about your role in an event and are questioning it.

If you wish to interpret the dream further, look out for the fabric and the color scheme. The dream can also point at any sexual stuff.

However, if you dreamt of wearing velvet pants, it hints at your sexuality and fantasies.

22. Pantyhose

Dreaming of pantyhose indicates your magnetic passion and sexual inclinations. Look at the pantyhose’s color for more information about the dream. A beige pantyhose represents simplicity and virtue.

In contrast, a black pantyhose hints at sexual urges that you are yet to unleash. A red one implies open sexuality.

But if it is a torn pantyhose, it shows your lack of confidence and low morale.

23. Papaya

If you are a person who is fit and fine and has an active sex life, then your papaya dream suggests just that.

24. Pap Smear

Dreaming of undergoing a pap smear test shows your worries about your well-being and sexuality. You are uncertain and are having self-doubts.

Alternatively, there is a possibility that you are awaiting your test results and are anxious regarding them. It can also be that you are about to get a vaginal smear test and are scared of the procedure.

25. Paper

Dreaming of a blank paper suggests your yearning for a new beginning. Alternatively, it can suggest that you are required to be more open about your feelings. Writing and creating can be the two mediums that you utilize to show your creativity.

If you see a bundle of papers, it is indicative of your endless duties and the weight of them that comes with it.

Dreaming of a crushed paper indicates discarded thoughts and ideas.

If the paper you dream about is red, it means your anger gets the best of you. It will help if you learn to deal with it maturely. Alternatively, it can stand for profit, luck, fortune, and prosperity.

26. Paper Bag

Dreaming of a folded or empty paper bag can hint at the womb, confidential information, and the lady.

Whereas dreaming of a paper bag full of things can be indicative of the phrase “do not judge a book by its cover.” Appearances can be deceptive, be it for a person or a thing.

27. Paper Plane

To dream of seeing or making a paper plane symbolizes impractical goals.

The time you are investing in execution of these ideas is of no use and will eventually be wasted.

28. Paparazzi

Do you often think you don’t get enough privacy? If so, dreaming of paparazzi following you is indicative of just that. It can also mean that you want to be famous and part of the public eye.

Dreaming of being a paparazzi means you are chasing fame and popularity.

Dreaming of seeing the paparazzi shows your urgency to concentrate on a specific issue. You are looking to seize an idea or a moment.

29. Paprika

Dreaming of tasting paprika can imply that a specific situation or person desires your attention.

On the other hand, it can also be a warning that anger triggers a different side in people that can be extremely dangerous sometimes.

30. Parachute

Dreaming of being on a parachute indicates that something is shielding you. Alternatively, it can also suggest that you need to give up on a bad habit or a situation.

If your parachute is not opening, or you have any other issues related to it, the dream suggests your disappointment. You are dissatisfied with someone.

31. Parade

Dreaming of watching a parade means that you lack the clarity needed to accomplish your goals. It can be that you are restricting yourself from chasing your ambitions on purpose because you are afraid of being unsuccessful.

Alternatively, the procession can represent the cycles, passage of time or significant moments. Try and understand the symbolic significance of the parade’s elements. They can indicate a desire for you to assimilate these characteristics into your personality.

If you see yourself walking in the parade, it means you are doing what everyone else is doing. You are not standing out. Alternatively, it can also mean that you know which path will lead you to your goals.

32. Paradise

Dreaming of being in paradise suggests your desire to attain divine connection.

Alternatively, it can indicate your lack of sticking to reality and existing in a fairytale. Your ultimate wish is to transcend into a state of calmness, away from worldly tensions.

33. Parallel

Dreaming of a parallel line indicates that you like to dodge clashes and disputes. The dream might also be pointing towards your linear thinking.

If you dream that you are in a parallel realm or universe, it means you regret a past mistake or choice.

34. Paralyzed

The fact that you cannot move in your dream mirrors your body’s present condition. Your body is completely motionless and immobilized during the REM stage of sleep. People claim that no matter how much they try, they are unable to run or hit.

Dreaming about being paralyzed indicates that you are feeling helpless and weak in certain situations of your real life. You may feel incapable of dealing with the problem.

Alternatively, the dream can also indicate that you are emotionally crippled. You cannot express yourself without restraints.

35. Paranoia

Dreaming of being paranoid suggests your hesitation towards taking a step further in a specific situation or affair.

Your insecurities and trust issues are making it harder for you to take the much-needed leap of faith.

36. Paranormal

Dreaming of paranormal activities suggests that you are refusing to acknowledge that some of your own deeds led to this particular consequence.

The dream may also suggest that you have a laid-back attitude and prefer waiting for things to unfold on your own.

37. Parasite

Dreaming of a parasite indicates your physical exhaustion. Your dependence on the people around you are making you lazy, and you are becoming unfit.

