Dream Dictionary for “K”
Dream Dictionary for “K”

1. Kabbalah

Dreaming of Kabbalism or converting to kabbalism implies how well you are connected to the Almighty.

The dream indicates that you are spiritually connected to your surroundings. It also means that you empathize with people.

2. Kaleidoscope

Seeing a kaleidoscope in your dream signifies the various qualities that build a character.

Consequently, it also depicts the future obstacles that will come in your path while choosing life goals. It might even imply two contradictory thoughts or new possibilities.

3. Kangaroo

A kangaroo in your dreams means protection from your parents. Or it can even suggest that you express your love and care towards others. In short, you are a person who loves being compassionate and protective towards others.

A hopping kangaroo symbolizes that you keep jumping from one thing to the other very frequently. You need to establish some consistency in life.

4. Karma

Dreaming of karma indicates your relationships with people; what you receive and what you give. These dreams can have both implications: positive and negative.

A dream of bad karma signifies that you have done some wrong actions and it can lead you to some trouble. So, try apologizing and make amendments to it.

On the other hand, a good karma dream will obviously make you feel gratified and proud of yourself for all that you have done till today to help others.

5. Katydids

Visualizing katydids in your dream implies your lethargic attitude. Leaning your back in front of others implies a careless attitude and it’s possible that you will miss a lot of opportunities in the coming time because of this attitude.

The dream also signifies that you rely on people a lot more than yourself. You need to realize that dependency only makes you weak in real life.

6. Kayak

Dreaming of going kayaking or seeing a kayak determines that you are emotionally well balanced. You are in sync with your feelings and are following the desires of your heart.

Also, these dreams mean that you will be successful in your life because of your hard work and determination towards your goals.

7. Keg

Dreaming about a keg in your dreams is indicative of all your struggles. If the keg is full in your dreams, it implies that you can continue to move ahead in the same manner.

But if it is empty, you need to change your path and course. Keg in your dreams also implies that you need to retain your energy.

8. Kerosene

Seeing kerosene or using kerosene in your dreams symbolizes strength, effort, and vigor.

As kerosene is a combustible fuel, these dreams also indicate that you will experience new levels of energy in your forthcoming actions.

9. Ketchup

Dreaming of ketchup implies your simple, youthful and joyous nature.

Ketchup is a sauce that acts as a base for a number of dishes worldwide and this implies that in a similar manner you get along with anybody and everybody.

Alternatively, dreams about ketchup also mean that you need to pick up things a little quicker.

10. Kettle

Visualizing a kettle in your dream indicates boring angles of your life. You are either taking things for granted or are not giving enough attention to them.

If you dream of something being boiled in the electric kettle, it implies that you are a great hardworking personality. It also indicates that you might be overflowing with emotions as you have literally reached a “boiling point”.

11. Key

A key in dreams is indicative of access, control, opportunities, and responsibilities in your life.

It may imply that you have locked yourself away from everything or you can be unlocking some problem in your life. In case you see golden-colored keys, it implies power and wealth.

12. Key broken

Broken keys in your dreams symbolize a loss of status in your real life. You are in despair and being rejected at every place wherein you were previously allowed.

In case if you see rusted broken keys in your dreams, it means that your talent or skills are neglected.

13. Key maker

Seeing a key maker in your life signifies that there is something crucial that you need help for. There are still queries that are unresolved. You are unable to solve all of this on your own and need some guidance.

Dreaming of a key maker also means that there are many chances waiting for you to tackle a particular situation.

14. Keyboard

Seeing a computer keyboard in your dreams implies that there is a message that you need to give to someone or a certain idea that needs to be shared.

A keyboard in a dream signifies that there is something incomplete and you need to finish it. Playing a musical keyboard in your dreams implies that you are living a harmonious life.

15. Keyhole

Dreaming of a keyhole implies that you don’t have a full view of your life and career goals ahead.

In case you are peeping through the hole, the dream suggests that you need to have a clear vision and perception.

It also indicates that you must be overstepping on something and you need to be more alert.

16. Kick

To dream about kicking something or someone implies that you have a lot of built-up frustration and indicates your aggressive nature.