Alternatively, just like a parasite takes but never gives, it can also represent your selfish personality.

38. Pardon

Dreaming of you or your close one’s pardon indicates that you need to cultivate the habit of being lenient and merciful towards others.

39. Parents

Dreaming of your parents indicates authority, home, safety, and love. You may have worries about their health or well-being.

Alternatively, it can also indicate the fusion of both feminine and masculine attributes of your personality.

If you dream about your parents dying, it means you are going through a big transition in your real life. Your connection with your parents has shown new dimensions.

On the contrary, if you have not met your friend’s parents but dream of them, it may be that you wish your parents were like them.

40. Paris

Paris is the city of romance and excitement and everything beautiful. It is a lover’s paradise. So, dreaming of Paris shows that you are a person of great taste.

The dream can also depend on how you perceive Paris and what your expectations are of it.

41. Park

Dreaming of being in a park indicates a brief break from reality. It represents spirituality, introspection, and regeneration.

Dreaming about being lost in a park implies having difficulties with your work, relationship, or some other issues. Society may make you feel isolated.

The dream of parking your automobile symbolizes the urge to settle down. Alternatively, it might imply that you are happy with your life and have achieved your aims. If you are having trouble parking your automobile, you have likely hit a pothole.

42. Parking Lot

Dreaming of being in a parking lot means you need to relax and take a break from your routine.

If you cannot locate a parking spot, you cannot figure out your role in your life. Alternatively, it can direct your busy schedule.

43. Parking Ticket

Dreaming of getting a parking ticket indicates your confusion about life goals.

You get the impression that the route you wish to follow is being scrutinized and condemned. The dream might also be a metaphor for your lack of success.

44. Parliament

The ability to lead is evident from the dream of being a member of parliament. You need to make a public statement.

Alternatively, it may indicate that you are craving attention or the limelight.

45. Parole

Dreaming of being on parole means you must think about the consequences of all your activities. There is a superior power to which you must submit.

46. Parrot

Dreaming of a parrot symbolizes news or rumor for you. It will help if you are cautious about repeating or discussing specific details.

Alternatively, the parrot might represent an unusual or unpleasant individual in your daily life.

47. Parsley

To dream of Parsley is a sign of accomplishment. Someone will acknowledge your success soon. On the other hand, Parsley also stands for Purification.

48. Partner

Dreaming of a partner indicates that you need to seek others’ help in order to achieve a common objective.

A partner, on the other hand, can also be indicative of the two sides of your own individuality.

49. Partner Swapping

Dreaming about exchanging partners means you need some spice in your sex life. You’d want to be more sexually daring.

For detailed interpretation, think about the pair with whom you were switching.

50. Partridge

Dreaming of a partridge represents freedom. It highlights your ability to lead. On the other hand, it may signify trickery and deception.

51. Party

Dreaming of being at a party means you need to socialize more. If the party is a disaster, it means you’re not confident in your social abilities.

If it is your birthday celebration, it’s a sign that you’re grateful for your life. If you are the one throwing the party, it means you are being too robotic and need to relax.

52. Party Horn

Dreaming of a party horn suggests that you lack a channel for letting your emotions out.

53. Passenger

Dreaming of being a passenger indicates that you are allowing others to make decisions for you.

But if you notice other passengers, it means you’re putting too much effort to fit in. Perhaps you believe that people have taken advantage of you.

54. Passion Fruit

Dreaming of eating passion fruit indicates your divine connection. It can also represent reproduction, fitness, vitality, and longevity.

Dreaming of drinking passion fruit represents life or energy.

55. Passport

A passport symbolizes your identity and your capacity to travel across many scenarios. It can also be indicative of your effort to find yourself.

If you dream about losing your passport, it means you are attempting to figure out who you are. The dream of your passport having stamps denotes acceptance.

56. Password

Dreaming of a password represents control. If you don’t remember the password, it shows your lack of control in some situations. You have the power of unleashing your emotions.

57. Past

Dreaming about the past indicates that a present circumstance is similar to a previous scenario. It will help you learn from your past mistakes to avoid repeating them.

The dream might also indicate unresolved issues from the past. Or that you should start planning for the future.

58. Past Life

Dreaming about a former life suggests that you are more aware of your subconsciousness. You want to know more about yourself and your roots.

It’s possible that your previous life reflects a real past life or that it’s the one that your family or ancestors lived.

Alternatively, the dream might be referring to prior teachings from which you can benefit.

59. Pasta

Dreaming of eating or cooking pasta indicates your need for energy.

Penne pasta stands for restricted opinions. Spaghetti stands for a messy condition. Elbow-shaped pasta reflects that you should invest more in yourself.

Lastly, the corkscrewed one suggests that you lack control over something.

60. Pastel

Dreaming of color pastels shows your inability to acknowledge and accept your emotions fully.

61. Pastry

Dreaming of eating a pastry suggests indulgence, sexual pleasure, and contentment.

62. Path

Walking on a clear path indicates your progress. You are mentally strong, and your thoughts are steady.

Whereas, if the path has obstacles, it means you need to re-analyze your choices.

63. Patient

Dreaming of being a patient shows you are healing. It can also be a pun for patience.

64. Patio

Dreaming of being on a patio shows your openness to something.

If it has open doors, it means you are welcoming. If it is closed, it suggests you’re close to a particular situation.

Doors of Patio represent the merging of divine and mental state.

65. Pattern

Dreaming of a pattern indicates monotony. If it is a dress pattern, it means you are trying to fit into someone else’s shoes. Do something different from your routine.

66. Pavement

Dreaming of walking on pavement indicates your clarity of a situation. It means you have a good idea of the route that will take you to your goals.

67. Paw

Dreaming of a paw indicates that you should trust your gut and animal impulse. But in the case of a bloody paw, it means you are suppressing your animalistic greed.

68. Paycheck

Dreaming of a paycheck represents the reward of your success and hard work. It’s a reflection of your self-assurance and potential.

It might also relate to financial difficulties and your inability to pay your bills.

69. Payphone

Dreaming of using a payphone suggests that you are paying the price for a piece of advice. It can be that your interaction with people is backfiring.

If your payphone does not function, it means you are failing to express your feelings.

70. Peace

Dreaming of peace and serenity suggests your inner conflicts are over.

It can either suggest the end or the silence before a fresh chapter begins. Your emotions are now stable.

However, it can also be that something terrible is about to happen.

71. Peach

Dreaming of peach stands for indulgence and glee. Little things in life make you happy. It can also mean that your life is going well.

Peaches can represent virginity, sensuality, and passion. Other than that, a peach can also be a metaphor for your loved one.

72. Peacock

Dreaming a peacock signifies rebirth, endurance, and love. It’s a lucky sign indicating status, success, and happiness in your relationship or profession.

The peacock represents dignity, confidence, and narcissism. You may be exaggerating your achievements.

A peacock may also indicate that a large number of people are watching you.

73. Peak

Dreaming about being on top of a mountain represents your accomplishments and victories. Your future is bright.

Alternatively, the dream might be a play on the word “peek.” You may have got a glimpse of something you shouldn’t have.

74. Peanut Butter

To dream of peanut butter indicates that you are having trouble expressing yourself. Your lack of expression is creating misunderstandings.

75. Peanuts

Dreaming of peanuts means that you should dig deep to find out the complete truth. It will help if you push yourself to do better.

If you are having monetary issues, peanuts can also indicate how little money you have.

76. Pear

Dreaming of a pear indicates the womb and pregnancy. It is also possible that a woman you know in real life is pregnant.

To dream of a pear tree stands for fresh starts and revolutionary changes.

77. Pearl

Dreaming of pearls represents the human spirit, personality, excellence, purity, and innocence. It can also signify melancholy and tears.

Dreaming of a strand of pearls symbolizes conformity and uniformity.

78. Pebble

Dreaming of a pebble indicates little displeasure and challenges in your life.

But dreaming about tossing pebbles indicates that small, seemingly inconsequential things are harming you. It is a sign of ridicule and rumor.

79. Pecan

Dreaming of seeing or eating a pecan suggests that even the largest of things start small. A pecan represents promise, strength, and longevity.

80. Pedestal

The fantasy of being on a pedestal denotes dignity and distinction. You are the center of attention.

Alternatively, it shows that you are too full of yourself. Dreaming of a pedestal directs towards a person or a thing that inspires you.

81. Pedicure

Dreaming of enjoying a pedicure suggests that you are heading on the correct path.

With tremendous confidence, composure, and honesty, you are making your way through life. Maybe you are looking for some attention as well.

Alternatively, it can be that you want someone to spoil you with affection.

82. Pedophile

To dream of a pedophile represents your deepest anxieties. If you have encountered a pedophile, the dream might be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder, and you should seek professional help.

Dreaming of being a pedophile denotes that your life is going through a period of transition. You desire to experiment and learn new things. 

You may feel highly troubled, humiliated, or abashed, but it does not make you pedophilic. It can be that you are unsure of yourself or your sexuality.

83. Pegasus

Dreaming of a Pegasus directs towards the quickness and sharpness of an individual. Your relationship can go through storms, but you will stand tall through it.

84. Pen

To dream of a pen indicates self-realization and illumination. It also suggests that the pen is the most powerful, even in wars.

85. Pencil

Dreaming of a pencil suggests you are wasting your time in a temporary relationship or a situation. Your presence is not making any huge difference to the condition.