But, dreaming of being kicked by someone means that you are a victim and someone is trying to take advantage of you. You need to stop being sorry for yourself.

If you are kicking something off in your dreams, it means that you are pushing away certain people, habits, or objects.

17. Kick scooter

Seeing a scooter being kicked in your dreams implies that you are trying to balance something in your life. It also implies that you need to be quick at making decisions to know what you want to do in your life.

Alternatively, dreaming of a kick scooter means you have a carefree attitude.

18. Kid

To see a baby goat or a kid in your dream represents a brief judgment about you. It means that you are spending a lot of time on fun-filled activities outdoors just like a kid.

If you continue doing so, you might have to go through some problems in the near future.

19. Kidnap

Dreaming of you being kidnapped implies feelings of being caught or restricted from doing something. Something is distracting you from your goals.

In particular, dreaming of you being kidnapped implies that you have held onto your emotional baggage for a long time.

20. Killing

Dreaming about killing or being killed is related to shocking actions that will have a profound impact on your life.

If you kill someone, it means you have released your anger/energy to eliminate all the obstacles in your life. You are ready to do anything to stay away from people whose behavior and attitude bother you.

If you got killed, it implies that finally, you gathered the courage to give up your bad habits.

21. Killer

Killer in a dream is a sign of repressed desire, fear, or frustration. It means you aren’t happy with your current individual identity.

You want to prove yourself by showing your hidden power or by acting in a totally unexpected manner. You must try to carve a new identity because you have the insights and ability to do so.

22. Killer whale

Seeing a killer whale indicates some unfavorable events or actions are about to occur in the near future. These actions may hurt you. This dream also tells that in recent times you have been careless and inattentive.

To prevent further problems, you will have to be aware, and thoughtful about the connections. Also, you need to have a fighter attitude to face the obstacles.

23. Kilt

Kilt refers to your ancestral pride. If you see yourself in a kilt means you are a strong, joyful person. You are busy in your own world and don’t care about what people think of you.

Alternatively, a lot of people wearing kilts represent the desire to belong and feel accepted. You can also take this dream as a sign to reconnect with your long-lost friends.

24. Kimchi

A dream of any food is an auspicious sign. Seeing kimchi in a dream signifies love and happiness but with some warning. You need to be careful while moving ahead in any relationship or a new adventure.

Eating kimchi implies that you may soon be able to complete your to-do list if you dare to take some risk.

25. Kimono

Kimono in dreams refers to a connection to Japan. It is a sign of a desire to travel for business purposes.

Watching yourself in a kimono implies that your formal life will be demanding as well as rewarding. You may also get a chance to explore ancient cultures. While doing this, you will be more inquisitive about ancient wisdom and practice.

26. Kindergarten

Kindergarten in a dream represents lots of learning and enjoyment. If you find yourself in a kindergarten means you are or will be going through an important phase of life.

You will have opportunities to learn new skills and the basics of living a good life. You need to be more active and participative like a child to live your life.

27. King

Seeing yourself as a king in your dream indicates that you are striding to a life full of great achievements and prestige.

At the same time, you will lead a responsible, authoritative, and rules-oriented life to maintain your position.

If you see yourself as a king with simple attire means your spiritual life will transcend to a higher level.

28. King Kong

King Kong in a dream shows that you are going to encounter something unwanted. It can be an opportunity or an obstacle.

If King Kong is against you, then you need to stay strong and defeat it by using your skill and power. If King Kong is with you, then understand the fact that you will have a chance to change your life completely.

29. Kiss

Something special is going to happen if you dream of a kiss. It’s going to find a place in your beautiful heart. Get ready to be on top of the world.

It’s a sign of loving gesture, acceptance, and union. It can be a new beginning. Kissing a child means you appreciate the beauty of the universe.

30. Kissing different body parts

To dream of kissing someone’s hands is a sign of respect. It means that you admire that person. Instead of a hand, if you’re kissing the foot of somebody, it denotes your humility.

When you kiss a person on the cheek, it implies that you adore that person. On the contrary, a kiss on the neck represents lust

31. Kissing someone else’s partner

When you kiss somebody else’s partner in your dream, it indicates your desire to share a relationship with them. You want to experience their love.

It may also resemble that you are jealous of what they have with their partner. Maybe you want to have passionate sex with them.

32. Kissing your ex

If you kiss your ex-partner in the dream, it indicates that you are looking back at your past relationships. You are trying to remember the positive experiences you had with your ex.

You might be getting this dream because of some sudden transformation in your present relationship and this reminds you of your last partner.

33. Kissing a close friend

This might seem weird but kissing a close friend only denotes your respect towards your friend.

It means that you adore your friend and don’t want to lose their friendship. You want to strengthen your relationship with them in your real life.

This dream does not necessarily mean that you want to share a romantic relationship with them.

34. Kissing a stranger

Dreams about kissing a stranger imply that you accept yourself the way you are. You have learned to acknowledge your suppressed feelings.

In the dream, if a stranger kisses you, it represents that you have discovered new aspects of yourself and are ready to work on them to improve yourself.

35. Kissing a celebrity

Kissing a celebrity in your dream denotes your desire to be successful and popular. Observe the qualities of the celebrity and analyze if you have the same. These are the qualities that will lead you to success.

The dream can also be a representation of your obsession and love for that particular celebrity.

36. Kissing an enemy

This dream is a sign of betrayal. One of your old friends is being hostile towards you and is making the saying “this kiss of death” come true.

If you are kissed forcefully by somebody, it indicates that they are forcing their opinions on you. You do not have the freedom to fulfill your own desires.

37. Kitchen

A kitchen in a dream stands for the fact that you are in need of more comfort and healing. You want to nourish your spirit as well as look after your loved ones.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests a huge transformation in your waking life. You are going to love the sudden changes that come your way.

38. Kite

To fly a kite in your dream denotes that you have set high goals for yourself. You might be facing difficulties in accomplishing your task but if you put in tireless efforts, you are definitely going to succeed.

The dream also suggests that if you receive any gifts, you’ll have to pay a certain price in exchange for them.

39. Kitten

When you see a kitten in your dream, it implies that you are moving towards freedom. New things are on your way and you are all set to discover them with pure innocence.

If you kill a kitten in your dream, it is a sign that you are facing issues in your romantic relationship.

40. Kiwi

Kiwi can be a bird as well as a fruit. If you see Kiwi fruit in your dream, it asks you to take a break to re-energize yourself. You have used all your strength and now you feel exhausted to deal with the present situations.

However, a Kiwi bird represents that you are trying to escape from all troublesome situations.

41. Knapsack

In the dream, if you are carrying a knapsack, it reflects your hidden desires. You have high hopes and are a secretive person.

You have gained enough knowledge from all your past experiences and are using it in your waking life. However, you are overwhelmed with responsibilities that are not letting you move forward.

42. Knee

To see knees in your dream is the symbol that other people support you. When you see others’ support, you easily get emotional.

However, you also feel weak and powerless because you cannot do things on your own. This might be because you are burdened with too much work than you can handle on your own.

43. Knife

If you carry a knife in your dream, it reflects your anger and frustration. There are some people or situations in your life that you want to escape from but are unable to cut the bonds with.

If you see a dull knife, it simply means that your hard work is not going to result in too many profits.

44. Knight

A knight stands for loyalty and protection in a dream. This means that somebody is always around to look after you and will help you move forward in your life.

If you were knighted, it signifies that people are recognizing and appreciating you for your goodness. They trust you enough to see you as an authority.

45. Knitting

Knitting in a dream resembles a peaceful life. You’re living a calm and soothing family life. Alternatively, the dream also asks you to take a break from your daily routine and indulge yourself in some creativity.

If you’re facing troubles in knitting, it is a sign that you are trying to escape from some issues in real life.

46. Knocker

If you’re using a knocker in your dream, it symbolizes new opportunities. The things that you were expecting for so long are about to happen in your near future. You might need somebody’s guidance to walk towards your goal.

However, if you see the negative side, a knocker also represents the suppressed thoughts, loss of somebody, or ill feelings towards somebody.

47. Knocking

If you hear the knocking sound, it expresses that your subconscious mind is asking you to be more attentive to some situation in your real life.