If you are sharpening a pencil, it means you need to enhance your thinking flexibility. Give time to others to voice their opinions.

Alternatively, it can indicate that you need to work on improving your business offers. You can also close the deal offered to you.

If you are holding a pencil, it suggests that you need to work on your statements and turn them into reality.

To dream of color pencils means you are restricting your creative talents. You are very conscious while expressing yourself.  

86. Pendant

Dreaming of seeing or wearing a pendant directs towards the bonds you have and your quest for everlasting love.

You have emotionally invested too much of yourself in someone. It can also be that you like being in a particular situation.

87. Penguin

Dreaming of a penguin indicates that you are making your problems look bigger than they are. It demands you to hold your ground and not lose your temper.

Alternatively, it can mean that your emotions are overpowering your ability to see things. It will help if you get your life back on track.

88. Penis

Dreaming of an erect penis represents sexual energy, strength, and potency. If the penis is resting, it indicates sexual dissatisfaction.

Dreaming of someone saying they saw your penis suggests you are dealing with sexual problems.

The loss of authority reflects itself in a dream in which your penis collapses or breaks off. You get the impression that you are losing a significant part of yourself.

Dreaming of having a portable penis suggests your wish to avoid the pressures of your everyday life momentarily.

89. Penny

Dreaming about a penny represents your concerns of bankruptcy or monetary loss. If the penny is gleaming, it denotes good fortune.

In contrast, the dream shows your abilities, energies, and tenacity. Don’t undervalue your potential.

Dreaming of finding a penny indicates that you are uncovering hidden abilities and are ready to release your full potential. The dream may be urging you to save money.

90. Pentagon

Dreaming of seeing or drawing a pentagon suggests courage, authority, and security. You know that you are in a stable position in life.

Dreaming of being inside a Pentagon shows that you are searching for shelter and assurance.

Alternatively, it also represents the constitutional and militant plans of the United States. Your political inclinations can also see the surface of the day.

91. Penthouse

Dreaming of a penthouse shows your innovative and talented self, along with your inclination towards divinity.

You are viewing your life in a different light and utilizing your highest potential.

92. Peony

Dreaming of a peony indicates your goals and ideas. You must learn from your previous experiences.

A peony, on the other hand, indicates meekness or timidity. Maybe you are a little too careful in your endeavors.

93. Pepper

Dreaming of pepper, or tasting it, implies that you should add some kick and excitement to your life.

It can also be that you are feeling upset with something. Look at what is disturbing you in the dream and see where it leads you in real life.

94. Pepperoni

Dreaming of eating pepperoni suggests that just like pepperonis make pizzas better, adding a little spice to life makes it better. Alternatively, it also stands for the entirety.

95. Perfume

Dreaming of spraying perfume indicates that you want more pleasure in life. It also stands for passion, seduction, and extravagance.

If you dream of smelling a specific perfume, it means you are trying to remember your past. It stands for yearning and nostalgia.

96. Petals

To dream of petals indicates a rift in a friendship or a faulty relationship. It represents remorse and bitterness.

97. Pets

Dreaming of a pet suggests cultured sentiments. You are keeping your anger in check. Alternatively, it shows that you crave love and approval. It can be that you are feeling ignored.

Dreaming of a dead pet indicates that your past is bringing in hurtful memories to torture you. If you have had a pet before, it means it is urging you to make you time travel.

Something in your current life is similar to a past situation, and the dream is helping you identify a solution to it.

If you see your pet dead or suffering from a disease, it suggests that you feel caged.

To dream of your pet running away indicates that you need to look after your primary urges.

98. Photograph

Dreaming of a photograph shows that you need to give time to a relationship. You do not see through the issue.

It can also mean that you are holding onto the past and continuing to believe in fake promises. The photograph may be attempting to take you back to a memory.

If you see yourself changing a photo, it indicates that you are creating delusions for yourself.

Dreaming of tearing a photograph suggests that you are now wanting to leave the past behind and look forward to the future.

99. Piano

Dreaming about playing the piano denotes a desire for unity in your life. Consider the location of the piano to determine which sections of your life require harmony.

If the piano is not making any sound, it indicates low self-esteem. You are unsure of how to express yourself or convey your emotions.

Hearing the sound of a piano in your dreams denotes a sense of balance in your life. But if your piano requires tuning in your dream, then it suggests that you need to concentrate on some parts of your life, as it’s in chaos. It will help if you delegate more time to familial responsibilities, work, and relationships.

100. Pickle

Dreaming of eating a pickle suggests distress and worrying about upcoming problems. It can be a possibility that your mind is dropping clues camouflaged as symbols.

Alternatively, a pickle can also be the representation of the male genitalia or the penis.