You might ignore a situation thinking it’s unimportant but those situations will only bring you new opportunities.

Alternatively, knocking in a dream also suggests that you are bullying or insulting someone and you must stop it.

48. Knots

Dreaming about knots indicates your anxiety over petty issues. You easily get worried about small matters and try to find a solution to them as soon as possible. However, the dream is also a sign that you are restricted with your thoughts and feelings.

If you’re tying knots in your dream, it signifies that you believe in freedom and like to have things under your control.

49. Koala

When you see a koala, this signifies your relationship with the physical world. It also denotes how your subconscious mind and your spirit are associated with each other.

The dream is a sign of security and protection and also expresses your desire to stay away from the daily routine.

50. Koi fish

Noticing a koi fish highlights the fact that you need to be more humble. Don’t let your ego come between your relationships and friendships.

Alternatively, the dream is a sign of patience and determination. You are courageous enough to work consistently towards your ambitions. The koi fish reminds you to solve the ongoing issues in your real life.

51. Komodo dragon

Visualizing a Komodo dragon while dreaming indicates that you are open-minded. You will consider other’s perspectives while making a decision.

You will always succeed in whatever you do. The dream is also a sign that you will easily grab the opportunities and work consistently towards them.

52. K

There might be times when you only envision the letter K in your dream. This letter symbolizes that everything is going well in your life and there are no troubles.

Alternatively, it also points out somebody whose name starts with the letter K.

53. Kali

Kali is a Hindu Goddess. Seeing her in your dreams suggests that you are being protected. There’s a divine force that is constantly looking after you like a mother protects her child.

At every step, God is with you to prevent you from falling. Such dream signs are of greater importance for Hindus.

54. Karaoke

Being a part of karaoke in your dreams denotes that you trust your abilities. However, you are extremely confident about yourself that might also prove to be harmful to you.

Alternatively, Karaoke dream is also an indication that you are not using your talents to their extreme potential.

55. Karate

Doing karate in a dream asks you to concentrate your energy on the correct path. Do not distract from your goals and work tirelessly to accomplish them.

A little distraction can also prevent you from achieving new heights. You must not focus on what others have to say about you. Just focus on your actions and goals.

56. Keepsake

Dreaming of a keepsake resembles that you accept yourself in every way. You like being loved and are ready to shower the same love on others.

This dream is also an indication to recall that you have overcome the past struggles and are ready for the new fight in your real life.

57. Kelp

Observing kelp in a dream is a symbol that you will face emotional traumas. Your emotional weight has become too heavy for you and now you want to get rid of it.

You might fail many times in your goals but if you keep walking on the same path, there are chances of your success.

58. Kidney

A kidney in our body helps to remove toxins. Similarly, when you dream of a kidney, your subconscious mind is asking you to process your emotions.

Take out time and find out what is better for you and what is becoming toxic. Flush out the old feelings that have been bothering you for so long and focus on a new start.

59. Key losing

Losing keys in the dream indicates that you are losing something in life. It can be losing your social status in society or losing yourself. It can also lead to some unforeseen troubles.

Alternatively, the dream also symbolizes that you missed some opportunities that came your way.

60. Key sound

To listen to the key sound in the dream implies that you are living life with the right attitude. You are making wise and informed decisions.

This is why you are not distracted from your goals and are moving on the correct path.

61. Key chain

Key chains in a dream reflect your ability to fit everywhere. You can easily get along with anybody and everybody.

This also means that you are a friendly personality who adapts everywhere and also tries to make others comfortable.

62. Khakis

If you are wearing khaki in your dream, it means that you aren’t able to see certain things clearly. What you see might not be true. You are probably living in a world of illusion.

Alternatively, the dream also supports the idea that you are adaptive to every situation and ready to face every obstacle.

63. Kindness

If you are kind to others in your dream, it suggests that you are sacrificing in nature. You work for the good of society. You have a habit of putting others before you.

However, if someone was being kind to you, it means you feel lost and insecure.

64. Kickball

Seeing a kickball in a dream is a sign that you are fed up with your problems. And you want to kick all your worries away.

You want to be free of responsibilities and live for yourself. The baggage is getting very heavy on you and it seems like everything is getting out of control. You need some more energy to deal with things.

65. Kleenex

Dreaming of using a Kleenex implies that you have been holding onto your past for too long. It is now time to leave the traumas aside and move on in life.

You cannot succeed in life if you keep sitting back with one thing in mind. So, get up and face your problems for once and finish off the painful chapters.

66. Kumquats

Kumquats in a dream stand for good fortune. This dream is a positive sign and will bring you a lot of prosperity. Your pending works are soon going to be finished and you will reach your goals.

There might be some problems that you will encounter, but with good luck on your side- nothing can harm you.

67. Kraken

Dreaming of Kraken is a sign that you are frustrated. You have been carrying the emotional baggage for a long period of time and now just want to get it off your chest.

The repressed emotions might also come out in the form of violence. Hence, you need to be extra-cautious.

68. Knife held by someone

If you see someone else with a knife, this dream indicates that you are powerless in a situation. Things have gone beyond your control and somebody else is trying to dominate you.

If you don’t regain your control soon, you might lose your freedom.

68. Kookaburra

Noticing a kookaburra in a dream denotes that you are a jolly person.

However, it also implies that you do not take life seriously. Due to this reason, you always land up with disappointments.

Being jolly and enjoying life is a good thing to do, but you also need to be careful that you don’t ruin your life by taking everything as a joke.

70. Knob

Looking at a knob in a dream asks you to look at the issues around you. The situation can change at any moment and hence, you need to be alert.

You need to regain control over the situations slipping from your hand.

71. Kamasutra

Kamasutra is an ancient manual by Hindus for embracing one’s sexual desires. The dreams about this book indicate that you need variety in sex. You like to have sex in different positions.

Along with this, you also love your body. You are a person who sees sex as a sacred thing and not a taboo.

72. Khutbah

When you see yourself delivering khutbah in the dream, it means you will achieve great respect and power in society. This will only happen if you deserve the position.

However, if you do not deserve the position and dream of the khutbah, then it signals that you can be crucified.

73. Keyword

The dreams about keywords highlight the power of words. Such dreams indicate that you know what you want in your life and are motivated to achieve those things. You also have the ability to fulfill your goals.

For more accurate interpretation, focus on the search bar that you see in the dream. Notice the words you write and then try to link them with your real life.

74. Kitty litter

This dream brings bad luck. The dreams about kitty litter bring you misfortune. The cat litter box in the dream suggests that you had committed a mistake in the past and now you are shameful about it.

75. Kneading

Dreams about kneading are a sign that you must stop relying on others. It is now time that you sort your thoughts and make firm decisions. Try to come out of the situations you are stuck in.

If you sit idle for things to happen on their own, then you are merely wasting your time. You need to take things into your own hands if you want to fulfill your needs.

76. Knave

If you see yourself as a knave in particular, then the dream suggests that you will become rich and prosperous. Good things are on your way.

On the contrary, if you see yourself connected to knaves, then it is a sign of misfortune. The dream is signaling that you might have to face many lawsuits.

77. Kneeling

When you kneel in your dreams, it means that you are stepping down from your level. You are losing your power or respect.

You are settling for less and doing things that you mustn’t do at your level. You are a person capable of doing greater things than your current actions.

78. Kleptomaniac

To dream about a kleptomaniac is a sign that you feel somebody is being unjust to you. There are missing things in your life.

You fear that you will be left empty-handed and nobody will consider you a part of them.

79. Kohl jar

A kohl jar in a dream represents a woman who is strong enough to handle her own finances and offer her services to others.

If you find ashes or foams in the kohl jar, it indicates that you are earning money in the wrong ways.

80. Kool-aid

Kool-aid is a sweet drink enjoyed by children. If you see this in your dream, then it represents that you desire similar sweetness in your life. To have this smooth life, you may need to take help from someone.

Alternatively, this dream also indicates that you are oversaturated by someone’s charm.

81. Kundalini

Dreams about kundalini are linked to spirituality. It indicates the innate power that you can use to fulfill your goals.

There’s enough energy inside you and if you use it to its full potential, you will be able to achieve whatever you desire.

82. Kidney stone

To see kidney stones in the dream refers to your ethics. You are unwilling to forgive people who did wrong to you.

This is because you are under a false notion that by doing this, you will look like an ethical person.

83. Keel

If you see a keel in your dream, this means your subconscious is indicating you to examine the path of your life.

Is your path leading you to your desired destination? Take the subconscious’ suggestion and review your life choices again for long-term happiness.

84. Kohl

Powdered kohl in a dream denotes wealth. If you believe in God and apply kohl to somebody else’s eye, then it is a sign of blessings from God.

When a blind person smears kohl-filled eyes, then it suggests that there are chances that he can regain his lost sight.

However, if you are using kohl as a medicine in the dream, then it suggests that you are dedicating your life to God.

85. Kiosk

To understand the meaning of this dream, you’ll need to note the details of the dream. You need to check whether the kiosk is selling candies or newspapers.

If the kiosk is of newspapers, this suggests that you need to learn more about something that is bothering you. Alternatively, if it is of candies, then it denotes the fact that you are missing your childhood.

86. Kindling

If you dream about kindling, then it is a sign of pleasure. You are following your passion and keeping your spirits high to reach your destination. You want to achieve new heights in the field of your passion.

87. Kingfisher

Dreams about kingfishers indicate your nagging behavior. This dream shows that you are in a state of self-doubt and are feeling hollow inside. You doubt your potential and are feeling insufficient.

88. Knuckle

When you see your knuckles in the dream, it implies that you are holding onto some idea or perspective very rigidly. There are possible chances that you are holding onto a person forcefully.

Dreams about knuckle only ask you to stop wasting your time on futile things and work towards your goals.

89. Knowledge

Gaining knowledge in a dream symbolizes marriage. Alternatively, it also indicates that your power or status will increase.

In the dream, if you are learning about God, it means God is being kind towards you and His blessings are with you.

90. Kerchief

A soiled kerchief is a sign that you will land into a fight with somebody. Similarly, the material of the kerchief also plays an important role in knowing the hidden meaning behind the dream.

If you dream about a cotton kerchief, then the dream is asking you to listen to yourself more. And, if you dream of a silk kerchief, it means good luck is on your way.

91. Kink

If you dreamt of kink last night, there are high chances the events in your real life are going to take a peculiar twist. So, be aware and watchful!

92. Knife sharpener

Seeing a knife sharpener in the dream stands for somebody who teaches different skills to people.

This also represents somebody who invites trouble and makes decisions without thinking about the future.

93. Krishna

To find Lord Krishna in your dreams is a symbol that you will devote your life to gain optimum knowledge. You have understood the meaning and purpose of life.

With your past experiences, you’ll train yourself to bear the taunts of your near ones and deal with the sorrows with ultimate patience.

94. Knife grinder

Dreaming about a knife grinder is a warning. Some unfavorable occurrences are on your way to harm you. Either your marriage can end or your valuables can be robbed.

If a woman has such dreams, this means that you aren’t happy about your union with your partner.

95. Knife handle

Seeing a knife handle in a dream indicates that you still have some property with you that is not known to others.

For this hidden property, you don’t have to pay any tax. It is different from your livestock or gold and silver.

96. Kernel

To find a kernel in your dreams signals that you are about to receive a golden idea. This idea will probably solve your long-lasting problems.

This dream is just the representation that a new idea is about to pop soon. You just need to develop it to solve your queries.

97. Kiln

Dreams about kilns are a sign of commitment. You will soon transform your life with the help of your creativity.

You are a person who works dedicatedly towards your goals and relationships. You believe in changing your creativity into reality.

98. Koala bear

Dreaming of a koala bear is a sign of luck. You have friends and a partner worth keeping for life.

But if the koala attacks you in a dream or fights amongst each other, it denotes that you will experience some disappointments in your life.

99. Kerb

If you dream of stepping off the Kerb, it is considered a bad omen. You might land into fights with your near ones.

To avoid this, clear all the misunderstandings and communicate to understand each other.

100. Known house

Dreams about a known house hint at your position in the world. Carefully observe the features of the house.

Is the house straight? Is it spacious or narrow? Is the house organized or disorganized? All these minute details reflect your character and behavior in real life.